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tv   Local 10 News 11PM  ABC  February 23, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> back on the stand, a man accused of trying to hire a hit man to kill her husband, wayshe now says was really happening. >> and a suspected shoplifter saying a florida deputy used excessive force in this take down. action. >> anchor: fire ripping through and ripping apart a townhouse. >> anchor: local 10 news ininstigates low income house, and why some families making more than $100,000 a year are allowed to stay. >> anchor: plus, lights camerara, action, a touch of tensile town taking over a south florida beach. >> breaking news off the top, witnesess reporting gunfire at dade land mall. >> and it happen by a very popular restaurant there. andrew? >> well, i can tell you there's still many moving parts to this stori. because police have a nice big chunk in front of dade land mall me p completely blocked off. less ease send you right to our video, and owe you caught up on
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a police chopper has been searching around the property. witnesses told us they heard multiple shots tired we have spoke ton shoppers and employees who were coming out. thth said they weren't locked in, but they were told to be careful walking to thehe cars and walking around this property, take a listen? >> ey are telling you be careful. >> somebody told me somebody got shot, and to come outside, that to expect allthe helicopters and the police and like --o basically that's what -- i see now this is another video are you looking at, shot by a local 10 news viewer. beare hearing that one person may have been transported, but it is unclear if that is because of a shooting or sometething else. miami dade police still working to get information out include who is they may be looking for, a person, or a car, possibly.
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it. for now, still, a very active scene here. outside dade land mall. andrew perez, local 10 news. >> anchor: andrew, thanks a lot. >> anchor: developing tonight, deadly storms slamming the south. one of those victims killed at an r.v. park. there have been reports of at least seven tornadoes across louisiana and mississippi. >> anchor: and some of that weather is moving into the panhandle. betty davis now with more on that tasty storm system. >> anchor: the system is on the move, and the tornrno watch now encompasses portions of l ler alabama and also from pensacola to tallahassee, until 4:00 a.m., these area homicide will have to be concerned about the potential of tornadoes developing. already for parts of the panhandling, i have seen at least one or two reports of a tornado. the picres by tomorrow morn thing light of day will reveal a lot of damage, in some of these areas. this is a look at what happened
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can see the utter destruction there. as it looks as though a trailer park was blown away. be i the way, there have been reports of cars blown off interstate 10. and the storms coming through this same system, the tail end of it heads for us tomorrow. it looks like by 6:00 o'clock, we will have some of those storms crossing into south florida, we will talk about the potential for those being severe, coming up in a little while, but before you go tosleep tonight, just know that around 6:00 tomorrow evenings it looks like we could have some rough weather. >> ancho all right, thank you. >> anchor: also tonight, police arresting a suspected hitnd run driver as a teenager boy is left in the hospital. family members of that suspect say he just got scared and took off. >> anchor: as a result he is now facing a spring of charges as that young victim recovers. carlos swarez is live now at jackson memorial with the latest tonight, carlos? >> calvin and lori, that teenager is recovering here at j.m.h. he suffered a collapse lung and
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it is also here where the family meet with that teen's family and said sorry about what happened. >> perhaps in an effort to clear his conscious, heturns himself into police on tuesday for a hit and run crash that left a teen in a hospital. we are told boykins did it at the behest of his family. >> my nephew made a critical mistake in judgement, sustained there. he fled the scene and we really feel bad for the young kid. >> why did hieron. >> i think because his license is suspended. >> who on tuesday, tried to make amends with valdez's family at
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>> we believe in doing the right thing, and the right thing was to ensure that semyon turned himself? >> the crash appears to have weighed heavily on his mind, a little more than an hour after the crash, he posted on facebook, quote, damn, i really ex-mightiveup, but the family hopes his son pulls through and he is treated like anyone ee. >> will he be treated differently because he is related to commissioner. will he pay the consequences of his actions. >> so he has a few runs in with the law. and leaving the scene of an accident, resulting in a serious injury. we are lye tonight, joe outside jackson memorial, local 10 news. >> thank you. arisoner believed to be high on flaka was rushed off to jackson memorial. authorities say four others who also appeared to be high on a drug at the pretrial detention
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by medical staff at the jail. it isn't clear if they were being processed or in the same cell or in some common area. >> anchor: traffic is moving again after a truck cross the median. it was quite a site. the crash happened at 5:00 o'clock this afternoon. the truck was wedged across that concrete center divider, the crash blocked traffic for several hours. the precise cause is under@ investigation. >> dalia is testifying in a retrial hearing after her conviction for hiring a hit man was reversed. let's get to victor oquendo, he is in the newsroom. >> yeah, lori has been house arrest awaiting her retrial. she spent much of thihi afternoon on the stand saying that she was set up. >> just didn't want to do any more. >> dalia claiming her innocence, in a foiledurderor hire plot. >> he threatened to hurt me, he
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>> he says a police informant pressures her to go forward what she says was an active project. >> it was an actor who had faked it and he was on the emsend, and he gave us the idea on how to do it. >> but the state wasn't buying it, the prosecutors going for their second c cviction after the courts threw out her first one. because jurors were tainted. they said she hire adddd hitman to kill more husband mike. >> is those plans documented in these videos. >> this is the video that went viral, august 2009. boynton beach tells at a staged murder scene her husband was dead. now defense attorneys say that this video shows the police department only wanted publicity because of the time they were working with the show cops. >> they violate her rights, toss her under the bus, pressure her
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make a good t.v. episode. and that, ladies and gentlemen, is not a legitimate criminal investigation. >> while boynton beach responded saying they stand behind the work they did on the investigation, the retrial is set for may 23rd. in the news rom, local 10 news. >> anchor: thank you, a weston doctor accused of molesting a papa by sister in court and facing his accuser today. says that the doctor sexually molested her when she was only 15 back in 2012. she told investigators he offered her $300 not to tell her family, about what happened. >> that $300 where it now? >> my mom has it in a zip lock bag somewhere. >> so you haven't spent it?t? >> no. >> if convicted of lose andless
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face up to 15 years in prison. >> anchor: the fire happened along the drive earlier this morning. fire officials say it was an accident, caused by an iron left unattended. resident told us they woke up to frantic docks on their doors. >> anchor: i never been in a fire before. and the thought of losing allll my memories. >> crews works for hours to extinguish the flames. 15 people were displaced but they weren't hurt. >> anchor: 13-year-old is facing sieger yous charges after police say he was shot while trying to carjack two people. the young teen underwent surgery after a passenger inside the car shot him during the attempted carjacking. three other men were scene running away. if you have any information, please call police. >> anchor: turning to vote 2016, the republicans areattling it out in the nevada caw causes and
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purposes out there was a big turn out. we are waiting onthe results and sernly bring them right to you. meantime the most recent poll and it has donald trump leading big, with cruz and rubio battling for second, suggesting the nevada race is his to lose. >> anchor: now to south carolina where the candidates are vying for saturday's primary. they are inonight, hillary clinton and bernie sanders answering questions at a town hall. janine stanwood joins us now with more. >> hillary clinton is holding on to momentum from her win in nevada, but they both want to win the south, where they both have an hour to answer questions tonight. >> the senator first question was about using guns for protection, from the cousin of the state senator gunned down at a south carolina church. >> do you think that an individual who legally p pchases
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it openly, in a public arena. >> if i were the governor of a state would by supportive of people taking guns into houses of worship, no i would not. >> other asks about his ideas for social programs and how he pay for them. his answer, no surprpre. >> i am going to pay for that through a tax on wall street speculation. >> hillary clinton talked national security, and race what do you intend to do to help fix the broken racial relations in. >> there are barriers that people are encountering that i think we need to be honest about. >> she was also shown a comedians take for her inability to say she has never lied. >> i will do the pest i can to level with the american people. >> how can youou be this bad at it. [laughter] >> just say no. justay no. >> clinton was asked if she wanted to have another shot after talking about how honest she is, and she said no,ost
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say they are still undesited, we will see if tonight's town hall makes a difference in saturday's primary. >> anchor: president obama is sending a plan today to congress to shut down the prison for terrorism at guantanamo bay. the president's plan called for transferring about a third of detainees to other countries. the r rt deemed too dangerous to be moved abroad would be relocated to facilities in the u.s. president obama says that guantanamo bay prison is counter prodtive. >> guantanamo harms our partnership with allies and other countries. when i talk to other world leaders they bring up the fact that and uh is not resolved.
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zych expensive. theerison now holds just 91 detainees. 46 are concerned dangerous, wartime detainees. 35 are safe enough to be transferred to third countries and ten are waiting trial been military commissions. president obama will be the first president to visit cuba in nearly nine decades next month, and local 10 news will be there for you, look for our live coverage f the historic trip in march. >> anchor: also tonight, dramatic body slam video of a suspected shoplifter being taken to the ground. >> put your handing -- >> oh my god. ok. >> stop resisting me. >> please. >> owe. tiffany was accused of taking of tampa. that's when she was approached by the deputy. the sheriffs office stands withty deputy's actions saying tebow was resisting arrrrt and could have caused harm.
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for petty theft, and resisting arrest. >> a tractor trailer crossing the tracks a train that can't stop and the amazing ending after the truck is dragged down the tracks. >> anchor: a south florida beach town, getting a new name, at least the n the movies. >> anchor: a tornado threat tonight, what about south florida. i am betty davis, i will let y y foe what is ahead for us. >> anchor: for the first t te since being sidelined with another health care, we are seeing chris bosh out andbout, but now holding a basketball tonight. instead, aeer. i will explain later in sports. >> anchor: and low income housing where some big income residents live. we are talking about peep earning more than $100,000 a year. and nothing is being done to kick them out.
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other side of the break. (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense.
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(donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candides. enough talk.
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>> local 10 news has learned that families earns more than $100,000 a year are living in public subsidized family. >> anchor: u u to 72 families are considering over income, but remain in public housing and as of right now there's nothing to do to force them out. >> anchor: jeff is here now with the surprise findings. >> i am desperate. >> 31-year-old they are lean john has been on the waiting list for three years, this
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her car communicating with her daughter through a borrows cell phone. part time work doesn't cover the rent. she can't get her kids back until she has a roof. >> it is stressing. all i can do the pray. >> local 10 news has learned in you the tack payer are partially paying for families making 80, 90, even 1 1,000-dollars a year to live. in public house? >> according to this a. office, 279 programlies are over income, living in public housing. the housing authority has 26 families over income, six households are making $100,000 or more, with the highest f fily in public housing making $121,000. what's the current rule if you are over? >> there isn't any.
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$100,000, $200,000, they will not get kicked out? >> no. >> no. >> julio executive director of the housing authority says in many cases it is the adult children still living at home,who are making the money. not the head of the household like the mother or the father. >> i totally agree, public housing is meant to help the people who are in need. those people at 1 point were in need. and they will probably continue to be in need once the kids move on i i their life. >> miami dade public housing has 23 families over income, one family is making $88,000 a year the i do that overincome people shouldn't&see this benefit, is something that we want to change. >> michael louis was once the assistant secretary for public housing he is now the housing director, he is working on a n n policy that would force overincome families to move out.
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housing authorities to do is same, but very few have. >> public housing should help the person get to that level, but once they get to that level, no. they should be out. >> we wants to talk to those that are guilty, but their names and addddsses are blacked out and protected. housing authorities do yearly audits those who make more do pay more. >> he is a very good shelter. >> as for they are lean she continues to wait. >> it does make me angry, but i can't do anything about it. i done have that kind of connection to stop it. >> local e. the news. >> broward county housing authority, the authority of key west and deer field beach housing all have families over income and none of those have implementerules to kick them out. police in southwest miami dade responding to a juvenile who was shot. we haven't been told a age, but
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victim has been taken by ground. look for a update on the local 10 morning news. meanwhile a couple is dead after a fire explosion levels their home. this is all that remained of that home. authorities say the expression happened at a triple wide mobile home around 4:00 a.m. they are still figuring out what caused that explosion. >> a train colliding in minnesotand it was all caught on camera. dash cam shows the driver pull off and then on the the train tracks the big rig was trafficked for several hundred people. but even so, is the 67-year-old driver only had minor injuries. >> anchor: well, a few people saw him. the rock himself hitting the south florida sand. >> anchor: and bringing waves of excitement, and thection star isn't the only big man in town. >> good evening south florida, with your construction alert, we
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out here, railroad construction, eastbound westbound lanes are shut down between dixie highway and northwest first avenue. don't forget you can get your
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with me right here on local 10. (vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru,
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>> a big hollywood stars. >> anchor: they are filming a remaining of beach watch. it is all happening on deer field beach as well as dane yeah beach, and also you might catch a glimpse in boca raton. >> are you totally girl crushing right now? >> yes. ives like what is going on here. i thought there was an accident. and it was like oh sean bit somebody. >> turned out to be baywatch.>> the movie is expected to be released sometime in 2017. >> anchor: oh my. >> okay. well, girls are going nuts.
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began our newscastith something that may be heading our way, and we don't like the looks of it. >> hopefully the storms won't be as strong by the time they get here, first i want to take you outside, and we are settling into a quiet night, this is our miami, wins from the southeast, around five to ten miles per hour. temperatures in the mid 70's, watch evening after what has been a warm afternoon. not a lot happening the keys even around broward, there may just be a sprinkle but outside of that, there is not a lot of active weather, the all the action still occurring around the panhandle of floridand other areas of theouth as we continue to track this low pressure system, and a lot of instability associated with it making for that tornado threat tonight, between pensacola, over towards tallahassee too so if
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let them know that they are under a tornado watch, that watch going until 4:00 o'clock local time. so as they move in, there is the threat also for damaging winds. so some very serious stuff, coming out of these areas, we have already hard reports coming out of pensacola area and there are damage reports from that area too, as i mentioned hopefully the storms will be as strong as they get here, but do notice that for tomorrow there is sit that thrill for damaging winds and hail. the er the florida peninsula, now here is the deal, we are on the marginal end, so that lower end of the spectrum for severe weather, which means it may not be hugely likely b b we cannot completely rule it out i want to give you idea for the timing, it is going to happen as the cold front approaches, the weather side of the peninsula, so here
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8:00 a.m. the model painting no more than a rogue shadow, and then watch what happened. it starts 20 s sw a line of showers and storms, the line may be breaking up, but that starts to move in towards collier county, and down towards key west. and then around seven or 8:00. >> we get the showers or storms, whatever is left of that line, bearing down on the east coast. so we will be here tracking it between six and 9:00 o'clock tonight, check in with local 10 and see what is going on as i said, we can't rule it out, once we push through the weather will be much ever improved, warm day and then here come the storms we dry out, cool down, by friday morning look at that, morning lows in the 50's. will. >> all right, thank you so much, the heat suffering a season ending injury tonight been while baseball is back in jupiter, we will fake you to day one of the full squad work, next in sports. >> first, tonight's winng cash
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money numbers, we hope you win, good luck. and once again, here are your once again here is your megamillions numbers 39, 53, 16,
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is 5. today, you can click in walk in, or call i to world class care. because cleveland clinic florida isere for you. anywhere.
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plenty of heat news tonight. the heat are getting ready to face the golden state warriors but tonight we are getting our first look at chris bosh. he tweeted out this picture tonight of bosh at the release of his new beer called daddy jack. he remains out with an undisclosed injury officially, but looking at judging by tonight, you can see h teammate enjoying the festivities. no word if he will return to the court to action this season. witness the last hour, reporting the veteran is going to have surgery on his right foot. gordan is primarily done for a year, a big blow t t the team. as always, hope springs eternal with the sta of spring training and for the marlin as big reaeon for optimism his new manager. the reason to be excited is getting the chance to work with a young team like the marlins.
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workout today. >> those guys that have big payrolls have guys that have played a long time. we will have a lot of g gs that will make a lot of money eventually, and they just haven't got there, we have a lot of talented guys that will be that team. if we keep them together. >> that's a gad answer, in l.a., unlimited payroll. over 200 million. >> a whole lotot different story, but he has talent, no doubt. >> so great to have them. >> and the guys love it too. >> good? >> betty, tomorrow? >> it could be, we will be watching out which can in with jummy in the morning she will have the latest forecast models.
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cc1 test message >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- ellen pompeo, from "the walking dead", norman reedus, and music from yo gotti featuring travis barker, with cleto and the cletones. and now, here's jimmy kimmel!


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