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tv   Fox 35 News at 11  FOX  February 16, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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birth in a parking lot. the mom is held in jail tonight. >> that's right, that mother, 30-year-old susan richardson i behind bars here at the orange county jail, charged with aggravated child neglect, and the police continue to search for her newborn, baby willow. the orlando police accuse 30-year-old susan richardson of discarding her newborn baby, and tonight, the police don't know where the baby is. >> we were out there all night last night, and had blood hounds, cadaver dogs, and search and rescue team. last night, looked for this newborn. >> the officers z say she gave birth to the baby here at the willow bend apartment complex off of silver star road, that's why they named the if newborn baby willow. they found evidence of after birth, but she's not telling
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now they're asking the public to help find her. >> we always hold out hope, that's one reason we named her, we want people to see her as a person and maybe come forward with information. maybe someone took the baby. >> johnny brown said that susan richardson is his girlfriend, and he was questioned. >> they asked me, if she tell me where the baby was. >> neighbors at the apartment complex are hopeful if baby is found. >> every baby deserves a chance. >> hopefully they find the baby fast. >> and the search continues for baby willow, they're asking anyone with any information, to contact the orlando police department. reporting live from orange county, fox 35 news. new tonight an update to a story we've been following since sunday night. the crews have suspended the
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florida boater. he launched his boat sunday morning, and tonight the coast guard has suspended the search for him. this following three days of searching, by boat and aircraft. his boat was found early monday, but he was not inside. and also new tonight, the cameras were there when a man charged with murdering an 81 yearly man, walk out of the orange county sheriff's office. he's accused in the stabbing death of his girlfriend's father. the elderly man was found in his home, and his daughter, and they were both placed on a hold over the weekend. the two were thought to be persons of interest, and she's currently not facing charges. and developing now, we know the identities of a mother and
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poem. the deputy have identified the victims as 36-year-old maria sanchez, they both died from gunshot wound. the man who they lived with, left the home monday morning and he came back, and found the two dead. whatever happened inside the home has the neighbors on edge. >> am i scared? yeah, i'm frightened. you don't know who's doing the killing. [inaudible]. >> so far no arrests have been made. the mother's he -- has the bodies returning to oregon to be buried there. new tonight, we'll know who's taking home part of the
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one ticket was bought last month. we're in brevard county tonight. >> january 13, of this year, 19 consecutive powerball drawings without a winner and that's when lightning struck at this super market in melbourne beach. somebody beating the odds of 1 in 292 million. tomorrow we'll find out who it is. the mystery, almost faded from our memories. someone with incredible luck. snagging the jackpot, and it's the largest lottery jackpot ever in the world. in north carolina, he bought tickets for the drawing. >> my daughter and sister called me and asked if i won, no, sorry. vieshgs the winner or winners, laid low, never came forward
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wednesday the florida lottery will introduce them. >> we just want a piece of the pie. i'm grateful we got the big piece of the pie. >> you'll remember john and lisa from tennessee, who claimed one-third of the jackpot, and took home a lump sum of $187 million. >> i don't think i'll live another 30 years, and i'll take the lufr sum and invest it. >> the rumors have run rampant at the super market. he admits the customers and coworkers have speculated a bunch. >> i don't know how people can find out. >> all of us can still dream of what to do with $187 million, but only the winners will know how to spend it. >> i'm [inaudible]. that's so much money, there's no way i could spend all of that. >> the news conference is set
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the way, the owner of the third winning lottery ticket, that ticket purchased in california, the winner has not come forward yet. fox 35 news. a weird chase caught on camera in the florida keys. >> yes, this is weird for sure. the deputies in hot pursuit of a stolen back hoe. they think that 59-year-old, took the back hoe for a dangerous joyride on seven mile bridge. the driver damage it go roadway, and sparks were left in his wake. he drove recklessly, for an hour and a half. and the authorities caught up with the driver and arrested him ton scene. and the massive cleanup in the florida panhandle, after a tornado touches down. one of the parent tornadoes, sweeping through century,
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damaged ten homes there. and the storm forced several schools to close. and a south florida teen is underarrest, accused of posing as a doctor. and charging with practicing medicine without a license. he performed a physical exam on an undercover agent and offered medical advice. investigated him, and back in october, he was cited with practicing medicine without a license. thanks, you decide. just a few days before the republican primary, the candidates sound off in a town meeting in south carolina. with the high population of active and retired military, they zeroed in on defense policies, donald trump has a double digit lead in most south carolina polls over ted cruz, who's in a tight battle with
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jeb bush is gaining some momentum it, day after his brother, campaigned for him. bush taking aim as trump on trump's defense policy. >> he thinks he can use his real estate skills to bring to life the weapons systems, necessary to keep our war fighters safe. that's not a reality based statement. >> trump does lead in the polls, his infavorable rating are sky high. and hilary clinton took her campaign to new york today. and met with civil rights leaders. >> i know very well that [inaudible] more importantly, and my presidency if i'm so fortunate to be in that position, must reflect the
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proposals of people like you around this table. >> clinton and sanders are making specific appeals to black voters after sanders won a 22 point victory in last week's new hampshire primary. still to come, the home security camera, catching a trio of burglars, how the homeowners stopped them without being in the home at the time. and the police are in high alert, a person shooting at vehicles on the highway. and the forecast, skies have cleared out, and the temperatures tonight and also what should be fantastic weather for your weekend, that's coming up. and one more thing, octopus, the seattle aquarium, releasing the eight legged friend back in the ocean. kong was one of the biggest
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accused of raping a girl back in 1949. many say they were falsely accused. >> this resolution, requests the governor, pardon sam shepherd, charles greenley, and ernest thomas. >> in front of a good sized crowd, that included family members of four men, accused of raping a white woman in 1949, the mayor signed a proclamation, urging they be exonerated by the governor. the u.s. supreme court overturned the conviction in 1951, based on the lack of evidence. but before the retrial could happen, two were shot and killed. one survived a critical wound, long enough to tell the authorities who shot him. the fourth man was sentenced to life.
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local level, especially in the city, the legislature, senators, and the governor office would wake up and take notice. to it. >> for many, the case stands as a reminder of the unjustices that the blakz face in -- blacks face in those days. >> some of this magnitude, you can't pretend it didn't happen, it did happen. >> it's changed a bit. it has. it has changed a bit. >> so not enough? >> not enough. not enough. it has not changed enough. >> we've been looking forward to this day for a long time. to get the name cleared. >> for the city to do this for us is a blessing for us. and again, we're so excited. we're very thankful. >> you received a few threats over this? some are not happy, what's your response to that? >> i pray that they'll wake up
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racism. >> the city signed the proclamation tonight, encouraging the governor to pardon. and as you heard, family members are hoping this time, they finally get the complete exoneration for the family members they've been looking for. that's the sound of three men were greeted with when a woman was alerted on her app of this attempted burglary. they caught the trio of the suspects in the act. we have this story. >> it wasn't the kind of cell phone alert this homeowner was expecting at work. >> i looked in and saw the guys walking from the house. >> three of them, and came in from a window on monday morning,
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>> i felt violated, and we were in a safe neighborhood, we are, and it could happen at any time. >> but when they didn't plan for was the watchful eye of the security camera. >> i didn't take it serious. >> what do you think now? >> i think it's amazing, everyone should have cameras. >> anything that homeowners can do to help us solve crimes, and potentially notify a suspect that you're watching them, is going to be beneficial for both parties. >> from her smart phone the homeowner not only saw the suspects, but also set off an alarm, forcing the guys to high tail it out of there, with only an i-pad. the video helped track down one guy involved, a 16-year-old. >> learn from this, they think they'll get away from something, there could be something watching them.
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>> feel safer in the house with it. >> they're hoping this is the last time to see the alerts like this. fox 35 news. trending in america tonight, the police are on the hunt for a highway shooter, fire on eight vehicles, including several wal-mart trucks. the tulsa authorities say the drivers reported hearing something on the vehicles. the trucks were shot in both the trailer and the cab areas. the wal-mart spokesman says, they don't believe the trucks were targeted. no injuries were reported. and pope francis visited the town of [inaudible]. he urged mexican priests to fight back against injustice in the country. the pope will wrap up the five day visit tomorrow.
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serve as grand marshal for this week's dayton 500. the star will attend other prerace ceremonies. well the magic send harris packing. the team completing a three year deal to send jennings, to the magic. they both replays played with the coach, while with the milwaukee bucks. >> it's not been a secret that we've been looked for more veteran stability on the roster, and we felt like this mooufshgs not an easy decision was a decision that was necessary to help give us that added experience and that added depth, to hopefully help us make a playoff push. >> the contract is not guaranteed next season.
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look at the forecast. >> and the forecast in central florida, mighty nice. the skies have cleared out, beautiful day, and the thunderstorms rumbled through. this is the way it looked last night. and during the overnight, everything blew through. no tornado formed over central florida, where the warnings were issued, but we did get wind gusts. and also, picked up a quarter to three quarters of an inch of rain, in the green, this is where the nasty stuff was flying. we picked up 1 to 1.5 inches of rain. 5 in dayton, 46 in ocala, and looking at temperatures running at 10 to 20 degrees colder than last night. we get ourselves a west to northwestern breeze. the humidity is dropping off and
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50's in the metro area, and we continue to cool things down overnight. 77 was the high today, and 55 the low. cooler for the next few nights the dryer air celtics in, and a -- settles in, and also, we'll see a lot of sunshine for the next several days, that means warm temperatures in the afternoon hours, and great weather for the upcoming weekend for the dayton 500. 70 degrees many miami. and there's the rain, sleet, snow, there it goes. the mini storm is drying up, but currently creating rain and snow. this is the cold front that'll show up tomorrow afternoon, a bit of a wind shift in the middle part of the day, and maybe a cloud or two produced by the front. right now it'll show up around the noon hour, and moving through, the breeze out of the
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that'll keep us nice and dry. high pressure will dominate, and maybe a few extra clouds. all in all, looking good. here are the forecast lows. upper 40's to 50's in orlando. low to mid 40's to gainesville, and ocala. right at 52 for tonight, downtown, wins 5 to 10. high temperatures 74, that's on target. the normal high of 74. 71 on thursday, 73 on friday and awesome weather for the weekend. all right, it's a toy that can fire foam pellets at nearly
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a stunning return. she told ellen, i was in the corner, and what am i anymore, if i'm not this. she changed her mind and looked up and saw her boyfriend. and sir paul mccartney, gets snubbed from an after party twice. the security turned him away from the party hosted by tiga. the guy who dates the kardashian girls.
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temperatures dipping down in the 40's, and 50's, and fantastic weather for the weekend. this is one of the better race weather weekend.
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looking harvey: best video of the year. paul mccartney, the biggest star in the world in music, denied at an after party. >> denied twice from tyga's grammy party. >> maybe this is not paul mccartney's deal here. harvey: i would know snoop if i saw him and paul mccartney is at least as popular as snoop. >> paul mccartney was nominated for a rap grammy this year. in your face. >> it's in your mouth now. >> taylor swift.


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