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tv   Good Day 7am  FOX  February 17, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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good day. welcome to a wednesday. i'm john brown. >> look at the view. it could not be prettier. here are the stories we're working on for you right now.
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side in orlando overnight. >> reporter: we're at the orange county jail. a woman is behind bars for abandonling her baby. we'll tell you about the search, coming up. >> john: apple takes on the federal government. the response that the tech company ceo gave last night after the government asked them to hack into a cellphone. >> john: look at the view behind us. >> amy: it's spectacular, jayme king. >> jayme: in some areas the areas don't look like this. the fog is thickening. slowly inching a bit closer to the eastern edge of tampa bay. and otherwise the temperatures have not a lot of movement. 40s and low-end 50s in spots. the 40s are large and in charge. another gorgeous day.
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between 3:00 to 5:00 p.m., low to mid-70s. a secondary system willive mog -- will be moving through. and saturday and sunday, solid 70s. >> gina: happy wednesday. i have a couple new crashes to tell you about. the first one is causing a lot of backup on the 408 westbound past goldenrod. we're seeing significant delays westbound in that area. be aware if you are traveling that way this morning. and keller road at maitland, we're seeing backup there. be aware if you have to go through there. and this is the big one of the day. obt and john young parkway. obt completely shut down, the northbound lanes. one southbound lane is open. we'll look at video that we have
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we were over it earlier today. lots of emergency vehicles on scene. a pretty nasty crash. take lee road or john young parkway this morning to avoid this. everything is looking pretty nice. i-4 westbound from lake mary to colonial, 19 minutes. the attractions to downtown will take you 12 minutes i-4 eastbound. >> john: some breaking news from overnight. detectives said that a robber shot a worker at a popular restaurant overnight. >> amy: it happened at gators dock side on south john young parkway and jackie orozco has the details. >> reporter: orange county deputies have been interviewing witnesses. half a dozen customers were inside the restaurant during the time of the armed robbery. you can see all of the detectives out here earlier. they were reviewing surveillance
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idea of that suspect. now according to the orange county sheriff's deputies, it happened past 2:00 a.m. a black male, masked, brandished a gun, demanded money from employees. fired twice. and an employee was shot at least once. he is expected to be okay. taken to osceola county regional hospital. another second person was taken to hunters creek medical center. he was not shot -- but that person was not shot but they were upset after seeing the gun. the suspect may be in a white mustang. 22-year-olds about, and gray sweatshirt. they believe they saw that vehicle at a nearby hotel. we'll continue to bring you the
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>> amy: a jet blue plane had to be diverted to oia because of a mechanical problem. >> john: floater 1130 -- flight 1130 was headed to charleston, south carolina, and experienced a mechanical issue. the plane landed safely at at over i and no one was injured. they were put on to a new plane and will head to charleston this morning. >> john: a mother is behind bars. she's going to be facing a judge later on this morning. fox 35's andrea jackson has the latest on the search. at this point, do police know snig do they have clues they're working on? >> reporter: good morning. they continue their search. we're waiting for an update. they continue to search for the newborn infant. 30-year-old susan richardson, behind bars, will be meeting a
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orlando police accuse the 30-year-old of discarding the baby. >> we were searching out with bloodhounds, cadaver dogs, search and rescue team, last night, looking for the baby willow. >> reporter: johnny brown said that richardson is his of girlfriend. >> they dispd i knew where the baby was and wanted to know if i knew they she had a baby. >> reporter: the baby is nowhere to be found. they named the newborn willow. >> we always hold out hope. that's why we named her. we want people to see her as a person. we want them to come forward with information. maybe someone took the baby. >> reporter: if anyone saw richardson yesterday between the
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near the willow bend apartment, they're asked to contact the police as well. melbourne police need your help catching a suspected purse snatcher. they said that he robbed two women on the very same day. one at south babcock street. a man reached into a woman's car and grabbed a wallet. and the same man snatched a purse from a woman on aurora. and in both cases the man took off in a car being driven by a woman. >> amy: a woman and her daughter were killed inside of their home some time on monday. our sister station in portland, oregon, spoke to an chez's husband last night. and the family is from port lend and only moved here recently. he said he didn't know anything
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from sanchez's daughter. >> she kept saying that i am sorry for your loss. she screen shots me a newscast segment. and it said mother and daughter found dead in home. >> amy: deputies say that a man who lived with the victims told investigators that both of them were alive when he left the home on monday morn. he said when he got home that same afternoon, we found both of them dead. so far no arrests have been made in the case. apple is responding for a federal order that is asking the company to tap into one of their users. >> john: it's tied to terrorism. >> reporter: a judge ordered apple to help them access an iphone owned by one of the shooters in the san bernardino terror attacks. but apple said that the u.s. is essentially asking them to hack
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they said it's a slippery slope. if they use it for one user, what is to stop the government from doing it to you. and it reads in part, quote, the united states government has demanded that apple take an unprecedented step which threatens the sceufort our customers. we oppose the order which has implications far beyond the legal case at hand. the fbi has been trying to get information from sigh say seyyed farook's phone. but they law enforcement officials said that cellphone locks are more problematic for criminal investigations in the past year or two because of encryption. ordinary citizens, they say, have nothing could worry about here.
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never have their phones seized by law enforcement and have a search order. >> reporter: here's more of the statement from tim cook. saying we have great respect for the professionals at the fbi, and we believe their intentions are good. up to this point, we have done everything that is both within our power and within the law to help them. >> amy: today we're going to find out who here in florida, in melbourne beach specifically, won last month's record-breaking jackpot. >> john: the winning ticket sold in brevard county. the florida lottery will introduce them in tallahassee. the winning ticket, $1.58 billion. the one locally bought at the publix. the largest lottery jackpot ever. the news conference is set for 1:30 this floorn in tallahassee. and we'll be there, and we'll
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>> amy: the president taking trump. >> i have a lot of faith in the american people, and i think they recognize that being president is a serious job. >> amy: how donald trump is responding to the president's comments is coming up. checking in with mr. king. >> jayme: peaches at the beaches this morning. looking good out there. the interior. and even better this afternoon.
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the next seven days, >> amy: a $343 million make over. $43 million. and ticket countser baggage areas. and the construction should be done by 2020. >> amy: a new report says that ucf takes on more transfer students than anyone else. in 2014, ucf accepted 60% of transfer students who applied for a total of 6200 students coming to ucf from other schools.
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the big hotel for the planned entertainment destination will be called the daytona hotel. pf changes has signed up for a new location. one daytona is expected to open next year. >> john: president obama has his sights set on donald trump and donald trump is firing back. >> reporter: looking at recent polls, the front runners seem pretty well established heading into the next two contests as president obama makes his thoughts clear. >> @ what a crowd, wow. >> reporter: donald trump greeted by a large and boisterous crowd in south carolina. almost immediately had a message for president obama. >> this man has done such a bad job, set us back so far, and for him to say that actually is a great compliment, if you want to know the truth. >> reporter: a compliment that
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during a summit of asian countries when asked about the campaign. >> i continue to believe mr. trump will not be president. and the reason is because i have a lot of faith in the american people. i think they recognize that being president is a serious job. >> reporter: that attack may help solidify trump as the g.o.p. front runner, especially in south carolina. a new poll shows hill up by 17 points, leaving some of the republicans attacking ted cruz who was second or third in recent polls. >> [coughing]. >> reporter: hillary clinton meantime having a coughing fit that lasted almost 3 minutes while speak to a group in new york, targets black voters specifically as she hopes to cement a large lead. >> to quote doctor king, the time is always right to do right. >> reporter: the race could turn on enthusiasm.
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>> well, you know what? on election day i think folks here in south carolina are going to wake up the next morning and find a very big surprise. >> reporter: and sanders may be proven right, we'll see. but before the democrats get to south carolina, they have the nevada caucuses. >> john: a lot of people are looking forward to florida. less than one month from the florida primary. and hillary clinton's campaign is opening the orlando field office today. the office located on oak ridge road. the campaign is asking supporters to join them at 6:00 p.m. to this evening to help then celebrate the opening. >> john: and jeb bush taking heat for packing heat. he tweeted out a picture of a handgun with governor jeb bush etched on to the top of it. above the photo it says,
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some people are not happy about it, but gun rights supports seem to be in favor. why? everything is political. a lot of things about the campaign. and a lot of people wonder why you do that, but they're]lq not sure. >> jayme: it's been all about the fog this morning. and we normally see it pop up before the sunrise. at this time it normally peaks in the overall intensity and goes by the wayside by 9:00 a.m. this # brand new. i want to share it with you. it's coming up the gut of the state. we have a big area around ocala to leesburg to brooksville. a lot has to do with the residual moisture locked into the soil from yesterday's event. it was super heavy in spots and not so much in others. you can see where the fog is
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40s and low grade 50s. the grade equalizer, as in two of them for you, highs in the 70s, and bright sunshine. 72 by 5:00 p.m., and 63 by 8:00 p.m. the secondary front is moving through the northwesterly air flow behind it. high pressure, making for a gorgeous sky, today, tomorrow, and all the way through the weekend. and on the golf scene, 73 degrees, ample sunshine. a little cool early but warming nicely into the p.m. hours. across the nation, what you see is what you get. not too bad considering the mid-period of february. a stronger system is reloading northwest pacific. getting into seattle some time tonight. this next one, a big storm that is slowly evolving and coming
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it's infancy stage, along the gulf of alaska. it'll come across canada and dip down across the connected states. around mid-week, uptick in rain chances and storminess. that's one thing we'll continue to draw on as we come closer. but today, sun and fun, gorgeous weather. 70s through tonight. and 41 at gainesville, and 48 at palm coast. orlando, sanford, titusville, the rest of east central florida lows at 50 degrees. and 70s for the highs in lows in the r50s, for the next seven days. enjoy the fantastic wednesday. >> gina: we do have a couple of crashes. the first new one here at sand lake and turkey lake road. a partial blockage causing a little bit of delays.
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but this is the big story of the day. at obt and john young. still partially blocked. northbound lanes are shut down now. we have a southbound lane open but it's moving very, very slowly. if you want to avoid this mess, take lee road, and, of course, john young to avoid this nasty, nasty crash. everything is looking okay on i-4. i-4 westbound from lake mary to colonial, 23 minutes. i-4 eastbound, 14 14 minutes. the 408 is slow. had 417 to downtown, 22 minutes. regular gas, $1.57 at the speedway in casselberry. you can check out gas save tips on our website at and click on traffic. >> amy: a group of local moms
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kids were not getting recess. so far they're not having a lot of luck. >> john: they're not giving up on making sure that kids have recess time in schools. the recess moms talk about the next step in the fight. there's a look downtown. beautiful blue skies.
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>> amy: 7:24. a group of local moms has been pushing to make recess mandatory in public schools. they say their fight is far from over. they are lobbying in tallahassee to make it a state law that all elementary schools would have to provide 20 minutes of recess for children. the bill passed three house committees without opposition but died in the senate because the head of the education committee said he would not put it on the agenda. that enmoos the chances -- that means the chances of becoming law here are pretty slim. joining me is amy with the recess moms group. i know it was upsetting when
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on the agenda. >> we are so frustrated and angry right now. you want to feel like you have a voice. our representatives are supposed to be our voices. and this certainly had the support in the house and the senate and from the people to be on the agenda. senatorleg's opinion, and it was decided by him. >> your argument is that you may not be in favor, but put it on the agenda and let the other senators decide. >> we had a lot of support in the senate. but he refused to put it on the agenda. he believes that it's a local issue. >> amy: so what happens now? where do you take the fight from here? >> we are not giving up. we hope it'll be passed this year. the house is moving forward with the bill. i can't thank the support there enough. they have listened and i am so
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the house of representatives has been our heroes. tomorrow. and the people in tallahassee support us and say there are alternative ways to get the bill passed and they're working hard on the alternative measures. and we are still hoping it happens this year. >> amy: you said that you have been hearing from school board members who are going to implement this regardless of the law. is that right? >> we have had some positive feedback from school boards that recess will approve in the future. >> amy: what message would you like to get out there for people watching saying what can i do to help? >> join our facebook group. recess for all florida students. i would contacts my individual senator. let them know you are a constituents. you are let them know you care about the recess bill. it should be run -- there's a lot of mandates, and there are a
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mandate for the kids. now is time for our #keud to be the priority again. >> amy: the facebook page. >> recess for all florida students. >> john: mail-in voting could be big in florida than ever before. the numbers for the presidential primary are astounding. we're talking with a political
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could have on the race. 7:30 here on disband. welcome back. i'm john brown. >> amy: i'm amy kaufeldt. a search for a missing newborn. detectives say that a mother gave birth and then abandoned the baby. the mom is due to be in court today. >> john: one estimate is that half of florida's voters to cost their ballot. the impact that mail-in votes could have on the presidential race. >> amy: what to do about the zika vice. virus. we hear from a florida man.
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is tomorrow night. they'll have a concert. and shut down part of the area. the reason i didn't know the vip is that i never get invited to the vip parties. how do i know when the vip party is. >> amy: we'll be like paul mccartney. knocking, and sorry. >> john: we just need an invitation. >> jayme: that was an interesting story. i'm getting reports from all over the land this morning, especially in lake county, and we just got one from derek in tavarres. the fog is thick as pea soup. i love pea soup but not when it affects the drive into work. you would never know this is our visit orlando tower cam.
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all of the festivities 24/7. the fog is thick and laying down pretty good. that's the case this morning. beautiful skies the skies will turn. and winds at light speed. the front on top. dry air in place. a momentary brief uptick in the dew points now, producing the fog, and then down they go. we dry it out, and clear it up, and sunshine prevails through the weekend with sunshine and mild temps. >> gina: happy wednesday. a lot of crashes on the roads this morning. 408 westbound, at goldenrod, you can see significant delays there. a lot ` of backup. it's contained off to a right lane @ that's only partially blocked, but just be aware of that if you are traveling through there. another crash at sand lake and turkey lake in doctor phillips. we're seeing delays as well. the big one of the morning is o
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and the road is partially blocked all northbound lanes blocked. only one lane open southbound. if you want to avoid this, take lee road or john young parkway. everything is pretty slow on i-4. i-4 eastbound from john young to downtown, 6 minutes. 408 is very slow right now. westbound, rouse road to downtown, 24 minutes right now. >> amy: developing this morning, orlando police are searching for a newborn baby girl after they say her mother abandoned her. >> john: that mother is behind bars and will be facing a judge later this morning. fox 35's andrea jackson has more at the orange county jail. >> reporter: good morning. the search continues. for now, 30-year-old susan richardson remains behind bars and she will face the judge first thing this morning. here's what we know.
7:35 am
of he discarding her newborn baby. they acid she gave birth to the baby at the willow bend apartments. the baby is nowhere to be found. there's evidence that she gave birth in the parking lot. but she's not cooperating with the whereabouts. they have named the missing newborn baby willow. >> we always hold out hope. that's one of then ares we named her. we want people to see her as a person and maybe come forward with information. maybe someone took the baby. >> reporter: anyone with information with regard to the missing newborn baby is to call orlando police. or if anyone has seen richardson between 10:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. around the willow bend apartment to call crime line. >> john: crews have called off the search for a missing boater in brevard county.
7:36 am
chamberlain last seen in this family photo. he was supposed to come back on sunday night but he didn't make it. they searched the water it's from vero beach to flagler for three straight days. they found his boat washed up on port canaveral. the coast guard said they were sad but had to suspend their search last night. >> john: a man will not be facing the death penalty. he admitted to shooting three neighbors in 2012. the they they said that the death penalty ruling that it's unconstitutional. >> amy: a new credit card used in the victim's name, and used
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if you think you know who he is, call deputies or crimeline right away. >> john: you decide 2016. florida's presidential primary a month away. a lot of floridians won't be standing at the polls because they are voting early. in orange county, about 48,000 people requested absentee mail-in ballots for the presidential primary this 2012. this year the number is almost 95,000. in osceola county, less than 5,000 people requested the mail-in ballots. this year five times that many people made the request. similar in brevard county. more than 60,000 ballots mailed to voters, and that's double what it was in 2012. in 2012 there was just one presidential primary, not two. let's bring in our political
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half the florida's vote course cast their ballots and that could have an impact. >> absolutely. the fight for florida has started. they are wading through the results of new hampshire, and battling it out in south carolina. and a lot of states might not have the resources and money to play in florida. the fight for one of the biggest states may not have the full attention of all of the candidate. >> john: what i find interesting, a lot of people may not have noticed, not many campaign ads. it seems with this much on the line and people voting early. a lot of candidates may have missed it. >> unprecedented shift. people voting absentee or early voting. we might be in store for the long stretch of campaign commercials is a compressed stretch. every other ad you see will be jeb bush or donald trump or
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the latter two need to make it big. >> if you are not going to make it, there's no sense spending the money. there's a big call saying if you make less than double digit, in single digits in south carolina, you should get all what do you think? >> i think that that he would want to get out. that's a big question for jeb bush. do you want to come down to florida and get embarrassed after a state you led for eight years, and that's a big question, if you if he does not win south carolina. >> john: donald trump still doing well. national polls have bernie sanders and hillary clinton neck and neck. >> it's a pisk tal time for bernie sanders. and hillary is pointing out how bernie sanders may not be ail to pay for the grand plans.
7:40 am
donald trump is still around. and for the two candidates, essentially outsiders, alternative platform like bernie sanders, and a traditional businessman donald trump. >> amy: a hollywood icon opening up a restaurant here in central florida.
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ce you are our fox 35 friend of the day. you can find us by going to
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fox 35 just like terry did. >> john: pope francis and gerard butler. we begin with mark wahlberg. >> the actor and his family will be in orlando tomorrow for the opening of the new burger shop. it's been featured on a reality show, on a and e. it's inside the sun trust building on orange avenue. all three of the brothers, mark, donnie, and paul, all three brothers will be at the grand opening tomorrow. paul is the one i wasn't sure of. the kickoff is at 7:30. a big concert tomorrow. and pope francis lost his tetcher in mexico. you can see there. it happened when an overexcited follower pulled the pontiff on top of a person in a wheelchair. he
7:45 am
scolded the person and told them not to be.j*o selfish. and kicking-off the darchlts 500 on sunday, gerard butler he will be the grand marshal ordering cars to start their engines. you have a lot of celebrities. and we were talking about 50-cents was there a couple years ago, and florida georgia line was there. not sure about the national anthem. >> amy: health officials said there are good reasons to worry about the zika virus. >> john: and the county and several other agencies are taking steps to prevent the spread of the virus. there are 21 cases so far. mild fever, skin rash, and conjunk viets, which is a eye problem. and orange county leaders met yesterday to talk about steps that it can take to prevent the
7:46 am
they believe it poses a minimal risk here even though they are concerned. a man explains what it feels like to have zika. he said he came down with the virus on a medical mission in haiti. he said he didn't get stick about a week after he came home to florida. >> i was playing soccer and all of a sudden i felt this human, huge headache -- a huge, huge headache. literally the strongest headache i had had. i couldn't move. i stopped playing. but it was a pulsating headache and it was extremely strong. >> john: he said his symptoms got worse over the next few days and got a rash on his face and got very weak. the health officials said that the virus has been caught
7:47 am
back with it. >> amy: a plan to build two new charter schools in ask avalon park. the school district said that the land they would be building on is too small. one would have housed k through 8 and the other would have been for grades 6 through 12. people in south florida cleaning up from big time storm damage. two tornadoes touched down yesterday one in miami dade, and broward county rather rather. damage to home, buildings and cars. one woman was hurt when a tree fell on her mobile home, but she is expected to be okay. the storms are gone, and we're peaiving the way for nice weather. >> jayme: we're talking about good looking weather. bright sunshine. a little cool this morning, and a little foggy in a lot of
7:48 am
i am told tavarres, through sorrento, is getting pretty good, towards the leesburg area. the beaming bright red is never good on any weather map, especially when you talk about visibilities. we'll get to temperatures in the 70s. and tonight, quiet sky, clear, cool, conditions, and 52 by 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. by 8:00, we're into the upper 50s. here's the front coming down. a lot of dry air to the back of this thing, to the north of it. in advance of it, the dew points have risen slightly. we're utilizing the moisture in the soils from yesterday. and that's resulting in fog. and a lot going on south out at the speedway.
7:49 am
the daytona 500. it looks good by sunday. 73 73 at run time. and it'll be here on fox 35. a lot of spots gradually warming up. it's been an ice box across that stretch of the nation. minneapolis in the teens. and marion county, solid 70s. and fort mccoy looking righteous. and lake county, to groveland, good morning to you. a perfecto ending. and volusia county looking good today. beach front featuring highs around 70 or so. low to mid-70s over the i-4 corridor and near pearson. sunshine prevails in the next seven, and highs in the 70s and
7:50 am
here's our weather baby. can you find the baby in this picture, gina? >> gina: smaller than the bear. >> jayme: buried amongst the bears. head to for more on our gorgeous, gorgeous weather baby segment. here's my friend, gina. >> gina: happy wednesday. i-4 at princeton. i wanted to show you how thick and dense the fog is. we have had quite a few crashes. the first one on the 408 westbound. just past goldenrod. causing significant delays. it's contained off to a right lane. be aware of that. another accident at keller and maitland. causing significant delays. a lot of red in both directions. be aware as you go through there. and down the road, this is the
7:51 am
parkway. partially blocked there. it looks to be clearing a bit. it's a big mess in the area. causing significant delays. if you can, take lee or john young to avoid the area. everything is pretty slow. i-4 westbound from lake mary to colonial, 24 minutes. i-4 easted bound, 22 minutes. and the 417 to downtown, 22 minutes. that's it for live drive traffic. >> amy: coming up next, a new tesla model s. costs about $70,000 but your kid can drive one for just $500. we'll check out that hot item when we come back with more "good day orlando."
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a live studio brandon thinks hellmann's that's because our farmers committed to responsibly sourced oils... blended with ingredients like cage-free eggs. mmm. heaven. real ingredients. that's how we're working to bring out the best. this winter, you have the power to heal. because your purchase of vaseline intensive care lotion, supports the vaseline healing project. join us to help millions in crisis
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>> amy: all new in our 7:00 a.m. hour. 7:54. kids can drive their own tesla. >> john: plus, bye-bye leg room. luanne has your consumer corner today. >> reporter: you may never get a chance to own a pricey tesla but your kids can. the company red flyer famous for making little red wagons, said they are making little teslas for kids. 3 to 8-year-old. 6 miles per hour. and it comes with its own car cover. kind of cute, huh? parents can preorder. but they'll not be shipped out until may. the mini tesla costs $500, so it's not cheap. you could soon have less leg room when you fly. airbus filed a patent for new storage seats. there's a storage box right
7:56 am
the storage box could restrict the already limited leg room on planes. and passengers have to stand up and lift their seat cushion to even get to that bin. one airline is appealing to its customers by giving away some free snacks. american airlines announced they're trying a new program. called operation gate snacks. if the flight is delayed, the airline will give you free snacks at the gate while you wait. it's being tested in new york and los angeles, but it could be moved to more locations if it goes well. i think that's the least they can do. >> amy: at least that or a buck to go by something. >> john: a slice of sbarro. either one. coming up, being sleep deprived and covered in gunk are some of the hallmarks of kids.
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>> john: whatever. >> amy: research shows that all that parent stress is good for us. really? >> amy: . a new website that shows what the school is looking for in applicants and what will get
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