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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  March 6, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm EST

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antwan: an alleged mad man attacking three people in queens, it is our top story. i am antwan lewis. christina: i am christina park, this happened while city is already on high alert following a string of slashings this time police caught the attacker. antwan: to zachary who live. reporter: it of crazy today, chaos. police described suspect a man with prior mental health issues, he went on a violence spree, multiple victims in multiple location, including two injured nypd officers, the suspect is in custody.
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patrick dillon, randomly slashed two, killed one, he set a homeless man on fire. >> the officers demand that suspect dropped the knife, he refused. the suspect sprayed officers with the liquid burning their hands and face. the officer then discharged their weapons shooting the suspect [ sound of gunfire ] reporter: you hear gunshots fired. this video highlights confusion. you get's sense of what it was like to be out there, police asking public efficient their help through twitter as they try to locate this suspect, the -- a
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face this morning at 11:20. just hours later, about 6 blocks away, 3:00, stein way street, dylan standed and stabbed and killed a 55-year-old store owner, after an argument, then he threw a liquid on a homeless man, and set him on fire, he is in critical condition. then dylan is cornered in a backyard, that is where police -- he threw a chemical on police, the officers then fired shots. dylan does have a history of mental health issues, family told police he has not been taking his medication, this is a really sensitive issue where the slashings that have been going on in new york city. back to you. christina: all right.
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antwan: other big story passing of former first lady nancy reagan. christina: who could forget that powerful image of her kissing her late husband's cas kit, casket. >> former first lady died of congestic heart failure at the age of 94. we look back at life and legacy she left. reporter: the iconic image of nancy reagan saying good-bye may sum up her public life of ron -- ronald reagan. there were many layers to her. her early years did not mirror the glamorous life depicted in movies, nicknames nancy as a child, she was raised in a broken home. by her mother, an actress, she had little contact with her
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divorced at a young age, and here mother remarried, nancy and her stepfather had a strong bond, he adopted her, and she took his last name. she appeared in plays in new york before she caught a break, she moved to hollywood, where she appeared in 11 films, here she is in donavon's brain, it was only after a trade paper reported that nancy had communist ties in fall of 19 49 she metronnal reagan. >> that afternoon, phonerage, nancy davis, this is ronald reagan from screen actors guild, i have some answers for you, if you are free for dinner, perhaps we can talk about it i stammered, i think i can can manage it. reporter: they connected fell in
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march 4, 1952, daughter patty was born in october that same year, son ron was born in 1958. >> they were the most married couple i ever met. reporter: she thought she married an actor she quickly released his real interest was the republican party, he ran for governor of california, he won a landslide. nancy of the first laid of laid of california -- lady of california. although not every was a fan of her gowns and dinners. >> nancy reagan had an image that really did not -- portray her, it was a unfair characterization. reporter: president obama and 3
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an assassination attempt. >> i spent a good deal of time with her that day, she was in shock. she was very quiet. reporter: her husband's safety became her top priority, she turned to ast ol have ology for guidance, then, nancy reagan was right there. >> just say no. reporter: those 3 words were en grained in the minds of machines at the morning atthat time -- americans at that time. >> they preferred to be with each other, than anyone else. reporter: they led a private life after retiring to california until 1994, when former president revealed he had alzheimer's disease, a battle he
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>> she described it as a long good-bye, how difficult it was the for her, i think she did it with great dignity, and preserve his dig dignity. reporter: nancy lived quietly after the president's passing. >> the statue is a wonderful likeness of ronny. and he would be so proud. reporter: to the woman that secret service called rainbow, wife, mother, first lady, nancy reagan, 94 years old. christina: tributes are pouring in. antwan: president and first lady release a statement that praised her warmth and generous advice. saying in part, our former first lady redefined her role in her time here, we remain grateful for nancy reagan's life. and prayer full she and her
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husband are together again. christina: many actors, are taking to twitter. >> i sat near nancy reagan once, i felt like a teenager seeing one of my idols. christina: we have more on our facebook wall. >> in michigan, democratic to the alcan date to -- presidential candidates took part in a moment of silent to remember nancy reagan. antwan: marco rubio added puerto rico to his short list of wins. u.s. territory 3 superdelegates have commitd to him, he won minnesota caucus on march 1.
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is lucky to be alive after a man pushed her on to tracks if queens as the train roll into the station, last night in 7 train station at rose voolt roosevelt and 1 -- 103. she suffered minor injuries, if you have any information that could help police call -- help line crime stopper. antwan: looking at week today, talks resume between transit and transit workers, so far no agreements have been reachd, thoses of workers are threatening to strike that could happen next sunday. christina: national women's day, a global event, the day also marks call to action for fighting gender inequality.
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presidential candidates touchdown in sunshine state. at university of miami. christina: still to come, high-flying fun at liberty science center. antwan: a front row look at how drones are changing our world. christina: everyone hates getting phone calls from telemarketers. the fight to block out those calls. audrey: good evening, temps close to average this time of year but they will soar to above
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christina: drone enthusiasts takeover the liberty science center. antwan: from racing to battles and aerial film making, fox 5 a lidia curanaj was there checking out the action. reporter: if you love drones, this is the place you wanted to be first ever day of drones at the liberty science center. >> oh,. reporter: a first for most to see a drone battle, a arena-style sumo wrestling with high-tech aircraft. >> it is cool they crash and like, they drones don't blow up. >> it really cool. reporter: coolness, did not stop there we head to drone race, where bit drone pilots from all over raced along new york city skyline. >> cool. reporter: they are seeing what
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>> drone down, do you see that? >> yeah. >> so cool. >> soous awesome. >> it's gets up. myself. what you see on the screen is what i'm seeing through my virtual goggles it feels like you are flying overhead. overhead. the liberty science center and new york city drone film festival hosted a day of drones together, president and ceo. said that as fun as this is, it is about showing people he drones have help mankind. >> you can fly them into volcanos where a human would not want to be, or into buildings have have collapsed in an earthquake. reporter: they spoke with builders, like rand i. >> all about kids, building drones is amazing way for kids to learn about engineers,
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programming. reporter: this is first and only day of drones with a huge turn out organizers tell me, it will not be the last. >> from jersey city, at liberty science center, lidia curanaj, "fox 5 news." christina: do you want a drone? antwan: i'm not sure about that amazon delivery thing. >> that bowl would be scary, but that is incredible video with the beautiful blue skies like today. antwan: right, audrey? audrey: good eve inning. -- good evening, today temperatures close to average for this time of year this morning we start with freezing mark, it was chillier north and west, we'll have a chile start tomorrow, temperatures will go above average for a change for monday. right now 40 in the park, dewpoint comfortable, pressure
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area wide, we're in 30s, many locations like in islip, and to bring port, we have some -- bridgeport we have 20 degree readings from montauk to sussex and monticello, and toward poughkeepsie, these are a few degrees mild irthan this time last -- miler than this time last night. our wind speeds are slight at the moment, we also have mainly clear skies across much of the area, with light winds clear skies that means any heating we had during the day will be reradiated out, temperatures will take a big drop north and west of the city where readings will be in the low 20s. and 30s here in the city. elsewhere, temperatures feels good down to midatlantic, to great lakes they are having nice readings, everyone will see a mile surge of air coming in over the next couple day, high pressure in control, as this
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the winds will change to southwest, that is going to usher in milder temperatures, then they will go above average, it is quiet to the west. we are watching a system out to the pacific north west weaker have two areas of low pressure over the rocky mountain states, one is coming onshore here across pacific north west, these two will make their way across the nation, then effective for knocks round of precipitation but not until very end of the week, before that happens, we'll see a nice mild air mass that worked through middle part of nation today, shift eastward then come across the area, readings in 60s and low 70s moving into northeast, feel like spring for the week. tonight, not the case, north and west of city, temperatures dropping to teens, mostly in 20s north and west with 30s in city.
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skies, miler temperatures, move to 50s in many locations. nice and dry for first half of week, clear closing in on 70 on width. record high on that date is 69, we could break that. then we stay above average to the end of the week with next chance of rain thursday, we'll be unsettled to the weekend, temperatures will be spring-like and above average for the week, to next weekend. >> we will enjoy it thank you. antwan: senator chars schumer call -- charles schumer calling phone companies to block americans from receiving telemarketing robo calls. christina: hundreds of thousands of people continue to receive unwanted calls from telemarketers, technology senses automated call too a small cap box, there -- spam box. there are two main reason that calls get through.
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push a button and dial a million calls at once, it is hard to stop them, and second, there is something called spoofing, that allows you to disguise the number, that you are calling from. >> schumer said federal officials receive more than 3.5 million complains well robo calls last year. antwan: coming up a certificate
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antwan: mayor de blasio, waving rainbow flag along with the flag of ireland, st. pat's, vent of founded 17 years ago as a way for irish lgbt community to show their pride because the parade on fifth avenue banned them from opening marching bnow they are allowed in all forms. christina: peyton manning going out on top. he has decided too retire after 18 nfl seasons. 5 mvp's, two titles and many records, manning super bowl win last month came our season after a series of surgeries that put
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but following year, manning went on to win nfl comeback player of the year award with denver. antwan: duke with a look at sports. duke: "sports extra" presented by toyota we will talk about peyton manning and his coming retirement. >> and we're tall big east basketball, tournament gets underway their week, head coach, in studio, former st. john star, now working for fox sports troy turner in studio as well a good show. christina: every night thank you. >> we'll be right back. antwan: a look at what you need to know about tomorrow's commute. >> traffic tracker, brought to you by toyota. >> i am ines rosales with toyota traffic tracker, 287 southbound, by franklin, right lane will be closed this week for 1 struck construction
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antwan: "zootopia" roared its way on the top of the box office. christina: london has fallen came in second. "deadpool" fell to third. rounds out top 5 -- >> that is it for us tonight, thank you for watching i am christina park. antwan: i am antwan lewis, with a odd and duke audrey puente and duke castiglione, remember to wake up with "good day new york" tomorrow morning.
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(singing) i just can't wait to meet you, sweet child you're on the way, i'm filled with expectation, and you're growing everyday...
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duke: hello welcome i am duke castiglione. it is great to have you with us, big news this morning, should not surprise anyone, peyton manning can calling it quits, tomorrow it will be official. manning helped broncos win super bowl 50 last month. beating carolina. caroline his second super bowl win to go with 5 mvp's. his stats just off the charts. nfl all-time leader in passing touchdown, 539. 71940 passing yards, tied with brett favre for wins boo a by a quarterback 186, 39-year-old manning team made play you'ves


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