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tv   North Carolina News at 700AM  CBS  March 20, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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more on what the d. d.a. is saying about the case. and sweet 16 bound, both duke and unc slide into the road to the final four. police, his for on the horizon as president obama prepares to visit cuba this week. and first, just about 41 degrees out there at 7:00 this morning as we take a live look over our beautiful city. it is also a cold one for the first day of spring, march 20th, 2016. grand jury and welcome to cbs north carolina this morning. >> and i'm in for justin. i just need to know where is the sun because it looks a little too gray for the first day of spring. >> it is gray and it is going the stay gray throughout the day unfortunately. there were a few peeks of sunshine her and there. today not so much. outside we are seeing some showers, mostly east of the triangle. it is generally where the heavy shower activity is going to stay. don't be surprised if we still see a few more isolated showers popping up across the area today.
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front that moved through the area overnight. now we have an area of low pressure higher in the atmosphere that will swing through later today and that will bring us a chance of isolated showers once again. it is 40 also in durham. 43 degrees outside in fayetteville. temperatures are cool. you need the jacket as you step out the door this morning. and we still have spotty showers in the forecast for today with that cooler air sticking around so we're talking high terps today not getting out of the 40s. the coldest day we have actually had in quite some time. 44 degrees at lunchtime. 45 degrees at 6:00. our high temperature today, again, staying in those upper 40s at 48 degrees. the warmer weather and sunshine will be making a come back e eventually. i'll have your complete forecast coming up. >> thank you. here is new news this morning in fayetteville. the police are investigating a homicide. a man was shot and killed just before midnight on lands end road.
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the investigators are not releasing the victim's name pending notification of his family. if you have any information about the shooting, call the police or crime stoppers. we have links up now at also this morning, a durham teen scheduled to be deported back to his home country of honduras. acosta was taken into custody by federal agents earlier this year. since then the 19-year-old's friends, femme and classmates have protested, rallied and even held vigils seeking his release. the congressman butterfield says he has reached out to the director of customs enforcement who told him she will not intervene on acosta's we half. a woman is in jail this morning accused of shooting her father. the incident happened early saturday morning at the reserve at magnolia ridge apartment complex. as cbs north carolina reports, the disturbance has a lot of neighbors shaken and confused. >> reporter: this is the reserve at magnolia ridge apartment complex.
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>> reporter: but saturday morning was a very different story. >> we actually heard the loud gunshots from our apartment. >> uneasy that you wouldn't expect it to happen here. >> reporter: the police responded to the complex around 8:00 a.m. they say the 21-year-old angel bradford and her boyfriend were arguing. >> there was agitation at the scene and when we got here, our officers secured the area. >> reporter: the police say angel asked her phat tore come over, but the police say their conversation turn entered a struggle and angel shot her father. >> we also called in our crises negotiating team to talk to one of the subjects. >> reporter: anytime there is a gun involved, anyone can be in danger. >> reporter: several residents were asked to e having wait while others were urged to stay inside. >> all you see is tapes and guns and you are wondering if you're safe in your neighborhood. >> reporter: the police say the residents are safe. angel bradford is facing a felony charge. cbs north carolina. the police say their
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if you have any information about the incident, call the police department. a fayetteville husband and wife are dead in what police are calling a murder-suicide. officers say the 60 yeertd shot his wife floor i can't and then turned the gun on himself. the authorities were conducting a welfare check when they discovered the couple's bodies at a home. the police believe they have solved a cold case. kenneth greenspan was killed in 2010 at a home, and detectives arrested again's wife, denise, and another man anthony herds. the police say the two were having an affair. goodyear at the time. and state troopers are looking for the motorist involved in a deadly hit-and- run crash. matthew phillips died friday after being hit by a vehicle on highway 22. the 24-year-old's bold was
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state troopers are asking anyone with information about the drive here left the scene or the crash itself to give them a call. a tense weekend of campaigning as protestors from arizona to manhattan organized against front runner donald trump for the republican party. as we report, all of this comes as voters in three more states head to the polls this tuesday. >> reporter: protestors shut down the main road into fallon hills, arizona. the law enforcement either to clear the highway was led by sheriff joe arpaio, a vocal trump supporter who introduced the candidate while giving an update on the proest protest. >> three of them are in jail. >> reporter: trump leads arizona polls and credits his tough stance on immigration. >> drugs pouring through the border, people are now seeing it, and you know what? we're going to build a wall and we're going to stop it. >> reporter: but in new york hundreds of protestors marched
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denouncing his immigration proposal. [ chanting ] >> reporter: meanwhile, ted cruz and john kasich battled over who has the best chance to stop trump. >> a vote for john kasich is a vote for donald trump. >> aim about to change things and fight for people who don't have a voice and they don't like it. >> reporter: back in arizona, bernie sanders went to the mexican border with a promise to expand executive orders protecting undocumented immigrants. >> i will end the deportation regime, which is dividing so many families. >> reporter: sanders expressed disappointment for not doing better in last week's ohio primary. he trails hillary clinton by more than 500 delegates. cbs news. right now president obama is making a historic trip to cuba. he'll meet with the cuban president kass toe during his two-day visit. president obama is the first
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cuba in more than 80 years. and to make sure the president feels welcomed, the residents can be seen putting out obama and castro memorabilia from posters to coasters. president obama's face was printed u just about everywhere ahead of his visit while in cuba. and oh billiona is expected to attend a baseball gym and fight. talking ncaa basketball now. both duke and north carolina fans can breathe a little easier this morning. both teams are advancing to the sweet 16 rounds of the ncaa tournament. at pnc arena, the tar heels kept the first half really close against providence with just a four-point lead, but it was a much different story in the second as bryce johnson lit the fire flyers up with 19 points and 10 rebounds. carolina dropped providence 85- 66. jo and in rhode island, duke continues its mission to defend its 2015 national championship it toal. grayson allen put up 29 points to hold off a tense yale rally
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we're going to have much more on both gyms an who the tar heels and blue devils face now in about 20 minutes. the time now is 7:08. still ahead on cbs north carolina, chaos at south by southwest in austin, texas. the incident that has the police department investigating the action of one of its own officers. and the police are working on a case where a woman landed herself in the hospital after drinking chemicals. we'll explain what investigators know so far. you're watching cbs north carolina this morning. and outside today many of us seeing this cloudy skies, a few showers still falling in some locations. i'll let you know when the wet weather will come to an end and
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back w spring is mere. the season officially began today. 12:30 a.m. eastern time, the exact moment the equinox, that's when the sun's rays are directly over the equator, but winter won't be going away quietly a snow storm could hit portions of the mid atlantic and northeast today. we seem to be missing that portion of the snow storm, but we are getting a little bit of chilly weather out there. >> it is a little cold. temperatures in the 30s and 40s. this afternoon we're not getting out of the 40s, so it will be a cooler day as we end the weekend. the raleigh skyline there, and
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we're still a few minutes away from sunrise, officially at 7:18 this morning, but we're not going to see much in the way of sunshine today. we did have a cold front move through overnight. now the showers associated with that front sitting well off to our east here. still seeing a few light showers across parts of wayne and sampson counties, but that is it this morning. most of us are locked into the layer of thick clouds. watch for the drizzle and the mist this morning here, but we will see conditions improving just briefly later this emergency and into early this afternoon. it is 40 degrees in raleigh. 40 also in durham. 43 degrees the fayetteville. spotty showers still in the forecast for today. much cooler temperatures as well with highs once again not getting out of the 40s. up to only 48 degrees this afternoon. the best chance for showers returning going to after lunchtime today. i'll let you know exactly what is in store for your sunday and when you can expect warmer weather. that is coming up. >> thank you so much.
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coming up, some kind of super life has cropped up in our state. we'll show you where, and a non- profit group using skin art to help veterans recover from the
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and a recent study found that it can help lower cholesterol 2 times more. take care of those you love and cook deliciously. mazola makes it better. welcome back and george. 7:16. an early morning shooting land as woman behind bars. the victim? the woman's father. that is just one of this emergency's top stories. the police rushed to a domestic
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at the reserve at magnolia ridge apartments. the investigators say angel bradford got into a struggle with her father that ended with a shot fired. her dad was taken to the hospital for treatment. she now faces an assault with a deadly weapon charge. one person is dead after a hit-and-run accident in moore county. the victim, 24-year-old matthew phillips, was hit by a vehicle late friday night on put numb church road. his body was found in the driveway of a home he was supposed to be visiting. no arrests have been made at this hour. president obama is in cuba this morning becoming the first u.s. president to travel to that country in more than 80 years. he landed in havana to kick start his two-day visit judgement no word if the police will file charges in connection with a possible meth lab investigation. the investigators say they found evidence of the meth lab in a hem on hob street. the officers went there to the house after a woman living there ended up in the hospital. she says she was drinking something that perhaps had some
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the neighbors say they had no idea. >> i'm very shocked. i have children and there's a lot of stuff around here that i can't wait to get out of the neighborhood. and the police say the woman who went to the hospital is expected to be okay. the first possible case of a treatment resis taints lice has been reported in edge comb county near wilson. a woman suspects her daughter may have gotten the so-called super lice while attending car veer elementary school in pine top. the educators have confirmed one child at the school had lice but also said the situation was under control and that the child was sent home. but the mother jenny johnson, says her daughter was never sent home and has come back twice in the last month [ith lice. she wants to get the parasite tested by the health department. the police in norfolk, virginia are investigating an officer-involved shooting that left one woman dead saturday. it all began when the officers spotted a fight outside of a
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old india beady and a man. the veers say the police noticed that beady pulled a gun and threatened that man. two officers approached her, asked her to put the gun down and stop and then they shot her. the weapon recovered was non- firing replica handgun. it is a story that the family says they just can't believe. >> she would not do it. she was afraid of the police. she was afraid. she would not take that chance. >> what happened, what transpired from then to her being shot? the two police officers involved were narcotics officers with eight and six years on the force. duty. austin, texas police are investigating after an officer caught on tape using pepper handcuffs. the incident happened as crowds gathered in the downtown area for the popular south by southwest film and music fest. the police association released its statement surge overaging everyone not to rush to
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the festival say the officer's actions were shocking and wrong. >> the cop committed a crime. it is clear as day. there is no justification for it. this officer should be arrested and charged for assault. >> right now it is not clear why the officer took the suspect into custody to begin with. well, this morning if you're looking for a new person to follow on instagram, why not follow the pope? that's right. the pontiff is taking intake gram by storm. he gained more than one million followers in just under 12 hours. the pontiff's first photo sent saturday shows him kneeling in prayer. his new account broke a record for getting one million followers. the previous record was held by the former soccer star david beckham. a non-profit in north carolina is helping veterans deal with combat trauma through tattoo therapy. operation tattooing freedom works with tattoo artists to provide free tattoos to veterans, especially those suffering from anxiety or post traumatic stress disorder. the charity organizer says
7:20 am
veteran who was also his tattoo artist helped him. >> and i realized that getting the tattoo and having the conversation with another veteran while i'm getting it was extremely therapeutic for me, and i realized that if it worked for me, then it would work for others. >> the non-profit is working to get donations in order to expand nationwide. good sunday morning. i'm your meteorologist and we're off to a chilly and cloudy start to the day outside. taking a live look and you can see the camera lens a little wet there at the airport. the tarmac as the airport, we had a little bit of rain overnight into very early this morning. the radar showing most of the shower activity off to the east. we still have wet weather impacting portions of sampson county. most of that heavy rain is now sitting off to the east of the viewing area here. as we head through this afternoon, we may see a few additional showers developing, but the bulk of the wet weather
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that was all thanks to a cold front that moved through during those overnight hours. it is 40 degrees the raleigh and durham. 37 in south hill and it is 43 in fayetteville and 44 is the warm spot right now in rayford. the temperatures this afternoon are not going to move very far from where they are now. we're up to only 44 degrees at lunchtime. 46 degrees at 2:00 this afternoon. our high temperature not getting out of the upper 40s. 48 degrees, our high across the region today. so we had a cold front move true last night into very early this morning. now we have a couple of areas of low pressure sitting offshore here. so we have cloudy and cool conditions. the disturbance swings through a little later today. this is what caused that rain this morning. as we head through tomorrow, that system is going to slide off to the northeast. it is going to cause some snow showers for folks across new england, poreses of the northeast here. for us tomorrow, we have clearing skies in your forecast.
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an area of high pressure will kick the clouds out of here. the sunshine make as comeback tomorrow, but we don't start warming up until tuesday. a lot of sunshine in the forecast for tuesday, wednesday and thursday. we have an area of high pressure that once again will slide offshore, that will push in warmer air out of the south and southwest, so we will see warmer terps. highs in the 70s returning ventally this week. our future cast showing just a few spotty showers lingering early this morning. generally cloudy skies as we head through this afternoon and into this evening. it is when we have our best chance of seeing additional wet weather developing. scattered showers possible in some spots. we clear out during the overnight hours. sunshine makes its return for tomorrow, but it is still going to be on the cooler side of things. for today, expect highs in the upper 40s to near 50 across the sand hills. 51 degrees. 49 in dunne. 48 degrees in sanford. 48 for highs in benson and smithfield. 47 in rocky mount.
7:23 am
highs still in the upper 40s a chilly day for us in rail rei at 48 degrees. 46 in henderson and roxboro. 45 is our high in south hill, virginia. tonight the temperatures fall pretty quickly. 36 degrees. we're still cloudy and we're cold with a chance of isolated showers especially during the first half of our nighttime here. so today officially began spring. really not feeling like it, though, across the area today because we do have system of those colder temperatures in the forecast so we are going to see conditions improving, though, as we head into our day tomorrow, so keep that in mind. we are going to see once again warmer weather making a comeback as we head into wednesday and thursday, especially highs in the 70s wednesday and thursday. 74 wednesday. 77 on thursday. and then we are going to see a chance for a few more showers as we head into friday and saturday. the temperature still staying warm. 60s and 70s to end the week and start your weekend. >> you promised the sunshine is coming back out because, you
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>> and cold. >> and the sunshine, it will be here by tomorrow, but it is still going to be on the cool side. [ what is get about that is people can stay here indoors and watch us on cbs north carolina for march madness. great gyms yesterday and great games coming up tonight as well. the time is now 7:24. the tar heel state well represented in the sweet 16. duke and unc still clinching a spot in march madness. we have a recap of their victory ins the ncaa to on saturday that is right after (vo) shop all makes, models and colors in your neighborhood... all with worry-free ownership. head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone...
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two hometown teams staying in the big dance, duke and unc advance to the sweet 16 in the ncaa tournament. >> you know that makes local fans super excited. >> exactly. >> sports reporter todd gibson has a complete breakdown of the tar heels win over providence. >> reporter: north carolina gets off to a slow start but what we have learned about this team they can really turn it on. the tar heels don't have an answer for chris dunne. he had a game high 29 points, including two that would give providence the second half lead. they had them right where they wanted them. north carolina shoots 61% in the second half. bryce johnson on his way to another double-double, 21 points and 10 rebounds. the tar heels placed five players in double figures hitting providence with a 51-
7:28 am
unc steamrolled its way into the sweet 16, 85-66 over providence. >> we didn't come to this point in the season to get to the sweet 16. the sweet 16 is a stepping point to get the where we want to be, which is in houston. >> at the end of the day we just want it, so when we come out and my and play like that like nobody else can take it from us, i think we'll be all right. these guys sitting up here were tough minded the last 18 minutes of the second half and they were really good. >> reporter: there is just something about raleigh. 9-1 in tournament play as they head off to their record 27th sweet 16. todd gibson, cbs north carolina. >> thank you. the duke blue devils are also on the road to the sweet 16 after beating yale on saturday. they dominated the first half, but yale cut into that lead in the second half getting to within three points.
7:29 am
came out on top 71-64. especially when you're playing against a team like yale. >> we had to keep playing confident down the stretch. >> so duke's next-round match- up is scheduled for thursday. they'll play the winner offer r and st. joseph's. those two teams my tonight. watch it here on cbs north carolina. >> that's right because we are your home for march madness. today at 12:10, you can catch the gym of iowa taking on villanova and then at 2:40, you can steve eminger fen f. austin going up against notre dame. you can always check out for full game schedule. photos from the match-u ups and a lot more. make sure as well to get the north carolina news app for alerts about the big showdowns we're watching. also coming up -- >> people are dying because they're not getting what they need. >> still ahead, act visits taking to the sidewalks protesting what they call unsafe conditions at the durham county detention center.
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at the durham county jail for a protest. the d. a. weighs in on new evidence from an independent investigation of an officer- involved shooting in raleigh. >> and we'll hear tabata success of adoption of hundreds of cats and dogs that were rescued and the -- and nursed back to health in sanford. but first it is 40 degrees
7:32 am
live look over raleigh, sunday, march 20th, 2016. it is also the first day of spring. grand jury and thanks for watching us here on cbs north carolina. >> good to see you there. >> and we're all here with kristin. >> thank you. kind of a gray and gloomy start to the day. >> nothing spring like about it. >> i heard some rain during the overnight hours when i was getting up in the very early morning hours. i did hear some of the rain falling across the area. this morning not feeling very springy as we have been talking about. you can see the clouds from our live look here showing the raleigh skyline. most of the wet weather now off to our east. we do have showers off to the east now, mainly seeing a few light showers impacting portions of extreme southern sampson county just south of clinton. elsewhere we're generally dry, maybe a little drizzle of mist in some spots, but most of us stuck under that layer of thick clouds which will be the case through most of our day today. it is 40 degrees the raleigh as
7:33 am
40 in durham. some spots in the 30s. 37 in south hill and lewisberg. it is 38 degrees right now in henderson. temperatures today not warming up very much from where thigh are now, hanging at 40 degrees we 58:00 a.m. a few showers still in the forecast, especially this afternoon with a high today of 48 followed by 5 degrees at 6:00 this evening. the temperatures are staying cool today. we still have a few showers in the forecast later this afternoon and evening, but sunshine makes a comeback starting tomorrow. i'll break the forecast down for you week ahead coming up in just a few minutes. cbs north carolina has new information about the raleigh police shooting death of deny kins. the wake county d. d. say as bullet hole found friday near the home of the shooting is not connected to the incident. cbs north carolina's amy cutler spoke to the family's attorney and she also has more from the femme's police department -- attorney.
7:34 am
that the authorities took the time and looked into this, but they tell me this is just one part of the ongoing, independent investigation. the attorneys representing deny kins' family said they found new evidence, a possible bullet hole near where the 24-year-old was shot and killed by police. authorities responded and saturday we learned the results. in a statement wake county district attorney lauren freeman said after examination investigators concluded the evidence tended to show the hole was not related to this incident. >> we were grateful that they responded so quickly, and it appeared to me that they looked very carefully at that hole from the outside, and they went inside, which is something that we had not had the opportunity. >> reporter: scott holmes is one of the attorneys working on the independent investigation of the death. the fbi and raleigh police are also conducting investigations. but the family and community activists have been critical of their findings so far. >> there's some really
7:35 am
between what wsbs have said, the physical evidence at the scene, the shootings, the trajectories at the scene on the back porch, and the wounds to the body. >> reporter: holmes says their independent autopsy shows he was shot in the back. according to the initial police report, he was shot four times in the chest, shoulder and both arms. but the district attorney has declined the say whether the shots were to his front or become body. >> we haven't actually seen that independent autopsy. why is that? >> well, it would be important to have the medical examiner's report to look at and compare with forensic analysis that we did. >> reporter: holmes says that the medical examiner had more access to information. it has been nearly three weeks since this shooting and he stressed the family and this community just wants answers. in raleigh, i'm amy cutler, cbs north carolina. right now moore county
7:36 am
public's help finding a missing woman. according to the aberdeen times, the 32-year-old jessica galloway as last seen on march 10 knot the sown pines area. she is a white female with brown hair and brown eyes. she drive as black 2008 acura with n.c. plate numbers c. mx-9494. anyone with information on her whereabouts should call police. family and friends of two men who died a the durham county jail held a i vigil saturday. it is the second time this month the group gathered that tear jail. but as cbs north carolina reports, this event was much different than the last. >> reporter: all that could be heard was the sound of footsteps and music. >> we are trying to show people, the community, that matthew and dennis and the other people inside the jail are actually people. >> reporter: and a volunteer for inside-outside alliance, the group that fights for rights of people in jail and their families. he tells me he knows what it is like to have family member
7:37 am
his father was incarcerated for moss of his life. he says people behind bars may have made a mistake, but they're still human. the group marched hoping to break down the criminal stereotypes of dennis mcmurray and matthew mccain, the two men who died inside of the jail. >> he is our goof wall. very loving. he loved his family and kids. he is missed. >> reporter: ashley kennedy led the march alongside blakeney. kennedy is the girlfriend of matthew mccain. he died in jail back in january, and for the entire march she held his daughter against her chest, the daughter she tells me he never got to meet. >> people are dying because they're not getting what they need. >> reporter: the marchers met mccabe's mother at the jail, the same spot as a protest earlier this month, but this one was completely different. >> he is not forgotten. >> reporter: rather than blocking the streets, the group said prayers an released balloons into the air, asking
7:38 am
mcmurray who say they were neglected. >> they say the cause of death in mcmurray's death was determined to be a drug overdose. the sheriff's office has released this statement for mccain, they say we are investigating as we have done so many previous cases. we want to provide mr. mccain's family with answers as soon as possible, however, thorough and complete investigations require time to produce credible answers. our thoughting and prayer goss out to mr. mccain's family. cbs north carolina. a weekend animal adoption event ended a day early in sanford, the reason? a good one. all of the pets fund a new home. hundreds of people came out to the center yesterday looking for a cat or a dog to take home. you may remember the story back in january. 700 animals were rescued from a shelter, and since then the a. s. p.k. a. has spent the last several weeks getting them all back to good health and now they all have new places to call home. and an update in the flint,
7:39 am
veterinarians in that area are new testing pets for lead. you may remember that early they are year the city began testing children for lead poisoning in response to lead being present in drinking water and now the vets are asking the owners to get their pets tested if they were given that water. some residents say they are willing to do whatever it takes to make sure their pets are doing well. >> well, i feel guilty because i didn't know not to give it to him. i just feel guilty, that's all. so it is important that she get tested. >> yesterday michigan state college of veterinarian medicine held free lead testing for pets. several animal clinics in flint are also offering bottled water to pets as well. a group of marine and navy coremen are on a mission to pay tribute to a team of fallen servicemen. saturday morning they marched across the south carolina line
7:40 am
is called the marine raider memorial march. they will continue marching on today to complete a journey from florida. the group is honoring the seven marines and four guardsmen who died after their blackhawk helicopter crashed on a training mission near the florida panhandle. the march is expected to end tomorrow. 7:40 is your time now. coming up, devastation in russia after a plane crashes killing more than 60 people. where that plane was coming from and what investigators say may have caused it all. we've got those details right after the break. keep it here on north carolina news. outside this morning we're dealing with cloudy skies. kind of a dreary-looking day here as we take a live look at raleigh-durham international
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(church bell) (bear growls) (burke) smash and grub. seen it. covered it. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum good sunday morning. let's start things off with a live look at the overcast skies here in rail rei. you can see -- in raleigh. you can see the skyline in the background. we have gray skies. a lot of us seeing overcast skies and many of us experienced showers last night into the very early morning hours here. we're still seeing a few
7:44 am
weather, mostly off to the east. we'll dry out briefly, but we do have a chance of seeing more showers rolling through as we roll through this afternoon and this evening. this is all thanks to a cold front that moved through last night into the pre-dawn hours here. most wet weather is sliding offshore. it is 40 degrees in raleigh. 40 also in durham. 43 degrees in fayetteville. some spots in the 30s. it is 37 in lewisburg. 39 in rocksboro. expect a few showers returning by this afternoon. the temperatures today not getting out of the 40s. up to 44 by lunchtime. 48 is our high temperature this afternoon. sunshine and warmer weather will return this week. i'll have a complete breakdown of your forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you. 7:45 is your time. coming up. guess who showed up to class. we'll tell you more about this alligator's surprise appearance at a school in florida. plus, to heart break, still to come ahead of sunday
7:45 am
look at the pop star's emergence back into music following her broken marriage.
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7:47 am
keep it here is a look at some of today's top stories. the wake county district attorney says the evidence found near the scene of a police-involved shooting in raleigh is not related to the shooting of deny kins. an attorney representing the family believed a bullet hole
7:48 am
evidence that perhaps should be considered. officials examed it and concluded that it was not. the fbi and raleigh police are still investigating the murder. a durham teenager is in federal custody and scheduled to be deported back to his home country of honduras today. femme and friends have rallied to keep him here in the states. in fact, the coping mange butterfield says he has reached out to the director of imgrigs to intervene, but so far that person has declined to do so. the protestors gathered outside of the durham county jail. they hope to break down the criminal stereotype of two men who died inside the jail. the sheriff's office says mcmurray died from a drug overdose and that mccain's death is still under investigation. russian authorities are trying to figure out what caused a horrific passenger jet crash early saturday morning. a security camera captured the
7:49 am
flight 981, just two hours before the boeing 737 was set to land 600-miles outside of moscow. the crash killed all 62 people on board, including four children and seven crew members. based on flight data, it appears the pilot circled for a considerable amount of time after unsuccessfully trying to land earlier. investigators say severe weather may have played a factor in this crash. and this next story would have freaked me out if i was there. take a look at this. a 10-foot alligator decided to show up for class at a christian school in lakeland, florida earlier this week. staff and state of the unions say the big d.w.i. for was an amazing sight to see. i bet. the police arrived and kept it all in one spot until a professional trapper could actually get there and catch the big guy. the officers believe the reptile was headed for a lake just across the street. and, yeah, he got the huge stop sign. stopped in his tracks. >> can you imagine coming into >> i know.
7:50 am
>> i don't know if i would be excited, but as a skid, everything excites you, right? >> yes. pop far gwen stephane is picking up the pieces after her divorce last year. >> and here is a preview of the interview. >> i was down an f -- down all the way. it was rough on me. i'm so embarrassed. i just was like, wow. i have to turn this into something. i can't go down like this. if i could do music, everything will be okay. [ music ] >> reporter: but music had not come easily for stephane as of late. a long, frustrating bout of writer's block had left her musical confidence shaken. what was it like go ing into the studio for the first time? i. >> i said i don't care about the charts, hits, style of music.
7:51 am
and i just have to get this out of me, whatever it is and i want to write and i want it [ music ] >> reporter: her misery turned out to be her mews. within a matter of weeks, she had written more lyrics than she knew what to do with. >> it was just the idea of sitting at a piano and letting my feelings come out and it felt so good. wow. this is all i need to be doing right now. this. >> reporter: the floodgates opened? >> the confidence came to me and it just felt like the right thing to be doing. it was proactive as to opposed to getting deep intera hole. [ music ] -- getting deeper into a hole. ] music ] >> it is going to be a great story to watch, singer gwen
7:52 am
plus, steve martin and also exploring overglades national park. it is all this sunday morning here on cbs north carolina here at 9:00. it is the first day of spring, but it is not quite feeling like it yet. >> a little cool outside this morning. and also gray. you're taking a live look from shaw university here showing the raleigh skyline and you can see we have the gray skies out there. kind of a gloomy start to our sunday here around the area. we had a cold front move through during the overnight hours. you may have heard the rain drops early this morning. most of the wet weather now sitting off to our east, but we do have a second system that will swing through the area bringing us a chance for a few isolated showers later on today. it is 40 degrees the raleigh. 40 also in durham. it is 43 in fayetteville. temperatures in the 30s in some spots. 38 in henderson and this afternoon temperatures not moving very much from where they are right now. warming up only to 48 degrees. just a chance for a little bit of drizzle or mist during the
7:53 am
but as that second upper level disturbance swings through, we'll see a chance for more wet weather later this evening. a better chance around dinnertime and shortly after tonight. expect cloudy and cold conditions with spotty showers likely. so we have this cold front move through last night to early this emergency and now we have a second area of low pressure that will swing through, too, bring -- bringing us a chance of showers. for tomorrow, the entire system slides off to the northeast. we have a coastal low develop which will actually cause, believe it or not, some snow across parts of the mid atlantic and through new england here. for us tomorrow, we've got clearing skies, still chilly as an area of high pressure starts to build in. at least we get rid of the clouds as we head into the monday. the high slides offshore. we get warmer air pushing in from the south. so lots of sunshine in the if i recollect and much warmer for the middle part of this week. right now our future cast showing things staying relatively quiet for the next
7:54 am
chance for seeing a few more of the showers developing. it is not a whole lot in the we of wet weather later on today, but don't be surprised if you see a few more rain drops this evening. tonight we start to clear out and dry out, and tomorrow morning into tomorrow afternoon, we are dry and sunny and a little warmer across the area. your forecast for today, though, 49 degrees in wilmington. 51 in fayetteville and fort bragg. spotty showers likely later. 48 degrees in smithfield and wilson. 42347 rocky mount and 46 in roanoke rapids. the high temperature stays in the 40s today across the triangle and along the virginia border. 47 in chapel hill and durhamment tonight the terps fall to 367 degrees. -- 36 degrees. and then we dry -- temperatures fall to 36 degrees. and then we dry out. warmer today for your monday. 63 on tuesday. 74 on wednesday. we're still in the 70s for
7:55 am
showers likely friday afternoon, even a few on saturday as well. stick around.
7:56 am
coming up rig morning. the hunger walk kicks off this afternoon. organized by local congregations and nonprofit groups, the event raises money to end hunger, in the only here
7:57 am
all around the world. registration gets underway at 1:30. storm team meteorologist bill ray is serving as the emcee at 2:00 and the walk begins at 2:30. this is taking place at the duke chapel. it is going to be a great event. >> cool stuff. can they expect some rain, maybe a little bit of dries until. >> a few spotty showers later today. cold temperatures. the highs not getting out of the 40s. 48 degrees today. 54 tomorrow. we're dry for most of this week ahead with temperatures back into the 70s by wednesday. >> let's just skip ahead to wednesday to get to the 74. >> i agree. >> stick with us here on cbs north carolina. we'll be right back for you. and coming up at 8:00, an usually quiet apartment complex the cary rocked by a shooting.
7:58 am
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snack a little bigger. yet another twist in the investigation of a deadly
8:00 am
more on what the wake county district attorney is saying about the case. and sweet 16 bound. both duke and unc sliding into the next big round on the road to the final four. plus, history on the horizon as president obama prepares to visit cuba this week. but first, kind of a chilly one out there this morning at 8:00 as we take a live look at raleigh, this cool first day of spring, march 20th, 2016. we're certainly not seeing system of the temperatures we saw earlier last week stoo. no. >> gork to you. >> i'm in this morning for justin, and if he thought he was going to have a beautiful day to enjoy on his vacation, he was dead wrong because as we just saw, nothing but clouds now. cloudy and cool, but it is all going up from here. >> up hill. positive. >> and we may have, you know, jaw few spotty showers to deal with a little later today, but things improving really as we start this upcoming week. you're taking a live look from


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