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tv   Local 10 News 4PM  ABC  February 5, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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some cries choice words, saying he was going to sue the world. >> calvin: local10 news reporter dd tongen live in miami with the sentencing and that rambling court. todd. >> todd: calvin and laurie, a lot of emotion inside the courtroom today and some strange statements, as you mentioned. debris derek medina gained international attention when he killed his wife, posted a picture of her on facebook with the words "i will be going to prison." well, today a judge madad that wish come true. >> as to c cnt one, second degree murder, the court at this time will l sentencing you to life. >> todd: it was the maximum penalty allowed for derek medina, the man convicted of shooting a killing his wife, 27-year-old jennifer@alfonso, in the kitchen their south miami townhouse back in offing 2013. today alfonso's family got their day in court to address jennifer's murderer, the now infamous facebook killer. >> what kind of person posts a
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one's body and leaves a small child alone that possibly could discover her body? derek medina is that person. >> todd: alfonso's ten-year-old daughter who was left inside the home after the murder would be 16 now but she was not inside the courtroom. >> to lose yes, sir your mother at ten years of age of, never being able to see your mother again, that is truly a tragedy. that no child should ever have to endure. >> todd: meanwhile, derek medina medina showed no emotion. he simply stared blankly into space until he made a final strange statement to the court. >> barack obama president on this corrupted world that i will be suing, pretty much to try and make -- i did not get a fair trial. god knows the truth and nothing further. >> todd: isabel alfonso would
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she was not here for these court proceedings. the alfonso family did address the media briefly after, saying simply they wanted to thank all of the law enforcement,@the prosecutors involved, and they felt that he had gotten the maximumenalty and that now they could possibly have some type of closure. meanwhile, medina will be eligible for parole in 25 years, not a day sooner but it's doubtful he will get out on parole any time soon after that. iniami-dade county at the courthouse, todd tongen, local10 news. >> and and right now a safety alert, a manny arrested accused of fondling himself in front of children at a lay playground. that man faces a judge today, but police are concerned there could be even more alleged victims out there. >> laurie: and local10 news reporter jeff weinsier is live for uin sunrise with this safety alert. jeff. >> jeff: laurie, 1:00 sunday afternn several small young girls playing right here in their apartment complex playground, when they tell
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road, gets out of a car, walksks up to that fence, pulls his pants down to his ankles and starts fondling himself. that man, as you said, in court earlier today. he is identified to us as 30-year-old rickie hoggins. police tell us there have been three similar incidents in this area, one in october, one in november, and then the incident last sunday. police don'tf hoggins is responsible for all of them but he was arrested in connection with sunday's incident. a 12-year-oldd girl who was playing on this playground called her aunt the when the incident happened. >> she called me on the phone. >> and she said? >> she said, the guy's pulling out his privates down there, said he wanted to make love to the smaller kids. >> he said he wanted to make love to the smaller kids. >> yes. >> what did you race down there? >> yeah, i was so shocked at first, i said, oh, you must be lying, then. she called me again and then i go down there.
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then at the police came. >> jeff: he drove away in a jeep registered to his girlfriend, and that's how police caught up with him yesterday afternoon. sunrise police believe there may be more victims in this case and he may be responsible for more incidents. if you have any information, you're asked to all sunrise police. right now hoggins is being held in the broward county jail on $1 million bond. we're live inunrise, i'm jeff weinsier, local10 news. >aurie: meantime, a man is facing charges accused of molestation twtw young girls in his taekwondo class. lice say 64-year-old rafael negron targeted twooung sisters with one 15 years old, the other just ten. he's accused of exposing himself to the 15-year-old several times as well as touching the-year-old inappropriately. here he is in bond court. negron is facing charges including sal lascivious combination. police say he add noticed sending the girls inappropriate text messages and said he may
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denied the other charges. local10 east derek shore is work okay this story. >> calvin: the resentencing hearing for michael hernandez resumed totoy one day after he choked back tears on the witness stand. >> laurie: hernandez is convicted of killing his middle school friend in 2004 when he was just 14. hernandez originally received's mandatory sentence of life without parole. on the third day of the resentencing hearing, today his mother argued that sentence should be reduced. >> i don't think that they're automobile to provide the type of mental health rehabilitation that he needs. >> laurie: hernandez is now being resentenced after the u.s. supreme court ruled that juveniles cannot automatically be s stenced to life without parole. >> calvin: now to a health alert, the cdc setetng new guides guide lines to stop the spread of zika virushrough sex. our medical specialist kristi krueger is in the newsroom with those new developments today. >> kristi: and this latest action on the cdc comes on the heels this week of a sexually
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earlier today the cdc issuqd some brand new guidelines in limit can the po tension for sexual trans ligs of the zika virus. pregnant women and their pregnant sex male sex partners should takata to doctor ababt the spread ofa. the cdc said while this transmission is extremely rare all men and women who have traveled to an affected aa should strongly consider using con doms we're learning m@w detail about the zika virus itself. according to brazilian officials zika virus has been i intified in the saliva and in the urine two different patients who are infected by the virus. scientists say it's just too early, though, right now to know if the virus can actually be spread through these fluids. research is underway to determine that right now. laurie. >> laurie: t tnk you for the update. >> two people are in custody after a pair attempted bank robberies in broward county p one it's chase bank in miramar
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chase bank along flamingo road in pembroke pines was also started. sky 10 overhead. police say both of these attempted bank robberies are connected, not far from the chase bank in miramar sky 10 over the scene as one of the accused crooks was arrested. again, another person was letters taken into custody, and no one was hurt, no cash was taken. >> calvin: a rescue over port everglades after a a cargo ship member passed out. ambulance. his condition doesn't appear to be serious. >> laurie: letters right now a deadly crane collapse in lower manhattan on this friday has left one person dead. janine stanwood is in the video port with new video of the actual collapse. >> janine: laurie, that crane went down just before 8:30 this morning clipping a building in the process. we want to show you someery video. this was tan by glenn siteo it. shows the moments t t crane dent
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siteo is electrician working in a nearby building when he noticed the crane was unstable so he started filming, chap chewerri the crash as it happened. several cars were crushed. you the crane was part of the construction project on an industrial buiing that was apartments. two people injured, they are in serious condition, while the third we're told only had minor injuries. firefighters rushed to scece not only for the crane and for the damage that it caused put also for a possible gas main break and waterain break as well. here's the thing. city officials say that crane was inspected just yesterday and it was actually found dob in full compliance. now they have to figure out what happened today. we also want to take to some breaking news at southern taiwan where there has been a 6.4 magnitude earthquake. take a look this picture had that was posted by somebody in the area. you can see that buildings has juststartially collapsed. right now we're getting reports
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damage to buildings, but so f we haven't gotten any word of injuries or fatalities in this. again, a 6.4 magnitude earthquake has really shaken the southern area of taiwan. calvin and laurie, as soon as we get more information about this we'll let you know. once again. to havana next week. the pope will meet with the leader of the russian orthodox church on february 12th before >> laurie: if this is going to be the first meeting between the heads of the catholic and russian orthodox churches i i history since the split between eastern and western christianity that was nearly 1,000 years ago. calvin: or local10 news reporter andrew perez is live in havana with reaction from lal church leaders today. >> andrew: that's right. this is the first time ever that this is happening. it's a step closer do mendingy relationships to ending a 1,000-year-old resist between two different branches of christianity. i want to send you to some video to get it you caught up.
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in cuba which is considered neutral space. the pope and the leaear of the russian orthodox church, they're going toold a private meeting when the pope lands next week at the international airport airport in havana, and it's there at that airport that they're going to speak for a few hours, sign a joint declaration although it's unclear what's going to be in that declaration. then the pope will continue, as you mentioned is to to a scheduled visit in mexico. this is the first step is to mending tensions between eastern and western branches of christianity a aer a big divide over who has authority in the church. centurieworth religious and ideological differences. local officials are chiming in. >> pope john paul ii was always trying to bring eastern christianity back together with western christianity because he said that the church has to be able to breathe with both lungs. and this meeting is the answer to many, many prayers. >> andrew: now this i i the a big
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meeting wa brokered by cuban president raul castro, expected 12th. we're live doin' in m@ami, i'm andrew perez. >> calvin: history once again. now to vote 2016, democrats held their final debate before voters cast in new hampshire on tuesday. the donates about how ditch they are with bernie sanders supporting a revolution when i will hillary clinton emphasizeze her ability to get thing you done. most political polls show sanders is holding onto a double digit lead in new hampshire. it will be the republicans debate saturday night right here on local10. coverageegins at 8:00. and the new hampshire primary is now just a few days away, and glenna milberg will be live on the ground there to cover every moment of that. and right now rush hour check on track of. >> laurie: it's friday. that usually means the roaders best. what do you see? jenise: laurie, everyone is trying to get home so if you
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take t express lanes on i-95 bound knobbed. there's an accident in express lanes at 99th street. the regular lanes are moving slowly put they are moving. as see zoom on in to see those delays, look at that, you see purple. we don't see that often and that is because there is no act of. cars not even moving. so if you're in the express lanes you're not going to move at all so take us-441 or stick to the regular lanes. could the got an accident i-95 southbound ives dairy road with speeds at 19 miles per hour. the good news sauce pass that crash you should be in the clear with speeds picking up at 43 miles per hour. palmetto expressway southbound right around northwest 138th street there is an accident and there's also construction going on at 122nd street, could be causing problems. speeds there at 34 miles per hour. laurie. >> laurie: jenise, thank you. and coming up, a heartbrbrking end after a couple was reported missinga. medical examiner identying the bodies found the in car
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we'll have a live report ahead. >> and also a multi-car crash involving a bso deputy. >> laurie: local10's crawl christina team working for you, viewers turning to local10 for answers when their appliances just won't work and companies won't offer help. see the problems quenchedy christina in today's edition of `"call christina" new at 5:00 how do you stay on top of your health? ahh... ahh... ahh... cigna customers have plan choices and tools to take control. so they're more engaged, with fewer high health risks
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is fresh florida shrimp and clams, served over rice! it's simple to create a seafood delight. visit for more scrumptious recipes. delicious is always served fresh from florida. derailments broward shshiffs deputy and an inmate have been released from the hospital after a multi-car crash. now, this happened early this morning in fort lauderdale. >> laurie: and our own local10 news reporter livingston has the latest. >> reporter: the intersection back open but stars are still crunching over the plastican the glass and the metal was left behind. this intersection here at andrews avenue between broward and las olas was shut down for hours after this accident, and we're told deputy stephenie surfos and his inmate was plowed into after someone reportedly
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out of uniform and into a pair patient scrubs, that deputy was eventually released from the hopes hours after the crash. the deputy's dad rushed to the scene. >> hs a great guy. >> reporter: he tells local10 his son's onl been on with broward county about a year and a half. the dad's just glad he walked away there this bashed-up county cruiser along with the inmate who was headed to jail on a dui charge but also ended up in the hospital. >> i was trying to make a right and boom. >> reporter: he and his roommate were in this silver mazda trying to get home from a friend's birthday party the black charger mirs plowed not the deputy, then into the silver mazda. >> you see the crack. >> yeah, that's my head. but we're good. we're all good. >> reporter: we've learned the driver of the black dodge had two women in a man in the car. all four were treated at the hospital. even at his own emergencyall, we're hearing that department was a deputy.
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i needed any assistance. they we very professional. >> reporter: and dad very proud. >> that sounds like him. >> reporter: we're still waiting to learn if the 25-year-old brian espinosa, fro plantation, the driver in that black dodge will face any citations or charges rattle of this, but we do know what also is under investigation is surveillance camera atomic that was likely rolling the entire time that accident happened. we're also trying to see if alcohol or tracted driving were factor here. distract driving. layron livingston. >> laurie: let's stay in failure and take a live look from our tower cam. it's been the same all day, gray can and i think it's getting colder by the second. >> calvin: absolutely, and the winds, you really heard them when you woke up this morning, and i guess that's causing the temperature to fall. >> bettytythe winds of change, a north breeze kicking in, and what a struggle it has been to warm up to this afternoon. we did make it down to the 50s, by tampa bay -- in fort
4:18 pm
there, miami 59, and hialeah 59 degrees, too. yesterday we said it may be a struggle for temperatures to even get up to 70, and we definitely are living that out as we're now finding everybody in the mid-6-6, so that's as warm as we're getting. 65 in miami. hialeah 67 degrees. e forecast for the rest of the evening between now and:00 mainly dry. we will have those stubborn clouds around, temperatures generally holding in the 60s, and eventually we are going to have some rainfall returning to the area, too, so on saturday don't be surprised if you have a few showers out there maybe showing up in your neighborhood. for now we see those north to northeast winds moving in behind aold front that managed to slip through. that cold front is going are redefine itself tomorrow back in our direction as a little wave develops along and it that means moisture that amounts to rainfall. on saturday not just the clouds but plan on some showers even though the air mass will likely
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behind this system once that one pushes throuou we get some reinforcing cold air coming in, so a net wind is kicking in for sunday, they breeze is going to be brisk, it will be chilly. sunday night is going to be cold. in fact, forecast models are now taki us down to the 40s in miami come monday morning so there are more temperatures change to be had. tomorrow, though, we're going to go with the high of 75 degrees. it really is going to depend how prevalent the rain is in the area but either way clouds andnd showers, and tomorrow is going to be the milder of our two days this weekend because by sunday we're expecting tstart the innate 50s, highs only getting into the mid0s sunday night. the big chill is on. a cold start on monday. we took the low from miami back down to 47, highs only getting into the 60s, and each day next week the mornings will be on the chilly i said side. laurie. >> laurie: betty, we're goingngo get ready for that, get our sleeves ready. thank you. eantime a un panel has
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julian assange is baing deattendant by the british and swedisgovernments. y. he last been at the ecuador embassy since 1220 have 12. he is being sought by authorities since he was accused of rape. he maintains he is innocent and the un's decision is not legally binding. >> calvin: coming up at 40 a warehouse goes up in flames and cell phone video captured this inferno. we'll show you the dramatic moments. >> laurie: here's something you do not see every day, a driverless atrv going on a joy ride, even flipping. >> clay: good afternoon. hassan whiteside dominated in his retururto the heat so why is he still coming off the bench? that's next in sports. i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that.
4:21 pm
go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story.
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at lowe's. >> clay: it has been one of the toughest and most bizarre
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16 games in 30 days, 14 of those 16 on the road, traveling a total of 13,800 miles roughly. it-time wrgps up tonight in cartel with the heat looking more than c/mplete than they have in quite a while. that tops our 4:00 sports shot today. the heat coming off a big win in dallas thanks largely hassan whiteside. the big man made his big return dominated on defense and offense. still wheaton be starting tonight. head coach erik spoelstra saying he will stick with amar'e stoudemire in the starting line-up. the heat are 5-2 since stoudemire replaces whiteside was a starter. meanwhile chris bosh said he will take a shot against a star studded field in the 3-point shootout during all-star weekend in torontoing the toronto fans haven't been kind to bosh since he left there for miami, and bosh isn't expecting much better when he comes to down for the
4:25 pm
beach post, "it will be great. boos are like cheers in reverse. that's what i'll tell myself." and another dominant performance by the panthers. the cats beating up on the -- at the bb&t centererast night. they get set to welcome the penguins tomorrow night. >> and finally an interesting analogy made by a dolphins wide receiver about quarterback ridge. greg jennings saying tannehill has been babied by the organization, comparing tannehill to a six-year-old child who is still drinking out of a bottle and saying you need to see if he can now drink out of a cup. coming up at 5:00, a super bowl edition of clay's clowns including g e team that didn't even know it was playing in the big game with laurie and calvin. >> calvin: clay, thanks a lot. always look forward to clay clowns. y the way to accepted us off into the weekend. >> laurie: tannehill not laughing about that comment. no, no. that'll do it for us today at at 4:00. >> calvin: let's check in what's
4:26 pm
hour with janine and victor. >> janine: here's what's coming up at 4:30. >> victor: a heartbreaking end after a couple was reported missssg. ray medical examiner identifying the bodies found in a car submerged in a lake. >> jine: plus, ens flames after a fire at a warehouse. >> victor: a driverless atv takes off on the own causing lots of chaos. the video you've got to see.
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>> janine: right now at 4:30 aheartbreaking end after a couple was reported missing. medical examiner identifying the bodies found in a car submerged in a lake. >> victor: local10 news reporter sanela sabovic is live in miami now with our top story a 4:30. snell a. >> sanela: virginia two south florida families are devastated breaking news. the medical examiner confirming that the body of a couple found in a southwest miami-dade canal that was found on sunday, bodies.
4:30 pm
she was like another daughter t me. >> he was a nice person. >> sanela: a sad and somber day for the families of alexandra picon and brandon arana. it's news no family wants to hear. the memorabilia examiner confirming their bodies were found in a car submerged in a southwest miami-dade canal on thursday. arana's uncle said he knew the nephew he lifted with was gone once the car they were last seen in was pulled from the canal. >> we was -- we prepared together bad news. you never expect that one. we don't understand what happened. it was very, very, very disturbing for us, the news. >> sanela: picon and arana had been missing since early sundada morning when they left the palms town and cri shopping center. since then friends were on a tran if i can search to find the pair. cell phone showers led
4:31 pm
they would find a broken guardrail and then the car. now, the miami-dade police department is still investigating this crash but they do believe it was a car accident. reporting in miami, sanela sabovic, lococ10 news. >> victor: and now to a firefight. intestines flames breaking out a warehouse this afternoon in northwest miami-dade. jenise fernandez is in the newsroom with this story. >> jenise: victor, you said it, an suspends intense fire and a challenge fire for firefighters to battle. there were 35 people inside the warehouse department. thankfully all of them made you the out safely but one person did suffer minor injuries. sky 10 fly-by massive fire in northwest miami-dade. heavy smoke spewing out that of warehouse on northwest 66th street, the fire causing serious damage the to building and it sent one person to the hospital. >> just a lot of smoke. wasn't any flames or anything. and they respondy real quick. >> jenise: this 50,000 square
4:32 pm
facility for cutting tools called michigan tool corporation. according to firefighters, around 10:00 a.m. a machinene cord the toward the back of the warehouse exploded and a i object fewer broke out. 35 workers were inside at the time. everyone was automobile to evacuate safely but one worker was treated for minor injuries. >> they called me. i was here within five minutes so i got to see it in its full intensity but it looks like they were able to contain it to one bay out of three so we're very fortunune. >> jenise: denise who works next eter perfume store shot this video, that fire getting dangerously close to@ nearby builds. >> one minute later is building is crushing down a little bit, like the window, and we were worried because we didn't know if it was going to spread or not. >> jenise: about 20 units frond ever responded to the scene as they faced several challenges. >> there was a lot of heavy machinery inside the warehouse so we had to navigate that with
4:33 pm
required a lot of manpower. >> jenise: fire crews stayed scene for pay few hours making sure the fire was contained. the building manager says he hasn't assessed auto damage yet but believes it is a total loss. independents newsroom, jenise fernandez, local10 news. >> janine: thank you. a family is inourning after a man woes shot and killed in miami earlier this morning. family members say b.a. parish s shot and killed early this morning while he was standing outside of his home, and they're not sure why. >> and they don't do anything to anybody. they should not -- this man should not have to die. he a family man. he always on facebook posting what he cooking. he always have a fun with everybody. he been here over 40 years. nobody had the right to kill him out here in these streets like this. >> janine: friends and family, they laid out a memorial for parish. they say a killing vigil will be held later tonight. parish was found dead along northwest 33th street and 19th avenue police say they received reports
4:34 pm
this morning, andoon after that is when they found hum. >> victor: and another teenager has been shot in miami, this time while riding his partly cloudy last night. the teen was shot near northwest in miami. he was taken to jackson memorial hospital and he is expected to recover. miami-dade county school surintendent orbit carvalho chimed in on twitter saying "tragedy strikes again with the 15-year-old child shot while ride awning bicycle. sadly coulter gun violence constants in the streets of miami." >> janine: a person in custody after a police pursuit in miami. this started as a carjacking when police saw that car, they caught up with him on i i nevada five very many they claim to be in the skin car business but shocking hidden camera shows what's going on behind the doors. while there's skin involved, lots of skin. >> janine: not to mention x-rated offers being made inbusiness after business. local10 news reporter jeff weinsier went undercover.
4:35 pm
camera. >> jeff: we are not at a strip club. this is hiddedecamera street second floor of a hialeah shopping center just a few doors down from a state representative's office. the outside of this business boasts professional body treatments. thermo therapy, cryotherapy and body wraps.but this woman had no problem stripping down and offering us her services that didn't include any of those. just down the street inside this office building, suite 302 says p&l hialeah on theoor. inside it's ay revolving door of men coming in and out, and we were greeted by this woman in full lingerie who said for $260 we could do whatever we wanted to her and she even offers us condoms. not far from there on palm avenue another second floor store. here a come greets us from behind a door in nothing more
4:36 pm
she takes to us a back room where she says for $250 she's ours. can when we tell r we don't have cash, she escorts us back to the front door and gives us a peep to show us what we uld be missing if we didn't come back. >> they don't seem nerves about getting busted. >> not at all. i think they've just been doing it for so long with no type of enforcement wy by law enforcement, there's no reason for them to be s sred that they're going to b b arrested. yes john roady is works at a private defect. he stumbled upon these places during an investigation. >> the information you uncovered, you took to law enfoement in each city. >> a lot of cities, yes. >> the police know what's going on. >> sure, they do. >> jeff: road says the women advertise on a websisi called pack beige. we called one of the numbers posted who this website. >> yes. are you open today? techs nee address and tend me a picture, okay.
4:37 pm
1140 west 50th street, zip code open now until 4:30, $120 an hour and that is was less than 30 seconds. you can actually hook up with a prostitute faster than you can get a pizza delivered to your house. >> can i talk to you about what happens here?>> what? >> jeff: we confronted the woman that works at the store that advertises body treatments. she told us she was the cleaninin woman. >> youust clean? oh, okay. you do not work here? >> no. >> okay. >> jeff: no one in any of these places would fess up. >> what happens in re? >> for what? >> what happens here? [ speaking in spanish ] >> yeah. what happens here, ma'am? can you talk to us? >> jeff: we wanted to show hialeah's m mor what we caught on camera in his city and get his reaction? i give instructions if there was
4:38 pm
department so we can investigateif there is some type of crime. >> jeff: we wanted to show them what we caught on camera so they could launch their own investigation.>> chief, can we talk with to you? >> jeff: but hialeah police won't watch it with us. >> i don't understand why no one can sit with us in a room and watch it and we can explaint to them. >> because wev you're midwest of method of conducting our investigation. >> the person that told us aboutthis told us he told your department about it months ago and nothing has been done. do you have any knowledge that of? >> no, i don't. >> these women. are making thousands of dolrs a day for 15 minutes, maybe even less. >> jeff: we have provide hialeah police with the addresses these places, but at last check they were still open for business. in hialeah, jeff weinsier, local10 news. >> janine: hialeah police tell local10 news the inforortion will be passed on and it will be forwarded to their criminal investigations division. >> victor: right now it's 4:40, rush hour is about to get derway.
4:39 pm
how the roads are looking. >> jenise: i know everyone is excited to get home and get the weekend started. we were watching this accident on i-95 southbound hallandale beach boulevard but that accident moved off to the shoulder so traffic is starting to pick up which is good news for those our i-95 southbound. as w wzoom on in closer we're still seeing some delays with speedsds 12 miles per hour. the good news is that once you pass handle beach boulevard and get to ives dairy road, traffic picks up a 46 miles per hour so no need to use an alternate just yet. i-95 northbound in the express prince lanes aft northwest vined street an accident, left lane blocked, and i you're in the express lanes you're not moving at all. you're not evening moving. if you are taking i-95 northbound, stay away from the express lanes and go ahead and take the regular lanes. you'll be much better off. . airport expressway we've got reports of this broken down car that is blocking a right lane at northwest 27th avenue. we're seeing the green so it doesn't look like that's impact your compu with speeds there at 48 miles per hour.
4:40 pm
thank you, jenise. caught on camera, chaos when a driverless atv take off on its own. >> kristi: and coming up in our health cast some steps pregnant women can take right now to help prevent birth defects the babies. >> victor: and blast off. a rocket blasting not space from capepe canaveral. >> janine: local10's "call christina" teais working for you. viewers turning to local10 for answers whe their appliances
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4:43 pm
>> janine: the the last 5 you can sri lanka off at cape canaveral early this morning. this was the last of a series of satellites update termination's global positioning system into orbit. those satellites are built by boeing and they're worth $250 million. eight of them m ve been sent into space in just the last two years. >> victor: caught on camera here, a driverless atv going for a joy ride in iowa and it caused lots of chaos. a group of men were remotely controlling that unmanned atv for fun at first, but then things went horribly wrong. >> janine: calvin is in production control. >> calvin: this really was a wild sequence of events when that atv went off on its own and there is surveillance video that captured this atv that flipped onto its side. watch as this 50 barrels down an empty working lot, crashes into a wall, and starts doing doughnuts all without a driver. >> and when i looked at a about two weeks layer, holy toledo,
4:44 pm
one doesn't show it in such good view. >> calvin: don't don huber is talking about the atv that went for a joy ride behind his store. huber, along with a friend from down the street, thought it would be a good candidate for youtube. >> i mean, 2s so crazy. i looked like cast sper riding a an atv. >> calvin: the manhandling the atv stopped it from hitting the power line but couldn't stop from it barreling over and over again. >> it started up the steps and threw milk cartons. >> calvin: the atv owners were finally able to gain chrysler failed back ip, and in this town of only 240 people word traveled fas >> he had an atv, nobody was driving it, ran into the back of a door. >> calvin: now begs the question, doou believe in ghosts? >> really. i don't know. i've got a brother that'sy seen a spirit or something. so what the heck. >> calvin: the great news of all no one was hurt in that chaos.
4:45 pm
>> janine: either that or -- >> victor: holy toledo is the 1-800-was put. q. we're going to leave it at that, calvin. >> victor: and right now let's take a live look out of our miami tower cam. i just looks cold outut there. 65 degrees right now, a bit of aige cng of pace from what we've had the past few days. is it going to get colder? >> janine: you can see who the tourists were advice the locals because all o us were bundled up today. >> betty: look at theroadwalk. i see a lot of long sleeves. the trees are swang. you know something has to be going on when you see people were jackets on the broadwalk and temperatures are only in the 60s. that north-northeast breezes cool compared to what we had yesterday. remember yesterday afternoon, well were in the 80s? the big change, it up definitely here. we'll keep those clouds around tonight with temperatures holding in the 60s. so if you aree heading out, you know you're going need a sweater and certainly maybe needing more than a sweater as we head toward
4:46 pm
do want to check out the doppler radar, broward, miami-dade you looks like we're high and dry each though we have a lot of clouds out there, a few showers developivg gulf side just off the keys. some of those may fellow get in here before we put a want on evening. but the forecast model is showing that by saturday we're going to have some showers creeping back into the area that our east wind could send some of those showers in our direction. wave of low pressure developing along a front. so saturday if you have outdoor plans with maybe therere a baseball game, there could be some rain in the area, and then by early sunday that system pulls away, a swift northwest breeze kicks in and it makes for a really chilly day. morning lows sunday in the 50s, and afternoon highs only gettin up into the 60s, kind of like today. and then by sunday night big cold blast. look at where the models are taking our temperatures, taking miami down to 47 degrees. so if you think you're cool today, i don't know what you're going to do by monday morning when our neighborhoods drop off
4:47 pm
just be ready for the change. here's the bottom line on the forecast for tomorrow. if you're up early, temperatures in lower 60s. we're forecasting highs in the mid-70s but keeping in mind the fact that we will have clouds and showers in the area, too, so that certainly could play with our temperatures tomorrow. but cooler air, colder air, that is in our fororast plans. sunday windy, chilly. 50s to start the day. highs only climbing toward the mid-60s. monday 40s when you get out the door early, highs only getting up into the upper 60s. and then look at tuesday, wednesday and thursday morning. those mornings in the 50s. that is a touch below average. so we have a little cold snap south florida style rolling back into the forecast next week. janine. >> janine: betty, thank you. birth defects are responsible for one in five infant death, and while many of them are jenn detect and not preventible there are step women can take to help protect their baby during the crucial stages of development.
4:48 pm
neneroom with details. >> kristi: pregnant women often told to sub lement with folic acid and there's a good reason for this. thisorm of vitamin b can help prevent spina bifida, that can lead to severee physical disabilities. folic acid reduces the chance of a fatal birth defect encephalopathy when is a baby's brain not forming fully. it is a great idea i have toconversation with your doctor really early on even. you start planning your pregnancy.>> if you know that you have a medical condition and you're already on some kind of medication, prescription or otherwise, it might be a good idea to have a preconceptual visit request with your doctor, go over whether that medication needs to be changed. >> kristi: also health experts are working to raiai awareness with the risk of he'd poisoning among children.
4:49 pm
with lead by drinking water from older pipe, ingting lead-based paint that may be chipping off the wallsnd eating or drinking from lead-based gla ware on cookware. even some children's toys have been found to contain some lead enter we know that lead hats a negative impact on b ain development. it causes loss of iq points week can cause behavior problems, adhd. at`teally high levels it can actually cause the brain to swell and cause something called encephalitis. >> kristi: experts do say every child thud should be screened for lead poisoning at the age of one and two. >> janine: just in time for the super bowl a heartwarming on it stowre out of michigan. >> victor: a young cancer cancer survivors shocked with a surprise trip to the big game. eugene williams didn't seem too surprised when. that's because he found out with it a few weeks weeks ago.
4:50 pm
ld h'm, talk him to about it, to try to boost his spirits and everything. >> victor: so with the help of make wish foundation, eugene and his family are set to enjoy a once in a lifetime super bowl l experience as they celebrate some more great news. eugene is now cancer-free. >> janine: that is awesome. >> victor: now to this. an ordinary day for an ube driver in new orleans turned extraordinary thanks to unspecial trip. >> janine: so that driver was called to pick up four men who say they re snubbed by a different uber driver but they weren't just any now men. it turns out they were members of the hip hop group new ate by nature. another driver refused to pick them up just moments yell. >> they got in. they said that the the last driver passed them up and they didn't know why. they figured it was because they were black. so i told them, ya'll look fine to me. get in. >> janine: the group was quick to express their gratitutu offering the driver tickets on their show and i think a sweatshirt.
4:51 pm
>> janine: they pulled hum up on stage and even thanked him personally. no more snoozing on the subway. that's the message from police to commuters. officers are ordered to waning anybody they see nodding off while moving the rails. they adopted same lar policy in 2012 after a rash of sub wu-related thefts. >> victor: coming up at 5:00 a marshal arts teacher accused of giving a lewd lesson. rek shore will have a live update coming up at at 5:00. >> janine: also ahead at 5:00 day three of a condition convicted killer in court as michael hernandez tries to get a lighter sentence after killing his best friend 12 years ago. >> victor: also ahead, a unique ride to get around. how this one man is avoiding traffic. that'shead. i don't know what i'm doing. i can't findndnything just when i think it's just t not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it
4:52 pm
would have thought that anyone would find that do that.t. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story.
4:53 pm
lowe's presents: how to put your foot in your mouth. man, wish my yard looked like yours. hey, the grass is alwmys greener on the other side of the... sorry. now get 20% off sta-green fertilizer,
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>> janine: it is homecoming for a massachusetts woman who caed off an absolutely amazing feat. 35-year-old becka pizzi ran seve marathons on all seven don'tnents in just seven days. pizzi started in anderson actors before moving through the americas into europe, africa and asia. she tinged fund her final marathon in sydney, australia before returning home to a crowd of supporters. >> victor: a man was continue very creative when it comes to traveling to work. he's wean been using an e euncycle also known as a personal transportation robot. the eunit cycle is all the the rage in asia and it works w wh a balancing system. this man said that it helps him get around traffic judge it might have a balancing system but you probably have to have a little balance on your own. >> victor: we'd probablbl fall. especially up here. >> janine: bad idea. thatat going to do it for local10 news at 4:30.
4:55 pm
calvin back with what's next at 5:00. >> calvin: right now on local10 news at 5:00 a miami marshal arts teacher accused giving a lewd lesson to two sisters. >> laurie: day three of a convicted killer drying to get a lighter sentence. local10 news was in court today candlelight vigil and life in prison for the so-called facebook killer who showed bidsar behavior in court today. >> laurie: zeke a fathers. how to keep the virus from spreading. what pregnant wom and their partners need to know. realtime closed captioning performed u.s. captioning company >> laurie: a lewd lesson allegedly taught by this taekwondo teen in mimmi. this man facing serious charges for hat he is accused of doing to two sisters just ten and 15 years old. >> calvin: and the expect suspect accused of exposing himself and touching those girls. derek shore has that story. >> derek: that dough joe sensei apparently owns this marshal
4:56 pm
360 street. this is also apparently the spot where some of that alleged abuse took place. he claims to teach discipline to children as a marshal arts instructor but rafael negron is accused off doing much more than tebching. >> you got arrested on serious charges. >> reporter: the sensei getting a sense of confinementment, a accused of molesting two of his students, sisters over a period of years. the judge macing it clear. >> did not have any contact with these children either directly, indirectly, in person, in parties. >> reporter: necessity grown is accused of not on sense his young victims but touching them inappropriately ana ex possing himself, forcing one of victims to touch his private area, even anatomy. also alleged will you told one of the victims he wanted to be her sugardaddy. >> i'm concerned but being around children there because
4:57 pm
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