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tv   Local 10 News 5AM  ABC  February 15, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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it will be mild and mostly dry but we can't rule out a chance of a shower today because of that east breeze. you'll ntsb cloudy skies by the afternoon. upper 70s0s i'll have a lot more on the forecast you're going to need to know for this tuesday coming up. turnpike southbound we have reports of an accident scene there. we're still trying to work out all of the details as what is closed exactly. those speeds at 42 miles an hour. we are sending a photographer to the scene to check it out to see what's going on. we're not hearing any serious injuries. no one taken t tthe hospital with this one. if it is completely shut down, i just want to let you know your at rat routes. avenue. all right. ami-dade county surprisingly on this holiday we do have construction crews out expressway. we're hearing reports of two lanes shut down at 122nd street near
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here are our northbound lanes to the distance, our southbound lanes here. if there are construction crews, really no i iues because a lot of people obviously have the day off, as you see with these vacant roadways. a lot -- i'm not crying. i'm angry right now. >> family and friends expressing their frustration this mning after a hit and run driver killed their loved one in ft. lauderle. they held a candlelight vigil last night for the victim, charles blackledge. meantime the driver responsible for his death is still on the run. ben kennedy is live at the scene of the scene of the crash. >>reporter: this is the spot where the 46-year-old man was hit and kild. can you see family and friends have placed flowers, even lit candles as this memorial continues to grow. >> he was a child of god. >>reporter: their faces lit by the glow of candle light as family and friends remembered to
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ft. lauderdale street. >> that cartooning off without him, didn't give a [bleep] about him. >> that's why i'm n n crying. i'm angry right now. >>reportrt: on thursday 46-year-old charles blackledge was hit and killed while riding his bicycle home on dixie highway o northeast court. >> i loved charles. he's a sweet guy. it's heart breaking. >>reporter: police tweeted out this surveillance video. it shows a silver car that officers suspect could be behind a fatal hit and run. >> it's a silver car, it took off, barely hit their brakes. >>reporter: and two people did witness this hit and run. to help police narrow down the search for that silver car, odds are it does have some front-end damage. if you see it, please
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in ft. lauderdale, ben kennedy, local 10 news. israel's private has started his sentence. cameras were rolling as he walked into the facility earlier this morning. the 70-year-old was found guilty in march 2014 of attempting bribes to pmote a jerusalem real estate project that drew lots of controversy. judge antonin scalia serving 30 years on the bench. he was staying at a texas ranch while on a hunting trip. the owner described him as animated and delightful. he found him, the owner did, in his bed after justice scalia did not show up for breakfast or lunch. >> he was totally peaceful.the man went to sleep and didn't wake u >> there's now a political battle over who will take his place.
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will should not be filled until we have a new president in office. >>the group spotted in the water southeast of cuba all appear to be in good shape and will be turned over to the shorts in grand cayman. new overnight a plane on its way to new york forced to return back to london after alaser was pointed at it. investigators now trying to figure out wherehat laser came from. now to the latest on the flint water crisis. michigan governor rick yder asking the federal government to expand medical coverage. snyder says about 15,000 flint residents would benefit from this change. the u.s. surgeon general plans to visit flint tomorrow to meet with people who live there. a former port st.
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told p pice she picked pratt up twice and they had sex inside her car. right now police searchcng for four men involved in a string of smash and grabsn hialeah. this is surveillance video. you casee the men smashing their way inside, cleaning the ple out, store owners hoping you seeing this video could help lead to an arrest. still to come at 5:30 struck on the street. >> night out turns dangerous after a group -- car plows into a group of people. the criminal find police uncovered among boxes of bra inserts. a man stranded for days in the desert. what he ate to stay alive. we're going to see the possibility of some showers. even isolated shower moved over hollywood beach. aventura, sunny isles about to see some showers as well. what's going to happen to our forecast? i'll have all the
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to miss coming up., check out this sea smoke brought on by the cold temperatures in boston over the weekend. the smokey appearance actually happens when the cold air hits warmer waters. >> i used to see it on tv, not i i person. an oregon man stranded for a week in the desert says he survived off of snow. the 5-year-old man was
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back home to oregon when his truck broke down. he was left stranded in a remote area north of reno. he ate and drank melted snow there in the middle of the desert. tens of thousands of sharks right off the coast of palm beach county. you're look at aerials of a black tip migration survey. all those gray specs you see are sharks. at one point you can see the sharks inches away from a paddle bororr. a biological paddle professor shot this video. >> there were hardly any sharks south from miami to boynton beach and from palm beach to singer island was loaded, literallyens of thousands of sharks. >> this is not out of the ordinary. we see this every year, but the professor is trying to figure out why the sharks are attracted to that particular area. >> wow.
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if i'm the paddle border, i'd rather not know. >> black tips are pretty benign. >> benign i our word of the day here on presidents day. good morning, south florida. a live look from our miami towewe cam. >> come on, you guys are snorkelers, divers. you know what's going on in southth florida. >> 69 degrees, i like that going on in southflorida. good morning, julie durda. >> this is going to be a transition due to a cold front that eventually will be moving into south florida by morrow. currently our temperatures are seven degrees above where we should be%in miami. it's 6. 70 in ft. lauderdale. 69 in key west. currently 69 in pembroke pines. our more comfortable conditions, more mild i would say, is 66 in kendall, 68 in homestead. winds strong. right now moving in anywhere between 10, 15
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hour off the ocean and because of that you heard me mention elevated risk of rip currents for you beach-goers. we're introduced that trance of showers m ming in off that ocean breeze from time to time today. those clouds are producing the precitation. a shower just moved over las olas. we'realking about a drizzle, nothing very heavy. the heavy showers over portions of mart and about to head towards the lower keyu. where we're seeing wide-spread showers and storms. and even some sleet and snow because of how cold system. we're going to continue to watch the system towards the south. it looks as though the slight chance between louisiana in towards the panhandle where they could possibly see an isolated tornado. temperatures in the 60s behind it in the teens 20s and 30s. it's 15 degrees right now in new york.
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they dealt with recoror lows over the weekend, something thehe can't seen in decades. for us here in south florida, we'll be cloudy, warmer, breezy with the chance of a shower off the breeze. rain chances increase by tomorrow morning for the morning commute. once this front clears te will notice much brighter skies going into the middle part of the workweek. today not a great day to head to the beach because of the rip currents. you can see better chance of storms tuesday. drier conditions once wednesday. we still have the serious crash down by the turnpike down south. a crew headed to this investigate to see reported in our southbound lanes at southwest 216th street. with this crash we're hearing there are traffic blocked. crash. again we'reretill investigating. those speeds still clocking in at 50 miles
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u.s.-1 southbound and take southwest 212th avenue southbound. this is southwest12th avenue. all right. hey, julie was talking about being out on the water today. some of you guys may b headed to the boat show. i did this weekend. it was a lotf fun. but there's going to be major traffic concerns. the rickenbacker causeway eastbound, west-bound, completely congested. if you wanted to park out there, you had to get a $75 parking pass instead. there are shuttle buses taking you out there. also water taxis. new overnight a big drug bust. check this out. australia, police have seized the biggest shipment in the country's history. about $700,000 worth of liquid meth found smuggled in silicone bra inserts and art supplies. four people have been arrested in connection with this bust from
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to track down the person whottached a bomb to a rental car. albuquerque yesterday next to the city's airport. fresh off a super bowl win, peyton manning is in the news again but not for the most flattering reason. hear why his name is coming up in a university lawsuit. that one's next. a live look right cam. good morning, south florida. off. if you do not, stick with us throughout the morning getting you
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president's day monday. denver broncos quarterback peyton manning is mentioned in a lawsuit against university of tennessee. now although the suit focuses on casesreported between 2013 and 2015, it does mentntn a case back in 1996 with manning. manning was actually sued by a student trainer for sexual haar. that case was settled a year later. >>reporter: hey there. in today's tech bytes, major apple retailers have cutut their prices for the apple watch. >> now that ordinarily means a new version is coming out. apple reportedly may unveil a new iphone model next month. a new app could one day turn your phone i io an earthquake warning device. right now the my shake app only collects information and sends it back to the lab. >> but once the bugs are out, it could warn yone of impending quake. it's already available
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time being. and lots of office workers use a treadmill desk as a way of burning calories. >> treadmill meetings are the future. duo treadmill desk will be on sale this year. price tag somewhere between $8 or $9,000. >> those are your tech bytes. new this morning the comic book here looks like something special but it could give the owner some serious cash. walter bought that comic book, amazing fantasy, which introduced the world to spiderman for about $4,000. estimated there are 4,000 to 5,000 copies of that book around but his is in mint condition. >> oh, comics books. who knew that was an investment. >> check your basements and boxes. a m mvel super hero topped the box office
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>> i heard it was great. the movie starring rn reynolds earned $135 million in its opening weekend. it has now set the record for the biggest february opening and the biggest president's day opening ever. >> kung fu panda three in second place. >> in third place the romantic comedy "how to be single." it was opening weekend for the flick and it earned nearly $19 million. >> are you going to see that one? >> yeah, it looks funny. >> i'll see dead pool before k kg fu panda. still to come this morning long lost lovers reunited. >> world war ii romance reconnecting. you've got to heaea what she said to him when he finally walked through that door. this is in brevard county. find out what puthe suspect on the run.
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>two lovers separated by war reunited after 70 years apart. >> the two were finally able to talk via skype. norwood thomas fighting in world war ii and she was in london. finally they found each other on-line. she says she kept a picture of h that she said good morning to every day, something she
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saw him in person. >> well, you're@ still vertical. >> isn't that the most wonderful thing that could have happened to me. >>othing like a welcome like well, you're still vertical. he was able to ply to her from a go fund me page. >> see, romance lives on. >> they only dated for a couple of months but all these years later, stuck together. >> if that flame was still being held. that's beautiful. what a great valentine's day story. >> hope your love lasts as long. our ft. lauderdale police this morning hoping a picture of a speeding silver car can help them track down a t and run driver. his family held a candlelight vigil inis honor last night. >> funeral arrangements have not yet been set for justice antonin scalia. the supreme cououudge
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his texas ranch. he was 79 years old republicans are arguing the president should not pi his replacement because he has little time left in office. a disney cruise ship left miami on the way to grand cayman, the migrants were spotted there. they w ll be turned over to authorities. local 10 news at 5:30 is next on this presidents day. >> weather and details of the commute are next. one day a rider made a decision. the decision to ride on and save money. he decided to save money by switching his motorcycle insurance to geico. there's no shame in saving money. ride on, ride proud. geico motorcycle,
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struck on the sisiwalk. the search is on for the driver behind the wheel. a supreme battle as family prepares to bury justice an tone even scalia. why republicans are upset about a possible nomination. performing for the pope. hear the sweet song one young cancerurvivor sang for the pontiff
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hospital visit. good morning, south florida. i'm eric yutzy. >> i'm jacey birch. a lot of you sleeping in this morning. maybe you have a long weekend. i know the kiddos are off from school. >> hopefully they are allowing you a few extra moment of peace this morning. >> i don't know about thut. >> it's warmed up dramatically, julie. >> indeed it has and we are seeing breezy conditions and even some showers. a lot to talk about on this president's day. currently 69 degrees inn miami. to 62. 77 degrees warmer than what wehould be this time of year. we're talking 50s yesterday. we had 70 right now in ft. lauderdale. 69 key west. yocan see the breeze moving our camera around. wind speeds anywhere between eight and 16 miles per hour. our cooler spot is kendall at 66. 70 in pompano beach. wind speeds in the teens right now and we'll expect those to reach the 20s by this afternoon.
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that high risk of rip currents for beach-goers. i am seeing some dotted showers moving onshore near portions of hollywood beach. now moving in towards 441. dotted showers from the upper keys, middle keys all the way down to the middle keys. those storms are just to the north of us associated with the cold front that will increase our rain chances by tomorrow. i'll have those detail coming up. constance? >> thank you, julie. good morning, everyone. miami-dade county accident-free. we do have a crew here. we're trying to figure out the details with the closures. we believe there are lanes of traffic opened with this one. th is the turnpike southbound. it's not an injury crash but we know some road debris is o`t there. if you are traveling in the spot just in case there are clores with this one, you may want to take u.s. 1 southbound at southwest 212th avenue. u.s. 1outhbound at
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finally let's get you outside to show you how things are looking off the macarthur causeway this morning. eastbound lanes are right here in the distance. maybe they are heading early to get their spot in the sand. there are no construction crews out because it is a holiday. >> struck on the sidewalk. five people are recovering this morning from injuries after a car plowed right into them in ft. lauderdale. the sound of that crash alerting shop owners nearby and erica rakow is live with more fromwitnesses and the questions that really nger with that driver. >>reporter: we're on southwest second streett this morning just off of las olas. you cantill see where that crash happened about this time yesterday morning right here in front of this pizza shop. it may have been around 3:00 this the morning but at that time a lot of people coming out of the bars here. the restaurant still open and a lot of people right in this area lucky to be okay this morning. > was just thinking
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rumble comomg down the side of the sidewalk over there. >> that rumbling was a car careening down a busy sidewalk. >> i just saw mayhem outside. >>reporter: this picture of the chaos only shows part of what anthony might low witnessed. >> a lot of commotion, a lot of crime and screaming. >>reporter: the driver of that out of control car slammed into five people about 3:00 a.m. early sunday before coming to a rest against a tree. >> i get a call at:00 in the morning. >>reporter: christian and sebastian, brothers from toronto who just got in town for the week were hit. their dad spent most of sunday with his boys at the hospital. >> we were just watching along, having a good time and all of a sudden they got knocked out.they didn't even know what happened. >> the car was driving pretty fast. the driver seemed very angry. >>reporter: peopleushed to help the victims who were taken
5:31 am
it's unclear what was in the cup spotted in the middle console. >> thanks god for that tree or we might be looking at funerals. >> and those brothers were released from the hospital late lasas night now spending their vacation recovering at home with family. witnesses tell us they saw the driver of that car taken away from here in handcuffs. we're still waiting to get some more information from police. we expect to hear more if them in a couple of hours. live downtown in ft. lauderdale, erica rakow, local 10 news. remember the late justicic antonin scalia. funeral plans have yet to be made for the justice who died over the weekend. a political battle is brewing over h h replacement. >>reporter: justice antonin scally a.'s body transported to virginia. a quail hunting trip cut short. the legal giant dying in his sleep. >> he was a man who went to sleep and jus didn't wake up. >>reporter: the political
5:32 am
within an hour of the supreme court confirming his death, mitch mcconnell declared this vacancy should noth be filled. >>reporter: both sides fight because how it could shift balance on the supreme court that without scalia is four and four. >> the next appointment will be critical f some important decisions coming down the pike. >>reporter: that includes abortion, affirmative action andimmigration and that adds a new dimension to this year's political race. >> it is outrageous that republicans in the senate and on the campaign trail have already pledged to block any replacement that president obama nominates. >>reporter: republicans backing up mcconnell in saturday night's debate.. >> it's called delay,
5:33 am
>>reporter: senator ted cruz vowing to fililuster, if necessary. >> we should not allow a lame duck president to capture the supreme court in the last months of his presidency. >>reporter: circuit judges both confirmed unanimously just threeee years ago. right now a suspect is behind bars as a man continues to recover from stab wounds. that stabbing happened along northwest street and 15th avenue in lauderhill. police say the victim and attacker knew each other. neighbors say the suspect had been acting strangely for days. >> he's a good guy. i think he just got sick. i think he had a mental breakdown.& >> police did arrest the suspected attacker but his identity has not beenen released.
5:34 am
high-spe chase in brevard county ends in an arrest. when police tried to stop him, he took off. eventually he crashed the car and tried to ruff. turns out he was wanted for aggravated assault and burglary. >> haitian officials have elected an trim president. after lawmakers met for ten hours, he was sworn in. this video of his ion stallation ceremony yesterday before the election. he vowed to create a government that fosters all segments of society. as police are investigating allegations made against former new york governor eliot spitzer. a woman says spitzer choked her in his hotel room on saturday in new york. spitzer has not commented on these allegations. presidential candidate hillary clinton was suppopod to make her way to south
5:35 am
skipping her campaign stop in palm beach county in order to campaign in las vegasright before the nevadacaucuses. her husband former president bill clinton will campaign at the revenge on her behalf. >> the point is, is he a popular, you bet he is. he believes that i have those skills. >> meanwhile former president george w. bush is hitting the campaign trailith his brother. her set to attend a rally in south carolina-tonight after finishing fourth place in new hampshire, jeb is hoping his big brother's support will help him gain more votes. the south carolina primary is this saturday. new images of fide castro have been released. those images show ctro and the leader of the orthodox church. the twe met on saturday before the religion leader met on his tour. he met with pope rancis
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on local 10 news, stuck skiers, what forced the rescue of nearly 50 people in a new hampshire resort. also look at this, snowy conditions cause a highway shut down. how drivers were involved in this interstate pileup. kobe's last all-star game. more on the big finish to all-star weekend including who was the mvp. we have an update to that crash off of the turnpike this morning. turnpike southbound here at 216th street completely shut down. of course i'll have the details on your at
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's howowome presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social l curity. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep itittrong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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good morning. police say 50 to 60 cars crashing into each other, shutting down an indiana highway. this happened in lebanon, northwest of indianapolis. 30 people were taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. tram trouble in new hampshire left dozens of people stuck 40 feet above the ground. officials say a service break issue brought two tram cars to a stop right near a ski resort. one tram left dangling at the top of the mountain with two people on board and another near the bottom with 40 passssgers. in one was hurt. spacex requested to launch a rocket from cape canaveral air force station and their second launch this year overall. the company attempting to land that rocket on an ocean platform.
5:39 am
we now have a traffic alert now that we learned the turnpike is shut down southbound here. we're hearing this an officer-involved crash. we do have a photographer o othe scene. he tells us we have about4a half a mile of delays. again this is the turnpike southbound. if you're saying consnce, i normally travel this route to head south, stick on u.s. 1 and exit off of southwest 212th avenue. this is 212th avenue right here. you see there are no issues there. a lot of groans showing folks posting at -- traveling at posted speeds. turnpike further north, we've got another crash, this time affecting traffic off of u.s. 27 northbound the approach to the turn pike this morning. broward county we are accident-free. julie? >> thank you, constance jones. we haven't seen too many areas affecting that area yet. most of the showers
5:40 am
the east breeze have been hugging the coast. changed. on this president's day we are waking up 70 degrees above where we should be. 70 right now ft. 69 in key west. very breezy conditions. that east wind the culprit for the heat, the humidity and warmer temperatures this morning. 69 for you in pembroke pines. 66 in kendall. 68 in homestead. 70 in pompano beach. the winds moving off the ocean between 10 and 16 miles per hour and we are anticipating our wind gusts to reach the 20s today. therefore there's a high risk of rip currents for you beach-goers. so we have an isolated shower about to move onshore by las olas. some showers down by portions of marathon and lower keys. islamorata aout to get hit by a dotted shower as well. all associated with our next cold front. two areas of low pressure bringing some heavy rain over portions of the mississippi
5:41 am
turning into sleet and snow where temperatures are freezing and below. we are expecting the possibility of severe weather from louisiana into the panhandle today due to the contrast of the warm air ahead of this front and that cold arc take air ahead of the frontnt something you haven't seen in decades and cream they are still dealing with it up and down the east coast with temperatures in the 20s and 30s. for us it will be warm, muggy, cloudy. we will see that chance of a shower moving in off that east breeze. we are expecting a good chance of some shohors and storms. stormy weather will start to move into the forecast. tomorrow i'll be talking to you about it and i'll be with you tomorrow afternoon where we could see the possibility of some very strong storms producing thunder, lightning and some wind gusts. dope worry, i'll get you through it tomorrow. enjoy your day tod because it will be nice. with that said we have the high risk of rip currents for you beach-goers. highs today wille in
5:42 am
degrees above average. once that front clears, temperatures will dip back down to the low 60s wednesday morning and thursday morning. highs only in the mid 70s. >>reporter: good monday morning. i'm will manso with your local 10 morning sports wrap. onlyne of the heat's two all-stars got the play in the all-star game last night. toronto chris bosh skipping the game because of a calf injury . still introduced with fellow all-stars. kobe bryant meanwhile the chant off kobe,obe. nothing wrong with seeing some fun and wade weaving in the basket. wade is goioi to go coast to coast. so d-wade early on in particular was strong but this night really all about kobe, retiring at the end of the season. check him out here, the friendie roll. he was smiling all night
5:43 am
it was great to see, great sendoff for kobe. that went to russell west berg as the west wins 196-173 the final canes visited afteoon. kings were up 11. fsu within striking distance and fans, they want more bacon but not to eat, no watch and to deliver. dwayne bacon, knolls beasley. the shot for the win. canes survive. they are earn their 20th win of the season. bad news for the panthers. they place alexander barkov on the injured reserving. he suffered a concussion in monday's game, that nastyie hit. because he's on that ir, he willot play tonight. panthers will have jaromir jagr. happy birthday to the legend. 44 years young today.
5:44 am
birthday for jagr. faces his own penguins team tonight over in sunrise. going 0-3 too open up this six-game homestead. i'm will manso.that's your local 10 morning sports wrap. movie stars shine during what's known as the british version of the oscars. >> we're going to recap the big wins at the bafta awards. lots of light, 5:46, degrees.
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enjoying y yr holiday. now to the latest on the fears of the zika virus. employees whose work has them travel to zones. they are allowing their employeeee to opt out of affected areas. hawaii declaring an state of emergency because of the virus and an outbrk of dengue fever. resechers at the university of mexico tested 54 children and found vaccines boost brain developnt and iq by the time they are four years old. babies who got the drugs scored higher on iq tests than babies who did not receive the drug. the british version of the oscars, the big winner of the nierkts the revenant. the film took home three
5:48 am
best actor f for leonardo dicaprio, best director and best picture. diversity a big topic at that awards show. >> it's important to have all people represented in entertainment. it's something that brings us together. to be a part of that, to see yourself within tt and i'm not just talking about the color of skin, i'm talking about sexuality, personality and mentality. rapper kanye west has made a surprising announcement to his millions of twitter followers. he tweeted out on saturday night that he $53 million in debt. still not clear whether
5:49 am
[ applause ] >> this morning a young cancer patient singing ava maria to the pope at a children' hospital in mexico city. after mass the pontiff spent time with sickchildren and their families yesterday before saying a few words and spreading blessings. the pope is expected to hold mass today. he's expected to have a few more meetings and another speech. it was a hot performance literally. >> the stage catchingg fire. dozens of dancers trying to keep that show going. we're staying on top of breaking newsor you. the search for a hit and run driver who killed a man in ft. lauderdale. the message that the
5:50 am
5:51 am
the driver is a performance cut short after a fire
5:52 am
this is in india. it was all caught on camera. that fire broke out during an event in mumbai meant to showcase india as an attractive place for foreign investment. something went wrong and the fire started spreading. eventually the entire stage was in flames. here's the good part, nobody was hurt. a 5.28 magnitude earthquake rattling new zealand. it happened in the city of christ church on sunday. no injuries were any serious property damage reported there. oklahoma also rocked by an earthquake. this one coming in at 5.1 magnitude. that quake was felt in seven other states including kansas and missouri. some displays also knocked down as other businesses reported cracks in the walls. but other than that, not too much damage to report and no one hurt. a fire situation in seattle. this is a bus carrying high school students on
5:53 am
everyone did make it out safely and the resort replaced all of the gear that was lost in the flames. the kids were able to finish their day up there on the mountain. the family of three women who died in a fiery car crash are blaming a popular app for the crash. family members spoke to a local news reporter about the app and what friends are saying abouthis niece. >> one of her friends told me they were snap chatting throughout the night, they were showing their speed. the fact that part of the app is on there seems irresponsible. >> to see if a speed-tracking feature on snap chat played a role in that crash. new york teacher in some trouble over what some are calling a good deed. that teen was in tears one day so she decided, the teacher did, to treat the student to a cup of hot cocoa. the problem is she took
5:54 am
school hours. >> i felthat she was in crisis. >> my whole life as well as other students have been told to trust in their teachers and go to them of we need help and that's exactly hey did. >> i'm fine with it. she@ got my daughter back to school and she took care of my daughter. >> she's set to retire in five months. more than 200 cats and dogs railroad taken from over-crowded shelters in oklahoma and california to seattle where they were given a warm welcome. all of the pets their taken to local an shelters. love that. some of the animals right here at lion country safari were treated to quite a special day. it turns out two of the an has birthdays could insided with february 14th. the staff gave them some streets. >> gave that monkey a baby monkey. >> they actually have a
5:55 am
turned 11 years old. the chimpanzee is in her late 70s. >> just like grandkids. >> she's also the oldest known living chimp in the world. >> that's pretty impressive. >> and sheas she's got valentines treats. >> got to take care of everyone. a holiday for many of you but we do have veloping news we're working on. >> five people are recovering after a car rammed into them on the sidewalk. the latest on this investigation into who the driver is is straraht ahead. and a traffic alert this morning for anyone traveling on the turnpike. turnpike southbound shut down at 216th street. we're hearing this is an officer-involved crash. not only are their delays in our southund lanes but northbound lanes.
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mess in a few minutes. >right now at 6:00 a search for justice for a man killed in a hit and run. right now remembering justice scalia, why his supreme court seat is creating a political battle. several states bracing for a snowy blast is already causing real problems. your weather authority with your holiday forecast. good morning, south florida. i'm eric yutzy. >> i'm jacey birch. happy presidents day to yo >> big one, yeah. let's get to weather authoriti meteorologist julie durda with a check on the forecast. a lot of people have off today. should they go to the beach? >> no, they shouldn't. we have a high risk of rip currents for you boaters. if you want to, be my guest, grab the umbrellas though, you
5:59 am
ve a poncho as we're going to see the possibility of an increase in showers today. temperatures much warmer than what we woke up to yesterday. we are seeing temperetures seven degrees above where we should be this time of year. right w the upper 60s in hialeah. that strong breeze will continue throughout the day. wind gusts could be reported anywhere between 15 and 20 miles per hour. mostly cloudy, slight chance of a shower in the forecast. some clouds will be around again. dangerous risk of rip currents as well as rough seas for you boaters. if you do head to the beach, walk and stroll along the broad walk and enjoy. we have breaking news with the traffic so we're going to go to constance. >> traffic alert on the turnpike. something you really need to pay attention to if you live down south. turnpike southbound completely shut downn at 216th street this morning due to a possible officer-involved crash there. it's also affecting our northbound lanes.


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