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tv   Wall Street Week  FOX  January 24, 2016 9:00am-9:30am EST

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cold can't you. it almost makes it even colder, all that snow. >> jennifer: irvington, new jersey jersey as we dig out from this historic storm. >> steve: it doesn't really matter where we park the camera, the upper east side, long island, long island, there's different snowfall totals but nothing too major, it all looks the same. nowhere really miss the storm which is almost basically the the sun even came out, they were out for hours. >> steve: when the roads workloads people were walking down checking it all out, jackets all bundled up. a crazy morning and a lot of people are busy. let's get over
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with a look at the weather. you have that mere record-breaking stories. >> samantha: so close. one tenth of an inch of snow in so many of us thought we're going to make it and get there but we did not. at central park you storm total was 26.8 inches of snow. the all-time record was 26-point nine. that was february 11 through 12th in 2006. here's a list of the top five biggest snowstorm that central park. this is really a major storm, couple of things that helped, and not that bad on the roads this morning, it is slick and icy. we had the travel ban so not too many people were out and about. our sanitation department was able to get out in the with the plows. i drove drove into the city overnight tonight and i
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quite beautiful as well. the blizzard is now gone, we have cleared it out. look at this photo, 26 inches. everything does look really nice, covered in snow. i think one day we only had half snowstorm. we had a record-breaking, warm december and now look at your january. almost had 30 interest just like the airport. for 2 feet of snow here, we're just in that bull's-eye. 26.8 in central park. on the lower end, stony point, newark is 17 inches, still more than expected for you. there is a five minute between a lot of snow and not a lot of snow. that big. that big burst of snow headed right towards us. we get 12 inches in connecticut, 6.8 in westtown. snow is out of here but we'll
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potential for minor to moderate coastal flooding. tides are are two-3 feet above normal. there is also a high tide advisory in effect. the servers are out so kind of a wild morning. there goes the snow, the dry air pushed and quickly, it is calm, the winds have backed down. temperatures are below freezing. all the slushy spots in snow's lots are going to continue to be rough out there. take it easy as you are shoveling and trying to clean up the piles and piles of snow. all of the big snowdrifts, so many people's cars people's cars are covered in snow out there. twenty-four in islip, 20 degrees in a poughkeepsie, and 16 in monticello. winds are not too bad, yesterday they're gusting over 60 miles per hour. now
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>> -15 miles per hour. high pressures kicking the storm out to sea, here it here it is right now and it will creep out just sipping away from us. we will be the clear the rest of the day today. will check out your planner for today, temperatures will be rising to just about freezing. that means, especially the shaded areas, the side side streets and sidewalks, whatever you shovel, whatever snow and ice is left over will continue to be slick out there. temperatures will be in the 20s tonight, by tuesday where up to 43 degrees, 40 on wednesday. friday looks partly cloudy, there is going to be a coastal storm out to our south and east. after the storm, we will watch it but overall you're week does your week does not look to be too bad. now back to you. >> steve: because of that near
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down most of the transit in the area. there is no way to get in or out of the city. >> jennifer: some services are up and running, nyc mayor's office has a good handle to follow right now they have all the updates. let's go over to ines because she has a real-time update for. >> ines: a lot of stuff is shut down, the hudson river crossing, if you need to head out watch out for the slushy on and off ramps. hudson valley, bedford road, is, is looking good out there. the thorough way by card start parkways nicely cleaned up. queens or nassau county that's the l ie, primary roads are good. secondary roads you need to be careful with. by hempstead avenue it's nicely clean, on route 24, there are some restrictions by the garden state parkway northbound, nice
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hour. hour. let's look at the transit system. suspended service for long island railroad. they're hoping to have it back up for monday's commute. new jersey transit is systemwide suspended and will continue on monday. sussex county and nassau county there is no buses. fully operational in and out of grand central by 3:00 p.m. buses in the city are on a modified sunday sunday schedule. not all of the lines are operating. port authority is back open, now with the subways. here's what your story. one two, three, four, four, five, six is the bronx is restored. these are the aboveground, one in three trains from manhattan
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an line, as for staten island railroad they have been restored, some lines like brighton beach have not been restored yet. we are getting back into the swing of things. there is a lot going on. >> jennifer: we are also trying to hear if the schools will be open tomorrow. >> steve: more information on that later this morning. lisa is stuck on the upper east side. she is a smile on her face and a lot of people are out this morning. >> reporter: there so many people out. let me me show you what it looks like over here on answered him avenue over by 71st street.
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happy about. sore some of the other stores coming back to life, the newsstand has been digging it out, the finally made a path from the newsstand to the sidewalk. that is the big news from this neighborhood is shoveling out. let me show you what the streets look like. sanitation department did a terrific job. broadway is completely clear right here and even the side street. the promise people parked along there because they got plowed in with the snow. that's the part that people are experiencing right now. people are coming out of their apartments with shovels and brooms, trying to dig their cars out. the nypd is telling us the travel band that we are hearing about that went into effect last night was lifted at 7:00 a.m. this morning. i spoke with the public information office and they told me there was no arrest, no one was arrested. everyone did a good job. look at.
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newspaper. you're doing a great job. >> go very good it's very hard to walk. >> reporter: just getting around the streets are better but if you have to move, it is a little tough. if you have a baby carriage, or a car car like that gentleman did with the newspaper, he's trying to get the newspaper to the other newsstands here. so that people can get their sunday paper as they come out, we have to tell you were talking about the brunch places and the pizza place on the corner here has been hop in. one of the earliest places to open up. there were full of people, you see someone waving with us with a shovel you see them trying to dig out. you can see the tremendous amount of the snow from the height of the snowbanks. just look at how many people are
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get back to life as normal. one thing that is concerned about is people exerting themselves while they are shoveling out. here's what mayor diblasio said last night. >> it is very important people clear the roads so sanitation can do its work and get the city back on its feet. of course we need our roads clear for the first responders. they need to to have the freedom to get to anyone who is in danger. nypd has make clear that no one wants to have to arrest people but nypd will take any measure necessary to keep our roads clear in the middle of this emergency. >> reporter: nypd confirmed there were no arrests. there were a number of summons issue. also confirmed three fatalities. apparently weather related and most likely due to people shoveling on their bodies just cannot take it.
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back to you. >> jennifer: it is always important to check in on people as well. how about your neighbor. >> steve: you do need to help your neighbor. robert moses is in brooklyn prospect heights. it looks like he's in front of a church or something. >> reporter: good morning, heights would be the operative word here. i'm standing in a big pile of snow at the side of the road. i can almost touch the top of the sign, that's how high it is. ashland. they are covered in a cocoon of cold. hopefully i don't crash and burn here as i get down off this pile. i want to walk over to flatbush avenue, this is one of the thoroughfare here in brooklyn by atlantic terminal. the reason we are here is because we want to update you on the transit situation. you heard and is talking about
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bus service on flatbush avenue. no buses there now, i was hoping there would be. there have been all throughout the morning. bus service resumed at 7:00 a.m. just a few minutes ago, as ago, as of 9:00 a.m., most of the above ground, that is outside, exterior subway service also was back up and running. metro-north is scheduled to resume at noon with full sunday service. everything should be back up and running by 3:00 p.m. the mayor's office it appears the long island railroad will remain suspended until tomorrow. that was from the mayor's office i want to show you video from inside atlantic terminal, we shut this earlier this morning,
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[inaudible] >> steve: that is the first time we lost the signal this morning given the weather and the wind, that was robert moses live. let's take a look at the camera, in new jersey. >> jennifer: it is a bright sunny day. we are awaiting a news conference by the mayor at 11:00 a.m. this morning. >> more about the school in the
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after the storm. wow. the internet is crazy fast here. i know, right? it's so nice to have everyone over. hi hey. mmm. i just laid an egg. does anybody want it? joey, you want some gasoline? yes, please. mom, guess what? i married a clown and we're having tiny little clown babies. mhm. i just bought a hammer. with internet fast enough for everyone, your guests might get a bit carried away. get out of the past.
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>> steve: look at the long island expressway. i'm in press. the road crews did some pretty impressive stuff. that is alive alive camera shot from a moving vehicle. you can see no one on the l ie but they have done an impressive job. >> jennifer: and it great time to do that.
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there's nowhere to park in the row. >> steve: it was an impressive weather event yesterday. >> jennifer: this was historic. the number two were snowstorm and the city. samantha, we had some impressive snow totals. >> samantha: the all-time record was 26.9 inches, we got 26.8. >> steve: i saw the headline that a winter's worth of snow in one afternoon. >> samantha: typically what we get an up a winter is about 28 inches. sunspots had more than that yesterday. and the holidays just before christmas we are at 70 degrees, now we have a blizzard, it was officially a blizzard because blizzard because we had strong winds and reduced visibility. now it is about getting out and cleaning up after the storm. adorable dylan here is doing
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they had about 26 inches of snow. it is good to see them bundled up and working hard. as you head out, make sure sure you dress warm because temps are below freezing. it is very icy, with all of that snow make sure you take it easy as well. give yourself breaks if you feel tired. you can get out later on today and do some later. this is a photo from eugene taken in bohemia, look at that, everything is covered in snow, it is a winter wonderland, a very pretty view. it is a pain in the you have to get up this get out this morning and shovel and cleanup. here's a look at the highest snow total across the tri-state. the bull's-eye was straight through in new jersey to new york city, queen scott hamburg, avon southwest connecticut got a lot of snow as well. the core of the heavy snow did creep further to the north and east.
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tran airport. twenty-six in corning, new jersey. check out the peak when gus. this is why we have blizzard condition. there is a pitcher i took at long beach in the morning, visibility under one quarter of a mile. mile. winds were 64 miles per hour, 54 miles miles per hour in other areas. it was a brutal day but many of you were waiting for the snow and were happy about it, you got it. this morning we don't have much going on, this this is the last high tide cycle we are concerned about potential for minor to moderate coastal flooding. this afternoon conditions will be improving. the sky his clear, snow has drifted to the south and east, it has been pulling out since 2:00 a.m. this morning.
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11 degrees in sussex, 23 degrees and sussex. for your day today, it is going to be bright with snow on the ground, a beautiful sky. it looks pretty a out there with the temperature 29 - 34 degrees. it will 4 degrees. it will continue to be slick and icy on the streets that are not completely clear on the sidewalks. more sunshine, are 40s on tuesday and wednesday. friday not too many problems. temps will be near 40 this week. >> jennifer: at 945 a.m., the governor is expected to hold a storm hold a storm briefing with senior state officials, will be caring that. >> steve: at 930 will be talking with the governor.
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and long beach. >> reporter: the wild card that we mentioned all along, the storm the high tide and people we spoke with are very relieved there is minimal to no flooding. take alive alive look at the streets, where at west beach street, cars are driving slowly since the travel ban has been lifted. because have been working trump and i to keep up with the snow piles. people we talked to our venturing out today. >> a lot of snow,. >> reporter: our the rose? >> there okay here but we are snowed in. a massive pile on the into the street. >> reporter: we have been talking to a lot of people, i know i love playing with my dog on the beach and in the street especially when it snows. it's important to know they get cold too. >> jennifer: i saw a picture that someone took incentive,
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dog from the house to outside. >> steve: makes it easy for there's quick trips with their animals. in and out. >> jennifer: believe it or not, a a lot of stores actually did make deliveries last night. >> steve: if you are delivery person you were is the last night. >> reporter: i was not expecting to find us queens, hot yoga place open. no luck no luck at this 24 hour laundromat either. we did catch this father and son working. so i see her digging out your car, do you plans to go anywhere >> getting my car ready for tomorrow, i have a job. i've been waiting for the snow for a long time. >> reporter: did you happen this happened during the school week? finally i trudge through about a foot of snow to reach the front door.
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coffee, and then, no no dice. one of the workers said they are closed because they are stuck. what is going through your mind now? >> how we are going to get home. >> reporter: just really thought queens was a ghost town, town, we found the black sea restaurant on queens boulevard open for business. >> baklava, thank you. >> reporter: through owner said he never closes. even even during sandy he said open. >> every day. i don't close. >> reporter: he aggressively offered me some top chai. thank you for the tea. fortunately they all live within walking distance to the restaurant. i had a bite of the block love our and the calls for take out continue.
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>> steve: let's take a look now there's a video in new jersey, look at that. thousand huge a huge concern with a high tide coming along the same time as coastal flooding. >> jennifer: residents are still dealing with yesterday's storm. this is is the high tide tonight just after 8:00 p.m. >> steve: tough conditions along the shore. the storm is finally on the way out. this is prospect heights, brooklyn. everyone is everyone
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yorkers cannot stay inside for more than 24 hours, this is alive look, upper east side. look at that, the streets. >> steve: a lot of people yesterday. >> jennifer: to see jogging, walking? >> steve: is the real deal out there they joined is now about the massive storm as we're digging out as we speak we're just so close, we we have to comment on that guy. >> jennifer: jumping over the snow mountain snowdrift their shoes in the cold, this was a record breaking snore.
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no follow vault times. the biggest storm was february february 11 we had 26.9 inches inches yesterday, we had 26.8 -- just to tenth of an inch away from that parts of the valley got significant snow as well this is the fun stuff we can finally do some playwriting. thanks to april for that photo. really, a gorgeous thing here. here. the weather was wild yesterday afternoon. there could be some minor
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your snow totals on top of that,
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