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tv   Local 10 News 4PM  ABC  February 18, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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at the controversy. >> calvin: historic visit. president obama is traveling to cuba next month, and it's the first time a sitting president has done so in nearly nine decades. >> laurie: a group of sharks spotted off southlorida. why thousands of sharks swarming the florida shore. the news at 4:00 starts right now. >> calvin: off the top at 4:00 breaking news. a child landing in a hospital after a fight a skilled. >> laurie: this and that rough fight happening right lunchtime at redland middle school. let's get to runner terrell forney live in southwest miami-dade with the breaking details. >> laurie: laurie and calvin, classes dismissed a redland middle school about 15 minutes ago. this is southwest 240th and 160th avenue but certainly a wild day on does campus. we know that the 911 call was made late this afternoon. two students apparently got into a fight with each other some time after 2:00 p.m. this altercation was between two boys, one of them we're told picked up the other and body slammed him onto the ground.
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called in to treat one of the students who was injured, and this brings to us our next piece of video. the victim being airlifted to the hospital. we're told that that young boy was taken to nicholas children's hospital and this ung boy has a serious head injury from being slammed into the ground. no word yet on his current condition or h compact age. let's come back out -- exact age. let's lease come back out live to the school. this is a middle school so we're dealing with very young kids here in the fourth, fifth and sixth grades, and we're still waiting to find out what this fight was about and the status of that shore student who it sounds like was the aggressor in this case. we will certainly keep you updated. that is the latest here in southwest miami-dade, i'm terrell forney, local10 news. >> laurie: terrell, thank you. >> calvin: as we first reported last night, president obama is planning on an historic trip to cuba next month. >> laurie: this will be the first time in more than 80 years that a sitting president will visit the communist country. our senior political reporter
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newsroom for us with they latest. >> michael: laurie, calvin, the president said he wanted to visit cuba but he also wanted to see congress first on human rights. that hasn't happened but he's going anyway. the president announced the trip in a tweet saying "next month i'll travel to cuba to advance our progress and efforts that can improve the lives of the cuban people." >> we, of course, have significant differences with cuba on issues rethat it had to human rights. >> michael: then the architect of obama's cuban policy. >> did opening to cubay holds out real promise to improve the lives of the cuban people, and this is really at the coifer policy. >> michael: the castro government has cracked down hard on pro democracy act advertises detaining or jailing 8,000 dissidents, reason alone for obama not to go his critics say. >> a trip to cuba now will only legitimize the castro brothers'
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possibility of freedom and democracy y the island even more remote. links while e cuba, the president will meet with pro-democracy activists, private business owners and everyday cubans, corning to the white house, and he'll raise the castro. will be welcomed thai b b the government cuba and the cuban people with our traditional hospitality. >> meterologist: the white house says isolating cuba didn't work. engaging it may produce progress. >> it's not a surprise. the press knew this was going to happen. we all knew this was going to happen. this is a president who can net help himself. he cannot help himself. henge he cannot help bowing down to the enemies of freom and the enemies of united states and the enemies of u.s. interests. >> michael: that is u.s. congressman mario diaz ballard of miami. a recent poll however showed most cuban americans here and across the country support better relations with cuba and even lifting the embargo.
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putney, local10 news. >> cvin: president obama will be the first american president to visit cuba since calvin coolidge was there in 1928. coolidge is seen here on the left. the cuban president at thdt time is seen on the right. and you can bet locality will be there for the historic visit. my colleague, hatzel vela and i will be live in cuba next month for the president's historic two-day trip. >> laurie: meantime in the keys today a disabled can tugboat. the monroe county sheriff's office helped the coast guard spect this tug. this fishing was tweeted out today, according to a key west citizen the boat was anchored south of marinates. authorities say was assisting a greek boat when the line got caught in a propellor. >> calvin: right now here's a live look a our hollywood beach cam and it is gorgeous day. it's a little breezy but hoe cares? it's the beach. >> laurie: it was surprising
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do we get another one tomorrow? >>etty: we do. the sea breeze going stay up, winds@fromomhe east. northeast sustained to 20 miles per hour, temperatures in the mid-70s. 74 in miami. fort lauderdale, 73. temperatures will hold in the lor 70s between now and, say 7:00 this evening. by 10:00 tonight upper 60s out there. the rain chance remaining really low, no more than a sprinkle flowing in on that breeze really late tine. so money dry with that east-northeast breeze the rip current risk is high through friday. there's also a small craft advisory so boaters and beachgoers beware that that east-northeast wind will be sustained 20-plus miles per hour and that could lead to problems depending on what you're plans over the warrants of atlantic. i'll be back here in a few minutes with a lot more on the forecast. seasonable weatherer ahead. >> laurie: a person is now recovering from a gunshot wound after a shohoing in northwest miami-dade. you see this active scene. police say the vicicm was shot
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near northwest 1 injured street and 97th avenue. that victim, thank youfully is expected to be okay. no word if police have any suspects in custody. and there are two new casas of zika virus confirmed in miami-dade county. this brings the total number of cases in the state to 24. miami-dade has nine cases of the virus now and broward county has three cases. the mosquito-borne virus is said to have a connection were deform nis in newborns. there will be a hotline by the florida department of health to answer any questions with the zika virus. if you have u. if you have questions or concerns call (855)622-6735. >> calvin: also rebate crime crackdown. crooks off the the streets changes to a new operation by the city of miami police department. several arrests made today. local10 news reporter ben kennedy has the story now from miami. >> ben: police are call it operation cleanup designed to crack down do prostitutio gang act of and break-ins, and so far
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arrested and sent to jail. miami police are cracking down on crime. for 24 hours officers are stepping up patrols and targeting crime in the area. >> it starts on 27th avenue and reaches all the way over at the time palmetto expressway here in the city of mia we're focusing on quality of life, prostqtution weeks narcotics. >> ben: their easts helped character town 19-year-old miguel camacho to phones today breaking into eight cars, including lesions honda crv. >> i really didn't have anything in the car what is value but still there's the fact that now my privacy that is been completely violated. >> ben: rodriguez said the crook was cuffed in they are drive way at 1001 southwest 56th avenue where officers found camacho weaker a backpack and looking into ray car window. >> they find he has all these items on him him, and then he immediately starts confessing to
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>> ben: it's crimes like this that miami-dade pd is after. >> i think it's great. i think it's great. it's much needed and crime obviously overall has taken a rise. >> ben: we are talking about a 24-hour operation that will hend at 1:00 on friday morning. reporting in miami, ben kennedy, local10 news. >> laurie: ben, 32. and a beyonce boycott is coming in april. the miami fraternal order of list plus has order voted to have all officers keep away from the singer's show at marlins park because of bahn assistance program a super bowl halftime show. the performer made african-ericans to the black lives matter, malcolm x and the black panthers. she said the videos are antipolice messages. miami fop president javier ortiz released a statement saying in parted "beyonce uped this year's super bowl to divide americans by proting the black panther and is her anti-police meanings shows how she does not support law enforcement."
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let's get a check on track of. >> laurie: jise fernandez right here with how those roads are looking for you. >> jenise: let's start with i-95 southbound an accident after miami garden drive a right lane blocked. heavy delays with speeds at 13 miles per hour but the goodnews is as you pass that crash, speeds start to pick up at 43 miles per hour so no need to take an alt mat just yet. 's woo look at i-95 now, this is northwest 151st street. we are seeing heavy delays here with speeds at 16 miles per hour, and that's pretty much going to be the entire story nur driving i-95 northbound. want too take you to this major accident on the turnpike, thoughgh heading south right around kendall drive. there is a left lane blocked and speeds here are clocking in at at 10 mops.. as ands a we zoom on out you can see a lot of red on our maps and it looks like those delays are going to stretch for about seven miles so expect heavy delays if you are heading that that direction.
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accidents to report but we do have the broken-down car. doesn't seem like this is caing any problems. approaching davie road there is a right lanan block but you wouldn't know it because speeds here 63 miles per hour. >> laurie: let's take a look at the closing numbers on wall street. all red arrows down. the dow dropping 40 pints to 16,413. the nasdaq down 46 points. and the s&p 500 down almost 9 points. >> calvin: coming up, a thief messes with the wrong guy ale walgreens. see the box hor took him down. >> laurie: cameras rolling during a violate robbery at this pizza shop. victims fighting back against the thieves. >> calvin: [e're following breaking news. a pursuit daniels end in the city of hollywood. us. up. >> announcer: and tuned tonight south florida. >> told me about how nice life could be. >> announcer: and exploited for sex. local10's amyyiteri rides along
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what's being done to stop human
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(donkey sound) (elephant sosod) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise)
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i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, tdo it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story.
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>> laurie: caught on camera, a robber messing with the wrong person as he tried to steal from a wall grebes in bradenton. >> calvin: victor is in our video port with who he ended up having the deal with. >> victor: it turns out that walgreens customer is a boxing champion he threw a pew few punches to stop that thief. >> i really wasn't trying to hurt anybody. >> victor: it's video of a man taking out a robber a farm sufficient a walgreens. it turns out that man's girlfriend was behind the counter. there is 25-year-old david west. it was about 2:30 in the afternoon on vineland. he was at the walgreens to ask his gimped what she waed for lunch. >> she said "subway" and literary as she said "subway" the gentleman walked around the under counter and jumped onto the counter demanding pain medicine.
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didn'tealize is that david is a pretty good boxer. he holds two state titles and you can find clips of his fight on youtube like this one. this was aun instinct. >> he started fiddling with his hands and went to reach into his pants and that's when i reacted. >> victor: a bit of a tussle and then four punches and a knockout. this is the mug shot of 26 yokes anthony. david held him until police arrived giving this young man someme encourage words while theyated. >> told him this. i hope he uses this as a turning point in thinks life. >> victor: david said he knows people who have had the same problems and hopes this man gets the help he needs. so workers at that pharmacy obously thankful that david was there. after that robber after seeing that mugshot he wasn't thankful. wrong place, wrong time for him. >> calvin: a little ko action. >> laurie: he wasn't messing around french brapenton to our shores have you seen any of these? these shark dangerous ri close to the beach.
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you can see two right here with a few more returning nearby experts say this is norm behavior, just part of the sharks' annual winter mig rakes, looking for warmer waiters ask it's mating season. they say tens of thousands of sharks have been spotted along the florida coast with all the tourists, just be careful. >> calvin: sharks like romance, too, i guess. is is a live look f fm our fort lauderdale tower cam. >> laurie: that's a beautiful shot, isn't it? >> calvin: gorgeous. >> laurie: betty, what's going to there? >> betty: high pressure in control, nice little breeze, no more than cumulus clouds, and it makes for spectacularly views like that or like this. you're looking doin' the shoreline, miami. we are liking every bit of this and loving the tempetures. 74 right now for the mia, winds are stiff from the east-northeast at 20 miles an hour. it will stay breezy through the evening, partly cloudy skies arnd 8:00 tonight, temperature a 70 degrees. nice and quiet on the doppler radar.
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false returns so no rainfall out there but with that east-northeast wind the flow coming in off the atlantic. we won't rule outaybe a sprinkle if anything develops over the atlantic waters, you know that would have the potential to move on in but it looks like we're going get through the rest of the day with mainly dry conditions and keep it mainly dry ase're rounding out the week. we're getting that east-northeast wind around a area of high pressure way up to the north over the northeast, and look a how quiet the weather is, by the way, for the& east. from new york city to dc, raleigh, jacksonville, nice weather all across the stouth. southerly winds, by the way, feeding back into the uth-central u.s. with that southerly flow temperatures going to be on the rise for the south-central u.s., and also parts of the southeast. for us, we'll still be caught in a northeast wind tomorrow, sun and clouds. windy weather. and teaches that remain seasonable between friday and saturday while other areas i i the south enjoy a dramatic warm-up.
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running some 10 to 20 degrees above average friday and saturday for some cities in the stouth. memphis, for example, getting up to about 70 both fridaynd saturday, and then around dallas, that area rising to about 80 degrees this weekend. so that is where t really warm weather will be, but our weather whatsoever. here's the breakdown. looking ahead to our friday websites almost friday, heats just sioto that for a moment. we did it. 63 to start the day, a high around 75 degrees. winds from the northeast 15 to 20 miles an hour. the rain chance is low at just 10%. we're going to keep the rain chance low on saturday, too, sunday sweat 10%. still a little breezy on saturday. sunday the breezes relax a bit. temperatures mid to u uer 70s. as i said, we're talking seasonle weather for the weekend, not too cool, not toowarm. by monday we could warm to about degrees and we'll get that warm-up ahead of the next
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that may bring showers our way tuesday, maybe a few storms wednesday and hinted thursday. we cool down again but not a tremendous cooldown. back to seasonably levels as far as temperatures go. >> laurie: and caught on camera an amazing scene, robbery victims in houston, texas fighting back putting their lives line to stop these men from taking what was theirs. surveillance video captures the victims grabbing chahas to stopped these armed men from taking money from their family-owned pizza restaurant cash register. the robbers even bke of the horn's shoulders by tackling him into a chair and they got aood picture. these robbers got away, but empty handed. >> for a religious leader to question a person's faith is disgraceful. i'm proud to be a christian. >> calvin: also right now republican presidential candidate donald trump is firing back after pope francis said that anyone who wants to build a wall between the u.s. and mexico isn't christian. stephanie ramos has the wharf
4:20 pm
>> reporter: returning to rome from his visit to mexico, pope francis was asked about donald trump's plan to build a wall along the southern border. the pontiff said he didn't want to tell americans how to vote but said -- a person who thinks only about building walls, wherever they may be, and not building bridges is not christian. trump had this response to the pope's comments. >> if and when the vatican isy attacked by isis, i can promise you that the pope would have only wished and prayed that donald trump would have been president. >> reporter: trump said that the pope's trip to mexico and his mass at the border showed that the pontiff is a political figure and accused the mexicanan government of using him. >> for a religious leader to queseson a person's faith is disgraceful. >> reporter: another gop challenger was asked if the pope pope's comments comments about border security applied to him as well. >> vatican city controls who comes in and how they come in as a state, and as a result the
4:21 pm
do that as well. >> reporte however, john kasich had much kinder words about pope francis. >> that pope a pretty remarkable guy. he's a remarkable person. >> reporter: with just two days before the next voted are cast, a new national poll shows the gop race tightening with donald trump in a virtual tie with ted cruz. >> donald trump is in second place with 26%. [ murmuring ]>> i expect a storm keyes tweets any minute now. >> reporter: cruz adds the race will be about who will appoint u.s. supreme court justices stephanie ramos, abc news. >> calvin: glenna milberg is in south carolina for seats republican primary. stay tuned. she will have a live report on local10 news at 5:00. >> laurie:and coming up, we're@ following breaking news. a pursuit comes to an end in hollywood. our own derek shore is on that story. heaval have a live report just ahead. >> calvin: and a smash and grab at a bait shop caught on camera. those crooks going to a rampage
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>> will manso: dwyane wade sits out heat practice today,, and the heat make a pair of minor moves at the trade deadline. i'll have the details next in your daily sports shot.
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>> calvin: the nba trade deadline has come and gone. no major moves for the mia heat just a pair of minor trades. the hea sent rarely used necessarily. also write-in roberts performed miami traded roberts on tuesday. meanwhile dwyane wade sat out today's heat practice resting up after all-star weekend. wade are will travel to the heat with atlanta, expected to play in the game tomorrow night. wade said he will be sitting out sever every several practices. he's a 13-year veteran. according to the associate press chris bosh in boston seeing his doctor about a blood clot that kept him out of that game.
4:26 pm
for now the heat say bosh will not travel to thereat and play but we hope to have an update very soon. the basketball team i had current tied for the top spot in the acc. the 'canes ran away from virginia tech toick up victory p next um, though, the 'canes will now t tvel to chapel hill on saturday for a showdown with fifth-ranked north carolina, first place in the conference on the the lin and on the ice florida panthers back on home ice tonight. first place cats will take on the san jose sharks. puck drops a support the panthers are trying to keep that momentum gng after a thrilling overtime win over pittsburgh a couple nights ago. now we mentioned the heat making other pair of deadline deals, minor moves. now a former heat player was on the report of ever roster for exactly one practice is gone and clay ferrero will be here to bring us his amazing story, i should say, coming up at 5:00. calvin, laurie. >>alvin: a little taste of miami, i guess.
4:27 pm
us at 4:00. >> calvin: let's check in with victor and janine. >> janine: hei all new at 4:30. >> victor: breaking news, a police pursuit comes to an end in hollywood. police were following a stolen vehicle, and derek shore will have a live report in minutes. >> janine: "dirty dining" takes a look at a popular restaurant with a troroling inspection. >> victor: and caught on camera a chaotic-time crime thieves tussle with a worker at a department store. those stories and much morecoming up on local10 news at
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>> victor: right now on local10 news at 4:30 a police pursuit unfolding in broward cououy before coming to andy. >> janine: police were following a stolen car, and it all began in hollywood. local10 news reporter derek shore livevin fort lauderdale with the breaking detls. >> derek: and this is the spot where that pursuit came to an end, a scary situation for drivers and police who were following this guy. take a look. this is where it all ended. this car crashed into a sign, and take a look at the top. right there the roof of the car, you can see what appears to be a
4:31 pm
so obviously not a good situation for officers trying to approach this guy. let's take up to sky 10 video. hollywood police say this all started in their city when an automated license plate reader on a police cruiser notified the officer that this toyota camry was stolen. when police tried to get the driver to pull over, he refused. three other people in the c c would jump out at different times and after that the chase was on. officers say that driver would take off, hop onto interstate 95, and exit on broward boulevard where he would eventually crash. he'd lose control and hit that sign and be taken into custody shortly after. back out here live, we are told from the officer on the scene here this may not be an actual gun. it may be an airirft gun for a pellet gun but obviously enough to cause fear for these officers and the public. that driver is under aest. , and the other passengers have been collected and detaiaed. obviously, that driver is going to be facing quite a few charges.
4:32 pm
derek shore, local100 news. >> janine: what a scene. derek, thank you. now to a school scare be, ramblewood middle school was evacuated today after reports of a school threat. studenen were kept outside as police investigated, and a lot of parents were required worried. local10 news reporter jenise fernandez has the story. >> jenise: d'elia rushed out work and into ramblewood middle school after her daughter called her saying the school was evacuated because of a bomb threat. say maybe bomb. >> on the intercom they didn't say what code it was. theyust said that we needed to evevuate quickly. >> jenise: was around 11:00 this morning when the school received the threat. sky 10 flew above the scenes police are seen combing area with k-9s. it turned out to be a false alarm but still a threat the school took seriously. students were evacuated as a precaution and taken tow kiwanis park located behind the school. coral springs fire provided students with water and snacks
4:33 pm
for more than two hours. hearing about the potential threat, parents quickly started rushingover to pick up their kids. >> they sent a message to my wife. we live close to the school an we come to pick up our daughter. >> jenise: many parents say they received calls or texts from their children before the school notified them of what is going on. >> i'm a little bit disappointed that my daughter notified we before the school board did. >> the school did not contata the parent and say something has happened. >> jenise: so students did spend half the date this park but around 1:30 they did reive the all clear were let back inside wiggled and resumed the regular school day. reporting in coral springs, jenise fernandez, local10 news. >> janine: three people are behind bars in connection with a free of car thefts in hialeah. policeceay this trio is responsible for eight car thefts in the lasasfour months. in apparently targeted ford pickup trucks, many of which were stolen from a hialeah parking lot.& the trio was tracked down early why this week and arrested.
4:34 pm
trying to break into cars in wilton manors is now behind bars. in december he was accused of snatching an elderly woman's purse while she prayed in church.police arrested jonathan sumps earlier in week after neighbors >> janine: take a look at this mess. forcing thousands of gallons of water. the break had one lane of traffic should while crews worked toy repair it. florida keys aqueduct authority is reporting water serves has been restored to the area. >> victor: we now know what cause this had scene in southwest ranches earlier today. sky 10 was above a home along southwest 178th avenue and 52nd courted. that's where police say someone tried to steal an atv. the homeowner was alerted about a his dogs and fired off a couple of nicer into the backyard. >> janine: a daycare investigation after an 18-month-old boy came home with facial injury mom believes
4:35 pm
elizabeth o'rear believes a daycare employee may have slapped her tidal child in the place. authorities say a two-year-old s responsible for the marks but mom believes otherwise. >> the swelling and stuff ststted to go down and i was like, this is -- this doesn't look like a two-year-old could have done this. itittarted to look more like a hand, and i called mom, mom, this kind of looks funny. >> janine: she did filil a place complaint. she says that her son will not be going back wiout an acceptable explanation. >> victor: an explosive emergency in missouri. leveled. firefighters say yesterday's explosion could be seen and away. no one was inside the home of the blast and no injuries reported. it took about 500 firefighters to extinguish the blaze. >> janine: a tv meteorologist in kentucky was arrested after police found a marijuana grow operation inside of her home. tori shaw and her husband were arrested tuesday after police say sayre they found marijuana
4:36 pm
also inside apparently were ammunition, weapons and drug paraphernalia. the twowo are facing charges including a felony count of cultivating marijuana. >> victor: a los angeles -- admits paying a $17,000 ransom to getth computer back up running. it was preventing electronic communications. so administrators decide i can requestest way to fix it's to pay this ransom. the fbi is investigating. hath least patient care wasn't affected and there's no evidence that patient data was compromised. >> janine: bill cosby has filed a breach of contract. the lawsuit names accuserp andrea constand, her lawyer, her mother and the pub lusher of national enquire perp cosby's lawyers not coming on the nature of the allegations in it. coming up, caught on camera,a, crooks is that correct their way through a videotape shop and me advertisements were destroyed -- a vape shop and some items were destroyed.
4:37 pm
cast how some over-the-counter medications could be hurting your heart. >> janine: and a recently restaurant received an extreme his troubling report in. >> announcer: and tonight at 11:00 young girls lured to south florida. >> told me about how nice life could be. >> announcer: and exploited for sex. >> he took my family away from me. >> announcer: local10's amy viteri rides along with investigators. what's being done to stop human
4:38 pm
news. i don't know what i'm doing. i can't findndnything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing righw? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a
4:39 pm
simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story.
4:40 pm
>> janine: a popular ocean drive restaurant was order shut after somethg was found drop it food. >> victor: a state inspector ordered the employees to stop selling several items because of issue. local10's jeff weinsier has today's "dirty dining." >> jeff: it's one of the most popular well-known places on ocean drive.
4:41 pm
on the first floor of 728 ocean drive and base odds a comaint, inspector recently walked in and found 31 violations. the main problem was coming from up above. food not protected from environmental con damnation. the inspector -- contamination. the inspector served this ceiling leaning onto a food prep table below. water was leaking above a table used to make burgers. water was dripping onto the cookline and the grill station leaking water was dripping right over ready-to-eat lettuce. a stop sale was issued on onions witness mushrooms and cheese. there was mold in the ice machine, and the manager here refused to talk about the contamination issues or her bad inspection. >> we do the "dirty dining" stories on local10. can we -- >> okay. i cannot speak to you. >> can't speak? is there someone who can speak to us but 31 violations? not at the moment? we have questions for you about
4:42 pm
local10 news corporate says this location is a franchise a a, quote, there is nothing more important than health and safety our guests and regret that the reaurant did not pass inspection. the restaurant was closed for a sht titi to correct the high priority violations. the franchise owner was authorized by the health inspector to reopen the next morning. yes, this johnny rockets was allowed to reopen, but would they have made those corrections if the inspector hadn't shown up? the good news, you now know what was dripping onto the food below. on south beach, jeff weinsier, local10 news. >> janine: and remember, locaj10 has made it very easy for to you see any restaurant inspection statewide right our why smartphone. just download or restaurant inspection app, search restaurants florida in the app store. >> victor: cray colorado house fire is now being blamed on the family pet. firefighters say a pizza box was left on the stove and when the couple left with one of those family dogs tried to get to that
4:43 pm
on one of the burners in the process, and that's set the pizza box on fire. >> we see fires all the time from combustibles that should not have ever been placed to that sacred area. you should keep anything that is flammable at least thr feet away from that stove top area. >> think before y act. and that -- what we did, that was more out of habit. >> victor: unfortunately,`two of their dogs were killed in that fire. >> janine: a mystery in michiganan some kind of substance has been found at several homes. residents say it's coming from the sky, and it's pretty gross. firefighters collected samples of the tar-like stuff to figure out what it is. it's been found o at least five homes. some suspect it could come from an airplane since selfridge air national guard base is nearby but the base said there is no indication that it came from a military aircraft. >> the concerns, i don't know what it is, don't know if f 's hazardous. i don't know what it's going to do to my truck.
4:44 pm
if they can get this off of my drive. >> for now its a little bit of a mystery. >> janine: officials do know that it'not flammable but beyond that wants they said, it is a mystery >> victor: and right now let's take a live look out of our mallory square cam. keys people, just know we are so jealous of you right now. >> janine: this is so gorgeous. i credit betty davis with this forecast. >> victor: give betty the credit? >> betty: and she takes a bow. there you go. it is great out there. a lot of you maybe starting your weekend early because the weather is just that nice. if you're hitting up duval street tonight or maybe staying a little closer to home, the weather is cooperating all around. this is hollywood beach. if you triri to make today a beach day, the breezes were stiff and the rip current risk, it's high. people are out on the broadwalk still enjoying what's left of the rest of the day before the sun goes down on us. 74 degrees right now in fort lauderdale and miami. 80 today. miami making it p you to 79 earlier this afternoon.
4:45 pm
sustained about 20 miles an hour. key west, you'ree at 73 degreesy between 6:00 and 8:00 tonht those lower 70s should hold. then by 10:00 some of you fall off into the upper 60s. so with that northeast breeze you're probably growing to need a light sweater tonight, but it's not a terribly chill air mass what whatsoever. our temperatures actually seasonable as we look ahead to the next several days. so back to what's normal for south florida. nice and quiet on the dopplerer radar with that east-northeast wind. we won't rule out a say sprinkle coming in on the breeze but rain is going to be the least o your worries for tonight, so we can focus on temperatures, right? we talk about our numbers being seasonable. such 8 is our normal my, miami. if we made it up to 79 that's right where we should be this time of the year. and then look at the bounce in the numbers through the southern plains kansas city 73 degrees at this very hour. their normal high 44. so look at that, about 30 degrees above average there,and the above average warmth,
4:46 pm
for a lot ofhe south, especially the south-central u.s., heading into the weekend. the temperatures across texas, they make you say, wow, dallas, 80. that's the high in the forecast foromorrow. their normal high 61 degrees. so if you're heading heren business, you can leave the big coat home. nice little warm-up as we head toward friday. if you're stuckinglose to home, maybe heading out to the beaches tomorrow, the rip current risk is high with those winds from the northeast sususin 15 to 20 miles an hr. small craft advisory on the waters off miami-dade and broward, by the way. seas running five too seven plus neat. baste are choppy. bays rough aund the keys, inside the reef seas running three to five, beyond the reef six to ten feet. so, boaters, just know there's a small craft advisory in effect. temperatures, seasonable. that's the words we're using as of late. lower 60s tow start tomorrow and then highs climbing toward the mid to upper 70s. windy day with those winds from the northea 15 to 20 miles an hour.
4:47 pm
at just 1. breezes coming down a touch between saturday and sundaybut temperatures status quo, 60s in morning, mid to upper 70s in the afternoon. our next best chance at rainfall appears to come next tuesday, wednesday. won't even rule out a few storms but for now we're in relax mode. let's check the roads. here's you're traffic reporter jenise fernandez. >> jenise: we do have a major accident on the turnpike heading south orot kendall drive, some really heavy delays. there is a left lane blocked. speeds right now are clocking in at 14 miles per hour. as we zoom on in we can get a better look at those delays and they're strtrching for miles and miles. it looks like those delays are going to stretch for about seven miles so call your friends and family up, tell them to take southwest 107th avenue as an alternate. still fighter this accident to clear up on i-95 southbou right around miami gardens drive a right lane blocked. speeds are clocking in at 16 miles per hour. the good news as you get to the
4:48 pm
pick up with speeds thereatat 60 miles per hour. victor. >> victor: the father of two of the leaders of the oregon refuge standoff has been indicted in connection with a separate standoff in 2015. 65-year-old cliven bundy is accused ofeading the standoff against the federal government over cattle raising fees in nevada. his son who organized the standoff over federal landy seizures in oregon are also indicted. >> janine: people use over-the-count medications to ease a variety of health concerns but be careful some products could be harming your heart. medical specialist kristi krueger has details. >> kristi: you probably heard this one before. just because it's over the counter does not necessariri mean it will come without risks or side effects and many people don't realize that decongestants, for instance, can raise your blood pressure to potentially dangerous levels. an even recommended doses of pain relievers, t ings like ibuprofen or that.
4:49 pm
of vag stroke. >> i even lenders in pharmacy school 30 years ago thin anything that is a none steroid al, prescription or not causes your body to retain flulu. that retaining fluid will raise your blood pressure. ere's no fluid iny vessels so yourublood pressure goes up. >> kristi: pharmacist david said these precautions not just for people who already have high blood pressure or people who have had a stroke. he said people who use decongestants eye regular basis should talk to their doctor or their apartment cyst about potential alternative medicacaons that may help ease the problems without big about those risks of side effects. and when it also cols to natural cold relief, the best option may be right there in your produce section t ath your grocery store. fruits ich in vitamin c. things like oranges and strawberries and even bell peppers, they can really help you beat back a cold. supplementing with vitamin c
4:50 pm
can also help y y out thanks to their antiviral and antibactial properties. >> it's one of those that actually seems to support the immune cells that fight off infection and it is one that you want to start, too, you develop symptoms. >> kristi: dr. youou suggests taking echinacea four times daily until all of your s sptoms go away but she also warns that people with severe ragweed allergy may want to avoid echinacea. and that's today's health report. >> janine: caught on cama, chaos at a jc penny in fresno, california yesteay. surveillance video shows two women who had children with theming store security. the store says that loss prevention officers suspected the women of shoplifting. >> this losos prevention agentnt actually was struck and bitten by one of the suspects. so this s es turn into a robbery when that occurs. >> janine: so tse two suspects reports run, both face felony caught. >> victor: also caught ocamera
4:51 pm
bandits used a sinner block to smash their way not an e-gret and vapehop last week, an 17 now dollars loss includes wha was stolen -- $17,000 loss. >> they each smashed my candyman and water dispenser. th did a number on us. >> victor: the store said she recoizes one of the guys a former customer. she's given the video to police and has posted on it facebook. >> janine: also caught on camera a crash land of course sorts about a jacksonvie burglar. deputies say the thief just dropped into a pop eyes from the ceceing last month and spent hours trying to break open the safe. he eventntlly was able to get it open and steal money. deputies are still looking for him. >> victor: and in san francisco a high school is pushing facebook to take down 75 schoolyard brawl that happene on the campus. this video has been seen neay 12 million times now. ever since it was posted on the social media site last week. and in it a girir throws a boy to the ground, knees him in the face and runs off.
4:52 pm
was sparked by social media comments. facebook said it won't take that video down because it doesn't violate any of its rules. >> janine: now a recall alert from toyota this afternoon coffers more than 1 million rav 4 suvs, including the@ electronic vehicles. the affected models were sold between 2005 and 2014, according to toyota. the company says there iss a flaw that could cause some rear seatbelts to fail in a crash.. however, toyota also notes that there have been no reports so spar far of any death ors injuries resulting from the problem. >> victor: potholes, they may be hard to avoid sometimes but ford may have figured out way to essentially sculpture over them. the automaker unveiled a new shock absorber system that automatically stiffens which sensors sense them on the road. this comes w wh the 2017 fusion v-6 sports sedan while some luxury vehicles come equipped wiwh similar technology. this will be the first midsize car to offer it.
4:53 pm
two muslim weapon, speaking up. >> victor: also ahead, stolen teddy bears recoverer. police calling pulling over the drivers after that loot was visible in the back seat. >> janine: plus, tumbleweeds taking down a town. at is downed under.
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
wild invasion. (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
4:56 pm
>> victor: the local drutore along with a box of chocolates. all this happened just day before valentines. two women ere arrested. >> janine: and imagine living in
4:57 pm
that's actually the name of the tumbleweed that's taken over one town in australia. it has been piling up all over the place, blanketing yards and streets for days. >> trent: harry pan sic one o the worst things. >> janine: you know how i feel about looso hair. i can't take it. the city is not going to clean it up because it's not considered a fire risk.k. those homeowners on their own, got to clean it p on their own. locals suspect that the trumable weed are coming from to a nearby farm that has not been maintained. >> janine: james bond fans yoyo will likely recognize 007's aston martin awnings off this db 10. it's one of ten made specifically for forhe latest film "specter" but the only one up for sale. if you want to own a piece of movie history it is going to cost puppy baby the cars expected to fetch more than $2 million, all of which though will go to charity. >> janine: for a good cause. theys a beautiful car.
4:58 pm
pretty sure, spoiler alert, ends up in the warrantnt i don't think that's one of the ones being auctionedff. >> janine: that's going do it for local10 news at 4:30. >> calvin: right now on local10 news at that time 5:00 we're hearing from two muslim women a security scares at two synagogues in north miami beach. >> laurie: president obama about to make history by becoming the first u.s. president to visit cuba in speaker his trip is causing a lot of controversy here in south florida. >> calvin: and pope francis republican presidential candidate donald trump over what should be considered christian behavior. >> laurie: andnde're hearing from doctors make a difference, helping patients in need who can't pay a huge medical bill. >> calvin: and now to the historic visit were president obama who will make a trip to cuba next month. he will become the first president since cain coolidge to make a trip to the island nation. >> laurie: and his trip is causing plenty of controversy washington. let's give you live team
4:59 pm
putney in the video port. >> michael: thth reaction has predictable. >> the trip is shapeful because as the president of the united states, he is supposed to be the standard bearer for values that we stand for, for our american ideals. >> michael: miami's cuban american members of congress were quick to deinbounds the president's cuba trip. >> i think it would have been's real surprise if president obama would have announced that he wasnot going to go visit castro and cuba. that would have been the shock. >> michael: in obama said this in december he wanted to visit cuba but also wanted to see progress there on human rights. that hasn't happened. >> of course on human rights, we regularly raise a whole host of issues around certain cases of prisers, certain patterns of detention, and certain limitations on rights, and that will be, of course, a part of the discussion as well. >> michael: obama and cuban pridenenraul castro have met
5:00 pm
the u.s. opened its embassy there last summer and the two sides have made progress in talks on trade and travel. cuba has opened more internet accessss but pro-democracy dissidents literaryyaken a beating. american presidents have made similar trips. richard non went to china, mending relations with an old adversary. obama hopes to mend relations with cuba and to burnish his legacy. >> what's the difference between nixon going to china and obama going to cuba? >> well, i'm not going to be an apologist for the nixon policy engagement with china, but an argument can be made that the chinese model is quite different from the cuba model. >> michael: she says thatt when richard nickson went to china he was dealing from a pition of strength. she says obama going to cuba is dealing from a position off weakness.


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