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tv   Chasing News  FOX  March 17, 2016 1:00am-1:30am EDT

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the water in the schools is so bad now merely relying on bottled water. >> the water filters that should be changed every six months. >> state officials put this in the mess to begin with you cannot trust them. >> >> i dropped by with the bracket of electric -- college basketball. >> a. self proclaimed hunting even sheol they charged is a small feat -- a
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>>. >> her family is looking for her. >> we're looking for you. we love you. we will never give up hope. >> she went to lunch with a friend but her friend dropped her off at the new jersey you transix station in and no one has seen her since. >> the friend said dropper of. >> her health was an issue she was shot in november employees have said it was a target shooting but no arrest was ever made but the people fear a connection
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her disappearance. >> i am a little nervous. >> was anybody ever arrested? >> something is going on that should not be going on. >> if you see her call law-enforcement her family is worried sick. >> the water going into a narrow -- newark is so bad they kits now only rely on bottled water? >> those that have tested positive for lead contamination now they will test 17,000 students for the lead poisoning. the epa tested the water in all the schools those that tested positive immediately
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the schools to shut down the water and protect though water fountains they also put circassian wraparound deck. this is an absolute failure in the management. >> i myself look at the noneffective schools just to make sure the district was step - - telling us the truth it was severely outdated water filters. >> from the pictures there are water filters dated 2012 and 2013 and they should be changed every six months. >> they cost $75 apiece no way there willingly going to spend that much money on traditional public schools. >> now asking for the of
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in however we did. >> during the budget process i will introduce the bread -- budget resolution asking for $20 million to address the concerns. >> this might come down in cities across new jersey especially if the state. >> darr facing the problem in trying to do something about it but they're just too afraid to look. >> that is my asking for federal intervention state officials put this in this mess to begin with the. >> canal they are aware of it. but before we ask the federal government we should give the state and opportunity to respond. >> 17,000 kids being tested for lead that cannot be cheap.
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multiple robberies. wearing white masks over their face the first happened march 2nd then march 14. we have these videos to show you. >>. >> i in in my mid-40s and still the same division. carrying the entire state on its shoulders. >> of course, that never
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have march madness. >> to drop by in the bracket it was a longtime college coach. every got to filling out the brackets there is closing and not that close but it is rare to nail that. >> tsa to yourself with or without then get rid of them. how did he do that? >> and maybe something to get comfortable with with
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fortune so don't be scared of the long shot. >> they want to knock that out early. >> but if you bake on a savior to with the aa tournament are you out of your mind in the first place? >> but isn't that what march madness is all about? watching throughout the tournament we will have all the games no doubt. the bracket looks okay. so now or another i ended up with michigan state. >> i do a bracket every year
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temple. >> my boss always says that. julie becker is a self-proclaimed hauntingly bin also in her '30's it is in the eric city as well sago literally walked the mile in my shoes. >> i am on the journey myself. >> people and who are married a million years don't get it. >> a small ted or $15,000 fee but that is nothing compared to her mentor that we all remember we met her last year for prices upwards of 50 grand so this is
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>> i am more of a love hunter than a matchmaker. i have that intuition and that skill and i just know people and what they're looking for. and to pare them together but even more so no stone unturned. >> she totally supports obligating -- of my dating and i told her i struggled to do the online profile. >> so she helped me. be yourself take single shots no groups and smile and have fun. >> you're not interested in just the hookup. >> wear a bikini. also don't talk about
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>> what does 15,000 get you? >> 8% is now a long-term relationship love this priceless. i will i have seen them in the many getting a bomb. they either have won a photo or are in a group picture every girl will say no because you don't have a good photograph or they cannot see one or in the group. we had a great morning today discuss state -- discussing a host of issues but when i
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>> they have brought their rate to the top of the list. >> what callers said i had to give my daughter liquor. >> she has been in and out of rehabilitation for almost five years i have had surgery done paul, take her finals were inappropriate and i am thinking what am i doing? >> it looks like it could be dead two-person race between kasich and trump indeed be the biggest threat moving forward.
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>> i'm here at villanova with the governor kasich fresh off his women in ohio the campaign calls this a game changer. it will take a herculean effort to force him to win the nomination at this point he would have to win every single primary to come it even then he would probably be short delegates.
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could not be more different tromp famously has been big crack in talks about balancing the budget and john kasich is taking a higher road but i ask him would he be vice president? >> i asked him why he isn't taking a back road to the white house. >> so i chased him to his car in gear he was willing to give a little bit of trash talk. >>. >> no candidate in recent
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nomination but never say never. >> kasich news has ms. paula she knows when it's time for food but no offense the hairless guinea pig from poland takes the cake. no hair but knows the secret no wonder the instagram page has over 18,000 followers but if you want to follow our believe pigpen go to chase the news desk, to find out what she is doing.
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and donald trump had a better night. >> quiche a biker's christie for an umbrella with us back down on rubio as far back as he assured leading to his defeat last night after failing to win his own home state chris christy started by trump finished him off now it could be a two-person race between john kasich ian donald trump and maybe the biggest threat. he has half of the delegates that over a one dozen primaries to go. so to talk about the great night is he a threat? >> i don't think so but he is the factor. it is still a three-person
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any time the vote is divided is significant that kasich did not do well in michigan or illinois that joy in ohio so it is a wednesday phenomenon. the math is very hard. double trouble ladies 50% going forward of the delegates to hit the magic number john kasich leads 100 percent not a mathematical impossibility but ted cruz is 60% also unlikely but ted cruz continues to carry pick delegates in a few small states in the insiders are looking at the stop trump at a convention. >> are you confident that he has the momentum to go beyond that number so it doesn't matter? ordeal think they will back off?
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because those who make money off of politics realized you can peddle influence if you have nine nobody has influence other than the american people he is not be holding to anybody. that scares the washington d.c. establishment so they will never quit it will be very close he will come very close to that 1237 number he could be slightly over but slightly under nobody else will come close. >> there is one decision alone to do more damage to the party by taking away the nomination from donald trump at a convention as a third-party candidate or somebody to run on their arm -- on his own.
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-- into it. >> the beach by the challenge to date number two. the first thing to learn there is no i in team what still is out as a person who is the least in shape they are an easy and not doing really well for the workout all the veterans will stand up to cheer for them. >> let's see if i can pull
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>> prepare for the unknown. with all aspects of the nizam perform at the highest capacity. >> that is okay. >> i have been doing in a couple years now i have never done this before it is fun. it is in the countdown until you're done. >> with that body challenge
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our friends in l.a. we've got a lot to cover today. later on in the show we'll tell you about taylor swift and calvin harris' romantic getaway. porsha will answer your questions. but first the headlines. apparently olivia wilde is too old for hollywood? >> she's pretty young now. >> she's 32 right now. she was doing an interview with howard stern and she was actually passed over for this role in "wolf of wall street" that eventually went to margot robbie. >> that role? >> yeah, she auditioned for the role. at t the time there were rumors going around she was being told she was too beautiful. but it turned out -- >> yeah, too beautiful for the role. too sophisticated also. but her agent finally told her years later that she really just said she was too old for the part. >> i think the sophisticated part. because if you watch "the wolf of wall street" there's a little bit of a slutty quality.


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