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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 11PM  CBS  February 27, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> lydia: and good evening. i'm lydia esparra. we're going to be dealing with some windy weather. but maybe the warm temperatures will help you cope. beth mcleod is in the first alert weather center tracking the forecast. hey beth >> beth: yeah it felt like spring today. made it up to 45 degrees. technically at this time of year should only see about 41. it was nice. a little breezy this afternoon but if today did not feel like spring, tomorrow will. 21 days until spring.
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42 in canton and 41 in sandusky and manfield. look at this, into the 50s by 2:00. beautiful day tomorrow. lots and lots of sunshine. we'll warm almost everybody to the 60 degree mark and then will will be a couple of show offs that make 61 or 62. tomorrow expecting rain showers coming into play at about 10:00. bigger winds coming into our way. not only daytime sunday but sunday night is going to be incredibly windy and then we're done by the monday morning drive and then colder and could be snow flakes out there and then icy patches. quiet tonight and no worries. a much warmer temperature on tap as we bump the temperature to 60 degrees. like i said lydia, lots of ups
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spring is not here yet. i'll explain it coming up >> lydia: remember you can stay up to date with the weather all around country and locally by downloading the cleveland 19 app. turning now to campaign 2016, make it two in a row for clinton making it with the black voters. the secretary of state won the presidential primary in south carolina beating vermont senator bernie sanders. craig bosswell has the story from washington, d.c. >> hillary clinton ran away from the south carolina presidential primary. cbs news projects that clinton beat vermont senator bernie sanders by a wide margin. >> thank you so much south carolina. >> exit polls showed 84% of black voters went with clinton and she also dominated among women by nearly 50% and hopes americans give clinton a chance
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>> the main thing on her mind is to see that the americans have what they need to have. >> with more than 800 delegates up for grabs next tuesday, sanders looked past south carolina and the next few days is on vermont, massachusetts, vermont, oklahoma and colorado. sanders was in texas earlier on saturday where he is fighting an uphill battles in the poll >> if all of you come out to vote and you bring your friends and your neighbors and your co-workers, we are going to win here in texas. >> thank you, alabama. thank you. >> clinton campaigned in alabama before returning to south carolina for her victory celebration. >> we're going to compete for every vote in every state. we're not taking anything and we're not taking any one for granted. >> voters there told cbs new that is political experience was
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carolina. craig bosswell cleveland 19 >> lydia: meanwhile on the gop side, ohio governor john kasich says he is going to beat donald trump in ohio and once that happens everything will change. >> there is not reason not for me to believe that i'm going to win the ohio nomination. i'm the last governor standing and there were 16 people in the race. it's down to four or five ours. we are doing well and gaining momentum both from a political and a financial perspective and look, if i head head to head with donald trump in ohio, i beat him by 18 points so i believe that i'm going to be the nominee nominee. >> lydia: and coming up in a few minutes, the trump and rubio mud slinging gets down and dirty and don't forget you can read
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"election" tab on the home page. this is a tough weekend for one more. she lost her military son and is now raising awareness of ptsd or post-traumatic stress disorder. we have the emotional story. >> sergeant james franklin alan the third did three tours of duty in iraq and afghanistan where he fought for this country. when he came home he was diagnosed with severe ptsd. he tried to fight and get help but he lost the battle. >> you look happy. >> we were. we were all happy. >> linda alan says she is numb. >> there is an emptiness, a void that really can't be replaced. >> her son, sergeant james franklin alan the third ended his life after he couldn't cope with his grief any longer. >> you would not believe that they would lose all hope, one
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they're humiliated to let people know. they feel it affects the manhood. >> sergeant alan was 38 years old and he joined the military two days after 911 and deployed three times, twice to iraq and once to afghanistan. while serving he suffered concussions from ieds and when he returned home, he was diagnosed with severe ptsd and his mother said it was difficult for him to return it a normal life. >> the military is very regulated. some people work really well with that. my son loved it. but in civilian life he struggled. >> these rows and rows of head stones here at ohio west reserve national cemetery remind us of all that have sacrificed for our country and it is here that sergeant games alan the third was laid to rest with her brothers and sisters.
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tried to get help but the system failed him. >> people need to understand what ptsd is. >> she is pushing for changes as part of alan's legacy. >> i'm not blaming anyone. i think the va works within the confines of what their regulations are but i'm telling you i'm not going to let this drop. it has to be modified. >> sergeant alan is survived by two children, natalie and tristen and his mother plans to be an advocate for young soldiers with ptsd and says it will be her mission to get them the appropriate care >> lydia: a small protest in linhurst over a program. it has been a controversy for several weeks. some people are upset how the city is spinning the heard and the method is way too brutal. >> there is no way that this is a peaceful youth.
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>> the population is unsafe and says accidents with deer have shot up 500% in three years. all right, two major events in cleveland today. it's opening weekend for the auto-show and plus the wizard world comic con, shanice dunning has the story. >> hey, car fans and enthusiasts had a great day out in cleveland. the auto-show went off at the expo center and went for the second day this weekend. comic book van fans invaded the center for comic con today and there is no such thing as overdressed. the stevens families dresses up to bond. >> the first one was down in cincinnati. we thought it would be fun to go to.
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cleveland attracting die hard fans. >> it's really exciting. it makes you feel like a famous person for a day because other people want to take pictures with you. >> talking with other people and taking pictures with them, it's a great experience. >> and celebrities like the walking dead and garden of the galaxy star. >> look at the people that are here. look at the crowds. got a big group of people out here today and saturday is usually the busy day. we're having a great time. >> over the ix center there was another large crowd enticed by the seasonably warm weather to come out and shock. >> is the weather putting you in the mood to want to buy a new car? >> absolutely. to get a new car and go south. >> dealers are thinking the weather for the turnout and gas prices which seem to be causing people like gina covak to give suvs a longer look. >> i have been looking at trucks
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simply because of the lower gas prices that are definitely an insensitive. >> got to love the low gas prices. comic con ends tomorrow and the auto-show ends march 6th. we have information on our website. lydia? >> he couldn't get elected dog catcher in florida. >> lydia: the mud slinging is getting worse in campaign 2016. and then a new study has a warning about bees and butterflies that should have all of us worried about our food
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>> lydia: and welcome back. well the sniping between donald trump and marco rubio that started at thursday night's republican debate is only getting nastier this weekend. julianna goldman reports. >> he couldn't get elected dog catcher in florida. >> he is flying around on hair force one. >> for the second day, marco rubio and donald trump hurled the type of insults that are more seen in a school yard than in a campaign.
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mouth on him, bing bing bing. >> donald trump, a con-artist will never get control of this party. >> i see him starting to sweat. thank god he has large ears. the biggest ears i have ever seen. >> the guy with the worst spray tan in america is attacking me for putting on makeup. donald trump likes to sue people. he should sue who ever did that to his face. >> rubio is betting on mud slinging to defeat the front runner but others feel the trump victory is inevitable. >> it's my honor and privilege to introduce the next president of the united states of america, donald trump. >> as trump rewrites the campaign play book, he has new alie a alliances like chris christie
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the new york times said the republican nomination would deeply ruin the party. senate leaders mitch mconnel is working on a back up plan and says he gas the green light to break with trump if he is the nominee. the republican party may be too decentralize. the various attempts to stop trump went nowhere that was circulated last year to top donors including shelldon adelson. it says that if trump wins, everyone loses >> lydia: bees, butterfly ies beetles might be going extinction and three quarters of the world's crops rely on the
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this is blamed on disease and pesticides and climate change. and our climate is going to be nice tomorrow >> beth: yeah it's going to be much warmer. today we topped off at 45. we're going to make it to 60 tomorrow. except for the wind, that will fill it. right now looking outside, the roof cam doing its thing. it's beautiful out there. it's a little on the cool side but better than where we should be. should only be topping out at 41 degrees for the daytime high. currently along the lake shore, 44. the winds however, still breezy out there. windy. so did you wash your car today? not a bad day for that. tomorrow is going to be better degrees. but monday you could start off with icy patches because our temperatures are going to dive. by tuesday, dealing with
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definitely not a good car washing forecast. the sustained winds right now coming out of the southwest and will be coming out of tomorrow. breezy out there. did a couple of wind gusts here and there. tomorrow will be another ball game. really windy especially in the afternoon and overnight. you can see the sustained winds and the future view as you go through the day as the orange starts coming in. stronger winds in sandusky, and toledo and wind advisory as well. everyone in the east is going to be windy. cloud cover along the lake shore. no rain or snow out there. it's nice. in between things. tomorrow comes in the form of rain tomorrow night. looking good for right now. no big weather worries and like last week, have a similar pattern coming our way. it's a day earlier. last break was wednesday/thursday and this time
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will start forming monday out of the gulf and then it stays to our south. at least the majority of the wicked weather. won't be as intense last week. we got clipped last week. it will come into our area in the form of rain. temperature is going to drop and give us some snow. future view forecast, there is nothing out there for tomorrow. maybe some clouds here and there. really nothing. lots of sunshine. lots of wind and that is not going to be so fun. clouds thicken up in the evening time. here is the rain. 9:00 at night. you can see any time after 10:00 the front is going to come moving through our area and i stop here at 3:00 a.m. we get cold enough that some of this is going to transition into a wintery mix or snow but by the monday morning commute, i think it will be absolutely fine.
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see a little bit of snow on tuesday but it's the afternoon and rain and snow that starts piling up by wednesday night. tonight we are at 38 degrees. clear skies and breezy skies. tomorrow the winds start picking up in the afternoon and the 60 fantastic. monday is 46 and first alert weather day, tuesday, ugly. wednesday ugly start with a good finish. not bad. look at the temperatures. trend colder next week and at least next weekend is still looking dry >> lydia: love tomorrow. thank you, beth. up next in sports, jones
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>> hey, saturday urban miers and the rest of the 2016 buck eyes and the only one missing was the best of the land. mike well had been a buck eye game day. this would be the year where you would be happy as a browns fan if you came away with the buck eyes. 14 you can see urban there. how about cardale jones.
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winston, 4.83. braxton miller did not do as great. all in all, the bucks thrilled for the opportunity. >> just playing the football game and out here playing with what i love to do and everything in the guy's hands, that is what i love doing. perfecting my craft and that is what i have been doing since i swatched my position. >> just shaping that mind set in the way i think and the way i go about everything, it's not just a job. it's a career. i don't want a job. i want a career. >> don't miss mcdonalds sports zone. tony zarella has the latest and much more after cleveland 19 news at 11:00. joe johnson said he wanted to do go to a contender and two days after lebron campaigned. he is now going to miami heat instead.
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some depth and more shootings. calfs will try to rebound from saturday night and left some wondering whether it will be a walk in the park to the finals after all. no answer for this one. 43 points abusing everyone in the gold. yeah, that game winner, now it's onto the wizards and had this nice rivalry going and need to step up. comes back at it tomorrow against the wiz. they say that no one beats the wiz. you can check out that. finishes today finishing up the season and tries to come back and this one, rob edwards led the vikiings with 20 point. the torney is one week from today. >> they said coach, let's keep going at it.
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five minutes on that clock, we won a basketball game. yeah we did not score as much as i wanted us to score. that's coming. but when you take 40 points out of a line up, that hurts you. >> and how about some hockey. and the blue jackets taking on the panthers nationwide. it's open and they set it in. brandon sod redirects the goal and tallying the one and only goal winning at 4-3. how about this, palm beach classic. normally get up and down from here. i want to try and golf tomorrow. beth says it's going to be 50. surgio and adam scott tied for the lead. the blue streaks going down to
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>> lydia: tomorrow we'll have lots and lots of blue skies and will be windy in the afternoon. temperatures and winds get going tomorrow. most areas top out at 60 degrees. going to feel great. the wind however, is going to kill anthony's golf game. he can go out and play. icy patches might be a concern monday morning. overall breezy and 46 degrees.
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and wednesday, mainly tuesday is just looking really ugly. i should show you the temperature change. from 60s down to the 30s next week. >> we'll see. all right thank you for watching at 11:00. cleveland 19 news editorials next. see you here again tomorrow night.
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tea for the tillerman steak for the son wine for the woman who made the rain come seagulls sing your hearts away 'cause while the sinners sin the children play oh, lord, how they play and play for that happy day for that happy day happy day d'oh!


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