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tv   Good Day 8am  FOX  March 23, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> announcer: it's 8:00 a.m. from fox 35. this is "good day orlando." >> ryan: it is 8:00 already on this wednesday morning. glad you're with us. i'm ryan elijah. >> amy: amy kaufeldt. so glad you're here on this wednesday. here's the stories we're working on for you right now. first, we have breaking news in brussels on those attacks we've been telling you. police have now arrested the man in in the white there. we'll have details to than straight ahead. >> ryan: new from overnight, nightmare. how a beer truck collided with a snack truck on i-95. >> we've got a warning about the biggest scams out there. that's coming up. plus, david martin is with us hi, david. >> reporter: hello, amy. hi, ryan. we have parked our beautiful live truck at waterford lakes on the east side of town. if you're looking for something cool to give your loved one for
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than to a place they're called beef jerky outlet. we'll take you there live on the 8:00 hour of "good day orlando". >> amy: i have never tried beef jerky. >> ryan: are you serious? >> amy: i never have. i think it's more of a guy thing. is it? >> ryan: yeah. i guess so. perhaps. but still you have never driven long road trips and had a hankering for something. >> amy: i have never snapped into a slim jim. i don't know why. am i the only one here? >> yes, you're the only one. >> amy: i'm the only one. >> brooks: temperature-wise we're warming up nicely. still in the 50s. much warmer than this time yesterday throughout central florida. seven degrees warmer in orlando. brevard county. i want to draw your attention. look at that. pensacola 23 degrees warmer than this time yesterday.
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the humidity. that will be returning to central florida as we go through the next 24 to 48 hours. a lot of sunshine through the day, a few clouds, especially on and east of a1a. high temperature inland 80. southeast breezes keep the temperatures on the beaches just a hair or two cooler. no rain today. we'll have the full seven-day in a few. for now, good morning, kristin. >> reporter: taking you to sanford i-4 eastbound. you see the off-ramp is shut down. it appears the crash is right behind those trees there. this is the off-ramp to get on to 1792, i-4 eastbound. something to keep in mind. with that we'll go straight to the drive times. to downtown it will take you four minutes. westbound from the 434 to fair banks it will take you eight minutes. ryan and amy, back to you. >> amy: all right. thank you, kristin. breaking news in the brussels terror attacks this morning.
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have now arrested the man in the white jacket, the one we've seen in the surveillance. >> ryan: he was the one that did not kill himself. let's bring in luanne with the latest on this. >> reporter: good morning. after a massive manhunt, that third suspect was reportedly arrested in brussels this morning. police say he is seen in the surveillance picture well the two suspected suicide bombers at the airport there in brussels yesterday. he's the one in the white who we have circled here. now investigators believe he was there at the airport to make sure those bombers carried out the attack. he was arrested after police passed out photos and raided several apartments overnight. now the two suicide bombers have been identified as brothers. officials believe they loaded those luggage carts full of explosives and then hid the detonators inside of the gloves on their left hands. and here's some new video of the airport there, which remains closed this morning. 34 people were killed in the
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the subway station. 250 other people were wounded. isis has now claimed responsibility for those attacks. and here is a look at the memorial in brussels, where a large crowd has gathered to remember the lives lost. among the victims a peruvian mother of 3-year-old twins, who was traveling to new york to visit her own mother. well, we are also learning at least nine americans were also injured, including a u.s. missionary who survived the boston marathon bombings back in 2013. that is the very latest. ryan and amy, back to you. >> ryan: can you imagining about involved in both of those? >> amy. no it's bizarre really if you think about it. what are the odds. >> ryan: of course, the attacks coming as many americans are getting set to travel for spring break. >> amy: it makes people nervous, as you can understand. the state department has issued warnings if you're planning to fly and fox 35's jackie orozco is joining us live. she's at orlando international this morning, where it is a busy morning. good morning, jackie. >> reporter: it sure is, guys.
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break, a lot of families traveling and going to europe. i was telling them about that new travel warning. they hadn't heard about it. but still not going to deter them interest -- them from traveling. we have seen a lot of t.s.a. agents and undercover agents here as well, just monitoring things. now the u.s. state department issued this travel warning, because they say terrorist groups are planning events. now back here at o.i.a. the airport is enhancing security measures in response to the attacks in brussels. some changes are visible as nor k-9s and police officers in uniforms, passengers will not see all of the extra measures put into place. now again we spoke with several folks here traveling out of o.i.a. and they welcome the extra security and are not afraid to travel in europe. so let's take a listen. >> you do have to live your life
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in like a little animal. >> reporter: and they have also said that they are going to be more vigilant, you know, keeping all of this fresh in their minds. back at the u.s. state department, they want americans to be vigilant when they're out traveling, especially in europe. for now reporting live at o.i.a. jackie orozco, fox 35 news. >> ryan: remember to keep to fox 35 for the very latest on the brussels terror attack. you can find any updates as well online, instantly and a lot of political news this morning. in fact, breaking news on the campaign trail involving former florida jeb bush. guy. >> amy: this is according to politico this morning. the endorsement comes after cruz utah. here are the new numbers. cruz taking all 40 of the delegates from utah, but donald trump took arizona. he won all 58 delegates there. things, bernie sanders picked those up. the biggest contest of the night
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clinton took all 58 of the delegates there. sanders won both the idaho and utah caucuses. >> ryan: new from overnight, a truck carrying beer crashing into truck that was carrying snacks on i-95. sky fox flew over the scene just a few hours ago. what you can't see is the mess down there. the southbound lanes were shut down for a while, but they are open now. according to f.h.p., the driver of the beer truck tried to move into the center lane and swerved to avoid hitting another car and hit the frito lay snack truck. beer the beer truck driver, by the way, was ticketed. 9 good news no one was injured in the dip. >> amy: we know what led up to the shooting of a nan in maitland. this happened about 10:30 at the extended stay on pembroke drive. the man was sitting inside his car when he was shot multiple times. the victim then sped off to this nearby 7-eleven. that's where he called for help.
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up to his car, pointed a gun at him and fired three shots. police believe that some sort of argument led up to it and that the victim and the suspect do know each other. police are still searching for the person who did it. >> ryan: a new batch of supplies is on its way to the international space station. >> three, two, and liftoff of the atlas five rocket. >> ryan: 11:00 last night. the aircraft did launch last night. 8,000 pounds of cargo. this all headed to the international space station. when astronauts are done unloading it, the spacecraft will be in phase two of the trip, it will separate and a large-scale fire will ignite inside. they'll do that on purpose, to see how fire behaves in microgravity and it will burn up in the atmosphere. so kind of cool science there. we have a few weeks left to file your taxes. don't feel bad if you're like me and can't started yet.
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>> ryan: well, the countdown is on. don't panic. still a couple of weeks left, at least that's my mentality. >> amy: it will take three hours to get his done. less than a month away and there are a lot of questions out there when it comes to avoiding scams with your taxes. steve steve is joining us live in dallas this morning with answers to many of those questions. steve, i'm assuming you had yours done on day one. >> reporter: come on. come on. i'm like foaming at the mouth waiting for the w-2 in the mail. are you kidding me? day one. day one. look, here's why folks. the best defense against tax scams is doing it as early as possible. once your taxes are filed, it eliminates the opportunity for somebody else to file them fraudulently on your behalf.
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time as short as possible, so if i get them done february 1st, guess what, now nobody can try and file them for me. you wait until, you know, now, ahem, and they've had all of this time. all right. first, look, i don't think i can afford a c.p.a. i need more help that the d.i.y., kit could give me. the key in that sentence is professional. all you need is a couple of chairs and a folding table, you got yourself a tax office. there is very little oversight here. and a 74,000 page tax code. so, look, i really would encourage anybody to go and actually price out what a c.p.a., might cost you. often times it is much les444444444444 expensive than lot of these messes people bring to me come april, may, june. oh, my gosh, i have spent $1,000 on my tax preparer because i got ripped off. a couple hundred bucks is a certified c.p.a. look, at the end of the day, the thing that i like about that, is
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couple of months, even next year, my c.p.a., is still going to be in the same office. so if i have any tax questions, if i get audited in some way, i can still visit the same person, who prepared my taxes, plus because we have a great relationship over the years, he knows what kind of questions to ask me about my personal life, any changes there may have been, which might benefit me tax-wise. >> amy: okay. so, steve, next question. is it okay to allow a company to take possession of your refund and then send you the balance once they take your fee out? are you being too trusting to do that? >> reporter: you know, based on the number of people who do that, and then write to me, you would think it's a-ok. but i'll tell you what, those letters are never because they're happy with their decision. do not ever let anybody direct deposit your money into anything other than your account. look, i know that it sounds like a great proposition. it's no money out of pocket, you think you're going to save all of this cash. but nine times out of ten, it's
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from the viewers, that all of a sudden their fee triples and they sent you what was left over. they never sent you a check. they lied aboutest -- lied about getting your check. you go ahead and distribute it out the way you should. real quick before we go. i want to talk about extensions. a lot of folks ask how easy to get an extension. all you have to do is fill out the form, but beware. this is not an extension to pay, only an extension to file. so if you're looking to do this because you think you want an extension to pay the tax bill, you're sadly mistaken. here's the problem. a lot of folks think it's an extext to pay, they hit hit with fees and all kinds of penalties. you will still have to estimate what the tax burden, write the check to uncle sam by april 15th. at that point, you might as well get it done. you can go to itunes for my pod cast. >> amy: good stuff.
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we appreciate you. we'll talk to you later. all right. let's check in with brooks and see how things are looking weather-wise. >> brooks: good morning, amy. good morning, everybody. it's going to be a sunny day today. temperatures back close to normal. the last couple of days it's been chilly. the high temperatures today near 80. temperatures in the 50s through much of central florida. a little cooler north and west. but by the 9:00 hour, i think everybody will be about 5, 10 degrees warmer than where we are right now. over the next 36 hours, the humidity really begins to winds. and then this weekend it won't be a washout. but we have enhanced clouds and rain as we go through the weekend, maybe some thunderstorms with warm, humid conditions returning. el nino remaining strong and that's going to help accentuate the rainfall this weekend. outside right now, here's our view from orlando.
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can't wait until the big tournament this summer. that should be impressive, with brazil coming into town. temperatures right now 57 in brevard county. 51 at the world center of speed. north and west temperatures in the 40s. but everybody warmer than this time yesterday. around the southeast there's no cold air. look at that. it's warmer right now in oklahoma city and omaha than it is in orlando. that warmth will continue to move east, it will continue to see our atmosphere moisten up. start to feel really good. and then we're going to see some rain coming into play. so here we go. today we stay dry. showers tomorrow. but by friday this little frontal boundary very weak. it's going to wash out across central florida. friday, saturday, sunday it will serve as the focus mechanism for rain. here we go. accuweather seven-day forecast. 81 degrees on wednesday. as we go through thursday, friday, saturday, sunday high
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upper 80s. but right now solid chance of rain friday, saturday, and sunday. not a washout. just quite unsettled. let's get a check on the morning drive. hey, kristin. >> reporter: hello, good morning. we are taking you out right now to i-4 eastbound, right at 1792. cars are not moving. this has been going on for quite a while. i'll step out of the way so you can see here. it appears a crash on the other side of the trees is blocking that exit ramp to get on to 1792. again this is i-4 eastbound and some troubles there. we do have an alternate route for you. we'll get to that in just a second. so taking a look here, if i were you, i would take i-4 eastbound to state road 46 as an alternate. again to avoid that backup there on 1792. taking you down to kissimmee. still seeing some major delays on the florida turnpike. this is right after osceola parkway. florida 91, florida turnpike northbound. so you see those red lines there in those northbound lanes.
8:20 am
times. i-4 eastbound, john young parkway to downtown, three minutes. and if you're using the 408 this morning, ross road to downtown, will take you 11 minutes. time now for the pump patrol. regular gas is just $1.89 at the citgo at south avenue in orlando. and remember you can always find these gas saving tips on our website, click on traffic and then pump patrol. ryan and amy, back to you. >> amy: all all right. thanks. it's an easter basket for a beef lover in your life. >> ryan: that's for sure. david martin, that's quite a place behind you. >> reporter: it is. good morning to you. we are live at the beef jerky outlet. i got my friends here who are going to show us their favorite flavors of beef jerky and, amy, i have something for your kids.
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>> ryan: 8:23. randy on twitter has a great idea. he thinks we should get you something for a taste test in the 9:00 hour, since you've never had beef jerky. >> amy: david will bring a little something back. i'll try it.
8:24 am
just never had the opportunity. >> ryan: stood next to it 1,000 times at the register. >> amy: never had the desire. everybody is sounding off on it on twitter. they're adding something new to the type of beef-ster baskets david has been talking about. we're going to send it out to him and he's going to tells us more about it. a whole outlet filled filled with jerky. i can't even imagine. >> reporter: amy, i have a flavor just for you. good morning to you. welcome to the beef jerky outlet in waterford lakes. don't worry. if y'all want a sample, you can do that. all right. take as much as you need or want to get the good flavor in your mouth of beef jerky. jackie, good morning to you. >> hi. >> reporter: what's your favorite flavor at the outlet? >> i like the prime rib. >> reporter: right there next to authentic smoked beef and the original beef. put that in your mouth. let's see you eat it. good morning to you, jackie. all right. frank, you're the co-owner here. good morning, how are you, my friend? >> i'm great. >> reporter: what is your favorite flavor?
8:25 am
have is vodka bloody mary. that's delicious. >> reporter: real alcohol in that? >> well, there was. >> reporter: there was. next is sweet bourbon beef and the cherry beef. a big seller for you? >> all of them are great sellers. >> reporter: all right. terrific. come on back here to your son, mr. ben. how are you? favorite flavor? >> three beer barbecue. >> reporter: three beer barbecue rub. right next to the honey barbecue turkey and the smoked ham. a big seller? >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: cut through the middle of the store here. big store. more than 200 varieties, amy and ryan. hello, what's your name? >> heather. >> reporter: heather, what's your favorite flavor. you work here, don't you? >> yes, i do. the crawfish. >> reporter: boiled crawfish beef jerky. next to the blazing hot beef. slap your mama's crawfish. that's a nice easter gift, huh? >> oh, yes. >> reporter: put that in the beef basket. >> yes, please. nice cajun flavor. very good. what's your name? >> alex. >> reporter: alex.
8:26 am
what are you standing in front of? >> i'm standing in front of the reaper. >> reporter: why are you standing in front of the reaper? >> the hottest one that we have. >> reporter: all right. i'll try when you try one. cheers. oh! man! oh, amy, ryan, that's good. but that's not the flavor i want to give amy kaufeldt. amy, i've got one for you. i asked the owner terry, terry corbett, good morning, how are you? >> good morning. good. >> reporter: what's the one exotic animal that amy should try out? >> i think she should try the kangaroo. >> reporter: that's what amy is going to have. [laughter] >> the reaper. it's called the reaper for a reason.
8:27 am
the beef-ster basket. what do you put in the basket? >> well, you can build your own. it's buy six, get one free. we have 200 varieties. you can get the 4-ounce bags, buy six, get one free. >> reporter: that's a deal. what's the website for everyone watching? >> >> reporter: i need a bloody mary for real. all right. so rock 'n roll. a lot more to come in the 9:00 hour. there's your website. thank you, guys. we're back with a lot more in the 9:00 hour.
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orlando" is brought to you in part by morgan and morgan.
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orlando" on fox 35. >> amy: and we're back. it is 8:30 right now on this wednesday morning. just a couple of wispy clouds in the sky. oh, hello, it got dark and light again. i don't know what's going on. brooks says things are changing. we'll find out what those changes are. >> ryan: it's 8:31. speaking of brooks, we're going to hit the 80s again today, brooks. >> brooks: absolutely. we're going to hit 80 degrees today for the most part. breeze. starting off in the 50s for the most part. the 40s just north and west. we're about five, ten, 15 degrees warmer here in central florida. a few clouds in the atlantic, coming ashore. so best chance of seeing some clouds.
8:32 am
today and warm. high temperatures make it into the low 80s inland. the southeast breezes keep it a little cooler right on the beaches. seven-day forecast is coming up. for now, good morning, kristin. >> reporter: good morning. sky fox is flying over some trouble right now in sanford. you can see this overturned semi is blocking the 1792 exit ramp, this is i-4 eastbound and again that's 1792 off-ramp, where we're seeing this semi blocking the off-ramp. there's some backups there. we want to take you to an alternate route. it f. you are heading east on i-4 heading towards daytona, take state road 46 as an alternate. hop off there and get on to 1792 from there. i-4 westbound to colonial, will take you 15 minutes. eastbound from the attractions to downtown will take you 14 minutes. and if you're whoing on the 408 this morning from the 417 to downtown, it will take you 11 minutes. back to you. 44444444444 you. first, breaking news out of
8:33 am
officials now say that that third suspect, the one in the white jacket, is actually not in custody. >> ryan: yeah. this is a big change. we want to get to lu, lu, we see that on the big stories, these organizations rush to judgment. what do we know? >> reporter: all of this is changing by the minute. here's what we know so far. multiple news outlets, including fox news, reported authorities had arrested the third suspect involved in the terror attacks. belgian officials say they do have someone in custody, but they do not believe it is the third suspect. now the man authorities are still possibly searching for is seen in this surveillance video. he's the one we have circled wearing white right there. now he was with the two suspected suicide bombers at the airport in brussels yesterday. the two suicide suicide bombers in black here have been identified as brothers. officials believe they loaded their luggage carts full of explosives and then hid the debt anywayers in the -- hid the detonators in the gloves on their left hands.
8:34 am
detonate and one of the suicide bombers left a will in a trash can. belgian authorities also just said they believe several people may have links to the attacks and they are still at large this morning as well. meanwhile, materials to make bombs were found in one of the suspect's homes during overnight raids. well, here is some new video this morning of the airport, which remains closed in brussels this morning. 34 people were killed in the attacks at the airport and one subway station. 250 others were wounded. now isis is claiming responsibility for these two attacks. witnesses at the airport say they heard gunfire and then screams in arabic before the blasts. >> i go out, i see a lot of people with blood and i just go -- just run out of the airport. yeah. all of the buildings there are like down there. >> reporter: three days of mourning have been declared in belgium.
8:35 am
memorial there in brussels, gathered. among the victims a peruvian mother of 3-year-old twins, who was traveling to new york to visit her mother. and we are also learning at least nine americans were injured, including a u.s. missionary who survived the 2013. that's the very latest, ryan and amy, let's send it back to you. >> ryan: lu, thanks, the attacks coming as many americans are traveling for spring break. >> amy: the state department has issued warnings for anyone flying over the next couple of days and fox 35's jackie orozco is joining us live at o.i.a. this morning with the details on that. goodgood morning, jackie. >> reporter: good morning, guys. you know, despite the u.s. department of state issuing this warning to all americans traveling in europe, you can see behind me a lot of americans are still traveling. i was speaking with them earlier. they say they are not worried brussels, they said this is not going to deter their plans.
8:36 am
plan attacks throughout europe, that's why they've issued this travel warning in europe now. they're targeting sporting events, tourist sites, restaurants and transportation. meanwhile here at o.i.a., the airport is enhancing all the security measures and that's what we've been seeing all morning long. we've been seeing a bunch of t.s.a. agents in uniform and not in uniform. taking notes and meeting regularly as well. something i haven't seen since being here. now some changes are visible like more k-9s again and more police officers in uniform. but passengers won't see all of the enhanced security measures. now again we've been speaking with a lot of travelers here and they said that they're still department urging americans if they're traveling, especially overseas in europe, to be vigilant, if you see something suspicious, to, of course, especially when they're in public a1as. for now reporting live here at
8:37 am
>> amy: you can also get updates from our website, just go to am local man accused of setting the beach dunes on fire and then taking selfies, he says in the name of art. >> ryan: bizarre story. morning. here's what happened. the dunes were set on fire. when the firefighters got to flagler beach, they found this christopher munson was setting them and letting it burn for a fire out. responsibility for the damage. he said he wanted to burn all of the grass away, to see the years of litter. he planned to toss the litter out to make the area more presentable. >> amy: flagler county temperatures are looking for a man who posed as worker and stole cell phones. he's from georgia. they say he went into the target store on state road 100 on palm coast on friday and asked one of
8:38 am
into an equipment room. he stole 41 cell phones. if you know where he is, you're asked to call police right away. >> ryan: in orange county. big trash problems and even bigger fines. according to our news partners at the "orlando sentinel," $26,000 in fines just last month. well, the county is not happy about missed pick-ups and other collection errors. thousands of complaints from customers so they implemented the fines. this is a new story. a group of men are trying to put an end to a series of after-school brawls. >> amy: they call themselves the concerned men. it's a community patrol that formed following a series of fights near leesburg middle and the high school there. >> the same color shirts, where they may be associated with gangs, but we will be considered you might say a better gang, a gang that's positive, a gang that's really standing for something and being able to help build this community in a better way. >> amy: the concerned men
8:39 am
streets starting on monday. that's when the kids will be getting back from spring break. >> ryan: i love that. one thing to realize there's problem, to get involved and help the problem. >> amy: setting a great example for the kids. the craft beer craze is coming to central florida. >> ryan: we're going to check out what cities are getting crafty, if you will. plus, just how much parents are forking over for the upcoming holiday on sunday. >> amy: also on this day in history, march 23rd, 1998, james cameron won best director for "titanic." it was the film's 11th and time for oscar. what famous line did cameron quote during his acceptance speech? was it, i am the king of the world, i'm flying or i'll never
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the answer when we come back. make today smile with 6 dunkin' donuts for $4.49, powdered with sugar, layered with frosting, filled with jelly, or topped with sprinkles. share some smiles with 6 donuts for $4.49 today.
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near, far, wherever you are welcome back. it was on this day in history, march 23rd, 1998, the year that james cameron won the academy award for best director for "titanic." it was the film's 11th oscar. what famous line did he quote during the acceptance speech. i don't know the answer. >> ryan: so you can play with us? >> amy: i'm lazy getting back from question. i didn't do the question today. this is courtesy of wur -- one of our awesome writers. was it i am the king of the world? i am flying or i will never let go? what was in the acceptance speech. david martin is live from the beef jerky outlet this morning, where i will readily admit i have never tried beef jerky. david, what do you think? >> reporter: oh, amy.
8:44 am
"titanic" question. center consider. we love titanic on "good day orlando." you have heard the question, you have heard the answers. >> i'm going to go with "c," i'll never let go. >> good answer. >> amy: she's saying i'll never let go. luanne, what say you? >> i'm guessing he was holding the golden statue and saying i will never let go. >> amy: it makes sense. right. okay. i will never let go. okay. unlike kate winslet, was like see ya. let's send it over to brooks and kristin. >> brooks: i saw it twice. >> amy: the movie or the oscars? >> brooks: the movie. i know a little bit of trivia, but i don't know this answer. >> i'm going to say i'm flying. >> brooks: we'll go with i'm flying.
8:45 am
>> ryan: it's always on somewhere. unless you have five hours to sit there and watch it, you can't watch it. world. trying not to hit you. i think he said that. he stood up there and said "i'm king of the world." >> amy: that to me makes the most sense, he's feeling like king of the world. i don't know. we'll see what the answer is. >> ryan: i'm the king of the world. world. >> ryan, way to go, buddy. >> ryan: i have not watched plane of these hollywood shows. >> amy: did you remember that line? wow, look at him. you have a memory like a steel trap. >> ryan: meaningless things i remember. >> amy: thanks, david. tell them they got it wrong. >> ryan: good job, amy. >> amy: i know. i know. feels good. hey, brooks. >> brooks: i guess we've been having "titanic" questions all week. amy had -- all right. well, good morning, everybody. brooks tomlin in for jayme king. here's the live view from our
8:46 am
folks, it's going to be a spectacular day. tons of clear skies over most of central florida. a few clouds right along a1a, flagler, volusia counties. and we'll warm up today much warmer than we have been. good wednesday morning, everybody. brooks tomlin in for jayme king. temperatures this morning predominantly in the 50s. these are 8:00 numbers. 9:00 numbers come out in about ten minutes. guarantee you a lot of folks in the 60s already. interesting to note. miami, ft. lauderdale low 70s, look at tallahassee. clear skies, calm winds, temperatures in the low 40s right now in tallahassee. mid-40s in alachua county. today is the day we start to warm up and the humidity begins to increase. we start to feel a little more humid, a little more low-level moisture in the atmosphere, a.k.a., less dry skin, less chapstick needed.
8:47 am
saturday, sunday not looking at a complete washout. we'll have significant rain and possible thunderstorm chances every day. so enjoy today. el nino remains strong and that's going to help accentuate the rain chances this weekend. outside right now 53 degrees. calm winds. beautiful morning shaping up, sun right on the top right-hand corner of the screen. temperature-wise again for central florida, still dealing with some 40s. well north and west, but 50s right now. look at that. latest from orlando executive airport. 58 degrees. everybody much warmer than this time yesterday morning. so it's going to be a nice day. i think we're done with that two-day cooldown that began late sunday night. around the southeast, mild conditions. again it's not often that it's typical sometimes in march that we see orlando cooler than omaha. we are cooler than st. louis. we are cooler than lexington and d.c. all of this mild air will shift east as we go through the next couple of days. that's when we increase the
8:48 am
and increase the low-level moisture. so here's the forecast map. southeast winds, a lot of sun and warmth. tomorrow slight chance of a shower in the afternoon hours. not really looking for wide coverage or heavy rain tomorrow. but as we go through friday and then saturday, and then sunday, this frontal boundary stalls out right over central florida as they do. and a lot of times they serve as the focus mechanism with more rain and a chance of storms friday, saturday and sunday. no rain today. 81 degrees the high this afternoon. so after a cool start, it's going to be a nice day. overnight tonight look for low temperatures in the low 60s. and the accuweather seven-day forecast, 81 today. mid-80s beginning tomorrow. a little more humid. but then again friday, saturday and sunday. keep an eye to the sky as we see significant rain chances each and every day, including easter sunday. it's time to snap the sun.
8:49 am
from margaret in leesburg. that's a beauty. thank you so much for snapping the sun. and we have weather baby well. all right. connor this morning. connor -- okay, connor is hanging out. >> amy: what's that in his hand? he's reading a book. i couldn't tell. it's so far. >> brooks: oh, really. >> amy: that's amanda's baby, our producer. >> ryan: we have to find out what connor is reading. >> brooks: it looks like a dalmation on the cover. connor, you are one hand seminole dude. amanda, thanks so much for sharing this picture with us. you have one handsome son. if you want your child on weather baby, all you have to do is log on to our website and follow the links. good morning, kristin. >> reporter: good morning. sky fox cruising over i-4 heading towards the downtown orlando area. i do want to take you back out
8:50 am
little bit of trouble going on in sanford. and this is right on the 1792 off-ramp. it is closed still because of a semi that overturned on the off reason -- off-ramp. take state road 46 as an alternate. again the ramp is shut down. taking you back down to kissimmee, we're still seeing some delays on the florida turnpike northbound. this is right after osceola parkway, after a crash there earlier. again still seeing those significant delays. taking a look now at our drive times, i-4 westbound from lake mary to colonial. it will take you 16 minutes. eastbound from the attractions to downtown, it will take you 14 minutes. and if you're using the 408 westbound from the 417 to downtown, it will take you ten minutes. ryan and amy, back to you. >> ryan: better traffic scene than we've seen in denver. they have snow this morning. that's rough close to april. on the business front this morning, we know floridians love their craft beer. >> amy: that's right. the new brewers' association says a record number of
8:51 am
right now florida is one of the locations specifically mentioned as a popular brewery location. new breweries are springing up in orlando, winter springs, st. cloud, even sanford. just to name a444444444444ew of those a1as. >> ryan: now you can stay three extra hours at the magic kingdom. the extra-hours ticket will be $149 per person. it's only available during select nights, really cool, intimate experience. but you will be paying about $250 if you add the ticket and the extra hours. >> amy: the easter bunny is a cash cow. data from the florida retail federation estimates that consumers will spend $17.3 billion on easter items this weekend. that means everything from gifts to candy and food. the average shopper will spend $146, up from just over $140 last year. >> ryan: my family will bring that number way down. >> amy: ham alone will cost you. >> ryan: that will take you up there. move over judge judy, we'll
8:52 am
heading to a courtroom arena. >> amy: that one is kind of bizarre. and starbucks making a generous offer. how they plan to help the needy. time for your pet of the day. look at this cutie pie. this is bobby. you're adorable. if you want your pet to be featured as our pet of the day,
8:53 am
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. and then the sun came crashing in >> ryan: what a brett picture. this is noah anderson. you are our student of the week. a student in sanford. he's involved in computer programming, he's also an all
8:56 am
log on to to nominate a student and go to the "good day" tab and student of the week. really neat school over there. >> amy: it's great. >> ryan: judge judy has company now. some interesting company in the tv courtroom. >> amy: this might surprise you. it's none other than former alaska governor and vice presidential candidate sarah palin. she's picked to preside over a new reality show that would begin next year. it includes the tv executive judge judy. she doesn't have a doctorate degree, but her personality and wide appeal make her a good fit for the format. the show still does not have a title, but we do know that it is scheduled to premiere as a nationally syndicated daytime show sometime in the fall of next year. >> ryan: is actually going to >> amy: i don't know. how they would do that. i guess it would be sort of a pretend judge or gets to make i don't know.
8:57 am
starbucks getting a lot more giving these days. the company is teaming up with charities to donate all of its unsold food to the needy, starbucks has been working with the charities for years to donate unsold pastries. this is actually the first time, though, they've been able to redistribute food that goes bad sooner. so good for them. >> amy: and look at this. it's a dog raising cheetah cubs. can you imagine? the cub's mother died after delivering the babies earlier this month at a zoo in cincinnati. so the zoo brought in this australian shepherd to be a surrogate mother. as the cheetah cubs grow, blakley's role in their development will shift from companion to teacher and role model. that's wonderful. >> ryan: they're so cute. i want to take one home. they'll get really big by the time they're all grown. pretty cool stuff. allall right. 8:57. much more to come in the 9:00 hour of "good day orlando." >> amy: we're going to have more on the latest arrests. it turns out there wasn't an arrest at all. and how people are now
8:58 am
morning. plus, from tv shows to the box office, faith-based shows are taking over. we'll check out what's inspiring the change coming up. also, we've heard the phrase dumb blonde. it turns out blondes are actually smart. why experts say ladies with lighter hair have the high i.q. plus, david martin. >> reporter: i'm a blonde. yes, a real blonde, thank you very much. hey, ryan, we're going to give samey kangaroo jerky. you're going to try the super digger hot in the giant package from beef jerky outlet, where we've been live all morning. terry, what's the website? >>
8:59 am
9:00 am
freaky faaaaaaaast !!! freaky fast.


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