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tv   North Carolina News at 1100PM  CBS  March 14, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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what we can except overnight. wes. >> so far we've had storms come through with winter weather. very, very strong winds with stormings. we've had tornado even. no big hail producing or lightning and that is the storm of the night. incredibly heavy rain resulting in minor flooding. we're dialed in live lightning county and franklin county and the hail reports started coming in this afternoon and continue today hold on into tonight so strong storms from wake, franklin county all the way up into the northeast part of our viewing area. you can see even more lightning there just north of rocky mountain on i95 and north hampton county. we've seen everything but started off as pea size then gone throughout the night, the hail reports have gotten even larger.
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county, look at this, almost 2- inches in diameter, that's golf ball sized hail. that was reported by the youngsville fire department. the second round is just now approaching us from the west. but this one thankfully is weaker, there have not been severe reports with this storm in over an hour, but it will still move through in the overnight hours with some rain that you may hear on your roof. but again, we don't expect it to be as sideway veer and tornadoes have never been part of the conversation today and they won't be overnight. when you leave for work and school tomorrow morning, a lit the bit -- little bit of fog possible in some areas. temperatures in the 50s. dry weather with sunny skies. cold front this week.
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the weather is not to blame for this accident. rale league police tell rale league police. >> investigators were considering charges trump himself but now they're making an abrupt about face. >> cbs north carolina mike high land explains why all new tonight. >> specifically investigators are trying to figure out if trump incited a riot at his rally but hours later no charges. the moment caught on cameras, in is when john punched a protester out of last week's trump rally in fayetteville. earlier monday the sheriff's
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looking to see if trump hims was probably guilty of inciting a riot. >> i heard nothing of that. i think it's all on that man. >> i'm a volunteer for the donald trump campaign. >> his supporters scoffed at the idea of criminal charges. >> that is so groan out of proportion. do you think des moines planned that? absolutely not. >> mr. trump cannot control the actions of a individual and i think everyone would agree with that. >> hours after floating the idea of trump being charged, the sheriff's office said that won't happen. they said the case would be hard to prove. they would have to prove willful intent. >> a broad statement of secure these people on their way out. injure these people on their way out. >> trump's critics city think
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>> donald trump is literally inciting violence. >> they said comments like these? >> can i rip that whistle right out of the mouth? i'd like to punch him in the face. >> donald trump says bernie sanders and supporters is the reason for the problems. >> the investigation into this incident is not offer. they're look into how its own deputies handle it, why they didn't detain john mcgraw after the punch and tackled the man instead. he declined to comment saying his attorney advised against it. >> all right, on this primary eve, take a look, donald trump holding a double digit lead on the republican side. >> these numbers are coming from public policy polling, donald trump, 44 percent and ted cruz 33 percent. >> john kasich 11 percent and marco rubio at 7 percent.
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clinton ahead by nearly 20 points, 56 to 37. >> many of the big name candidates were in our state today. donald trump spoke in hickory this evening. hillary clinton is wrapping up now in char loll. bernie sanders was in the queen city and heidi campaigned for her husband ted cruz. >> the latest on the campaign and what tomorrow can mean for those who are not the front runners. >> donald trump told supporters in youngstown ohio, he's more concerned about -- trumps rivals have been raising concerns about the tone of his rallies. >> one difference between this and donald trump rally, i'm not asking you to punch anybody in the face. >> they repeatedly interrupted him in tampa. >> trump has gone too far.
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run a campaign where you're dividing one against another or making these comments at a rally, that's a toxic environment. ohio. it's a must win for kasich. >> marco rubio needs to win here in florida to keep his campaign alive, but trump is leading the state's senator by a more than 2-1 margin. >> this state will elect 99 de- combats to one person, i want it to be me and i need you to help it to me be. >> hillary clinton, and bernie sanders is neck and neck in illinois. sanders is focusing on these states after western michigan. clinton is trying to atrek blue co-harrahs workers. >> i will step did in its tracks any trade deal that hurts america. >> more than 1,000 delegates are up for grabs tuesday. cbs news, miami.
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expected to gain attention tomorrow's primary if the polls are any indication, republican pat will face democratic general rory. but both must get their parties nomination. former republican robert and reynold county business owner charles moss. >> both parties see the importance of their respective candidates so we're gonna see a lot of the cabbed date ands hear a lot about them as well. >> the race for governor has the potential to be very expensive. the connect and sea bond expected to pass. about half the money for the bond will go to improvements for the state's your system. the bond is necessary to accommodate all reasons to north carolina. opponents are concerned and the long run. >> polls open at 6:30 and close
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we've been telling you this for weeks but we want to remind you, you will need a photo id at the polls. we'll have you covered for all races on air and online. scroll over the news tab and down to election 2016. protesters storming the streets store or online protest the new building of the multimillion dollar home for the department. >> spoke to people why they're so against the plan. >> . >>reporter: more than 100 protesters marched onto west chapel hill street in front of the police headquarters. >> we want the city to divest police instead fund black futures. >> police officers stood by directing traffic around the protesters who are calling for less policing and justice for
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the group made multiple organizations and community members wants city counsel to take back plans to build new police headquarters on east main street that will cost over $71 million. a total that decreased from $81 million. >> mental health services, towards affordable housing. towards community gardening and other means of revitalizing a neighborhood other than more enforcement. >> that's really where we create public safety is in building thriving and livable communities. >> the administration wouldn't comment on the protest but when voting for the new headquarters last year, they agreed the current space is not enough anymore. all though the build sequoyah slated to open in 2018, council newcomer is still hoping they can find what she calls a better use of money. >> i think that some council are gonna have to listen to
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willing to stand up and say that this is not where we think the city should be investing. >> in durham, carly, cbs north carolina. >> police headquarters will consolidate several police functions that are currently spread out. home to emergency communicationings. no worry if there were any arrests at the protest. one man dead in fayetteville and another seriously hurt after a shooting. both men related. happened after 620 on degree dear aaron rodgers creek road. the two were arguing when shots rang out and that person is in custody. the other person shot is in serious condition. the search for the missing firefighter will pick back up tomorrow morning. we checked and we still haven't learned the name of the volunteer who disappeared while swimming in the tar river yesterday afternoon in princeville. about 50 people used sonar to help with the search.
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be back in the county on monday to face a voter fraud channel ifs a vote that he cast in 2014. the former mayor is already serving time after pleading guilty to accepting for than $50,000 from undercover agents. a grand jury indicted him last year. ready to host the first and second rounds of the ncaa men's basketball tournament. we saw the signs going up today. two number one teams, north carolina and virginia will open play in raleigh. other notable names, usc, texas, tech, tamment ton, and butler. duke also is dancing against unc wilmington. they'll start their journey in provident. we also have much more in a special section on >> it's a story we've been
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a teen who underwent a heart transplant,. i just heard from his mother about his recovery and how you can help. an alarming number of death
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we need jobs that provide dignity and a bright future. new penalties to stop companies from moving profits and jobs overseas. for businesses that create manufacturing jobs, a new tax credit. and let's invest in clean energy jobs, with 500 million solar panels installed by the end of her first term. we've gotta create new jobs and industries of the future. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. the number of people dying from heroin in north carolina, it has skyrocketed.
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demographics. >> even our u.s. senators who say north carolina heroin's problem has to be addressed now before it continentals to spin out of control. -- continues to spin out of control. >> heroin makes you numb to everything. luckily i lived through it. >> jesse bennett has a dark path. >> i would wake up and shoot three or four bags i kept left over and start thinking about how to get money if i needed to shoplift, break into cars, whatever i needed to do. >> his drug addiction left him homeless, jobless, and in and out of jail. >> each time i got arrested, happy. i was like oh my god, i can relax. >> it's an enormous problem in the state. >> she helps run the north carolina harm reduction coalition trying to get users help.
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out of control, we're shutting sell at pharmacies. >> one of the biggest lifesavers is this. >> it can take somebody stone cold turning blue, not breathing, you give them this and stay can stand up and start talking to you within seconds. it's an amazindrug. >> this young lady to knocked out from an overdose and within six minutes, she wakes make up. >> to inject, place black end against inner thigh. press firmly and hold in place for five seabeds. >> can come in an autoinjector and 54 law enforcement agencies across the country are equipped. >> we're nowhere near we need to be. counties where there's no access to this drug at all. >> a harm re-destruction coalition is stetting up the
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rather than treatment focus. >> diverted instead of jail to a social services program where someone can address the underlying issues with adirection. >> law enforcement is drying to diverse people away from jail and into treatment, that's a big step. >> it's treatment that worked for jesse. he's now drug free and helps others fight their addiction. without change, it's a battle that can continue to grow out of control. >> we want them alive. >> these are real people that have a shot to bet better and that only person that won't get better is a dead person. >> wow, startling staying hydratedtistings right here in our -- statistics in our state. scary he said every time he got arrested he was relieved and can relax. >> it's a huge problem here.
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we have a list of law enforcement agency using this drug on our website. >> find current legislation and links to resources for people with addiction as well as resources for their family. if you have something you want our investigates team to look into, e-mail us. our neighbors in south carolina recently lived through severe flooding and now they're preparing for the worst with a different type of natural disaster. the state's emergency manager is practicing a scenario where four earthquakes hit at once across the state. the largest was in charleston in 1886. felt from cuba all the way to new york. storms is the big thing in our area tonight. >> hi, guy,s before the storms moved in this afternoon and tonight, today was our eighth day in a row of above normal
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days have been upper 70s and 80- degrees. that's extreme heat, considering we're two weeks into march so the storm's coming through are extreme. lots of energy, lots of heat, lots of moisture to feed off of and tonight, our loan severe thunderstorm warning is parts of wake county and western parts of nash haven't -- county. severe thunderstorm warnings because of hail. you guys down in wendel know exactly what i'm talking about. these continue to slowly march off to the east kind of heading right out 64 to 264. you can see the storms continue, lots of lightning up here and halifax and north hampton county. dropping a lot of rain on the ground right now. it's a good thing most of us are inside. it's also good these storms will be gone by morning. that's part one. here's part two, you can see back behind it and just compare the lightning.
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how strong storms are. loathes of light thing with this cluster but not lots with the next one. this is gonna roll through over night. rain not as heavy, storms not as strong, likely not gonna see thunderstorm warnings. i mentioned the heat, we had humidity. did you feel that? we're not supposed to have a dew point temperature in the mid 60s. that's a correlation to how much humidity de-have. this is something we see in the summertime, not in marco rubio that's just another extreme measure we had with our weather today and that's why we had the storms. we get a break tomorrow, still gonna be warm but no rain. the ides of marco rubio we jump up to 62 at 9, 72. the heat, humid difficult
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atmosphere help produce a lot of storms today. got a couple amazing pictures. some nickel sized hail from david in durham. something similar from amy in durham. durham got a lot of hail and chris also in durham had several large quarter sized hailstones. we just got a report of golf ball sized hail in youngstown. we've got a break tomorrow with high pressure. less humid and dry but still very warp. then we get into wednesday, our next weather maker will be a very weak cold front, weak as in not a lot of rain with it, but it doesn't come through until later in the day. we have plenty of time to get to the low 80s, that'll be our warmer day on wednesday much the front moves through and hangs out to our south, bringing us a few scattered showers on thursday as we get
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rally and across the country. -- raleigh and across the country. we get rid of rain, no basketball here in town. temperatures around 80-degrees. from that 79 tomorrow, bejump up to 82 on wednesday and then we cool down a bit on thursday. thursday is also saint patrick's day. we mention the games kick you've here in raleigh. if you've got tickets, think about an umbrella, we could have a few showers with temperatures in the low 70s and that's not even the coolest day. check out friday, a high of only 67 and even cooler as we get into this weekend. both saturday and sunday, high of only 61. lows in the 40s. spring officially begins on sunday. we've got a few scattered showers possibly this weekend too and into early next week. we're gonna go from 82 on wednesday to a high of 58 monday with possible 30s in some spots monday morning. >> forget spring, looks like
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looks like we're going back to winter. >> thank you, wes. an update on a story many of you have been following. albert jefferys the fourth, al yay jay. he had a heart trans-lant plant. i heard from hides mom about an hour ago, he will continue to be sedated and be on dialysis for the next few days. his old heart did so much damage to his kidneys they remain hopeful and also twitter. constantly keeping in touch with tina to find out how al jay's doing. how do become a donor yourself, go to our website. >> that's a good story, we'll quipu updated on that. meanwhile, march madness is
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coming up after the break, we'll focus in on north carolina and the tarheels not officiated and the the son of a civil rights attorney josh stein learned early about justice, equality and doing what's right. senior deputy attorney general, one of the "most effective" state senators, josh stein fought to make schools safer, cracked down on domestic violence,
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stein: we need an attorney general with the independence to stand up to the special interests and who will always put the people of north carolina first.
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north carolina got a lot of love. a number one seed, the number two overall pick and some home cooking. finally more wins. the tarheels have received their fair share of criticism for not winning home against duke, not winning games by biggest margins. >> i've said it and maybe said it here last night, i think we
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basketball team i've ever coach and had the least appreciated. that's a pretty good basketball team i've got out there. and it's a basketball team we as coaches have appreciate and had pushed and pushed and pushed. that's what we're gonna try to do. >> this week begins thursday with a 720 tipoff at the florida gulf coast. one reason they've had such a successful season is because of johnson. his jersey will be raised at the rafters. johnson led north carolina in scoring, rebounding, blocked shot ands field goal percentage. his 20 double double leads the m cc. the devils lose four of their past seven games. notre dame added by a deficit. 84-79 in overtime at the acc tournament. duke was able to get a number
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eventually they'll head west. duke travels to providence for a thursday night matchup weapons wilmington. that'll be here at is it true 15. for the first -- is it true 15. the women's team it was an impressive game tonight. the devils first named 20-1 this season. will not accept an invitation tuesday to a rash of injuries that's decimated duke late in the year. star and assistant coach finds hardships out of work. he was let go after eight years in pal low alto.
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