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tv   This Week in South Florida  ABC  January 31, 2016 11:30am-12:30pm EST

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live from des moines. >> if i'i' elected president, we will repeal every word of obamacare. >> tough talk from gop candidates on the eve of the
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so much is riding on the outcome there. glenna milberg is live in des moines. >> mimey congressman mario dz ballart goes ballistics over new looser restrictions over traveling trade with cuba, the congressman is with us live. the state legislature in full swing and moving to the right but open carry may be in trouble in the state senate. we'll take it to the round table. good morning, welcome, glad you could join us. unless you have been off in an ashram studying zen with your master, you undoubtedly know the iowa caucuses are tomorrow night and so much is riding on the outcomehere. a relatively small number of mostly white voters in a mid western farm state will go to neighborhood schools, libraries, city halls to cast their votes for president. these will be, of course, the first votes cast in this election cycle. so the results will have an outsized influence on the primaries down the road. floor da's primary is march 15th.
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which is where our friend, colleague and comoderater of this program glenna milberg is standing by live in des moines. glenna, good morning. so another hectic day for@ the candidates, i imagine, right? >> i think hectic is probably an understatement. the schedule is amazing and they@ are coming off what i am going to guess is not much sleep anyway. this morning a lot of the candidates started on network tv, a lot of the sunday morning talk show, last-ditch effort to get the nation out nationwide. as you said the fus is absolutely right here on iowa. starting at about noon the schedules daf enport, seu c cy, counsel il bluff, these are all over the state in a last ditch evident for what is critical face thyme with iowa voters.>> so i'm here today sto ask you to caucus for me on monday. >> its blitz is in high gear. >> now we're going to be-- (applause)
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five cities a day. >> i need you to come caucusmonday night. >> senator, how important is it to get out the vote monday. >> it is all about turnout. >> despite millions in advertising blitzing iowans for wewes, look at how many are going into monday evening caucuses undecided. nearly half the republican voters and almost a third of democrats. >> the reason for the race for face thyme, crisscrossing through the ice cold flat lands this weekend. >> they have to be in touch with us. and close, or there.>> iowans whose state law keeps them the first in the nation to weigh in on presidential preference, their caucus is a contact support, intimate gatherings, debate and per situation. >> it can get prettyowdy in the sense that people are really passionate about supporting their candidates. >> you're discussing the issues
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and you really are-- it's not just go in and check a box. >> even if you have someone that is 17 and a half, they can caucus. >> caucus precincts monday night may see an unprecedented number of first-timers anxious to have a say in a remarkable campaign season with a donald trump jugger naught upending conservative politics. and for the nem dat-- democrats bernie sanders promising economic revolution. >>. >> and because of that attention, what you're looking at right here, the media cenr for the iowa caucuses, this will be filled come together with press from around the world. they are already here on the streets, all over the state reporting back, not to say the national press but we've seen japanese reporters and german reporters sending the new back of the very first look at the u.s. presidential preferences. i know you know, michael, iowa is not a state that will pick
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certainly could pick the losers because historically there has not been a nominee from either party that did notot place in at least the top three or four in the iowa caucus. >> oh how right you are, glenna. i think it's good to point out that 2008,012, the winners of the iowa caucuses were mike huckabee and rick san tor up who then obviously didot go on to become the nominees of their party. glna, this new des moines register poll published today, it shows trump up by three or four points and hillary clinton ahead of bernie sanders by three points, right? >> the trump-cruz is one and two, the spread is five points. so t tt is close to the margin of error but that is actually a lead by most standards. in the democratic side, hillary clclton is up by three over bernie sanders, that is statisticically a tie.
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talking about this morning, i think with the incredible thing abouthat poll shows is that there are so many undecided iowan voters because i will tell you just inhe last few days that we've been here, the glits of advertising, you cannot be in this state without being confronted in your face with billllards and television ads and yard signs and door knockers. it's an incredible ground game here. tens of millions of dollars spentd. so to have almost half of republicans and almost a third of democrats going into that caucus room not knowing really who they're going to cast a vote for is pretty remarkable. >> well, we cannot wait for you night. did that a number of years ago. it is sort of democracy in its purest form. people come, they show that they're registered voters and then go off into thehe little corner with their like-minded people and then they see if
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mo forward it is just democracy in action. >> you know, and i think there is an enormous affect on the voter and the democratic system, having that kind of caucus process. because i will tell you every one that we've met in this state and every city we've been in has beeno engaged and really thoughtful about the process. everyone has perspectives. you don't really see the, i want` to say the animosity of party versus party that you seeee so often in this country. these are people who are wide open and want to be-- want to find a candidate tt they think will really do a great job in leading the cntry. and i will also tell you, we met a lot of peopleeho are here for the first time even though they are of voting age and they may have lived in iowa all their lives. we met people who are coming in for the first time to be part of the caucus system because they see what's going on.
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in this process their say really does count. it's a really beautiful thing to witness, especially for people who are just sort of on the fringes of watchchg the political system and feeling like they're disengaged and going to a voting booth by themselves and just kind of pick a bubble. it's kind of retro but really a beautiful thing to watch in the democratic system. >> i understand. i would point out that i saw that n 2 2012121,000 republicans cast ballot there in the iowa caucuses. i mean that is a tiny numumr compared to in miami dade county, broward county. we have what, 8,000 or so registered republicans but they justave such influence in the process. >> yeah, there's-- the whole state of iowa is not much bigger
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that's kind of mind bog e eing to think about. and iowa itself is not going to have much of an effect on, as we've been talking about on the actual outcome. but for first time look at who is choosing what, the momentum that comes out of the state i think all the candidates agree is critical. and a candidate doesn't have to come out number one to have momentum. i think marco rubio, a lot of you werealking about, a lot of people are thinking his campaign strategy is to place a a least third here and then second in new hampshire and then you know maybe first in south carolina. but the momentum is the key. and that is going to be the make or break thing, i think that you will see tomorrow night is which can the dasas come out of here, once you have momentum, of course, money follows momentum and supporters follow momentum. so really the next 24 hours is such a critical time in the 2016 elections. >> they are. and that is why we are so happy. and the people of south florida watching local ten news are happy you're there as well.
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and stay as warm as youu can out there. i don't think-- not a freezer theseays but it's always cool. >> yeah. >> okay. glenna milberg. i'm kind of looking forward to that monster blizzard everybody is forcasting. >> oh my goodness, okay. live in des moines, thank you so much. >> still to come, we're going to sit down with miami congressman diaz ballart. is he livid about the new rules
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. >> this week the obama administration issued new regulations that make it easier for u.s. companies and individuals to travel and trade with cuba. ed administration appears tohave gone about as far as it can on this without usurping the power of congress when it comes to the embargo. only congress can lift the embargo that has been in place for half a century. miami congressman mario diaz ballart blasd the administration for this most recent set of ease cuba regulations and rules. he says president obama overstepped his authority. mr. beez ballart is a republican. he represents the 25th congressional district serving his 7th term in the u.s. house. here is a map of that district. it's going to change. this is a large swath of western miami dade county along with parts of kollier, lee and hendry counties, home to 720,000 residents, roughly two
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hispanic and majority are registered republicans. congressman, g gat to have you come in. >> thank you, michael. appreciate the opportunity. >> so let's talk about these new travel and trade rules, the third set of rules to have been issued, to make this easier. the president, the administration says the goal here is to help create a civil self-supporting sociy in cuba. what's wrong with that? >> michael, that is what he hasbeen saying. but let's look at what the president has done. and also when he's done it. i apologize. you have to rememberhat the president was negotiating with the castro regime. at the time of the castro regime was sending tons and tons and tons of elicit arms to north cor qua in violation of u.s. regulations. >> they found a sip in panama and these were all hidden under part engines of. >> almost 300 tons of illicit military, andhe administration didn't think that was problematic.
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negotiations the administration learnsthe castro regime has on thed, and we don't know how, a high powers milled. >> the kind used on u u. drones. >> on drones an also on airplanes. and so the administration asked for it back. castro regime said no. and the response was, no problem. so in other words, it-- there never r ems to be anything that the castro regime can do that wowod upset president obama enough to stop giving him concessions. as you said, the president said that the purpose was to sarate the regime from the people. >> right. >> except that if you look atthese last regulations, they are to empower thehe military. >> how so? >> because it actually wants to authorize-- again, if what he was talking about was to try to prote independence which is what he keeps saying, is and yet in these last i particular, he's authorizing doing business to actually theilitary, to the intelligence apparatus of the castro regime. so how you can say that doing
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and military apparatus is show helping the cuban people and not understand. >> the office, my understanding is treasury of office of foreign asset cocorol says if we believe that these authorized goods are going to wind up in the hands of theuban government and these military intelligence agencies, we can scotch the deal. we can simply wipe it off. but it's almost impossible to know. >> particularly when the regs are actually authorizing doing business with the regime's monopolies. in other words, they say one thing. but then if you look at the regs,,hey actually have just the opposite effect, to actually do business, to allow and promote business, actually promote business with the@ military and the intelligence apparatus. michael, we had language in the appropriations bill that said specifically that. let's let's not do business with those two, the branches of the repression and also anti-americanism which is intelligence services and the military, and president obama
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u.s. government in order to do business and help promote the cuban intelligence sector, and thth cuban military. that's why actions are speaking much larger than his words. >> well, just so people at home understand, tourism, transportation, all of the major parts of the cuban economy are really run by the military. >> absolutely. >> in cuba. well, let's get to the larger issue. and that is the people, cuban americans in south florida, cuban americans across this country think that the reset, the relationship normalizing relations is a good idea. these are pictures of the port awemar yal, a big investment, a big brazillian firm went in and built don't know how they will get paid for it but they went in and built it. let's put up the statistic if we can on the number of keush cuban
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proper to normalize relations. 52% of cuban americans in florida think it's a good idea. and elsewhere in the cououry. 63% agree. so are you swimming against the tide here? >> there is a couple of things. fit i don't think, when we're talking about the national security interest of the united states, i don't think we should be basing our policy on polls, number one. number two is when you are-- we should also consider how it's affecting the cuban people. and you've talked about it. we've seen a huge increase in the arrests, in the beatings of prodemocracy activists, in the violence against those prodemocracy activists and also absolute silence from preredent obama's administration. and thirdly, i don't want to be disrespectful. but i've seen that poll and a great relationship with. but that's not really a pollster. he's a-- he does things on behalf of the democratic party. and i respect him for that and i think he does a good job. >> sernlg yo bendictson.
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they are, i think, a respected outfit that don't think. >> i have great admiration and respect for them. i think they do a good job but they do push/pulls. that is okay. i don't have a problem witit that. i will tell you that if you ask the american people, not to mention cuban americans, do you think that we should release-m relax sanctions to a regime that violates human rights at a time when they're sending shipments to north korea, at a time that they are holding, they are holding our military, a weapon, a missile, then it becomes an 80% issue. >> well, i would point out that there is a poll that is taken evertwo years. it's called an election. and at least the people of your congressional district. and that of carl os cu rbello and ileana ross lehtonen continue to send you and your brother back. >> i want to make sure that-- i respect the folks who do those polls.
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that's okay. >> let me ask you simply about this. here is this weekend's "the wall street journal," one of the arena section. and what you can't see is that this is a page about cuba. and it says the american invasion of cuba talks about really basically how great keuka is for americans. go visit, go see the painters, go see, listen to the music, go have a mojito. this is the "the wall street journal," is t`e toothpaste out of the tube here? americans, 50% more americans visited cuba in 2015, yetanother huge increase this year under these new travel regulations. i mean, this has begun. >> michael, a lot of people said that we should have given up with south africa. the world was doing business in south africa, the united states was doing business with south africa. a lot of people said it was the help of blacks which we all know was not true. it was bogus. it took leadership from the united states. and by the way, the united
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is enough. we're going to stand with the south african people not with the apartheid process in that regime. and ultimately that was one of the cat lists to have change in south africa. so what you are seeing is very strong bipartisan sport in congress. to keep sanctions until thr basic conditions are met amount of law-- release the political prisoners, allow for basic freedoms, freedom of press, political p party, labor unions and start the process. >> so before the november 2016 elections, you don't think, i don't think, anybody believes there is going to be lifting the embargo, any major congress is not going to move on these issues. >> let mee not talk about polls. let me talk about actual votes. we had two votes, this congress. on the house floor. and there was stronger support, bipartisan support to increase sanctions against castro-- on the castro regimehan there were to increased sanctions on iowan-- iran. obviously there is a strong support to increase sanctions on iran. there was strong bipartisan
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of the president's policy to giving concessions to an enemy of freedom, of the united states without at least getting some concessions. and remember, the one thing that the president said that he got for r e cuban people was the releasing of 53 political prisoners. many of those by the way are back in prison, and the president doesn't seem to be concerned about that. >> yeah. >> congressman, every big law firm in south florida has a cuba practice where someery smart attorneys are advising big corporations and maybe medium sized businesses on how they are going to get in, when they can cuba. i mean that's just another indication that people, americans and american business interests are in many ways pushing for change and congress in some ways seems to be behind >> actually what they are pushing for is the status quoa, is pushing to do business with the status quoa. we in congress are the ones who
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and that's the difference. now it's interesting. currently under house burden f a u.s. business or any business is doing, is dealing with confiscated traffic properties, you can get sued in u.s. courts. the white house can wave that provision every six months. so here's the queueion. >> but it's been waived, it's been waved by waiverred by gorge w bush. >> by democratic and republican administration. >> you have president o"ama has changed policy. has been trying to increase business. i will tell you, if you look at, for example, the vast majority, i think all except for one republican running for president has stated that the they would reverse that and they would not do that waiver. so it's bad polocy. you are hoping that one man, one individual will protect you and by the way one of the largest canadian investors had businesss
11:53 am
up in prison because one day castro decides he wants to take the business, right? so it's' bad business, it's bad policy. it's against the national security trs of the united states. and it is clearly not expressing solidarity with the cuban people. there is no differencnc in the attitude of business, some businesses that were doing business in south africa during appear advertise than those who want to do business with the apartheid castro regime. bas bid, bad politics. >> you can say i think they have mol blinders on. in 15 seconds that we have left, who do you think is going to win the iowa caucuses or come in first and second and then move on and do well in new hampshire, south carolina, florida. >> michael, i have a better chance in guessing the six members ofthe lottery than i do giving a r@al answer on that one. >> yeah, your friend marco rubio. >> i think jeb bush and marco rubio are in this race. not one vote has taken police yet. those who discount jeb bush, those who discount others, i think are not looking at history.
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>> congressman, great to have you come in. >> always a pleasure. >> always a pleasure from me as well. >> thanks, michael. >> all right, after the break we will take it all to our
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stick around. >> it is that time gen, time to take a closer look at some of the top stories in the news thi week. and get some informed analysis and opinion from our powerhouse
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a grere group is with us today. soan foreman, prove severe plit kal science at barrie university, a go-to guy for balanced analysis on politics and government. tiffany lee is a lawyer in miami, a shareholder at holland and knight. she is part of the southlorida firm-- actuauay nationwide firm, litigation group. no litigating today. we will stip late to that, miss lee. ed may stip late as well. is he a lawyer in fort lauderdale, president of the the trip scott law firm and a republican party activist. to all of you, good morning. >> good morning. >> so let's turn first to the political scientist, sean, in many ways what we have seen in iowa just the conventional wisdom has just been thrown out by the candidates, how the campaigns have bee conducted. it's fascinating but boy it's different.t` >> it is. we don't know what will happen between now and tomorrow night.
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ad or something that flips the dynamics a little bit more. but at this point i think that it's a must-win for ted cruz an bernie sanders. the expectations are there that they have been leading the polls. they have momentum and energy behind them and anything less will be a disapintment for both of those campaigns. sanders has hillary clinton on here heels and he really needs to take advantata of it right now. and cruz, he's got to win iowa to be viable moving forward. >> tiffany lee, i thought on friday when the state department announced that there were 22 e-mails that were found on hillary clinton's private server when she was secretary of state, and some contained classified information, seven will not be released at all because they're that sensitive. he says she did nothing wrong but this is serious stuff. >> it is serious stuff. the e-mail issue is not new. but it's not going away.
11:58 am
for those who want to attack hillary clinton, theiming of it is not ideal going into the iowa caucusesor her. but you know, from those, her supporters view it as this is just another opportunity for the republicans to politp size something that is not political at all. the e-mails are not labeled. she did snot originate them. they just happened to be passing through her e-mail server. whether you believe that or not depends on how you view the issue. >> on monday night on the cnn forum, it wasn't really a debate, chris keumo asked hillary clinton about these, and as opposed to what she said a few months ago, i made a mistake, it was an error in judgement, she wouldn't even admit to that. >> well, thetudent stood up and said we supporting sanders because we don't trust you. that is the core of the democratic support she has that is slipping away. i don't know if i believe her or not, have i no clue.
11:59 am
she's just getting hammered. the release is not republican release. this was not publicized by republicans. this was her own statete department, the obama administration state department said. >> we should point out the nbc news "the wall street journal" poll released this week, i'm sorry, we're talking too much maybe about polls, but only 36% of democrats nationwide said mrs. clinton w s honest and trust worthy i mean that's a big number and she's going to h have, how do you overcome that she is still has the money, and the endorsements in the democratic party to be able to overcome this. and this is what we're going to watch playout. you have the progressive wing of the democrati party who have said we don't want to go along to get along. go with our most electable candidate. we want to be true to these issues of income inequality, raise the minimum wagag deal with criminal justice reform.
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sanders is a vesl who can lead them to a victory in november or a flawed hillary clinton is the best dhe do. >> you know t seems to me that hillary clinton mak a good sal yent point when she says oh, bernie sanders has got great ideas. maybe a single payor health-care system would provide care for more people, it undoubtedly would, or free tuition for everybody, go to state colleges and universities. that's a great idea too but who is going to pay for this. bernie sanders is going to come back and-- you have to come up with the money to pay for this but will you save a little money on the health care side because will you not have the high premiums that you've been paying. we're going to find a way to make it work. one thing that hillary clinton does very well whether it is the e-mail issues or something else, she has an amazing ability to stay focused on the prize. and everything else, it is over there, it's a red herring, it i
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has a laser focus that has served her well throughout this campaign. whether it will be enough to see her through, i'm not sure. because i dodohink that the voter who looked her in the eye and said i don't trust you, hat was a tough moment for her. >> it was. >> and it stuck with a lot of people. including people who maybe are alittle ambivalent. as glenna milberg reported, a lot of people in iowa are ambivalent. a lot of people around the nation are ambivalent. and that creates some problems for her. >> right. i'm sort of reminded o o i guess it was a 2008 debailt where at one point between the democrats and hillary clinton was asked, you're not all that likable and barack obama said famously, hillary, you're likable enough. it was kind of a little smart alec comment in many w ws that came back to hunt him. >> but she's notrust worthy enough. democrats are looking for someone to lead their cause.
12:02 pm
let'understand. this he has told everybody he is a socialist. >> why have the democrats gone so far left? i mean we have seen this sweeping movement in iowa, nationwide. >> well, i don't knono but it seems to me politically it may be working for them because if you give away the farm to folks, they'll come and vote for you, i guess. but understand with socialism is a very bad thing. and this is totally opposite of what this country stands for. we have socialist, socialism, think about the folks who are supporting bernie sanders, some of the young folks. they don't understand. they don't remember the yoak of soviet union, soviet-- socialist regime who controlled eastern europe or socialist regime like venezuala that we have as an example in the southern hemisphere. >> peggy noonan wrote a great colume this weekend in "the wall street journal." let me ask you about ted cruz. i thought in tht debate on
12:03 pm
himself a lot of good. he tried to take over the debate at one time. chris wallace of fox news i thought sort of took back control of it in a good way. but you know, there is just something about his personality that is grating. it certainly grates on me. >> and it does to his colleagues in the senate. not a single endorseme there. he doesn't have the people that like him in the traditional republican party and that is part of his appeal. but i think on your point, you are right, that ted cruz had an opportunity to sort of seal the deal without donald trump on the stage and he wasn't a commanding first place person. and i agree, you know, complaining with the moderators doesn't do him any good. but at the end of the day. >> he was going to leave the stage if thekept asking those tough questions. >> i mean that was said tongue in cek. but it was kind of an empty complaint, tiffany. the guy is not going to walk off stage. no. i mean. >> not for a second.
12:04 pm
joke but he dnt quite get it, the delivery was off. >> he is not likable. >> okay. all right. let's take a break. we're going to come back, maybe talk a little bit more and then talk about state legislature, so stay with us.
12:05 pm
a minute. >> on this sunday morning live in our studios somo heavyweights
12:06 pm
they are metaphorical heavyweights. we have sean foreman, tiffany e, and ted, i'm sorry, ed from trip scott in fort lauderdale. tiffany what did you think about jeb bush on thursday night in the debate. he did pretty well, didn't he? >> i thought jeb bush did exceptionally well. probablied best debate performance i have seen from him in this election sieblg. i thought he was fantastic. his answers were good. he showed a lot of confidence. he showed a lot of thowfltness in the way that he answered questions. i was more impressed than i expected to be when i started watching the debate. the other person that really impressed me was marco rubio. he has been more consistent in the debate in terms of his ability to come out. and sound very knowledgeable, sound very presidential. and likable which is sometimes a difficult thing to do. particularly in that cast of characters. >> but i did think that jeb
12:07 pm
issues i thought that marco's answer because he had been part ofofhe group of 8 in the senate which had found a sort of a very wide-ranging immigration reform bill, that had a path to citizenship. and then when it didn't go anywhere, he has backed off that, essential. and now ted cruz says that amnesty, jeb bush really beat him up pretty bad on that. >> jeb did because marco did cut issue. but so did ted cruz. so you've got some of this playing to the conservative right. let's put iowa in focus. it's venally in the republican side is very conservative, evangelical vote but let's understand. it's po delegates that are dispercented essentially proportionately. so even if ted cruz and donald trump are tied at 30%, you're talking about a very nine delegates you are not talking about a large impact on the overall, so
12:08 pm
couple of things at what happens on monday night but this is just the first sal vow in a long long race. >> that's a point well taken and also i read the tampa bayay times, formerly st. pettersburg times online, i think it is one of the best newspapers in the state. and today they have a long editorial endorsing jeb bush. they've had big problems the paper, editorially is a liberal newspaper. and a very good one. but they run throughll of the accomplishments and say he is the best republican candidate out there. >> right. >> but it doesn't help to get endorsements from liberal-leaning papers if you are a republican. just like marco rubio getting iowa. but i think that's important for jeb at home to shore up support where h hs low in the polls in florida, the campaign has been different reasons.
12:09 pm
he has a conservative record but it's been painted nationally that he's too moderate and he embraced the immigration reform on the stage on thursday night in a way that he needed to do. but it also could be an achilles heel on the move forward. >> let's move on to the florida legislature which is what, about a third. way through itsts annual 60 day session. and i think the headline so far is that your friend and i don't mean personal friend, you don't necessarily hang out with the governor, but you know him well. and he has asked for two things. a $1 billion tax cut and $250 million for enterprise florida which encouragesompanies to come and gives them tax incentives or even cash if they meet their hiring quoteas. but rick stt is not going to get either of those from the legislature. >> like yoyo said. we're a third of the way through. i wouldn't bet against him getting something substantial in both of those categories. the idearound the enterprise florida is to provide incentives
12:10 pm
jobs. that has been a hallmark of what rick scott has done effectively for th last five years. >> and so he is not going to give it up. >> and he's got a veto pen so he's got some leverage. >> he does. and there is also a disagreement between the house and national and we're going to see some of those things get worked through session. as you know, a lot of that stuff is vetted through towards t t last week of session. >> well the legislative session is sort of like a basketball game where it's kind of fun to watch for the first 58 minutes and the last two is when, the last two minutes take about an hour and a half, right? >> depends how many time outs you have. >> yeah. >> what about open car, tiffany. i see thatted house is going to vote on open carry. it appears the state house is probably going to pass that but it may have some problems over in the senate.
12:11 pm
problems in the national. it surprised me to learn that they are one of the few states that does not have an open carry law currently. the challenge that have i in thinking about the law is i'm not exactly sure what problem we're trying to fix, number one. we're spending a lot of time talking about t when i think about the fact that we already have the stand your ground law, the idea of having that open caree as well feels a little bit more like wild wild west than i'm comfortableith. and then the number of law enforcement officials are who opposed to it make me concerned. that thi is just not the way that this state should be going. >> law enforcement, chiefs of police and sheriffs association generally say if you have open caree, we arrive at a crime scene or shooting and we don't know initially who are t t good guys and who are the bad guys. before we run out of time, let me ask you, i attended the state of the county speech this week
12:12 pm
i thought it was a solid job. and he was counting about the county but really it was the opening salvo in his re-election campaign. >> yeah. >> how did you think he did? >> well, of course a speech is a speech. you can say what you want in there and gloss over the problems. but the state of the economy is strong. our local-- the bird the crane is up and flying very prominently. and the mayor has kept taxes flat. that is what he promised to do. but on the flip side there are a lot of groups that are upset. as a result, not hiring enough police officers, still dealing with issues with the fire union, the pest trust folks. >> liberty square. >> the controversy over that which would take a whole other program. >> it would. so there were more people protesting outside than were insiderom the pictures. d coming out with progressive ideas, she wants to transform transportation technology,
12:13 pm
different visions for the future of the county. >> it's going to be a real race betwtwn those two. >> ed, i know it's great to you have come in, you're going to have the governor is going to be down into youraw firm this we can. >> going to be down with mike, pens, the governor of ifned ind and we'll have an's vent there. be interesting to see, tomorrow night, couple things to look for, michael. one is how close marco rubio can come to second. and whether or not ted cruz wins. on the republican side because that will set up a little different setup. if will is a fourth person who comes out of the woodwork. obviously whether or not bernie sanders can overcome hillary. >> we've got to go thank you all. come back again. >> after the break, a local ten investigation into mental health prords-- records in the case of a broward deputy who was charged
12:14 pm
slaughter. >> local ten news vegger bob norman has been on the case from the get-go of a bso deputy without shot and killed a man who was walking home arrying an air rifle that was unloaded. the man was jermaine mcbean and now there is a legal battle under wayver his mental health records. >> want to know those medical records. >> the lawyer for suspended broward sheriff's deputy argued in court today for the release of medical records of jermaine mcbean who paraza shot and
12:15 pm
to come out whether it's in this court room, in front of the courts. >> attorney ericc swars claims those records will reveal that mcbean was unstable and possibly suicidal when par aza opened fire on mcbean while he was holding an air rifle in his hand in his oakland park apartment complex. but the family and state attorneys office are fighting to keep those records from the defense and the public. family attorney david showhan. >> their arc is that this deputy had a license to shoot and kill swrer main mcbean because he suffered from bypolar disorder thasm is offensive to the 51 million people who suffer from bipolar disorder. >> mcbone was hospitalized before the days of the@ shooting after he exhibited strange behavior at work. they say health ce records are crucial to the case. >> that is what we believe, his mental state is that he wanted to die. it was a classic suicide by cop.
12:16 pm
that an eye witness said mcbean never pointed aun from everyone. >> very distinct from a suicide by cop. thatats just a catch phrase. it gives them an easy out. >> now the judge said a new hearing to hash out what will be done with those medical records is set for february 11th. at the courthouse, bob norman, local 10 news. >> bob, thanks. he also tells us mcbean's family intends to fight the release of those mental health records, not just to paraszz and attorneys but to keep them even away from m e judge. >> still to come, a weather forcast and then my personal perspective about david bek mj-- beckham's plans for a
12:17 pm
what's up with that >> good afternoon, after a gror gus weekend, we'll,continue to see a mixture of sunshine this afternoon, high temperatures making it up just shy of 80. for tomorrow, dry air retreats to the north, here comes the moisture from the south. the rain is bacin the forcast with a 60% chance, of wet weather for mday. if you are heading out to the beach this afternoon, boy it looks good. plenty of sunshine. water temperature at 70. over the next three days we go. highest chance of rain on monday, then we taper off and warm up for the mid parts of the ek. >> trents thanks. before we leave yoyothis morning, a personal perspective about major league socker in miami. and parking. that's right. parking.
12:18 pm
david beckham's 25,000 seat stadium, none. and i say that's a formula for failure. here's the location of the stadium, it's between northwest 6th and 8th street at ofth avenue in miami. it's kind-of-a blithed area just south of overtime-- overtown. the closee transportation is the metro rail station three blocks away and that means fans coming by mass transity would have a pretty good trek. same for people driving cars because parking would be several blocks distant. team beckham says no big deal, marching to the game, they say, is part of the fun. part of soccer tradition. well, it may be tradition in manchester or leads or millan or madrid, but i don't think it's going to work in miami, not on the scale miami beckham united needs. folk ntion south florida love their cars and they don't like walking many blocks to a game, not to go to see the heat, the panthers, the marlons or the
12:19 pm
do you really think they will park many blocks away from this stadium and happily truj over there from the heat, the rain, no way, this week one of beckham's lawyers appeared at an event and said basically no park, no problem. believe me t is a problem. i have met david beckham h hymn on the show, nice guy, his partners are nice guys too. but they are dead wrong on this parking thing. if they want their mls soccer franchise to succeed, they are going to have to arrange some slots. away. that is my pererective for this week. i hope you have a great sunday, remember, as always, stay informed, get involved. we want to hear from you, weighin on any topic, via e-mail, facebook, switter, at any of these addresses.
12:20 pm
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