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tv   North Carolina News at 530AM  CBS  August 29, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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thanks for watching north carolina news. i guess a lot of people are up earlier today than normal. >> that's right. good morning, a check on your morning news and a look at traffic. let's get right to that bus stop forecast as storm team meteorologist has for us. >> good morning for you as well. the first day of school for many around our area. most of you will get it started off dry. some isolated showers ground may be on the damp side. halifax county. other than that a lot of this not actually reeching the ground. just providing more cloud cover as we do start off our morning. as far as your temperatures are concerned. 71 in durham. 72 in raleigh. 68 in louisburg. upper 60s as well. and then we check around the sand hills. 75 in fayetteville. 75 in rayford. let get straight it your forecast. low 70s with a few isolated
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we'll make it to 89 this afternoon. we're warm and we're humid. just a few isolated storms. we're back to 85s as we head to 6:00. manier on the restful your workweek ahead. >> we already have some trouble on the roads as you head through raleigh. purple on maps. both sides business new burn avenue are closed at freedom drive for a crash there. we'll moment. a crash in durham closing down a road as well. we'll take you to it it. never want to see purple on our maps.
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23 minutes there from garner about 25. you can see not too much to complain about just yet. durham freeway at -- still pretty quiet for the first day of school. >> all right. thank you, allie. hundreds of people ran out of los angeles international airport after they thought they heard gunfire. police say they did not find a gunman and no shorts were fired even though people reported those loud noises. a person wearing a zorro costume was detained but it's not clear whether they had any connectioned to evacuation. >> massive man hunt is underway for a man they call a killer. investigators are searching for 32-year-old anthony mcneil. he shot and killed eugene
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grandchild. >> kind of scary especially with children running around and stuff. definitely hits home knowing you never know who your neighbors are. >> investigators consider mcneil armed and dangerous. if you know where he is, call authorities. well the first day has come. the first day back to school for thousands and thousands of families all across our area. >> it's an exciting time. if you're among the moms and dads gettin coverage with crews in wake, durham and dumb berland county. >> emma wright is live. green magnet elementary. i just saw your back to school picture on twitter. adorable. >> reporter: back to school. one of the new schools in wake county this year. in toition building all of these new school,
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budget deficit. they have a $17 budget gap. the school board voted on that final budget a few weeks ago. as part of the plan to balance the budget. they will cut how many times they are cleaned. elementary schools will be cleared over other and the school board considering cutting back to just twice a week but they rethought that idea after hearing fro board they were worried about the health especially during cold and flu season when the germs spread quickly. >> the number one pledge we have to make to all of our parents and our staff is you're going to be in safe, orderly and clean facilities every single day. >> that's -- you're looking at the winter center. the cold and the flu and the germs and things of that nature. >> in addition to cutting back
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also adjust the temperature. the heat and then the air in the schools to help balance the budget a little bit. the good news is they haven't cut any teacher or staff positions and instead those people have gotten raises. reporting live in raleigh. i'm emma wright. >> all right thank you. back to school for families in durham as well. >> that's right. cbs north carolina is live in durham this morning with what's kristen? >> good morning. good morning, everyone. school officially begins for durham public scals as well. we're at southern high school. we already saw the first bus leave the lot this morning. back to school has officially begun. now in durham county, approximately 33,5 # 0 students will be enrolled this year. more than half of those students will be getting to school on a school bus. those students will be
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and all students are eligible for free breakfast at each of those schools. so the bus drivers are just now getting here and getting into their buses. getting them started to officially start the 2016-2017 school year. coming up at 6:00 we'll let you know about some pretty big changes to some bell schedules this year. a lot of schools are starting later. some schools are starting earlier. so we'll have all of those details coming up th cbs north carolina. >> all right. thanks a lot. >> we want to see the back to school pictures too. >> tweet that out, kristen. >> we're going to check back in with her and our crew. the entire crew for the rest of the morning. the team coverage of the first day of school continues. in just 15 minutes we're going to head to cumberland county. >> we know you're posting back to school pix. we'd love to see them and share with everybody.
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>> all right. time check is now 5:37. >> i'll continue to sit. i'm going to continue to stand with the people that are being oppressed. >> 49ers quarterback says he is sitting to take a stand. >> later on cbs north carolina hear why he says he's sitting and what will get him to stand up again. [music] >> dr. stanley: we can understand and realize, it's through the gospel that you and i can be absolutely assured at what paul said when he said, "absent from the body, present with the lord." we don't have to fear death. it's through the gospel that our whole eternity has been changed. newspapers say it's time pat mccrory and republicans in raleigh tell the truth about our schools.
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have been diverted into tax cuts for the wealthy and big corporations. and what are we left with? the ratio of teachers to students is worse. funds for textbooks and supplies are scarce. teaching assistants have been depleted.
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there's something out there. that can be serious, even fatal to infants. it's whooping cough, and people can spread it without knowing it. talk to your doctor or pharmacist about a whooping cough vaccination today. 11 years ago hurricane katrina hit. more than 1200 people died and property damage was at $108 billion. the storm strengthened to a category 5 but made land
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we were talking earlier. i covered the aftermath of that down in mississippi as well as gulfport and you know the images still haunt me today. they really, really do. >> they're very hard to look at still today 11 years later but we are going to head into your back to school forecast. this is a bus stop forecast. sunrises in a little over an hour. 72 degrees as kids are getting on the bus. watch out some of us have see showers. 89 then for an overnight high. most of lus be dry but i still want you to take that umbrella. so the top of the hill restaurant. the view of downtown chapel hill this morning. all is looking quiet. no fog new york city rain to talk about in orange county. we've seen a few on and off again shower from time to time across halifax. for the most part of the showers that moved across
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ground this morning. let's get straight stot temperatures. the upper 60s. that's 67 in henderson and south hill. 72 in raleigh and in clayton. so a few more details for you on the day ahead. most of us dry at 10 a.m. 78 there. 84 at noon. 89 our afternoon high. more opt rest of your workweek and your back to school forecast. >> all right. for the first time ever mtv show in madison conveyor guard. beyonce picked up eight awards and madonna earned -- lifetime achievement. for the first time brittany speers performed at the vmas. the time is 5:41. almost 5:4 # in the morning. a local middle schooler decide died just before the new school year. still to come how orange county officials will help students deal with such a loss of their classmate.
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no student wants to get. what some local students need to do to make sure they don't bang on their doors. we'll explain all of that in
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hitd and killed by a car. major traffic issues for the next several hours dwoasm have a crew on the way to the scene. we'll update you with more information as we get it in. >> more than 52,000 kiddos will return to class today in cumberland county. >> the supt says the district has made great strides to getting students to class on time. nate rogers joins us live to explain the system's big plan. good morning, nate. >> reporter: hey, russ and stephen. good morning it yowsm good news out of cumberland county. they saw a 25% decrease in overall tardies last year. but the theme remains the same. every minute counts. now last year the -- various efforts to ensure students get to class on time.
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mark rowden. in all, doctor rowden and dr. fare -- seven or more unexcused tardies. >> overall in the district there was almost 49% decrease in the unexkeusessed tar dis. we believe that's pretty good. >> reporter: dr. rowden says they're looking to expand the effort and within other districts. they only visit homes in douglasburg school district buzz families have the worst tardiness record. coming up in the next half hour. school bus drivers say it's great they're starting again today it's also one of their biggest fears because they want driverred and students to pay attention as they're trying to get students to school on time. we will have the information
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for buses. our back to school coverage continues throughout the morning also online at >> a sad start to the school year. grief counselors for students who lost a classmate. fred seymore was a rising 8th grader. during football practice last mons monday he suffered breathing complications due to asthma. >> a high school baseball coach is suspected in a courtroom of breaking into his girlfriend's house and assaulting her. he's also the owner of factory baseball institute. 49ers quarterback collins inkaepernick plans to continue to sit during the playing of the national anthem before nfl games. even if it cost him his job. kaepernick is protesting what he considers unpunished police brutality against
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that has to change. and when there's significant change and i feel like that flag represents who it's supposed to represent and this country is representing people the way that it's supposed to, i'll stand. >> 49ers head coach chip kelly says this will not impact his game. the nfl says that players are encouraged but not required to stand during the national anthem. at 5:48 let's get a check on the weather. the first day of school. >> i know it's a big day as many students are many parents are heading out to work as well. it's 72 degrees right now. pretty warm and pretty muggy. this is a live picture this morning. still pretty quiet in this direction. a few on and off again showers throughout the overnight and early morning hours. most of this not reaching the ground. a sprinkle or two. other than that, what was moving through a few hours ago may have the ground a bit damp if they are going
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think about that this morning. 71 in durham. low 70s around wilmington and clayton. that's where we're seeing some temperatures in the 60s. a little bit of break from the humidity there. 69 in roap oak rapids. as you're making plans for your day ahead 7 # just a few showers out the door right around 8-- 8 a.m. a small chance as we make to 89. this doesn't look all that impressive. most of us dry at noon. i do believe that the best rain chances are going to be necessarily east of our -- east rather of the triangle. east of wake county. just an isolated shower or storm. then as we head into overnight drier weather and drier weather for our tuesday as well. talk over the weekend was all about the tropics. first i want to talk about
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tropical depression. it looks like it's heading right for our coast. look what happens though at last minute tuesday. it's going to turn more to the nortd. tuesday as it's coming past. wednesday it's into the opening atlantic. but it'll be close enough that we do have tropical storm watches. right now in effect for cape lookout all the way to the oregon inlet. certainly if you're going to be heading in the s these conditions. i don't think it's a big deal. some gusty winds and a little bit of rain as well. we'll let you know it that changes. we have another tropical depression 9 right now. it's entering the gulf of mexico. winds about 35 miles an hour. track of this storm takes it as a tropical storm right over the gulf coast of florida as we head into the open atlantic. into the weekend ahead. this could be an impact --
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weekend. something we'll watch closely. right now it doesn't look like it's bringing much. >> low 90s in fayetteville. overnight tonight drop to near 70. partly cloudy. pretty dry as well. we'll be dry for tuesday and wednesday. right around the 90-degree mark. as we head towards thurs that's the next cold front. that will bring us scattered showers and storms am big drop in temperatures by friday afternoon. >> 5:51 right now. let's check >> good morning. we're starting you off with breaking news in durham. we do have a road closure because of a fatal accident. now if you're taking 85 you're not going to be able to access the road. here's your detour for you. gear street to miami boulevard. police investigate this accident. taking you into raleigh. we have some trouble spots there as well.
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a road closed. both sides are closed at freedom drive for a crash there. 64 bypass is your detour around that. also a tree down on jones frankling road. if you're heading nortd on u.s. 1 from 55 to downtown. about 21 minutes. again all heading north into raleigh. ve still pretty quiet out there now. but with more than a million students heading back to school across the state this week, the highway patrol wants to pass on some tips to keep everyone safe. drivers be aware of children walking to school when backing out of your driveway. we're driving through neighborhoods and school disoans b. sure to brake for buses. stopping to pick up or drop off kids. parents make sure your kids know to stay well away from the curb until loading on to the bus and never
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as always, cbs north carolina is doing our part to keep your kids safe. we are continuing to push our mission of brake for buses. before we go to break, here's a look at what's coming up later on cbs this morning. >> i'm anthony mason. coming up actor robert de niro on his role as a trainer in hands of stone t.
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left the detention center in georgia and came home to his family. he came to the u.s. fleeing dangerous conditions in his home country of honduras. a hearing may not be scheduled for another year. he plans to finish his course
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now today acosta will hold a news conference at ccb plaza. >> our mission here at cbs north carolina is to protect your children at the bus stop. for years we have spread the message to brake for buses. by want to make sure you understand and know the law. if you're an two-lane road all drivers in both directions have got to stop. that has a center turning lane as well. when you're on a four-lane roadway. the different leans of traffic. all drivers have to stop again. iknow it's confusing. i've been confused before. so this should help sort of iron it out for you. here are the only times a driver does not stop. you have to stop for the flashing red lights. if you're on a divided highway a median or a turn lane that separates four or more lanes. drivers behind that bus have got to stop. now you can see this more in
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time. everything you need to know on our brake for buses section. >> great information if you're heading to the first time. thanks a lot, russ. govern pat mccrory is heading to the western part of the state to welcome students and staff back to school. he's also holding a discussion about teacher pay. the 22.3 billion dollar state budget calls to $50,000. also happening at 10:00 he will be in alamance to make an economic development announcement. you can watch cbs north carolina today at noon for complete details. >> let's get you caught up on time. it's 5:57. thousands of students are picking out their first day of class outfits this morning. team coverage at the start of the new school year. >> and we want to continue
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pedestrian on u.s. 70.
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taking that e a -- taking a look at the morning commute. >> i'm sure many kids are rubbing their eyes. a little damp in some spots. a few showers throughout the overnights. maybe a few sprinkles from time to time this morning. all in all, temperatures though


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