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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  April 25, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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distribution] from "fox 5 news", this is training for. >> good morning. tag teaming trump . ted cruz and john kasich are forming an alliance basically just stopping him from getting the delegates. he will tell you about it . >> activists are calling for bill de blasio to step down after an investigation of use campaign cash to support issues . >> islanders are celebrating after the first round in the playoffs . it's a thrilling double overtime win.
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>> good morning, everyone. did you have a nice weekend with your brother still in town? >> we went all over the place.we had a little bit of teresa action doing karaoke all over. she has tools! >> good to see you. hopefully everyone enjoyed their weekend. it's half decent weather here. saturday took time to get out of here.temperatures this morning are little bit cooler outside.not a bad deal.
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central park. 500 in islip. winds are light and variable coming out in three 6 miles per hour. not a big player in the tri-state. other than that, we have a partly cloudy sky here and not much happening as far as precept goes. we will keep an eye on the sky as far as what's happening in the general direction. lucy showers working their way into the tri-state later tonight. for now, you are all right. they work their way into the tri-state region and chances pick up your . today we will be pretty dry with a mostly sunny sky. showers are expected
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off-again. 63 user high on wednesday. let's get you over to ines and see what's going on. how was your weekend? ines: it was great weather. tag it was looking good and no problems 95 in the barrett parkway. let's go to the cameras to see how things are moving. on the verrazano bridge, staten island expressway no problems raised right now. trains are running on or close to schedule and click ted cruz and john kasich say they are in it to win it but at least when together. the little group dynamic. >> make sure donald trump to someone .
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objective is to stop donald trump. the two candidates have formed an alliance. this broke late last night. >> ted cruz said he was against coordinating anti-trump campaign efforts. if your enemy of your enemy is your friend and cruise and john kasich are about to become best buddies. lex if you can't been hit , join his opponent. >> is an unprecedented statement released yesterday . the campaign will focus it's time and resources in indiana and clear the path for janitor senator kasich to complete and senator. we will shift west and give
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path in indiana. they want to deny him the hundred and 37,000 delegates. trump reacted on twitter. >> wow. just announce that lying ted and ted kasich will try to keep me from getting the nomination. desperation! >> trump repeated the charge he made a lot . >> it's a rigged system. >> cruise campaign yesterday were kasich has agreed to no longer compete . >> it's very easy to talk but the real question is, do you understand the principles and values that made america great in the first place. >> cruises no ally says he
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republican nominee with a much last event full day . everyone should feel that you will be treated equally . >> let me think you for having the courage and the vision for being a part of a political revolution! it only applies in those three does not apply in the five northeastern. two rallies in indiana that had been on kasich's agenda
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the obama administration say it might release some of the secret chapters of a congressional inquiry into the world trade center attack. many people believe the 28 pages contain evidence for members of the saudi government provided aid in support to the 9-1-1 attackers. these are high-level people. 15 were citizens from saudi arabia. the white house is considering the classifying part of the documents within the next several weeks. there's been a lot of articles. a lot of people have done research and it really does seem to be an indictment on the saudi government. family members say the truth must be revealed . >> these 3000 families can't speak for themselves. we want the pages released. we deserve to what happened . they will be held accountable because no one has been .
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says it welcomes the release. that way it can respond to actual allegations. investigators want to know what caused a huge fire in brooklyn. this is what it looked like in arlington avenue. 200 firefighters responded to the fire in addition to the three homes that were gutted, five other buildings in the church were also damaged. it took five hours to get the fire under control and five people, including four firefighters suffered injury. >> a man tried to rape a woman on the i. this happened on saturday afternoon next year. police say the man followed a 24-year-old woman to an elevator and began to grow per following her to her apartment and ran off with another man came to the door. the suspect is described as 16 20 years old at 5 foot three and 130 pounds. this is surveillance video so if the person looks familiar to you.
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577 t ips. two drivers got into a fight on the 63rd street. the attacker stabbed the victim 11 times. the victim tried to drive to the hospital the crashed into a parked car. police are searching for the driver with rhode island license plates click . i have a feeling we'll be able to find the sky with all these cameras. ben: forget about using cash. don't worry if you don't have easy pass. there's moving... and there's moving with move free ultra. it has triple-action support for your joints, cartilage and bones. and unlike glucosamine chondroitin, it's all in one tiny pill. move free ultra.
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welcome back. happy monday. a lot of sunshine out there with comfortable temperatures. it's a nice spring day. it's a decent start to the week. it's not bad at all. 53 with clouds in the area. other temperatures at 47 and albany. it's a mix sky around the northeast.
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out in the general vicinity into the northern section of new jersey. it's pretty dry here but there are clouds showing up on the radar that's a decent distance to the north and west.are we at risk of showers? not really. we see them pick up and it will start to look springlike.there is some clouds out there as we get into the afternoon. it's time we start to see some shower chances picking up around 2:00 am. showers and thundershowers are coming by with the area of low pressure working its
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scattered showers or maybe a storm could be a possibility. trees will be the problem out there and everything else will be in good shape. signing clouds are out there at 680. it's on the wild side. there's the wet weather with a high of 64. the dry days wednesday and is a chance of showers on thursday. there is a lot for new york city kids.>> let's go to
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commute. in the lower levels, it's a good option this morning. no problems in lincoln or the holland tunnel. >> now you can leave your cash at home. today is the first weekday with the easy pass only toll . cameras take a picture and you get a bill. >> that means more cameras out there to capture people like chris doing whatever it is he does . >> that's a way for the state to make money because you get a bill and you don't send it and then they quadruple it . it's happened to me in the guardian angel vehicle. >> let's say you are a community across the bridge every day. will you just get a bill? will have bills out the wise you.
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dollar ticket and then you forget about it and it goes into a $250 ticket . >> i got one of those red light ticket the other day . >> that's all they care about. ben: wasn't in nassau county? juliet: in nassau county the attack on like $50 worth of fees. >> oh, i know. >> let's talk about ted cruz and john kasich. they have created this bond and they hope to slap down donald trump. curtis: john kasich is saying you have indiana and you give me a
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new mexico. that way it's 101. . what he ought to do is go through in california is the ninth largest economy. california by itself could be a country. there should be a debate there. it's an average. >> why wouldn't he?all of those vulnerable allies that he is showing would
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>> i see diblasio under investigation . >>. [applause] >> criminal issues here. >> not one , not two but investigations. . happened? >> they are going after him because just like you remember, elliott was opposed to prostitution and he locked up john's ended himself. this guy campaigned where they are not taking big money. they were wining and dining and pocket lining. people were asking, where is the money.>> they were all consultants to go diblasio.
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contribute to this , you would scratch diblasio's belly and he would scratch yours. >> question how do they not think they are going to get caught? how do you think you'll get away with this type of stuff? everyone is constantly being scrutinized when it's these days. >> not only are they being scrutinized but some of them, i can tell you they are already wired up like christmas trees. >> some of these are elected officials and they are not in jail because they agreed to become cooperating witnesses so they get wired up and they record every conversation! people like the other us attorneys they just keep information. ill diblasio's name comes up in any conversation they move in for the kill.
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in a drive at five . curtis: maybe i should run for mayor since the sky will be in jail. >> i like some of your ideas. >> . juliet: i probably would. i think i would be your campaign manager. we would make a good team. he does think you need a first lady . ben: i think she would be . curtis: you would be diva girl. juliet: the overtime thriller.
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the best way to get together, is with the treat
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ben: welcome back! : let's get your monday going. we have sunshine out there once again with clouds trying to make a come back here and some are happening now in the area. we increase chances of showers tomorrow. it gets cooler by the end of the week. that was your weather headlines. carrie and been over to you.
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? juliet: we have only been here every day for four years. exciting news to start with. a hockey pick in game six. duke: the islanders have a chance to close out the series and the first time since 1993. this is an incredible game. they took the lead and jonathan scores first of the series and that will put the panthers up 1/0. he likes that lead and he plays some type defense most of the game with away. the captain, john chavarria scores the game-tying goal at 1/1. they went to the second overtime with the captain
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taveras is right there. it's the wraparound goal for the first time since 93. islanders when a big playoff series.they beat the panthers two games 2/1 to take this series four games /2. >> were sitting there since 1993. >> the islanders look good. >> jacob to grandmas back for the first time since the home opener. he injured his lot and he was away for his new one baby jackson. jackson is doing well after some health issues. nick is here and the third finishing with three strikeouts. i thought he looked really good.
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fifth inning. it's back there to the mound with 5 2/3 shrinking. just one run the second win of the year. it's up for good and it hits the ground with a double. 3/2 and they sweep the braves. the yankees in the braves . it all fell apart. there it is. it's gone. the two run homer and the radar up 3/0. he had a good 27th birthday. he had two home runs and it's to the left putting the raise up 5/0. it's a game-high with four home runs. 10 hits in just five innings. alex rodriguez joined in with a double here going up and a rod had injured
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he had an mri which is negative but no word on whether he will travel to texas for the team. the raise when 8/1. >> playoffs have a bad news and a bad break . game four in steph curry back into the belt line up . took a spill in the second quarter spraining his right heel . you will get an mri today . despite his absence, the warriors at 121/94 to take . johnny manziel has been indicted by dallas county grand jury on a misdemeanor assault . the formal announcement will come today. menthol is a former quarterback and heisman trophy winner accused of hitting his ex-girlfriend colleen crowley that she temporarily lost hearing in one ear.detectives order him to not see crawley for two years. >> johnny
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from "fox 5 news", this is "good day wake up" >> good morning . good monday ! it's 5:00 am. temperatures back up into the 70s but probably not the 70s but probably not too far. >> i like the low 70s. >> it will be nice of the sun is beating down. >> it was warm yesterday . in the sun it was warm. juliet: it was beautiful yesterday. ben: ted cruz and john kasich are teaming up on donald trump.they have formed an alliance to stop


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