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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  October 28, 2016 4:00am-4:08am EDT

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and we are definitely... ( metal clanging getting rid of this. my cuirass. where did you find it? you can't throw that away. give me a break, hilda. you haven't used your cuirass for centuries. oh, i was waiting for it to come back into style. when were you going to use this? oh! my mace! oh! remember the good times? par-ty! be nostalgic for the dark ages. ( grunting ) i never want to trip over this again. my cannon! why would you keep an instrument of destruction ie use? sentimental reasons? we don't have room for this junk. junk? you call this junk? put the maceown. i'll make you a al. you have a week. if you use these things, you keep them. if not, they go. fine. i accept
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now, if you'll excusme, i'lluty cannon aokay, okay i'll clean my room see? told you it was useful.
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mandible has a "b", and that stands for bottom. how will we remember maxilla? it's the other one. ( bell ringing )
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to celebrate national science wee gordie has aery important announceme at just migh change your lives. take it away. okay. in 1581, galileoegan... make it quick, gordie. jumping to the end of the millennium the science club will be meeting every day after school the science club will be meeting every day after school you mean national geek week ope you'll join us. any questions? yeah. can we get out of here? sure. oh, sign up early, wia ha it's a tough room, gordie. ?b hey, gordie, why don't you come up with a scientific explanation for why you're such a loser? wesson-head. zit-maer. poor gordie. i fe so bad for him. he needs to be in touch with his audience. no one knows or cares what galileo did in 1581. he entered the university of pisa. sain i didn't know you were a geek.
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?, no, i s not. m even thinking about going by the science club. okay. now that uld be aroblem. why? this is high school. if you show passion or enthusiasm, you're doomed. you might as well be wearing a big "kick me" sign. hey, harvey, help us t. sabrina's got a problem. what's up? i was thinking of joining the science club. really? i didn't know you were a geek. i'm t. i'm afraid everyone will think i am. well, theyill. i explained we can't change the whole system just for her. y does everyone have to be uffed in a category? the cheerleaders eat with the cheerleaders. the geeks eat with the geeks. i don't want to be labeled. you have no choice. you have a grace period as a new student but soon, you'll be stereotyped. well, why can't i just be me? that's a pretty small group. wegot spit! all: let's hear it!
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let's go! i think we should take her advice and just go. it'spirit week at stbridge. e plg stbridge this weend and we're number one. yeah. in turnovers and penaltie we'll be wearing our uniforms this week and leading cheers at lunch, reminding you to support our team. ready? all: okay. east meets west and we know who's the best. all: whoo! how can she do that and still be so polar? libby's not popular. she's powerful. how did she get power? she seized it and as long as there are people backing her up she'll keep it. it's very stalin. i don't know what you are talking about. libby's always nice to me. i'm getting more taterto i'll go with you. see you tomorrow. we're number one. ( gasping ) watch where you're going, geek.
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i'sorry. you are so transferred. libby, lay o him. it was an accident. it's just like a freak to defend a geek. maybe e two of you can get weekend jobs at the carnival. hi. hi, harvey. se she ne. i thought you were going to science club. bz ( whispering ): in a minute. per our previous discussion. golater. well, this i deli te. same as last year, which means none of you kd at sr camp. ( clears throat ) okayum... sherman's sporting newk. did you get contacts? no. someone stole my gla. all right. well, uh... let's begin by discussing the biggest science brkthrgh rent months-- possible evidence of life on mars. what does thisiscove mean to us? howard
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( stammeng) ?i i never knew a pice could be a light bulb. e,uys. see you what are you doing here so late? wae a eting ofhe freaks sociy? libby, why don't you..? brur rinyok greatumbler tomorrow. science club, sabrin you went to science club? ( laughing ) th is too rfec you're a geek in freak's clothing.
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d provething. oh, here. let help you. geek. g beetven' "fur elise ? look, it still fits. and it's great for lounging around the house. that doesn't count as a use. why not? one wears metal after labor day. aunt hilda we'll fi out. hilda, will yo pleaseit dn? sabrina, aanno is not a solutio for a land-based problem. what's going on? libby caught me coming out of sciee club. you went to science cl? , that wonderful no, it's not. now libby thinks i'm a complete geek. i knew thiwould happen. it's zelda's ience
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t shoun't bother yt's dark whatby says. it shouldn't, but it does. i want to use my magic to tch libby a lesson. that sounds very constructive. llive her a snout. ooh, good id. you need to talk to my friend cicero. l 's an expert are you coming, hilda?atters. yes. t 's vy usef sd look him uin took thght you meant phone book. . mac ok thght you meant phone bogure-a. oh. there he is. hello,icero. there'a girlooking at me. n'c. ?a he's vknledgeable. ?!& his was the first n'crecorded wedgie. hey, cicero.
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ask awaybut ke it quic theentch heronca it's a granteed ir t aque. there's this girl in my school and she eps calling me a ek ani reallyon't like it. well, there are two ways to teach her a lesson. the first o justive her snt. i knew it. what'sec give her a taste i kn of hwnedicine. turn her into a geek. she'lleeowt fe and learn it's what's inside that counts. but how can i that? a simple spe we, actually, u juav ss wslng thks, cicero. you'vea g help oh... nice move, four-eyes. hi, libby. ?h are you okay oh, my eyeballs must be my contacts. i'll be right back.
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?m? much better.( sighs oh, my god whatpened? you look totally w. my god to my contacts out. but what did you do to you? i ran my fingers through it a couple times.out. don't it look y? what's with re like gr the uniform? i s ld itct fhi begi sincwh? wealways la cte for. whaweo. mightsomethin at come on. what areou looking at? hey, harvey, j,overe. u look hpy. what's going on? , ju oh a new world order and butterscotch pud. oh, boy. butterscotch pudding.
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zh this way. hi, girls. zh this.way. atashat noise? ) my asthma just kicked . i need my inhaler. it time to cheer. got we've irit! all: let's hear i hear it! ready? all: okay. st mee west and we knows who's the... you're a threat to the whole tea ow! you poked me ieye. emncy hu ow! noyou. you poked me ieye. yore hing wit you can't exclude me. we jt did. you're sti out spit week, chessler. m. you're sti out but where will i go? i'su you'd fit iover the. who will i sit with? ( all laughing ) i don't think so.
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ou thi you'rengo? st iglasse d a o do d ell inoodoes not mn i'm a. st iglasse d a( snorts) oh! . there's something different about libb did she ge herair? ready? okay. it srit week
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