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tv   Local 10 News 6PM  ABC  February 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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head to little tavani, east you're heading to brickell. a lot of people use this exit on regular basis. it's shut down for the time being. this is an arere to avoid as you're looking againrom pictures above from sky 10. we just heard from the captain of the city of miami-dade fire department ignaciususarroll. let's hear what he had to say. >> there were no kids in the park. there were two vehicles damaged as a result but nobody was inside. firefighters will did check the ound to make sure there was nobody under the vehicle, under the pile of trash that came out of the truck. weave that one driver that is in serious condition. >> victor: and we have been following this story for about half an hour, incredible pictures, and we just got a crew on the ground there. let's get to our laraa livingston. layron livingst. what can you tell us? >> lron: quite a crowd forming. i'm going to step out of the way because you can see through this wrought iron fence outside of this scene where the dump truck
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you have seen the aerial shots. now we're down on the ground. you can kind of see how this has all ended p. if that driver, like you said i understand he was ejected from this once he fell down, and he fell from a pretty far distance. if you can panel upthere, daniel, you can kind of see working at the top where this overpass is crossing over ts park area here and that was quite a distae that this gentleman came down. as i heard you say, thankfully no one was in the cars below that are still parked down here in this parking l l that this truck came crashing down on, and the back of it. les also there's an suv, looks like this other small car here. lots of debris on the ground. you can see fire crews are here and it caught quite a lot of people. i spoke to a woman setting up our live shot, she said she was coming here to jog like she normally does and work out in the park, and all of a sudden she heard the boom, and more than likely thatas the impact
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truck hitting the ground here. so we'll stick with this situation and find out as much as we possibly can about it. for now we're live down here at jose marti, layron livingston, local10 news. >> victor: incredible pictures there right from the ground. ir also received a text message fry witness driving down i-95. they said that they saw a lot of smoke right after this city of miami solid waste truck came crashing down. again, a huge distance, more than 100 feet down from that exit ramp at southwest 7th veet and the driver was ejected. a story we're going to continue to follow. >> calvin: and i think there are a couple of things that we should point i. point outed, too, victor. based on those pictures we have seen there was some sort of fire that did take place after that garbage truck hit the ground. secondly as you mentioned, this is a very busy park especially on a holiday. the fact that moan no one else the ground was hurt there is truly a m macle. just a remarkable scene.
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that's doing in that area. here's jenisis fernandez with more judges of you can just imagine how ter fugue this muts have been for those driving i-95 and also they go on the ground. let's take to you sky 10. this truck again driving on i-knife southbound on the southwest 7th street ramp, this truck falls over, falls 100 feet right near jose marti park. again, thankfully no one was on the ground. that driver, though, taken to the hospital. but let's look at what sort of delays this is causing because we are seeing those delays because that ramp is closed while they work this scene, try figueroa out exactct how this happened. i-95 southbound southwest 7th street ramp is closed and queer seseng those delays for those traveling i-95 southbound. speeds right now at 18 miles per hour. go ahead and take biscayne boulevard as an alternate. calvin. >> calvin: also tonight, the hit-and-run accident that killed a five-year-old miramar boy, and the arrests 20-year-old driver who allegedly struck him and kept on going. this that little boy was out
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family when he what is hit. >> janine: a that alleged driver did not make it very far. local10 news reporter teell forney live in that neighborhood for us. terrell. >> terrell: yeah, the family touched by this tragedy is from miramar. they were here in palm beach county just visiting relativities but their lives chged at this intersection which is close to the boynton beach and lantana border. you can see that this chain link fence has been ripped to the grou and this temporary memorial has been placed where this fife-year-old boy lost his life. stuffed anima placed the crash site tonight are helping family members reflect life of little jayden readon, eye five-year-old boy killed over the weekend while on an afternoon walk with grandparents. >> never give you any problem. now i just have to live with thisifor the rest of my life, knowing what coming and have been should have been directors
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came speeding by losing control and hitting the small child. the it hit the fence, throwing jayden's body down a field. he was later pronounced dead. it turns out the man behind the wheel, 20-year-old eugene was fleeing police. cops tried to pull over that white buick enclave several blocks away but they say eugene did not stop. instead he took off at a high rate of speed before the hitting the five-year-old. even after the crash, beyond the chain link fence in a field, eugene tried to run away on foot. today the 2020-year-old appeared before a judge charged with vehicular homicide, driving without a license, leaving the scene of a crashing possession of heroin. the quick arrest, thougug provides little comfort to jayden's grieving rell tiffs who were in e courtroom today. >> this guy is -- was going to be an engineer.
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and very great little kid. >> terrell: and just one more look at this temporary memorial. you see stuffed animals, roses, and even a candle placed here by friends and family members and even total strangers who never even met this fife-year-old boy. as for eugene, we do know that he is being held in jail without bond at this point, but boynton beach police at this point are still investigating the circumstances of what is briefed to be some sort of pursuit that led to all of this. we are live in lantana, i'm terrell forney, local10 news. >> janine: we want to take you back to that breaking news in the city of miami, that truck going over the overpass and about 100 feet down. layron livingston is live on the scene. layron has more information now. layron, what do you know? >> layron: we're here with fire captain ignacius carol with miami fire rescue. hopefully he can shed light on what happened.
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what is his condition? w is he and and what was he when he left? >> his acquaintance serious, wasn't able to talk very much. as you can imagine, fi fall like that i wouldn't expect too many people to be able to talk but the questions we have is what happened and how this happened. as you know this is just after 5:00 and he was traveling swownd on i-95 approaching the southwest 7th street exit as the vehicle came off of the exit ramp, came crashing down into the jose marti park. right next the a playground and the swimming pool. surprisingly enough there were not any kids playing in this playground test crash. >> thank goodness. >> exactly. you can see the concrete chunks all over the playground area. there is some damage to the park itself. we understand the swimming pool was open at the time with just employees only but no other residents were inside there. so luckily the only person that was injured is the city of miami employee, the driver. right now police are trying to gather as much information, fhp
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this and it ramp is shut down because of the damage. and we're hoping that anybody witnessed it or any cameras that ararin the area will bible to provide the critical details of how this happened. >> layron: do we think he was distracted? do we think that he was cut off in any way? do you think another driver may be partly to blame for this? what do we think happened? did he fall asleep? is there a medical situation? >> you hit on a lot of those key points that are key questions that the investigators will have, and right now the most critical information lies with that driver to be able to tell investigators exactly what happened. >> i understand there was no fire here once this made impact on the ground, correct? >> right. there was no fire at all. firefighters along with police checked the debris, checked under the vehicle. even the two vehicles that were damaged as a result, they made sure that there was nobody under all of that. but as of now there's no fire but just a lot of debris scattered.
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>> you're very welcome. >> i appreciate youou help. we'll probably check back with him as this sisiation develops, but still an act of situation here. thankfully that driver is okay moment. hopefully that r rains to be the case because he is at the hospital and we will stick w wh this situation and bring you the latest and bring it to you and update you a asoon as we at for now reporting live, layron livingston, local10 news. >> calvin: hialeah police are nono confirming the connection of several smash-and-grabs that happened oveve the weekend bringing the total of storges hit up to five. now take a look at some of the surveillance video we have. the two new stores t tt were hit this past weekend, we have video right there, a store on palm avenue and 43rd street and one on west 29th street and 11th avenue. surveillance video at three other stores in the hear caught the burglars smashing the front glasss doors to the mobile phone businesses and ransacking them and stealing smart phones. if you have any information on any of these b bglaries, you are
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crimestoppers at 305-4-4-tips. >> janine: now to the race for the white house. hillary clinton is campaigning ahead of the n nada caucuses, and husband and former president ll clinton is stumping for here right here in south florida. local10 news reporter glenna mimierg was at clinton's event today in riviera beach and she is there live. hi, glenna. >> glenna: janine, hi. this county, this statete florida such as important presence for the democrats especially in the 2016 election, but the nevada caucuses for the democrats come first just a few days away, and that's where hillary clinton felt she was most needed. wheaton there to campaign. a couple of hours ago there was no one in this room who seemed all that disappointed getting to see a former president on president's day. >> look how diverse this crowd is. >> glenna: if anyone was disappointed in hillary clinton's pinch hitter here, it did nothow. former president bill clinton highlighted differences between
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democratic primary opponent senator bernie sanders, universal health care, education, tuition, but it was a trump supporter crashing the rally that gave the former president his shining momen. >> i took his money for my foundation where i used to it better than he's using it now i guarantee up. if you want to bui a wall another rio grande river and you want to send the 11 million immigrants home, then you should follow him like moses into the promised land. [ laughter ] >> glenna: hillary clinton i had-seeded to head to neva today instead after a difficult loss in new hampshire'sirst primary and polls tightening in the more diverse nevada caucus coming up. >> the poll numbers fluctuate, and so i think as we get closer to the election, i think we will get a clearer understanding as tohe candidates and what they represent. >> it will all come down to the swing states, which on this side ofhe country are florida, ohio and pennsylvania.
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hey, civil rights record, supporting president president barack obama's exercises programs, a nod to the-american vote she so badly needs in a city where mld boulevard berry sects with barack obama highway. >> hillary has this charisma with bringing both sides together. she's a centrist, a moderate who i think will be able to really get a lot done. >> glenna: today's campaign stop here was actually an add-on to the clint agenda. there's a fundraiser for her scheduled tonight. that was the reason for the trip in palm beaeh. $1,000 a plate and up. i'm glenna milberg live in riviera beach this evening, local10 news. >> janane: former florida governorojeb bush is hoping to get a boost from his brother former presidedt george w. bush and wife laura succumbed stumped for jeb at a south carolina rally)tonight and will continue tonight.
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coverage and will be heading to south carolina to cover the presidential primary this weekend. stay with local10 for more live reports from nevada and south carolina coming up on "world news tonight" at 6:30. >> betty: dreary out there tonight, and we have to talk about the potential for more rain before we get to some brighter weather. i'm chief meteorologist betty davis. the forecast coming up. >> janine: ask we continue to follow this breaking news in miami. u solid waste truck veering off the highway, /ff the overpass, about 100 feet below into a park independent really affect traffic but one person has been
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crashing a neighbor from across the street was the one who backed into the home. another neighbor then jumped into action and pulled the driver out of the car. >> we bonds up, jumped on the windshield. i kicked windshield. i told my son, take off your sweatshirt. i don't remember what happened from there, i just remember dragon him out of smoke can vehicle. >> calvin: the good news no one was hurt. cause of this crash is now under investigation. >> janine: now tow satire you will see only on the one and only. a group of kids from haiti with plans to play soccer at a local tournament got anything but a warm welcome. a number of thing went wrong until the community of weston stepped in to help. local10 news reporter hatzel vela joins us now with the exclusive. >> hatzel: janine, this is a tournament that's posted by the weston football club which brings more than 20,000 people, about 630 teams, so naturally there's going to be some travel
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case it was much, much worse. 15 haitian teams doing what they love best. but today's game 40 unexpected setback when they arrived saturday already a day late. 16-year-old joseph says when they showed up at their wrestton hotel, the rooms will not been paid for. the money their parents paid was gone. and their coach ask still mia back in haiti, possibly coming today on the last day of the weston cup and showcase. these are kids who have never been here before, almost started walking from the airport to the hotel in weston because they didn't know what to do. >> they told us all the rooms were paid for and we just have to say our names, and then when we got here, that wasn't the case. >> hatzel: 19-year-old saint came from connecticut on a bus with translation.
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up being the coach's translators and guardians for over 19 kids. >> hatzel: so the community rallied. >> with this particular team it was that of the their organizers weren't veryryuch prepared but we were able top kind of step in and help. >> hatzel: families came forward with cash. other clubs lept with equipment. the bonaventure hotel in weston provide extra rooms. >> aye as parent it's very hurtful to see such an event happen to them. > we're just incredibly grateful. we're beyond grateful. >> hatzel: all for the love soccer and fellow humanity. okay. so at least for turn we know erything is okay. plane tickets are in order. they're ready to go. they're leaving tomorrow. what they don't take back is the satisfaction knowing what they won several games. of the five that they played, they only one won but there's always next year. for now reporting live in weston, hatzel vela, local10 news. >> janine: either way, soccer bringing people together. >> calvin: they made new
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back in a moment. (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound)d) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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back to that breaking news. a solid waste truck veer can off of i-95 at the exit ramp to 7th street plummeting about 100 feet into the parking lot of a park pun believable that only the driver was injnjed. he was takak to the top. >> calvin: that driver was ejected as soon as the truck h h the ground. he was taken to ryder trauma center. the swimming pool was actually open at the time but no one else was injured although this gashing truck did hit some parked cars that were on the ground. this is a story that we're following for up the. we will have a lot more on this story atomic tonight at listening. >> janine: let's talkkeather right now. betty davis is here. a little gloomy todayay >> calvin: a melancholy monday we can call this one. >> betty: it's a blah kind of a day. some of you are still in snuggle position with the way conditions are out there. it's dreary. it's not incrediblyyool but a lot of clouds hanging on. temperatures still holding in the lower 70s and will tend to do so for thehe rest of the evening.
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can't rule out a passing shower onhe breeze which brings us to the doppler radar. there's not a lot of action right now over broward, miami-dade or the keys, but just offshore of the upper keys and miami-dade over thetlantic we see the showers congregating. do you see that? i'll put this into motion, and the trend is for the east-southeast wind to drive these breezes, drive these owers in toward before your communities. so there is still that chance for passing showers in the forecast for tonight. and then the chance for more rain as arontal system, a cold front gets closer to us tomorrow. so for now ahead of that front windk coming in from the east-southeast, this low pressure system spitting out a lot of rain and stormy weather, too, for other areas o the south. and we're noting that there's still a tornado watch going for the panhandle of na, so these storms could get a little vicious they're tracking toward the ea. by the time we get the system here, we are not anticipating severe weather but we are
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that rain is probably going to come through earlyith say between 7:00, 10:00, 11:00 the morning stow plan on rainfall the in morning. by the time we get to the lunch hour we should start to dry at, and then by tomorrow we dry outer, comfortable air starts to roll into view setting us up for a really nice wednesday which temperatures get back to what's normal for this time of the year and that's morning lows in the lower 60s with afternoon highs in the mid to upper 70s, and lots of sunshine to go around. but first we've got to get through tomorrow. we're expecting some rain in the area. temperatures topping out in the lower 80s. and then here comes our wednesday and the sunshine returning. 63 is the low we're going with for wednesesy morning, a high of 77. thursday morning a little cooler, northwest wind really flexing a little muscle, so 58 for miami to start the day, a high around 75. stepping into the weekend, have on a phenomenal note, it lookok like once tuesday passes, we are so good to go. we don't even know what to do with ourselves.
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washed. we're good. >> calvin: this is all good to hear. betty, thanks a lot. that'll do it for local10 news at 6:00. we will see you once again tonight 11:00. >> janine: a busy day of news. we're glad that you are joining us and, of course, you can always get up to the date information on our website with we're always working even on a holiday. >> calvin: absolutely. that's right. "world news tonight" with david newer starts in just a few minutes.
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i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never wod have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing
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made me happy made my day share your story.
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st text1 italics cc1 test message breaking news toght. the travel chaos at this hour. a deadly mix of snow, ice and rain. more than 2,000 accidents. major travel delays. and at least six tornadoes reported, as this major system moves through, winter alerts from georgia, a a the way up to maine. trump's tirade, taking aim late today at jeb bush and his brother, the former president, who was out on the trail for the first time. >> the world trade center came down during your brother's reign. >> and what donald trump is now threatening to do. and epic battle under way over the supreme court. the death of justice antonin scalia, and now, the fight over his successor.
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the passenger jet headed to new york, 252 people onboard. and the emergency in the cockpit. and, going to the dogs. seven new breeds competing at the westminster dog show tonight, and we'll take you right there. good evening. and it's great to have you with us here on a monday night. and it's a good thing for millions of americans ts was a day off from work, because at this hour, a dangerous mix of snow and freezing rain is making driving treacherous. a storm 1,200 miles long, from the south, all the way up to the northeast. a pileup in pennsylvania on i-78. fedex trucks and cars manageled outside lebanon. 17 states under winter weather alerts at this hour. semitruck jackknifed outside raleigh, north carolina. more than 2,000 accidents today alone. and there are several reports of tornadoes at this hour. this image of a funnel cloud in mississippi. there is also a bug change


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