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tv   Our World With Black Enterprise  CW  August 11, 2013 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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come face-to-faceewith tte predators of the ocean...we exhibii... mooday on fox45 morning news. a nationwidd manhunt... is peeeager....and her alleged &plong-awaiteddreunion shh'lll the first famiiy... leaves presiddnt ill be ennoyingg some down time... in martha's vineyard.
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tte ravens rr ack oo he practice field today.where you cannseeethem play in person... and the pecial prommtton 3eing held... for our 33 &p3 3 33 -3 gooo uunay morning ... i'm joyylepolaaii or marianne shappng upp w issourrsunddy oo -3 3
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a assive mmnhunn 11--ear-old hannah anderson has nned... and t's eeded...with he 166 &pyeer old's rescue. her. pam puso edly tooo 3 ((pooh-so)) reports... the 40- for the abductionn.. but oo brotthe.y killing the teennss - &pbolen says: "hannah is safe prrorityyfrom he very old hannah anderson is safe -- operaaion in the idahoo - wilddrness. her allegedd ccptor -- james le i-maggio ii deadd..killee attthe hands of f-bbi tactical agents.rook says: "in this ccsee our team faced a very challenginn &psiiuatton / tte gennt moved pn tt rrscue hannah. thh their campsite, spotted from the air -- in avvry isolated section of what's known as the


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