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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  February 16, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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the wrestling superstars now speaking out about the secret they kept for so long. why wwe star daniel bryan's wife agreed to keep quiet about her husband's concussions, the ones that eventually forced him to call it quits. everybody and the grammys rocking all night long. lionel richie saying "hello" to music's biggest night. taylor swift taking home a huge award and taking on kanye west. >> you don't let those people side-track you. we could be heroes just for one day >> and lady gaga with an out-of-this-world tribute to david bogie. this is ground control to major tom m >> this morning, the secrets behind that electrifying night only on "gma." and good mork, amica. boy, what a night at the
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let's take a look at the lionel richie medley, joined on stage by john legend, di lovato, luke bryan. >> demi lovato was so good doing "hello." >> and the david bowie medley. >> everybody wanted to hear adele perform. easily one of the most anticipated moments o o the night. however beset by technical difficulties. what she's saying about them this morning. first, to the major winter storm spawning tornadoes that tore through the south. 15 states on alert this morning, from north carolina all the way up to maine. that storm also dropping a dangerous mix of snow, ice, and rain across 1200 miles. it's blamed for thousands of accidents. mary bruce has the latest. >> reporter: overnight, slick, sleety roads leading to wreck ter wreck. >> there's a lot of icy spots.
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this massive pileup in pennsylvania, just north of scranton on i-81, semi trucks hitting each other. crushing cars in their path. rescue crews are on the scene. there are reports of multiple injuries. the ice-covered interstate remains closed. many cars unable to get traction. over,000 wrecks in 24 hours across 17 states. virginia seeing more than 500. it wasn't just miserable road conditions. tornadoes touching down in the south. on the florida/alabama border, a tornado damaging homes and dropping trees on cars. in louisiana, a reported tornado ripping the roof off this car wash and tossing it into this pizza hut. cell phone video capturing the panicked patrons moments after. >> you're all ght, mom. you're all right. >> reporter: only minor injuries. this morning, in mississippi, they're cleaning up after a there. three homes completely
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here at the charlotte airport, it's a wet, slick mess. already 25 flights canceled. nearly 400 across the country and growing. amy? >> all right, mary. thank youor the latest on that. that snow and ice is not sticking aroun long. the temperatures have been jumping up and down the past few days. a 50-degree swing for m@llions. >> in some cases, a 60-degree swing. we're in the upper 40s here in manhattan manhattan. sunday, nigh news one in new york. today, well into the 50s. before that, it will be windy, too, by the way. before that happens, pockets of cold air. it's a slick commute just outside of d.c. they just bumped up. heavy rain in baltimore, washington, d.c., back through west virginia. flood watches are posted for this rain. all snow from buffalo back through western pennsylvania and veer weather across parts of
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a massive, mass i have storm. as you mentioned,d, all sorts of wild swings. a difficult coute this morning and afternoon. >> you could feel the difference morning. >> baig difference. we move to the race flr the white house. the gop primary just four days away, jeb bush brings in his big brother to take on donald trump. trump doubles down on his attacks against bush, ted cruz, establishment. >> reporter: george, good morning to you. that crowd last n@ght loved seeing president bush. voters i speak to afterwards said it added a layer of campaign. donald trump says it's too late to save jeb and that his campaign is going nowhere. the bush campaign calling in the big gun. president george w. bush, hoping south carolina voters deliver fo jeb like they did for w. >> i've been sunderestimated most of my life.
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president turning on the charm. >> i've written two books, which has surprised a lot of people, particularly up east, who didn't write. >> reporter: then, not calling him by name, but definitely trump. >> in my experience, thehe strongest person usually is not the loudest one in the room. >> reporter: and jeb also showing he's ready to fight. ditching his glasses and saying trums recent criticisms of 9/11 are out of line for a republican. >> i thought it was a little strange that a frontunning candidate would attack the president of t t united states. >> reporter: but trump defiant. >> i've heard for year he kept the country safe after 9/11. what do that mean after? what about during 9/11? i was there. the worst take ever in this country was during his presidency. >> reporter: trump, who polls have leading in south carolina, says jeb bush started this fight by attacking him with negative ads.
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i don'tthink it will happen. >> reporter: while trump takes on the bushes, he's also calling senator ted cruz a liar. >> i have never seen anybody that lied as much as ted cruz. and he goes around saying he's a christian? >> reporter: trump threatening to take cz to court over the fact that he was born in canada if he doesn't stop airing what trump calls false ads and apologize apologize. cruz could be trump's toughest competition in the palmet state. >> if you live 50 years of your % life and you have neverer said or done or written anything to prove you're conservative, you apt. >> 2eporter: and this morning, senator ted cruz set to make a major a aouncement when it comes to national security. back to trump now. last night, the bushes were not the only ones scaring off with the billionaire. vice president dick cheney also came out slamming trump, calling
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is soundg like a liberal democrat when he tes the bush administration over 9/11. >> mr. trump joins us now. a republicannandidate in a pitch battle with the previous president and presidential candidate. >> he was telling me all sorts of things in a debate and other places. finally, i said, hey, look. he was saying how safe things were. i said, excuse me, the world trade center came down doururing your brother's administration. have never met the brother. you can't bring out the brother, say what a wonderful job he did. it's a baseball game. they got 20 runs in the first inning, after that, the team played well. the world trade cenr came down and thousands of people, many of whom i knew, many people that i knew died in the world trade
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bush this tornado is warranted over portions of griffin ride over flamingo road. you can see where we're highlighting this area. precipitation rates almost about three inches off rain is falling an hour, possibly a half half hour, depending on how fast this cel is moving. ate possible tornado. the national weather serve is stating is located just east of i-75 and north of griffin. this information is coming in currently. we want to remind you to take shelter. this could damage roofs, windows,s,amage vehicles and damage is likely as we've been seeing these storms movingn all morning long. please take caution. the majqr impacts right
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watching is pembroke pines, davie, cooper city, nova southeastern university and parts of the sunshine acres area, southwest broward dealing with this heavy rain and gusty winds. again tornado is in effect as the national weather service is indicating. we are watching some storm tracks in this area. let's see if we can pull it up. again the big concern a tornado warning in effect for parts ofdavie over griffin road, davie, i-95. this is capable of moving to the east around 25 miles per hour. we are noticing the shower and thunderstorm activity continuin to hold together. knowing that being said, i've been talking about it all morning long, i warned you for the possibilititof the strong to severe weather occurring. i want you to be prepared as the storm
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storms ever so more towards t east northeast. so for you in this area again a tornado warning is in effect until 7:30 and could be warranted to go longer depending on if this rotation holds together as it moves towards the florida turnpike and south university drive. keep it tunedight here to local 10 news. please seek shelter. do not leave your homes. lot of you are saying julie, it's 7:12, i have to get the kids to school, get to work, double-doesn't new hampshire win. her team is nervous about what could come. hillary clinton in nevada making her case. >> i'm hoping to get your support. >> reporter: one hand shake. >> i need yr help. >> reporter: after the next. >>oters have a choice between where i stand and my opponent. >> reporter: where she stands this morning, hoping to avoid an embarrassing nevada upset.
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traded in nevada for michigan and massive rally with nearly 10,000 supporters. >> leadership sabt standing up for what's right even when it is not popular. >> reporter: clinton stayed behind, skipping a campaign sp in florida, sending her husband instead. you thing they're nervous in nevada? shouldldhey be? >> it's a caucus. anytime you have a caucus, it's more unpredictable. so it's better for her to stay there. >> reporter: bill clinton interrupted by this trump supporter. the former president firing back. >> i took his money for my foundation where i used it to better than he's using it now, i'll guarantee you. >> reporter: from the loud to the strange. llary clinton focused on republicans, too. during a story about a political ad featuring a dog, she began barking. yes, barking. >> we need to get tha dog and
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they say these things, like, oh, you know, the great recession was caused by too much regulation. [ barking like a dog ] >> reporter: yeah, clinton aides saying they're bracing for a very tight race in nf mf. a victory depending on turnout. today is about wooing a constituency she's been trying to win. >> what are we going see next? >> reporter: i don't know. don't ask me about the barking. that's all i know. we'll get the latest on the supreme court. neral plans for justice antonin scalia have not been good morning, south florida. i'm sorry to interrupt "good morning america." we have breaking weather news. we are tracking a possible tornado as the national weather service has indicate aid tornado warning for parts of
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again, this is capable of thunderstorm activity producing a tornado which is located over davie moving to the east at 30 miles per hour. can you see in the middle of our television screen, i've highlighted it. this tornado warning is possibly covering parts of flamingo road right over parts of pembroke pines, right over griffin road, over 75. this tornado warning is extended tards the east. as can you see almost towards south university drive. that's because the national weather service has stated that the strong radar we're noticing the darker shades on the radar is showing some rotation. the national weather service has also indicated that there is a tornado warning. it looks as though they are come out with another one with a thunderstorm capable of producing a tornado located over pompano beach. this is moving east at 30 miles per hour. again, i want to remind you what this m mns. do not take this lightly, my friends. a couple weeks ago we had to duel a tornado touchdown over portions of broward.
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this all morning long. here i the new tornado warning that we have in effect over pompano beach. again the concern gusty winds. we could see some damaging rooftops. we could also deal with flipped over cars. there's so much going on in this atmosphere. it looks as though we're receiving about two inches of rain per hour by palm beach. there are two separate tornado warnings occurring as we speak. please pay attention. we have one over portions of pompano beach. you can see right over north dixie highway, right over the coast. that is just one of the eas we're concerned about. the other area is located over davie. this is the bull's eye for showernd thunderstorm activity right ovepembroke pines, the turn pike about to be hit with showers and thunderstorms. as you can imagine heavy rain of course but let's
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precipitation rates per hour over two inches. agagn, we want you to seek shelter for you watching us in this area. tornado warning in effect until 7:30 over parts of pompano beach as well as davie right over to 595. it looks as though u're safe but heavy rain is tampa baying that area. the rain concern with this will be the possibility of damaging winds, some flying debris. we will see the radar with two, possibly more inches of rain p@r hour. these showers and storms continue to push towards the east northeast. with that said the possibility of these storms holding on to the severe weather strength is definitely capable as we have plenty of shower and thunderstorm activity behind the one cell. a very active scene, as you can see. as i widen the view the two areas we're concerned about currently right now, pompano beach as well as davie over portions of griffin ad right over flamingo.
7:17 am
dealing with the tornado activity possible on our doppler radar. we're the only ones that can show this right here on local 10 news as i mainly focus right now over portions of davie and pembroke pines. i'm going to show and close this off to see if we can show the storm track and locate. it looks as though our radar is not picking up the actual storm rotation its sell. the national weather service is indicating there is that possibility and we have a trained spotter now. this is nickel-sized hail also involved with the gusty winds we have in this area. once again i want to remind you two areas of concern, tornado warnings in effect until 7:30. ght n it is 7:18. i want to remind you it is tuesday morning. a lot of you are like julie, i got t t get to work. i got to get the kids to school. no, you don't. especially living in these two areas it's better to be safe than sorry. these tornanoes can develop before you know
7:18 am
you may deal with gusty nds and before you know it we could see the rotation. because of that we have two areas with two 7:30. we have cameras i'd like to show you, some cameras that could hail. it's a blurry scene. it looks as though we have some heavy rain and gusty wind by griffin road. i know we have some cameras. we'll talk to constance too and see if this is causing anan delays for the morning commute. we are seeing showers anan storms associated with the heavy rain and gusty winds moving from the east to the northeast. again, i want to remind you this tornado warning is in effect for pompano beach until 7:30. it@ looks as though the national weather service i'm happy to tell you, let's come back to the radar has allowed for the tornado warning to expire over davieie over portions of i-75 and
7:19 am
that's the good news. but again we still have another tornado warning in effect right eliot spitzer speaking out about the police investigawion. and the wwe superstar couple now speaking out about the major health secret they kept for so long. >> andnd it was hard on me. but i didn't. i didn't say anything. >> the truth behind his decision to leave the ring for good, when we come back. stay with us on "good morning
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the decision to ride on and save money. he decided to save money by switching his motorcycle insurance to geico. there's no shame in saving money. ride on, ride proud. geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. good morning, soulh florida. i'm eric yutzy. >> and i'm jacey birch. we do have a tornado warning in pompano beach so let's get straight over to julie. >> it looks as though they allowed the tornado warning to expire in
7:25 am
moments ago but we had to deal with a major threat about ten minutes ago. i broke into "good morning america." the big concern is right over gffin, 75, pembroke pines, davie. we saw a tornado warning in effect fof about 15 minutes because the national weather service indicated with the doppler radar and with the winds and with the instability in the atmosphere there's a possibility of a tornado. so again i want to remind you we're still not out of the clear. look at the shower and thunderstorm activity in our radar showing some rotationver 27. it will be in the same area that just had the threat for the tornado warning so we have concerns here. moderate to heavy rain up towards boca raton. you're also dealing with heavy rain. this is a live look, this islligator alley. as you can see ominous clouds, a lot of rain saturated the roadways. big issues for 595, i-75, we're seeing heavy roads northbound-southbound so use caution this morning if you're traveling to that spot.
7:26 am
i-95, that exit ramp still shut down due to a really serious accident yesterday. also if you're traveling northbound another crash to get to, this one right off the airport expressway. chd alert issued overnight for a six-year-old girl in miami.ashley martinez last seen yesterday. she may be with the woman on the right happened of your screen, lily patten. if you recognize them, please give police a call immediately. we've got a lot to work on for you, so right now we're going to pass it back over to "good morning america" but keep it right here especially for all your their and traffic upuptes today.
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i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful small thg little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story.
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welcome back to "gma." so many eyes on the terrible weather moving in this morning. already sparking big wrecks and that huge pileup in pennsylvania overnight. now, a new batch of bad weather is set to move in very soon. >> rain up and down the coast. also right now, democrats and republican candidates ramping up attacks. just four days to the primary in south carolina. donald trump saying he's seriously considering suing ted cruz, as george w. bush joining the trail to support his brother jeb. fans of the force will rejoicing. the next film will start shooting on monday. also this morning, jesse
7:30 am
>> that's right. behind the scenes at the 140th westminster dog show. some of the new breeds you'll see. who is is the favorite to take home the coveted best in show award ps. you like dogs, that's a fun afternoon. i was carrying dog hair home on my jacket. i picked up so many dogs. first, the headlili about former new york governor eliot spitzer. police are investigating an encounter with a young woman at a hotel. the young woman has recanted previous allegations. >> reporter: this is the story plastering the front pages of new york payers this morning. police looking at surveillance cameras from the plaza hotel and the hospital. as part of their investigation. >> use nonlethal force whenever
7:31 am
>> reporter: this morning, eliot spitzer underscrcriny after police say they were called to night. spitzer and a 5-year-old woman, svetlana travis, allegedly getting into an argument. travis telling police at one point the former governor choked her, later recanting that statement. >> be advised, the edp is in room 1541 of the plaza hotel. she's having a nervous breakdown. >> reporter: police telling and that the two had been in a romantic relationship for about two years. spitzer's lawyer speaking out saying there was no criminal activity on the part of mr. spitzer. he had agreed to meet her at a room, where she threatened to harm herself. the former governor trying to keep her calm. travis later taken for evaluation at a psychiatric
7:32 am
it's not spitzer's first brush with controversy. >> i've disappointed and failed to live up to the standard i've set for myself. >> reporter: in 2008, the married father of three was serving as the governor of new york, resigning after becoming involved in a sex scandal with ashley d urk pree. now to the stunning announcement rocking the wrestling world. one of the wwe's biggest stars, suddenly calling it quits because of concussions. now, daniel bryan and his wife, a fellow wrestling star, are speaking out. kayna whitworth sat down with them and has the latest from anaheim, california. good morning, kayna. you. daniel bryan's wife, bree bella, performed last night on monday night raw.
7:33 am
people weekly. her performance last night was emotional. he's best known for making and taking big slams in the ring. >> fairytale is -- >> reporter: but this morning, former wrestling superstar daniel bryan and his wife, bree bella, are speaking out. after bryan announced his rooichlt on stage last week after a string of concussions. >> i have loved this in a way that i have never loved anything else. the more con ugs cans you have, the more susceptible you are to them. >> reporter: some of those concussions lead to seizures. something bryan tried to keep private. at first, not telling bree, a wwe total diva and pro wrestlers herself. >> i was with him after one of his seizures after a concussion. i lost it. >> i just implored her, please n't say anything to anybody. if i tell them if i have a
7:34 am
let me do what i do anymore. >> it was harar on me. i was sitting there like, if i do say something, then it will, you know, it could -- i wouldn't know what it would do for him. he's work sod hard. but i didn't. i didn't say anything. >> reporter: i think a lot of people think pro wrestling is fake. is what you're doing in the ring real? >> it's not real. it's not fake. when you get slammed, you get slammed. i'm helping him slam me. >> reporter: but you're getting injured? >> yes. >> reporter: last year, he was on his neck. roer. >> doctor said, i can't in good conscience allow you to risk yourself like that. >> athletes are like thoroughbreds. they'll run themselves into the ground. >> reporter: the wwe hasn't always been as protective.
7:35 am
accusing the wwe of failing to diagnose concussions and sending people into the ring injured. including chris benoit, who after his death, was found to have@severe cte. the brain disease linked to hard hits. the wwe telling us that lawsuit has no merit and we'll vigorously contest it. >> our rep rees are taught to look for science. our talent themselves are made aware of snins themselves and in each other. >> reporter: as for bryan and bella's future, they're hoping to start a family. for wrk we fans, that might mean another retirement aannouncement. and soon. >> feeling and seeing everything he went through, i feel it's time for me to hang up the boots. it will be hard on me, as well. but that day is very close. >> reporter: brie telling me we can expect the retirement announcement some time this sum
7:36 am
saying he wants to now spend his time educating young athletes about the dangers of concussions. amy and george? ment he's dawn lot of it. >> thank you so much. kol upg, answering the big grammys questions. what happened with adele's good morning, south florida. i interrupt "good morning america" with more weather news. we have a severe understorm warning in effect for parts of broward, very similar area that just got hit hard with the tornado warning. the national weather service has indicated the severe thunderstorm warning with a possible tornado embedded in the severe thunderstorm warning pause we are seeing some rotation on our radar. winds of up to 60 miles an hour. hail is being reported in this area. so the national weather service is stating the severe thunderstorm warning sin effectt until 8:00. so the areas that are under this major concern, you can see it in the middle of your levisioncreen is pembroke pines right over portions of 441,
7:37 am
pines boulevard near 75. griffin road, sheridan street, all of you dealing with a severe thunderstorm warning until 8:00 a.m. now again i want to remind you there is that possibility, the developing which is another reason the national weather service has indicated is the severity of this cell that we're watching and it looks as though precipitation rates of up to three inches. i want to see if we can see the indication of the hail located in this arar. we are noticing again these showers and storms that continue to move in from the west. there you go. we've got some hail looks like reported right over 75 in pembroke pines. possibly up towards sheridan and in towards griffin. so we intense system very had moving in again causing causing that severe thunderstorm warning in effect. what i'm highlighting is hail and it looks as though we're going to see some velocity issues. mixing of red going into the radar and green away from it.
7:38 am
of green occurring right in front of you on your television screen right over pembroke pines. i want to remind you the main concern with this is we have the severe thunderstorm warning with the possibility of a tornado developing in this warning area. it looks as though the possibility of the rotation is tightening up right by ft. lauderdale. we are noticing the heavy winds and gusty winds towards 441, pembroke pines, davie, all dealing with these showers and storms that have frankly been moving in from the southwest. the big concern this this morning we do have a severe thunderstorm warning in if he can for pembroke pines, pines boulevard. davie is out of the area but just south of davie we're seeing heavy rain and gusty winds. it looks as though 60 mile per hour wind are estimated under this area that we're watching anddhe possibility of rotation for tornadoes is possible. again right over here you can see from 75 all the way east to 441 in towards possibly the turnpike.
7:39 am
you're seeing on your monitor is the heavy rain, the gusty winds. you're hearing the rumbles of thunder. cooper city dealing with the moderate to heavy rain. again the severe thunderstorm warning has the possibility of the severe thunderstorm of a tornado. the severe thunderstorm warning is located over pembroke pines moving east at 30 miles per hour. they have been hearing of winds reaching up to 60 miles per hour, penny-sized hail which is exactly what i just showed you on our hail scope that showed you the actually hail i that location stretching not just over pembroke pines but as far west as 75. i want to put this into motion so you can see exactly where it's going on. the national whether service stating it's going to push towards the east at 30 miles per hour so there will be the possibility of this being extended towards the east in towards 441 and the turnpike. we're also getting some information from the national weather service
7:40 am
they are watching some rotation by coastal areas, port ever glades. so as i'm doing this live with you, hang with me. we're going to pause this and go right over towards port everglades. let's zoom on over and see exactly what's going on by port everglades. we'll zoom in and see if we can find any torn add in activity. look at the red, that's very heavy rain, gusty winds. bying up any rotation, yup, that's what we're seeing right now over i-95. it will be headed towards broward boulevard in towards portions of ft. lauderdale right over u.s. 1. a lot of activity this morning. a lot of severe weather. we had a lot of concerns going on because of pembroke pines still under the severe thunderstorm warning in ticket until 8:00. look at this. picture tells the story, my friends. this is what it looks
7:41 am
it is just a mess. dangerous driving conditions for all of you out there. i warned you this morning, take your time. you need to be cautious this morning. now that we have the severe thunderstorm warning. it's oy going to get worse until these showers push offshore. you can see the storm track has the indication of rotation. whatever pines boulevard and 75. as i take that off, again, the highlighted area you're seeing is the concern with the severe thunderstorm warning in effect right near your neighborhood. if this is where you live, you could be seeing anywhere between two and a half and two and a half plus inches of rain occurring between now and 8:00 as the severe thunderstorm located over pembroke pines moving east at 30 miles per hour. again, the tornado rotation is possible and winds have been reaching up to 60 miles per hour. we saw that live camera from 595 and i-95. if we could grab
7:42 am
would be great, maybe griffin, maybe pines as heavy rain headed towards that area. here's what it looks like on 75 and 595, just a mess out there. unfortunately, this is what we're dealing with on your tuesday morning as everybody does have to head back to work and back to school. i. >> you to be cautious and take recaution because the national weather service and i are just trying to keep safe. remember there's that possibility of tornado activities so we prefer that you wait until this warning has expired before you leave home. rooftops, slides, trees, anything could be affected by winds of up to 60 miles per hour now. this includes pembroke pines, miramar, davie and cooper city. be developing in the middle of your screen.
7:43 am
conditions we have in only one spot of broward. they are stating there is that possibility of some rotation developing right along the coastline from 95 all the way in towards port everglade and in towards portions of the airport. so this again is an area we're going to need to watch right over u.s. 1, right over portions of 95 in towards ft. lauderdale airport. there's that possibility of some tornadic activity as well. with that said we will continue to watch this and monitor it as it pushes offshore. the only watch and warning we have in effect is a severe thunderstorm warning. that will continue to go. i wouldn't be surprised as they keep it as it moves more towards the east. precipitation rates of just over three inches, again, gusty winds of up to 60 mis per hour. this will continue to head towards 441 right over the turnpike. let's see if your storm track could pick up. rotation right over i-75
7:44 am
boulevard. so there could be anywhere from flamingo road all@ the way east in towards possibly taft street, possibly palm road. all of these areas could be under this threat. let's see if we can zoom in and pinpoint exactly where the streets are and what's being affected. the worst of it flamingo road over northwest 57th avenue, cooper city. griffin road getting hit with heavy rain right over university drive. we'll zoom it in even further. right now over pembroke road and northwest 72nd avenue. pines boulevard right over pembroke road, miramar parkway, dangerous driving conditions with the heavy rain estimated of up to three inches. it's just dangerous. we want you to be safe, be cautious and that's why i'm here on local 10 news keeping you cautious just a mess, heavy rain, west park getting soaked right over 441.
7:45 am
concern under this severe thunderstorm warning because there will be the possibility, the capability of tornado activities. so let's put the storm ack back on and see. it looks as though johnson street, flamingo road actually sing the worst of it. national weather service looks as though they are again keeping this because they are stating there are winds estimated at 60 miles per hour embedded in these storms and their big concern is that you're going to walk outside and not be prepared. so that's why we're here. we're here forou to let you know exactly has going on over south university drive. we're expecting the heavy rain and gusty winds contitie. i timed it out for you. as you can see the storm moves to the east around 32 miles per hour. 7:47, pembrokekeines should get hit and that's in about a minute with the rotation that i'm watching. miramar already got hit with some of t t heaviest amount of precipitation but miami gardens will see some of those heavy rain and gusty winds as well.
7:46 am
right over portions o o 75. here we go right over pembroke pines. we're seeing it over portions of flamingo boulevard, over pines boulevard. that's very impressive. only local 10 has this type of technology. four watching us in this area, you can see the thunderstorm activity that we're highlighting embedded in it, there's actually hail falling. this is something we've been talking about all morning long to warn you. and gusty winds in place, we will continue to keep this severe weather threat around parts of broward. miami-dade you haven't really felt the effects of the severe weather but the rotation marker on the edge of this warn could possibly move more east.. so we're going to watch it. it looks as though it will move towards hollywood and we'll continue to watch this as itt moves more towards the east over i-95.
7:47 am
mess this morning. again, i just want to rerend you the big concern right now is a severe thunderstorm warning that we have in effect for parts of pembroke pines in towards south university drive, in towards portions of cooper city. all of those cities, hollywood, miramar, davie, all dealing with the threat of strong to severe storms. we're getting reports of 60 to 65 miles per hour in broward and it looks as though the severe warning will be extended eastward. as you can see the reason why is has going on currently. i'll highlight it for you. we are seeing this cluster of shower and thunderstorm activity. this is the reason they really sparked this to begin with. you see the purple shades i'm highlighting east of university? all of that is heading towards the east. that's why they are expecting to extend the severe thunderstorm warning in effect. for you in pembroke pines, again the big concern is the gusty winds. the radar indicating the possibility of damaging roofs, also the
7:48 am
embedded in@ these thunderstorms. please, send us your pictures to we want to know has going on out there. i've got the radar but a lot of you living in the areas, you watch us. do it safely of course because some of these winds are very strong. we're going to be here for you all morning long and especially once they do extendd the severe thunderstorm warning after 8:00,'ll be here to update it for you. we have will a break in in about six minutes and
7:49 am
through that.t'her world. i just live in it. >> that's best in your show. >> all up to one judge. >> i should take that. >> one judge makes the choice. >> you're right. it's unbelievable. incredible. it will all end tonight. these people love their dogs. it is -- it's own world. >> you know what, jesse, it's going to get hairy.
7:50 am
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7:53 am
hi, i'd like to make a dep-- scanner: rescan item. rescan, rescan. rescan item. vo: it happens so often yo good morning, south florida. i told i i would be back. another tornado warning in effect for parts of broward. i want to get straight to the radar. this is the same cell i've been watching all morning long. the system has pushed from the west to the east. currently the highlightetered box that you're seeing, don't get confused because w also have the severe thunderstorm warnings in effect. the red box you're seeing over hollywood beach in towards aventura, in toward miami gardens, 135th street right over a1a, u.s. 1, i-95. thisisornado warning will be in effect until 8:15. in that tornadad warning
7:54 am
thunderstorm wararng in effect. wind gusts up to 50 to 70 miles per hour. now the possibility of this warning is because of those s swers and thunderstorm activity that we've been watching. that's b bn training from the west to the east it. has been a possibility of producing the tornado activity over portions of miamiardens. it's moving to the east at 55 miles per hour. as we take a look you can see the middle ofyour screen, we still have a severe thunderstorm warning in effect u uil 8:30. take a look at the precipitation rates, incredible. we are seeing over four and a half inches of rain fallingng over i-95. i can only manager what constance jones's traffic cameras look look right now because i-95 is getting soaked from hollywood towards ives d dry road, as far south as north miami. aventura getting soaked. this is just one of the three areas that we are watching. pembroke pines is under e severe thunderstorm warning in effect until 8:00. south university drive
7:55 am
we still also have a strong indication of a tornado near north miamibeach moving east. people around aventura and sunny isles beach should be taking shelter as we speak. do you hr me? i will say it again. people around aventura and sunny isles beach should be taking shelter as we speak. you should not be driving in these conditions over i-95, hollywood, a1a. the national weather service is indicating that winds of up to 60 to 70 miles pe hour are turning as we speak and currently theig concern again is that this is slowly pushi towards the east and will continue to affect parts of north miami in towards southern parts of broward, right over hallandale beach boulevard, right over a1a, right over hollywood. this is a huge concern. this is the morning commute. all ofou are telling me, julie, i've got to get to work, i've got to get the rids to school. no, youon't. safety is first. i will highlight this area and then i'm going
7:56 am
exactly what's going on with thih tornado watch box. a pretty big area but the biggest concern the national weather service is staying over ives dairy road, there is a lot going on with these showers activity that's occurring. this is what the national weather service is saying. people around aventura, sunny isles beach should be take shelter as we speak. a strong connection on your radar that i just highlighted embedded in that tornado warningh is actually showing that there's the possibility of tornadic activity. we have the camera on i-95 we're going to take. as you heard me mention, it's just a mess over i-95 from broward towards miami-dade. let's show you some pictes. i'm not quite sure if you can understand how intense and how much rain is actually falling. here we go live outside. you can see just the amount of precipitation falling on the roadways, dangerous conditions for
7:57 am
it's unfortunately going to be like this for another 30 minutes or so and another round of@ rain could be possible. the big concern is the tornado activity we're seeing embedded in these showers and thunderstorms. possibly over seven and a half inches of rain on poem broke road. i know you're hearing the rumbles in the thunder and we're losing power in the studio. we're going to keep going because we want you to be safe. again, this tornado warning is in effect until 8:15. this highlights hollywood, highlight people breaks road, this high temperatures ives dairy road. this highlights north miami. we want you to be safe. people around aventura, sunny isles beach should all be taking shelter. we are also noticing there's the severe thunderstorm warning until in effect over parts of union, pembroke pines, moving in towards sheridan. moving over portions of
7:58 am
just soaked. right now miami gardens and the turnpike also on the border of this tornado warning. again, we could be receiving of up to seven and a half inches of rain in some parts of hollywood, pembroke road. we could be dealing with damaging winds, windows. we always talk about this but you never really experience it. this is the experience this morning. i want you to be safe. i want you to stay indoors. please seek shelter. it's very dangerous out there. live outside our i-95 camera at sheridan. it's a crawl, not because of accidents but because of the rain. it's just a miserable start and it looks as though possible tornado debris signature near i-95 and ives dairy road. i think we have a camera there. let's wait a minute and i think we have a camera over ives dairy road. the national weather service is indicating that there's some debris on i-95 due to a
7:59 am
again, we have to wait. there you go. you can't even see it. the national weather service has to go out and obviously survey the damage of what's going on on i-95 and ives dairy road. this is just a mess. we've got you covered here. constance jones will be helping me out with more of our traffic. we also have our i anchors here. we event seep any pictures of any debris or damage yet but the national weather service is indicating there's a lot of it going on. our cameras are the live cameras and that's what we have for you. we're going to work you through this morning commute which is a rough one and reminin you that we are going to see showers and storms, at least for anonoer hour. this tornado warning is in effect until 8:15. again, it covers hollywood all the way south in towards 135th street. 163rd s seet and anywhere from miami gardens, e et of miami gardens on the turnpike. let's give it to the anchors. look at those pictures. >> we're here with you.
8:00 am
pictures from our traffic cameras. you just showed that tornado watch box. anyone inside that box needs to find shelter immediately. this is a tornado warning not a tornado tch which means if you live inside is of the box here we're a little bit east of university drive around 135th street to the north and extending all the way to the ocean through hohoywood, aventura, those areas, you live inside that red box, y y need to find a shelter inside your home, a a closet, smo where where there are no windows nearby. >> local 10 is with you every step of the way for this weather event. julie's been forececting it all day long talking about that line of storms with tha front. we have experienced this in just the last month. we've had plenty of tornado touchdowns across florida bututns in south florida too. so this isn't one of the things where we say we never get tornadoes or twisters in south florida or it's
8:01 am
over the water when we see that happen out with the boaters but this is something very serious and it'ss just amazing. she just showed a precipitation rate in this arereof the northern portion of miami-dade and the southernortion of broward county showing almost eight inches of rainfall an hour. this is not a morning you want to be out on the roadways. >> compounding it is the part of the day this is happening. nono only for people trying to get to work and kids going to stole, dropping them off. julie's recommendation just be careful. don't worry about being late today. i think people understand safety comes first in this situation. cocotance has what's happening on the roads. as you can see it is dangerous out there. it is slick.
8:02 am
the roads this m morning? >> this is i-95 near miami gardens drive. our northbound lanes, it appears there are several lanes shut down. some rd debris due to possibly some circulation in the area. she's tracking all of that but from the roadway perspective northbound looks like it could be shut down, still working to find out exactly everything that'sappening there. zooming on into our system, obviously you see all of the red and the yellow. that shows us and indicates just how slow the speeds are on i-95 northbound approaching ives dairy northbound and southbound seeing delays from 37 obviously to 28 miles per hour there. so some heavy, heavy delays in place for anyone traveling in miami-dade cnty. we're seeing it from broward to mmi-dade county. those heavy delays in place. at this point we're looking to find out if
8:03 am
scenes but again still working all the details with this one. it does appear that i-95 northbound heavy delays. looks like onl one to two lanes getting by. southbound a pking lot. this is the morning to call your boss and say, hey, i'm going to be late to work. as we're working the details to find out if there was a tornado, obviously tornado warning in place, there's quite a bit of circulation in the location there on i-95. a trouble spot for anyone. i would recommend sticking with u.s. 1 or just avoid being outside. julie? >> that's right. now the national weather service has we want to take you to our radar so you can see ives dairy south of hollywood where 10 minutes ago, it included hollywood. so we are still under the threat for the possibility of damaging winds, very dangerous conditions.
8:04 am
memns. stay inside, seek shelter. do not be going outside to take pictures or video. we will get them for you. the tornado warning now effect until 8:15, with precipitation rates of two and a half inches per hour, sunny isle aventura, you heard me mentio 5 minutes ago, the national weather service says you need to take caution and seek shelter over these areas before the tornado which has been pushing toward the east,f it is a tornado, has moved into the area. it looks as though we are going to see t national weather service in frfrt of you live has finally canceled the tornado warning. they are stating it as possible tornado damage they are getting reports of. again, they have to go out and survey. it looks as though the damage could be on 22nd avenue. were sending out our crew to get more details.
8:05 am
from i-95 and ives dairy, which has been under the tornado warning the last 15 minutes. finally able to expire. we are still dealing with a severe thunderstorm warning in effect for parts o hollywood ives dairy, pembroke pines, and thunderstorm warning is the possibility of tornadic activity so i don't think because the warnings have been canceled we are in the clear because we are not. you can see the heavy rain, gusty winds, and again i want qo remind you, severe thunderstorm warning is in effect until 8:30 for parts of hollywood, pembroke pines, right over portions of hollywood, and royal palm ranches, moving to the east at 25 miles per hour. this includes ft. lauderdale, pembroke pines, hollywood, miramar and davie. the severe thunderstorm warning has the possibility of seeing precipitation rates of almost three inches per hour. and i want to remind you, we have had three tornado warnings this morning, one started in davie, the other in pompano beach.
8:06 am
portions of aventura, hollywood, i-95. all because of the instability in the atmosphere and leading edge of a cold front with plenty of instability to allow for rotation to occur. in the middle of the screen, the severe thunderstorm warning until 8:30. possibility of flooding is a big concern over low areas along the coast, and embedded in the severe thunderstorm warnings could possibly be tornadic activity as winds have been reported up to 60 miles per hour 65 miles per hour. we are getting reports of a possible tornado damage, near northeast 189th and 22nd avenue. we will send our crew out there. this is the time to be prepared. be concerned through the morning and make sure you are making plans to be safe and be indoors. >> speaking of that, we have our crews all over south florida. in pompano beach, pembroke pines davie, so we have all of our
8:07 am
possible of damage from tornadic activity. we are not in the clear, we could get another tornado warning. what about the rainfall totals? for viewers in broward, dade, what is the worst-case scenario as we continue to track this all morning? >> the worst of the weather is currently over aventura, all the way toward portions of downtown miami. to the east, we are not in the clear yet. there's more coming. this is just west of us, this is headed east northeast.. we have more rain expected the leading edge of the front. the front is over central florida. so believe it or not, this isn't the worst of what we are seeing. it will continue. >> we have a light pole now down on the i.
8:08 am
this is i-95 and ives dairy, where we saw the h havy debris. that is the area you forecasted possibility of gusty winds. if anybody is traveling the i, i-95 southbound, they zoomed in quite a bit. it is difficult to see. if you are traveling in this spot, road debris going to slow you down. >> that's exactly what the national weather service was indiditing. more rain to come. we'll keep you posted all morning.g. that's a look at w wt we are dealing with currently. (phone ringing) you can't dede with something,
8:09 am
seem to be dealing americans work hard, so our next president to keep it strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates, make every adventure every moment every day truly epic with a universal orlando grab a coke and get up to 3 months free so you can enjoy two amazi and great events like this it's all kinds of amazing all year long
8:10 am
picture. but also showing offer weight loss. she says meditation has played a
8:11 am
the woman known for her midas touch is nowow singing the praises of meditation saying it will held us recognize what we're really hungry for. oprah winfrey wowing us this weekend. her weight loss efforts showing big results. >> i lost 26 pounds. and i have eaten bread every single day >> reporter: looking now like she may have lost more weighgh than her announcement more than two weeks ago. and revealing it may not just be weight watchers that's helping her shed the pounds. >> meditation is a way of progressively quieting the mind. >> reporter: oprah joining spiritual g urk ru and shor of superer genes on a challenge. shedding the weight, mind, body, and spirit. >> we're also introducing the idea of sheheing emotional baggage. which frequently is the cause of weight gain.
8:12 am
remarks this discovery program has helped her gainn insight into her struggleith weight loss. saying i've learned thateight can affect more than just our physical being. researchers continue to study the link between meditation and weight loss. while there is so evidence meditation can help people lose weight, it's still too early to make solid conclusions. yet, deepak chopra claims there is a connection and it works. >> meditation decreases the levels of cort irk sol. when row have vesz, you accumulate belly fat. >> reporter: losing weight must include serious changes in diet. >> meditationlone does not do it. the types of food, the portion, and then cow can really, really focus on weight loss. >> reporter: still, anne can meditate meditate. and this, the tenth meditation
8:13 am
sure to add inspiration to those trying to shed the pounds. >> let's let 2016 be the year of our best bodieses >> reporter: people will be watching for the oprah effect of how many people will try to get in the zone through medication. mindfulness and meditation is something she's been talkingn about for years. way before it was envogue. this may be the first time she's connecting the dots to weight loss. >> thank you. let's talk more about thisp with dr. jen ashton. it's not the answer. program. >> absolutely. years. years. people have been doing it for 10, 20, 30 years. we're trying to get this all hands on deck approach to overweight and obesity and look at anything we can do to help people lose weight and manage weight. so, when we looked at the data, i just gave you one of the studies, 24rst very limited data. the studies are not well
8:14 am
it does show mindful ens has anness has an impact on emotional eating. >> emotional baggage. >> if you do it alone, will itt work? probably not. if you do it with other behavioral modifications, like an all-out approach, absolutely. >> you would tell your patients to try it? >> yes. you have too take a holistic approach. you have to sasa what i do want to do. assess your diet. assess your behavior. get a support system in place. we've heard it again and again. i would say poor people to look for obesogenic medications. antidepressants. anti-his means. that are making people gain weight. if you can remove them, that's a
8:15 am
then, no question. treat obesity as a disease. if necessary, mication and surgery to help lose weight. downside, some meditation is free to learn. some there's a small fee. the only downsideky see, george, is if you're going to pt ul your negs the basket of meditation and avoid aggressive efforts to lose weight doing other things. >> all hands on deck. you have to try everything. >> i'm a big advocate of meditation. >> thank you, jen. morning. >> absolutely. now more from music's biggest night. the grammys. certain did not disappoint. from bold choices on the red carpet to overwhelming acceptance speeches. not to mention show-stopping performances. it was definitely a night to remember. >> our party is not over. >> reporter: leave it to entertainment's leading ladies to put on a party. this year serving up a good dose of surprises.
8:16 am
>> and the grammy goes to -- meghan trainor. >> reporter: from meghan trainor's breakdown after new artist. >> i'm a mess. sorry. >> reporter: to sofia vergara's peekaboo popup. >> sofia vergara. >> rorter: to the first music video created on livetv, starring gwen stefani. involving seven costume changes and a crew of 250. why you have to >> reporter: and, stop the sic. that tumble was part of the act. stefani's rep telling abc news that the skater w fell was a stheekky stunt double. on the red carpet, stunners.
8:17 am
theemd nightgown to the beetle beetlejuice inspired combo. taylor swift and selena gomez shaking off some fabric to flaunt some skin. and adele sparkling in sequins. rebel rebel >> reporter: and on the red carpet, making a grand entrance with flaming hot o onge hair, sky-high platform heels. i'm'mn the edge >> so joining us now with his take on the evening's highlights, jess cagle. editorial director of "people" and "entertainment weekly." welcome back. >> good to be here.
8:18 am
impression of the david bowie stuff? >> every now andh then, she sang something so beautiful it mad me want one great daift bowie song in her voice. it was one great thing instead of ten great things. i would have preferred that. >> the old adage less is more? >> maybe. >> what did you think of the night overall? >> the grammys are, just the best show. it is such a smart show. because, for one thing, they get a lot of awards out of the way in the afternoon. you get to the telecast, you have one great performance after another. >> so true. no wasted time. >> and with all the tributes, you have a chance for, you know, young artists to be doing the great classic songs. you have got justin bieber and bonnie raitt and kendrick lamar and stevie wonder. there's something for everybody. by the way, justin bieber brought his 6-year-old brother to the -- and i kept ththking, somebody asked justin bieber to baby sit.
8:19 am
>> yes. >> come on, he's cleaning up his act. >> yeah. slow toing git tars. they're probably still out. >> he did throw the guitar. did that bother you? >> he did that great acoustic set. then he srted acting like an idiot again and throwing the guitar. i was very disappointed. >> he's very young. he's very young. >> it's fip. he'll grow up. >> we hope. did you like the pink tribute? >> i did. i'm excited about the -- well, i -- the white rabbit. in the trailer for -- through the looking glass. >> yes. >> brilliant. brililant. anything thatt pink does is -- is okay by me. >> i agree. she pushes the envelope in a ry big way. >> one of the more emotional moments for me, you, too. we love the eagles. i thought seeing them on stage,
8:20 am
of their leaders, glenn frey, i thought it was a touching moment. >> it was a touching moment. i loved that. there were some, you know, there were complaints some people were given tributes and others were not. i have to say, they really do tributes right on the grammys. again, that's part of the secret to the show's success. >> the lionel richie one was fantastic, o. >> and demi lovato, amy's favorite moment. >> probably the single best moment of the show. >> best speech of the night? >> oh, my gosh. mange train meghan trainor was great. >> so emotional. genuine. her dad crying in the audience. >> however, no speech beat taylor swift's. >> i was hoping you would go there. >> it was a classy smackdown. >> very classy. she didn't mention his name. she had sort of released word earlier on in the day that
8:21 am
she would address the issue in a good way. boy, she did it. >> and from your -- with all of your editorial experience, she could not have done it better? >> no. she couldn't have done it better. she made it not about herself. she made it about young women. and made it a bigger issue. because it is very, very true. >> she's a pro. a total pro. >> the jessagle approval has been dpifbgiven. you can get all the highlights from our website. check out "peopl"people," "entertainment weekly." e. let's check out rob outside. >> you didn't watch. what did you watch? >> "the bachelor." >> love t t see at the. we're getting to this box. hey, y'all. we love you for coming out. check out the storm. dumping a lot of snow across
8:22 am
bad roads buffalo to rochester. look at the temps on the east side, they warm up. strong thunderstorms fm new york to boston. >> we are dealing with very strong to severe weather this morning of our own. we have hail reported west of miccosukee. it is headed toward hialeah. showers and storms continue to progress from the east to west, a line of shower or thunderstorm activity now occurring over portions of hialeah, aventura, hollllood, the worst of the weather still i-95, toward portions of ives dairy, miami shores, s sfside. we are expecting the threat to continue through the morning. we will see a break from the threat by afternoon. it will be a rough tuesday, i am here all morning with you, breaking in with the threats we have had, severe thunderstorm warnings to the tornado warnings and i am happy to tell you we are not under warnings. it is wet tall
8:23 am
a little star wars news. benicio del toro and laura dern joining the cast. and kelly tran. london, filming got under way on monday. we're hearing that benicio will play a bad guy. perhaps, laura dern will play the mom of rey. see if that's correct. john boyega took to twitter. as did mama ham mill. wi a hashtag, still no line. >> really? >> hold , mark. you'll get some. you'll get some. >> we wait for the release december 2017. >>,the clip. >> tend of episode vii. luke skywalker coming back. >> you'll watch episode eight. >> shooting picked up right where they left off on that
8:24 am
still no lines. okay, you know the saying when pigs fly. we might w wt to consider that to dogs after a nationwide search, 12 of england's brainiest pooches are being trained to take control of light aircraft. the finalists are all rescue dogs. >> i'll say they're rescue dogs if they're flying a plane. >> that's spike. shadow is a 2 1/2-year-old bull terrier/collie mix. they'll be put through their paces. several weeks of problem solving. asoning testing with the best performers heading to flight school. the winner will take the controls of a plane as part of a tv series called dogs night fly. i wish it was not called might. the shows creatoror say they want to demonstrate dogs have
8:25 am
distinct personalities. to walk. >> sit. >> plee not mess on my rug again. go ahead, teach them to fly. >> snoopy flew. >> wow, excellent point, rob. >> i'm here for you, george. >> snoopy is real, rob. >> for sure. have you ever gone to the salon after a long week end, you're back to work, you sit back, get your hair done. the hairdresser keeps talking. that's how this gal feels. she just wants to sit back and relax.
8:26 am
she's superannoyed. >> severe weather alert ntinuing coverage, a look at the radar. >> it has been an ugly morning. our crews are spread out all over south florida. we are on top o this for you. >> south florida, i warned about this early morning to prepare for a nasty tuesday. i want to go to where the worst of the weather is. it has been over i-95 and aventura, now, with that said, we have had three toornado warnings, this morning one started in davie, cooper city. the other pompano beach. the last one with the worst
8:27 am
miami gardens, hialeah, gratigny parkway, 441 and i-95. you are in the clear boca raton, the rest of us heavy rain and gusty winds. the threat continues across parts of south florida the next few hours. we are expecting the heavy rain to move east. >> i-95 southbound completely shut down between miami gardens and ives dairy. i want to show you theive picture. northbound lanes seeing a lot of heavy delays. avoid the i completely this morning if you can. you can obviously see delays northbound and southbound lanes, u.s. 1 looking ok, with 441. the papaetto expressway southbound, also just stastill
8:28 am
much more after the break. (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big differencece between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
8:29 am
first, we dared to take you into thehefire. >> oh, my gosh. you can see it. >> then, into the ice. >> i got up. >> now, amy journeys across the planet, taking you into africa's garden of eden. a 360-degree camera. puttin you on the edge. with the fierce, most ex09ic animals on earth. right in the midst ofhe my frustration. and our hosts, the warriors. and we're just one week away from that big event. amy will go on safari, for "gma." in africa. that is the great migration.
8:30 am
we'll show it t you live next week. so exciting. it happens every february there. we'll show it to you this february here o "gma." >> i'm really excited for that. >> i'm really excited. my bags are getting packed as we speak. you'll be abde to follow along with us the entire 360 perience from any device. the viewing boxes we showed you yesterday. i have one here. you don't have to have this. you can use your phone, ipad, have the same experience. you touch and can follow along with us. take a look. we have, um, somethi from our elephant drone. it will be -- we'll have an elephant drone cam. >> look how close that is. can't believe the images you're able to capture. >> this is our advanced team. already on the ground. getting everything ready for us. so much more of that. what an experience to see it in a 360-degree version on your phone. >> what an adventure you're having.
8:31 am
>> you'll look so coooo walking down seventh anue with that. >> aren't you going get into the problem of poaching >> yes. especially in the last few years, it's an incredible problem, especially for elephant population. the ivory trade is still flourishing. we'll doesiscuss that. >> a lot to learn. a lot to see. you'll be safe, we know. you'll find fun, too. speak of fun, everybody. the 4r5i9est "bachelor" bomb shell. ben making, get ready, jesse. eliminations. >> you never did that. >> the remaining twin sent packing. and then becca learned e, too, didn't make the cut. show. for the second time now, she's speak out about it only on "gma." linzie janis has the details. >> reporter: the two shocking
8:32 am
>> i just don't think i can see you being my wife. >> reporter: the connection between ben and emily finally plosz soming in ben's hometown. parents. >> nervous. >> reporter: but the meeting shedding light onis concerns. >> my mom's concern is emily beg ready to be a wife are the same concerns i have, my dad has. >> reporter: after the date, he sends emily home. for us. >> reporter: the other women stunned by the early exit. >> it was shocking and sad. just a reality for all of us that he's very, veve serious about this now. >> reporter: meanwhile, becca, hoping to find love on her second season of "the bachelor" voicing oncerns. >> i'm not getting validation through words. at the very least, i deserve someone who like really wants me and wants to be with me. just don't blindside me. >> reporter: the group date cut short after he chooses amanda to get the rose and the rest of the
8:33 am
>> ladies, i'm sorry. amanda and i have a date to continue. >> i feel like i've gotten nothing, like, nothing from him. it was more hurtful that there was nothing i could do about it. >> reporter: the rose ceremony, more stressful than ever. with hometown dates on the line. in a surprising move -- >> will you accept this rose? >> reporter: ben chooses lauren, jo jo, and kayla. leaving becca empty handed and heat broken for a second time. >> why would i keep putting mist in this position. just because he's not right for me doesn't mean i won't find m love story, too. it just means it wasn't with him.% >> reporter: for "good morning america," linzie janis, abc news, new york. >> a lotf drama. a new episode airs monday night, 8:00, 7:00 central. we have just ruined superstar mom kate hudson's morning. >> totally ruin t it. i'm fine. it's fine. >> well, any workiki mom will
8:34 am
time to stay in shape. but for manythis mother of two, it's no different than anyone else. she's sharing her secrets in her new book, "pretty happy." >> pretty happy. i'm excited. i feel like it's the first time i get to talk about this with women. it's something i'm superpassionate about. being the holistic self. as we see with oprah and deepak talking about it. >> i love that this book came about from people like me asking you, what's your secret? >> all the time. it's not a secret. there's though secret. it takes a lot of work. think that's the thing. for me, it's more about how to you motivate women to want that to be a part of their lifestyle. the actual work part. because sit discipline. but it also has to come from
8:35 am
>> it's not just one thing. >> no it's mental and physical sflp meditation is baig part of it. you said it's made you a more patient parent. we could all use that. >> it helps. i'm definitely not always patient. but, it does help. it helps in a lot of ways. meditation is an incredible tool. now there's too much research around it to not visit be part of, most people's -- especially our kids' lives. i think, i think the sanity of trying the stay as frouped as possible, sort of what it does to youj body and your brain is it starts to just alleviate the stress hormones. that's a huge part of so much issue whether it be illness, holding on toweight. and i think that's where meditationons really helpful in terms of scientifically. so. >> i love something that you wrote. you said, when you're kind to yourself, it's how you treat other people. how youreat yourself is how you treat other people.
8:36 am
it's a domino effect. i think women are hard on themselves too. we're predisposed to be hard on ourselves. and, i would like to see thaha start to be alleviated. >> me, too. me, o. there's nothing to be hard on yourself about the cover of "self" magazine. you look simply fantastic. i want to show everybody. you don't work out every day. you don't beat yourself up when you take break. it's hard to believe you take a break when you see those. >> it's hard to do it every day. it makes me happy. being activee is a -- it makes me feelel better. >> those endorphins, right? >> a lot of women don't necessarily have the tool that was instilled in me when i was young. but it is never too late to
8:37 am
strong. >> you write about advice, a lot that your mom, goldie gave you. >> she's my teacher. i wa blessed to have -- she's a bunch of things. actress. but more than that, s's a really inspiring woman. and she's -- also -- a dancer. she started off as a dancer. activity, health, she was on the cutting edge of green juice before -- >> she inspired a lot of the food we'll show you how you eat. >> i don't know if she inspished this. >> sheinspired healthy eating habits. she's about to become amy schumer's mom. how is that going to feel? >> i can't wait. she's not worked in 14 years on a movie. >> because she's not found the right role.
8:38 am
on a mind-up curriculum5 this is making sure you get in all the food groups. and this is sort of the aruveydic way to do it. the sweet, the sour, the astringent and thepungent. the greens. the bitter, a lot of the bitter. >> a lot of the bitter. >> and then y want to add, we don't necessarily want the -- >> i went for the@salty. >> why not? >> the sweet, you get it in the foods. >> and meet, and nuts. and oils. and then, the astringent is dryi. this is important. green tea. >> a lot of people probably leave this out. >> we don't eat enough beans and proe teens. >> the sour with the citrus. >> i love pink grapefruit.
8:39 am
ip do a lot of, i talk about the diet a lot. >> you have questionnaire. you get to fill outut a bunch of stuff. i get t t see what kind of personality i have. >> i don't want people to be board. >> "pretty happy" is available in stores a online today. thank you so much, kate. >> thank you. now let's go outside to rob. >> all right. check out the crew. we have a contingent from georgia. from arkansas. from rochester, where it's snowing. what are you drinking? >> half decaf, halfregular. >> how old are you? >> 12. >> you probably get good grades, don't you? >> yeah. >> if i knew that was a secret, i would have drank coffee at yo age, too. wind warnings and snow warnings coming through. finally, after el nino taking a break. it will be potent in the form of rain, mountain snow. almost to los angeles by the time we get to w wnesday and
8:40 am
near record-breaking heat. 90. >> south florida, we are still dealing with very strong storms, heavy rain, gusty winds, no watches and warnings in effect currently. but the thunderstorm continuing to affect broward and miami-dade the worst of it aventura, hialeah, gratigny parkway, i >> this weather report's brought to you by walgreen's. it's warm out here. i can't believe it was minus 1 two days ago.
8:41 am
i don't kn what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story.
8:42 am
a lot of excitement here in the studio for "batman." we brought you the batmobile yesterday. today, we hear from the stars. ben affleck and henry cavill. jesse you had the chance to sit down with the stars. >> that's right. ben affleck and henry cavill
8:43 am
which suit is more comfortable after a grueling shoot? it's matchup of epic pro portions. >> son of krypton versus bat of gotham. >> reporter: henry cavill suiting up as superman for the second timem facing off gaens brand-new batman, ben affleck. did you get to talk to people like michael keaton, val kilmer. christian bale? >> i talked to clooney. he had advice which is not repeatable. i talked to christian. he said to make sure i got a zipper in t tut. it was valuable, practical advise. >> reporter: "batman versus superman, dawn of justice." >> it's easier to say. >> reporter: while mankind grapples with the hero it really needs. >> he has the pow or the wipe out the entire human race.
8:44 am
>> um, well, i mean, when sups turns up, he shows himself, he makes a bit of a mess. i would say bruce is one of the few people that thinks i could find a way of stopping this guy, if need be. i think it's out of -- just being careful. >> reporter: can this be a fair fight? because superman is superhuman. batman is human but has amazing gamts. how sit a far fight? >> it's not. but we have to make the story interesting. >> how do you do that? >> he takes advantage of fact gnat supererman is a good guy, basically. >> reporter: but superheroes are not bit in a day. the leading men training for a year before stepping into their suits. >> i saw the first movie he was in. it was kind of like, wow. i don't know if i can be in quite that good of shape. but he's definitely set a high bar.r. he has to be in the high bar because he's an alien. aliens have to -- >> i figured --
8:45 am
i'm just a man. after all. but -- >> putting on abobo 20 pounds of muscle. it was really hard to do. certainly at my advanced age. >> reporter: jokes aside, affleck admit there is is pressure to live up to fans' expectations. >> i really care about it. i wanted to do well. i feel like i got to work with lented people. it was really, i'm really proud of what we were able t tdo. >> and the guys also told me that jesse eisenberg as lex luthor makes the movie. "batman versus superman: dawn of justice kts opens soon. >> make a pch for yourself. too be on that movie? i'm not a superhero. i do want to drive the i'm still jealous rob got to sit in that yesterday.
8:46 am
8:47 am
she'll reveal her we're back now with "gma's" girl power series. we're teaming up with qu9 seven teen" magazine. rachel fox is a teen actress making it big on the screen. she's also scoring on the stock market adds well. she's sharing her financial secrets for your kids. take a look. >> you want me to have fun, buy me this. >> reporter: it was a breakout role that launched rachel fox into hollywood. >> my mom says you see that. >> reporter: when she's not on the big screen, the 19-year-old stays busy as a stock day trade person how you to go from being on sets with daniel craig, felicity huffman, to day-trading at your computer. it's a big leap. >> i get interested in tngs and learn about them.
8:48 am
so i'm not going to. >> reporter: she laughs but her success is no joke. she's one of "time's" most influential teens. just this month -- ifshe has her own ted talk. >> now you're on to something. >> reporter: at the age of 15, she talk e herself. he returns beat the s&p 500. when was that moment where you wept, iust made a ton of money. andky do this. >> after a year, i kind of looked back and was like, wow. i lost stuff here. made stuff here. this is cool. over all, i have a skill now. >> reporter: how do you dee side where you put your money? >> i will definitely pay attention to what is going on in pop culture a lot. what is nobody t tking about in the investment world that the
8:49 am
being a young investor has huge advantages. >>eporter: now she's writing about what she's learned with fox on stocks. for a lot of teens, and especially girls, fitnessesnances and financial matters are not on top. >> let the enthusiasm take you. there's no females in the world any way. >> reporter: why is it important for you to break down the stereotypes for women and finance? >> because having one industry with only one type of gender or mind set is not good. we continue to get video into the news room ofevere storms all across south florida. you're looking at what's
8:50 am
>> local 10 is working for you. of course we have our weather authority meteorologist here in the studio tracking freferg storms to possible tornadoes. let's go straight over to julie. >> indeed, jacey and eric. it has been a very rough morning. heavy rains, i reported it live that we actually had hail over pembmbke pines at one poison of the morning. that was u uer one of the three tornado warnings we had in effect and then we havav another one from aventura, another video. this is from our very very owned amy viteri. we are covered from broward to miami-dade. this is just another video due to the other tornado warning that we had in effect and the third tworng wasn effect from barack obama. we'll bebe getting video on that as well. we hav heavy rain and gusty winds affected parts of south florida
8:51 am
we had debris fall over parts of south florida. this is at 7:53. i want to highlight an area where the national weather service has crews out there saying that there is the possibility of a tornado that did touch down. this is just one of many. we have several other ots as we continue on this radar. can you notice that the heavy rain and gusty winds have pushed offshore but we are expecting to see the national weather service continue to investigate as we got more rain located over southern parts of miami-dade, kendall and u.s.-1. not only has this been doing damage to your homes, your backyards and roadways. for that we good to constance. >> i-95 southbound still completely shut down. let's show you guys pictures of that. avoid i-95. this is what it has looked like for the past 45 minutes. we have several folks who work for channel 10 stuck in all of this. there's an overturned semi truck on the highway. right as soon as that storm passed, we're seeing lots of debris on the i.
8:52 am
lanes not moving at all. we're not sure how long this is going to take to clear it out but we're going to see those delays on the i. stick wit u.s.-1. if you really have to get out this morng or 441. they are looking pretty clear. again, i-95 southbound still completely shut down. also an area where traffic's at a standstill, no big surprise here. the palmetto expressway southbound right past the big curve. we had an accident scene there. those speeds are okay at 11:00 miles per hour. overall we're seeing a mess on the roadways because of all the rain still coming through. i want to show you how it looks like with our traffic weather data here coming into our system. for us who are traveling into miami you're going to see some issues. i wantnto zoom in rather quickly. it looks like the biggest problem we're going to see is for anyone traveling into miami this morning, the east loot next 15 to 20
8:53 am
traveling southbound at i-95. you're seeing those speeds really slow at about 12 miles per hour. we did i continue to see reallyly impressive images coming into the news room. send them to >> it looks like a car just engulfed in downed tree limbs. awful. we've had reports of downed trees, debris and even downed power lines. next let's go to pictures we have some sunny isles beach. once again you see a lot of this, downed trees, broken off. the problem you have to worry about is if theyare twisted at the top. >> that's a big question. did a tornado touch down national weather service is out there surveying the damage but a lot of you are surveying what you're seeing in your backyards and streets us. thank you for continuing to send them in to us. you're our eyes and ears out there on the streets. substantial rainfall,
8:54 am
falling here this morning as you're seeing some othe streets just ooded in addition to those tree limbs down. >> thqs is wilton manors, tons of flooding and downed trees in hollywood hills. we've e d plenty of our viewers send in pictures and video. first we started like this but then plenty of people walked out the patios and front yards and backyards. downed trees, power lines and limbs. this ugly weather moving through hollywood. we have reports of up to eight inches an hour. >> a lot of power outages right now, 50,000 people reported to be withoutower in broward and miami-dade county according to florida powernd light. we'll keep an eye on this for you allthroughout the morning. the big question is how will the rest of the morning play out. those videos are just incredible. pictures are incredible. the only good thing i can tell tho morning is it's not going to be long.
8:55 am
and storms a a finally starting to push offshore. some gradual clearing is occurring over portions of broward. as we zoom in, can you see plenty of rain over portions of miami-dade ana in towards southern miami-dade. that's where the worst of the weather is going to be. we still have some thunderstorms, heavy rain, gusty winds and it looks as though our storm track is showing the possibility of hail by aventura, still occurring over southern miami-dade. we are expecting these showers and storms to continue throughout the dada we'll finally see a break from it by around 3:00 in the aftnoon. we're here all morning long for you. we are going to send to you "kelly & michael" but i'm always watching news.
8:56 am
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8:58 am
at noon. wow, that was abrupt. tuesday, february 16, 2016. welcome to the show, everybody. [applause] michael: yes. kelly: hi, hi, and hello. that's a good -- i love you, too. my dad, everybody. no, i'm just kidding. hey, lots ofids off, right? yeah. [applause] right, right. yeah, i got some kids backstage too, yeah. michael: i had no idea.
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