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tv   North Carolina News at 1100PM  CBS  November 27, 2016 11:30pm-12:00am EST

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? come and knock on our door ? ? come and knock on our door ? ? we've been waitin' for you ? ? we've been waitin' for you ? ? where the kisses are hers and hers and his ? ? three's company, too ? ? come and dance on our floor ? ? come and dance on our floor ? ? take a step that is new ? ? take a step that is new ? ? we've a lovable space that needs your face ? ? three's company, too ? ? down at our rendezvous ? ? down at our rendezvous ?
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oh, i promised mr. furley i'd feed his goldfish while he's gone. i wouldn't want him to come back to a bunch of dead, smelly fish. somehow, you know, i'm not too hungry anymore. ugh... hey, jack... yeah? how come you came home so early tonight? well, you think i could stay out and have fun with my two poor little roommates home alone on a friday night? aw, jack, that's real nice. every once in a while a girl likes to spend a quiet evening at home. she can wash her hair, write some letters. you know what i mean? sure, janet. i couldn't get a date either. touchy-touchy. ( doorbell rings )
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oh... temper, temper... don't you dare. ( gasps ) mrs. roper! janet! oh... ( laughing ) oh... oh... it's so good to see you. mrs. roper! jack! big mama! it's so good to see you. oh, i've missed you kids. oh... how have you been, mrs. roper? and mr. roper? who cares? huh? i don't care if i never see him again. oh, come on. you don't really mean... oh, jack! uh, janet, janet... janet... ( groans ) mrs. roper, there, there. nothing can be that bad. come on, mrs. roper. come on over to the sofa. we'll sit down and then you can just tell us all about it. i don't know what i'm thinking of--
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do we, jack? of course not. oh, i knew i could count on you kids. hey, what are friends for? my bag's outside. would you get it, jack? you're staying? of course she is. "what are friends for?" go get the bag. get the bag. i was so upset. no place to go. no one to turn to and then i thought of you kids. aw... lucky us. oh, jack, i'm sorry. are you hurt? oh, no. it's just a simple fracture. just to think, janet... i mean... do you realize this is our 25th anniversary? wow. how wonderful. happy anniversary. oh... mrs. roper, this is cindy snow. she's chrissy's cousin. figures. cindy, honey, sit down here.
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and tell us what happened. well... well... all i wanted was for stanley to take me out someplace romantic. you know, maybe... a few cocktails a candlelight dinner, dancing and... then maybe afterwards... well, that isn't too much to ask on your 25th anniversary, is it? not at all. i would have settled for the "afterwards." aw... so where did you go? oh, somebody gave stanley two tickets to a bowling banquet. well, i agree, mrs. roper. that doesn't sound too romantic. but you could still have a good time. how? he decided to invite one of his bowling buddies. men! i know. jack, why don't you put that bag in your room? what? yeah. mrs. roper can stay in your room.
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what? oh, no, no. oh, i couldn't. if you could just point out a cheap little motel in one of the seedier neighborhoods... sure, no problem. you go two blocks east... jack... hey! wait a minute. why can't she stay at mr. furley's apartment? he's away for the weekend. what a wonderful idea! that's your old apartment. that's perfect. come on, i'll take you down. are you sure it's all right? oh, i'm sure he wouldn't mind a bit. d night's sleep and in the morning we will patch everything up with mr. roper. oh, no, we won't. i don't want him to know i'm here. but won't he be worried? yes. it'll do him good. he's taken me for granted for too long. that's right, mrs. roper. let him think you're out having a good time with somebody else. janet, don't butt in like that. oh, you mean, make him jealous. she didn't mean that. yes, i did, jack. just tell me why not.
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make him jealous. make him see how attractive i am to other men. yeah. what other men? well... oh, mrs. roper, come on. that won't be a problem. janet, i don't think... i know you don't, jack. that's why i'm doing the thinking. i'll take you on down. janet, can i talk to you? no, give me that, jack. give me the bag. y, i don't blame mrs. roper one bit. if my husband forgot my anniversary, i'd break every bone in his body. cindy, you'll probably do that on your wedding night. no, i'm only... only kidding. listen, i'm tired. i'm turning in, okay? me too. after you. good night. no, no. like this, remember? left, right, left, right. i know. remember we worked on that?
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mr. roper! hi, jack. hi. good to see ya. how are you doing? fine. what are you doing down here? i just happened to be in the neighborhood. oh, terrific. that's really... where is she? who? you know who. helen! i know you're here. mr. roper... helen? come on out here and face me like a man. you're not helen. this is chrissy's cousin. she's staying with us... who cares? i want to see helen, and i know she's here. she doesn't talk to her sister anymore and she doesn't have any friends... mr. roper, i give you my word. she is not in this apartment. and that's the truth, mr. roper. then she's really left me? jack... jack, i've lost her. oh... hey, mr. roper. there, there.
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mr. roper you should be ashamed of yourself. yeah. it's not what you think. he took advantage of me. i mean about mrs. roper. then you've seen her. where is she? i can't tell you that. you're coming between a husband and his wife. mr. roper, let's sit down... helen was a perfectly happy married woman. until these people start filling her head with those crazy ideas. like wanting you to take her out on her anniversary? yeah. things like that. mr. roper, this is all your fault. going to a bowling banquet on your anniversary? i didn't go to the bowling banquet. you didn't? no. how could i go after what happened? i mean, helen was half crazy. so you were worried about her, right? i didn't go 'cause she tore up the tickets. yeah.
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mr. roper, this is chrissy's cousin... who cares? listen, if i can just see helen for one minute. i told you i can't tell. she's all i've got. and i want to keep her. why, mr. roper... if i tell you where mrs. roper is will you tell her that? naw, i spoiled her enough already. ugh! okay, okay, i'll tell her. you promise? i promise. she's spending the night at mr. furley's apartment. what?! it's okay. mr. furley's away for the weekend. oh. so, there's no reason why you can't go down there and show her how much you love her. show her? yeah. but you'll have to hurry. she took a sleeping pill. oh, good, good. that'll help. maybe... maybe i just better have a little brandy first. oh, come on, mr. roper.
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a lot of memories. that's why i need the brandy. mr. roper, it's getting kind of late. can i have another? don't you think you've had enough? brandy makes me romantic. poor him a double, cindy. boy, you should have seen helen on our wedding day. she was real beautiful, huh? mmm. i'd really like to stay and talk to you about it
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mr. roper... now, go to it. you know where it is. jack, you're talking to a married man. oh, sweetheart.
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okay, helen... what do you got to say for yourself, huh? huh? stanley... how did you get in? how did i get in? how did he get in? how did you get in? how did i get in? i'll ask the questions. i think i know what happened. you think you know what happened. you think you know... get back in there. yes, sir. how long has this been going on?
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why is it always the husband who's the last to know? know what? oh, no! you don't think that she... that i... that we... it's no use, sweetheart. he's found us out. what? found out what? helen, after i've given you the best years of my life? yeah, 1956 and part of '57. okay. fine. if this is what you want, so be it. as for you, fella... you take good care of her. wait! aren't you going to fight? fight? i'd never hit a woman.
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he's gone. now what are we going to do? nothing! ( doorbell ringing ) ( knocking ) mr. roper? don't "mr. roper" me. what? you think you're pretty smart. mr. rop... you think you're pretty smart. okay, i'm not. don't pull that dumb act on me. dumb act? you tried to set me up, didn't you? i set you up? see, you admit it. why? why what? you know why what. you know why, you know what and you know what why. what? you know why, you know what and... i don't know what you're talking about. you know, you know. does this have anything to do with mrs. roper? a-ha! i knew you knew. why don't we sit down have a drink and... i don't want your drink. i'll buy my own drinks. you keep away from me.
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good heavens, jack, what was that all about? i don't know, but whatever you cooked up for mrs. roper it just boiled over. hey, all i did was try and get a couple back together again. now, what's wrong with that? i don't know, but... ( doorbell ringing ) every time you play cupid, janet, something goes wrong. mrs. rop... mr. furley. oh, janet, stanley found us in bed together. who? you and mr. furley? uh-huh. some cupid, stupid! you shot the wrong couple. the two of, the two of you were in bed? together? ( gasps ) cindy? cindy? could you go out and make a-a-a pot of coffee? okay... but tell me if i miss anything. mr. furley, would you mind telling me what you were doing in that bed? nothing. i didn't even know that she was there. he's a lot like stanley.
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until tomorrow night. yeah, mr. furley. you really ruined everything. oh, no, no. janet, you did. huh? i followed that advice you gave me. oh, no. you didn't try to make mr. roper jealous? ( stammering ): it didn't work? no, no. he didn't even fight for me. all-all he did was hand me over to a stranger, like an old sweater. and i've got all the old sweaters i need. jack! jack, you have to do something. oh, sure, come crawling to me when you mess up... jack, please! all right! i'll see what i can do. don't worry, mrs. roper. first team is taking over. do you know where he is? i have an idea. oh, mrs. roper. oh, janet, i made such a mess of things. if only i hadn't gone away on that singles weekend this never would have happened.
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, what did you expect me to do? i never should have believed those ads in the first place: "300 swinging singles," ha, what a laugh. there weren't any singles there? sure there were, all over the place. why did you come home? because they were all guys like me. i'm going to go downstairs to bed. oh, wait for me. i'm coming with you. oh, no, you're not! oh, for heaven's sake i left my clothes down there. . jim, could i have a beer over here? oh, sure, jack. hi, mr. roper. i told you to stay away from me. you have a perfect right to be mad. if she sent you down after me you're wasting your time. who needs her? well, not you. not after you have your pick of all those beautiful women. darn right.
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come on, mr. roper. when a good-looking, macho guy like you becomes eligible in this town, you know what happens? women from all over descend on him like locusts. that makes sense. and between you and me some of these women are pretty fantastic. that is, according to those guys who go in for that sort of thing. ooh! you know, the women of today know what they want and they won't take no for an answer. they won't? you won't have a minute's peace-- not that you'd want one. so, you won't have time to sit around and watch television anymore. no tv? no. you'll be going out every night dancing, eating in expensive restaurants. expensive? you'll be going to the ballet, the theater.
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yeah, but who cares about money when you think of those long romantic nights. i gotta go. wait a minute. what about all those beautiful women? i don't want a beautiful woman-- i want helen. mr. roper, you know, she seemed fairly upset. a man's got to do what a man's got to do. what's that? i'm going to go see her and tell her that i'm big enough... to admit... that she made a mistake. would you hurry it up, mrs. roper? i'm almost asleep out here. oh. i-i'll be out of here in just a second. good. and, um, oh, oh, mr. furley, um, i-i j-- i just want to tell you how sorry i am, uh if i've inconvenienced you. oh, that's okay. an-and i'm also sorry about...
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happened. i mean, it must have been very embarrassing for you. yeah, well, it was nothing to write home about. you can say that again. oh, look, i'll just let myself ou... now, the girls said she came down here to change. yeah. listen, uh, jack i want to apologize for what i said but i thought you were trying to set me up. important for you two to get together. i know. jack: so, make it sound like you mean it when you apologize. are you kidding? it better be the other way around.
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get your hands off my wife. come on, come on, get out of there. wait, wait, there's been a mistake. but you made it. hit the deck. put 'em up. all right. i got to warn you these hands are lethal weapons. haa! haa, yourself. he's fighting for me. he's fighting for me. hey, hey! boys, boys! oh, he really does love me. oh! haa! haa! haa! haa!
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uh, mr. and mrs. roper? excuse me. pardon me? uh, i think mr. furley wants his bed back. yeah, but he can have it tomorrow. tonight he can stay at your place. jack... you set me up again.
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[captioned by the caption center wgbh educational foundation] ? come and knock on our door ? ? come and knock on our door ? ? we've been waitin' for you ? ? we've been waitin' for you ? ? where the kisses are hers and hers and his ? ? three's company, too ? ? come and dance on our floor ? ? come and dance on our floor ? ? take a step that is new ? ? take a step that is new ? ? we've a lovable space that needs your face ? ? three's company, too ? ? down at our rendezvous ? ? down at our rendezvous ?


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