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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  February 15, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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from "fox 5 news" this is "good day early call" suite three temperatures are rising today. starting out in the teens. 140 in the park. we are looking at a mix headed our way. mike woods says some snow is a potential. we will see what they say. i will not be the meteorologist. i will let him be the meteorologist >> former governor choke a woman at the plaza hotel. we'll have more on those allegations. ben: was supreme court justice . he passed away in texas.
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and he was 79 years old. a conservative icon the court. the president says he would like to name someone but republicans say it should wait until someone knew his elect . >> much more on that. it's 430 on this monday. >> presidents' day. a lot of folks have a three-day weekend. that's judging by the folks that were out and about . >> mike woods was not among them out by the bars. before already out at work. temperatures are warmer than what we had. >> it was so quiet in the city. >> we went out to dinner saturday night and it was wild. it was like it may has
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christmas. before you just did that . >> it was fine. mike: had to get out there and experience it myself. why not? record-breaking. now, we're onto a new day. we have to go to work and a lot of folks do not. i hope you had a good weekend. here is what we have for the starters. purple shades with a winter weather advisory going from noon 1:00 this afternoon. a wintry mix is coming into town. it will bring in some minor accumulation but generally speaking , nothing until some slick spots out there. that happened later this
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into rain. if we do have the win , windchill factors are at 60 . not looking at record-breaking temperatures out there but we are seeing the clouds increase with snow showers down to the south. this overtakes the tri-state region. it changes over terrain and it will make for a slick afternoon and evening. moderate showers are coming through on wednesday and there is more on that , coming up . ines was out there enjoying some family time. she is back. ines: good to be back. traffic is lighter than normal because it's presidents' day. coming in from rockland county looking good on the bridge.
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of the bridge at new jersey and 287. it's smooth sailing. >> the metro-north on a saturday schedule along with the subway and the buses. it's a weekend schedule there. the li double are on the holiday schedule and street cleaning roles are suspended with the meters remaining in effect. greg's the trip was good. >> not tropical. 650 in the mountainous's cold to them. they are looking and saying, are you cold? >> it's so windy. >> we are glad to see you back . >> in the news this morning, a spokesperson
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the former new york governor jodi person at the plaza hotel. >> error reports the two into an argument. robert moses joins us now outside the hotel . >> . robert: elliott spencer these allegations are serious. at one point, there was a crime scene unit parked here and please could be seen entering hotel. this is a quintessential new york place what police want to know is was it a crime scene? >> eliot spitzer is providing fire for the tabloids. the woman he was with on saturday in a swanky room at the hotel told him she was returning to her native russia. reports say he got angry and choker . she reportedly wrote a glass and cut herself. she was taken to roosevelt hospital for treatment. police would not confirm
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are investigating the allegations. a spokeswoman only say there is no truth to the allegations. his wife, silva, at his side , he resigned in 2008 after he was linked to a prostitution rink . >> i am sorry i did not live up to what was expected of me. to every new yorker in those who believed for what i tried to stand for, i sincerely apologize. >> he tried to make a political comeback in 2013 but his bid failed when he lost the democratic primary. he and his wife split that year . >> is a fixture in the neighborhood with an apartment just a few blocks away. i was working last week and he was walking up fifth avenue jarring for someone who is in the public eye for so long.
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normal private citizen. he is the subject of the's still not clear what the relationship is between the woman , the accuser, and spitzer. live from the plaza in midtown. >> nassau county police are looking into a fixing scandal involving the county executive. he says someone impersonated his social media account and print those out to a public relations woman. she says she doesn't know her cell phone number. >> a virgin atlantic flight looking at a laser pointer aimed at a cockpit . it stays before they started to turn back . listen to the audio of a
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>> we have a medical issue . we will return. >> request from london . is there any indication as to where the incident occurred? west . >> it's the code for a non-life-threatening emergency. there is no word on the copilot's condition but he was able to continue playing before it clock london time. they're not trying to pinpoint where the laser beam came from. the body of the supreme court justice is being
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after he died in texas. democrats are looking for the democrat to fill the seat. they say it's the next job for the next president. his body was on the plane on his way back in virginia. it's one of the greatest legal minds of our time. that's despite over who will replace him and the debate is heating up . >> this left a funeral home yesterday found for his home in virginia. was found dead at a west texas hunting ranch. flies were lowered to half staff as a tribute to the conservative justice. >> we did not see eye to eye but he was one of the
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>> he is going to be very difficult to replace. >> his replacement is the topic of intense debate . >> president obama says he will replace a nomination. >> i think we should wait until after november before we move forward . the present economic however he wants but that's not going to happen that is pretty clear. >> it's outrageous that republicans in the senate and on the campaign trail have already pledged to block any replacement that obama nominates. >> he weighed in a possible successor back in 2012. >> anytime your retirement has a like-minded justice i would not like to be replaced by someone who goes about undoing
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>> all three serve on the d.c. circuit court of appeals. reporter: new york times is listing another successor. that's cory booker. he served as new york's mayor from 2006 2013 before being elected to the senate. he is a law free from yell. there is no plans yet for a funeral. >> if they name the senator, he's more likely to allow those hearings to proceed. still had, we are warming up today. mike is up next with a
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happy presidents' day here! mike: hopefully you can relax and enjoy the cool temperatures. do it you are supposed to do. we have another winter weather advisory in effect for most of the tri-state region. we have new jersey and the hudson valley. all five boroughs included in the winter weather advisory that goes into an
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tonight. looks like there is some snow and ice accumulations coming out on the minor side at 2 inches. it changes over terrain in the evening commute . 40 below are the actual temperatures. it's -1 in the morning and it's a record low temperature. the coldest we've seen in a long time in 40 years. a windchill factor at central park at 60 30 below and 10 below and isolate. some folks are still seeing clear skies a lot of us work our way into the tri-state region. it won't stay all the way through.
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that we have it coming in. afternoon. on the future cost, rules in and brings us the few flakes of snow around one 2:00 in the afternoon. it will stay that way until you get to the evening commute. it will change over terrain in the overnight hours. it's a pretty solid day of rain tomorrow and rain becomes heavy tomorrow night. it's pretty much out of here with sunnier skies. snow showers out there coming in later this afternoon. it will change over terrain . it climbs up as 550 is a high.
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at that. >> the fox five top headlines with alerts on it. you are all set to rock 'n roll on this valentine presidents' day. >> of course on the holiday everyone is off. on 684 new jersey, looking good in the woodbridge area. no problems on the parkway . that's take a look at the lie . westbound and east, traffic is quiet. let's go to that camera shot in the upper and lower level in the lincoln and holland. same goes to the bqe. >> for the first time in 52
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, ashley graham a plus size model said she was taking a risk in the magazine. she says she is on the cover. >> it's the first time a cover model or body pain. she is her hand at the top of her swimsuit. she says every girl has something to relate to any issue. the magazine is on the newsstand now, online and on the app for the swimsuit edition. >> i guess it's a big deal. >> best to them. moving on. >> joining us now in studio we will talk about that in a minute about curtis. curtis: why are we talking about that later ? ben: don't you want to talk about elliott ?
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the claw ! he was wearing his black socks. socks. we know that . curtis: now, we find out it intensifies with a russian woman on her way back to vladimir putin. you know what will get into him. while it's going on, you better believe there is a lot of schmoozing changing hands from one account to another. its operation fill up my cash register in moscow! i will make it go away . you know that's what's up. they did not arrest him. lawyers are negotiating. if we did it it would be called extortion and shake
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lawyers do it as a negotiation over making something disappear. that's when you're wealthy . if you are average in the street they put the silver gloves on you . ben: let's talk about the text investigation. having been a victim of a wife of mine getting her hands on all my emails i know what he is going through. >> in the middle of nowhere , we are claiming no. there were two lovebirds in the video.
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county executive is okay. >> it was a very generic thing. >> i told you how i feel. >> that's talk about the justice. the republicans are saying it should wait until there is a new president but obama is the president for the next 11 months. i have to be honest , if it was a republican in the white house , they would push hard for that . it's so hypocritical. though democrats would be blocking. curtis: you know we will not see a new justice to replace him upon his passing. i am concerned that we had judge thomas there.
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and never said anything. he the first things to him. what is he going to do without him now? how is he going to be able to think ? how will he come up with his own opinion? ben: we are down to justices. we will see it's determined by the next president of the united states over my dead body of its hillary clinton. then we're all screwed . the conservatives will be on the outside looking in. >> you think he should have the rights to appoint someone? ben: but in this state of partisan politics , you think they will let that happen over cory booker? ben: still ahead , nba. "good day early call" is
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hi dad. uh huh. yeah...sorry about that. think about it there must be higher love down in the heart what do you think? and in the stars above hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you' re going to like these numbers.
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i could rise above time now for sports. good morning, duke. the nba all-star game with kobe bryant in the final game. it's east versus west. kobe got a new ovation and played a nice long video
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the super bowl mvp getting into the action. ron takes him to the few . carmelo watch the ball go in. he had his own moment. he looked like he was playing conservatively last night. it's a big lead for the east. it's 196/173. no one will remember that but what they will remember is the final all-star game for a big one in the stars. hockey now with rangers playing host . it's the first meeting between the two teams with wade simmons. he knocked him out with a concussion. would there be retribution? the answer is yes. [cheering] 39 seconds into the game .
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they dropped the gloves. he is scoring a pair of goals and this is the 100th career goal there. the devils had a 1/0 lead. they have the third squeak opposition. it's just a week after winning the super bowl, peyton manning is finding himself in a lawsuit. the suit filed on tuesday by a group of women alleging he is a number of athletes who created a sexual environment at the university of tennessee. the allegedly sexual
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hero a book temperatures across the change today. we will see a massive warm-up . warm-up . it's a mixed bag. we will see a little bit of everything today. it's cold, rainy, snowy and then not snowy. everything you have, weatherwise.


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