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tv   Fox 35 News at 11  FOX  February 11, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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police say that one of their officers saw a par every car suspiciously killed when an officer approached, he found the man sleeping inside and when that officer started asking questions, david evans took off. >> like police departments across the country, maitland police have their arms and their -- >> pretty frightening. >> investigators say one deputy walks up to a disshelved looking man sitting in a panera to ask what he was doing when the suspect who has been identified as 67-year-old david evans pulled out a gun and shot the deputy in the head. >> it was lost yesterday, and pat bailey, senior -- deputy, and patrick daily, and he's a 30 -year veteran. >> after fleeing the scene, did ups found evans sitting in his car, in the parking lot of a retirement home and that's when another deputy was shot and killed. >> the second deputy that was lost yesterday work the senior deputy -- >> investigators say that evans
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there in maryland and one here in orange county, florida. >> it's our that because he knew there was a warrant out for his arrest and what the ultimate outcome of that encounter was going to be would have been his arrest. that is why he took the action against the police officer. >> according to this report from mateland pd, one of their officers approached a car suspiciously parked behind a business that was closed for the night. lieutenant lewis kringle says his officer asked evans what he was doing there and evans said he had worked there and had arrived and early was napping. >> coming in contact with him and he was very nervous, jittery giving different information when he was asked questions about where he worked. >> then he says his officer was calling evans' tag number into dispatch and evans abruptly turned his car on and drove off. >> eh -- evans left the scene, and -- driving erratically. >> they pursued evans for a short distance. >> i believe he described it as
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could do to get away from the scene. >> as if it had just appeared -- per department policy, the officer turned out his sirens and ended his pursuit. after id -- iding him, he put out a warrant. he's heart broken about the deaths of his brothers in uniforms. >> big tragedy for law enforcement altogether. we just don't know what we're going to encounter. >> now, investigators say before being killed, they believed that deputy mark longson fired three shots at evans. maryland investigators say the deputies coming from different directions fired at evens and killed him, but detectives do say that ev hundreds a semi automatic handgun in his car and they do believe he used it. bob? >> new tonight at 11:00, a traffic stop ends in a big drug bust. felipe rodriguez and his wife stephanie were pulled over today for having illegally tinted windows. deputies searched their truck and they found a pound and a
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along with marijuana and several guns. this is the largest heroin bust marion county has ever seen. they're facing several charges. a bill would that make several recess mandatory. now, some moms are worried that it's reached the final bell. fox 35's tiffany teasley is live tonight where things go from here. tiffany? >> since the bill was introduced in december, it's moved fairly quickly through the house but on the senate side, it's now reached a bit of a road block. >> we need to do something about this now that it's long overdo and that these kids haven't been given a break for so long. >> across the state of florida, these so-called recess moms are passionate about making sure their kids are given an adequate recess during the school day. >> research says that they 230e can you say, and they retain information better and behavioral issues go down and not to mention that on the playground is where they learn
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>> we all have that benefit of children and i think that children today still deserve that been 23i9. >> research has been substituted for more instructional time. >> last year they pushed for recess policy in orange county schools. when that didn't work, they went to the state level. >> as far as the house is concerned, we moved through very quickly. we were put on agendas, and -- pretty fast and then each consecutive week, we were put on the additional following agenda. >> until now. the bill, which would mandate 20 consecutive minutes of recess in florida public elementary schools has reached a road block in the senate. since it hasn't been put on the agenda by senator john lew. we spoke with the sponsor of the bill, senator darren soto over the -- phone. >> reach out to senator lew's office and others to voice your -- or obviously they need more time to be able to play and exercise and make sure to relax their minds a little bit through
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>> soto says it is still possible for the bill to move route. and these recess moms say they'll continue to that you shall for play time. >> i think that we're going to fight, even harder and work avenues. >> we've all thought of really long roads. up now. >> and we did try to reach out to senator lew for comment, but we did not hear back. in the newsroom, tiffany teasley fox 35 news. a candlelight vigil honoring a done d ep you'd tea. they're coming together to remember a man that was killed in the line of duty. deputy scott pine was shot and killed two years ago during a shooting at an orlando park but the vigil is just one way that this family is honoring him. they're also fighting for the scott pine 4r5u. that law, if passed, would guarantee that the surviving spouse of a first responder, who is killed in the line of duty,
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responders' pay for the rest of the spouse's life. >> these law enforcement officers that are out there protecting us and -- and -- when we call them, they're there for us. they should have that sense of knowing that their familiar leases will be okay if something happens to them. >> yesterday, the senate passed a bill, and of course, now it goes on to the house. a flagler family upset tonight after their son's memorial is removed from the side of the road. >> reporter: bob, that memorial was put up after a deadly highway crash and it was taken down recently by department of transportation. tracy died after witnesses say he was cut off on the highway, flipping his car into a roadside ditch. but the flowers and the personal items work as we said, have been taken down and the only thing remaining, a metal sign. families can fill out a form if
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memorials to stay but they also say no additional denying that decorations would be allowed. in the meantime, 9 family says their place of grieving was ripped down without warning. >> a scary situation in brevard county. a car crashes right through the wall of a dentist's office. the driver accidentally hit the gas, sending the car flying through the wall. luckily the patients that would have been in those chairs had canceled their appointments amazingly. and in lyon county, a florida police officer being honored for his service. the deputy robert lundy got the 2015 florida law enforcement officer of the year award. lundy was getting his patrol car worked on at a dealership when an angry employee crashed on the side of the building starting a fire unless. lundy was shot but he was able to return fire hitting the suspects, present -- preventing any further injuries. he spent several weeks in a coma. he says she was just doing his
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>> okay, sonni, thank you. caught on camera, viral video here, a manatee feeding above the water. the animal is jumping up for some quick snack, a little spanish moss. the manatee has flocked to the crystal river when the water gets a little too cold, sometimes 500 or more can be seen in the waters. >> this is a very secret -- all of it had become quite open to the rest of the world and many people come here to twhns magical connection between the manatees and the springs -- >> it's been seen more than 250,000 times on line. by the way, if you're a fan of that, check it out on our facebook page and also don't forget to hit the light button and you can share wit your friends. a florida man behind bars, trying blackmail girls. coming up, find out why they say their biggest fear is -- it
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>> and hillary clinton, and bernie sanders face can off in wisconsin. still to come, who has got the edge now on the democratic side of the ticket and dwight howard could be out of his way out of houston. we'll tell you with one that one of the reasons why the rockets may be trying to move the big man. >> very interesting stuff. temperatures right now much warmer than last night. upper 40s, low 50s throughout all of central florida. we'll have a look at the weekend as well. >> new app is out there and it's being called the tender for that politics -- and a look at the new technology that has voters
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nation's biggest >> a florida man is accused of blackmailing girls. are it's called sextortion and fox's evan lambert explains deputies are worried it could be more -- >> he's a predator; he's disgusting and clearly he will stop at nothing to get, you know ahold of a juvenile -- and hurt her sexually. >> it's clear that 25-year-old lucas bail had -- the latest of intentions. when he struck up conversations with two polk county girls on
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they used white pages to find out personal information about an 11--year-old girl, then tried to threaten her into sending him nude pictures of himself. >> he was posting her home address on line and he was saying, i'm going to tell everybody to come over to your house and do some very vile things to you. >> in the messages from the display name daddy, bails repeatedly threatened her, writing quote, i'll just post your address, begging people to rape and you pushing her to quote, send me a live or a -- photo and he even told the girl he would burn her house down down. they matched the kick mess wings bail's ip messages and now he's facing 21 charges, including making threats to kill, using a commune commun indication device to commit a felony and stalking a minor. >> he's the poster boy, sexual predator that we're always going after. >> reporter: unfortunately, deputies say they see cases like
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>> the suspect will threaten or coerce the victim to make the photos and next thing you know, they're arranging a way to get the victim knew to meet him somewhere so they can physically hurt them. >> evan lambert, fox 35 news. >> clinton verses sanders. the presidential hopefuls facing off in wisconsin and he's looking to persuade voters that they should be on their ticket come november. >> if you worry at all that you'll be the instrument of pouring history as senator clinton keeps claiming she may be the first woman president. >> someone who has spent his whole lifetime -- i think that victory would be of m and well. >> i'm not asking people to support me because i'm a woman. i'm asking people to support me because i think i'm the most qualified, experienced and ready person to be the president of
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>> we're joined now by political analyst susan clairie and she has a preview of today's data breakdown. susan, tell me if i'm crazy here but the person with the most -- would be hillary clinton. she had to persuade sanders' supporters that getting everything for free, you know, while a great idea that sounds good, really isn't fees and believe i thought she made a very good point when she said scott walker would be probably red sent to give you -- $12,000 out of the gate. >> and i think that's what draws a lot of young people to him. he's definitely the passionate candidate. he has the good lines; the quoteible lines, -- but she's sort of the intellectual candidate and she kind of pounds away at the i have more experience and i'm going to be
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going to pay for these things, and i think -- i saw in this debate a little more clash between them than i had previously, so -- >> you know, some of this i had to follow on twitter because i was busy being on tv for the last hour. so tell me about this low blow that bernie sanders is saying hillary clinton -- did she imply that he was being very -- very critical of president obama and, you know, if so -- ip so facto and might help her with the perhaps african-american vote? >> well, let's be honest here. we start out with iowa and new hampshire. new hampshire has as many voters as we have in orange county. it's a very small state. >> yes. >> reporter: so we're moving into nevada on february 20th and south carolina on the 27th. these are two states that are -- that have been shown in polling that hillary -- it's like 60% of the vote there, and she's very strong among democrats so the two things i thought that she
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she basically wrapped herself in obama, everything was about obama and how wonderful and great he's been and how his administration has been fabulous, and by doing that, she's pushing the black vote. south carolina is a strong san diego for her because of the black vote and she caught sanders off guard there with that, and as she points out, his criticisms of oh walla, -- obama he's thrashing back at her with -- that was a low blow. >> and quickly, her strength tonight certainly in the second hour on foreign policy, correct? >> i would say that that tends to be how she -- you know, i would give the first hour to him -- >> uh-hmm. >> he was very strong in the first hour, but she comes back with being secretary of state, been in politics for so long and
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basically well travelled and knows those issues very well. >> okay. susan cleary by the way, if you want to follow susan on twitter at susan cleary correct? >> reporter: that's correct. >> we really appreciate it. thanks for coming in. >> thank you, bob. the more that a month long occupation of a -- refuge has ended. they'll all face a felony charge of conspiracy to keep federal workers from doing their duties who force intimidation. also a cease fire agreed in the civil war facing syria. john kerry making that announcement tonight's. the goal is to put the nation- wide cease fire in place; however, it does not apply to isis. let's check in with brooks now for a look at our forecast.
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>> 49 right now in melbourne and 52 in orlando and it's going to be warmer. finally, as we go through the end of the week and into the weekend, seasonal temperatures prevail. you know, we started off february, very warm. highs in the 80s and in the last week or so, highs in the 50s and the weekend looks sunny and mild, and rain likely monday and tuesday. outside right now, temperature- wise it's pleasant. 52 degrees in orlando and there's a view from the orlando tower cam and the hyatt regency and west-southwest winds bring something mild wind and temperatures, look at that, 56 for orlando, and i think we're a degree warmer than we were at 10:00, and still in the 40s all the way up to daytona beach, 49 degrees right now at the world center, and everyone warmer here, and in the order of five, 10, 15 degrees warmer and tomorrow we're going to warm up with this mild air over texas, over louisiana, and that's headed our way but i want to
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look out to the northeast and right now two temperatures are the in the 20s and the air that's going to be over the northeast for the next 72 hours or so, right there, 51 degrees below windchill -- thankfully, we're in or florida and we will not have anything like that. expect clear skies overnight tonight and clear skies tomorrow and predominantly sunny skies this weekend. here is your forecast. lows in the 40s and just a few degrees cooler than where we are now. highs on friday. 74 degrees and back into the 60s saturday and sunday, but it will feel nice with that sunshine and then back into the 70s to start the next working school week with a chance of rain. bob? >> thank you, sir. just getting this into the studio. ewe got a traffic alert and it's very slow going here and right through downtown, and there is there's a crash right near i-4 and no went injuries and eastbound on i-4, give yourself
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>> dwight howard could be -- yahoo sports is reporting that the rockets are contacting teams regarding howard. howard is averaging 14 points and 12 boards this season but he is expected to opt out of his deal at the end of the year. >> actor johnny 10 coming out with a new movie and you don't even have to leave home to watch it. the star's latest roam playing the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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>> politics, and it's a new app that's designed well, sim -- simplify the political process. they're presented with questions about key issues like health care and immigration. they simply swipe left or swipe left. people are then grouped based on their answers. the idea is to provoke discussion on the issues applying most to voters. johnny depp is playing donnell trump. >> and check this out. this music video is reaching new heights. this is a look at a new video. 6.
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star wars lives. where a galaxy far, far away... closer than ever before. come join star wars awakens. now at walt disney world resort. experience the fun of all four theme parks with the florida resident 4-day disney select ticket. with a >> all right. temperatures in the 50s, much warmer than this time yesterday, and tomorrow is going to be a nice day but bob, take a look at this map. we've been talking about the big time cooldown we're going to see this weekend. here is the air that's coming into play. windchills, that's below zero.
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and that's going to be over the mid east and mid-atlantic. we cool down to 67 degrees, saturday and sunday after a high of 74 degrees on friday -- >> okay. >> hey, by the way, we talked about that accident on i-4 and it's something i've never seen before, an accident that had absolutely zero effect and i'm seeing nothing on there and somebody gets a flat tire on the side of the road. >> at si 30 at night. >> i guess that's just playing a part in it. >> anyway, no injuries, some people don't like to share their wifi, but at bright house networks, we do.
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get your code for free wifi at over 50,000 bright house wifi hotspots.
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harvey: lamar odom just flew across the country with khloe to see kanye's concert. he looks amazing. >> they didn't advise him to fly to new york but apparently kanye would go once a week to the hospital and play him the rough cuts of his songs on this new album. >> if kanye thinks his music like literally woke the dead, he's real. [laughter] >> blac chyna, she's helping rob kardashian sell his sock line. harvey: she's kind of cavorting in trinidad now. some people are thinking oh, they're not together anymore. >> she put a ring on her left finger.


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