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tv   Local 10 News 4PM  ABC  February 12, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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now with this historic meeting. >> hatzel: laurie and calvin, to really get a sense of what's happening here, what has happened this afternoon, all you have to do is look behind me, two planes carrying each of the religious leaders finally side by side, parked side by side, reuniting after almost 1,000 years. here it is, the embrace ceuries in the making, a first hello with kisses, symbolic of the brotherhood between two priests, two equals. >> this gesture of embracing, of kissing each other, it's, of course, it's a symbol of two heads of churches accepting each other as brothers. >> hatzel: historic for two of the world's biggest churches, in addition to a warm g geting the two men changing gifts corning toeporters. >> the pope stressed, "this is the wish of god that we are brothers." >> hatzel: pope francis arrived
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greeted by president raul castro, then escorted to a reception room here at jose marti international airport. anan early morning for patriarch kirill, the head of the russian orthodox church. here he is, laying a wreh at the jose marti national monument a revolution plaza. the patriarch inside the monument saying a few words. praises cuba for preserving the memories of its national heros. the patriarch then headed to the nearby palace where he met with cuban president raul castro. santiago de cuba home to some 3,000 orthodox christians. two christian churches split in 1054 over theology disagreements and some say politics. most recently with tensions have been over ukrainian where the orthodox church is said to be losing influence.
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resolve their difference and focus on bigger issues, like the persecutions christians in middle east. thisis reunification, this renewed friendship is somethingyprevious popes wanted but their accomplished. never accomplished. so you're looking at pictures that just camento our newsroom, pictures that show the two religious leaders side by side greeting each other. we understand they are now meeting. that meeting expected to last for about another hour, so around 5:00 this afternoon we should see them coming out of that meeting where they will issue a declaration, a joint declaration denouncing some of the things going on in the middle east when it comes too christians, t this just one of the issues they'll be talking about. they'll be talking about other issues. we, of course, are going to stay here on the ground and bring you the latest from havana. for now reporting live, hatzel vela. back to you. >> calvin: we know you got some comments and reaction abouthat embrace, but it was really symbolic and it goes back, we're talking about ending a 1,000-year feud between those churches, and so what else did other people say to you about
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and the patriarch? >> hatzel: one of the things i sort of took away from talking to a lot of of the pool reporters that were on the plane about and that also made it inside that room was that pope francis eventually said, this is really bigger than the two of us. this is about god, and god is the one that made this happen. so when you think about that comment that he made, you really get a sense of what these men are trying to do, and that's rey to reunite and to address bigger problems than religion itself. >> laurie: and a general feing, hatzel, seems that these two leaders have more in common than they do apart. >> hatzel: yeah, i mean, you talk to catholic priests, you talk to orthodox priests, and they both tell you the religions are so -- the churches, i should say, are so similar in nature in terms of communion, in terms of what they believe in, in terms of the writings, that they listen and pay attention to, so they say we have to sort of put the similarities together, we
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about what brings us together and move forward with that idea. >> calvin: the end of a 1,000-year feud ask a moment ofy reconciliation. we're going to be checking in with you at the top of hour. look for more reporters from hatztz vela throughout the each. there's also a telling story involving cuba and u.s. commercial air service coming back to the communist island. >> laurie: the state department said regular scheduled flights are going tro assume after a hiatus more than 50 years. our senior political repter michael michael is working this story. he's live in the flues room. >> michael: starting some time next fall if you want to fly to cuba all y're going to have to do is phenomena the airline or go online and book your ticket. imagine that. there hasn't been regular air service between the u.s. and cuba since the 1960s. but the state department says it will start again later this year. there will be 20 flights a day from u.s. cities to havana and ten more flights from the u.s.
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airlines will bid on these routes. they will need approval from washington and havana. & an agreement formalizing the deal is goininto be signed tuesday in havana. commercial air service will certainly make it much easier for americans to get to cuba, and it mama also be cheaper than charter flights, which can continue. in the newsroom, michael putney, local10 news. >> calvin: michael, thanks a lot. >> laurie: and a developing story right now in. an arrest has been made after a car was stolen with a baby inside. yo will recall that baby was found safe and sound but accused carjacker was on the loose until now. >> calvin: local10 news reporter sanela sabovic is live in fo lauderdale with the latest for us on this arrest. sanela. >> sanela: good afternoon. fort lauderdale police making a big arrest today. they're able to confirm that they have taken 16-year-old brian jean into custody for allegedly stealing a car with a sleeping baby in the back seat. now, just within this past hour he was taken to broward health metrics behind me. let's get you now to that video.
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sources tell local10 that right after he was arrested, jean was taken to the hospital for some sort of medical evaluation. you can see him there handcuffed and being escorted into the hospital with two fort lauderdale police offifirs in tow. now, police have confirmed that jean st. is a suspect in an auto theft ha happened right outside of a fort lauderdale laundromat on west sunrise boulevard on monday afternoon. the theft sparked an amber alert for ten-month-old yareli velasco who was sleeping in the back seat. the chimed was found in her mother'sar on west power lup road hours after a fran tuck search. back out live now, police are able to confirm that they made this arrest due to fingerprints that were found inside of that stolen carp. reporting live i ifort lauderdale, sanela sabovic, local10 news. >> calvin: caught t camera, a burglar breaking into a hollywood restaurant to steal get into the store, the chief
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surrender block to smash the drive-through window of the las gans restaurant and he grabbed two bottles of line, ap empty cash register and a small black bag. he took off in to a small dark car. will you not schools unfire. three schools were applies lockdown after shots were fire nearby in miami gardens. special technology actually alerted police to those shots. >> calvin: meanwhile, the search is on for the gunman responsible for a drive-by shooting outside a cool in coconut grove yesterday. a bullet santeramo a portable glass window, landing a foot away from a child at frances tutuer elementary. >> laurie: an 18-year-old accused of firing shots outside carol city senior high on wednesday went before audge again today. but what's also shatteredwindows at carol city, and we just got word that another american has wean arrested in connection with that sholting.
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ofy hav have days of each other. local10's liane morejon live now with more on this. what a week it has been. >> liane: you said it. a lot of developing details on these stories just within the last few hours. as you mentioned, another person placed underer arrest as a result of the gang-related shooting that occurred just outside of carol city high s sool, bullets three a window and a fence. meanwhile we know they are still looking for someone a ayou mentioned rethrough it shooting down in coconut grove, and just todayhree schools on lockdown including carol city highh due to gun violence in this area. city leaders, pastors gathered right in this spot. they called a news reference. they are tipped. >> lord we thank you for this day. >> liane: pastors and concerned community leaders uniting in prayer friday outside carol city high school which was placed on lockdown due to nearby gun violence earlier in the day ask and where bullets pierced the
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>> the ones that are doing this, ought to be ashamed of yourself because to just shoot at some kid that has special needs, almost get hit, that breaks my heart. >> liane: miami-dade schools police making their latest arrest today related tie gang shooting that took place wednesday. 19-year-old stanley raegan is now behind cars. cedric admas was arrested soon after. he is placed on house arrest if he gets out. a third person of interest allegedly exchanged gunshots outside of carol city high school leaving bullets in a window and a fence. >> we pulledit his gun out of waistband and pointed toward her. >> liane: yesterday a stray bubuet pierced the window of of a elementary in frances tucker elementary. this pastor says he's offering $500 more dollars to the
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>> my church is going to add to the reward with crimestoppers on monday for the shooting down south. we're going to add an extra $500 because, you know, money makes people talk. >> liane: and according to the arrest documents u. document week stanley ragin was caught on school surveillance firing his weapon, that is coping to documents that we have obtained. police are still looking for information, so if you have anything that you think they could use, their still looking for a third person of intereses go ahead ask give miami-dade schools police a a call. meanwhile, we are getting-esque reaction from miami-dade school superintendent orbit carvajal we'll have that for you at 5:00. for now we're live in miami gardens, liane morejon. >> calvin: and developing erupt two teenagers were shot and killed at a high school in arizona. >> laurie: victor in the video port with the tragic details coming from out west. >> victor: i want to mention that officials never called this an active shooter situation. here are the details that we do have.
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say they utz found both girls dead and there was a weapon nearby. police have not yet said whether they believe this is some e nd of murder/suicide, perhaps a double suicide, but they're sayi that there are no outstanding suspects. a spokesperson for the glendale police department gave a few more details at a news conference earlier today. >> they were able to locate two female students that are 15 years old. they located them & in an area just near the admin building under a covered patio area. they were declared deceased at the scene. it's a tragic incident. >> v vtor: and they added that both girls suffered a single gunshot wound. thth have not released what sort of relationship these girls may have had, but again, laurie and calvin, police are not searching for any suspects. >> calvin: thanks a lot, victor. >> laurie: we have a health alert this afternoon.& there are now 20 cases of the zika virus in our state with seven cases in miami-dade county and three cases in broward.
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information hot lune for residents and visitors in the state. the hotline is going to be managed by the florida department health to answer questions on the virus, so if you have specific questions or concerns about this mosquito-borne virus,o call (855)622-6735. >> calvin: speaking of numbers let's take to you walltreet and see how the dow finished for the week. the dow closing 313 points, very near the 16,000 mark. the nasdaq up 70 points and s&p 500 up today 35 point but below that historic 2,000 mark. >> laurie: coming up at 4:30 for you, a fierce firefight, intense flames pouring from an auto parts store. >> calvin: and we're staying on top of an historic meeting in cuba that began a couple of hours ago, the heads of the roman catholic and russian orthodox churches met this afternoon. could this be the end of a 1,000-year feud between the churches? local10 is live in havana, cuba. >> laurie: and we're happy to announce every weekend you can wake up with local10 even earlier.
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last nighthtease democratic presidential debate, extinguish the burn, that means stop the momentum of senator bernie sanders. >> laurie: clinton sanders squared off for the sixth time in a debate, this time in milwaukee and janine stanwood has higigights for you. >> janine: we all watched thiss debate coming up sanders' blow out win in tuesday's new hampshire primaryry the candidates once against battling back and forth ahead of nextweek's nevada caucuses. the candidates, they agreed strongly on the need for criminologist reform, but hillary clinton and bernie sanders bot critiqued each other's stances on immigration. clinton also strongly attacked sanders plan to provide univerl health care, and she closed with claims that sanders has not been supportive of president obama. >> the american people deserve to know specifically how this would work. the numbers don't add up. >> he's called him weak. he's calle hum a disappointment. >> ma cam secretary, that is a low blow. one of us ran against barack obama.
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>> laurie: started off cool but then i staed getting heated p the democrats will meet again tonight when they both attend a dinner in minnesota. the republicans face off again in their next debate tomorrow night in south carolina. calvin. >> calvin: thanks a lot. and local10's glenna milberg will bring us live coverage of the republican primary in south calina as well as the democrats' caucuses in nevada. that's starting nt week. >> laurie: let's take it outside. that's where everybody wants to be. look at this crowded shot from our hollywood beach cam. wook we say, a+, 100%? it's one of those top a days. >> calvin: it really is, a day where it's really easy to say,. [ coughing ] if a cough. >> laurie: betty, are you feeling it? >> betty: i am. not feeling well. i think i'll take tomorrow off. wait, it's saturday. i think we are off. everywhere you look nothing but sunshine and blue sky beaming down this afternoon. this is miami, and after such a chillylytart this morning, got off to 55.
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74 for the mia, hialeah 75, homestead 73. it's really going to be a lovely evening out there, gorgeous by 6:00, 8:00 tonight just a light breeze. by t tt time some of you may see your temperatures in the upper 60s so jus slightly cool for the evening but not terribly chilly hat all.& we can thank high pressure for bringing us this really beautiful weather. it is s setching its reach over the gulf of mexico and we are under the influence of that, and it means dry, stale conditions for us and really -- stable conditions for us and comfortable temperatures this afternoon. there will be a weak cold front headed our way early tomorrow. we'll get off the a sghtly cool start but by the afternoon once again we'll be basking in sunshine and pleasant temperatures. by sunday we'll start to get in an easterly flow, winds coming in off the waters, so eye nice breeze for us and temperatures may be just a touch cooler during the afternoon but nothing too terrible. for tomorrow we'll start the day around 57 in miami, high of about 76 degrees.
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day, 59 to start the day, a high of 74. not bad at all. president's day, a few clouds around, highs in the uppur 70s. we're warming up ahead of our next cold front. that front passes late tuesday and behind it not a dramatic cooldown. a morning low wednesday of 60, a high of 77, so it looks like we'r'r finally turning the corner. let's get a check on track of now. here's jenise. >> jenise: if you have early plans this evening, friends that take i-nevada tell them not to if you don't want them to be late coming home. we have an accident soutmbound and northbound. southbound at 103rd street that accident a bit further ahead and it is blocking a left lane. 's woo zoom on in to our maps wear starting to see those days from 135th street. speeds right now at 14 miles per hour. i-95 northbound right as you're approaching the dolphin expresswayhere is an accident there as well and a shoulder blocked with speeds a 15 miles per hour.
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the express lanes on i-95 northbound are closed between downtown miami and the golden glades. broward county, haven't forgotten about you because weave an accident i-95 northbound, this is around state road 84, there is right lane blocked, speeds are starting to pick up though at 42 miles per hour. calvin, laurie. >> calvin: coming up at 4:30 now, an auto shop inferno. intense flames billowing into the air. why it waste challenging for firefighters to battle the flames. >> clay: clay ferrero. breaking news out of the nba, chris bosh out of the all-star game. we'll have more on that next in sports. >> laurie: plus coming our coverage continue from havana as the heads of roman catholic and
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can't find you anywhere! don't settle for u-verse. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. >> clay: we start with breaking flues at the informantba all-star game. chris bosh has withdrawn from
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strained calf corning to us all ofofhe today. this game was especially important to bosh since he started his career in toronto with but he will sit this one out though it doe't appear to have anything to do with the blood klotz he faced last year. meanwhile, dwyane wade will mauk his 12th appearance. espn put his out-phut like this. "camo and native american combo, gabby union, where are you?" he c still water better than anybody else. we'll hear from wade coming up at 6:00. also making a big entntnce, shaquille o'neal who has been named a finalist for the basketball hall of fame today. he will almost certainly be inducted. the heatal recently announced that they will be raise go his number to the rafters a americaca airlines arena as well. and back at home the panthers hit the ice for the first of a six-game home stand tonight. the cats will take to saint louis tighten bbxt d nashville tomorrow, they are six points ahead of detroit and boston for first place in the atlantic divisioning coming up at 5:00,
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including perhaps the worst jump shot in the history of professional basketball. calvin, i don't think i'm overselling this one. >> oh, i can't wait to see it, and i hope it's not video of me. >> lauri at one of our media games. >> calvin: i hope not. >> laurie: gets let's get to victor and janine. >> victor: searle schools on alert several shots were fired nearby and this coolers a couple drive-by shootings outde of schools. >> janine: ahead in our health cast we will introduce to you doctors with really big hearts. what they're doing for the community. >> victor: want to live like van gogh? coming up, how you can spend a night in the bedroom inspired by the late artist. >> janine: plus the heads of the catholic and orthodox churches meeting this afternoon and local10 is live in havana. we are staying on top of this hurricane meeting. >> reporter: those stories and
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after this. >> victor:r:nd right now at 4:30 we want to take you straight to havana where you see pope francis and pate arcs kirill, the head of the russian orthodox
4:28 pm
>> janine: right now it appears that they are signing the document, it is a ten page joint declaration putting aside differences with differences that i guess have been going on for about 1,000 years. they are addressing the issue of global terrorism, isis's attack on christians in the middle east and throughght the world, and this is really an historic eting right now, a meeting in the propertyf jose marti international airport. >> victor: it's been such an incredible day. we've been bringing all the developments live. if they do start speaking we will dip in and you can hear their words. patriarch kirill called today a day of grace. the two clerics greed upon contents of this ten page joint declaration that will they will@ be signing at jose marti international airport friday afternoon. again, pope francis stopping in cuba on his way to n. his next trip, which is in mexico. >> janine: and in attendance just a few seconds ago you saw cuban leader raul castro. he is in attendancehere, and
4:29 pm
right now, a i don't think that weave any translation. oh, i think we do. t's listen in. [ speaking in foreign languages ] >> janine: there i i no translation at this point. i don't know if you can gather bits and pieces at least from what pope francis was sig. >> victor: very little of it. we're working on getting that fixed up for you but as you can see kirill is speaking at the moment. >> janine: we do now have the english translation. let's listen in. >> terp which gave ushe
4:30 pm
family of other's positions. and feel each other's position. >> victor: you saw over at the time right president raul castro watching over this, another historic moment in cuba's history, and we've seen so many over the did the past new months alone. this one right up there because as these two heads of churches have not net in over 1,000 years. >> janine: you could say this is 1,000 years in the making, and we do believe that they are speaking in english. let's listen again. >> interpreter: oh that the
4:31 pm
morale be strengthened and thatt through the participation of the church i the life of human society that the name of the lord, of our lord jesus christ be glorified and as well as thatf the holy spirit. the wor of his holiness pope francis. holiness, holiness, eminence with reverence. we spoke as brothers.
4:32 pm
we are bishops. we spoke of our churches. we agreed that unity is made by walking. we spoke clearly without half words. and i confess that i have felt the consolation of the spirit in this dialogue.. i thank his holiness' humility.
4:33 pm
and his good wishes for unity.. we have come out with aerious of initiatives which i think are viable and i think they can be achieved because of that, i want to thank his holiness on again, his ben elf ent welcome -- benevolent welcome and also to the collaborators, and i mention, too, the eminence o metropolitan hillarian and cardinal, who with all other
4:34 pm
achieve this. i don't want to leave without giving a most heartfelt appreciation of gratitude to cuba, to the great cuban people, and to itsresent president who is here present. i thank his active availability.
4:35 pm
will be the capital of unity. and may all this be for the glory of god, father, son and holy spirit. and for the good, for the holy people of god under the blanket of the holy mother of god. [ applause ]
4:36 pm
moment between the heads of these two churches. michael putney joining us now. is interesting, pope franz said that the two of them when they met, they spoke as brothers, he said. >> michael: there was obviously, janine and victor, a lotot of newtual respect and i think even affection between the two of them. there was certainly humility i thought on the part of pope francis when he referreto the patriarch, and there is obviously a spirit of reconciliation here which is why this is a historic moment. >> v vtor: overat all sounds like the meeting went well. that's kind of the impression we'r'r getting here. some monumental words though from pope francis. we were all a little taken aback when he said if itt continues this way, cuba will be the capital of unity. >> michael: well, it was effusive praise, i think we could say, of cuba he thanked, quote, the great cuban people and their president.
4:37 pm
there isresident raul castro standing to the right there of the patriarch kirill. it certainly was high praise for cuba, and cuba does get a lot of prestige simply by hosting this meeting for two to three hoursrs and then the pope is going to fly on to mexico. >> janine: well, and i think thiss now the second time that pope francis has been here and has sort of brokere these meetings between entities that haven't spoken in a long time, and that seems to be something thth he's good at. >> victor: ground breaking uff, healing these ties between the eastern and western christianity here. again, he said right out of gate, what pop francis said was they spoke as brothers, they have t same baptism and they're both bishops. unity he said is made by walking. >> janine: one thing he did not say but we believe something they may have spoken about is
4:38 pm
war on christians in africa, in the mideast, and that is sort of common ground between the two. >> michael: that is an important part apparently of this meeting, was their shared concern over the murders by isis and al-shabab and other terroristic jihaddist groups, muslim groups, jihaddist muslim groups which have been killing christians, as you say, janine, in africa, in iraq, in syria and other parts of the emailed. >> janine: well, as we watch these pictures, we will take this to commercialreak, and we'll have more analysis. don't forget our own hatzel vela is live on the ground in havana. we will have his stories coming up.
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>> victor: also at 4:30, ab auto
4:42 pm
the intense fire and smoke could be seen billowing into the sky. >> janine: and here's a look from the ground. that fire, firefighters really having a hard time knocking down those flames because of all the contents inside. this happened in oakland park. now an investigation is underway into what sparked those flames. >> trent: local10 news reporter shyann malone is live in oakland park now at 4:30. shyann. >> shyann: you're absolutely right. a lot of the chemicals inside, any type of auto business will have a flammable chemicals, things like propane, gasoline, bubu let's take a look at some of the aftermath as i step out of the way. you can see at l lst one fire rescue truck still on the scene but way back in the back to the left side of your screen, the roof completely charred, caved in, and what you can't see severar dozen cars. >> this area that are charred inside and out. it's incdible. everyone managed to make it out safely. this exclusive cell phone video sent to us by a local10 news
4:43 pm
black smoke billowing from thebuilding after factory finish collision repair auto shop catches fire. nick dialompany dro olympics the shop next door. >> it was nerve-wracking. we have a lot of gas in the place. >> shyann: sky 10 above the scene while broward rescue and other crews went to work. responding to the scene around 12:45 friday afternoon. it took about 45 minutee to get the fire under control. no workers wasurt but a firefighter was injured on the scene and dozens o cars charred. likely a total loss. back out here live, you can see firefighters still on the scene. the chief tells me they will continue to check this building out every hour to make sure there are no hot spots. area. the cause of the fire still under investigation. and that firefighter who was injured on the scene, he is expected to recover fully. reporting live in oakland park, shyann malone, local10 news at. >> victor: shi ann, thank y y. we want to take you back now to
4:44 pm
between pope francis and patriarch kirill, the head of the orthodox russian church is wrapping up there at jose marti international airport. we just listened to them live a few minutes ago. if you were with us they signed that ten page declaration. >> janine: a very short meeting and point nant meeting between the leaders of -- poignant meeting between the leaders of their perspective churchill downs, something you could say is a thousand years the in making. they signed this document, pope francis said the two of them spoke as brothers, he said we are bishops and only spoke of our churches, unity is made by our walking. humility was really sort of a central theme in their meeting today. >> victor: the first stepp toward a lot of healing that needs to take place. as far as what's going to happen next, we know propellor prances is on his -- pope francis is on his way to mexico. he is very punctual and on on the move, set to leave jose marti international airport at
4:45 pm
for mexico from there. >> janine: you are lounge on the right-hand side of you are why screen be be with the, the two ofof them have been signing that ten page declaration. copy of that declaration is on our website a the two of them talking about the importance of faith and christianity in the world as well as humility. >> victor: pope francis said that we have the initiatives and we believe they're viable and that they c!n be achieved. very thankful to have this meeting, and a very long time in the making. he also episode thanked everyone who helped make this president including cuba dea president raul castro. >> janine: our own hatzel vela is live in havana, cuba. he had spoken with some religious experts who said really the two churches for the that different in many, many ways, and so again this is really just a bridging of the divide that is happening right now. we are going to continue to watch these pictures. again, hatzel vela is live on the ground.
4:46 pm
certainly let you know. >> and right now we want to go ahead and let's take a live look cam. what a friday it was.if you had the day off or got to go out to the boat show, hope you made the best of it. >> janine: even calvin and laurie were talking about playing hooky. >> betty: it's a convertible type of afternoon, drop that top and cruise out or a beachch afternoon, the tank tops and the shorts, they are back aftetea cool start to the day. the temperatures rebound can ving up into the 7s. 74 the current number in miami. wund from the east-southeast. key west and fort lauderdale hoeing 72. it will be a nice evening out. we will start to slip down into the 60s aer 8:00, light east wind, our sky cast model showing that the skies will be mainly clear. so finally some warmth for south florida. that's not the story, though, elsewhere in the country.
4:47 pm
parts off the upper midwest, chicago at 22 degrees, and if you're traveling in that direction heading toward those areas this weekend, we're going to have%another blast of really cold air coming in across the upper midwest. so for tomorrow the high temperature in chicago just 13 degrees. that cold is going to get pushed down into parts of the south as well. atlanta, wall-to-wall sunshine if you happen to be t ting a trip there but the high only gets up to 41. their normal higig for this time of the year is 56. our normal high is 78. and we're going to be pretty close to that come tomorrow even though we're upping, a weak cold front forecast south florida tomorrow. beach weather. it's in ur plans for tomorrow. i can show you why you may want to make it in your plans because it will be so beautiful out, winds from the north-northwest about 10 plus miles an hour. taking the boats on the, no advisories on waters, north-northwest wind 10 to
4:48 pm
two to three f ft off miami-dade and broward, just a light chop on the bays. we will start the day k kd of cool so if you're up really early, you may want a lig jacket with temperatures in the mid to upper 50s, by by the afteoon mid-70s on the way. we can handle that. nday, valentine's day, 59 to start, highs in the mid-70s. by president eats day a few more avoids clouds in the area, breezy as well, but high temperatures reaching the upper 70s. tuesday we may touch 80 degrees ahead of our next cold front, and that front could bring a few rain showers our way. behind it drier air starts to fill back in. we get a little cooler as wel but the bottom is not going to fall out. remember, our. >> anchor: morning low for this time of the year is around 62. average high around 78. so we won't be too far from those numbers even toward the
4:49 pm
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we'll be right back. >> victor: you can now feel like you're spending a night in vincent van gogh's bedroom. the art commission recently had an exhibit that's going to opened on sunday. the museum renting out that bedroom, not bad, $10 a night on the rental site. air bn b. it runs through may 10th. >> janine: even that chair looked like the chair in the paintiti. >> victor: ten bucks. in case you needed another reminder valentine's day is almost herean, and there's one guy in indiana who really knows how to show his growing lof 4 his wife. >> janine: instead of buying his wife a mall hallmark card, he decide buy her an entire billboard. you see, this guy surprised hate, his wife with a billboard and it reads pat and patty together 27 years and counting. you complete me. love pat.
4:53 pm
and crying and like week oh, my gosh wi can't. >> i have it was really exciting.. that's what i wanted want was to surprise her and let her know how special she is andnd let her know that, you know, these 2 2 years have been great for me. >> janine: how is he going on top that? >> victor: makes the rest of us look b. >> janine: the happy couple got married in 1988. they have three kids and a new grandchild. >> victor:pthis dog is named ginger rogers for a reason. you see the white and black dog showed off her dance moves at an orlando shelter after found roaming the streets. after this video went viral, somebody decide they had room fire dance dog and they adopted her. >> janine: who wouldn't adopt a dancing dog. >> victor: ginger rogers. >> janine: we want to tech take you back to video of that historic moment just a short titi ago. a meeting with the head of the russian orthodox church, patriarch kirill as well as pope
4:54 pm
declaration. this meeting we understand was tually prepared in secrecy for about two years, and here we go, we see them just a short time ago signing that ten page declaration. >> victor: the first step in a very long healing process between eastern and western christianity here. when we heard from pope francis, he said among many things that they spoke clearly with no half words, and that he could feel the consolation of the spirit in their dialogue today. this meeting lasted two to three hours. it was quick but the fact that it happened alone is a huge deal. >> janine: quick but poignant, putting aside their differences. one certainly issue that they have that they,ou know -- an issue that they both agree on, of course, is they want to fight global terrorism. the idea that ipis has been attacking brutally christians around the world and it'sp something that the two of them have agreed on, and that's one thing thathey were speaking about today. >> victor: it is incredible that something like that will bring them together.
4:55 pm
a great broker of things, hasn't he. >> victor: our continuing coverage of all things happening at havana will continue right now at 5:00. >> laurie: thank you both. >> calvin: right now local10 at five you saw you the live on local10, eats meets west bringing together two sides of the christian faith that split 1,000 years ago. >> laurie: fort lauderdada police making an arrest of a woman's car was stolen where baby girl still in the back seat. >> calvin: and more shots fir near carol city high school today just two days after a shootout between gang members send students scramling. >> laurie: and a wave of traffic traffic. blood sample c at historic meeting 1,000 years the in making. head of the roman catholic church nearing first time with the patriarch russian orthodox church. the two churches split generations ago but it appears both leaders agreed t reconcile their differences today.
4:56 pm
two leaders, they met for the first time. you saw that warm embrace, the kisses on the cheeks, very impactful. local10's hatzel velaa was there for us. he's joining us live with what was discussed. hatzel >> hatzel: and, laurie, i have to tell you we're back inside becae it is that time again when the pope is getting ready to leave. so because of security issues, the reporters areheld back while photographer still and video are now on the tarmac waiting for pope francis to leave. but i have to tell you this sort of reminds you that embrace, reminds me of the simplicity francis because as he saw the patriarch, he said, "finally, finally we are brothers." he said. that soror of encapsulates exactly what is happening here. the meeting of two churches or the meeting of two branches of the same churc coming together
4:57 pm
here it is, the embce, centuries in making, a first hello with kisses symbolic of the brotherhood between two priests, two equals. >> this gesture of embracing, of kissing each other, it's, of course, it's a symbol of two heads of churches accepting each other as brothers. >> hatzel: historic for two of the t(e world's biggest churches. in addition to a warm greeting, the two men exchanging gifts corning to pool reporters. >> the pope stressed this is the wish of god that we are brothers. >> hatzel: pope frfrcis arrived at around 2:00 this afternoon greeted by president raul stro, then escorted to a reception room here at jose marti international airport. what you see here, you have not seen in centuries. planes carrying two religious leaders,ow side by side. an early morning for patriarch kirill, the head of the russian
4:58 pm
here he is, laying a wreath at the jose marti national monument at revolution plaza. the patriarch inside the monument saying a few words. praises cuba for preserving the@ memories of its national heros. cuba is home to some they how the orthodox christians. two christians churches polit split in 1054 over theology treatments and some say politics. the two churches are willing to resolve their differences and focus on bigger issues. there you heard it. i will translate what pope francis said just seconds ago in
4:59 pm


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