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tv   Local 10 News 6PM  ABC  February 9, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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when the suspect identified by place at 21-year-old javon walker used a piece of metal to beat the unsuspecting customer. his wife trying to fend him off. no long after the beating he would show up at the swap shop nearby for yet another terrifying viciou encounter. this time using a sword to hack away at an employee. again, for no reason. the employee was taken to a hospital and will recover. brochet says he did have a few words with walker before going inside the station. >> what did he tell you outside? >> not very much. he said you're just some red in your eye or something. >> then moments later with no motive this. >> he didn't ask for money, he didn't ask for anything. >> brochet now focusing on getting better and hoping his alleged aggressor does the samee thing. >> you'll recover? >> i hope. and i hope they take care of him. >> you actually have some compassion for him? >> very much. >> and javon walker was arrested
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driving in a stolen car. he apparently told police he was seeing poltergeist and wanted to kill all things evil. officers thought he was so some so of substance. he remains behind bars tonight. derek shore, local10 news. >> we continue with two developing stories, including a car crashing into a cellphone store. you can see crews cleaning up the glass from the boost mobile stote right there laurie and calvin west cyprus creek owed in oakland park. no word if anyone was hurt when the storefront. also developing a small plane having trouble on the runy in pembroke pines today. it appears the plane had problems down. sky 10 was above the scene there at north perry airport. this was right around :30 this afternoon. the plane finally settled on one of its wings before being towed to the hangar. the faa is investigating. no injuries were reported. >> just a few hours left before the polls clolo for the first
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the state of new hampshire. glenna milberg has been covering it for us and she's live in snowy manchester with more. a chilly manchester, new hampshire. glenna. >> we past chili. it's down right cold, calvin. good evening. it has not affected turn out, though. we understand the turn out for this is scheduled to be in over 60%. if that's true, that would really be astounding at least by south florida standards. of course there are the frontreturns, donald trump for the gop, bernie sanders in the democrat primary, but there's a battle for number two right now in the gop and a lot of other candidates would consider tonight a win by lesser standards. >> the ballots dropped at the stroke of mid night in the tiny totnship. there are fewer voters than there are candidates. the winners democratic frontrunner senator bernie sanders and a gop senator on the rise, john kasich. >> i saw trump by \he way and i
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>> and he said, yeah, you killed me. >> all the candidates did 11th hou campaign around at the packed polls, the kinds of face to face campaigning new hampshire voters demand in the nation's first presidential primary. >> and watched around the world for who may eventually dictate u.s. foreign policy. at the first baptist church in nashua we find people still deciding. >> anyone who comes in undeclared as an independent gets to choose which one to take into the votingbooth. >> so for the longest time it was anybody but trump and i was lianing towards kasich. but now that bernie is surging so far ahead i feel that hillary needs the voteteo i'll end up voting for hillary. >> that's a cross party mental machination there.
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that's how we are in new hampshire. >> one person came in, got a ballot, picked it up and looked and says, i i n't want to vote for any of these people. so he gave the ballot back to the ballot clerk up here. >> you listen to stories like that and you just can't wait for tonight to see what the numbers end up being. exit polling suggests a huge independent turnout and that could be very good news for the outsider candidates, trump and sanders. we will see. i'm glenna milberg reporting live in manchester, new hampshire, local10 news. >> stay with local10 for more live reports and analysis today. david maria will be live from new hampshire coming up on world news tonight coming u at 6:30 and then be sure to stay with local10 glenna will be back with ourpolitical reporter michael putney with results from tonight's race on local10 news at 11. >> a man believed to be behind the murder of his wife later jumped to
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local10 news reporter hatzel vela is live for us at the grand right near downtown miami with this tragic story. >> laurie, the tragic story started on miami beach last night. it was this morning when police started looking for samir jemaaoui. here on the ground is where they found his lifeless body and now we're learning more about his past criminal record. >> a woman describes the horrific scene at the grand in downtown miami. this is the body of samir jemaaoui, the french national, 36 years old said to be the same man responsible for killing his wife, then earlier this afternoon killing himself. now we're learning more about him. back in december of last year this police report says jemaaoui was arrested, charged with domestic violence. >> do you need a interpreter. >> it's okay. i understand. >> here h h is in court.
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his car was broken into so he choked the victim three times. the report doesn't say whohe victim is. >> you need to stay away from her. otheheise that's going to be your new home, in the jail. >> fast forward to last nigig. in miami beach, at the flamingo where two children, four and six years olds may have seen the murder of theirother. the two little ones old enough to go downstairs at around 7:00 p.m. to tell condo security their mom was hurt. security then so-called police. earlier today a judge decided to help keep those children in foster care. we did hear from a maternal aunt who lives in orlando and wants to take the kids. the children who were not physically in court are german citizens. >> and those children we're told will remain in foster care until the next hearing. that hearing is later this month on the 23rd. for now reporting live in downtown miami, hzel vela, local10 news. >> cattle el thank you. not one, but two construction workers getting hurt on the job. this all happening late this
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off griffin road and 201st avenu we're told the workers, two of them were hurt right after each other. one of them transported as a trauma letter to memorial region nospital. >> well, a sad day for all fire rescue services today. davie fire rescue chief joe montana reply was laid to rest. the 57-year-omd died in his sleep february 1st. montopoli. the cket was loaded on to a fire truck in the city of hollywood headed for the church service in north miami beach and immediately following the church service the procession passed by all dvie fire rescue stations and pembroke pines fire station number 69. he was then buried with full firefighter honors. >> to a growing mystery in plantation. nearly two months after a teenage boy vanished his mother is making
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bards. local10 reporter terrell forney live with her tearful message. >> that man is meeting with his attorney here at this detention center just beyond this chain-linked fence. coincidentally on the same day that his estranged wife steps forward teenage son. > it's been so long. i love you. you. >> an agonizing tier filled plea from nestralda jorgensen to her son who has been missing since december. it's believed the two haven't seen each other in years. recently the boy has been staying with their father at their home in plantation. but the teen apparently disappeared after a dispute. >> please don't hide. >> the boy's father bruce jorgensen never reported his son missing. instead he posting missing person flyers around his community weeks
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with detectives. investigators arrested jorgensen last month at the airport after they say he purchased a one way ticket to new zealand alone. >> not so says his attorney in this interview. >> it was not a one way tket. there was a round trip component in there. >> if you're still alive. >> there's been no trace of f e teen since hisis disappearance. we're told he does not own a cellphone and has no social media accounts. >> this isn't the first time it's happened, unfortunately. i don't think any time thathis has happened before, i don't think that the -- any police investigation has uncovered his son and i think it's all been through the efforts of mr. jorgensen himself and i think that's what he was trying to do in this case as well. >> and jorgensen will spend yet another night here in jail in pompano beach. detectives confirmed that the teenagagson has run away multiple times in the past, but he hasever
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detectives also tell us that foul play is not suspected. we're live in pompano beach tonight, i'm terrell forney. local10 news. >> cuba is preparing once again to receive pope francis, this time for an historic meeting with the head of the russian orthodox church. some landscaping is being done and new signs are going up outside of the russian orthodox church in the city's historic section. pope francis is set to meet with on friday the first meeting for both churches sincece they split more than 1,000 years ago. local10's hatzel vela will be will for that historic meeting. look for live reports from havana starting tomorrow on local10 news. >> more than 100 cuban migrants stuck in legal limbo in costa rica arded the first direct flight to mexico previously they've been flown and bused at the u.s. border. but today's group included 41
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therefore the government decided totake them straight to new lori raid in mexico where they were able to cross into texas. >> a federal investigation is now under way after a royal caribbean waters. >> plus word that its passengers may have to wait a bit longer to return to dry land that's all coming up on world news tonight at 6:30. >> 59 degrees the low in fort afternoon. it is cool out there. i'm chief meteorogist, betty davis, i'll let you know how much of a chill we're in for come tomorrow. >> and how miami international is hoping to make your passage through its airport a must. >> first a masked man storms a store threatening to shoot everyone inside. the frightening video cing up after the pick up some fresh florida zucchini, beautiful golden squash, plumptomatoes, mushoms, and garlic. combine with the pasta, and serve. everyone's a winner with this flavor packed meal. for moreelicious recipes
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caught on camera a masked man storming a store and threatening to shoot everyone inside. this is surveillance video from last month. the crook demanding cash from the register inside the dollar general store in oakland park the the man got away in a gray neuro model, possibly an i am pal la. >> time for a check on the evening rush. it is 6:15. traffic reporter jenise fernandez here with a look.
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all afternoon long until right now. do not take the express lanes on i-95 southbound. you can see the accident in the express lanes and it's blocking all the lanes in the express lanes. at thehe regular lanes are moving we are seeing the heavy delays. agagn this is 95 southbound right at 95th street with speeds 9 miles per hour. we've also got an accident on the palmetto expressway. this is as you're heading east. there is a left lane blocked with speeds there at 7 miles per hour. and as we cruise on so broward county we're watching one accident on i-95 southbound. we are seeing some delays here. those speeds clocking in at 20 mine miles per hour. laurie. >> all right, jenisis thank you. two people flying from new york city to miami were arrested for trying to sneak weapons on to their plane. port a ahority police releasing photos of the straight edged razors they uncovered at the laguardia airport. the first you see hidden underneath the sole of ahoe.
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a 40-year-olddan and 18-year-old woman on theiray to miami were arrested. >> meanwhile much happier news at the e rport helping to get travelers get around. the airport says there is no need to look on the big board anymore. everything you need is going to be on their free app. the 2.0 app will give you times and updates, it's all designed to make the travel process a little easier. >> we need to give our folks an opportunity to navigate this place.i did almost miss. on the monorail, i almost missed ourrtop because it wasn't clear where to go. >> as soon an appppould be -- that would be a grade addition. >> soon the app is going to let you reserve parking spots and you can even order food to be delivered to your terminal. >> let's check in with our betty davis. i guess we have to go deeper south to get some warmer weather. aruba sounds nice right now. >> can we go please?
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the chill is hanging on. if you're a vacationer and your vacation is here in south florida you're probably a little disappointed right now. we're looking outside at miami. still nice out there, even with ththe mid to high level clouds. a little wobbling in our tower camera and that wouldld be because our west to northwest wind is still kicking up o o there tonight. temperatures in the mid 60s, we've been stuck in the 60s all afternoon. it's 64 in miami and fort lauderdale. them broke pines at 64. hialeah, i hope itit was a good day for you. 65 degrees and if you're watching right now in key quest, 66 is your temperatate, you saw a high today of 70. the forecast for the rest of the eveninin stubborn clouds across our skies. but even with the clouds we're expecting to stay dry. so those clouds are not rn makers, simply decorating the sky and helping to keep the temperatures up p bit, but with the west, northwest wind, that still will allowome cooler air to work in here by a aut 10 tonight.
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bottom out into the 50s by tomorrow morning. winds from the west for broward and miami-dade, sustained 10 to 15 miles an hour. it's a northwest flow between marathon and key west. seeing the northwest flow at the circus marathon in key west as we have a southwest flow a lot and because of the southwest flow in the mid to upperer levels wre seen an increase in the mid to high level clouds. overall the general flow is one that keeps us in cooler weather that northwest wind is expected to be reinforce the by tomorrow morning. that means more cool air is going to come on in and look at the cool up to the north, out right cold. atlanta at freezing. 32 degrees and snow showers in the air. chicago, maybe wearing a big coated ateast someone you know there is at 17 degrees. neyork city, 33 degrees. but the chill is definitely on from the midwest into the deep south and as mentioned more of that cold air drains in our direction by tomorrow morning.
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so chilly wednesday morning and it doesn't stop there. even thursday morning could be colder. we're forecasting lows in the 40s and then by the end of the week, temperatures get a little milder. so plan on some 50s early in the morning. highs getting into the 60s. as we check the extended forecast we see those 40s showing up for thursday morning highs in the 60s. friday morningid to upper 50s to start the day, highs in the mid 70s. if you're vacationing, that's going to be a little more like it. average high for this time of year, what's normal, 78 degrees. so we'll be a little closer to that as we close in on valentine's day. calvin. >> betty, thanks a lot. don't miss the body. register to voted. we are just more than a mon way from the florida primary and if you are not registered to vote you are& running out of time. we're going to make it easy for you.& tomorrow local10 news and the league of women voters are teaming up for an hour long -- rather a day long register to vote blitz. we're calling it don't miss the boat, register to vote.
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our weekend anchors and league of volunteers will be encouraging you all day long to get out and vote. todd will be at fiu a"d neki will be at miramar hall and you can also see other locations which will b staffed from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. tomorrow. you can also regisier at any public library. let's check with our will manso. >> will manso live at the american airlines arena. coming up tonight. thepurs in town which means they bring a nba legend, tim duncan on the court warm up and we'll tell
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and now local10 sports with will manso. >> should be a good one tonightht here at the american airlines arena as the s sn spurs are in town the team with the second best record in the nba and as wewe know a team the heat have played twice in the nba times. as i step out of the way, the injury situation one of the big ory lines of the game tonight. tim duncan, the spurs legend will not play tonight despite the fact he's on the court tonight. he will not suit up and play tonight in this game. we're still waiting for offffial word on whether the heat's man whiteside will play. shaquille o'neal announcing they will retire number 32 that shaq wore in the rafters in the arena and that will happen to start next season. quite an an more for shaq who spent three anana half years in the miami uniform and won an nba title in 2006.
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that's bothering him after sunday's game. few moments ago the coach said he will warm up on the court with the intent to play, but we'll see if he feels healthy enough to do that. no matter if white house is in the line up or not ty have plenty of respect for this first time. >> they have the nationaladar of, you know, they do not find a basketball radar for basketball ayers, so we understand this has been a good team for 13 years. i'm sure all my interviews have said the same thing since i've been in the nba. so it's a tough opponent. it's a tough way to go into the all-star break. >> tip time tonight at 8:00. a national tv game and calvin to send it back to you, you see tim duncan there, only a few guys that have amazing respect for when i see them on the court. certainly tiu duncan one of them and of course you when we get those pickup games going you're a scary site on the court. >> nol comparison whatsoever. thank you so much.
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st text1 italics cc1 test message breaking news tonight as we come on the air. what the exitt polls are already telling us, right here in new hampshire. the first primary in the nation. votes being tallied. moment. ter months of attacks, neck and neck battles, it all comes down to this. >> polls are open!
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