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tv   Local 10 News Saturday Morning 7AM  ABC  February 6, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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taking a dive here in n uth florida. weather authority jennifer correa a is here withth the forecast. >> live, the with one and only local 10 news starts right now. >> neki: you rolled your eye. i can't know you can roll our r's like time. >> todd: jenmifer gave me the heads up. >> todd: iech been here 26 years. of course i can roll my r's and w we wafnt to get to weather authority jennifer correa because it is cloudy and a cool downson the way. >> jennifer: yes, indeed. a far as rolling your r's, that's the way my last name ca be should be said. if you can roll your r's, core ray a i love it. so far cloudy and so far loud you haven't seen rain this morning. there are a few shower. a more sowmg view. i'll g g to that in a second. miami at 61. 65 in key west.
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beach and port of miami ch even key biscayne dealing with a few shower. these are moderate producing moderate rainfall. a little lighthower developing over the airport. miami international airport that s. and this is all do to a stationary boundry over the gulf stream. eventually that will turn into low that will amplify and push in really cold air here across south florida. ool a- all the details on dhoomg up. by the way, it's warmer this afternoon. not raftingn long though, neki. >> neki: thank a lot jennifer. breaking news out of familiar this morning. the police say a shooting ate strip club has left one person ad and seven injuries. right now police are on that scene at club rain. they say they have not released the condition of those injured just yet. police believe there may have been some sort of case greement in the crub. no other detail veilable now but we'll keep you updated. >> todd: a 6-year-old child remains in the hospital this morning just days after being struck in the street by a
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>> neki: that boy was riding hi skooter outsisi his home wednesday when he was hit. >> todd: his family outraged. thu thre now demanding answers from the policic department. local 10 news reporter sanela sabovic is live athe hospital where that young boy is recovering this morning. good morning sa nel. >> >> reporter: good morning d dkand tovmentd the family of that 6-year-old boy says he has a long road a- of recovery head of him.& he broke several bones in his leg and have to learn thousand walk a over again. leb hospitalized behind me for the xt several months. >> and the accident happened on wednesday. 6-year-old antoine lawson wa riding hi scooter just west of 58th street when he was accidentally struck by a miami police officer thvment cell phone video show the moments right after the accident. you can see the utter chaos and panic and another officer coming to the aid of the child. not believed to be the one behind the wheeflt police cruiser. e miami police department says it was a simple accident that
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parked truck before darting inthe street making it hard for the officer to see him. the family he is the cop was speeding and was - la len >> very hurt and i don't see no type of sympathy from these miami police. they are trying find someone weather to make it seem like her neglect but it wasn't her neglect because them kids was being watched. >> reporter: the miami police department did release the name. officer behind the wheel at accident. his name is irvin the second. and he what been with the department since april of 20 14. his personnel record is clean but on one instructor said had an an issue with instruction ooze. the investigation is still ongoing. reporting live in miami. sanela sabovic. local 10 news. >> neki: michael her nan de is close to saving new sentence 12 years after he was convicted
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was 14 years old. day three saw hernandez's motr take the stand where she was confronted with the compelling evidence of of her son. before. >> yes. >> that's the hit list. >> yes. >> that disturbing isn't it. >> it is disturb oog hernandez sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. resentenced after the sa spreem court released juveniles a automatically sentenced to life without parole. >> todd: a medical examiner found the damaged bodies submerged in the car. the victim were the couple that was mission since sunday morning. they were found on thursday in the canal with two dodd bodies inside. those bodies identified as alexandra pa con and brandon arana. both were 21 years old and met last sunday to get a drink.
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scene caught on cravment a man not satisfied with hi cable service decided to retaliate nay big way. he through a rock at the comcast office o on nova drive last month. his first throw didn't do much but the second shat shattered a window. deer friends ever, the next one will be on fire. please remove your nonsense from my phone. your pal friendly neighborhood spider mand man. wend quote. >> neki: yesterday the cdc ended guidelines for the zika virus thvment come on the heels of reports of a sexually transmitted case in zika in dallas texas. a partner and women should talk to their did about the the exposure. they say the risk of sexual transmission of zika is extremely raimplet all men and women who may have traveled to the feakded area shuz you'd con doom.
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who was killed in last month. spoke to the community. he lived with hi wife in hol hollywood before moving in africa to work at an ar orr fa na gafnlgt the wife said helan ond making that his life's work. >> and every single time he would say i'm going to be buried in orange soil or dirt. this is where i'll be buried for the the rest of my life so. course that is where he will be buried because this is what he wanted. >> michael and aim also adopted two children from the fa tee no fa so. he was 45 years owl. new this morning one person is dead and another in critical condition after a shooting in ate mall nor lan could. >> a deputy says an injured 19-year-old ran for help outside the florida mall and found by a shopper before he collapsed. another man found dead in the parking lot of. right now they not entirely sure what happened because no one
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activity. >> neki: crews working to prevent lake okeechobee from flooding in s. because of all the recen rainfall the water level is the heist it's been since 2005. crews are releasing billions of gal lops of water from the lake and working to repair the agent on herbert hoover diefnlgt a dam surrounding the lake. >> the importance to people in south florida is this is major flood con truck structure that keeps lake okeechobee from over flowing it's bank. the hoover bank has been one of the the country's most at rick rest fork failure for quite some time. and they are repairing the dike to lower the risk of flooding. >> todd:nd local 10 news has lerd michelle martha lee will leave ofce tomorrow the one and only obtained a letter state hag martelly will step down just after midnight tonight amid growing protest over the
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martelly says quote i will leave without any redwrets, any engee vee and without any desire to remain in power i band of soldier road through the streets in port-au-prince clark with those there at in the the capital. ceas laight to violence and one of the military veterans was stoned to death by militants. and a new presidential election is set for april 14th. local 10 news anchor calvin hughes will be in port-au-prince for an exclusive interview with haiti's out going president. look for thain ter view saturday morning on local 10 and our evening edition newscast. still to come this morning. a deadly earthquake rocking tie juan yesterday. multiple fatalities confirmed and hundreds leaf in the hospital. >> neki: and the coast guard stowing the ocean after two plane collided off california. details next. >> you're watching local ten
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mohan. >> neki: a warehouse fire in doral sent one person to the hospital. that fire reported friday morning at michigan drill corporation. near northwest 66th street and 84th avenue. firefighters say a machine towards the back of the warehouse exploded cawing that fire. 35 people inside the warehouse
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only one minor injury was reported. >> todd: rescue crews are serve offing for survivors after a midair plane crash o off oafer the o ocean cost coast of california eye ah new log book shows two men ages 61 and 81 in the plane together. a 72-year-old woman was in the other plane. police say will at pilots involved were experience. >> neki: a 6-year-old girl in massachusets killed after a tree limb fell on her while she was playing in the snow. the girl's pamly says she were outside shoveling and flaight snow when the limb snapped. her brother and dad ran to help her and a neighbor performed cpr and called 911. that girl wa takeketo the hospital where he laider died. she was rung out. daddy, let's go make a snowman and the next thing i know a tree broke and fell on her and him and a ran ot it and tried to o lift her out of there and almost couldn't. >> neki: heavy wet snow
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yesterday and police warnld people to stay inside because of falling limb. >> todd: a k450eu8d recould of snroarng after daycare bus overturned in north carolina. it happened in theown of matthews southeast of charlotte. the car hit the bus with eight children inside cawing it to turn on it's side. one of the daycare woark said the dhield child that was taken to the hospital is doing just fine. police say it could of been much worse. >> i'm grad we had seat belts. if not so, i would probably be in the hospital. >> i wa scared and nervous. i wasn't expect us to flip over ierkts driver of the car involved was also take thoapt with non life-threatening injuries. >> neki: heavy snow came down new york city covering cars, sidewalks, street signs. wet snow did cause for slish road conditions affecting travelers. another round of snow is expected to fall in the city later this week. >> todd: a nebraska man waited for more thain year for a new
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saving call during a bliz aferred first respon cer fought terrible conditions on tuesday to get the man to the hospital where a new heart was fininly waiting for him. firefighter had to get a snow plow and car vafn car to can go get through the snow there the man made it through his eight hour surgery and at last check is listed in serious condition. >> neki: well, with thal snow and sleet up north. >> todd: we're bound to get cooler temperature. >> neki: cooler than the 60's. 60s i can handle general. >> todd: it will got 40e's right. >> neki: i'm stage in the present in the 60s. >> todd: that will be be the forecast. >> jennifer: okay neki and todd. it's been a rollercoaster of temperature. yesterday was pretty cold out there with with that wind. it felt chilly. and so today not so chilly. especially by of thatten noon. temperature are rebounding again but not lasting long. here what it looks like outside your window.
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it's very cloudy out there. now, the seas and surf v- has decreased but today this morning a a surface between one to 2 feet. it could increase more than 2 feet by later on this afternoon. temperature right now 61 degrees in miami as well as pembroke pine and 62 in fort lauderdale. 57 in kendall. pompano beach at 71. and so temperatures have been not so cool for the start of this morning. it does feel cool out there. especially on for the cloud cover and wind cobling in from the north. it it this will change later today. on radar still tracking a couple showers that have been pushing over northeast miami-dade county and impacting mainly key biscayne and even miami beach eventually will roll over into downtown miami. check it out. southern portions of miami-dade county seeing showers this year. tyne pien crest yairnd near dade land mall. that will bring you a light drizzle. maybe a heavy shower embedded in one of those.
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really not tood bad. however, rain chances will increase later on. right now dealing with a very weak stalled boundry over the gulf street. eventually we'll have low develop right along the southeast coast of our area of florida. that is with a trailing cold front. but how is it going to get so cold if this is developing so far sowmg. well, once it pull out towards the coast along the southeast and mid atlantic. it ramps up. it am fla fliefy and strengthens bringing strong winds and pushing in that colder a air and that is what will help bring in those chilly temperature by tomorrow. today's high though in the mid to you even upper 70s for some of you. low 70s count through the keys so. it's definitely warmer than yesterday f. you're planning to head out to the beach t will be cloudy out there. a moderate rip current risk. small craft advisory remain in effect until # a.m. and put into effect a again later to night. we'll have to talk about the temperature.
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low 50s and upper 60s tomorrow. todd. >> todd: all right jen, thank you. at least 11 people are dead and hundreds more injured ave 6.4 magnitude with wake rocked taiwan. local 10 news say four of the seven who died and many of the four of the 11 who died were inside a residential building that collapsed in the city of tanan. the news agency says a young girl and infant are among the dead. from above you can see how deaf vast sthaight quake was. question are told more than 200 people have been rescued from this building and at least 30 more believed to be trapped inside. >> we have new surveillance videos as well this morning of that quake as it ittruck taiwan. here you can seat actual moment that six-point # four quake hit. investigators say they are going to exam whether the collapsed building construction met requirements. >> neki: a group of cuban migrants fliefg el salvador yesterday.
7:16 am
all hoping to eventually reach the united states. thousand of cuban migrants have been stuck in costa rica since no. after nicaragua closed it's boarder to. they mefl could a several central american nations then struck a deal to provide a strand migrants with transportation iers. and saying on news for cuba. pope francis will be returning to the island nation. leb heading to havana for a historic bheeghtd head of the russian orthodox church next week. the catholic and orthodox church split a thousand year ago. the orthodox church is the the largest there now. a and it will be the first time in history the head of the two church have met. >> todd: well, the highly contaminated water in flint michigan now bring ago tension to similar crisis in pennsylvania. >> neki: that right. multiple cities there reporting lead levels up to four times higher than flint.
7:17 am
breech putting ucf putting thousands and staff members at risk. how the university is throok solve the situation next. >> neki: but first here's a look at the winning lottery number. good luck. >> all watching. all track the meteorologist jennifer correa on the one and only o low will will call ten news.
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a. >> welcome back. 2k3wr-r looking for something to do this weekend we have you covered. in north miami the city is celebrating the 9th 9th anniversary way festival today at mocha plaza. celebrating it. the event stars a at 2:00 this afternoon and it's free.
7:19 am
at eagle 5k run walk and fit family fun day at zoo miami today. the event being held to pro meet health and fitness. begin at #. get o out there and get moving. >> and here's another event for the family today. corral spring is hosting it's family fun day and car show. the event held many downtown corral spring from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and it is free. >> neki: now to the the water crisis in flint michigan where officials rurnlging residents in the area to test their water for lead contamination. the state will pay for the water test and send out inspector. officials ren couraging all food es stan blish mens to install improved water filters. and they say 18 cities in pennsylvania have hire levels of lead exposure than flint. instead it come from shipping lead patients in age of homes. last year harris werg was grant a $3.7 million grand to remove lead and other hazards from de
7:20 am
>> houses of victim from the the ucf dpat breech says it could take hour to speak to someone on hot rine to find out if their information was hack oovmentd social security nushz of 63,000 students and staff were leak oosmed and getting answers may take time. they flow offering a year of free credit monitoring and id pro deeks. >> todd: and the star wore movie has grossed more than $900 million in the united states. usa reports star war the force baing is the first movie to make that much money and they did it into a days the the studio is expected to gross more than 2 billion worldwide. >> neki: and this is a fun story off the morning. >> todd: yes. >> neki: every with one wish for thvment mothers at threessments is the mother and her 16-year-old twin daughter and to the to will have you wondering which one is mom. >> todd: take a look at to the to. you can see y. all are gorgeous.
7:21 am
one posted the video the with the caption, mom, twin and me. the trio later revealed who the mother was mt. photo. the 35-year-old mofnlt that's her with her hand raids. they are all three gorgeous. >> neki: doesn't even look like they had need aid dad. look like they were all p three. >> todd: and i was fooled. "thought it was the one in the middle. >> neki: good for them. >> todd: and the facebook murder trial coming tonto an end yesterday. >> neki: derek medina sentenced life in prison yesterday. hear what he has to say to the tam li in court. >> jennifer: and rain drop on thth lens. as you can see eye couple showers impact miami beach and down into key biscayne. we do expect more rain later today.
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>> local 10 news starts right now jier tim now 7:29. you know what time it is. time to go to the keys now. and showing it cloudy down there. >> todd: moving on down to margaritata. even cloudy it look like a great place to be. >> neki: maightsz. >> todd: yeah, question is how cold will it get? it will not goat in the 4 4 in the keys will it? >> jennifer: no gu the keys whether get into the low 50 ace with you that won't happen 'til later sunday night moo monday morning. however, today it's warmer of course.
7:25 am
temperatures right now 66 degrees in key west. it is cloudy as you can see. gloomy sky. it won't be like this pretty much all day. however, we do expect a warm up. warm air will filter in despite the cloud cover soo temperatures eventually will get into the low 70s for the key. upper 70s across the area in ma broward and miami-dade this afternoon. you see the the showers. these are rolling over key bis miami. light rainfall with with these. but later on today we expect heavy rainfall. here's a look at what the model is showing us.s. and it showing spotty shower developing through the middle of the afternoon. most of the rape will be tonight. ed to. >> >> todd: all right jen. thank you. our top story this morning. a 6-year-old child left severely injurein the hospital after being struck by a police cruiser and we're now hearing from the young boy's family who say they need to hear answers from miami police.
7:26 am
hi skooter outside his home when he was hit. >> local 10 news reporter sanela sabovic is live at jackson hom hopt where that young boy is recovering. sanela. >> reporter: good morning nick a cnd todd. that young woi's family speak out avmentd they say the officer wa - la glent and speeding and the miami police department is saying otherwise. >> wait, wait, wait. >> reporter: this cell phone video show the panic and utter chaos following the moments a six year o old child is dentally run n er by a miami police officer while he was on his skter wednesday. the family of antoine lawson says hea a long road to recovery. >> his pell vaik bone is broken. his femur bone is broken. he has punctured organs. he to have a tube down his throat. >> reporter: they also say the child will likely be be in the hospital for months and will have to learnow to walk again. the family support set with the miami police department.
7:27 am
see no type of sympathy from these miami polici. and the department sent family services to iestigate the parents. >> they are trying to find someone to make it seem like her neglect with you it it wasn't neglect because those kid were r were being watch ood. >> reporter: miami police say it was an accident and theofficer didn't see the child because he road his skooter between o truck where darting into the street. and meanwhile they released t name. officer of the accident. heaz been an officer since april of 2014 but still on pro bhairgs ri period. his file is clean but uninstructor noteded he issues with directions. >> if he is on his probation period, he should be supervised. a field training officer with him until his probation period end. >> reporter: now we do want it to mention that that officer thaw saw in the cell phone individual would was not the one that was behind the wheel at the time. accident. meanwhile themiami police
7:28 am
investigating this incident. reporting live in miami. sanela ha sabovic. local 10 news. >> todd: also this morning, convicted killing his wife and popoing her body on facebook. derek medina know had that he will be spending the rest of his life behind bars. >> neki: and he decided to speak up at the trial yesterday. >> todd: and he delivered a bizarre rant that left many puled. layron liching ston in miami with more. >> reporter: medina appealing this sentence. it ways trying and emotionalay in court. >> we've seen different forms of derk medina throughout past few years. >> and ba bafer, president on this could ruptded would world that i will be suing. >> reporter: he was in rare form on friday at the sentencing trial. >> the point i'm trying to make ti does not get a fair trial.
7:29 am
goz god knows the truth and thing further. >> reporter: police say he posted a picture of hi wife jennifer alfonso's body after he shotnd killed her in inside their miami home. a home he shared with hish young dawd daughter she. did not joiht family in court but she was there had with her mother. >> and not oofer seeing your mother again is a tragedy no child should endure. >> she was not just a body discovered on the floor she was an amazing person. 4> reporter: and the lawyer said the isolation since his arrest may explain his im approximate too statement. he wanted to make a statement. he made. it i'm not his life coach i'm his attorney. >> we'll let now what will happen with the appeal now. for now reporting in miami lay
7:30 am
>> neki: thanks a lot. now tie a safety alert. a man is facing charges after being a a iewsd ciewfsd policing two young girls in his miami taiwan could class. 64-year-old hoorah fay elmo less ted two sisters. he exposed himself to the 15-year-old several times and toached the 10-year-old in a propreetly. he is facing charge ever lewd and lascivious expa what bition. >> and >> todd: police say 30-year-old ricky haw begin a 3r067ed a group of girls and pulled his pants down. he is being held on 1 million-dollar bond. they recognize haw begin and say he act erratically and say there could be other victim out there. if have you any other information call sunrise polic >> neki: two pell in are in cuss day of paifer attempted bank robberies in brord wawn could tivment one happened in
7:31 am
another chase bank along fla anyone go road. sky 10 was over that scene. police say both of these attempted bank robberies are connected. and not far from the chase bank in miramar. sky 10 over head as one of these accused robbers was arrested.d. a second person taken into custody. no one hurt a and no cash taken. jackson health system has fired two employees forl a data breech involving nfl star jason pee aish paul. this is video of pierre paul training month after the accident here in south florida hand. we end up losing his index finger. a picture of his hand was leaked to an espn reporters paul was being treated at jackson memorial jackson released a statement last night that said in part part of investigation and breech it was discovered that two employees inappropriately action sesd the healt records. that resulted in the determine nation of both employees. a family mourning after my was shot and killed friday morning.
7:32 am
shot and killed while standing sure why. anybody. they should not have -- this man should not have to die. he si a family man. all on facebook post swheag cooking e. aayss having fun with everybody. he bg been here almost 40 year. no one had the right to kill him this. >> paish found dead on northwest 31 street and 19th avenue. police say they received reports of shots fired just after 1:00 friday morning and that's when they found the victim. >> todd: another teenager shot in miami while riding his bicycle. thursday epg the teen shot.he was taken to jackson memorial hospital where at last check he is expected to recover. >> neki: new this morning the man that wa charged of the dispeerns after the 21-year-old.
7:33 am
protion cute towards lonzie barton's remains after accepting a plea deal. he drown in the bathtub after the boy's mother locked him in the bath room after while they had sex. he said its was an accident. he tried to cover it up after panicking. >> it is bitter sweet. i doo believe bring that child back to the community wa important. we two not have naid maid any deal like that if we had hope of finding goitd on our own. the mother could face up to six year in prison. she is expected back in court on >> >> todd: and twitter announced oar the last several months they have suspended 125,000 accountsthat threatened or promoted terrorism. they said most of those accouous were associated with isis. isis what relied on twitter foror recruiting purposes which twitter says now they are work tee limb nate. >> neki: still to come folk. more on the crane collapse cute
7:34 am
ear still learning detail about the scary accident that left one person dead in manhattan. >> neki: and ril hillary and bill clinton. some of the most sought after speakers in the droifnlnl up next we'll tell you how much
7:35 am
>> todd ton i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything justhen i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks n i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i nevewould have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thihi. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day
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publix. where shopping is a pleasure. . >> todd: breaking news out of taiwan. the death toll after a devastating earthquake has risen to 13. authority say 100 people are still missing. weelg brin you the latest updates on this story as soons as they bece available. >> neki: and an investigation new york after a crane collapse killed one person and injured two others. the victim wa sitting in pairkd car at the time of the incident. workers in the process of lowering the crane because of high wind when it collapsed. a witness described the terrifying scene eye sought
7:37 am
came down t made a loud noise and we all ran to see if we could help out. >> neki: the aftermath left wrik scattered every where. a piece of equipment also came crashing down through the roof of a building. >> todd: 7:43 and i'm glad the rain is holding off because tyler to with gone is doolg his scouting project for the troop there. >> neki: good for him. >> todd: and all of this on his shoulder esm makes the decisions and delates work and doesn't meen need the rain. >> neki: he has a nice cool kay. >> todd: that right. >> jennifer: but temperatures will be warmer than yesterday and you're asking yourself how if it's so cloudy out there. we're getting a slight warm up. an influx of warm air over us before the next front comes our way and brings that cool, that huge cool down, it will be by tomorrow. by the way, no rain assed to was
7:38 am
well, broward, you've been mainly dry so far and most like lit inland areas will stay dry for much of the morning hours. however along t t c cst we've been tracking a couple hours shower andndou can see they rim pacing portions of miami-dade county. ovov miami beach froro south beach down into key biscayne. abyss cane bay seeing the heaviest rain over the water movement es likely it this will impa coral gables and pinecrest area. have you a shower along the coast. cutler bay to the south of you and a couple of showers moving over ocean reef a a well. so far these are just light to moderate rainfall shower. we do expect heavy rainfall later today. the set up this morning a snaiais ri front very weak over the gulf street. eventually a low will develop over the southeast portion of the peninsula and this by wait will pull out towards theatlantic and plam fiecht really strengthen and bring in the cold air that's been over the northern part of united states
7:39 am
that will be pushed down south. we'll be feeling this by tomorrow. especially tomorrow night. temperatures right now in the upper 50s in kendall. that's the cool spot. but eventually highs will be reach lg the 70 which make us warmer then yesterday. grr plan toog take the boats out wiewnt ter. watch for showers out there. all craft add vie orry in effect until 9:00 a.m. small craft operator should exercise with caution. the bays and keys choppy. by the way there will be a small craft advisory in effect for the keys later on this ipg through tonight. by the way tonight grab the umm brel asms that's what we expect. the bulk of the rain starting this evening around 7:00 p.m. and lasting through the over night hours. neki. >>eki: thank a lot jen, turning to vote 2016. the number are in. since 2001 hillary and bill clinton have earned 163 million-dollar from giving speak.
7:40 am
over last sa year. the presidential candidate and former president report a little more than 7 million come from speech at big bank including golden sax and upa. and criticism for hillaty during her cap pain for the speak engage ments. >> todd: and home town har clot. >> neki: and the moment town panthers get ready to welcome siey crosby and the penguin. >> like us on facebook and
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latest social media news u like being picture perfect. you should want your banking to be too. stop into td bank and we'll help set you up with picture perfect banking. new customers, open a checking and savings account and you can get a polaid cube+ video camera on the spot. i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not gog to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that
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go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so heheful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simplelehing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story.
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>> happy weekend everybody. i'm clay ferraro with your morning sports wrap ch a wild month that sought heat play 14 out of 16 game a home is finally over and what a way to close it out last night. the heat in charlotte. a homecoming for hassan white side. we'll get to him nay moment but how about wade last night. adding another win to his career wheel. on the break. how pretty ti was. that he goes foror2 at this time. a a cool moment. alonzo morning as a hornets legend for hi great fr years with the team. 4th quarter, how about white side.
7:44 am
grab it out of the air and starts fast bak on the other way and how about. that another triple double for quhiet side. ten points. ten row bound and ten blofnlg the heat down one and time winding down. bucket and the foul e. would take a two-point lead and the heat step tup on defense again. how with about dywane wade way steal and a better flip head to lieu all d dg. the heat pull off an maig win on 98 to 95 open on a huge mied for ite side in front of friend and family. it's amazing. i have 20 people here. i have my whole flame here and just twoin a game like tham cog into charlotte. my second game back coming off bench, it was an mazing feeling. >> i should of sai it was three years in charlotte for disloon mourning. next up for the heat they host the clip ter tomorrow here. starts with our local predame swn at one and game at 2:00 and stay with us for the post game
7:45 am
on the ice, a night off for the panther and they deserve it. the cats waing five game winning streak including thursday's win over detroit and now they welcome a tough penguins team night. >> another great team. it should abe real good game and again,t will be similar to last night. a lot of speed and good skill and hopefully we play well against a good team. >> and legendary coach don shula watching his son coaching in the super bowl this weekend and spending tienl with the nfl commissioner posting this picture on twitter yesterday. i'm clay ferraro that is your local 10 morning sports wrap. >> todd: well, the university of louisville won't bee take part in march madness after the school self impose aid foft season ban the the move come a they intrait a prostitute tiewtion scandal involving the team and reviewts. and the coach said he wa stunned by the an.
7:46 am
thought would never happen this season. this is a a decision that is as hash as anything i've seen. >> louisville is currently ranked no. 18 in the country. they were projected to be a 5th seed in this year's tournament. they will be in south florida to face off with the canes in three week. >> neki: don't go way folk aicht look at what's coming own"good morning america" is next. >> weerks ierks we'll be right back the president of haiti steps down but not before an
7:47 am
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7:48 am
do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but t made me smile made me happy made my day share your story. publix. whershopping is a pleasure. >> neki: tomorrow is the big kay, the carolina panther plate denver broncos it super bowl 50. >> todd: many are placing their bets but a long time fan says he found a sign that willpredict the score the highway
7:49 am
it is telling the the drivers how far away the cities are from where they are on the the road bute says it's a sign from the football god. >> i pu it on facebook and i thought it a was a coincidence and quirk can i thing. >> todd: cam newton is the carer back for the panthers show think the panther@ will win 20 to seven. s it has gotn a ton of shares on facebook. >> neki: coming up days way from the primary and night gop candidates go head to eat head in the final debate before the voting begin. and johnny manziel u uing him to check back into recap after he a lemed ily sawltd his girlfriend woosm velt latest on that and we're one day way from super bowl p 50. find out month who was added to the halftime line up. an ever revolving show. >> jennifer: and here a live look out of the miami tower cam.
7:50 am
beach all the way down to coral gables and even near kendall. wait count to ocean rf a well. talk about the forecast in the next few day. today is warmer despite the cloud cover. bulk of theain is tonight. you'll need the umbrellas and lir tomorrow morning. the way tomorrow morning early 50s and highs in the five p. it will be blustery. >> todd: a good shot of cold air. >> jennifer: so any plans for super bowl tomorrow for outdoor. you'll want to bundle up. >> todd: thank for joining us this morning. we'll be back in 30 mini with a local news update jiecht and for now the coverage continues with "good morning america" for news
7:51 am
dayog on you like being picture perfect. you should want your banking to be too. stop into td bank and we'll help set you up with picture perfect banking. new customers, open a checking and savings account and you can get a polaroid cube+ video camera on the spot. good morning, america. the high stakes debate. republican candidates just hours away now from taking the stage
7:52 am
tonight's face-off, right here
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