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tv   Local 10 News 5PM  ABC  February 18, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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the u.s. opened its embassy there last summer and the two sides have made progress in talks on trade and travel. cuba has opened more internet accessss but pro-democracy dissidents literaryyaken a beating. american presidents have made similar trips. richard non went to china, mending relations with an old adversary. obama hopes to mend relations with cuba and to burnish his legacy. >> what's the difference between nixon going to china and obama going to cuba? >> well, i'm not going to be an apologist for the nixon policy engagement with china, but an argument can be made that the chinese model is quite different from the cuba model. >> michael: she says thatt when richard nickson went to china he was dealing from a pition of strength. she says obama going to cuba is dealing from a position off weakness.
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here is helping the cuban people. we are in the video port this afternoon, back to you. >> calvin: and tas you can imagine, the president's trip to cuba is not making a lot of people happy in the exile community here in south florida. local10's hatzel vela continues our live team coverage from southwest miami-dade. hatzel. >> hatzel: calvin, you speak to members s the cuban exile community and they'll tell you they are not too happy that he is going, i say it's too son, but now that he's going they feel he should take with them a pro-democracy message and they staih he misis must m%et with dissidents. too many concessions by the president, nothing in return. that's the consensus by those who believe human rights have taken a back seat in the president's approach to cuba. >> nothing has changed with regards to democracy and human rights in cuba. >> hatzel: orlando gutierrez they said cuban democratic electorate an organization that tracks dissidents on the island. says repression and violence
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increased. according to the cuban commission on human rights, there were more than 1400 arbitrator detensions. last year more than 8600. >> they like what they have. they have absolute power. unless they're pressured, unless there's a international consensus led by the u.s. in democracy in cuba they will hold on as long as they go. >> no one should be naive to think that somehow the cuban government i i going to respect human rights because there's been a policyings change b bthe united states. frank mota, the director of -- once in the obama administration. >> he must be sending messages to the cuban governmentites that it is time to think about how to create more inclusive purelyistic democratic society. >> hatzel: one enthusiastic both men agree on, the president must meet with@ dissidents. >> i go other noring these
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anyone in the world ignoring martin luther king, jr. when it cames to civil rights in the u.s. >> m merologist: and at 5:30 you're going hear from more folks in the community millions you are october to hear from good morning web a cuban mew suggestion who is highly critical of couldn't government who happens to be here in miami. what he says about what should happen when president obama visits cuba. that and much more at 5:30. but for now reporting live in southwest miami-dade, hatzel vela, local10 news. >> laurie: thank you. right now at 5:00 we're hearing from two muslim women after their questions raised safety concerns at two synagogues in north miami beach. synagogue leaders say those women were asking questions that made them really uneasy so they decided to call police.e. >> calvin: now we're hearing from those women who say they didn't do anything wrong. local10's michael seiden with bobo sides of the story in north miami beach. michael. >> michael: and i want to reiterate again that these women did not commit a crime, which is why when we brought you this story yesterday we blurred tir faces. while one of the women actually got in front of the camera today
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her mother walked into a synague without an invitation. >> for my first time i just wanted to say hi. i wanted anita new friends. i wanted to make new friends. i wanted to get in touch with my brothers and sisters. i'm a social person. i love people. i love being around people. >> michael: she says she is terminally ill fighting breast cancer and going through a divorce. she says she was trying to learn more about different religions when she became e center of a federal and local investigation. this all happened after she and her mother seen here in surveillance photoshowed up to a north miami beach synagogue on two separate occasions, asking out a copy of the quran. >> so i called and they told me come on sunday. jewish people in aositive way. they are loving and caring.
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include me in their life. synagogue told me she never made an appointment with the rabbi which left the congregation concerned, so they reported the incidents to police. the fbi was also involved. >> they posee no threat to anybody. >> michael: in miami beach, anothernvestigation after two young boys who worship at the nagogue reported a similar incident of someone approaching them on the street asking questions about the times of services and a members w o go here. today miami beach police confirmthat these women did not visit that synagogue. some leaders in the muslim community are speaking out, telling us that they believe this was not a case of racial profiling. and coming up next hour, we're acacally going to sit down with the leader of the council on american islamic relations, and he's going to o lk about this investigation. he's also going to tell us what he would have done if a jewish man or a woman wearing jewish
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you won't want to miss thatinterview all coming up at 6:00. for now we are live in north miami beach, i'm michael seiden, local10 news. >> laurie: now to a schooo scare. a middle school in coral springs had to be evacuated today after reports of a threat. police say someone called that school t report a bomb on campus. o officials say it was later determined that the campus was safe and gave the all clear for students to return to school. >> and a discount is in a hospital after a fight broke out a middle school in homestead. local10's terrell forney spoke with other students about it and he joins us live with more. terrell. >> terrell: and, laurie, school st wrapped up for the day here at redland middle but quite a turn o o events on campus where the hospital. let's get to that sky 10 video right over the scene here in homestead after that 911 call afternoon. we're told that altercation was between two boys, one of the students ran up behind the other, picked him up and body slammed him onto the ground. this happened in the second
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according to kids who were around. that's when miami-dade fire rescue was called in. les show that you next piece of video. the many very being airlifted to the hospital. doctors right now at nicholas children's hospital are treating the boy who we're told is in the eighth grade. he has had a serious head injury after being slammed onto the ground. no word on his current condition or his exact age, but witnesses certainly knew how serious i i was when it happened. >> when he started having a seizure and foaming and they had to call the ambulance and the police to come to school and get him. even a helicopter came. >> so it was obvious that this young man w hurt. >> yes. he was badly hurt. 66. >> terrell: and whatever this dispute was about between these two young boys apparently started jt the day before and carried over into today. no word 'yote on to that aggressor. his whereabouts or -- no word on thinks aggressor or if he is
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point,t, a lot of information they're gathering at this point. when we get that information, we will certainly alternate around for you. we are live in homestead, i'm terrell forney, local10 news. >> calvin: round one today for pope franz and donald trump. the pontiffaid anyone who wants to build a wall on the u.s.-mexico border is not a yearnings that republican frontrununr who promised to do exactly that if he becomes president wasted no time firing back. our local10 news reporter glenna milberer is live in columbia, south carolina, with more on what both sides are saying. what a day, glenna. >> glenna: you know, calvin, as if this campaign trail here is not contentious enough, now donald trump is taking on the pope, and what's really interesting is a lot of his supporters are backing him. it was an answer to a reporter's question following mass with pope francis on the u.s.-mexican border where donald trump would plan a wall, bage wall, he said, if he's president.
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about building walls wherever they may be located and not building bridges is not a christian. >> glenna: that message made its way to quay waugh island,d,outh carolina where frump many trump refused to be trumped no matterthe statute the perceived adversary. >> and i'm a very good christian because the pope said something to the effect that maybe donald trump isn't christian. okay? and he's questioiong my faith. i was very surprised to see it, but i am a christian, and i'm proud of it. >> glenna: of all states to be called into question as a christian, south carolina is one of those where four in ten republican voters identify as christiaia conservative, and frump has been working hard to convince them he is one though in tomb style he went from defense to offense. >> if and when the vatican is attacked by isis, which as everyone knows is isis's ultimatey trophy, i can promise you that the pope would have
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president. >> glenna: so what was a little out-of-character for donald trump, if you noticed, he was reading that statement. it was a carefully scrcrted statement that he read. email blast. he didn't talk off the cuff like he usually does, and a lot of people noticed that. we will address that coming up in our report at 6:00. we will see you then. i'm glenna milberg live in columbia, south carolina today, local10 news. >> laurie: and the dth sentence and murder conviction against a woman accused of killing her son, it's been tossed out by the florida supreme court. now that mother is likely going to face another murder trial for the third time. anna maria cor don't a is accused of killing her three-year-old son in 1990 the state supreme court said errors were made in previous trials. the miami beach police end ode up calling this the baby lollipops case because the boy was danger a shirt with a
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miami state attorney katherine fernandez rundle said her office is prepared to retry this homicide. >> calvin: now it's time to get a which can the on afternoon rush with jess engines. >> jenise: all those accidents starting to clear up p ich is good news except we're still track of out there so this accident southbound around kendall drive has cleared up but we are seeing delays here, speeds at 26 milil per hour. as we zoom on in we are still seeing a lot of red and orange our maps so you're going to see some of those residual delays last for about five miles. we have this broken-down car on the expressway right around lejeune road and this is actually blocking a right lane on the ramp. are seeing those delays as you're heading west on the dolphin with speeds there at 16 miles per hour. calvin c's dramatic video just coming into our newsroom helicopter crash in hawaii. take a look. the civilian helicopter was flying over pearl hbor in
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what the coast guard is calling a hard landing in the water right there. you can also see it going underwater. five people were onboard. one was critically injured one more time, right there. the they are other four are now being treated. so dramatic. >> laurie: hopefully we will get to hear from those victims. there is a real backlash against beyonce toy today coming from law forms i isouth florida. we're tall to officers to boycott her skeeter r. at marlins park because of what they're calling you are e. hadder anti-police performance during the super bowl halftime performance. >> calvin: in today's health cast south florida doctors calling for patients who have no way to pay their h he memorabilia bills. >> laurie: first, workers at this pizza shop fight back against three armed robbers, and it was all caught on camera.
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victim's daughters one next. >> laurie: we have dramatic video of a family fighting back against a trio of armed robbers at their family santa restaurant. they could. see them gragging those chairs. just to stop those you crooks from ruining their family. one gun-wielding robber yanked this woman by t t hair while a second robber hit her with a canary her started swing. >> the idea in their head was the bliss were coming and they were trying to keep them there until they arrived. >> laurie: but they got away. out of concern for their safety
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this scene made out inside daddy o's restauranan this week. the owner's daughter tell us three young men in hoody is came in pretending to be customers. >> oncncthey went inside to make the order, the three of t tm jumped the counter and came back >> laurie: they took all the money from the register and ransacked the back looking for more. they broke the owner's shoulder tackling him into a chair. >> my dad got hit in the face with aun. my aunt was punched right and left by two guys, and then they pulled herr e. her hair out of their head. >> laurie: a woman nearby called 911 to 30 three young men undressing in their backyard. they believe this is the same crew that robbed them back in november. >> three suspects ao came in and shot at our commee even after they had gotten their money. >> laurie: the petes pizza,a owners hope this video and the screen grabs will help police track them down and arrest them. the restaurant is now closed as
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it could stay that way are for several wax this family recovers from their violent ordeal. >> calvin: let's talk with our betty dav who is feeling better we hope from last night. >> laurie: do you have a voice to tell bus thi glorious weather, betty? >> betty: always, always. upper 70s this afternoon, if you can believe that. 79 degrees the high in miami today. close to being normal. such 8 the normal high. and look at you, fort lauderdale. 78 was your high. key west making it up to p 74 degrees. right now everyone, almost especial around fort lauderdale and miami. hialeah a you're still hanging onto the mid-70s we see 75 is there and 72 currently in marathon. seats a decent evening if you can handle that breeze, a breeze that's causing our tower camera to bounce around at times but this is the view through the lens of our mount sinai medical center tower camera. tonight. that breeze is up from the east-northeast sustained near 15 miles an hour.
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through what should be a quiet evening weather-wise, partly cloudy skies. by 9:00 tonight some of you mayy start to see your temperatures in the upper 60s. high pressure has a handle on the weather for the east. high pressure sitting up over the northeast. that's where it's centered. we're caught in flow around that. a lot of quiet weather across the country right now, is not just for florida but intoo the central plains, too, not a lot of action happening although we e starting to see a low pressure system sort of coming together there. our focus will continue to be on that area of high pressure and the flow arorod it. attended to see some of those clouds coming in thanks to that northeastt breeze. the breeze is going to stay p. we'll tallidit windy for friday as clouds mix with the sunshine. warmer air feeding into the middle of the country, especially the south. so temperatures rising there. but for us it's all about seasonable readings. the normal low for this time of the year, miaia, 63. the normal high 78. and that is about where we're going to hand, not only friday
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so here's the breakdown on the forecast for tomorrow. we'll start the innate lower 60s, highs make that climb to the 70s. the rain chance is low at just 10 winds from the northeast at 15 to 20 miles an hour. so indeed the breeze will be brisk on friday.still a breeze noticeable on saturday, too, with lows in the morning in the 60s. highs in the 70s. likewise onunday highs getting into the upper 70s we may actually see some lower 80s between monday and tuesday, that happening as our nt front approaches. that front brings some showers, maybe a few storms betwe tuesday and wednesday, and then we cool back down tow seasonable leve again. calvin. >> calvin: we have some wild video today that may make you think twice about taking a inept ocean. sky 10 spotting several large sharks coming dangerously close to shore. we'll have a live report on this one all new at 6:00. >> laurie: and ahead hat 5:30 we're hearing from a man whose dog accidental started a fire
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>> clay: and'm clay ferrero. we were all prepared for one of the mostboring tradeline in nba history and then brian roberts happuhed. who is this guy and what makes
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that's next in sports. (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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i dodot know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story.
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>> clay: at first glance the nba trade deadline was kind of like getting a huge gift for your winter then you open it up and find out it was a big box of sox. the heat just traded away a couple of guys in salary dumps. one of those guys who they only got on tuesday made a lasting impact on his way out the door. >> part of a three-team deal that brings the heat seriously brian roberts. >> clay: little did we know the name brian roberts would make south florida sports history, at least we think it did. here he is, robert at his first
5:24 pm
sure. this is the first class organization. >> clay: and here he is at his last practice as a member of the heat, also on thursday. >> it's a little yore whelming at first. it. it could happen to you, but until you really get that call you can't really put night words. >> clay: roberts has been trade towed ordinancand his two-day tenure may be the shortest career for anyone in sosth florida sports history. now, before roberts was moved, head coach erik spoelstra gave his impression of the historic impact he had already made. he'd fans may never seen anyone like roberts again because since practices are closed, theydidn't see him at all. you notice wehave the same video over and over again. there's' reason for that. we did little research, guys. the top movie when brian roberts first came to miami was dead pool. number one zoning was love
5:25 pm
come on, calvin. by justin bieber and gas prices were about $1.72 a gallon united states. my, how things have changed, calvin and laurie. >> laurie: what a training strong sport it can be. i bet he was excited to join us. >> calvin: he enjoyed the weather for one day. >> laurie: two whole days. >> calvinj i'm sorry. all right. >> laurie: maybe we'll see you again someday, brian roberts. meantime a former lauderdale police officer is the fighting to get his badge back. >> calvin: calvin,y laurie, that former cop was fired last year after a racist video and text medical centers surfaced. two other officers were also let go and another resigned. today the police hief ask deflategate about it. we'll have a live report coming up in just minutes. >> janine: the attorney accused of having sex with her client in the broward county jail is back in court today. we'll tell you what she's asking the judge to do. >> victor: all new at 6:00 we'll explain why the miami fraternal
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officers stay away from beyonce's upcoming scatter
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>> janine: right now on local10 news at 5:30, a west palm beach teenager accused of posing as a doctor and stealing from a woman he was supposedly treating you can see walked out during a live interview on "good morning america" today. >> victor: local10's eric yutzy spoke with his grandfather. >> i'm sorry. i'm going to have to cut this interview short. >> eric: malachi robertson is the teenager arrested, accused of practicing medicine without a license in west palm beach. >> he felt like he was trying to do the right thing, so he wasn't trying to hide from nobody. >> so you don't think your grandson should be considered a con man. >> no. >> eric: william menzie standing by his grand telling him love robinson will fight the charges that includes accusations that he stole and forged checks from an 86-year-old pap passionate on top of t thrive had you been 30ed dollars she allegedly paid him for medical visit
5:30 pm
>> accations are merely accusations, and services you would have to define that, whether she paid for me to just showvp, that'sp to her. >> he wasn't trying to be a con ma he was trying to help somebody. >> eric: suite 303 is where who have robinson was operate hangs prtice. now the doors are locked p. any evidence that he was ever here gone. before opening up shop in this medical center he was reportfdly stopped in 2015 while claiming to work at a pest palm bea county hospital. shield "gma" he was a doctor but not pay maryland. >> i do currently hold a ph.d. in what i don't feel comfortable in disclosing because that is not thessue here. >> eric: that's a degree mckenzie admits he has never seen and is not quite sure what we will see next from his grandson. >> he's a very good young man, he has good intentions. he was out trying hope the people. the if it's something that he did wrong, he's going to have to
5:31 pm
up to it. >> eric: in west pablo, i'm eric yutzy. >> janine: we did try to speak withthove robinson but he's referring all requests to his lawyer. >> victor: the had an man accused of shooting and killing a roob eye was back in front of a judge today. liane morejon has will el at theel tell us what had in court. >> liane: today was essentially the last day of these hearings which is meant to determine whether 17-year-old deandre charles will be allowed release on bail. let's show you video, remind you what this case is allbout, deandre charles 17 years old accused killing and attempt attempting to rob rabbi joseph raksin in october of 2013. charles was arrested in december and has been held without bond ever since. today in the courtroom we saw charles shack nel his brown jail form. the victim's family also in the courtroom as well as the
5:32 pm
now, today the court heard closing arguments,nd a major stick point for judge jason block was dna evidence. dna was found on evidence but is not a direct match for mr. charles but rather his dna profile was found, a little confusion but here is what have some of what they said all about that. >> the dna profile obtained from the oral standard of the defendant is included as a possible match tote profile. that measures there's a mixture, which we concede, on the piecess of firearm.. his profile is included in that mixture. >> it could be his. he could be a contributor.a possible contributor but there could also be over 1 million people in miami-dade county that are possible contributors. we just didn't test them. >> liane: the state was allowed totoive it is rebuttal. p. the hearing has ended for the day without a decision from the judge. no word yet on when heill give that decision on bond, but you
5:33 pm
local10. for now we're live in miami, liane morejon, local10 news. >> the opening will hold out real promise to improve the lives of the cuban people, and this is really at the coror of our policy. >> victor: and that was deputy national security adviser ben rhodes speaking about president obama's visit t t cuba next month. >> janine: he will to be first u.s. president to visit the island since 1928, and that news is the riling up many in the cuban and i'll community right here in south florida. exile community right here in south florida. hatz vela has more. >> hatzel: you talk to members of the cuban exile community and actually tell you they're not to happy that the president is going to cuba next month. but they do say when he goes, he should take the chance to take a pro-dem ski message and also moses importantly to talk to dissidents. >> castro regime still controls the inlet. >> all that stuff is in the past. new generation now.
5:34 pm
i think it's great. >> hatzel: reactions differ depending on age and political beliefs or if you live in cuba. >> meet goehrke, a cuban mew suggtion hoe has been highly critical of castro governmenty and said it's#important the president knows what's happening when it comes to human rights violations on the island. ladies in white leader berea soler said president obama will come to cuba to deal with a dictator and a thief. too many concessions by the president, nothing in return. >> nothing has changed with regards to the democracy and human rights in cuba. >> hatzel: orlando gutierrez they said cuban democratic direction trait, an organization who traction dissidents on the island we denounce this visit. >> hatzel: he says repression and violence against the opposition has increased. just in january of this year, according to cuban commission on human rights, there were more than 1400 arbitrator detensions. last year more tn 8600.
5:35 pm
think that somehow the began government is going to respect human rights just because there's been a policy change from the nights. >> hatzel: it's going take time said frank mora to be director of fiu cuban institute, once assistant secretary of defense for for the western hemisphere in the obama administration. >> he's going to be sending messages to cuban government that it is time to think about how to create a more inclusive purelyistic democratic society. >> hatzel: goehrke is not too hopeful. every time high profile figures like the pope visit, she and other dissidents are arrested. goerke, of course, a musician one of many dissidents, hoping once the president visits they'll be able to meet with him. reportingreporting live in southwest miami-dade. >> janine: fort lauderdale's chief of police defending as a former officer fights to get his badge back. james wells was fired last year over a racist video and text messages. >> victor: two other officers
5:36 pm
resigned, and just this afternoon the chief testified at wells' arbitration hearing. local10's shyann malone was there for that hearing. she joins us now live. >> shyann: victor and janine, another day of arbitration. day two, an eight-hour long day. you hear both sides, attorneys going back and forth, and for the first time we are getting a look at the text medical centers. >> jimmy, what do to that end, get that "n" out from under the wagon. >> shyann: those are only some ofof the text messages linked to james wells' ' ll phone shared with fellow police officers. wells silentlily sits next to his attorney as his former boss miss chief adderly responds. >> i've never seeeen this before, i mean, in the 35-plusears that i've been here, i've never seen an engagement request the community, the respons that we have had, national. attention.
5:37 pm
seen. >> shyann: chief adderly made it clear this is not the type of behavior he expects from his employees and it's tarni its imaging. >> this is a block eye on the the police department and the city of fort lauderdale. >> shyann: because of hhs actions 18 cases that wells were involved in were dismissed completely and three fellow officers were involved in this same racist text messages and video and wells is the first one arbitration process. he is expected to take the stand tomorrow. reporting in fort lauderdale, shyann malone, local10 news. >> janine: right now it' time for to us get a check on the afternoon rush with our traffic reporter jene fernandez. how is it going out there? >> jenise: there's always track of out there but no need to cancel your evening plans. this is i-95 southbound a pembroke road. is that i can traffic is moving nicely although there is an accident. as we zoom on in we are seeing some delays. again knife southbound right
5:38 pm
theris a center lane blocked, speeds are at 27 miles per hour. and those delays are going to extend all the way to i've derr road where there's another accident this time with a right lane blocked, speeds clocking in at 36 miles per hours. a pass that crash speeds start to pick up with speeds a. this is as your heading wrest on the dolphin expressway at blocked. we are seeing heavy delights dolphin with speeds ooh 14 miles victor. >> victor: and this is a sad storyere. a couple in trod colorado springs are mourning the loss of two of their dogs that died in a fire that badly damaged their home, and now it turns out that fire was accidental started by one of theirir other dogs. >> i walked over there and it was -- it was just shock. >> victor: janeal pacheco was workingg late when he got a call from his l ldlord saying his home was on fire. >> we had just shotver there and just ran up there and it was
5:39 pm
them to let the dogs out, the dogs are in this. >> victor: fire investigars said it was actually o o of dogs who tornado a burner trying to get tie pizza box that was left on don't of the gas stove. it's something pacheco says he does all the time and exper say so do a lot of other homeowners. >> we see fires all the time from combustibles that should not have ever been p aced to that sacred area. you should keep anything that is flammable%at least three feet away from that stove top area. >> think before you act, you know, and that -- what we did, >> victor: sadly, that fire killed two of the family dogs. two others, though, were saved. that fire cause dollars $26,000 worth of damage but the couple will be automobile to live there again after repairs. >> janine: ruer ready to party at cle ocho next month? you can see actor andy garcia and a lot of sun, salsa and sounds on which comes your way on sunday march 13th.
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starting at 7:00 p.m. >> victor: and there's backlash against beyonce today coming from law enforcement serious. they're calling for a boycott of her concert at marlins park after her performance during the super bowl. we'll explain all new at 6:00. >> janine: first, a monkey rampage. little guy armed with a knife and not bacacng down. >> victor: but first, we're speaking with doctors making a difference, helping patients who have nowhere tolls turn without worrying about the bill. >> announcer: and tonight at florida. >> told me about how nice life could be. >> announcnc: and exploited for sex. >> he took my family away from me. >> announcer: local10's amyy viteri rides along with investigators.
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news. (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so oururext president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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>> janine: some sad news. reality star angelina has lost her battle with ccer. the mob wives star passed away this morning, she was 55 years old. she was battling stage 4 lung and brain cancer and had just talked about her diagnosis just this week on dr.2oz that airs root here on local10. >> did your doctors think the cigarettes had caused your throat cancer? >> positively. i was smoking for 40 years. >> is that one of the reasons that you wanted to speak up, be public in a very difficult battle? >> yes. i think whoever smokes should quit, and if they didn't start,
5:45 pm
[ applause ] >> janine: she was known right here in south florida. she opened a bar in south beach in 2013 and filmed a reality show c cled "miami monkey." and we have a truly bizarre story. 's all caught on camera after an armed morning goes on the attack. this was the -- armed monkey goes on the attack. this is t t scene of a bar in brazil. that monkey apparently drank a glass of rum left on the pash, grabbed a knife, started chase be men in the bar, and here's the weird thick, we're td that the monkey only chased men, didn't chase any women. firefighters managed to get it down and released it back into the wild, however, the monkey was captured again for aggressive behavio toward people who live mere near where the monkey was relead. >> brazil, you said? of course. a trulyhaotic scene was caught on camera in a department store in california, two of the shoplifters attacking a secured guard. two women were acting suspiciously and when a loss
5:46 pm
them, they began attacking them even though they had two children this pem them it happened in front of frightenedd shorpes. the store employee we're told was beaten and bitten by two of the thieves who then just walked out of store, and so far p pice haven't made any arrests. and just amazing video from australia where tumbleweeds havetaken over a town. truckloads of the tumbling weeds be clogging streets and piling up as far as the roofs on some of these homes. the local governmene is not helping with the cleanup because it's not considered a fire risk. every homeowner has to spend hours clearing away those tumbleweeds and they have to do it over and over again a few hour later. locals say the strain of the tumbled weed is known as harry panic. it's been around for a couple of years but with drier conditions this summer it's been very bad. they suspect all these tumbleweeds are coming from a nearby field that a farmer has failed to maintain. >> that is the weirdest stuff i have ever seen. this is a futile attempt to use the leaf blower.
5:47 pm
>> that won't stop the harry panic. >> janine: nothing will. no -- hairy panic. i feel like we should just grab and it try to -- >> victor: hug it, hold it close, embrace it. >> janine: like the hairy panic? tumbleweed. weather. you go had ahead with the hairy panic. ian see the weekend. we're staring out at t atlantic ocean looking the broadwalk. we do haveumulus clouds decorating the sky but those have not been raiakers for us as we watch this couple stroll on by, nice breeze at their packs. the palms swaying. winds from the east-northeast in miami sustained 15 to 20 miles an hour at times gusting a little higher than that today. the breeze won't exactly relax tonight. it's still going to be with us, and that will help our temperatures hold in the lower 70s between, say, 6:00 and 8:00. by 10:00 tonight some of you
5:48 pm
so maybe a you need a sweater if you're out this evening but certainly no heavyinter wear needed for south florida as we're definitely changing up opr weather pattern. doppler radar nice and quiet. brcward, miami-dade and the keys, rabe chance really low for the rest of tonight and tomorrow at just 10%. so we can look at temperatures across the nation because there is a bounce in numbers to talk about. seasonable temperatures for south florida. but an early spring feel elsewhere where we see thes from san antonio to dallas. look at kansas city. 74 degrees. even chicago out of the deep freeze where they're sitting at 40 degrees. that's a little above normal for them f f this time of the year. the northern branch of the jet stream is riding high. it has retreated liting up to the north and bridging across the u.s. means the warmthexpands and temperatures will run some 10 to 20 plus degrees above average, and in a lot of places out there as we're looking ahead to the weekend. this is some of the prorected
5:49 pm
we'll spotlight a city like chicago, which by saturday sees some 50s. maybe you're traveling to atlanta this weekend. high temperatures near 70 degrees. that's going to feel kind of nice. but if you're staying here hat home and hitting the beaches up tomorrow, seasonable weather on the way. we'll have our temperatures at the beaches in the low to mid-70s. wiwis from the northeast 15 to 20 miles an hour. with those windy conditions the rip current risk is high. if you're taking the boats out there's a small craft advisory in effect off the keys, miami-dade and broward, too, where seas will run five to seven plus feet and the baste are going to be choppy. temperatures in the morning, low to mid-60 average for this time of the year. that's abo normal. highs getting into the mid to upper 70s. windy wednesday weather with that northst breeze. rain chance at just 10 pears we're stepping through the weekd. temperatures rising into the 70 each afternoon, may touching the 80s monday, tuesday before some showers move through. janine.
5:50 pm
company is touting its new pothole technology on the haven't cheney fusion v-6 sports sedan. the company says the shock absorber system automatically stiffens when it detects a popoole. that allows the wheel to stay elevated instead of dropping into the hole. some luxury cars including ford's colon mkz have similar technology. >> victor: chequeing of sweet rides you can travel in a oo 7 if you're willing to pay for it. aston martin dv 10 was created just for latest bond film specter and it was signed by star daniel craig. it's expected to sell fore as much as $2.1 million and the aston martin can haiti top speeded of 190 miles per hour. here's the thing. you actually can't drive it on the road, though. it is not certified. >> j jine: what? >> victor: 23 other props from specter will be auctioned off, maybe more affordable. that's going to raise money for charity. >> janine: there are hundreds of
5:51 pm
right here in south florida. today animal advocate jacey birch has a couple of pure breed pups who want to me the you. >> jasey: look at little chica. taking a siesta relangs in my hand? look at what chihuahua, at i aige cute munching pumpkin hi, guys pimp i'm here with chica and jaime from jaime's rescue. you've got kala, purebred dogs that you just found abandon. >> deaton want them, they dump them on the street, and they are up for adoption wanting their second chance. >> it really is unbelievable that somebodyould just leave these dogs to just go off and whatever happens, happens. but then you've rescued them, and now we are going to find the perfect pet parents. >> that would be awesome. >> that's where you and i come together. let me show you where you can go to see chica and kala. it's our website, right there you're going see all the furry faces that jaime's rescue has up for adoption. look at chica and kala. ur you girls so beautiful, and they are ready to move into your
5:52 pm
in fact, you can even take them together if you'd like. >> janine: it is another busy innate local10 news room. here are some of today's top stories at 6:00. the miami fraternal order of police wants officers toto boycott beyonce's upcoming scatter marlins park. we'll tell you why. >> victor: sky 10 spotting a scary sight just offshore in dania beach. what the experts are saying about these sharks bei so close to shore. >> janine: and we are now hearing from a woman w set off
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
north miami beach. >> reporter: february is heart month. typically meant to raise
5:56 pm
but in today's health cast medical specialist kristi krueger is highlighting some local doctors who have pretty big hearts themselve >> kristi: you know, all americans are supposed to have access to health insurance but th doesn't mean that many costly procedures are totally covered. fortunately there are doctors out there who donate their timeand their talents to help people in nee monroe considers herself lucky to be alive. years ago her then boyfriend shot her in the face and chest during an argument. >> i didn't feel the impact of bullets that hit my chest, only the one that hit my face. >> kristi: she was rushed to braud broward health metricser an a team of doctors et worked to safe her life about the the attack left jenn' ter whether i disfigured. >> my tongue separated from my jaw. i lost most of my lower teeth and lower jaw. >> gunshot wounds can be very devastating and hers was one of the more severe we have seen. >> kristi: jenn' went through
5:57 pm
but it was oral surgeon dr. leslie sulton who saved her sense of hell being. and he other doctors a broward health steppedn when jenna acres lost her insurance coverage reconstructing her jaw and replacing her teeth. >> the w i can summarize is quay all did the rig thing. >> kristi: hair transplant surgeon did the same thing when brotheroso suffered severe damage to his scalp during a car injury three years ago. the doctor performed a haiai transplant to victor no cost. >> d d bauman did the first step getting my lifeack in order. >> kristi: jennae, too, will feel forover grateful to the dock who made her feel hole again. >> it's been the greatest pick me-up because it's done wonder rebuilding my of the dollar confidence rebuilding just me being able to get out in public, just to even walk down the street.
5:58 pm
>> kristi: victor's journ is far from over. is in the process of raising money to pay for a prosthetic apartment one day he hopes he n some day use that to right up and shake dr. bauman's hand. >> janine: how great are these doctors. they have so much on their plates to donate their time. >> victor: what i huge difference they made. love it. here are are calvin and laurie back for the news at 6:00. >> laurie: the date is set for president obama's historic visit to cuba. >> and new twist in the synagogueecare. the women caught on camera coming forward. >> laurie: and an atm, a woman easy prey and it was caught on camera. >> calvin: what sparked a war of words between donald trump and the pope. >> laurie: beyonce's super bowl spot now leading to a boycott right here in miami. >> calvin: plus, sharks spotted near shore but should we be concerned? the news hath 6:00 starts right
5:59 pm
>> lauri the date is set. >> the president will be going to cuba with the first lady on march 21st and 22nd. >> laurie: the mission clear. >> the opening to cuba holds out real promise to improve the lives of the cuban people. >> laurie: the cubans welcoming with open arms. >> his visit will represent step forward in the improvement of relations between cuba and the united states. >> he cannotelp himself. he cannot help bowing down to the enemi of freedom. >> laurie: strong emotions for the president historic visit to cuba. >> calvin: the white house says president obama's historic trip to cuba is another step toward normalizing relations. >> laurie: but critic, especially those from south florida, say it's another step back. let's get right to our senior political reporter michael putney to start us off. >> michael: the present will not meet with fidel castro
6:00 pm
he will meet with raul castro and dissidents. president obama announced his trip to cuba in a series of tweets. next month i'll travel to cuba to advance our progress and efforts that can improve the lives of of the cuban people. >> the opening to cuba holds out real promise to improve the lives of the cuban people, andness really at the core of our policy. >> michael: in the 14 months since president obama and cuba's raul castro opened the new relationship, there has been progress on trade and travel. cuba has also opened up access to the internet. but on human rights the situation in cuba has only gotten worse. >>here is no justification for president obama to make a visit to cuba before any r rl and substantive democratic reforms are made by the castro regime, and no such reforms have happened. >> i think its would have been a real surprise if president obama would have announced that he was not going to go visit castro and


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