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tv   North Carolina News at 530AM  CBS  December 2, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EST

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you can't hide forever. sooner or later, you'll have to face the wrath of delpino.
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that's about it. vinnie! hi! don't start. you were being flung about by men wearing speedos. how did you find me? you were on the news. i was on tv? yeah. sans granny. who are you here with? nobody. my girlfriend sheila. you're always breathing down my neck. it's like being under house arrest. that's no excuse for lying. i let you do whatever you want. don't i, doog? leave me out of this. do i need his permission? leave me out of this. other people compete to spend time with me, don't they? well, no. leave me out of this. what's good for the goose is damn good for the gander. party till you drop, but hear my words, janine.
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fine. see if i care. see if i care if you care. squirt. great. i've bonded with lunatics. oh! oh. are you all right? i'm fine. i'm used to guys jumping into my lane and trying to pick me up. i was that obvious? well, yeah. i like the splashing water in the face-- unique. thanks. it was kind of a last-minute thing. doogie howser. hi. karen wolf. hi. have you been here long? no. we just got in this morning.
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shirts and skins. you and you. thanks, but volleyball really isn't my game. oh. all right, well, uh, it's nice meeting you. a bunch of us hang out at a dance club, nat's. maybe i'll see you there tonight. o.k. see ya. ? is this for real, or is it just another dream? ? ? just a dream ? ? is this for real, or is it just another dream? ? ? just a dream ? ? is this for real, or is it just another dream? ? ? just a dream ? ? is this for real, or is it just another dream? ? ? just a dream ? ? just a dream ? hey! this must be killing janine, huh?
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but she looks like she's having too much fun. hey, maybe i ought to mambo. vinnie, for your sake, for everyone's sake, please, please do not mambo. all right. o.k. o.k. thought you'd never make it over here. you want to dance? took you long enough. i'll try not to roll over your feet. unless you don't want to. no. no, it's--it's fine. just a little crowded out there. oh, don't worry. i'll make room.
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ire nation ? ? black, white, red, brown, feel the vibrations ? ? come on, come on ? ? feel it, feel it ? ? feel the vibration ? ? it's such a good vibration ? ? it's such a sweet sensation ? ? it's such a good vibration ? ? it's such a sweet sensation ? ? the vibration's good like sunkist ? his ? ? marky mark, and i'm here to move you ? ? rhyme and groove you, and i'm here to prove to you ? hi, karen. hi. do you mind if i cut in?, fine. just save another dance for me, all right? o.k. ? feel the vibration ? ? it's such a good vibration ? ? it's such a sweet sensation ?
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? it's such a sweet sensation ? whoa! whoo! oww! whoo! yeah! all right! look at him-- just a shadow of his former self. only moments ago, he was so full of life. what a shame. i got first dibs on his waffles. it's not that easy pretending to have fun. it's exhausting. hey, you think janine noticed? probably. several people commented that your movements created a wind tunnel effect. compliments of the lady. she says to tell you it's a short stack. ho ho! very clever, janine. a little flapjack humor at my expense. after they go out to graze, they always return to the barn.
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he's a master of the farming metaphor. oh. ohh. i'm sorry i lied to you. it's o.k., janine. it's an obvious case of temporary insanity. hey, a time-honored spring break tradition. i'm willing to forget all about this if you are. i want to forget it, but i'm not sure why i had to do it. vinnie, don't you ever think about other women? no. well, i mean, at night. it's a guy thing. isn't it? oh. you know, vinnie, we're only 18. that's pretty young.
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i can't imagine not going with you. i love you. i love you, too. maybe we both need a little more... independence. yeah. independence. [slow music playing] april is the cruelest month, huh? yeah. so...what do we do now?
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you love me ? ? and i'll believe that's true ? ? trusting you is easy ? ? 'cause i believe in you ? ? there is nothin' i would miss ? ? as long as we're in love like this ? ? all i have to... ? oh, i am starving. yeah, me, too. how'd it happen? shark attack. i'm kidding.
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how'd you ever handle it? if it was me-- i told them to let me die. so what changed? i mean, look at you now. well, about three months after it happened, i remember this one morning, i was really chewing out this intern. i was screaming, throwing things, the usual. anyway, i was so into my standard rant, i didn't even notice he must have left, and i heard myself. and i sounded pathetic. and i suddenly thought to myself, is this what you're going to do for the rest of your life, be a professional victim? that wasn't me. the doctors gave me something priceless.
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s, the rest was up to me. it still is. i hear you're a great doctor, howser. maybe it would have been better for me if you weren't such a hot shot. you'll be fine, mark. what do i have to look forward to? another month here and two months of rehab, and for what? but hey, that's not your problem. i'll see you later, mark. if you need me sooner, a nurse can get me. i take it you're done. if it wasn't for patients like you, i'd be out of a job. i'll get the tools of my trade.
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do it before my break. o.k. later. you handled that great. i've had worse things thrown at me. guy had a tough break. but everybody's got some sort of tough break. except maybe you. ooh! ha ha! hey.
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what if we get caught? don't worry, sweetheart. i'll take the rap. will you wait for me to get out of the joint? not a chance. whoa. it seems like i've stumbled onto a private moment here. should i do the decent thing and turn the camera off? i don't think so. hotel security.
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