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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  January 22, 2016 7:00am-9:00am CST

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coastal areas fear near record flooding that could rival hurricane sandy. thousands of flights cancelled. the nation's capital shutting down and the south already hit hard overnight. cars sliding off the road. tornadoes touching down. damaging homes and ripping trees from the ground. more than 70 million americans in the crosshairs right now. donald trump and bernie sanders surging. the stunning new polls just days before the voting begins. hiary clinton now on the attack. and ted cruz fights back against donald trump'satest line of attack. this morning, we speak exclusively to the senator. a pilot arrested for flying passenger planes while drunk now facing federal charges. how did this captain get behind the controls? and clash of the titans. two of the biggest names and brands in sports facing off for a trip to the super bowl. tom brady and peyton manning,
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which star will be super? we do o say goodorning, america. well, if you're snowed in thisis ekend at least you have some great football to watch, right? fans heading to the game in carolina may have trouble getting there. >> tt is a look live right now at asheville, north carolina, looks pretty lovely t it is going to get fierce anand the monster storm has 22 states on alert. look at that map right there. thousands of flights are already canceled and look at the new jersey coast. these are drone shots coming in right now from belmar, new jersey, t they arere workingo hard to protect the beaches because they are worried about hurricane sandy-like flooding. >> the quiet before the storm. from washington to new york. this storm affecting more than 70 million people. the washington area expected to be hardest hit. could be the bigst snowstorm in nearly a hundred years. >> the radar and it shows how
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the south. dozens of reports of severe weather overnight including a tornado and massive hail. we do have full team coverage this morning from all across the storm zone. and abc's steve osunsami starts us off in asheville, good >> reporter: good morning to you, george. as you can see it is really coming down. when we got here to town just a few hours ago these streets were bare but take a look at it now. we see at least one to threeee inches of snow piling up on the streets here and they're telling us in the mountains itould get up to a foot. overnight, the storm refused to take a break. a tornado in mississippi pushed over trees and peeled off roofs and the threat of more severe weather is spreading to florida this morning.. in arkansas drivers are sliding off the roads. this nasa satellite image shows the size of the snowstorm sweeping through the east and south. in all at least 70 million
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declared a state of emergency. the d.c. metro area is expecting the worst. a blizzard likthey've never seen. as much as 30 inches of snow. coming. they don't want to get stuck. >> reporter: authorities are shutting down the trains all weekend. customers out there and then leave them stranded. >> reporter: truckloads of salt are standing by. and ththe nfl, t carolina panthers have been forced to cancel a pep rally ahead of sunday's nfc champmpionship me while families worried they could be stuck for days clear out supermarket shelves. there were long lines for food and water at this trader joe's in d.c. only allowing ten people in at a time. >> we'll take the next ten. >> reporter: this hardware store in virginia had to put a limit on the aunt of snow equipment each customer could buy. >> we're down to the last few shovels. >> reporter: authorities here
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families to stay inside because underneath allhis snow as beautiful as can be is quite dangerous ice. george and robin. >> you can already see it picking up there. >> we can. washington really expected to get slammed from this storm. as much as two feet of snow there. one of the worst storms in that city's history and rob is in our nation's capital for us this morning. good morning, rob. >> reporter: good morning, robin. they don't get more than 20 inches very ofn, matter of fact it's only happened twice and may happen again frantically preparing, depots like this battling this storm growing rapidly and the snow coming down quickly too so they'll have a look how big this is. the snow is already getting into virginia and the back side of this already bringing snow and power outages to parts of arkansas, the storm head up the east coast and blizzard warnings posted from d.c. all the way up to new york. here's the storm. itets to the coastline and
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moisture and heat content and rows all that into the cold air, a ft or better in philadelelphia. could get that much in new york city, could get over two feet washington, d.c. and that certainly would make it historic. federal government is shutting down at noon. that is right around when the snow is expected to start and blizzard warnings then up right through sunday morning, not to mention the winds, george, they are going to be intense not only here but along the coast. >> everye is getting ready. we'll talk about the coast. coastal flooding expected from maryland to connecticut and could rival hurricane sandy and abc's linzie janis is in belmar, new jersey, one of thehe areas h hard by sandy. >> reporter: it was, indeed, gege. as you say the big concern here at the jersey shore is not the snow, but major coastal flooding. check this out. it is a giant sand dune that's been created to try to protect the homes and properties along the oceanfront here and look at our drone shot.
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mile and a half long, 10 to 15 feet high and this morning they're out here making it longer. communities up and down the coastline are going to be racing today breaking out the bulldozers to create these emergency barriers by tonight, of course, these communities, some of the hardest hit by superstorm sandy and winds could be up 65 miles per hour on saturday with waves up to 20 feet, one of the reasons they are so concerned about flooding is it is aull moon this weekend, so seas are already high. we could see close to historic storm surgeses in soutrn new jersey. robin. >> all right, linz, thank you very much. it's best to jushunker down if you can. what if you have to travel? nearly 2500 flights canceled already today. almost as many for tomorrow. abc's david kerley is at reagan national with that side of the story. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, robin. this is the tale of two pictures. look at this one.
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people racing to get out of town will be a ghost town. flights canceled. the same amount tomorrow. could go to 3,000 canceled tomorrow because the airlines are basically shutting down for satuay here in the mid-atlantic and east coast, in fact, american airlines is starting to move their planes to the west away from the storm to store them so there won't even be any planes come saturday. 200,000 passengers will be affected by this storm. either canceleled flightor have to wait till later. most airlines are offering waivers if you have to change your ticket. robin and george, the nfc championship game, all those cardinal fans from arizona, if they haven't gotten there it will tough to get there on sunday. >> weather like this, it's best to pack a lot of patience. we'll bring you the latest developments on the storm all morning long and we'll check in with rob again in a few minutes. you can go to on yahoo
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just ten days until the iowa caucuses and new polls out show donald trump with a lead over ted cruz and bernie sanders pulling ahead of hillary clinton as well. that has clinton stepping up the attacks on sanders and abc's cecilia vega is on the campaign trail in cedar rapids, good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: george, good morning to you. those attacks are swift, fierce and not t letting on either side. it is down to the home stretch here in iowa. the difference between those two rivals vying for first place look no further than this endorsement overnight. >> she completely embodies the concept of women empowerment. >> reporter: demi lovato center stage with hillary clinton. >> and i would be so thrilled and honored if you came and caucused for me on february 1st. >> reporter: compare that to this new ad from bernie sanders, the vermont senator going retro
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throwback. they've all come to look for america >> reporter: with clinton now facing a possible upset in iowa and new hampshire, she is turning up the heat. >> you believe the american people are ready to elect a socialist as president of the united states? >> it's up to the voters. i know a number of democrarats, people who i highly respect are concerned and are expressing that concern to me, to journalists and others. >> reporter: sanders saying clinton's campaign is panicking about e polls. >> and if we do well in both of those states, i think my friends, we are looking at one of the great political upsets in the modern history of the united states of america. >> reporter:r: in sin ty the competition just as fierce for ththe republans. overnight the national review a conservative political magazine making their message clear with this cover saying "he is not deserving of conservative
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political opportunist." trump on the offensive. >> people don't even think about "the national reew" so i guess they want to get a little publicity but that's a dying paper. >> reporter: and continuing to hammer rival ted cruz. >> he's a very striking person. nobody likes him. take a look. he's got republican senators. he doesn't have one endorsement from one senator. >> reporter: he also continued on that birther fight and weighed in on the magazine cover calling "the national review" a dying publication, so did the nrc booting the magazine as the host from an upcoming debate. >> thanks. that trump/cruz battle getting so intense top republicans are taking sides and when i rode with ted cruz yesterday on his campaign bus i started asking him out those new attacks from trump. >> donald is getting rattled. instead of talking about what he wants to do for the country he stands up there and attacks me.
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to put it mildly. >> i like donald trump. i'll sing his praises. >> you still like him. >> look, he's bold, he's brash, he's an amazing marketer. i mean this man is an entertainer and marketer par excellence. i'm not going to attack him personally. now, i will draw policy distinctions. th's fair game in politics but the personal insults no matter how ugly he gets i will not respond. >> did seem to welcome the attack from bob dole but how about the argunt, he repeated no one likes ted cruz but that itit will cae cataclysmic >> he omitted two words. no one in washington likes cruz. >> that doesn't bother you. i've said many, many times, the biggest divide we have in this country politically is not republicans, it's between career politicians and washington and both parties and the american people. >> wt do you make of the fact that it seems like at some level
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republicans are coming around to the idea that donald trump would be more electable nominee and he would be a better nominee. >> not a question of electability. listen to what they're saying. you're right what we're saying is the washington establishment is abandoning marco rubio and they're rushing to donald trump and they've explained y. bob dole yesterday explained why. he said donald trump is s somee we can make a deal with. we can cut a deal. we can work with him and, listen, if youe someone in this country who thinks we need more republicans in washington to cut a deal with the democrats to agree with harry reid and nancy pelosi and chuck schumer then you ought to vote for donald trump. >> is he qualified to be commander in chief. >> that's going to be a determination that the people are making. i wi say anyone who wakes up every day and sees a slighght drop in the polls and responds in a enzy of tweets, i would suggest that the next commander in chief instead of living or
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the latest twitter storm, should focus on ideying our enemies and doing whatever is necessary to keep this country safe and as president that's what i'm going to do. >> you mentioned marco rubio. his super pac that is supporting him is putting up ads in iowa now questioning your commitment to conservatives saying you're switching positions on all kinds of issue. >> in the last year alone cruz switched on immigration, syrian refugees, ethanol, trade. >> you know, six weeks ago, just about every republican candidate in the field was attacking donald trump. today just about every republican candidate in the field is attacking me. >> let's dig in on a couple of the issues. immigration, donald trump says you're weak on immigration. you now believe that a path to legalization is amnesty but in back in 2013 you suggested there could be a compromise on that. what would the compromise look like? >> so, look, i understand that marco rubio and donald trump are trying to very, very hard to blur the lines here. but let's start with -- >> you did say there could be a compromise. >> a compromise that secures the borders but doesn't have
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legalization. >> no, i didn't say that the lines are real simple. marco rubio stood with chuck schumer and barack obama and advocated for citizenship and amnesty for 12 million people here illegally. i stood with jeff sessions and steve king and led the opposition that defeated amnesty and i woulnote at that time right in the middle of the fight donald trump was publicly supporting amnesty and by the way, you know, if you look more broadly why does the washington establishment think they can work with donald trump? well, he supported barack obama's tarp bailout for the big supported barack obama's stimulus plan and said it should have been bigger. his view on obamacare is rather than repeal it, we should expand medicine for everyone. really -- >> he recanted those positions. >> but not very long ago. for the first 60 years of his
7:15 am
abortion and supported bailouts and big bank cronyism. not only that his health care plan was as far as i can tell indistinguishable from bernie sanders. both of them are proposing sociized medicine. now, when donald trump announced as a republican candidate he saysys now he esn't support itit. but, you know, voters all across this country, they're tired of being burned. >> we're out of time but talked about your daughters campaigning for you winning some votes. the obamas famously promised their girls a dog if they won. so, what's your promise to your daughters. >> i have made the same promise. they get a second dog. dog. they have right now a little white fluff ball, a rescue dog named snowball. we live in a condo that doesn't have a backyard and my daughter says, okay, daddy, i've decided it's okay if you run for president because if you win, it means snowball w will have backyard to pee in. >> senator, thanks very much. >> thanks, george. >> you know, the daughters all
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rorooms in t white house. we have that on our website on on yahoo! >> the otherop stories from amy. >> overnight north korea announcing it has deined an american student for what it claims was a hostile act. it ce on state tv but the north koreans are not elaborating. the student has been identified as otto warmbier from the university of virginia who was on a tour from china. he's believed now to be the third westerner held in north korea. and there is new fallout from the water crisis in flint, michigan. a regionalal adminisator for the epa has now resigned. flint's water was contaminated with lead ter the city switched its water source. the epa has s issued aemergency order takiking contr from local authorities. the agency sayays from n on it will test for lead and make those results public. well, there are new concerns about the mosquito-borne zik virus spreading. health officials are investigating whether there is a link between the virus and cases
7:17 am
that causes paralysis. the virus is already linked to brbrain dama in newborns. the cdc has warned pregnant women to avoid travel to brazil and more than a dozen other counies where that virus has been confirmed. finally, many kids are getting that day off of school because of the big winter storm but some enterprising students in tennessee tried to speed up that process. they texted the abc station in chattanooga on thursday pretending to be a school official canceling classes. i love the s station'seply, ha, ha, nice try, you obviously don't know the password then the station tweeted as the kids went on to direct messaging and facebook don't direct message us pretending you are some school official. we're not that dumb. but in the end the kids won because the county closed the schools and our abc affiliate reported it. >> they just had good intelligence. >> exactly. >> priceless. >> thank you, amy. you know, chattanooga part of the southth saw thasevere weather and, rob, we gback to him. it's heading to flora?
7:18 am
seve weather that's rolling through tallahassee right now. this is all part of this big system which has brought spring-like severe weather across parts of the south. look at the size of this hailstone out of wilmer and
7:19 am
across many,any states. we'll have more from rob coming up. also coming up, a big scare in the air. that pilot accused of flying under the influence of alcohol. well, that pilot is facing charges. how did he get into the cockpit? tracking the latest on that winter storm. before you hit the road is your car able to handle it. do you have a spare tire in your car. "gma investigates." caught on camera, a doctor attacking an uber driver. what led to this violentnt counter? come on back.unter? come on back. woman: i'll never remember all the projects,
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now get 10% off major appliances $396 and more at lowe's. this is i-235 at m- morning... this is i-235 at m- l-k... [current conditions] elias: good morning i'm elias johnson... it's 7:24. elias: jerry dillinger, accused of killing two people and hiding their bodies, will be in court today... the body of his ex-sister in law was found in a pond in rural lorimor, and the remains of a second body at his home in thayer. police arrested dillinger in december. look for updates from the union county courthouse here on local five. elias: we may be months away from ragbrai, but look for a big announcement this weekend about iowa's big bike ride. a route announcement party will be held saturday night, with the eight overnight towns being named for the
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ragbrai kicks off on july 24th. sabrina: meterologist sam schreier is keeping a close watch on the current conditions... hey sam... sam/ weather adlib: sabrina: elias: you can always elias: you can always elias: you can always get the top
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we welcome you back to "gma." you are looking live a asheville,orth carolina. snow as youou c see is coming down. that big winter storm warning under way for more than 70 million americans.
7:27 am
>> the district of columbia, too. they're expected to be hit the hardt this morning and that's where the marchor life is s to take place today despite the storm warnings, tens of thousands are expected to protest abortion on the anniversary of the supreme court's decision on roe versus wade. north korea is detaining a student for a so-called hostile t identified as otto warmbier on a tour from china. this is the perfect football weekend. you know, it's snowing outside. great games on the tube. a superstar quarterback showdown. peyton manning/tom brady going head-to-head for a chance to return to the super bowl. how d these two stack up on and off the field? we'lll hav that coming up. >> a big game. we have the big storm ming. t's go to rob marciano in washington this morning. >> hey, george, not to mention in charlotte where they're also playing a playoff game, freezing rain there right now, sleeting in raleigh. this storm is massive. here in d.c. these plows will be
7:28 am
had a quiet year last year and quiet start this year and blizzard watches have been upgrade to blizzard warnings from d.c. and northern virginia all the way through new york city and long island. the winds will be huge with this. as are the snonow amounts and snow already io the southwest parts of virginia. here are snow totals. could see a foot or better in new york city but the greater concentration fromhiladelphia to baltimore back through washington, d.c. and into the higher elevations that's where we'll see the most snow and blowing snow will be the main issue. the definition of blizzard is not how much you get but those winds that blow that snow, drift it and drop visibility. that's wt will make it danger dangerous. >> 60 miles an hour. >> busy weekend for him and our weather team. now to that former airline pilot accused of flying under the influence arrested and charged with flying not one, but two flights while drunk. abc's kayna whitworth has that story for us. good morning, kayna.
7:29 am
in going through the court documents, his co-pilot says that when they landed here at john wayne airport, david an stone saw the drug and alcohol testing team and said, i bet they're here for me. well, that would be the last commercial flight he would pilot. this morning, an alaska airlines pilot facing federal charges for allegedly flying commercial flights while under the influence of alcohol. 60-year-old david hans an stone arrested at his california home wedndnesday accused of piling two flights in june of 2014 while intoxicated. >> the faa's stance there i an eight-hour rule from bottle to throttle. >> reporter: he flew from san diego to portland and back to california when he was selected for a random drug and alcohol test. prosecutors say both tests performed showed he had a blood alcohol concentration of 0.134
7:30 am
>> the fa says 0.04. some say none at all. >> reporter: he told officials alaskan airlines h didn't know how it was possible because he had not had anything to drink but in a statement to abc news alaskan airlines says an stone resigned after the incident before he could be fired. heow faces up to 15 years in prison and our abc aviation consultant says that something like this happening is extremely rare. it certainly doesn't happen on an annual basis but whe it does it's an embararrassmentor the entire industry. robin and george. >> we have the case of a passenger behaving badly. an uber driver wasttacked by a doctor in miami and you see it right there caught on camera. abc's reena ninan is here with good morning, reena. >> reporter: good morning. an uber executive said they want to be as reliable as running water but it's not customer service at issue but yet another confrontation with a uber driver and this may be the
7:31 am
>> what are you doing. >> reporter: barking and berating. >> get the [ bleep ] in the car. >> rorter: and at times seemingly violent. this woman seen here in a confrontation with an uber driver identified as anjali ramkissoon, a fourth year neurology resident in miami, flora. >> can you call 911, please? >> yes, call 911. oh, yeah. >> reporter: when ramkissoon jumped into an uber that wasn't hers, the customer who did order the uber started recording the encounter. >> i'm a five foot girl that weighs 100 pounds. i'm getting really like belligerent right now. >> reporter: the following clash ensuing. ramkissoon kneeing the driver, then throwing her down. >> [ bleep ] in the car. get the [ bep ] in the car. >> reporter: ramkissn even tossing items from the passenger seat at one point. >> you lost your mind. >> i have lost my mind.
7:32 am
good night. >> reporter: the driver speaking to local station wtvj. >> she was erratic, screaming, cursing. >> reporter: this isn't the first time ts has happened. this showed a former tacaco bl executive attacking his driver from behind. as for ramkissoon she did not respond to her request for comment and miami police telling abc news there was no incident repoport nor was she arrested however her eloyers jackson health system releasing a estimating saying she has been placed on administrative leave adding they have launched an internal investigation to determine if any disciplinary action will be taken up to and includin termination. and getting around town may be harder. uber tells us they've suspended her account. >> i understand that. okay, reena, thanks very much. coming up before you head into the winter weather some surprising information about what may be missing from your car. gio has the details.
7:33 am
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we are back now with "gma investigates." something that may be missing from your car. 30 million vehicles are on the road without a spare tire and gio benitez is here with what's about it. good morning. >> good morning to you. you know you'l'll really be surprised to hear this. many car manufacturers are swapping out the spare tires for thesese tire inflation kits. they won't fix all your problems and you may never know until it's too late so this morning, "gma investigates." an object in the road o or a pothole in your path could stop
7:37 am
stevens got a flat in her 2014 cadillac. >> had a big hole in my cadillac. > in her trunk no spare tire. only a tire inflation ki >> i said it's not going to work. >> reporter: i includes a seal havet and covers a puncture and compressor to reinflate it but the kit won't work on all flat tires, in fact it's says right on the kit it won't fix some common problems like a tear on the side of the tire or a larger puncture. >>e just received a call now. >> reporter: on a ride along with aaa in philadelphia more drivers like michele. >> now they'll have to have the inconvenience of being towed. >> reporter: this man stuck in a parking lot. his car only has a kit. so where are the spare tires? automakers began eliminating them to make them lighter to meet fuel efficiency standards and now more than a third don't come with one. we're with "good morning america." we went to lake buena vista
7:38 am
drivers to open their trunks. can you show us your spare tire? spare tire. i just bought it thursday. we better have a spare drive. we drove from chicago. >> reporter: no matter how hard she searched the tire, no spare tire. >> reporter: this is a 2015 four-door sedan, you open it up and find an inflation kit. no spare tire here. when would this work. >> whe onbject went through the tread, a nail or screw and when it's in the tire still it willll work >> reporter: in this video you see how and when it does work but aaa calling on car companies to put spares back in cars. >> it's not going to take the place of a spare tire. consumers really should understand what's in their car and what it means to them at the roadside. >> reporter: car manufacturers defend the switch saying tires are so good these days flat tires are rare. cadillac tells "gma investigates" spares occupy space, carry significant weightt and often go unused.
7:39 am
on some flats but works extremely well in many cases adding customers can opt for a tire if they like. but depending on the carmaker that option will cost you an extra 300 to 600 bucks for the tire and tools. aaa says check the dates on the kits. they do expire after four to eight years. really surprising. >> a lot of good information, thank you. coming up, a missing child mystery. a child disappeared years ago. it made headlines and now his stepmom is breaking her silence. a superstar showdown, tom brady and peyton manning going head-to-head. what you may not know about the quarterback rivalry. t.j. is going to tell us. come on back. friend-connector... fortifying the going-places... off-to-the-races... day-seizing... you. you're strong. and we're here to help you stay that way. new special k nourish.
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are you ready for some football? i said, are youou readydy for som football? a big showwn this weekend. tom brady, peyton manning going head-to-head. one will be going back to the super bowl. our superstar t.j. holmes with that story for us. >> before that, robin called me a superstatar. look, as exciteded a we are about the game aren't you a little sad too? this could be the last time we see brady versus manning.
7:44 am
head-to-head and it's clear who have gotten the better of the matchups. stat sheet, it's brady. if you look at the bank account it's manning. peyton manning and tom brady are headed into the aftershock championship game this weekend sounding more like friends than fierce rivals. >> peyton's been one of the best to ever play. >> all i can say about tom brady is that he plays the position the way it's supposed to be played. >> reporter: the superstar quarterbacks are once again in each other's way. if manning and his broncos beat the patriots manning will have his shot at a second super bowl ring. brady already has four. over the course o of the careers they have faced off 16 times with brady winning 11 of those matchups, but in the postseason they're tied 2-2. but manning has had the highest earning career of any player in nfl history. raking in a total of $245 million from the lgue during his 18 years. that's around 58 million more than brady. manning also scores the highest with his off the field
7:45 am
another $12 million annually fronting for companies like gatorade. brady only brings in another $6 million a year in underarmor, tag heuer and uggs. good thing his wife is picking up some of the financial slack. >> say what? >> i don't want to say that on camera, no. >> what's that, george? the stats. >> his wife makes 45 million a year. she picks up some of the slack financially, if you will. but he's not starving. he's going to be fine. >> manning has a light edge when it comes to head-to-head about to get to the super bowl. >> the postseasason 2 but when the aftershock championship or the super bowl is on the line manning is ahead 2-1. you can't help -- if you don't have a dog in the fight it's kind of hard not to cheer for manning. it's his last hurrah. >> it's fun when you don't have a dog in the hunt.
7:46 am
the hunt. >> next year the st. aints. much more coming up. here's another great "improvehis!" tip from lowe's. time to organize your tools. go on, put that old rake head to good use by turning it io a tool hanger. now you'll never h have t ask where i my monkey wrench? for more go to on yahoo! "dan you're a geni because you got this guy to install it for you." now get select euro vanities for only $9 at lows. when you're livingng with diabetes, steady is exciting. only glurna has carbsteady, clinically proven to help minimimize bloodugar spikes.
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7:50 am
this weathercast brought tothis is i-235 at a quick check of morning... this is i-235 at valley west... conditions] elias: good morning i'm it's 7:56. have started for
7:51 am
iowa remains the one state that hasn't approved the bakken oil pipeline. elias: those opposed to the project, took to the state capitol thursday to protest against its approval. about forty people stopped by for the meeting, which included more testimony from environmentalist s. they say they are concerned with process has played out, and they feel the decision has already been made. meanwhile, dozens were there to support the pipeline and the jobs that would come with it. ryan hollinrake, apprenticeship trainer coordinator: "we try not to participate in some of the high school pep rallies antics that you can see. our members are proud professionals that try to represent ourselves in a respectful manner at elias: the iowa utilities board has scheduled four public meetings discuss the arguments presented in this a decision could meetings. sabrina: meterologist sam schreier is keeping a close watch on the current conditions... hey sam... sam/ weather adlib: yesterday was the warmest day we've seen in more than a week with a balmy high of 28 degrees. today
7:52 am
a weak cold front that passed through the light snow will push iowa during the morning hours giving a few places a quick dusting to a few flurries, but accumulations should
7:53 am
good morning, , america. it's 8:00 a.m. we have a state of emergency. 70 million americans in the path of a major storm. >> it's an extremely large storm. it will last for 36 hours. as we saw yesterday, conditions can change at any moment.
7:54 am
miles an hour thaten the east coast. thousands of flights already canceled as severe weather rips through the south. take it easy new questions about glenn frey's death. the eagles star famous for "take it easy" suffering from arthritis for years. his death? dr. besser is here with the latest. mcdreamy and his wife happily ever after? new reports patrick dempsey is hitting reset on his relationship taking divorce off the table. will he get that hollywood ending? the final countdown". showdown. our viewers trying to win over kevin o'leary. will they sink or swim as we say -- >> good morning, america!
7:55 am
s, we love it when kevin is here. good morning, america. what could be under that tarp? we're going to shift into high >> yep. >> detroit, that's where we're headed. we're going to go there and jesse palmer is live at the auto show revealing the hottest new car this year. >> he looks happy to b be there. can't wait to see all that. also ts morning, mystery child mystery. who disappeared five years ago. his stepmom is opening up telling her side of the story. welso have a this morning. these guys are here with us. big announcement. the kennel -- the dog show. oh. they just -- oh, my goodness. >> love the dog show every year. that is coming up. >> i look forward though that. >> let's get the morning rundown from amy. the big story this morning as we all know, the historic blizzard. more tn 70 million people across the eastern u.s. bracing
7:56 am
a state of emergency has been declared already in five states as well as washington, d.c. more than two feet of snow could fall near washington. federal officials in d.c. closing at noon today to make sure people get home before the snow begins. and for many, the storm is already taking its toll. sweeping across the south, about a dozen homes were damaged by a reported tornado in rural mississippi, and if you're traveling, brace yourself, thousands of flights have already been canceled. abc's steve osunsami is in asheville, north carolina, where the snow is already falling. >> reporter: good morning to you, amy. it is really blowing and coming down here in downtown ashevie. when we arrived several hours ago, these streets were clear, but as you can see they're cored now in what looks to be about three or four inches of snow. their expecting up to a foot in the mountains in some ples. there's also, of course, the threat of ice in charlotte and other parts in wesestern and eastern north carolina, both h des of this state being affected by this. the storm, of course, has
7:57 am
residents to stay indoors because underneath all of this snow, they believe is ice and driving is quite dangerous. amy. >> it sure is, steve. in so many places. thank you so much. this storm is expected to o track upwards like that and you can see in addition to the snow delaware and new jersey could face severe coastal flooding. we'll have rob's full forecast coming up in just a bit. in other news an american college student has been detained in nortrth korea. otto warmbier from the university of virginia was on a tour operated by a chinese company. north korea claims he committed a hostile act on behalf of the u.s. in the race for president donald trump is firing back after getting slammed by a conservative magazine. "the national review" called him a menace to american conservatism. in response trump called "the national review," a dying publication. the republican national committehas disinvited
7:58 am
sponsoring an upcoming debate and, meanwhile, hillarary clinto is stepping up her attacks on bernie s sanders aer another poll found her trailing sanders in iowa. a major consumer alert. thousands of child car seats are being recalled because of a safety hazard. the recall affects 71 thou thou,000 infant car seats made by britax. the main handle can break causing the seat to fall. models and we have all the website. a shocking image on a police dash cam in oregon. middle of the highway. the officer thankfully able to scoop him up just as a truck roared by him. his frantic parents had been searching after the toddler wandered away from a nearby famimily gatheng. and finally, a man truly on the cutting edge. anthony mancinelli is the world's oldest barber. he's been going to work every day in upstate new york since calvin coolidge was in thehite
7:59 am
>> yes, he turns 105 in just a w weeks, but he has no plans to retire. >> the hours don't matter with me. i don't get tired really. i just -- i kekeep gng it keeps you young. >> and he says his hands are still steady after all these years. to celebrate his 105th birthday, you know what he said? >> wt? >> he's going to go to work. >> yes, he is. >> he looks fantastic. >> he does look fantastic, it's true, his hands are very steady. very important for a barber. >> yes, it is very important. >> thanks for bringing us that. >> let's get a check. what else is coming up here with sara. >> thanks, robin. a look at what's coming up on "gma morning menu." new quesestions abt eagles star glenn frey's death. what was really behind it and are patrick dempsey and his wifefe callingff their divorce. new reports about a possible reconciliation. the hottest car in times square and a special edition of "pup news." meet the new breeds competing at the westminster kennel club dog show. it reminds me of "best in show"
8:00 am
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increase speed, full throttle! (over intercom) ann, are you coming in? negative! stay on target. what are you guys doing? artoo, thrusters! they're closing in! i'll guard the base. for every family that lives star wars, this is the place where star wars lives. where a galaxy far, far away... closer than ever before. come join star wars awakens. now at walt disney world resort. (from x-wing) hyperspace! take it easy oh, my goodness. we want to get righght to thabig headline. you know, i've beenen listening to his music, glenn frey, and new questions emerging about his death. the star famous for "take it easy" suffered from rheumatoid arthritis for years. now his manager reportedly believes the m musician ed in part because of medication he took for that condition.
8:05 am
take it easy take it easy >> reporter: for rock legend glenn frey, it was tough to take it easy later in life because of his 15-year battle with rheumatoid arthritis and this morning, there are new questions about the precise cause of his death. the eagles website says frey died from complications of r.a. along with acute ulcerative colitis and pneumonia. the band's manager tells the rap he believes those were side effects from all the meds he used to treat his disease. >> these medications fall into a class we call biologic therapies, and they act by suppressing the immune system. they may increase the risk for infection. >> repeporter: aut 1.5 million americans suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, chronic inflammation that occurs when the body's immune system atcks the joints. it usually starts in the hands
8:06 am
through her parts of the body resulting in swollen joints, tender joints and stiffness that can last for hours. as frey's manager described it, one day his knees would hurt, his hands would hurt saying the disease moved from joint to joinint. there is no cure for r.a., and doctors say some of the most effective treatments can increase the risk of infection. >> so, if you have rheumatoid arthritis and you're on a medication that suppresses your immune system, a mild infection could turn into a serious infection if it's not caught early. take it to the limit >> reporter: we may never know for sure if the drugs frey was taking allowed him to take it to the limit or shortened his life span or both. either way, his friends and his fans will mi him. for "good morning america," david wright, abc news, new york. to the limit >> you're right, david, certainly do miss him.
8:07 am
medical health director, dr. richard besser. we heard in david's report 1.5 million americans suffer from this type of arthritis. so how is it different from other forms of arthritis? >> there are many different kinds of arthritis. when many people think about arthritis, they think of osteoarthritis. so, that hits 27 million people. that's the chronic wear and tear on our joints just from life. rheumatoid arthritis is different. there it's our immune system going awry and attacking our body and it t can hit r joints, it can hit our eyes, our lungs, our skin, and the treatment immune system to help settle that down. >> with certain types of medication for that, a and can y describe what that is? >> yeah, so if our immune system is going wild, the drugs focus on slowing that down, and they can be very effective, and often theyey'll wanto go at it really damage to the joins but the problem is our immune system does so many things and helps infection so there's risk and
8:08 am
you want to slow it down so it doesn't hit your joints but you don't want to put yourself at increased risk that you can avoid it for other things. >> give us sugstions if you are in need of this type of medication. >> so there are a lot of people who are immuno-suppressed. >> i am. >> you were immuno-suppressed with your treatment. things individuals can do, they want to monitor -- make drugs and the doctors will monitor your body but make sure yoyou're doi thingngs to rede infection and there you want equent hand washing to reduce colds. you want to try to stay away from people who are sick and then what we all do for people who are imimmuno-supessed, you wan to make sure that everyone around you are vaccinated so you won't be at risk for things you can't protect yourself from. >> yeah, many of us fall into that category, as you said, and it's really helpful foror a of us, especially in the wintertime to make sure you frequently are washing your hands and just being aware of people around you. >> exactly. people say to me, i never get sick. you know, or i'd rather just fight it off. yeah, but you may give it to
8:09 am
>> that's right. thanks for that, rich. >> you too. >> amy. >> all right, robin, thanks so much. and now to another star making headlines this morning. new reports that actor patrick dempsey and his wife jillian could be ronciling and calling off their divorce. abc's kayna whitworth has the details. >> reporter: this morning patrick dempsey and his previously estranged wife jillian are proving that unlike his "grey's anatomy" character, love never dies. >> you're too late. >> reporter: just one year ago, jillian filed for divorce from dempsey after 15 years of marriage, but now it appear ss those breakup plans are flat-lining. >> jillian filing for divorce was a huge wake-up call for patrick. he didn't like the idea of not being a family anymore and that's why over the past year he's worked so hard to make jillian happy. >> reporter: the pair reportedly seen on dates and said to be focusing on their three children together. earlier this month, jijillian poing this photo on instagram at a celebration for dempsey's 50th birthday.
8:10 am
she's a makeup artist and he shed up to support her and he looked very proud and happy. >> reporter: hints of the couple rekindling their marriage sparking last fall when dempsey and jillian were seen together in paris. the duo not the first hollywood d cole to decide to stay together. in 2013 catherine zeta-jones and michael douglas reconciled after hiing a rough patch in their marriage. i guess i just lost my husband i don't know where he went >> reporter: and pop star pink who sang about her marriage troubles in 2008 worked it out with motocross athlete kerry hart. the pair welcomed their first child together in 2011. true love true love it must be >> repter: pink releasing "true love" just a few short years later once again starring her main squeeze. patrick and jillian may very well be in good hollywood company. for abc news, kayna whitworth, los angeles.
8:11 am
you see i'm here with kevin o'leary from "shark tank" here for a special edition of sell a shark. it's our second chance showdown. we have three entrepreneurs back in times square who will get another chance at the shark. kevin. i was surprised. recently you had an investment in a paper greeting company and u got to think those industries are dying. >> i think what is happening, everything old is new again. with all this electronic paperless e-mail greeting cards, yoyou lose t human touch and what i found so compelling is when i first opened the card on just in awe of -- >> 3is pretty cool. >> it's just amazing and it's -- in a really special time of your life, marriage perhaps, marriage and birth, all those things that really has to be special people really want the signature. that's what compelled me, plus the entrepreneurs, harvard, mit, i thought if they're willing to give up those careers for on b board. >> all right. now, we know the theme today is
8:12 am
have you ever given a pitch a second chance or do you move on after you say no? incredibly rare. i mean if you make a mistake the over. i have given a second chance and the reason it occurred was i saw a deal once on "shartank" i problem was the two women involved because i love women entrepreneurs, they've made me most of the money on "shark tank," women running business, i love it. i couldn't get my head around their valuation, and i thought, let the real world tenderize them for a year. let the reality of how hard it is to run a business make them a little more, you know, humble, and that's exactly what happened. >> all right. let's see how those guys do on the second chance right now. entering the shark stadium, right now, scott kosmach, the inventor of thread stacks and mike baxter, thenventor of popcorn ball and matt kahn the inventor of coolit. you are going to write down how
8:13 am
sell a a shark. the bottom two will compete. are you ready? no, nono. >> matt doing a little edit. one, two, three, let's see what you got. 10, 10, 11. oh, scott, i am sorry. but you know what, forget about it. you're all going to compete. there's a surprise today. >> wow. what a generous guy is today. >> it's not my money, right? >> thank you, george. >> matt, why don't you go first. >> all right. hot food, super impatient hungry kids, the coolit is ice pack shaped like a bowl that can take food from too hot to just right in 30 seconds. time to eat, mr. wonderful. >> we'll show the clock for mike. let's get the clock set up right there. you ready to go. go, mike. >> popcorn, it's the world's number one snack food and it just got a new accessory, the popcorn ball. simply add popcorn shake on your
8:14 am
>> easy, plenty of time. let's get the clock set one more time for scott. are you ready? >> yes, i am. go ahead and sell. >> thread stacks is info innovative magnetic shelf that stores clothing allowing you to stack higher when searching for the right outfit. >> wow, that was easy. could have done it in six seconds. what do you think, kevevin? >> scott's stack-it deal looks interesting to me. i would use that in my closet. >> looks like you are the winner today, scott. congratulations. >> nice. >> thank you. >> thanks to all of you. here we go. here comes our shark right there. >> oh, nice. >> ready to go. all three were terrific. we want to thank all of you and we want to thank kevin o'leary, as well and you can see "shark tank" tononight at 00 eastern ght here on abc and now let's go to rob in d.c. >> good morning, george.
8:15 am
and ready toto head ou of here. the snow is yet to start here but it's snowing in southern virginia. it will be here by noon. it cranks up along the coastline. this will be the real big test we've seen since superstorm sandy. look at some of these numbers. it could gust to near hurricane strength near atlantic city when this thing is really cranking throughout the day tomorrow. a dangerous situation there. another storm coming into the west, by the way, and milder
8:16 am
country. >> local officials are saying for people to shelter in place especially during the y tomorrow at least for right now shelter in place and listen to a little "pop news." sara. >> thank you for that introduction, rob. stay warm out there. whenever, wherever you need shakira, we've got your back. the superstar lending her pipes to the upcoming movie "zootopia" voicing the role of gazelle and singing "try everything." we've got the world premiere of f the brand-new music video. take a look. i won't give up i won't give in till i reach the end and i'll start again >> you can watch the full video on our website on yahoo! "try everything" is available e for download. i wish you could see the dance moves. they were amazing. go ahead, amy, if you'd like to do the sprinkler. that was the sprinkler. i've seen that live on a dance
8:17 am
that's exactly how she dances. "zootopia" hops into movies march 4th. >> sans amy. big celebrity couple news. miley cyrus and liam hemsworth are reportedly engaged again. the e singer wrubg that gorgeous neil lane diamond ring that i would haveeen wearing anyway that hemsworth gave her back in 2012, but a source close to the superstar says she is beyond happy to be with liam again. how do you -- >> that source close to the superstar? >> i do investigative reporting. but it's crazy because you think about that couple and i think ere were some songs written about the breakup. how do you take those back? >> you just make new songs. >> like "wrecking ball." and you're like, i was just kidding. >> joke. >> kidding. >> love you. >> love you, mean it. in related news, i have a little weather update for america. this blizzard is shaping up to be a perfect storm for singles everywhere.
8:18 am
hinge reveals winter ia better time to look for a relationship and during 2015's snowmageddon hinge saw a 47% spike of activity across the east coast as users rushed to find a cuddling companion. i'm not at my all time best in the wintnter. >> no? why? >> because i put on a little extra padding. hibernation. >> that might just be you. >> okay, skinny girls. george. >> oh. >> no. george, what about you? do you feel you're at your best in the winter? >> yeah. i like winter. >> t try skiin it's just not my -- whatever, i'm married, okay. we've got a "pup news" pop-in. this year seven new breeds are joining the pack at the famous westminster kennel club dog show and we have some of them here this morning. before they parade before the crowds at madison square garden next month, first we have nishu,
8:19 am
be competing in the herding group. i've never even heard of that. how does that dog see? >> a lot of times you can tell that she can't see because she bumps into things. >> oh. >> i think that should give her extra points. that's adorable. >> yes. >> and next up we have oblio, he's a brboel and weighs 150 pounds and loves banana pudding. >> he's got a sweet face. >> h he does ve a sweet waist. we also have mona, a spanish ter dog. isn't that what the presidident right? >> oh, gosh, i was just together. >> that will cause an >> i was hoping for a chihuahua but i guess they didn't make the >> beautiful dogs. >> thank you, guys. >> they look nervous. >> we'll be right back.
8:20 am
garden.tt0ww((i! %4 ($^( tt0w!tw((i! el (.yd tt0w!tw((ied (([ tt0w!tw((i% )8x-_d4 tt0w!tw((i% kzx-b+h tt0w!tw((i% n-x-7bd elias: elias: elias: jerry dillinger, accused of killing two people and hiding their bodies, will be in court today... the body of his ex-sister in law was found in a pond in rural lorimor, and the remains of a second body at
8:21 am
police arrested dillinger in look for updates county courthouse five. elias: we may be months away from ragbrai, but look for a big announcement this weekend about iowa's big bike ride. a route announcement party will be held saturday night, with the eight overnight 44th ragbrai. ragbrai kicks off on july 24th. sabrina: elias: well let's get a quick check of the weather with meterologist sam schreier. sam/ weather adlib: yesterday was the warmest day we've seen in more than a week with a balmy high of 28 degrees. today we are going to be a bit
8:22 am
i'm riding solo welcome back to "gma." moments away from the big reveal of the new "it" car that so many people are talking about. we've got it right here in times square under that tarp.
8:23 am
>> thumbs up. >> at the detroit auto show and has a behind-the-scenes look at some of the other new cars. looks like he liked them. >> no. >> it's fascinating. >> it is. >> and jessese is having a great time there. rst we want to turn to terri horman, the stepmom of 7-year-old kyron who disappeared in oregon five years ago. it's a "people" magazine exclusive and "nightline" anchor juju chang sat down with her. >> imagine a second graderoes to school and simply disappears seemingly without a ace. five years after kyron horman went missinghere are still a slew of unanswered questions and even though police have never even called kyron's stepmom a suspect, in the court of public opinion, terri horman has faced brutal accusations. this gap-tohed smiley face boy frozen in time.
8:24 am
ago and stepmom terri who dropped him off at school that day says her life has been a living nightmare ever since. a cloud of suspicion and dark whispered accusations that she somehow harmed her own stepson. ththis morning, terri says she's setting the record straight >> did youave anything to do with his disappearance? >> no. none. and ii don't resent you asking that question but it hurts my heart to even be asked. >> reporter: when 7-year-old kyron didn't get off the school bus on june 4th, 2010, it was rri who called the school in a panic. >> i'm talking to the secretary and he -- she says he's n not here and your heart just sinks. i mean you're just l like -- how could he not be there. >> reporter: his baffling disappearance launches the biggest maunt in oregon history. both parents and stepparents showing a strong united front until t terri fails two lie detector tests and the other
8:25 am
>> they threw me u under the bus. >> reporter: did you at any time lie to police. >> i think they had already settled on me to be their patsy. a little bit of the irish started coming out. you're wasting your time on me. what are you doing to find my son. >> reporter: but desiree young, kyron's biological mom presents a different story. >> i say she did this and i'm confident in saying that. no doubts. i will search for him until the end of time. >> reporter: the stepmom painted as a villain in the press in part due to allegations in divorce papers that she tried to hire sun to murder her husband. you say this plot was made up. >> yes. >> and yet that was the basis on which -- >> my daughter was taken. >> he got a restraining order and filed for divorce just 24 days after kyron went missing. he's had full custody of their daught now 7 who she hasn't been allowed to see in five years.
8:26 am
i can never get it back. i'm so sorry. there's a hole. you can't fill that. >> reporter: while never being charged with a crime law enforcement rushed to judgment and even threatened her. >> a and they without a doubt told me that we're going to make your life hell if you don't tell us what we want to know. we're going to destroy you and they sure did. >> reporter: today the former teacher says she can't get a job and while she says her life has be forever changed she hasn't lost hope. >> either you're a very convincing liar a grave injustice has been befallen you. >> i've dealt with the latter. people can say what they want about me. i really don't care. my purpose is to find my son. to get my daughter back. to get my life back in order. and in that order. >> of course, we reached out to the county sheriff who says it' still an active criminal investigation and terri has a slew of theories alluding to drug dlers or pedophilia as
8:27 am
detectives overlooked. now when i asked do you think he's still alive she doesn't hesitate. she says, yes and she refuses to believe otherwise. >> what a story. >> it's hearbreaking. >> wow, wow, thank you for bringing us a portion of this. for more of this incdible fascinating story pick up this week's issue of people, that's newsstands now and you can see much more on "nightline," juju? >> absolutely. >> thank you for that. let's get now to rob and our finall check o the weather. >> hey, robin, it's pretty loud, the depot where the big trucks are getting out to attack the roads as the snow makes their way here. ere's a severe component we don't wanant to ignore in florida. slight risk has been extended to miami. be aware of the strong winds and tornadoes possible and flooding rains as it gets off the delmarva peninsula and snow will crank tonight and tomorw and blizzard warnings posted and
8:28 am
midsouth. >> and saar ray, amy, back over to you. always wanted to drive one of those but it's time for the professials to take over. >> in that weather you shouldn't be driving at all rob. time for the moment we've all been waiting for, revealing the hottest car from this year's north american auto show. you guys ready? >> we are. >> okay, audice, do us the honors. there it is. it's a minivan. didn't see that coming. >> sara, you might be looking closely at this one in just a few short weeks, t brand-new chrysler pacifica, the most buzzed about car and jesse palmer is there now.
8:29 am
>> hey, sara, you know, you're right. when the doors open at the north american auto show it will be virtually impossible to get right beside and close to the chrysler pacifica. erybody is buzzing about this car. at this auto show there is so much cool stuff to see. i'm here in motor city, usa, to check out the industry's newest and sleekest sets of wheels. i love the seats. so many cars to choose from, it looks like expxpensive red. >> they probably put about 20 or 30 coats of red on there. >> i even f foundne that can do oh. kind of how you just cruise. switch hands like this, roll this way and apparently because you don't have to really drive the car, it'll drive itself. own music. $130,000. >> no problem. pocket change.
8:30 am
the market for something a little more practical, something like -- oh, yeah. understated color, tons of hair room so you can't mess up the 'do on the roof. like tupac said, picture me rolling but the hottest car in town is a minivan. the chrysler pacifica. this car, it gets labeled as a mommobl but dads will want to drive this car. >> it's wider, longer, it's best in class,horsepow and drives li a car, terrific. why don't we jump on inn the inside. >> it's like you're sitting in first class on the plane. you'll never again hr kids say, mom, are we there yet. >> when they do we have an all new are we there yet app. >> you know, there's some other features a lot of consumers seem to love about it. number one, it's extmely spashts, you can fit eight inside. it's basically a little league
8:31 am
lots a lot of sunlight in. tremendous security features, you got a camera in the front, camera in the rear and a sensor so you can'tlosehe sliding door on your children which has happened to all of us once or twice. sara, you're getting ready to have a baby so this might be the car now. what do you think. >> we got the heated seats o right now because it'seally cold. i can't't figure out how to get the heat on. >> my seat is not working but it's user error, thgh. >> it's nice and spacious and would fit all five of my kids. it would be awesome. >> this is like an overshot for mine. i'm not working to try to catch up. >> we're working on the heat. in the meantime, coming up we're getting the lowdown on all the news you need to know this weekend. the ladies from the skimm are here.
8:32 am
we'll be rig back.
8:33 am
mean girls pressuring their friend like this? >> if you want a guy to like you need to los weight by taking the diet pills. own business. >> can't, can't. >> what would you do. >> tuesday at 9:00 central on abc. all right, time to skimm our way into the weekend with the co-creator of the skimm, a popular newsletter making it easier to be smarter. they're joining us from their headquarters in manhattan with all the news you need to know. great to have carly zakin and danielle weisberg with us. thank you for being with us on this friday, ladies. >> thanks smuch, amy. we're so excited. >> thank you, welcome to skimm hq. >> first up you have real power players that have been hitting
8:34 am
who do we need to know about? >> so, let's start with killer mike. i really like him. bernie sanders' best friend. killer mike noticed himhen chilling and reading his tweets and has had bernie's back. trenng on facebook for dending sanders' position on reparations. mike really had his back. you can check him out at coachella. >> unexpected friend. also other people making news is donald trump, donald trump broughtack someone very special back into all of our lives. we can thank him. sarah palin is back. i think the people think of him most are probably the "snl" writer staff. >> oh, my god what "snl" dreams are made of. >> home this weekend which probably given this weather you will, get ready for a lot of "snl" writerso say, you betcha. >> lorne michaels popped the champagne. we saw him.
8:35 am
something you need to make sure your friends know because there's been some misinformation ort least some people are thinking something isn't true. >> yeah, this is pretty upsetting to us. 10,000 college students were polled and really 10% of them believe that judge judy is on the supreme court. >> no. >> let us clarify on behalf of the skimm. >> i know, just like -- >> i can't. on behalf of the skimm judge judy is not on the sprblg. she has never been on the supreme court. >> we cnot say that enough. i mean, good job, america. >> she lives on your tv. >> sorry. >> next up early on our show we talked about how it is a big weekend for football and you actually have a great way for everyone to remember who is going head-to-head. >> yeah, we do. we got you. we love our pneumonics, peanut butter is politically correct. the new england patriots and the
8:36 am
panthers and arizona cardinals and whoever wins, yeah, we know we are where skimm hq stands, not taking sides officially but whoeve wins is goining to the super bowl. >> yeah, and also one thing to watch out for so the panthers and cardinals, neither has ever won the super bowl before so this is a crazy rivalry because both want to goo back and win. this is like the final rose per bowl. >> i like that. the big snowstorm and some watching football. some want to read a book. have you a pick for us this weekend? >> yes. >> we do. >> amy, i'm obsessed with this. "the expatriates" by janice y.k. lee. i want you to read it. >> the power of tv and ended up right in my hands. thanks, ladies. bybye.
8:37 am
jo frost is here with the ultimate nanny jo frost is back helping families across americwith her new show "jo frost frost: nanny on tour." welcome back. you're hitting the road. >> i am. jo frost nanny on tour literally my mobile office is going to be tracking across america helping families deal and address their 21st century issues from babies right the way through teenagers. and using the mobile office as a parental clinic as you will to be able to provide a public service for the community and to beble to help hundreds of other families who need that help too. >> what a great idea. that's fantastic of the let's get you warmed up this morning. from our council, annie, adam, katie and alden.
8:38 am
>> i'm annie. my mom always makes steamed broccoli for dinner. how can i get her to stop? >> oh, do you really not like the steamamed broccoli? okay, here's what i suggest you do. okay. i suggest you let h know becaususe at your age, okay, you do know the vegetables that you like and don't like because you've tried them enough. it's not like a child just vegetable. is there any suggestsou can give her with respect to vegetables you do want to try so you can get your greens in, annie, okay. >> well, me and my sister katie really, really like plain spinach. >> spinach, okay. >> so suggest that to your mum. say thank you for cooking broccoli but can we try other greens as well.
8:39 am
let's hear your question. >> my sister says she'll eat all my vegetables if i do her chores. >> what should you do? tell her no-no. i suggest you eat her veg-- your vegetables and she do her chores. it may sound good to you, the more responsible you can be, and healthy, is an all over win-own as far as i'm concerned, right. so tell her no trad. you'll trade card but not chores and vegs. >> sorry about that and katie and oden, we won't have time for your questions but thanks for comi in and, jo, thank you for coming in.
8:40 am
on the up take it from "sex and the carrie. monday kim cattrall has a lot to say about it all. >> feeling young is where it's at. >> what is her secret to getting older with sexy style? monday on abc's -- >> good morning, america. >> "good morning america is brought to you by walt disney world resort. come join us as "star wars" awakens. >> but wait, before we go, chloe grace moretz is taking over hollywood battling aliens in the new thriller "the 5th wave." rob marciano recently sat down
8:41 am
could be the next "hunger games." in this clip she's rescued by a stranger trying to figure out his motives. take a look. >> why did you bring me here? whwhat do you want? >> my family, i couldn't save them them. but i could save you. theeay everything has happened i guess it just makes me feel more human. >> then you need help withh that? feeling human? >> don't you? >> i'm here now with chloe grace moretz, welcome to "gma." >> thank you. >> you have have aliens to deal with and guys you can't trust. washat an alien or is that giving away part of the plot? >> that's kind o of the estion, you know, what do the aliens look like, where are they? and, y know, eventuay come to find they are hiding amongst us and look like us. >> you can't trust anybody? >> not really. that's the kind of ideas that the aliens kind of pit us
8:42 am
what starts to derail our entire sense of humanity. >> you're an ordinary kid with no survival skills but you obviously quickly learn them in the movie. >> yeah, i mean that's kind of -- that's the cool thing about the story. it's really just -- it's a movie about human perseverance and really about a young girl who is -- she's not the smartest girl in school. she really is just a normal kid. but in some, you know, very abnormal situations. >> switching gears pastthe 5th wave" are you going to be >> yeah. >> a remake of that. >> yeah, so one of the controversies i'm reading about on social media. do you keep your hair blond or go t redhead. >> it's not really kind of my decision. it's up to interpretation. that's what's so great abobout the hans christi andersen novel. he did leave the color in everything kind o of up to our imagination where we want to take our character. >> how good are you at holding your eath. >> you know, i'm actually not a very good swimmer. >> you'll be the little mermaid. >> yeah, with a little bit of
8:43 am
little help. >> someone who is not a good swimmer and you've gone through many iterations. what wouldld you sell your younger self now that you're grown up. >> i treat myself like i'm a 35-year-olds and i'm not and i am 18. it's okay to make mistakes. >> please don't make any mistakes in "the little mermaid" because my 4-year-old daughter is depending on you, no pressure there. >> yes. >> good luck with the opening of "the 5th wave." >> and what were you doing when you were 18 years old? >> fantastic for her. "the 5th wave" in theaters right no now. >> rob is out in the snow in the cold in washington, d.c. and will track the storm all day long. youan follow it on
8:44 am
have a great weekend, everybody. elias: preparations may have started for the project, but iowa remains the have started for the project, but iowa remains the one state that hasn't approved pipeline. elias: those opposed took to the state capitol thursday to its approval. about forty about forty meeting, which testimony from environmentalist s. they say they are concerned with the way the process has played out, and they feel the decision has already been made. decision has already been made. decision has already been made. meanwhile, dozens were there to support the come with it. ryan hollinrake, coordinator: "we try school pep rallies see. our members are
8:45 am
all times." elias: the iowa utilities scheduled four in february to in february to arguments a decision could come at those meetings. sabrina: sam schreier is watch on the conditions... sam/ weather adlib: yesterday was the week with a balmy high of 28 degrees. today cooler than that from passed through the state overnight. very through northern iowa during the morning hours giving a dusting to a few flurries, but accumulations should highs today will be in the mid 20s under overcast skies and a northerly breeze keeping us feeling cold. tonight we are going to be cold and calm with a low in the low teens. saturday partly to mostly
8:46 am
very nice with highs in with overcast skies. i'm on monday morning, and with strong winds likely so drive safe that day. temperatures will slump into the wednesday, but after
8:47 am
warming trend an >> announcer: today in the doctors friday news feed: new details emerging about the tragic death of glenn fry. and then exposing the people behind the study claiming soda is healthier than water. >> and the country braces for the first big storm of 2015.
8:48 am
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