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tv   Local 10 News 5PM  ABC  February 16, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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because it just came through and went poof. >> hatzel: so look at this tree. this tree is facing north, and when you walk around the parking lot of this movieco you realize the trees are facing every different direction. that is a sign the national weather service tells uses that there was some sort of rotation. now we have confirmed that indeed two tornadoes did touchdown. for now reporting live in pompano beach, hatzel veta. >> calvin: we have to show you this video one more time. take a look at that. we have much more now on this incredible video today coming from a local10 viewer in broward who raced to get away from that twister. our andrew perez spoke with that driver and joins us live now from oakland park. had to be so scary for him, andrew. >> andrew: calvin, that's right. i was actually justwo minutes ago talking to the man who shot that video. he says he never even saw the twister but you can clearly see it forming in the video until it was too late, until he was already in the middle of it. he said he was just focused on the road because the weather was bad enough just with the rain and the wind.
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video. it's absolutely incredible. he had a dash cam built into his car and automatically starts recording every time he turns the car on. this was taken along dixie highway and northeast 16th street south of pompano beach. that video shows this large funnel with stuff we almost never see here in south florida. answered said he just k kt on driving, and off a sudden he's blinded by the wind, by the rain, tree limbs, debris are seen flying all around,ven hitting his car which was damaged. high says he was freaking out the whole time. >> you were pretty much driving right i io this thing. >> walkers yeah, i was driving in it. no business if you look at the video it looks like two, about it only captured the one that comes all the way down. >> what was going through your mind wheheyou are pulled over, when you're caught up in the the middle for those couple ofsecond and it really gets bad. >> . >> i'm really shocked at what't' everybody is stopped in the middle of the road being in part of this.
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tie tupe of thing week get out of there. seen big ox coming towards me and all that. >> andrew: i want you to take one more good look at this video, dwyane absolutely incredible. he was saying that he had quite a bit of damage to his car. you can hear in the video as well that he was very air force base, getting a little bit -- upset because the cars kept pulling over and blocking the road. they were panicking, not knowing what to do. fortunately, though, everye is okay. we're live in oakland park, i'm andrew perez. >> laurie: makes you wonder what we all would do. >> calvin: now whee head south to northwest miami-dade county where 73 saw a lot of damage from a second tnado. >> laurie: we are hearing from homeowners who are glad to be alive after the toshed struck there. jeff weinsier continuing our live team coverage. jeff. >> jeff: there are scenes like this all over northeast miami-dade county, the skylake area was hit very hard this morning, am people rocked out of bed, and you can see ron
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starting to emerge. >> i have the alerts on my phone and my phone kept alerting that there was tornado warnings. >> jeff: laura atkins raced int the hallway where there were no windows. >> i heard things on the roof, the windows, i heard all kinds of crashes and everything. and i was just waiting for the roof to pop o of the house. >> jeff: her roof intact, her skylake neighborhood not as lucky. record, paulson's 1991 mercedes was crushed under the hug black olive tree. he was at work at the time. >> i just sat in the car screaming. i freaked out. >> jeff: on northeast 196 terrace awnings were ripd and up went flying, trees took entire sidewalks with them, power poles snapped, lodging live transformers. >> i looked through the window and saw the trees flying by. it looked like an earthquake, like a rumble. >> jeff: power lines stretched across the roadways. this power line came down on a boat.
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trampoline was wrapped around a a tree trunk. on feet of 21s court the roof of this house was torn off. neighbors staih the owners ar inside. >> we're lucky that nobody was hurt or killed, as far as i know there's no human casualty here. >> jeff: miami-dade county, at the city ofy north miami beach all have several crews in this area working to clear the roways. florida a wer and light has also saturated the area as well. believe it or not, with all the damage people's lights are starting to come on, but scenes like this are going on, as i said, all over northeast miami-dade right now. we're live in skylake, i'm jeff weinsier, local10 news. >> laurie: from there we want to take you to miramar just as the storm was hitting that area. >> calvin: you could see tree branches and other debris being tossed around this morning. i saw it heading to school this morning with the kids. let's turn to neki mohan and she can show us the damage in miramar. ki. >> neki: calvin and laurie,
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what came througug this morning. they believe that storm came from that corner, ripped out that -- those trees and the fence that was there p you can see the aftermath. this is a small -- this is a small side of what happened throughout this neighborhood. this storm hitting everywhere from here in west miramar to pembroke pines to davie. from west miramaro pembroke pines to davie, the sudden storm system scared some. >> then you hear it was really loud. >> narrator: the aftermath leaving many in shock. you see my roof up there? i got roof damage and that tree that that we're chopping down right now came from somewhere in that direction. it hit my neighbor's house, and then it came and hit my house. >> neki: in monarch lakes in west miramar surveillance videoat the guard dwyane wade captured the storm coming into the community like a vigilante, blowing down fences in this bedroom community. >> i started hearing lye sounded like gunshots, bang week bang, and then i i sounded like a
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neighbor's fencece coming through my property. >> neki: while flooding streets in sunset lakes. power lines took beating in davey. they had to shut down roads to keep people safe. and ininhe grand palms community in pembroke pines, uprooted trees are the issue. as is typical with this type ofstorm, some neighbors spared, others overwhelmed, but so far everyone is safe. you can see some people had to call their car insurance companies because their side windows are plone out. that's who is combing through the neighborhood, people cleaning up. some people have to call a adjusts. it may not be something that peoplean help neighbor with. some people had very serious damage from this very serious storm. >> laurie: twin tornadoes earlier today. so could there be the possibility of more severe storms tonight? >> calvin: let's check in with our chief certified meteorologist betty davis with the answer. >> betty: hi, eveone.
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our rain chance going down to zero.look at the forecast for wednesday and thursday specifically. we are expecting dry conditions and temperatures that turn a touch cooler. so the morning lows will be more year. that givis you time to clean up. more days for cleanup if you need to do that as the ef-1 came over the pompano beach area. national weather service rating it an ef-1 in case missed that detail, and also the ef-1 rating, the tornado that hit a portion of northeast miami-dade is getting around aventura, that one strong enough to flip a semi. now, i am in constant communication with the national weather service office. they're still gathering information to put out their officially report. but just so you know, ef-1 tornadoes, the rating for that wouldbe winds between 86 to 110 miles an hour. they're going to try to get more precise data on what they think those winds were, b an ef-1, that is the official rating. i'm i'll be back in a few minutes with a lat more on the
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detect getting a lot quieter. >> laurie: and we have breaking news concerning the miami heat. you know the trade deadline is thursday and miami is already making a move. >> calvin: the heat sending away a fan favorite tonight. our will will has the details. >> will: bye-bye birdman. the heat finalizing a deal that will send chris anderson to memphis as part of a three team deal. this isy according to yahoo!. birdman came to the heat during the 2013 season, provide they'd huge spark on one of miami's championship teams. this season, though, he's been battling injuries, has not played much. birdman will always be a fan favorite, those colorful tattoos. his hustle on the court, his demeanor with the fans, he was fun to cover. the deal saves the heat around $6 million in luxury tax payments. miami might be trying to create salary flexibility, trigonic moves to clear up the roster for the summer but no official word yet on this deal from the team. calvin and laurie.
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historic more than $1 billion jack poppet a winner has now come forward to claim the prize. it's been more than a month since the lucky numbers were chosen and local ri officials will show us the winner or winners as the an afternoon news conference at tomorrow at 1:30. we will, of course, carry that live right here on local10 news. >> laurie: in other news a wild story out of keys where a man has been arrested of a backhoe rampage that you shut down the stephan mile bridge in marathon. the -- seven mile bridge. he damaged the sides of the bridid during the hour and a half long rampage. deputies had to leave for their own safety. when the man tried to drive away it was stopped by strike strips. that's when bin laden nick was taken to the hospital for treatment. he is facing reckless driving and fleeing from police. >> calvin: those t t tornadoes causing majoror traffic problems earlier today but how are thing looking on the roads right now?
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>> jenise: this is i-95 southbound just as you're ramping onto us-441. they can check this out. looks like a car hit a tree, took that tree down. we do see an ambulance on scene. it look like they're putting someone who a stretch sorey there does seem to be injuries involved again i-95 southbound as you're trying to ramp onto us-441. we're going to try to get some of those speeds for you. this accident just happened. got a couple otherccidents to talk about, though, in broward county. first is actually a broken-down bus causing problem on i-95 sosohbound at sunrise boulevard. there is an off-ramp, right lane blocked due that broken-down bus per hour. and bait further up north this is i-95 northbound right around sample road, seeing some really heavy delays due to a crash with speeds at 14 miles per hour. and, of course, in dade county that accident on items of 95 southbound as you're approaching us-441. we've also got this accident on i-95 neighbourhood right around northwest 119th street with
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hour. calvin and laurie. >> laurie: after the morning commute folks deserve a nice clean commute tonight. >> calvin: absolutely. would be nice. >> laurie: we do have much more coverage on today's twin tornadoes throughout the next hour and a half. >> calvin: and we're hearing from the homeowner whose backyard waslown away coming up at 4:30. >> laurie: first a surprise are at the grammys from adele's microphone malfunction to lady
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david i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story.
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>> victor: he won the hearts of his peers with a galvanizing performance. >> as we proceed to give you what you need.d. >> victor: steeped in the stark imagery and emotion of the black lives matter movement. this is ground control to major tom >> victor: also delivering le, lady gaga. with a tribute that ran the riotus gam unfortunate david bowes' ever transformative career. fame fame >> victor:dele seem set to soar with this performance. but ended her night responding to widespread social media speculation that technical issues had snarled her song. tweeting "the piano mick fell
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that's what the guitar sound wasp" while much of the grammy evening hailed heros past the eagles reuniting weeks after the pass of course frontn man glenn frey. take it easy >> victor: sh a big night last night and also at the grammys hamilton won for best musical theater album and there's a south florida connection here. the musical director alex lock amore is from miami and the brother of one of latinos producers. michelle is a very proud sister today. thinks his second grammy win. so congratulations, alex. we'lbe hearing from him coming up on local10 now pa 6:00. laurie and calvin i'll send it back to you. >> laurie: that's him in the black tuxedo all smiles. isn't that great? michelle and alex, congratulations. >> calvin: let's check in now with our betty davis. boy, oh boy, we made it through that stuff. now it's time for the good stuff. >> laurie: .com storm. this looks pretty gorgeous. >> betty: it is going to be great. if your vacation was interrupted this horning by storms, you can get back to vacationing tonight
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the weather is much improved for the rest of the week. this is the view through the lens of our mount sinai camera, nothing threatening about those skies and temperatures managed to am wop nicely. we hit 80 this afternoon in miami. it's now 78 for the mia, fort lauderdale with pembroke pines, kendall, hope you've had an okay day, currently 77 degrees where you are. and it will be a comfortable to mild evening, we'll say. some clouds in the mixed but we're going to keep these those skies nice and dry, nice and dry meaning no rainfall coming down out there but we still will have some clouds there. mid to upper levels of the atmosphere, that southwesterly flow. that's still in the equation for tonight. we're also 28 for a front, a cold front tow slip through, and once the northwest to north winds really kick in for this eveving, that should allow some drier, more comfortable air to ep in at the surface, and bring our temperatures back to seasonable levels for the middle to late part of the week. so the forecast foror wednesday, big thumbs up for you out there.
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come. thursday should be beautiful, hihi pressure in control. clockwise flowar around the high will eventually put us in a northeasterly flow as we head through the day thursday, and the freeze is going to pick upup as well. so t t bottom -- the breeze is going to pick up. the bottom line the temperature, the normal low this time of year lower, and that'shat we're forecasting for tomorrow. early for miami we think we could get down into the lower 60s, and then highs climb toward the upper 70s. that, too, is normal so to speak for this time of year. within on the lighter side om the nether-northwest 5 to 10 miles an hour. look at that rain chahas zero percent. do you like that? guess what? we keep that zero percent chance in the forecast for thursday as well. you may be reaching for a swept. 59 is the low we're going with for miami and then a high around 76. then friday, saturday, breezy, winds from the northeast to east. mid-60s to start the day. highs in the mid to upper 70.
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forecast for the rest of the week, but i will go ahead and point out that by tuesday we'll have our next front entering, and that may bring some stormy weather. seeing how thing went this morning, we'll just have to be ready. laurie. >> laurie: and we are getting in all sorts of new pictures of the damage left hind buy 2d's to tornadoes. >> calvin: local10 viewers sending in their pictures of the destruction today. we'll show you more of these pictures all coming up at the bottom of the hour. >> will: and coming up in sports, miami heat all-star chris bosh dealing with his latest blood clot scare. new developments today on how bosh's medical care treatment is
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for the heat. >> will: chris bosh on bloodstains to treatat blood clot in his calf. the associated press reporting that today.bosh began treatment with the
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return later in the season. no comment from the team on the tter. work bosh is scheduled to meet with doctors on thursday to determine the streeter this blood clot. the injury forced him to skip weekend. last weekend we all remember when bosh developed blood clots in his lung. clarification tay on the recently, dolphins owner stephen ross that he would fire a new coach, that being adam guest if gase didt win in three years. audio seems that ross' comments were about the nfl wididtrend to pull the plug early to coaches and not specifically about gase. here's what ross actually told the palm beach sick of association on monday. >> so they're team, if yoy're after three years, you haven't made the playoff you're looking for a new head coach, and that's just the way it is. the fans want because that gives them hope. >> will: y again he is was talking about the league issue. coming up at at 6:00 we're going to check in with the hurricanes
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today is media day. we'll see how coach morris olives squad and hope to be back in omaha in summer. >> laurie: our live team coverage of twin tornadoes that hit pop beach and northeast miami-dade continues at 5:30. >> victor: our victor and janine in the newsroom. >> janine: a lot o o people were on the road when those struck and now we a seeing dramatic video of one of those twisters as one driver tried desperately to get away. >> victor: we're also hearing from a woman who had to be rescued from there trailer home after the storm knocked a huge tree on at this point initime. >> janine: other news, the u.s.
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resume commercial air flight. it's hard to find time to keep up on my shows. that's why i swiwihed from u-verse totofinity. now i can download my dvr recordings and take them anywhere. ready or not, here i come! (whispers) now hide-and-seek time can also be cacah-up-on-my-shows time. here i come! can't find you anywhere! don't settle for u-verse. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. >> victor: right now 4:30 heart stopping video shot by local10 viewer who was desperately trying to drive away from a tornado in pompano beach. and another tornado in northeast
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this roofing have of an participate building. >> janine: and farther north along fort lauderdale beach this high wind did a real number on all of these beach chairs, scattering them all over r e sand. and hat this harleledavidson dealer in miami gardens we found rows of expxpsive rides knocked down by the storms. the national weather service confirming two tornadoes touching down one in pompano beach and one in neve northeast miami-dade. >> vicr: our live team coverage continues with michael seiden live in northeast miami-dade. >> michael: good afternoon. this massive caylee underway. we've got guys on the ground with chainsaws, look up in the tree, another guy with a chainsaw there is dris all up and down this street, and earlier today some homers couldn't even get out of their homes because of all the debris that had piled up in front of it. for some it felt look a hurricane.
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>> michael: : is 24-year-old says he's finally catching his breath. >> saw spinning in front of me right down there, right down the street. >> michael: he captured this compelling video on his iphone while driving to work tuesday morning. >> it was crazy man. crazy, crazy, crazy. i've never run so fast in my life. >> michael: the never national weather service said it was a e-1 tornado that flew through the skylake neighboood in northwest miami-dade. this is just an example of what homeowners are dealing wit take a look at this mess. you can see the toppled trees and the debris that is belong their front door. they were able to carve a little hole, and when they walked out to their front lawn, they were greeted by this mess. this street covered with debris, downed power lines, even this trampoline went flying. we met this homeowner who shows where a portion of a tree came crashing through his roof. >> just looking at this prettystunning, right? >> yeah, we don't really have that kind of thing around here so kind of shocking and realize a tornado just passed through.
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i was scared to i actually jumped floor of the truck. >> michael: and back o here live, again the cleanup effort continues. one of the biggest complaints has been when is this power going to come on. i just got wororfrom a a couple homeowners. they told us that power should be restored around 8:00 tonight, so some good news for these people who have been dealing with this massive cleanup. for now we are live in northeast miami-dade, i'm michael seiden, local10 news. >> janine: we a a speaking with a homeowner in light house point whose backyard was blown away by one of those tornadoes today. local10's derek shore joins us live with her story. derek. >> derek: and when you see thaha backyard, you will know what we're talking about. we're actuall out front right now on 20th terrace and you can see some of the other dage left behind. that is a carport. the rooo just completely peeled back off of the top of it. as we step over here, you can see there are pieces of a fence. a tree down pulled right from
5:31 pm
in light house point. neighbors le here in lighthouse point for the quiet. but not today. before the sound of chainsawsws and work crews, it was the sound of mother nature. >> soundnd like a freight train going through detects of ortarin it was followed by another loud crash. >> i heard big huge crack. that must have been this being ed out. >> derek: a giant tree slamming to the ground in her backyard. to give you an idea how incredible these winds were, this is the base of a a mango tree snapped like a twig and sent flying 20 feet. her once enclosed porch now an outside porch. the electric line snapped. just down the street a trampoline sent flying, deja from high above. >> the trampoline was in their yard over here to the corner and when we came out it was up into the power lines. >> derek: paul had his own issues to think about.
5:32 pm
tree fall into my car, my truck. >> so you caught this one right here? >> i cut this. >> derek: crews working toalgentle remove that tree as the community tries to catch their breath. >> we've had hurricanes blow through but there was nothing like this. >> derek: and back out here live, you can see that trampoline up from the wires still dangling at this hour. it's unclear when it will be able to come down safely. the next step for a lot of people will be to get their insurance adjusts involved, and the cleanup is well underway but it will likely sac take some days. live in lighthouse point, derek shore. >> victor: and some incredible stories surviving coming out of twin tornadoes we're hearing from a hollywood man who hado rescue his neighbors from their mobile home after a tree fel trapping them inside. local10's liane morejon is live with their story. >> liane: victor, when you look at the damage left behind, it's incredible that this couple even made it out alive. take a look at what@ was left behind. this is what is left of this
5:33 pm
you can see debris just everywhere, pieces of that tree that fell. in fact, if you zoom in a little bit you can see that flat screen tv the couple says they were watching just before that tree came crashing in. right now ourepresentative from the red cross is here helping this coming up at. at this point they are homeless. a neighbor r rorded the torrential rain. the wind whipping trees, even a spark in the sky, strong storms tearingghrough a hollywood neighborhood toppling this giant tree onto a mobile home and the couple inside. >> i look and she's underath the rubble which is underneath the tree that's crashed through the house. >> the whole tree fell on my. the whole house fell on my head. >> they were screaming and yelling. they couldn't get out. >> laurie: neighbor toms pride a door open to gethem out. >> he came running over and he -- he saved our life. >> liane: one of several s srm stories coming out of hollywood,
5:34 pm
>> it i just felt in the roof something broke. i saw a big tree inside my house and a lot of water. >> liane: residents running for cover. >> we went right intothe bathroom and stacked up the -- all the pillows off the couch around us and prayed to god we were going to maket. >> i watched my trampoline literally go about 30 feet in the air and fly backwards. my son saw and it started crying naturally. he just got it for christmas. >> liane: these folks thankful they lifted to tell the tale, ping up theieces left of their homes. >> i have no house. i have no car now. >> i'm devastated. without the help of our neighbors, we would be homeless. we have nowhere to go. >> liane: and back out live here to that bedroom window, you see right there just crushed under the weight of that tree, you can see the suv there in the distance. its back window completely crushed, some side windows a well. the good news is they were able to drive it out from under the rubble and so it seems that the car is still drivable.
5:35 pm
amount of people with their power out has gone down from hundreds to now dozens of customers without power. fp&l workiki to restore electricity in this area. we are live in hollywood tonight,iane morejon, local10 news. >> janine: one of thosewin tornadoes causing a lot of damage near the pompano beach air park stables. stables were torn apart and hat least oe horse was injured. locals certified meteorologist trent trent is live with more on this damage. >> terrell: with. >> trent: it's amazing there was on one injury, and that injury, it was a horse. >> we had horses tossed about. we had horses that werer blocked in by trees. one of them was injured. luckily, we don't have any people injured but we have a lot of damage. >> unfortunately one of our friends' horses got very hurt. >> trent: that horse was elvis,
5:36 pm
his owner janice got the call shortly after 7:30. >> a bunch horses were loose, trailers were over, and so knew a tornado came through, and they went around right away and checked the horses, and all the horses seemed fine. they checked one side of elvis and thought he was fine, and somebody went around ty a few minutes later and saw a bigig hole in him. >> trent: elvis' side was hit by hinge from the damaged stall. it was a half an inch from community,ing his lung. the other horses the weather storm okay. with dirt. >> i don't know how the trees fell out away from mine but in. i was her angel today. >> i hold a therapeutic program callll working to ride and these horses work with children's and veterans with disabilities. it's v vy nice to know that our horses were okay. >> trent: and the good news here night is that's the man of hour, that is elvis recovering nicely here tonight. it's dinnertime.
5:37 pm
he's got his appetite like this janice tells us that's always a good sign. undermeath the blanket his wound is healing up you. it amazing how much better it looks. we want this gri to rest up here tonight. coming out of pompano beach all great news p elvis doing okay. we're live. pompano beach, meteorologist trent aric. >> janine: trent, thank you. >> victor: we're also getting incredible images of twin tornadoes from you, the local10 news. >> janine: amy viteri is going through all of the pictures and videos and joins us now at newsroom. >> amy: we he spent the afternoon looking at images from all over the affected areas. people have been sendingsing ugs their videos giving us a upclose look at the force of these tornadoes and the damage once they passed. tuesday morning surveillance surveillance of dekey westt a cove shows wind drag a large potted plantss and debris across the driveway. another brings down a tree. in hollywood, a viewer sent us video of driving rain and wind.
5:38 pm
video from a dreyer in pompano who spots a large funnel cloud taking shape and touching down. on i-95 attractiv standstill after a tractor-trailer yore turned and is a storm left -- insunny isles beach chairs debris. in aventura what looked like a large funnel cloud was caught on camera.nearby at the aventura harbor apartments this tree came down and took a chunk of pavement about it. our crews also found large trees uprooted losing us-1 and and northeast 1 injured street. so of those came to rest on top of cars. 1 injured street. in miami gardens video shows a tricycle sitting on top of a toppleddesteled tree's roots. the storm also affected power. we saw crews working on a downed power line in davie. on 30th avenue and downed trees covered a car. the heavy rains left plenty of communities dealing with flooding tuesday. this neighbor tried to rake
5:39 pm
water, one of many now cleaning up. and lining looking at all that video it is hard to believe there have been no reports tift any people seriously hurt in these storms. remember you can always s sd us your photos when it's safe to do so at we're live in the newsroom, amy teri, local10 news. >> janine: and you know one of those two tornadoes brought traffic to a halt today on i-95 and now we are told there is another crash to talk about, so let's check in with the afternoon rush with our traffic reporter jenise fernandez. >> jenise: this is i-95 southbound use as you're trying to ramp onto us-441, a scar slammed into a tree knocking the tree down. we did see people being transported by ambulance. looks like there are injuries there. as we zoom on in to our maps we get a better idea of what these delays are looking dubs look like it's changes that many delays, that accident off to the shoulder. speeds there at 38 mileseser hour. i-95 neighbourhood there's also a crash on northwest 135th street with a left lane blocked and speeds are at 12 miles per hour. that's really the story for i-95
5:40 pm
as we zoom on out seeing a lot of red along i-9-95 northbound. if you're tired of being stuck in traffic today take the express lanes or access us-441 as an alternate. heading up north to deerfield beach we've also gotten ay accident on i-95 southbound right around hillsboro boulevard where we are seeing someeavy delays. speeds there at 25 miles per hour. janine, victor. >> victor: avoid i-95. a lot of red. thank you. and our live team coverage of the twin tornadoes continues at 6:00 p we'll hear more from the driver who shot this dramatic video as one of the twisters was bearing down on his car. >> janine: but first, the sylvester cancer center is celebrating its 500ththtem cell transplant. we'll explain how the process works up next in our health cast >> announcer: and tonight at tampering. in this election. >> announcer: misconduct. >> bob: as soon as this report came out, you resigned. hall? local10's bob norman getting aners. >> bob: why were you in business with your city engineer? >> announcer: tonight on locala0
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the's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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>> janine: in todays health castst a milestone for sylvester cancer center providing its 500th stem cell trans plant. local10's isiah ksti krueger someplace how the process works. >> kristi: george schwartz has spent his life on beauty rest
5:45 pm
three yeaea ago he had to turn his attention tow a blood cancer called multiple myeloma. >> i i was very inspace shuttle i was a very healthy person. how day i have cancer. my main concern was to take care of my family, and as long as my family is okay, i'll do whatever has to be done. >> kristi: his good humor and determination served him well. when doctors in bork a told george she was not a candidate for the stem cell transplant he turned to the sill vest ster center. >> stem cell trans plantation is a therapy for high-risk are or relapsed blood k`therine. >> kristi: george became the 200th person to receive a potentially lifaving transplant you and one of the key nort speakers at the recently 500th celebration. several 500 people who have received stem cell trans lantz gather todayhank their doctors and hear each other's stories. >> that really for us marked a milestone that also reflected
5:46 pm
program. we've had one of the fastest growing transplant programs in the country. >> kristi: stem cell transplants come from different sources. auto olui gust come from the patient's own bodily body before they receive chemo or radiation and ones that match the patient's tissue. >> in both autoolg orcsus and donor transplants involve the risk of short-term complications being lower and the improvements in long-term survival being very dramatic over the last ten or 15 years. >> kristi: george did a transplant was had his own stem cells and suffered movent potential side effects. >> essentially i came through virtually unaffected step except that now i don't have active multi-myeloma which is great. >> kristi: indeed. while stem cell transplants may be lifesaving they're not right for everybody. the process can be very
5:47 pm
it's currently arrived only for specific types of blood cancerr but we have something to be >> victor: absolutely. kristi, thank you. a 14-year-old girl now recovering after she was impaled by broker broken floorboard during a basketball game in wisconsin west of milwaukee. this girl was running when she slid on the floor and couldn't get up. the eighth grader was taken to the hospital and is expected to make a full recovery. thankfully none of her internal orcs will were hit by that wood. and a f fily in chicago cleaning up after a hoverboard fire in their home over t weekend. they sudden just plugged it in to charge when they say it exploded. the homeowner grabbed the burn board and the shades and threw them out not the snow. his wife's hand was burned but she didn't want to go to the hospital. this family said this was her daughter's first hoverboard, also their last. they are trying to get a refundfrom amazon. >> janine: or chief certified meteorologist bed has been so busy today tracking these twin
5:48 pm
kind of looking nice. >> victor: a relief for anybodywho has to clean up today, betty. >> betty: mother nature is starting to get its happy back and the weather hass stabilized we definitely feel four if you're in cleanup mode the next several days. if weather has been so nice you will want to enjoy but there's rk to be done. 78 degrees in miami. we've seen a lot of people back out on the broadwalk. there's one person strolling by on the bike. it has been a really nice afternoon. once the storms went through, the weather cleared up just right. dry and mild for tonight. we'll tend to have clouds out there. by 10:00 the temperature around 70 degrees. but we're actually expecting to make the downo about 62 by tomorrow morning. that's miami. so 60s generally across the south florida area. so comfortable as we're getting into a new day. here's the doppler radar. just false returns showing up on the radar. so what looks like rain in ststth mild 1 that's not actually rain.
5:49 pm
high level clouds flowing init's with a southwesterly flow aloft. there's a stripe of drier oveve the gulf of mexico. we know that because we see this color red that lets us know where t air is dry up there. drier air will start to filter in in the upper levels of the atmosphere. we'll go from a southwesterly flow aloft to a northwesterly flow aloft as we get into wednesday and thursday, so overall we're getting into to a pattern that isy a lot more stable, and weather that is lot more comfortable and seasonable from the middle into the late part of the week. the rain chance really low at zero percent, in fact, wednesday, thursday. i did bump it up to 20% friday and saturday. once well we get an east breeze at the surface, that atlantic breeds, won't rule out a shout on breeze but at this point it doesn't looks though we're going to ruin anything that's going to ruin outdoor plans or bring us a scare like this morning. if you're headingo the beaches tomorrow, thumbs up.& temperatures 77 around miami beach. wind from the north 10 to 15 miles an hour.
5:50 pm
advisories on water, just a light chop on the bays. stow we are expecting to start tomorrow morning in the 60s. you may need a sweater early on bp but by the afternoon sunshine, getting up to 78. that's going to feel really nice. thursday if it's baseball practice, anything you have going on outside thursday, friday, leather not too bad. the i go -- weather not too bad. the big change the breezes will start to pick up. check the temperatures 50s, 60s saturday morning. highs generally in the mid to upper 70s. what a way to round out the week considering a lot of the craziness you went through out there this morning. i'm glad you all made it through okay. victor. >> victor: no doubt. gustavo your tickets to one of the biggest events of the year. local10 is giving away tickets to the upcoming south beach wine and food festival. it's a tracts celebrity chefs and very sue unique dishes from all over the world. head over to our local10 facebook page to enter. >> janine: another busy day of news. here are some of our top stories at 6:00. we are speaking with the driver
5:51 pm
of one of two tornadoes tearing morning. >> victor: surveillance cappers captured the power of the storms west miramar. >> janine: and we have new information today about an overpass plunge along i-95.
5:52 pm
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
surviving the 100-foot fall. >> janine: if you want to go to cuba it may soon be as easy as calling up the aline or booking your ticket online.
5:55 pm
cuba signed an agreement calling for the resumption of regular commercial air service, and it will take some time is on to set up but flights could begin this fall. our senior political reporter michaeae putney is in the video port with the story. >> michael: this is aeal breakthrough. there hasn't been regular scheduled air service between the u.s. and cuba more than half a ntury but starting this fall there will be. charter flights have been the only way to fly to cuba for more than 50 years. charters will still fly there but soo will regular commercial flights under an agreement signed thoued in havana. the agreement calls for 2 flights a day from u.s. cities to havana. and send more fligh dale from the tuesday nine other cuban airports. to nine other. american airlines with a major hub in miami is expected to be at the front of the line for a license to fly to c ca. the airline said in a statement today, "american is the premier
5:56 pm
been the leader in providing services from the u.s. touba for 25 years." jetblue, which flies out of fort lauderdale, has flown charters to cuba since 2011. we hope the next dot on our caribbean route map will be regularly scheduled service to and from cuba. delta air lines today told us they'll apply for a route from atlanta to havana and possibly other cities. southweswill also apply for routes. so will united, and perhaps spirit. havana's jose marti airport will be the golden glues in the air route competition. last year close to 450,000 people flew out of mia to cuba, the overwhelming majority of them going to havana. u.s. airlines now has 15ays to apply for the routes they want to fly tow cuba. the department of transportation will announce the winners in
5:57 pm
could begin by september or octobebe we are in the video port. michael putney, local10 news. >> victor: that's a deadline i don't think that they're going to miss. >> janine: changes, coming. >> victor: they are. >> janine: that's going to do it for local10 news at 5:00. >> victor: here are laurie and calvin back for the news at 6:00. laurie: right now driving into danger, a dashboard camera reelings one of two tornadoes rolls in. >> calvin: and we're seeing the sheer power offhe storms caught on surveillance apartment video. >> laurie: and the twin tornadoes leaving behind a trail of destruction. we have live team coverage. >> calvin: eye miami worker driving off i-95. how he's doing after surviving this 100-foot fall. >> laurie: plus, hot pursuit. a man stealing a backhoe and going for a wild ride. the news at 6:00 starts now. realtime closed captioning performed by u.s. captioning company >> laurie: severe weather moving in quickly. >>he wind must have been 50 miles an hour, 60.
5:58 pm
it didn't matter. i knew there was trouble. >> laurie: trees uprooted, roofs blown off, havoc celebrate, all signs confirming the work of twin tornadoes. >> and and local10 news your worthy authority has you covered on all of the damage from miami-dade to broward counties. >> laurie: it's a lot. we have four team reporters and meteorologists fanned out at all of the critical spots so let's begin with local10 news reporter hatzel vela live from pompano beach where that first tornado touched down this morning. hatzel. >> hatzel: laurie, you look at that video, you see that twister, you think about how fast it's going, then you realize it all makes sense when you see this kind of damage all throughout pomno beach. you're driving, and this is what you see, a twister showing no mercy, picking up everything in its path, forcing drivers to take cover. >> i've been through a lot of hurricanes.
5:59 pm
>> hatzel: tornado damage scattered throughout pompano beach. some of the spots we checked out show the storm likely moved in a northeast direction. here the winds easily topple this fence, then ripped open the roof in this house. >> it's probably going to cost like $30,000 just to repair the roof. >> hatzel: pricey, but at least no one was inside the vacant home that just recently sold. damage also seen at the mall at copans and u.s. 1. winds rip parted the macy's. you also see uprooted trees. >> it's a reminder that we live in a pla where bad storms can happen. >> hatzel: across the street wespotted a national weather service official surveying what he sees. at the parking lot of the m muvico.people walking down the sidewalk cannot believe how it uprooted this massive tree and picked up this massive sidewalk from its foundation. clark baumann lives behind the movie theater still in awe h says what he saw.
6:00 pm
when i wen outside it didn't look too bad. but looking at this, it looks like a war zone. >> hatzel: and now that war zone makes sense because when you lolo at the trees out here at the muvico, they're all facing different directions. they say that's a sure sign that there was a tornado at some point. for now reporting live in pompano beach, hatzel vela, local10 news. >> calvin: thanks a lot. and imagine being on the road this morning and actually seeing one of those tornadoes that look like this just feet away from you. local10 news reporter andrew preves caught up with a driver who spotted that scary video and recorded it for us. andrew. >> andrew: calvin, this viewer, he was telling me, he was wondering why all the cars were just stopping in the middle of the road during this storm. he said he massey was so focused on driving through this rough worthy he never saw this tornado ming. he says it had completely caught him off guard. anthony says he had no idea he


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