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tv   Local 10 News 430AM  ABC  February 4, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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sign. right now at 4:30, a six-year-old boy struck in the street, hit by a miami police cruiser. this morning we're hearing the department's response. a health emergency. governor rick scott making the declaration for four counties. a woman behind bar after a d.u.i. crash. those terrifying moments caught on camera. hey, good morning, south florida. i'm eric yutzy. >> i'm jacey birch. weather authority meteorologist julie durda is here. ladies and gentlemen, can i tell you, it is even warmer this morning than what we woke up to yesterday because the breeze has calmed down. the one thing i can tell you, happy to tell you this morning is we are waking up to dry conditions. it's 73 degrees right now, miami. 75 in ft. lauderdale. 76 in key west. the winds moving in from the southeast again. that isur warm air
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going to keep us very warm and humid today. temperatures rise above average this morning and that will continue to be the patrn. only a slight chance of a shower off that east southeast breeze today. big change will come as rly as tonight. current we do have some stratus clouds over miami and broward but they are not producing precipitation. increasing our rain chances tonightnd tomorrow we could be talking about a stormy start to your friday. lots to talk about in your forecast. i got it. a car crashing i io a ft. lauderdale home this morning. crews worked to remove that car from the home. we're told the driver ran off,till on the loose right now. ben kennedy will have more on this crash coming up at 5:00. a police officer struck a little boy as he rode his scooter and that young victim is only six years old. this morning family
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never should have happened. carlos suarez has more& from the hospital where he's being treated. we're prayingo him and he's going to come out good. >> an to know is lucky to be alive after a ride on his scooter nearly cost him h h life. >> he was on his scooter, riding his scooter between t t trucks and obviously a child is shorter than those trucks, so it's difficult to see him if he darts out on the street. >>reporter: the family insists little an to know was on the street when he was hit and had the officer not been speeding he could have avoided crashing into the child. >> in the neighborhood where there's a lot of ki riding bikes. >> he was riding his bike and how can you come down from one block all the way to the middle of the blocknd not see him in the middle of the street. >>reporter: traffic@ investigators worked well into
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if speed played a role. the officer behind the wheel was not on an emergency call but was helping out another officer with paperwork. >> they are look at things like drag factor and the computer in the car to see if there was speed but at this point it doesn't appear speed was a factor. >>reporter: the child suffered a broken leg and pelvis as well as several cuts and bruises. as for the officer behind the wheel, we'e' told he could face charges or even be cited but it will all depend on the outcome of an investigation. i'm carlos suarez, local 10 news. health emergency declared by governor rick scott with nine cases of the zigga virus right here in florida. victor oquendo hashe details. >> another reason to avoid mosquits in the first place.
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has declared a state of emergency in four counties where people have been diagnosed with the zika virus. we have to ensure florida is prepared and stays ahead of the spread of the zika virus in our state. we know we must be prepared for the worst even though we hope for the best. confirmed four people have come down with the illness. >> the conditions in south florida will i think have zika here, not just imported but zika here. >>reporter: the virus is commonly found in south florida but because it'set to be found locally, mosquito control hasn't dealt with the way it deals with the pests including spraying neighborhoods. >> you're going to find this mosquito anywhere in miami-dade county. >>reporter: the governor's three page executive order doesn't put
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with zika which can cause birth defects in babies and paralysis in adults. >> there's no treatment for zika. most people, their body mounts a normal immune response and they get rid of it. >>reporter: governor scott along with the attorney general will update us on the preparedness when it c ces to the virus. victor oquendo, local 10 news. a wild wreck on a miami beach roadway. derek shore has surveiance video of the entire crash. >>reporter: this is whatt looked like after and this is what it looked like as it was happening. an s.u.v. slamming into the back of a taxi, flipping the volkswagen on t t its roof. they were at 38th street and collins avenue in miami beach. bystanders could be seen rushing to the driver's aid, pulling her out of the wreckage. miami beach police say
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that caused the crash, a french citizen apparently working in the area as a nanny. booze container could be seen from the street and appear to have been tossed from the s.u.v. the accused boozed-up baby-sitter told police she didn't know what happened. one second she was driving and the next she was upside down. she had bloodshot eye, slurred speech, smelled of alcohol and failed her alcohol test. we stopped by an address associated with her and no one answered the door. the taxi she plowed into, the 72-year-old man was rushed to the hospital but is expected to make a full recovery. shy's charged with d.u.i. again, that taxi driver is expected totoe okay. in miami beach, derek shore, local 10 news. a group of teensns on
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that is why they have been arrested. the fourth charged with breaking into the yards of private homes make off with pidgeons people keep his pets like this one in the photo. they are accused of killing 39 birds and trying to sell them at a hialeah pet store. a woman behind bars this morning after her pick-up truck plunged right into the water on wednesday. you can see the caras submerged. police say a woman was trying to lower her boat in the water when the truck went i i the woman who fell in was helped out of the water. she was not injured. the truck was eventually towed out of the water. police gave her a field sobriety test. officers still arrested her saying she was wanted on unrelated charges. her identity has not been released. bill cosby back in court yesterday.
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arguments that would potentially drop sexual assault charges againstcosby. we'll tell you about the charges coming up. and boy or girl? the baby bump of julie's, a b reveal.
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at 6:30 this morning.tt2wlr=[hk po j# /ml tt2wlr=[hk p!!*n _m$ tt2wlr=[hk p4!j# )[p tt2wlr=[hk px#*&`:.u$ tt2wlr=[hk pt#j'`::u@ tt2wlr=[hk pt#j)`:15$ tt2wlr=[hk pp#j*`:&.8 tt2wlr=[hk pp#j,`:gtx tt2wlr=[hk pl#*.`:n]t tt2wlr=[hk pl#*0`:uk< 4:40 the time right now. a criminal case will continue for bill cosby. all of this comes over a promise of immunity that a former prosecutor says he gave cosby's
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the only reason the comedian agreed to testify in the civil trial years ago he admitted to giving women quaaludes. late yesterday a judge rejected that reason. the resentencing trial of michael hernandez. hernandez who is 26 years old received a mandatory life sentence but that was rejoked after the u.s. supreme court agreed juveniles could not be sentenced to life without parole. >> it doesn't concern you that your son is fascinated, continues to be fascinated with serial murderers and music that screa out for hit letter. >> i don't see that he's fascinateed with sore yal killers and just one song doesn't make a man. a man accused of peeping into windows in pembrokeines remaining behind bars this
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did grant him bond yesterday. the bond set at $80,000. he would also have to surrender his passport. he's facing charges including burglary and aggravated stalking. he haseen in jail since new year' eve. a tornado sweeps through eastern mississippi and now people are dealing with all this damage. the video captured by a nearby church. several buildings were damaged but there were no reports of injuries. nasty weather continues across parts of the panhandle. we're hoping the severe weather threat is minimal today for our friends in northern florida. we'll start to see the effects of it tonight. check it out, 73 degrees in miami. we should be waking up to 61. 75 ft. lauderdale, 76 in key west. that southeast breeze anywhere between nine and 14 miles per hour. pembroke pines a muggy 73. we have 71 in kendall and 75 in marathon.
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today off the ocean, we are expecting that threat of rip currents forou beach-goers. only a slight chance of a shower in the forecast today, unlike yesterday. i think we'll stay mostly dry throughout the morning a afternoon. rain chances don't increase throughout the morninggours as the leading edge does move into south florida. a line of shower and thunderstorm activity into northern florida, the northern panhandle and just off the key west. look at the temperatures behind this front. 30s right now in portions of mississippi, alabama, just about to make 46 degrees in atlanta. so tomorrow morning we are expecting our friends in the panhandle to make wake up to a bit of a chill. today will be warm, humid. we'll start to see those showers move in tonight and tomorrow morning. timing it out it looks like the commute could be a little damp from titi to time. high pressure's going to build from the north.
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north breeze. remember a wind direction for us here in south florida plays huge part in our temperatures and the less humid conditions. so with the north breeze temperatures really going to tumble. highs tomorrow will reach the 70s. tomorrrr afternoon than it is right now as you walk out the door. freezing mark will move into the central parts of the united states and into the south. by tuesday morning another front will move in. lows will be in the upper 40s inland, low 50s near the coast. by tuesday morning it's going to be a very chilly start to early next week. let's talk about the temperatures for today. highs will reach the low 80s. check out the contrast. only allowing our teteeratures to rise to the low 70s. 12 beg difference by the afternoon hours. chilly by monday and tuesday morning. still to come could your oven be a ticking
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revealing the danger ofthose glass oven doors. last week the call christina hotline, a coconut creek consumer telling christina vazquez the glass oven door exploded leaving glass all over the floor. >> it's a lot more common tha you might think. here's her report. it was a pop and i could hear the cracking. >>reporter: that's when erica ran back and found the glala on the floor. she says the kenmore elite model exploded in the self-cleaning mode. >> i looked at the ininstruction book again. i did exactly what i was
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>>reporter: turns out in a four-year time span more than00 people have complained about the veryame issue to federal regulators. thosee are stats garnered by the safety institute. a watchdog safety group that last summer was asked to start an investigation and recall kenmore 790s for this shattering glass door issue. >> this person told regulators glass from a shattered oven door partly embedded in when i wife's foot. another consumer rights after his glass door exploded, i am thankful the kids were in their rooms and the dog was with us. >> obviously, it's happened to earth people but i had no idea. >>reporter: cpsc is in charge of making sure products are safe. despite the numerous complaints they said in a statement, quote, we take all incidents of
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there are standards in place which wld leave the glass breaking into nuggets and not shards. he explains those nuggets they are referring to. >> little pieces so you dope get cut. >>reporter: tempered glass is to break into pieces, far safer than shards of glass. in a statement srs said if your glass oven door explodes in the first year of purchase, it could be due to imperfect glass. after a year, it's on you. they blame damage to the glass being damaged. >> sears should take responsibility, fix the issue because it's not safe. >>reporter: brown opted for a new oven from a different manufacturer.
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paying to replace the glgls only to have the frightening incident. sears recommends not closing the oven until all racks are in place. if you have a product safety issue, you can report it at a link reported on the call christina page on in the news room, christina vazquez, loc 10 news. a huge warehouse fire in detroit caught on camera. flames could be seen for hours. firefighters say plastics, papers and wood fuel the flames from town houses year the warehouse had to be evacuated. the cause of the fire still being investigated. nasa lessoning more about sat earn, the sixth planet from the sun. thed cassini airiraft was sent. they found the opaque ripping may not contain
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despite how bright they appear. little correlation between how dense the ring might appear asopposed to the amount of material that it contains revealing sort of an optical illusion. >> it means we're learning more from a planet so far away, we'll never visit it. >> what did we learn? the rings are an optical illusion. >> put a ring on it. a finals rematch as the heat square off with the mavericks. >> stars from around the country deciding where they will spend their college years. which schools pulled in the most recruits on
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i'm clay ferraro with your local 10 morning sports wrap. the heat had made themselves right at home in the mavericks home arena or the last few years. maybe that's because it's the familiar founding american airlines center. try to make it five in a row. the return of hassan whiteside for the heat, what a return it was. how about that throwdown right there. goes for ten points, nine rebounds, five blocks in his return. youee chris bosh celebrating there. doing his best hassan impression.the man who hits the big shot late in this one, luol deng. in the corner off the feet fro bosh. the mavericks would have one last chance with this one but raven felt he could not connect. 93-90, their fifth win
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the heat take on dallas. what a great night it was for anthony. second half, how about a little alley-oop action in this paul game. angel rodriguez going to find qua k kamari murphy. two hurricanes, mullens and joseph jacksks, both guys are rated at top 50 players in the state of florida. part of a great day there. cook is going to head to the west coast to play at uscarbon monoxide. his high school teammate darnell sullivan will play his college ball at usfon the west coast of the state. e falcons won the a a state title and coach
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coaching his guys yesterday. michael irvin, jr. is following in his father's footsteps. the entire family getting in on the action. receiver sam bruce also signing with the u yesterday doing it with the gloves on. this is a composite of the top recruiting sites from 24/7. you see the usually suspects r rnding out the top five. the gators coming in at 13 and the hurricanes at number 21. i'm clay ferraro and that is your r cal 10 morning sports wrap. check out these grea photos right here of zoo miami. an african-american elephant cooling off during the warm weather. this is peggy having a blast in his pool, splashing around in her bath. it was a great day. >> yeah, proof of that right there. love those pictures. breaking news
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real home wreck as a car smashes into her home.e. the chaotic aftermax. plus will baby durda be a boy or girl?
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breaking overnight a car slams into a lauderdale home. people. police telling different versions of what happened. bond battle. a judge's ruling after an accused peeping tom. the candidates count down to new hampshire. good morning, south florida. i'm eric yutzyth i'm jacey birch and it's gender reveal day. as you know, our weather authority meteorologist julie durda expected. >> but is she having a boy or are a girl? you'll find out later on
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that is coming during
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