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tv   Countdown To The Primary  FOX  February 27, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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>> now we're winning, winning, winning. >> the country is judged by how it treats his weakest and most vulnerable people. >> will the florida senator make his move?
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about presidential politics. >> it is a big week ahead in the battle for the white house. tuesday. >> what we're going to do in this election is make sure that we have a democrat in the white house. >> buckle up. the wild ride is only getting started. >> and then, a couple weeks later, florida. we love florida. hello and welcome to "you decide." >> john will join us a little later. let's take a look at the latest results in the south carolina primary. >> 99% of votes counted. hillary has 74% of the votes. bernie sanders, just 26%. >> hillary picked up 39 delegates to bernie's 14. >> we've now gone through four states. i want to congratulate bernie sanders on running a great race.
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>> and, tomorrow, this campaign goes national. >> all of you come out to vote, and you bring your friends and your neighbors and your co-workers. we are going to win here in texas. >> i think we have a surprise coming for some people on tuesday tuesday. caroline shively joins us now in south carolina. what a day for hillary clinton. bernie sanders already focusing on super tuesday. that is a day that could really change things for him, right? >> you are absolutely right. hillary clinton said it. she said, tomorrow, this campaign goes national. they have split up. they are trying to hit their super tuesday states. 11 super tuesday states will vote.
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the voting we have seen in the first four states. tuesday is critical. hillary clinton, hoping to get the votes in south carolina. she blew it out. she really won big in south carolina. we expected her to win by 24 points. she is crushing it. >> with super tuesday just three days away. what do you think the next 72 hours means for the democratic candidates. >> they are going to try to get as many delegates as they can. bernie sanders needs to get can. he was within striking distance of 11 states. they need to amass as many delegates as they can. trying to get sanders in the rear-view mirror, sanders is just trying to stay in the game at this point. >> tonight, we also have local
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every angle of the race. we weigh in on the republicans and donald trump in florida. we see how they are looking ahead to super tuesday. we talk about the hot issues on the local ballot here in central florida. scott maxwell talks about jeb bush's campaign. >> it will be a super tuesday for some, and it could be a disaster for others. the target in everyone's sight, donald trump. >> no. no. no. i talked about this five times four weeks ago. >> you did that four seconds ago. >> donald, if you want to be liked in washington, that's not a good attribute for a pt. >> i mean, first of all, this guy is a joke artist, and this guy is a liar. you have the combination of factors. >> about 600 delegates will be up for grabs.
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going on, you won't have a clear alternative to donald trump. >> that is one person who won the first of the primaries. >> donald trump is riding on pure momentum. >> it's going to be an amazing two months. we might not even need the two months, folks, to be honest. >> holds are tight between trump and senator cruz. >> i want to say, i cannot wait to get home to the great state of texas. >> the question is: can cruz win his home state? if doesn't, is done? on the democratic side, many analysts say super tuesday is going to make or break the bernie sanders campaign. craig patrick joins us to talk about the big race on the democratic side. craig, let's start with this. how many states does bernie
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this race? >> there is not a set number. we're talking about proportional delegate based on the numbers he gets. he doesn't have to necessarily win a specific number. he isn't going to win in the south based on the numbers we've seen. we saw them coming out of nevada. you have hillary clinton winning among none-white voters. this sets up a big problem for bernie sanders where states are more diverse than what we saw in iowa and new hampshire. he basically conceded south carolina. he is moving on to the north and trying to make a play in massachusetts and along the northeast. he did well in new hampshire. if he continues to perform well in the northeast and gets a season percentage, this could keep him going beyond super tuesday, but it's an expectation game. given that he won decisively in
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good for her in the southeast, it's going to be hard for him to maintain the momentum that he had. >> this isn't a question there is an answer to. some of these states are neck and neck. what does he need to do to pull off an upset in some of these states? >> it's going to be hard in some of the statesment in other states, you can make an argument that he is going after hillary server. the problem that bernie sanders has is a lot of democrats are not focused on that. with this, there is nowhere to go. you combine it with the fact that he said he is sick and tired of hearing about the e-mails, he sort of boxed himself in on that point. another option for bernie sanders would be to choose a running mate, perhaps an african
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african-americans in the south. hillary clinton built up a strong deal of support among the african-american community for decades. that is going to be difficult for bernie sanders to make headway, especially since he lost momentum in nevada. >> thanks. we will talk to you soon. >> thank you much. >> still ahead, donald trump on a roll. >> now we're winning, winning, winning the country. [cheers and applause] soon, the country is going to start winning, winning, winning. >> coming up here, we're going to talk about donald trump having another good week and what he needs to do on super tuesday. we'll take a closer look at that straight ahead. time for your political fun fact. thomas jefferson was the first president to be inaugurated in washington d. c.
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>> on the twitter trail, marco rubio says we're not going to turnover the conservative movement to a con artist. trump touting rubio in his home state in florida. still sending shockwaves through the state. donald trump, 44-28 over senator marco rubio. i'm joined by frank torres. frank, i appreciate your being here. does it surprise you that donald trump is that dominant? >> you know, that margin lead, he went over 14 points over marco rubio. that was the biggest showing by donald trump so far in florida. >> it's not just in florida, he is dominating in other areas.
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he has even said so. take a listen to this. >> we won the evangelicals. we won with young, old, with highly educated. we won with poorly-educated. i love the poorly-educated. >> that was one of the sound bytes that got a lot of attention. how do you explain the support for him from all the demographics. >> it's the outsiders take no holds barred. he doesn't care. he says whatever is on his mind which is something that's still refreshing to a lot of voters. you don't have somebody reciting lines and doing what they have to do. somebody is telling you how it is on the issues. >> marco rubio is setting up what some call damage control. he may be in trouble with the numbers. take a listen to this. >> we are not going to allow
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defined by a nominee like that. we want to elect someone to be president who is thoughtful given the dangers of this country. >> rubio has to win florida. does he have to win it to stay viable in the race? >> he has to win somewhere. if he can't win in his home state, what does that say? some said jeb bush supporters would get behind rubio. he needs casey voters. >> one thing republicans against donald trump say he is still only getting about 35% of the vote in some of these states. that means 65% are looking somewhere else. maybe there are still too many people in this campaign. if this were a two-man race, it
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>> supporters would probably go for donald trump. if some drop out, those who support the remaining candidates, they will find the challenge resolved this week. ted cruz and marco rubio can mix it up with donald trump, something that jeb bush hasn't been able to do. >> no one knows who that is. a lot of these big money donors have given to jeb. now they're looking for somebody else. what is going to happen with these big-money donors? apparently, they don't want trump or ted cruz. >> that is why they don't like donald trump, because he doesn't need hillary clinton. until we see a withdrawal, the donors want to attack donald
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game. they want to try to get donald trump's campaign off the rails. >> hey, watch your website in case people want to read your writings. all right. still ahead, it's not all just presidential politics these days. there is a lot to talk about. we'll look at the local issues including a $30 million library in the future that's on the ballot. as we go to break once again, another presidential fun fact for you, the s. in harry s. truman doesn't stand for anything. that's his official middle name. that's why you never put a period after s in harry s truman.
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>> on the twitter trail, hillary clinton says we live in a world with serious foreign policy issues. we need serious candidates. shouting and chest beating are not a strategy. voters head to the polls here, and a number of issues will be decided on march 15th. >> we'll talk more about those issues. let's start with this one. orange county, they have a
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>> there has been a lot of controversy. they will build a new library. the city wants to spend $30 million building the library. there will be an event center attached to it. two seats are up for grabs. that library question has kind of been driving the race there. very, very contentious issue so far. >> the development has been a sticky issue. we'll see when this is decided how residents feel about the way their city is working. >> a lot of these races as opposed to the other countries where you're trying to stop people from leaving the community, here we are debating how fast do you grow, and where do you grow? that's a big dynamic for central florida, especially where so many people drive going down there either to seminole county or going into winter park. the question is, can they develop some kind of identity
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they're growing up? >> some areas are developing. two seats are up for grabs. the interesting dynamic is bill arosmith is up for reelection. sam ruth is up for re-election as well. so, the question becomes, do we go with the old way of doing things? >> very interesting in seminole county where longwood will decide on their commissioners. this is a good stand on their voters. the seats are up every three years. this would move to a four-year term, but you would only be limited to three. 12 is the most you can serve on city council. >> we have more information. meet us on our website. thanks, mike. >> people of south carolina have spoken, and i really
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>> the demise of jeb bush's campaign. >> we'll have more from columnist, scott maxwell, on why
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>> on the twitter trail, donald
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people of florida vote for rubio when he agreed to be their senator and then quit? what really happened to jeb bush in the race for the white house? bob brier spoke with us. >> if somebody told you a year ago that jeb bush would be out of the race before super tuesday, before he gets to florida, what would you have told them? >> absolutely not. this is a story of going to humiliation. jeb bush looked like he should have been the perfect candidate on paper. i think a lot of people agree, this guy was a talk show candidate in a reality show election cycle, and it just ate him up alive. >> we have been waiting for years for jeb bush to run. it was always, is jeb bush going to run? did he wait too long, and by the
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he couldn't have picked a worse time. everyone talked about this. it's been picking a fight with the pope, boycotting a debate and getting into twitter wars. it's these raw meat kinds of things. jeb bush wanted to talk about social security and education reform. he couldn't get attention. the other problem, i think, his campaign really underestimated donald trump add the electorate. they were laughing at trump. he was third in the polls. his staff barely concealed that. the president was all but giddy. they were excited about trump because they thought he was a joke as a candidate. look who is laughing now. >> they spent a ton of money, and it barely made a blip on the radar. where does that money go now, do
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>> well, the conventional wisdom is that marco rubio really stands to benefit. once again, to go back to your original point, if you go back a year ago, how many candidates were there? 7 had. there were 14 candidates. marco rubio was the least qualified. he wasn't a governor. he hadn't passed a single piece of legislation. he is the last man standing. the stories this past week have been about wall street money going to rubio and aid going to the coke brothers. >> yeah. >> to your point, jeb bush money, going to rubio. >> all right. if you are one of those who is backing jeb bush, do you now all of a sudden say, throw good money after bad, so to speak.
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money behind marco rubio who is almost 20 points behind donald trump in florida. >> that is the question. he talked about all of this momentum. he gave a speech that sounded like a victory speech. marco rubio hasn't won a single state, and there isn't a path that says that. a lot of donors are saying, we like the kid, but we already dumped a million here, a million there. nothing seems to be stopping trump. he has an incredible hold. some people may step back. >> some are calling for marco rubio to drop out of the race. they want kasich to run. >> it sounds silly, but tell me what doesn't sound silly. i've given up trying. >> looking up to hearing more
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take a names column with scott maxwell. thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> thank you for joining us for countdown to florida primary. join us for the very latest.
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