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tv   Good Day 430  FOX  February 15, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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yan elijah. i'm gina benitez. thanks for waking up with us! here are the stories we are working on this morning. the search continues this morning for a car linked to a homicide in orange county. iece of evidence investigators believe is still hiding in that vehicle. a man accused of shooting a bethune cookman student to death over the weekend turns himself in... saying there's no way he could have done it. why he's aruging there's a gunman still on the run. and there are no signs of foul-play in the death of u-s supreme court justice antonin scalia over the weekend.
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replace him... may be another story. we'll explain... still ahead on good day orlando.
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njesskthe search continues for a car connected to a homicide in orange deputies say it may contain critical clues... after a man was stabbed to death in his own home over the weekend. investigators tell us 81-year-old "julian gresham's" body was found saturday night in his house on third street. his daughter... "tessie gresham" and her boyfriend "david buchan" are considered persons of interest in the case. they were taken into custody yesterday... and baker acted.
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off in the victim's car... which they believe also has his gun inside. but that car is still missing. neighbors are shocked that this happened. here's a look at the type of car deputies are still searching for this morning. they warn anyone who finds the ford taurus to stay away from it... and call crimeline. an update now--on a shooting that left a bethune cookman student dead... and two others injured. the accused shooter.. . was in court yesterday. according to the arrest -lamont postell was involved in a fight during the party at the indigo lakes golf club in daytona beach. police say security broke up the fight... but it continued outside. that's when they say postell grabbed a gun from his car and shot three people. but postell tells us different story. he claims he was beaten unconscious
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happened. one of the victims--donkevious johnson died from his injuries. postell is charged with one count of first degree murder and two counts of attempted murder. he's being held without bond. also in volusia county-- residents are calling for change... after a truck slams into a home in new smyrna beach. the accident happened at a home at the intersection of cooper street and oakwood avenue yesterday. neighbors tell us a truck was speeding down oakwood ... when it blew through a stop sign. they say it clipped a tree before plowing into the bedroom of a home. a woman was in the home at the time of the crash... but was not hurt. neighbors say this isn't the first time they've seen this kind of crash in the
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several neighbors say they are trying to get a 4-way stop at the intersection... and warning signs on the actual pavement. a five-year-old boy in polk county has died after he was hit by a car driven by a man who was trying to get away from police. the sun sentinel reports jayden readon was on a sidewalk near his home in boynton beach on saturday when he was hit. the driver, lex eugene, was running from police after they tried to stop him for reckless driving. eugene was caught, several crimes including vehicular manslaughter and murder. happening now... the number of hit- and-run crashes is florida. florida highway patrol is kicking off a campaign... to try trend. 186 people were killed in hit-and-run crashes in 20-15... in total... there hit-and-runs statewide... or 250 every single day. drivers can face serious
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leaving the scene of an accident. a major part of the campaign is to raise awareness of what drivers should do if you're involved in a hit-and-run crash. f-h-p says to call 9- awareness of what drivers should do if you're involved in a hit-and-run crash. f-h-p says to call 9- 1-1 immediately.... and then stay in your vehicle if you can... as you wait for help. news alert... construction on u-s 17-92 is expected to wrap up in about 90- minutes. it began on thursday night... on the south-bound lanes between maitland and winter park. trial is expected to begin today... for a man shot by a deputy outside the w-w-e performance center last summer. armando montalvo is accused of attacking an orange county deputy in august... after he was caught trying
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the building. right now montalvo is charged with aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer... but his attorney argues his client is not fit to stand trial. montalvo has previously been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. a texas judge says there's no sign of foul play in the of u.s. supreme court justice antonin scalia. the 79-year-old was on a hunting trip when he was found dead in his room at a west texas ranch saturday morning. now - as fox's casey stegall reports - a political fight is brewing over scalia's vacant seat on the nation's highest court.
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who held-up two gas stations over the weekend. the surveillance they need you to see... to prevent this from happening | plus... the pope's trip to north america continues this week. he's heading before taking off... and what message he hopes to leave
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they are searching for a man who robbed a 7-eleven, and tried to rob another. that story tops our morning rush. officers sent us surveillance pictures of the guy they are looking for. they say he had a gun when he robbed the 7-eleven on south john young parkyway, early yesterday morning. before that, they say he tried to rob another 7-eleven y, but did not get away with cash. if you recognize him, call kissimmee police. a man accused of ooting another man at a sanford 7- eleven is due in court today. police arrested 22 year old brandin pickens, yesterday. police say pickens shot a man at the store on ronald reagan and lake ulevards, that victim is expected to recover. police do not know what led to the shooting. marion county deputies are looking for a missing man, who is considered "in danger." they say 55-year-old william arrant, junior, walked away from his assisted living facility, in ocklawaha, friday. he suffers from mental health issues and needs medication. if you see him, call 9-1-1.
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as his trip to north america continues this week. what else he has planned... as he prepares to visit the u-s mexico border. plus... the orlando magic impress during n-b-a all-star weekend. how they turned heads... coming up on good day orlando.
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the pope is heading to the u-s mexico border this wednesday. it's one his last stops on the pope's vq"ay visit to north america. fox's kelly wright explains more on the pontiff's mission. toss to kristin the magic make a ct at the
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the magic make a
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weekend. and a record is set during daytona -s. adam shadoff joins us now in the fox 35 sportszone with
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two-teens are accused of going on a crime-spree right
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and this morning... one of the victims explains why they deserve "life"... after stealing her purse. plus... florida's annual "python hunt" comes to a close. how many snakes were killed... and what scientists hope to accomplish with their deaths. you're watching fox 35 good day orlando. it's we'll be right ba want a different way to cleanse? try new micellar water from garnier. the micelles attract dirt like a magnet. to 1. remove makeup 2. cleanse and 3. refresh. no harsh rubbing, no rinsing.
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it's time to take a look at the stories making headlines around florida. two teens are accused of attacking and robbing three people, at gunpoint, near tampa. hillsborough the crime spree yesterday morning in carrollwood. police say an 18 and 15 year old hit a woman in the face with a gun and stole her purse. during the struggle the gun accidentally went off... almost hitting the victim. deputies say those two teens... also robbed two men
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the teens were eventually caught. investigators say they confessed. starting this morning, a traveling exhibit about the "magna carta" will be on display in tallahassee. it will be at the pupreme court building, through february 26th. the goal is to show people how important the british document is to the "rule of law" in the u-s. florida's "python challenge" is now over. the hunt ended at seven o clock last night. at last check, hunters caught more than 100 snakes. they were all turned over to scientists for research. the goal is to lower the python population in the everglades. the giant snakes are a big problem because they are not native to florida. an orange county man is stabbed to death in his own home... and this morning.... investigators are focusing on his missing car. what evidence they hope it's hiding... after taking the victim's own daughter into custody. that story and much more is still ahead... on good day orlando
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i'm ryan elijah. here is a look at this morning's top stories. first-- the search continues this morning for a car linked to a homicide in orange county. what key piece of evidence investigators believe is still hiding in that vehicle. plus-- the number of hit- and-run crashes is on the rise in florida. how florida highway patrol plans to curb this deadly trend. then-- u-s supreme court justic antonin scalia passes away. and while there are no sign so foul play in his death... the fight to replace him may be another story. but first, let's get
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