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tv   Local 10 News 4PM  ABC  February 16, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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storm came bearing found we are talking to anthony and we will have that story coming up. >> calvin: as the line of storms came through, let's begin our team coverage with local10's hatzel vela live in pompanoo beach with that new tornado video. >> hatzel: yeah, calvin. amazing video that just came into our newsroom. let's go aheadd and show it to you because this is what mother nature can do, and the driver catching it all happen. you can see the twister clearly a circular motion on the rightside of your screen. what's impressive about this video is you also see the debris that it picks up, and as all of this is happening, drivers, the cars trying to get out of way, not realizing the strength of the storm and what is co close to them, what is happening that center minute. again, this being captured by a mean who was simply if his car, had a dash cam and captured this twister as it was touching down in pompano beach. obviously scary moments not just for those drivers but the folks really in all of pompano beach
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this thing happen. clarar bauman lives in the neighborhood behind the movie theater. >> from what ieard it was really bad. it didn't look too bad. but this is a war zone. >> hatzel: here in the panning lot adjacent to the movie co. a significant amount of trees were upapproached traffic signs easily pulled from the ground. at around 92 noon crews started change and national weather service officials arrived on sight site to survey the damage like this massive tree uprooted by the winds. its roots lifted the heavy concrete sidewalk from its foundation. >> i've been through a lot of hurricanes. it was nothing l le that. >> hatzel: folks from the national weather service are looking at a several things, what direction the trees face. if they're facing different directions that's a sign of rotation. p if they're facing one direction, likel likely
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the size of trees and indicates the strength of the winds. let's look at that amazing video captured by anthony in his quash driving when this thing started touching down. you can see the circulation of that massive tornado making its way through pompano beach here. obviously a lot of folks in their cars scared as they were, back out live -- by the way, we're going to talk to anthony and bring you that story coming up but before we let you go, look at the damage, look at the kind of damage that fol are now starting to work on. cleanup is going to take a couple of hours and this damage you see throughout pompano beach, something we'll be seeing throughout the day and the early evening.but for now reporting live in bombe pompano beach, hatzel vela c now let's continue our coverage with local10 news reporter jeff weinsier live in northeast miami-dade. >> laurie: jeff, what kind of damage are you find thananhe out there? >> jeff: this area south of ives dairy roaoaeast of i-95 known as
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many people say they were caught off-guard, the rain so intense ey couldn't see their hand in front of them, and somewhere under this tree, there is a mercedes-benz. >> i just sat in the car screaming. i freaked out. >> jeff: robert paulson's 1991 mercedes-benz in mint condition is now crushed under the huge black olive tree in his front yard. he what is at work at the time and raced home. >> 60 years old. i lived through all kinds of hurricanes and everything. i never seen anything like that. >> jeff: s slake awning rated northeast of miami-dade was hit hard, many were rockeout of window. >> i watched as i was looking out the backyard, i watched the trampoline actually become airborne, lift straight up and en just disappear out of sight. i heard a very loud noise, sorl of an explosion. >> jeff: on northeast 196 terrace, trees took out transformers, power polls
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this power line came down on top of a boat. the winin so high, this trampoline was wrapped around a tree trunk. not far on northeast 24th court e roof tore off the of this house. neighbors say the orbs are away the house. >> i'm just taking a deep breath and i'm a little emotional because that was something. >> jeff: it sure was. you can see landscape crews are out in full force, trying to get this tree off of the mercedes. they are work can all up and down. we have seep crouse crews from florida power and light as well, many people in this area say that their electricity h h been restod, others say it could take until tomorrow. we've also seen crews here from north miami beach and from miami-dade county as well. but the cleanup is going to take several days. the need guys at least in this area we've -- the good news we have heard of absolutely no injuries. we're live in northeast
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local10 news. >> laurie: as a tractor-trailer was overturned on i-95 turning the morning commute into a traffic nightmare. drivers stuck for h hrs. local10 news reporter ben kennedy has a close-up look at one chaotic commute. >> ben: i-95 is back open at this time. the concern all of these trees hovering over the can see many have been knocked down by this bad weather. >> the wind pick up the truck and, boom. >> ben: that boom was lou dennis' tractor-trailer knocked over on its side after a strong wind crossed i-95 tanker down trees, causing damage consistent with a tornado. >> did you crawl out of the front part of the truck? >> no, i came out from the window, the side window. >> ben: you can see just how strong these winds with were, in fact, this is the tonight tractototrailer. it has literally been ripped off and there is no cargo inside. >> they will actually, it was >> ben: david had to slam brakes aftery debris hit his car. >> branches and leaves started
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and then the metal sign hit the front glass of my car and shattered it. >> will: i-95 want shut down both north and southbound between ives dairy and miami gardens as crews were quick to clear the highway but drivers are all right. >> did you get hurt? >> no. only a little scratch here. that's it is. >> ben: i spoke to very lucky drers back to the northbound lanes. the game about an this afternoon is to remove all of of this debris, all of these trees and clear the road. reporting along i-95, ben >> calvin: ben, thanks. now to incredible video as the storms were moving in. here you can see winds ping up and debris being carried everywhere. it's been a whiled day out there. >> laurie: let's turn to local10 news reporter neki mohan live in miramar with our continuing storm coverage. neki, you can sight all behind you. >> neki: laurie and calvin, this is what neighbors here to have deal with. they're trying to pick up their fences and pick up their lives.
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you can see this gentleman over here hard at work as they try to clean up this neighborhood in west miramar and all through southwest broward. >> it was really loud, wind, but it felt like things were like being thrown against the house. >> neki: kathy describes what the surveillance camera from her guard gate shows, theoment the storm hit her monarch lakes tuesday morning. >> when i looked out the window, i just saw erything flying. it sounded like somebody had just smacked a huge tree in apply winw. >> neki: her neighbor john lanza what this storm left behind. >> i was having breck disparks all of a sudden i heard like soundied like gunshots, bang wewe bang, and then it sound like a machine gun and that was my neighbor's fence coming >> neki: in pembroke pines the giant tree. team up. >> she called me when i was
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when i gothere, that was done already. the other two, the other tree was down, and i started making my phone calls. i called hum. i called my other neighbors. >> you helping each other auto? out? >> yeah, we're leaching other out. that's the best thing they can do. >> neki: that's what we're doing, t t best that they can do work to pick up this fencee hopefully by this afternoon. the storm was stranger the wa it hit different neighborhoods but it did get a goo section of west broward. coming up at 5:00 i'll take to you other communities that got hit hard by this tornado that came through. >> calvin: i saw you the firsthand this morning. >> laurie: and from miramar to miami gardens t ty're dealing g cleanup. >> calvin: local10 news reporter there. >> tererll: this neighborhood is just south of ives dairy road and just on the to the east of us-441. tree limbs from a tree, of course, shattered through windshield on this honda suv. there's even a side window that
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the damage here is widespread and there is still right now debris stuck in some power lines. the chopping and hacking and carving away the large debris has been underway all day on this miami gardens block. >> i just woke and up then all of a sudden i saw everything just like this. >> terrell: but perhaps no one more surprised than the woman who owns this now battered up home. >> i saw something flapping off the back of the truck here, and that's when i realized that the carport had blown down. >> terrell: : th blunted has lived here for 40 years without a urny strong winds ripped off tile on her roof and practically shredded her carport. pieces of it found on the block over. she's hoping the insurance company will help pay for the damage. >> i don't know whose garbage can ended up there. >> nhat's not een your garbage
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>> terrell: then a downed awning at a strip mall on us-441, but wait until you take a look this. the winds were so strong that it picked up this dumpster and turned it rightpside down. wooden power poles snapped like toothpicks sending live wires to the ground with street signs ried from its base, toppled trees that even sent loose branches crashing through two windows of this one-story hom >> now we just take the whole day i guess tow clean up. pretty much glad nobody's hurt. >> terrell: no injuries indeed. a live look now at some more damage. the folks here in this neighborhood of made some progress in terms of cleaning up, but you can see thaha they still have a lot of work to do. we can also telling you that there are a lot of downed power lines, soolks in this neighborhood still do not have power. at least some of them. but if you come across some downed power lines, experts say that you should treat them as if they are still energized because that is certainlyp a possibility, so a dangerous day if you are out and about andnd you come across one of those power lines.
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this afternoon, i'm terrell forney, local10 news. >> calvin: just east of miami-dade gardens this was t t scene in midwest miami-dade. storms blew the roof off norland elementary school. there were no kids in the portable at the time. >> laurie: and even or our meteorologist julie durda was hit strong by the storms. while she was here this morning warning all of us, check out what happened to her backyard at her home in rest broward. that fence barely standing. betty davis is right here our chief certified meteorologist. you went through it this morning trying to gethe kids to school. >> calvin: the car swaying back and forth electronics and then later it turned into the most beautiful day, betty you. felt so blessed if you weren't dealing with all this. >> betty: and the weather gets better and better. what a difference. there were scores of damage reports coming out of broward county and, of course, we're talking about the tornadoes that were confirmed, two of them. they're rated an ef-1 by the national weather service so that
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we can show you the live doppler radar in case why not up, not av storms. this is what it looked like around 7:00 this morning. the rnado warning first came out. the doppler radar indicating rotation on this carvalho west broward. but then also around -- around west record. then we were tracking that one live on the air,, meteorologist julie durda was on top of it allll and then, of course, the tornado by the aventura area flipping a semion interstate 95 but a lot quieter there right now. i'll have a lot more on the forecast in a few minutes. we want to get you the latest on traffic now. let's check in with jenise. >> jenise: you said we'll be right back the weather has calmed down and so has the traffic. this is a look at i-95 southboundnds you're approaching the dolphin expressway. this was an dent sha wasblocking four lanes of traffic but that has leader up. still seeing some of those delays as we zoom on in to our maps as you'repproaching the dolphin expressway looking at 2 miles per hour. it looks like traffic is ping
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we the want throat you dmit ramp on southwest have been 7th streets the exit raiment ramp on i-95 southbound, crews are working on that exit from the truck that overturned yesterday afternoon. at lejeune road there is an accident there as well with speeds right now 35 mis per hour in and broward county, we haven't forgotten bop w%'re looking at an accident on i-95 northbound right around sunrise boulevard and we are seeing some delays as we zoom on in with speeds there clocking in at 30 miles per hour. laurie. >> laurie: and we have breaking news right now concerning the miami heat, the team trading away a fan favavite. >> calvin: trade deadline is here. just as we get an update on chris bosh, let's check in with will manso for the details. >> will: lots to lalk about, xm in the last few minutes the heat have traded bea fan favorite chris "the birdman" anderson. he was sent to memphis as part of a three person deal.
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that he helped heat during t t 2013 season, sparked a huge comeback as miami went on to win the nba championship with fans flapping their wings along with the birdman. he became a true fan favorite and will be missed. he has hen banged ups of late and making $6 million this year, a knee problem he is dealing with, so this trade clears money nor the heat. there's otherssues, and that is chris bosh right now. the latest ap report is that bosh has begun blood thinners once again that the hopes it will allow him to return to the court this season. now, the team has no official comment yet on what bosh is suffering or when he could be back. previous reports said that bosh would meet with doctors on thursday. he developed blood clots nis his lung last season but ha was considered serious. we don't know e severity of this condition.
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it is the team's first media availability since the all-star break. >> laurie: and we are staying on top of our top story, twin tornadoes causing this, so much chaos for south florida. >> calvin: and tertorms also leaving behind a whole lot of damage. our live team coverage continues right after the break. now, and tighten 11:00 allegations of bid tampering bonk you did have influence in this electio >> announcer: misconduct. >> bob: as soon as this r%port came the out you resigned.
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>> laurie: we continue following our top story, severe weather across south florida, and this it was the scene at the harley-davidson shop innorthwest miami-dade. the owner said they do have insurance anthey're assessing the damage. he says he's never seen anything like this before. >> and breaking news we're
4:19 pm
records setting billion dollar jackpot. if. >> janine: remember evevybody was talking about this, the nearly $1.6 billion powerball jackpot. this happened in january, and we have learned, of course, that one of the winning tickets was bought right here in florida, and now we are learning that tomorrow we will learn who the bought that ticket. according to the florida lottery, they are saying we will learn who the winners are tomorrow, so we, of course, esume that there are multiple people, maybe it was an office pool. we don't know. we're going find out tomorrow who it was who won t t winning powerball jackpot. calvin, maybe it's your cousin. we don't know. it could be a long lost relative. we're very excited about this. >> calvin: we're going check the family tree. >> laurie: back to our top story of the day, confirmed that twin tornadoes hit south floridatoday and now people are out there all across error area leaning epp cleaning up the ness. this is video in pompano beach where the storage facility for the goodyear blimp was damaged.
4:20 pm
beau strong wds. >> calvin: it has been a long day for our betty davis. she has been in bright and early and watching the radar. it has calmed down since. >> betty: it has. it was so nasty out there, and you look outside and you word how did it end so quickly but thank daylight. we are left with mid to high level clouds as we look out over fort lauderdale fort lauderdale but all of broward, miami-de and the keys in the clear. temperatures are really warming this afternoon, 80 nor the mia, hialh and homestead touching 81 degrees. we were forecasting this type of am wop once those storms passed and indeed this is what we're seeing. we're waiting on a push of more comfortable air to slide on down the peninsula so we are going to return to seasonable temperatures. but in the meantime the forecast for the evening is not too bad. you can get those soccer games in. hopefully the fields are clear for you. clouds around as we coast through the evening. mainly cry conditions, temperatures in the mid-70s by about 8:00 tonight. as i mentioned we are
4:21 pm
cold pront to slip through. this i one will not not going to bring weather ac but behind it we'll have the northwest winds kicking in and stat to tap some of that drier, cooler air for wednesday. so for the middle of the week seasonable temperatures in the forecast, some sunshine, too, wednesday looking gooped. thursday beautiful as we start to become breezy with sins starting to become north-northeasterly and in general temperatures will be right where they should be or at least close to it for this time of thehe year. we'll start tomorrow morning. forecasting lows down into the 60s, maybe as low as 62 for miami p. that's normal for this time of the year. then highs c cmbing toward the upper 70s here's the forecast for thursday, a little on the cool side thursday morning with 50ssut there, highs in the mid-70s and the breeze increasing as w look ahead to the weekend. so some qet weather fours us. >> calvin: neighbors are change after twin tornadoes caused lots of trouble and power outages today. we'll have another update at the beaumont of the hour.
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>> reporter: caught on camera, a persist burglar eaks into an antique shop attar have deerfield beach. the man tries for several minutes to break through the glass door even resort topping crate kicks. bso deputies say he and his rtner eventually got inside of that antique shop on hillsboro road near powerline road.they got away with more than $10,000 in goods. that'll do it forocal10 news at 4:00. been a busy day. >> laurie: sure has. light of storm coverage and victor and janine are in the neroom with that and more. >> victor: we continue our coverage of our@ top story. the powerful storms causing lots of damage in south florida. we have live team coverage ahead. >> janine: s ahead, thieves with expensive taste. what they're accused of ststling. >> victor: and a basketball
4:26 pm
was impaled during game. how this freak accident happened.
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>> janine: ryan right now 4:30 ab our top story today, twin tornadoes slamming uth florida. anthony's dashboard camera was rolling at about 8:00 this morning from the tornado came through. you can see cs dodging, trying to get away from that twister. >> vicicr: a cleanup operation underway throughout miami-dade and broward. this apartment building left damaged in northeast miami-dade. >> janine: and trouble on the wawar in fort lauderdale. the storms leaving both underwater. >> victor: pictures have been pouring into our news room of damaged cars. storm. >> janine: and this afternoon we also have new cell phone video of those storms. again, the national weather service conrms that two twisters touched down. we have live team coverage thi afternoon with reporters in several areas, including northeast miami-dade, light house point, hollywood, and newsroom. >> victor: let's begin with michael seiden. he's live in northeast miami-dade. michael. >> michael: you can frobel hear e chainsaws. right now the cleanup effort is
4:30 pm
effort. you can just see stacks and stacks of debris all along the street, in fact want one point you couldn't even get through the front door of this home. for some it felt look a hurricane. >> this is worse than andrew. >> michael: this 24-year-old says he'sinally catching his breath. >> i saw spinning in front of me right down there, right down the street. >> michael: he captured this compelling video on his iphone while driving to work tuesday morning. >> it was crazy, man. crazy, crazy, crazy. i've never run so fast iny life innings national weather service said it was an e-1 tornado that blew through the skylake neighborhood here in northeast miami-dade. this is just an example of what homeowners are dealing with. take a look at this mess. you can see the toppled trees and the debris that is blocking theifront door. they were able to carve a little hole, and when they walked ut to their front lawn, they were greeted by this mess.
4:31 pm
downed power lines, even this trampoline went mig flying. we met this homeowner who showed where a portion of a tree came crashing through his roof. >> just looking at this it's stunning. >> yeah. shocking to come home and realize realize that had a tornado ipad through. >> michael: back out here live the cleanup effort continues. just got word from a homeowner. they were toldd their power will be restored around 8:00 tonight. before we go, got to give a huge shutout to my photojournalist mario alonzo. in between stories he was l clean up with these homeowners. again it was an absolute mess bate lot of people coming together and epp helping each other out. for now we are live in northeast miami-dade. >> janine: our photographers are multi-talented. thank you. sky 10 over the scene of a fire in northeast miami-dade. the flames caused by an apparent gas leak along northeast 195th street and 2nd avenue.
4:32 pm
ground and on the ground no other details w re immediately released. >> victor: and now we want to head over to light house point where people are dealing with a lot of damage. >> janine: derek shore is there >> derek: yeah, we've seen a lot point. i think you need power in order to rununne of these. the problem is this was ripped off the wall of the home. we are standing in their backyard. the reason, this giant manningo tree ce crashing down. this is just some of the the damage we've seen today. trees downed, trampolines up, way up, and damage widespread here in light house point. >> we literally saw this big tree fall into my car, my truck. >> reporter: paul am ond's truck steak taking some of the impact. >> good job witness guys. >> derek: crews spending hours trying to gentle remove the tree without further damaging the vehicle. >> when i saw the tree come down, that made me a little concerned. but perhaps the worse damage
4:33 pm
>> i'm pretty sure the manningo doesn't belong there. >> derek: terin's backyard looking a overgrown war soap. the huge manningo tree sent 30 feet into the air and in her swimming pool. tht damage left behind on her roof, and the be electricity lines pulled fromhe wall. >> it sounded like a freight train going through detects of the cleanup. >> we've had hurricanes blow through but nothing like this. this is the worst i'v'vever seen deference and the family says they like their neighbors and they better, because they have no fence there, and they'll be seeing a lot more of each other in the coming days. their insurance come out to look at everything before they start their cleanup. shore. >> janine: and this is what it looks like out of noodle trees top overlylyfter the storms did
4:34 pm
power lines knocked knocked down, mobile homes damaged. >> victor: and local10 ns reporter li sly is live to tell you how it's looking there. >> liane: victor, janine, not looking good palmetto i'm standing in front of what is was a mobile home. you can see it's literary in pieces. the man who rented this home, he was just right there in the middle of all of this rubble looking for whateveve he would could salvage. he just just pulled out a pair of jeans and a cell phone from there. it's a miracle that they were able to get out alive, he and his wife, after a giant tree came topplingown right on top of them. >> torrential rain, and then a big bolt of lightning and a big blast of thunder, and i looked outside and the tree was down. >> liane: down and oh top of this mobile home, crushing a car, the trailer and a couple inside. >> i turn around and i look and she's underneath the rubble which is underneath the tree that's crashed through the house. >> the whole tree that we had, the whole house on my yead.
4:35 pm
they couldn't get out. >> liane: neighbor thomamasas pride a door open to get them out. >> he saved our life. >> liane: just one of several storm stories coming out of hollywood. trees falling, this one even pierce can through a man's kitchen. >> i just fell in the roof. something broke. i saw big tree inside my house. and a lot of water. >> liane: residents running for cover. >> we walked right into the bathroom and stacked up all the pillows off the couch around us and prayed to god we were going to make it. >> i watched my trampoline literally go about 30 neat in the air and flay backwards. my son saw you the and stataed tryg crew naturally. during a hurricane we would anchor it down. we didn't expect this. >> liane: and as these folks are cleaning up the mess behind, the mannings are left throughout any help at all. >> would it the hetch our neighbors we would be homeless.
4:36 pm
to what is left of the manning's bedroom window. you see the site of in distance. thankfully they were able to drive that out from under the rubble. you can see the back window is obviously crushed, a side window as well it. seems that the car is still drivable. there are still hundreds of people in this area without power. crews will be back here tomorrow to finish the job on this tree. we a"e live in hollywood, liane morejon, local10 news. >> janine: liane, thank you. let's get over to pompano beach where there was a damage to a storage facility for goodydyr. >> victor: that's where we find meteorologist trent aric. >> reporter: wht i difference a couple of hours makes. the city's department of works has malleyell really made a diffence. this place was a complete nightmare a couple of hours ago but they're making huge progress and when's arrived on scene this is what it looked like to us. what's showing signs that this is definitely a tornado in broward county is evidence like this. when a tree is twisted off about
4:37 pm
of tornado. if this was a straiait line wind event this tree would be pushed straight o or. we worked our way over 40 to 50 yards from where we started at the sand & spurs mashing lot ln, and obviously we have trees on top of stables. now what we have encountered are hose trailers that have been tossed about this this storm as it continued its path through pompano beach. the mobile band shell you see actually started other side of this fence. the awning of this stone decoration shop was ripped off and thrhrn a mile to the east. this morning at 7:15 t t guys got the tornado warning on their phone. they decided to hide inside this con tamer for safety. they saw. >> we have nothing. when i come this morning, i hear the alarm. it was pretty amazing. it was terrifying. >> reporter: acrcrs northeast avenue the storm's target, horse stables.
4:38 pm
tonight we're going to tell you about the one injury miraculously the only injury here coming out of of poch beach, and that involves -- you just saw him -- elvis. we'll tell you how he is doing when we see you in an hour. >> victor: we hope elvis is all right. thank you. and pictures and video have been pouring into our newsroom this afternoon, popping up all over social media. >> janine: the pictures really tell the tory. amy viteri is in the newsroom with more of those. >> amy: janine and victor, from the moment those tornadoes hit this morning people including our own crews on the ground have been speing in i images of the incredible storm and the damage it left behi. it started with relentless rain and wind tuesday morning, like this scene in hollywood. surveillance cameras at the in miramar showed winds drag a large potted plant and debris across the driveway. tree. also in miramar, the wind upended this large trampoline.
4:39 pm
like thiss mattress on a street in pembroke pines. in sunny isles beach chairs overturned and a pool full of dedeis. in aventura this pip pushing captured what looked like a large funnel cloud at the inner harbor apartments this tree came down. our crew found large trees uprooted at us-1 and 1 injured street, some coming to rest on top of cars. in miami gardens a a tricycle still on top of this tree. the storms affected power. further north this picture from light house point shows a large pow power pole on the ground at 30th avenue. alonthe with the debris we saw plenty of flooding. this neighr trying to rake through the standing water. remember, we always want to see how this is feign your community. you can send us severe weatherimages as long as eyes safe to do so to we're live in the newsroom, amy viteri, local10 newew
4:40 pm
amy, thank you. now wouldn't to get a check on traffic. >> janine: speaking of messes, it was a mess earlier today. let's see how things are looking now. >> jenise: janine, you won't run into any wild worthy your knight home. that's the good news. the bad news is it's still rush hour in south florida. we're looking at this accident on i-95 northbound nasty 115thth street so we are seeing delays all along i-95 neighbourhood with speeds at 27 miles per hour. we've got this broken-down car in the palmetto expressway, this is neighbourhood northwest 36th street. there is a center lane blocked. we a a seeing those heavy delays, can't blame it all on that brokedown car with speeds at 12 miles per hour. and checking out broward county we've also got this broken-down bus on i-95 neighbourhood at sunrise boulevard, heavy delays here as well. there is an off-ramp right lane blocked due to that disabled bus with speeds at 36 miles per hour. and a bit further up north staying on i-95 neighbourhood we do have an accident right around sample road, andets speeds there
4:41 pm
hour. collector. >> victor: thank you. now to a developing story. this out of the city of miami where two women were found dead. police responded to reports gunfire, and when they arrived the found the two women dead in the back of a duplex. that duplex is located on 75th and northeast miami court. police have not yet confirmed their idedtities are how they defined also developing a missing child alert has been cancelled after a six-year-old girl was found safe in new jersey. police say ashley martinez vanished with herr grandmother of your screen. they say hatton got into an argument with the little girl's mom and took off with her. police say it's unclearf any charges will be filed. >> janine: coming up, a freak accident during a basketball game. how a player was immailed pale by the floor and how she's doing now. >> victor:r:torm damaged the roads, they were a mess today as twin tornadoes swept through sout florida. our continuing coverage and another check on the weather straight ahead. in. >> announcer: and tonight at
4:42 pm
>> bob: you did have influence >> announcer: misconduct. came out, you signed. hall? local10's bob norman getting answers.
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4:44 pm
with your city engineer? i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this w wan that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy,y,o do it amazing right? i never would have expected uld have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story.
4:45 pm
>> janine: a man behind bars after taking this backhoe for a dangerous joy righted seven mile bridge in the keys. this is new dash cam video of that man lead be police on a rsuit. deputies, they eventually threw spike strips in front ofhat backhoe to puncture its tires. that's when 59-year-old carl blah nik was arrested. he i facing reckless driving and fleeing and eluding police. >> victor: caught on camera can be, shot of lifters ripping off a women's luxury shop near denver. they took nearly $20,000 in
4:46 pm
a man took this dress, stuffednight a backpack on his quote. he does it again at the front of store with his back to the camera. along with him an accomplice providing cover. >> the woman would hold the item up so we could not see what the gentleman was taking. in the history of being in business in 30 years we have never had a theft this big. >> victor: and the thieves hit two of the owner's stores in about the span of an hour. >> a 14-year-old basketball player now recovering after a freak accident during a game. >> janine: laurie is in prlduction control with this story. >> laurie: this wisconsin teenager fell during a game and she was partially impaled by a splinter floorboard. what are the chances of that? we do want to warn you you may find this difficult to watch. >> i mean, there's no rhyme or reason for this one. >> laurie: and the quiet fieldhouse was filled with confusion sunday after as a player wouldn't get up. you mean? are you hurt? >> she said there's a piece of wood stuck to me.
4:47 pm
when the 14-year-old was impaled by the court. the board had split in the middle andnd stuck into the young player. her mom, the coach, was quickly by her side. >> it was 3 to 4 inches long and some parts of it probably twain quarter and a half inch deep.we thought they were going to have to remove an entire board and take the board to the hospital. aurie: the eighth grader was loaded p on a stretcher and spent the night at the hospil. none of hernterningovers were hit by that wood. hibner is especially surprised it happened here in milton where the floor is only 15 years old. for now, a replacement sliver of wood is glued and guarded by garbage cans. it should be term permanently fixed in the next work so. >> wives we have a tournament in two weeks. >> laurie: hibibr is confident that the rest of the court will hold up and says he didn't expect any legal action against the school district. >> it's like a a lightning i strong. it was a complete fluke. >> laurie: hoping thth unlucky
4:48 pm
>> i just think sometimes strange thing happen and there's no explanation for phenomena. >> laurie: i know all of us in the control room cringed when we saw that. hard to walk. thank goodness that teenage player is going to be okay. she is recovering. she said wn she gets better, she is going to be back on that court. >> victor: great attitude but we were cringe over here, too. that sounded painful. >> janine: people are pick go up the pieces. they are cleaning up after twin tornadoes, the big story today. those tornadoes really made a mess in south florida, in hollywood as we mentioned a couple had to be rescued out of their damaged mobileleome. that storm also knocking down strees and some of those trees really big, taking a tumble. >> victor: tornadoes not something we reallll think about in south florida. >> janine: and they happen so quickly. and, of coursrs what a few hours makes because it's beautifulul outside right now. >> betty: quiet, absolutely quiet out there right now, and it has been a pretty act of we
4:49 pm
between miami-dade and broward our count is now up to four when you include the two we saw today. and keep in mind on average w usually see about four tornadoes in a year for broward and miami-dade counties so the year is so rong young and who knows what else the rest of the year will bring so we're already at normal. as far as south florida as a whole eight tornadoes a year. that's the average. and then the entire sunshine state averages about 66 tornadoes a year. we get those frequent thundersrsrms for the state as a whole, and you do get the spin-ups, and that is why that tornado count is so high. now, we're not thinking about twisters. we're thinking about can we get out to the beaches, as so many people have been after those storms, looking greatat along the hollywood broad walk. temperatures are warm. it's 80 degrees in miami and 49 in fort lauderdale. we're settling into a dry and mild night, definitely change up the weather pattern for the next several days. on the doppler radar we're seeing a lot of false returns. that's not actual rainfall making it to the ground. now, what we do still have
4:50 pm
the mid to upper levels of the atmosphere. that south southwesterly r. westerly flow a lot of.@ so where we're seeing that north-central florida, that's dry air. we still have the southwesterly flow andloud cover coming in but those clouds are not going to produce rainfall. now, heregs the transition. soever the next several days we will tart to get north westerly flow aloft and that means some drier air rolling over, and you that, too, should help to stabilize our weathth situation. so between wednesday and thursday the rain chances at zero pesh and for friday and saturday it's not -- zero percent and friday and saturday it's not that high. any showers friday, saturday website shower coming in on the ocean breeze. beach forecast for tomorrow lookokg good. routine the rip current risk is moderate, water temperature offff miami about 74 degrees. no advisories on the waters. if you're taking the boats out tomorrow just a light chop on the bays. we'll start the day right where we should be in the lower0s,
4:51 pm
so seasonable weather on the way over next several days, and the breeze will pick up as we round out the week. >> victo and topping today's health news a new study underscores the importance of diagnosi and treating childhood i guess very problems. medical specialist kristi krufger is in our newsroom now with more. >> kristi: this one certainly is eye-opening as ray study funded by the natatnal eye institute shows uncorrected farsightedness in pre-schoolchildren is linked with significantly poor performance on a test of early literacy. now, these prior studies of looked at the relationship between uncorrected farsightedness and literacy deficits in school age children. this one is the very first one to look at the impact on preschoolers. >> what happens in a farsighted spread is they have to use more energy to -- individual is they have to use more energy to focus. the eye is not strong enough so they use some of their internal reading power to just break even, and then even more when they want to read, so i've always believed this affects
4:52 pm
the higher the amount, the less the child want to continue reading. they just get tired. they lose -- they don't understand it, so they tend to avoid reading and learning and do something else kinks and it's estimated up to 14% of pre-schoolchildren do have moderate farsightedless which goes often undiagnosed and untreated. letters in who had's health cast another study finds that exercise not only affects the size of those muscles of yours but can also have an impact on the size of your brain. yep, it's true. study found that people who were not in good shape at the age of 40 had smaller brains by the age of 60. now, while the study wasn't able to prove that physical fitness had a direct impact on brain aging, doctors staih aye it still sends a very important message to you. >> i think it reinforces what a lot of us have been saying, that things like exercise are good fofo your brain, keeps your brain healthier, and this is evidence that actually your brain is larger if you exercise and
4:53 pm
>> kristi: now, the doctor also says that more researcrcreally does need to be done to determine whether smaller brain sizes impact the risk for developing things likeementia or alzheimer's disease in people once they reach the 70s or their 80s. victor. >> vicr: coming up at 5:00, our live team coverage continues after wickededeather spun up trouble. twin tornadoes slamming sout florida. look at this. drivers doing what they can to get away from one of those tornadoes. >> janine: and those storms leaving behind a trail of destruction. our live coverage continues at 5:00. >> victor: and coming up, look at thih, a diamond of epic proportions.
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
precious gem is worth. >> reporter: a diamond worth nearly $20 million was discovered in southern afrfca.
4:57 pm
length of a credit card was found in an goala. experts say the gem is practically flawless. the company who found it said it's entirely transparent making it very valuable and rare. it's actually the 27th largest diamond ever recorded. >> janine: beautiful be right back looks like trouble. you know what i mean? like you need security guards big-time. >> victor: imagine like 26 or what 25 looks like. wow. impressive. >> janine: that's going to do it for local10 news that 4:30. >> victor: here are laurie laurie and calvin bac for what's next at 5:00. realtime closed captioning performed by u.s. captioning company >> calvin: off the top at 5:00 a dramatic scene early this morning. a tornado on the ground sending debris flying at vehicles. the driver this c swerving to avoid flying debris and other rs on the road. >> laurie: we now know it was twin tornadoes slamming parts of south florida. look at this video from mayor mur mar. the howling winds knocked this trailing onto dollars side in
4:58 pm
bringing the morning trash a screeching halt. >> calvin: in hollywood the residents of this trailer home were rescued by one of their neighbors after a tree fell on top of their home, trapping them insisi. in fort lauderdale the strong was strong enough to flip over several boats and sink at least one. we have team coverage today's terrifying tornadoes. >> laurie: our team of reporters fanned out all over south florida. let's lin begin with local10's hatzel vela live where one of the twistersouched down. >> hatzel: you think about the dash cam video that was shot about 8:00 in the morning, eye lot of folks going to work not expecting to see this. and if you look at the video, this thing was going so fast, and when you think about the speed, you realize this is whyyou get this kind of damage, a sidewalk uprooted. about. >> boy, that's a 12. >> hatzel: nature's fury captured on camera. i local10 viewer with his dash cam recordingng as the twister makes its way through pompano
4:59 pm
debris up in the air, cars dodging the tornado that left behind quite a mess. turn in every direction and the damage is there in pompano beach. >> trees down everywhere. >> we had some really loud thunder. >> hatzel: in this neighborhood the wind knocks over the fence and sucks out the roof. inside from the laundry room you can see the damage. on the froro of the house this palm strees was split at the base before being tossed about 20 feet. >> we have to do the whole roof. the contractor on site tells me it's likely going to cost 30,000 dollars to fix. >> thank god it's just material. >> hatzel: thank god no one was inside. the home is scraped, just recently sold. check out the damage the strip mall along copans and us-1. >> it brea my heart to see so many trees flippedover. i got to say it's hard to look at. >> hatzel: mary came to t mall to get doughnuts. instead found the chain link fence that separates the mall from the government course ripped apart. >> i had to be like straight
5:00 pm
because it just came through and went poof. >> hatzel: so look at this tree. this tree is facing north, and when you walk around the parking lot of this movieco you realize the trees are facing every different direction. that is a sign the national weather service tells uses that there was some sort of rotation. now we have confirmed that indeed two tornadoes did touchdown. for now reporting live in pompano beach, hatzel veta. >> calvin: we have to show you this video one more time. take a look at that. we have much more now on this incredible video today coming from a local10 viewer in broward who raced to get away from that twister. our andrew perez spoke with that driver and joins us live now from oakland park. had to be so scary for him, andrew. >> andrew: calvin, that's right. i was actually justwo minutes ago talking to the man who shot that video. he says he never even saw the twister but you can clearly see it forming in the video until it was too late, until he was already in the middle of it. he said he was just focused on the road because the weather was bad enough just with the rain and the wind.


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