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tv   Roske On Politics  ABC  February 7, 2016 9:30am-10:00am CST

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we went to was for the one vote foundation, and senator tom harkin was there he was on the movie screening, courting des moines, and jay cost want moderating the q & a. but the next dave i said you into meet robert becker with the sanders group, and said brent, you introduced me last night. i had to much caucus cheer. what's been fascinating, last night we broke a little news last night. i was doing live hits for abc at the trump caucus viewing party, he ended up coming in second after that. we decided to meet you at the sanders campaign and tell folks what happened. >> it's amazing, bernie really fired up the troops. at that point it looked like it was -- that hillary was probably going in pull it out but it was virtual tie.
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the played david bowie's "star man" as bernie left the stage and people started streaming out, reporters and photographers filed, we catching reaction. as they started tearing down the sets and guardrails and stub that separate the press from the rest of the rally, we heard from robert becker that the party, the state democratic party, had misplaced and lost 90 precincts worth of votes, which was five percent, and obviously this is a bit distressing when you have a caucus as close as this, which was the closest in iowa caucus history, and you and i were, let's get this on tape. >> everybody else is gone. >> there maybe a couple other reporters there and their ears pricked up a little bit, and it was time -- that time when everybody starts thinking about
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frantically filing. >> why won't it encode faster. >> they turned the heat off, and finally got ahold of some editors and we got to post some video that you shot and the story i wrote, and throughout the night, some of those resultses started streaming in, and they finally got to 100% of the precincts today on the day after the caucuses, but it was real long night and early morning for the iowa democratic party. >> let take a look at the little video clip of iowa state districtor for in the sanders campaign, robert becker and i, let's look at that. >> here we are with robert becker with the sanders campaign, what's going on. >> right now internally we're showing a dead even tie, and in fact we're up by two state delegate equivalentses. the party has informed us they have no results on 90 precincts across the state. approximately five percent.
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90 precincts where they have no results reported in, no results have been reported in on new microsoft app. they are asking the campaigns to help them find the results. >> how does that work? >> i don't know. first one to call it in gets it right. this is an absolute disaster. it's an insult to all the hard working organizers that have been out there all the volunteers working hard across the state, that the iowa democratic party could actually be at this point in time not able to report 90 precincts. >> are the saying it's a problem with the app or users. >> a problem with people not showing up ills what we're hearing. >> what does that mean. >> they had temporary precinct chairs. they had no-shows. reports of people having to step up and do it and didn't have access to the app and didn't have the phone number to call in, didn't have the materials. >> so 90 precincts unaccounted for, and so a tie between clinton and sanders. >> yes.
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>> robert, what's your title. >> state director for the bernie sanders campaign. >> all right. thank you for chatting. >> so now that we're at the next morning, let me shed some light on what he was saying. my understanding as of right now -- and it is 2:30 the day after the caucuses and we filmed that -- i mean, howl late was that last night? >> well, think -- by the time we were finally able to get our nightcap in at the holiday inn bar, we got there at last call so 1:45 or so. >> call it 12 to 14 hours ago we filmed that clip. my understanding now is what happened is the microsoft app did as it was supposed to do but there was a delay in sometimes once they pushed the button to getting the feedback. i spoke with one precinct captain who said they sat around and agreed on the number, put submit on the app, but then they got a phone call an hour and a half later saying they didn't have the numbers there was a
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they doesn't know it was a data delay so they figured it out and called and as of today all these numbers have been accounted for, but in that space last night, before they had reached out to the folks that hey hadn't got the data from is when we filmed the piece with robert becker, so at that moment there was a lot of questions as to whether or not it was going to be working. >> really, i think that for anybody who does this for a living, and is a professional political operative, it's not quite over yet. as robert said, they're going to be squabbles, especially in a race this close. they reached out to the campaigns and the cam -- so we don't know how much the campaigns provided, whether there are disputes over the numbers. looks like a lot of stuff is matching up from your sources, but in -- we grew up with florida, the florida recount. there are no hanging chads. there's a hanging app, apparently, or a rendering app,
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an app that didn't update. times have changed. this -- it took a little while to sort out the 2012 republican winner here in iowa, the republicans initially declared mitt romney the winner by eight votes, and then a couple weeks later they came back and said -- we counted again and rack santorum won by 34 votes. it's it's over until it's over. >> i learned three days ago it actually happened. one precinct captain on the run side, instead of bringing her results to the county counting area, she went home for the night, and they realized they didn't have count for that. that's why the next day santorum, when they did the recount, he won by 34. again, the hanging chad is now the hanging app, as of right now, things have turned out the way they were suppose development will there be a recount, quote-unquote, with sanders clinton because it is so close? don't know if that's even possible.
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is that the iowa secretary of state does not sponsor these caucuses. these caucuses are sponsored and put on and executed by the state parties. so this is a republican party and a democratic party operation. so, whatever happens, if there is some sort of dispute process or there's a lawsuit, and the clinton and sanders campaigns have already been in court over that little snafu of the hack of the -- at the dnc this year, it has to be resolved at the party level. >> we will become a rich and great nation again. thank you, great honor. >> we have the top one tenth of one percent owning more wealth than the bottom 90. >> the things i've been concerned about in the nation have not changed. >> we're chatting with chief national correspondent mark leibovich.
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>> u.s. senator -- >> hop on the back. >> i got my own. this is not just a trop body. >> aloha. >> aloha. >> state senator maee a chappelle nadal. >> sometimes you don't have to win the caucuses if you come in a good second or third and no one expected it, that gives you a boost. >> someone on the show several times, the d.c. shadow snore, paul strauss, any candidate seeking to earn the awesome and sacred trust of the presidency of the united states has to come and engage with the people of iowa. >> governor mike huckabee. >> are in newt gingrich. >> senator joe lieberman. >> senator chuck grassley. >> i haven't eaten anything other than the fried snickers. it's like going to heaven. >> we need to push back to the rnc, this is a dumb way to do it. at the end of the day brad pitt will be in our debate.
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because it's the first contest. >> a potential clinton castro ticket, whoever the nominee is gets to pick who their vice-president will be. >> i went to a republican caucus and struck gold. i struck gold. marco rubio was there with his family early on, like -- >> oh, okay. at the caucuses the candidates can drop by and you were at one that rubio stopped by. >> i got four candidates. >> where were you? >> i was in cline of clive? >> clive on the edge of des moines. >> right by the mall. we had gone to get some makeup and i knew where i was at. i was a cangs site and i get there and rubio is already there, gripping and grinning, his kids all there, it was so funny. some little girl came up and was like, oh, you're the same age as my son. here you go.
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>> marrying off his children to iowa voters for caucus votes. it was very fun. so rubio shows up and gives his spiel. >> how long a spiel. >> they only are allowed to speak three to fivish minutes. everybody went over. some of the surrogates for candidates who weren't there like jeb bush's person was droning on and on, yadda, yadda, yadda. >> with prepared remarks. >> yeah, prepareddish remarks. a lot of them used their stump speech so ben carson showed up and sort of -- he actually verbatim said something that was playing on all his radio ads in iowa which was super funny about -- of course we're getting the lineup now that i'm on the spot. very, very religious lines in iowa for the radio adds and repeat one to voter at the caucus site. so he showed up. and then the funniest thing was this woman wag drones on about
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>> while she was on stage. >> and so no one is paying attention to the jeb bush surrogate, which is so -- of course -- of course this is happening, right? poor jeb bush, has been steam rolled by trump, and then it's happening live in front of me. as everyone is, my god, donald trump, donald trump has all this security and flies in, and she there is with her big red dress. totally nuts. >> how many people at your caucus. >> thousands. they were looking -- i would assume thousands but i'm bad with crowd count. it was a pretty big auditorium, and they were having trouble finding seats for everybody. hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm let us be loves we'll carry
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i've got some real estate here in my bag. counting the cars on the number turnpike, they've all come to look for america. all come to look for america. all come to look for america. all come to look for america
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this message. i was actually doing hilts for abc last night at trump. they sent me there, they said we think he's going to win. so we want you there to talk trump. trump has been on this program several times. what are your thoughts? trump came in second and wasn't a close second. >> i was actually very shocked,
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of knew that evangelicals could flock to cruz and pull out for him, and the other interesting thing was that when we were talking about this high turnout of caucusgoers, sound like a lot of them showed up to vote against trump. so didn't matter who they voted for but i think that cut into his support, all these people were going to basically cross out your vote by coming and caucusing for rubio potentially one of the ones that gained from all these people showing up. so, i think that going forward, trump, if he won iowa and won new hampshire and he went into south carolina in that strong position, people would have been, this is done, he is going to win the nomination, and the establishment republican party in d.c. will freak out. now it looks like it's a three-person race. >> so this is known after the caucuses. how much bearing do you think rubio's strong third will have on his new hampshire showing. >> i think that people will --
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i think people have been flirting between maybe a rubio and kashich, rubio and christie, rubio and bush will be, we have to pull together and we have to say, rubio is our man, because i think a lot of people have been saying it's too late, that trump had been so strong going forward that no establishment candidate has come from the back to really compete against him, that he was definitely going to be the nominee, and with rubio getting this close third -- it was very close to trump, which is kind of crazy -- i think that people are going to look at him again with fresh eyes and especially if he
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iowa. this is e.j. wallace with save the children, which is not necessarily involved in politics but you're here for the caucuses. why is that? >> i'm actually with the advocacy arm of the save the children action network, we are involved in political races but the big thing for us especially during the presidential races
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importance of high quality early childhood education. one of the best ways to pull kids out of poverty and the fact 90% of the brain is developed by five but the majority of public funding invests with kids of their fifth birthday is a huge loss in investment in local communities and could be something that we need to see happen in terms of elevating -- >> it's a huge loss for communities? >> so when a child doesn't enter the school prepared, they -- what happens is they get tracked into things like special education, 7 other% more likely to be convicted of a violent crime, which can have huge impacts. we pay for it down the road. why not pay for it in on the front end and make the investment that is a much longer term ben fit for the community. >> now, that sounds like a positive thing but why were you here during the iowa caucuses. >> we wanted eave presidential
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would invest in kids. we had we educated the public on the importance of early ed and mailed out to 70,000 households and door knocked over 7800 homes
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republican and democratic side. >> welcome back to "roske on politics." we're here testify des moines international airport the morning after the caucuses to chat with people that were in town, actively participating in the caucuses, act juror josh hutcherson -- i'm having trouble, long night -- actors, marc foster, who are you supporting. >> here for bernie sanders. >> now, you actually did a convert for him. why bernie? >> i think he -- you look at his voting record, what he stand for, the only guy why a grassroots campaign with eve three million people donating -- doesn't have a super pac and i think he practices what he preaches.
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for the last 0 years in politics he will stand up for the same thing, justice. makes sense and logical and not influenced by big money and that's something this political system desperately needs to get back to a true democracy that is representative of the people that it is supposed to be governing and not representative of the massive billionaire class, and that's why you saw the people show up. not because they want free college. it's because the believe in what bernie says and this world needs a change, and they're young and hopeful and educated and believe they can make a difference. >> last night the iowa democratic party said the results were the closest finish ever for a democratic iowa cause race, basically almost a tie. what do you think about the results. >> it was incredible. the fact that three of the delegates were decided with a coin toss and well went to hillary, that -- we were just like, that's what this system comes down to a coin toss? she wins three of three? if two of those go a different
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end, which is insane. just shows -- they said that the young people wouldn't show, said they weren't reliable, and our generation proved them wrong. they showed up and proved that they're behind this, and sent a message to the whole political system and the rest of the people supporting bernie, they can make a difference and every single person we knocked on doors of, every student we
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that made a huge difference. >> thoughts on the results? >> i just think it's really exciting. eight months ago he was 41 points behind hillary. to come out with a virtual tie 50,%, it's a huge win and there's a lot of momentum coming out of this going into new hampshire. i think they'll do really well in new hampshire, and i think it's a start, the start of a really successful campaign. >> finally, you just -- you were at the front line of the iowa caucuses. what are your thoughts on what just happened here? >> i think it is something
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incredible the fact eight months ago he was 50-points down, month ago it was impossible, not one republican candidate had the word bernie sanders come out of their mouth and it's cool because now he's going to get the media attention and people will get to know him, and this is a trampoline, if people just learn about bernie they believe in him and understand and it makes sense for the time. now it's a great place to bounce off of. >> what did you think of the caucus process? >> cool to be able to be here on the ground floor and see how it works itch didn't know exactly how a caucus was run. >> major questions like coin tosses -- in vegas, in nevada, they have a caucus and they do high cards if it comes down to a tie. high cards. >> how appropriate. >> so, pretty wild, but it's really cool thing to be part of. iowa takes great pride in having a caucus being the first state,
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also in the history of the u.s. to be on the ground floor and see how they do it, ancient practice of american history, especially the democrats standing on one side of the room, and they're like, go stand in your corner for who you support. it's like really pretty cool. >> that's it for this just -- i'm tickled to present this episode to you of "roske on politics." so much more. we are just starting this relationship, me to you the viewer thank you, for watching. we'll be back here same time
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good morning and welcome to the home show. mike pace is my name. we survived the caucuses and the snowstorm. time to talk real estate, new construction in the greater des moines area. and iowa realty professionals who will be here. go to aye houses.
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