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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  March 2, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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won't be knocked over. it makes you feel cozy. >> it scares me. it makes me worry that when i'm driving i'll be blown off the bridge. it makes me feel like i will be thrown onto traffic . hold onto your hats. we will have a windy day with rain continuing. michael, tells about the wind advisory. >> donald trump shows he has a widespread appeal on super tuesday. he won all across the country with ted cruz and marco rubio claiming victory in their own way. >> hillary clinton came up big. bernard sanders feeling president. >> to armed roberts robbers and queens and brooklyn.
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ben simoneau. good morning. it's scary driving this morning i thought. it was. ben: so easily scared. i have a question. someone help me with this. the white lines that divide the lanes why can't they make them florescent yellow. >> it's hard to see when it's dark and raining. it's impossible. we are all in and out of each other's lanes and i'm thinking i'm going to get pulled over for drunk driving or something. can we launch a campaign? mike: they are destroyed constantly with the weather. ben: the roads are just in
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it will be windy. look at your chances. 90% as you head towards 6:00. that's basically now. it's in the next few hours. it's 40% by 9:00 a.m. and it stops at nothing today. the rain comes at you for the commute and as we had tours lunch we will be good. what do we have right now? solid showers coming through. pockets of heavier rain coming through parts of new jersey and central and northern sections. they don't stick around but you could get localized flooding. there is heavier showers coming through . that's what we're looking at with temperatures updating the last hour at 540. we chopped 10 down in central park and it's 530 ignored. it's the same thing in allentown and to the east it's 510. there is a cloudy sky and a shower. look at the wind gusts.
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advisories of anything of that sort but there is one talking about the wind gust that we will have temporarily as the front passes by. it's in central park in poughkeepsie. we have a cold front coming through and we have a shower head of that. the shower should come down pretty solid at times . on the back side, there is not a lot going on. snow coming over the midwestern state and heading into upstate new york that it doesn't make it here into the tri-state. there's another disturbance coming and it could bring us some snow at that time. the high temperatures have been falling throughout the day and it's back down to a chilly range throughout the night.
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the lows dropping down between 16/ is a shock to the system. we are going to a high of 360 with a below normal temperature and there is a snow chance coming through on friday. it looks better over the weekend but still , it's a little bit cool. let's bring in ines rosales. let's see what's happening out there. we have wet roadways and what else is there?>> it's a bit of ponding going on. no major flooding . at the tappan zee bridge it's in the wet roadways between rockland and westchester county. it's in long island and in the northern state parkway. let's go to the cameras on the fdr drive. it's northbound and southbound moving fine. areas like river drive with poor drainage.throughout
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out for that.the george washington bridge looks good. everything is reopened and in the lincoln and the holland , trains are running on or close. she cleaning rules are in effect . >> hillary clinton will be in the city today over the center for a rally.super tuesday went for ms. clinton. >> the republicans are getting ready for a debate tomorrow . donald trump, ted cruz and marco rubio coming away with victories. robert moses joining us now in the newsroom. >> good morning to you. let's get to the scorecard. it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that donald trump has checkmarks. he did well . we will talk more about the second place with texas here in the big prize last state. texas. that was a big win but really , let's get some alaska. we just learned about an hour ago
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marco rubio finished and third place last night and he only picked up one win in minnesota. he can no longer make a credible case for making a second-place candidate. that goes to ted cruz. >> let's start over to the democratic side. last night was a good night for hillary clinton . we knew it going in. he picked up some other wins and he did especially well with states that tend to be whiter. hillary clinton did better in the diverse states. last night was a good night to be named clinton and trump. >> it's been an amazing evening. >> donald trump coasted to victory in the majority of the states. he won easily in alabama, georgia, massachusetts and tennessee earning closer victories in vermont and virginia. his wednesday demonstrate
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confined to any one region or demographic. >> i am a unifier. once we get all this finished, i will go after one person, hillary clinton. >> ted cruz secure the biggest of the night with his home state of texas. cruz called on the field to unite behind him. >> is one of the field remains divided, donald trump's to the nomination remains more likely. that would be a disaster for republican! marco rubio's win came in minnesota given his week super tuesday showing it's nearly impossible for him to secure the nomination but he didn't sound like a candidate who is ready to drop out. >> i will campaign as long as it takes and whatever it takes. i will be sure i'm the next president of the united
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>> on the democratic side, her status nominee massachusetts , texas and virginia.she demonstrated her widespread appeal in the diverse southern states. in her victory speech, she mocked trump's campaign. >> america never stop being great ! [cheering] we have to make america whole. >> bernie sanders one in colorado, minnesota, oklahoma and vermont . his path is very difficult but he says he will fight on. >> 35 states remain . let me assure you that we will take our fight for economic justice , social justice , environmental sanity and a world of peace to every one of those states.
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tough night for ben person and john casey. no wins in either column. not clear how long they will stick it out. ohio's primary is on march 15. john casey is the governor of ohio. we'll have to see if he can hang in this race. we mentioned hillary clinton rallied this afternoon at 545 at the javits center. they post super tuesday rally. given the results, expected .>> that's you probably have noticed, chris christie is getting skewered . he was behind donald trump yesterday at a rally and he has this curious or strange look trending now. we will talk about that a little bit later. six newspapers have been together to issue a joint editorial calling for him
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it published the morristown and others labeled christie as an arrogant opportunist it was prompted by monday press conference where he refused to answer anything other than his nomination. christie's endorsement was the last draw . >> back to work for jersey. there's a partial shutdown temporary budget to get workers back on the job. it's at least through this month with councilmembers yesterday shutdown saved usd250,000 of employee pay. >> and they are on the hunt for two armed robbers targeting gas stations. on seven different occasions, they showed a
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in one instance they made out with usd3000 in cash. if you have any information, if you recognize the clothing they are wearing, give crimestoppers a call at one 800 577 tips. >> time to take a break . back on earth, scott kelly is back . that's after spending a year in space. watching the weird weather. changes are coming up. temperatures are going up and not down. 540 with showers coming through the tri-state region. you will see the sun peeking out and we are dealing with gusty wind. during the commute it will be not only wet but windy. hold on to the steering wheel.interactive radar is live and the weather app is in the itunes store.
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what's with him? he's happy. your family's finally eating vegetables thanks to our birds eye voila skillet meals. and they only take 15 minutes to make. ahh! birds eye voila so veggie good we are back. the police commissioner are scheduled to hold a news conference later today. at that time, they may confirm it report that they will have an increase presence. teresa perillo joins us now from times square. >> this is something that curtis has been saying for
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i know we have been talking about it. he is on to something. if the nypd believes that the only way to cut down on crime and make people feel safe is to send in the reinforcements.>> get ready for more company on the subway ride. according to the new york post, the police commissioner is expected to announce today that the nypd is beefing up its security overnight. it's putting a cop on every train and patrolling each one, car by car. it's between 8:00 p.m. and 4:00 a.m.. there is fear growing over slashing and stabbings. there is major felony crime underground with 36% for the first month of 2016. it also follows an initiative by the nypd to wake sleeping straphangers who does all of overnight and an increase of transit cops on patrol during all hours. the bill reports at the manhattan transit will post
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city and put them on the overnight train. the officers travel all throughout the city and the idea is to show faith on every car and every line. it is a tactic that's being used throughout the history when crime creeps up. the last time it was deployed was before 2013. right now, the shift will be on a volunteer basis but there is a shortage of cops willing to step up and new york's finest will be a sign to the task at hand. >> it's expected to begin by the end of the week. you might be asking yourself why but what about during the day? the simple reason is because it's so crowded on the trains, especially in the morning, cops won't be able to walk through so, assuming at the announcement that the mayor , police commissioner and transit director will make, it will happen at 1:30
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ben: it's a windy time square! it's now 5:17 am. got caught in the storm is returning home again . it's another cruise cut short. anthem of the seas will dock today's early today. i understand it's entering lower new york bay off the coast of sandy hook. it was trying to avoid the . neural virus. 10 people per day reported being sick so it's not returning because of the illness. it's returning because of the weather. aboard. the guest get credit for the today they messed and future cruise. >> i still don't understand sailing from new york in the winter! you lose so much time caribbean and getting back .
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also lose the experience itself. you don't get to go outside . it's just cold. you take the risk of getting your trip cut short. the ship is not that cheap. >> somewhere to grand.>> this is their beacon. does he think we should paint our lines on the highways neon instead of white so we can see them? >> maybe that could be done.
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>> let's show you what's happening. good wednesday morning. here's the weather headlines. rain is coming at you this morning for the early morning commute . most of us are done with the rainfall out there but the strong wind and gusting around 40 50 miles per hour. they will be with you through the morning and in the afternoon. it's still pretty windy but we will be clearing out. falling temperatures will be the trend throughout the day.much colder weather is coming at us tomorrow through friday. it's even in the weekend. there is no scheduled to come through. the big showers are pressing through the core of the tri-state. you will see heavy downpours and it will bring you progress to the east. once we get beyond 7:00, many of the showers will be shutting down. 540 out of central park and 53 at north . 47 in bridgeport and the windsor gusting at 38 miles per hour.
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the 40 50 mile-per-hour watch out for that. tree limbs are coming down. dropping temperatures to the rest of the day with showers ending up in the morning commute. showers for you on friday. >> let's bring back and ines and see what's happening with the roads. they are wet out there but how bad is it? >> watch out for the ponding spots and the other areas. 684 looks good. if you're driving in new jersey and parsippany is at 287. 280 and 24 are good. let's take a look at the lie. it's 107 westbound with traffic moving fine. there is spots in the corners they have to be careful with.let's take a look at the alexander hamilton bridge. both directions are good and the bqe heading towards the brooklyn bridge.
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limit but there is nothing wrong with that next scott kelly sends these amazing tweets. now he has to stop that because he is back on earth . >> he landed safely last night. she has the story . ben: reporter: landing just a few hours after sunrise. >> even if it is car 60 and not kansas, there is no place like home.>> i am trying to get in position to see. scott kelly and two russian space travelers have landed safely in the former soviet nation of kazakhstan after spending one year in space. >> scott kelly! back on mother earth after 340 days in space. thumbs up. >> were a great view of him now.
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control or letting out a very big cheer. scott kelly returned after 340 days. >> might be one small step for small kelly but a giant leap for the mission to mars. one of the reason he spent 340 days in space is to let scientists study the weightless on the human and's microgravity on the heart. it's a perfect test subject because he has a twin brother who was mark kelly, a former astronaut. he is married to gabrielle gifford. he traveled 140 million miles through space. he circled the earth 5000 times. his experiment compares
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to last for about a year. ben: fascinating! juliet: that is so cold. what an amazing and brave man. we still have a lot more to come including chick-fil-a. where should you start when you're told you have cancer? start with a specialist. start where you'll find advanced technology, precision treatment options and truly compassionate care. start here with a team of experts who treat only cancer. every stage. every day. its not one thing we do. it's the only thing we do. start at cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. the evolution of cancer care is here. learn more at
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sports authority may file for bankruptcy. that's according to bloomberg. it's in talks now for a loan that would make it operating during the court proceedings. the report says they will close 150 stores. it's also in talks to sell stores to dix and modell.
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cream at chick-fil-a. that's if you can put your cell phone away. this is never going to happen. no one puts their cell phones away. boxes on the tables called a cell phone coupe . families are encouraged to drop the phones in the coupe and if they can get through it without picking it up , the restaurant will reward everyone with a free ice cream count. >> that is pretty cool. the idea came from a franchise operator in off. he wants the restaurant to be placed with family can spend quality time with each other. >> chick-fil-a just bringing families together. discussion . they are just not interested . ben: you don't sound that
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"good day wake up" . ben: everyone will be talking about the wind. some of it will be strong at times. juliet huddy, don't worry. we will keep you grounded. super tuesday ground a lot of folks. donald trump. ted cruz and marco rubio were off to look at the bright side as they come away with small victories. bernie sanders has an uphill battle. >> oh yes. these guys face off against hill. he lost big to her.we have a live report on all those reports. public urination and public drunkenness . it's two seats on the subway. it's man spreading.>> you don't have to worry about
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>> we will tell you about policy. >> he is knocking all the stuff over. >> nice try. have done >> it's a wednesday morning. it's wacky wednesday. boyfriend. he finds it horrific. again. >> every opportunity you get you will get there. >> it's like my three-year-old.
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>> the rain is coming through new jersey and pennsylvania. it looks like the rain will wrap it up soon enough. you are looking at showers and here's the deal. rain is coming at an opportune hour. a lot of folks don't have to be out there just yet. you will miss out on it. the showers are squeezing by and if you are in long island or connecticut it takes a little longer to get to you so you will have to deal with showers later on. you have 50 in islip and 54 in central park. 54 and allentown and the wind gust have been nasty. up to 38 mph at newark and 29 in islip. i wonder if it starts to sell you up at the airport. the gusty wind will do that. we have the showers in place in the gusty wind will fall cooling with
5:33 am
. it starts to move its way through the tri-state region that will be the case. we will look at our next storm coming in for the next few days. it's morning rain showers peeking out now 7:00. it should start to taper off as we go throughout the rest of the day. it's a pretty fast-moving system, thankfully. there is morning rain showers because the wind with temperatures falling throughout the day. it's dry and sunny tomorrow but very chilly. that's compared to what we out there on friday. not a lot a little bit . >> let's bring in ines. on. let's hit the roads. >> there is some ponding out there. it's doing okay with no major flooding. 78 into 80 doing fine on sussex county checking in
5:34 am
state . let's go to the cameras and take a look at the commute. this is southbound heading towards the tappan zee bridge. it's northbound with smooth sailing and the checklist has everything off to a good start. it's running on or close to schedule with street cleaning rules in effect. donald trump is the big winner of the republicans . it's a pretty good night for ted cruz. margaret moses brings us all of the roundup information and developments. he is the latest from the newsroom. >> it's a really good night for donald trump. how good was it? he won seven states there. you can see the column chock-full of the checkmarks. let's talk about ted cruz. he needed a good showing. he got it winningly plum award last night which is 155 delegates.
5:35 am
got oklahoma to the north. that was important. early this morning, and our half or two hours ago, he won in alaska. margot only had one stay in his win column. we weren't sure if you would win but he did. now, cruz is the one who can make a credible claim for second place. everyone is chasing trump. >> it's been an amazing evening. >> donald trump coasted to victory in the majority of super tuesday states. he won easily in alabama , georgia, massachusetts in tennessee winning closer to trees in vermont and virginia. the winds demonstrate that the appeal is not confined to any one region or demographic . >> i am a unifier. once we get this finished we will go after one person, hillary clinton! >> he got his home state of
5:36 am
cruz called on the field to reunite behind him. >> so long as the field remains divided, donald trump's path to the nomination remains more likely. that would be a disaster for republicans. it's for conservatives in the nation. >> marco rubio soul when came in minnesota given his week super tuesday showing and it's nearly impossible to secure the nomination but he did not sound like a candidate who is ready to drop out. >> i would campaign as long as it takes and what ever it takes to ensure that i am the next president of the united states. >> at the end of the night, no one says that he would drop out. i say that because john kasich and ben carson are in dire straits. neither picked up a win. the only thing he could say about last night is that he came in a very close second. trump one vermont and
5:37 am
second. that's the only silver lining that came out of last night. ohio's primary is coming up on march 15. can he hang in that long? would trump when that one too? >> there is the latest results on the side from washington d.c. >> a strong night for hillary clinton. out of the 11 states voting, she took home
5:38 am
it's very important with bernie sanders coming away with just four states. it is proportionally divvied out. there is a final standing with 1000 delegates. that's less than half of what she would need to bring home the nomination. sanders are saying do not count him out. he has one third of the delegates that she has and says his support comes in the weeks to come. some of the western states vote over the next two weeks.clinton and sanders spoke to supporters last night . >> it's economic justice and social justice for environmental sanity and a world of peace . >> you heard from sanders they're saying it's a proportional divvied up of the delegates. he won't be out anytime soon! >> it was chris christie who stole the show.trump began speaking as governor christie speaks behind him. some say he looked confused.
5:39 am
know why he was there he was thinking, what have i done? >> people could not stop commenting. his face is generated several names with a # . one twitter user says it hostage situation. others wondered why obama had not sent them in to rescue him. governor christie endorsed him after he dropped out of the race. it was priceless. >> free chris christie. >> it's 539. the manhattan district attorney will no longer prosecute the quality of life offenses. is it because he is looking for him? >> i doubt it. when you gentlemen can't seem to hold your
5:40 am
>> you don't like to say these things for public drunkenness and taking more >> instead of being arrested , you will be given a summons and leslie had an outstanding warrant in which case they say the change could divert 10,000 cases per year. critics say changing the policy on low level offenses will lead to an increase in more dangerous climate . >> did you ever notice how juliet talks like a sailor when the cameras not on but when it comes to these stories, she can't utter the word . juliet: i don't like to talk about bodily functions or things like that. i do curse. that is true. i have no problem admitting that. you could blame my mom for that . ben: think you. erica?
5:41 am
entertained. we have showers coming by . it looks pretty impressive. here's the good and not so good news. the good news is it's coming through at a fairly early hour with a lot of folks not having to deal with it. it's a mess northeast new jersey over the city of western long island and the lower hudson valley right on the corner of the tri-state. if you will not be out for a while, you are missing out. temperatures are mild at 540 in central park and 49 in islip. it will take a little while for the heavier showers to get to the east.wind gust will pick up for everyone at 30 miles per hour. central park and 30 and it's pretty significant wind with minor damage from the passing. the cold front will continue to head to the east and we will get a good shot of rain for the early morning commute . sunshine returns and it
5:42 am
the's out of your later this evening and tomorrow it's sunny with another small shot of snow. it could not be a big weather maker for us. download the weather up and put it into work . it's wet but the rain is not around for too long. >> not too many. just watch out for the roadways and the ponding conditions.there is a little delay with closures and construction. no select event delays there. no problems crossing the bridge at the freeway and let's go to the cameras and take a look at the commute . in the northern state parkway, this is the
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juliet: checking out your headlines at 5:46 am. the nypd is stepping up patrols underground. there will be an officer on every subway train.
5:46 am
used in the past when crime creeps up. >> the cruise ship got caught in the wild storm. it's back on this morning after another trip was cut short due to bad weather. the anthem of the seas is docking now. it's in bayonne new jersey two days earlier to avoid the storm off the coast of north carolina. show. after one year in space, the astronaut , scott kelly, his back on earth. what an incredible man he is. they landed late last night with 340 consecutive days in orbit . ben: welcome back! he posted phenomenal twitters over the past year . >> back to you. >> sports for the local team last night. >> i feel like i'm always delivering the bad news this morning. >> the portland trail blazers were in town taking
5:47 am
the next were up by two points. he grabs the ball and he tries to dunk it. he did not count it because it did not go in. here is how the whole game went. alan threw the ball out of bounds and a fan got so frustrated he threw the beer at him. in the third quarter, they landed and he pulls the next within three points. fans are chanting. the former college player of the year played the final three minutes to finish with four points. the knicks suffered their 15th loss as carmelo give his money back while pointing at the owner. kobe bryant as final season in the nets pregame. jordan clarkson science d'angelo russell who knocks
5:48 am
went off in the game for the brooklyn nets in the fourth quarter under four to play.he drives and scores and finishes with a career high of 39 points. under two minutes with thaddeus young . he adds another three and the lakers go on to be the nets in la at 107/101. >> let's head over to hockey. did anyone win a game? let's check it out.the carolina hurricanes . it does not look good with adam henry leaving the shot in the goal. the devils lead 1/0. the canes get even with derek ryan gliding in. it's a power-play goal with the canes tying up the game at one. it still tied and he brings in the rebound. it's the goal in carolina
5:49 am
the islanders are visiting the canucks. daniel dean ties the game and both not to. he finds the back of the net and we have a winner. the islanders beat the hurricanes at 3/2 . >> the spring training game this afternoon taking on the detroit tigers. a spotless back! it comes one day after rob manford suspends a yankees closer under the domestic violence policy. he will miss the first 30 games . the suspension stems from incident back in october when he got into an argument with his girlfriend and the mother of his child in his home. no charges were filed but he does admit to firing shots in his garage.
5:50 am
>> i want to be clear i did not harm my girlfriend that evening. i should have exercised better judgment. for that , i am sorry. the yankees issued the statement. they support the decision by the commissioner and they say they are pleased that he has accepted the discipline. >> he will not appeal. he will serve 30 games. >> thank you. mike woods has a wet and windy day. what weather will only be around for a little while. most of new jersey is dealing with the showers moving out of the area. it's coming through the core with a pretty thin band of storms . we are looking at this solid rain coming through now.if you have another hour or two, you might miss most of it.
5:51 am
park. don't be full by the mild temperatures. they will be fading away as the day goes on.the wind gust coming in and the 20 30 mile-per-hour range. coming from the tri-state region, it will work its way through. once we get beyond lunch time, everyone in the tri-state is done and the temperatures will start falling down later this morning.from now six or eight or 7:00 it starts dropping down quickly to a 0% chance by 3:00 in the afternoon. you have morning rain out there with gusty wind and falling temperatures.
5:52 am
it will be windy with a high of 36 tomorrow with sunny skies. it's a big drop in temperatures. all it cost you is a text in your text plan. let's bring in ines and look at the roads with the slowdowns. ines: everyone is at work keeping an eye on things. if you are taking the bear mountain bridge, it's looking good. so is the rest of your commute with a lot of rain out there. let's take a look at the northern state parkway with an accident being looked on at exit 30. the lie and queens let's
5:53 am
over by the grand central pkwy. we're headin smoking causes 16 different types of cancer. you have one clear way to reduce your risk. you can quit smoking.
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they delayed a pretrial hearing scheduled for next week . well decides to hear the appeal, 78-year-old is accused of drugging this employee in his home in 2004.
5:56 am
attorney says he would not be charged in the case. a different da reopen the case last year and filed charges against cosby in december. the wrapper, the azalea, wants everyone to start getting honest. she says she wishes plastic surgery wasn't so taboo. more people need to admit to the work that had done. that's very true.
5:57 am
nose job and breast all. it's your own feel good about yourself, that's all that matters. >> more than 10 years after high school musical became a phenomenon, a new movie is in the works. >> this is what made zac efron a star. disney channel announced high school musical four, the movie. it's a nationwide search underway. they are expected to continue the story. east high i do everything on the internet. but, it's kind of slow. my friends say i should get fios because it's the fastest. i just downloaded 600 photos in 60 seconds. that's seriously better. (husband) we're out of 2%! i wonder what else could be better around here? (husband) i heard that. switching to better internet is now easier than ever. only fios has the fastest internet available, with uploads up to 5x faster than cable. get 100 meg upload and download speeds. plus tv and phone for just $69.99 a month online with no
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switch to better.
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