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tv   WNCN Today at 600AM  CBS  February 24, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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morning back -- >> you have to take this seriously. many school systems in north carolina will ship -- closed early. and wayne and edge from county. other school systems keeping a close eye on the weather. this is the message on the chatham county website the possibility for early dismissal as well. moms and dads, way -- paid close attention. -- paid close attention. >> this can be an -- >> . what is going on. once cell and raleigh county
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lightning by producing a lot of rain. exiting portions of granville and vance counties around the area. we're talking all morning about needing warmer temperatures into fuel storms. the temperatures have client within the last hour. 48 raleigh, 51 boynton, clinton 60. expecting after 70s. rain likely at 8:00 am, 48 degrees. as chance for severe weather 10 am to 6:00 pm. best chances around noon. 69, 70 afternoon high. damaging wind gusts and a few tornadoes possible, back to 66 by 6:00 pm. more on the timing and threats that will hit your neighborhood coming up in your complete forecast.
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aviation parkway, fog, rain will slow you down this morning. your morning commute will take you a little longer. take the umbrella with you as you head for the door. i want to show you conditions where you are living. where you are seeing yellow we are dealing with foggy conditions. around vance county, warren county that is mixed in with rain around franklin county and raleigh. where we see blue that is including orange county and chatham county you see water pond on the roadways. plan accordingly. we continue our team coverage of the threat of severe weather. emma wright is in our mobile news tracker. >>reporter: we just crossed chatham county into wake county and chatham county we were seeing water ponding on the roads. we saw some big flashes of
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we are in wake county and we are seeing fog. it's the biggest problem. we haven't driving around since 4:30 am and some of the worst spots around 440 and 540. right now where we are it is not as >> but we -- doesn't mean you are in the clear. visibility is low. you can only see a couple hundred feet in front of you. traffic, it is still early, not a big deal. but when you are out keep that in mind. we haven't seen any gusts of wind yet. no heavy winds but some fog and water ponding on the roads and on and off again showers. we will monitor these road
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updates from wake county. some important things to do ahead of time, have an emergency plan. know how everyone will get the alerts including our wncn warning system. upload back to your phone. you can communicate how you will get in touch with each other if split up. it's important to know how you let others know you are safe and have a designated safe meeting place after an emergency. also have access to batteries, water and prescription pills. we also have imported chips should we go under a tornado warning. if you are in a home, school or hospital seek shelter inside a basement, hallway closet. cover your head and eyes. if you are out side the insight
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you can't find a low-lying area like a desperate if you are inside a vehicle a car or truck drive away if you can if not pull over but leave the car running so the air bags inside work and never come under an embankment or overpass. it's not safe enough.>> go to our website at and look for the stories. you haven't done so now is a great time to download the weather apps as watching -- watches and warnings come out. you can get those as push alerts. it is free in your app store. severe weather is headed to our area but many across the southeast are dealing with the aftermath. lauren is live in the alerts center with the latest. >>reporter: to people in louisiana and one and mississippi are dead after severe weather moved across the gulf coast state tuesday. the governors of both states have declared state of emergency. several people are injured including in florida where
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all of the states homes are damaged and utility poles down and cars including an 18 wheeler flipped over. your baton rouge louisiana the most powerful twister was as wide as it was tall. thomas howard saw the power firsthand. >> we heard a loud noise in the wind look like it came down and went out. funniest thing i ever saw. >>reporter: forecasters said earlier in the day at least 20 million people across the southeast and face the risk of severe storms and tornadoes including north carolina. breaking news overseas around 4:00 am crews found the wreckage of a deadly plane crash in nepal. the plane had 23 people on board while flying in a
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the plane was on an 18 minute flight and lost contacts. it had taken off from the resort town and all 23 people on board died. gop presidential hopeful trump celebrated his victory in nevada caucus. his third straight contest t-1. trump takes to the campaign trail to continue his momentum. next up for the democratic presidential hopefuls a primary in south carolina on saturday. no keys, no problem. coming up we take a look at new technology from volvo that could have you going keyless. a recall for a popular candy company, what treat you need to avoid? the warmer air is starting to move in.
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is 6:10 am, we have been talking about a thick blanket of fog. we can't make out a single building this morning. dense fog rain moving across the area as we speak. this first round of rain has moved north of the virginia border. chatham county towards lee county, lee county most of this is light south of stamford. you've already seen around the two of heavy rain move through. water likely will pond on the roadways over us 64. carey, light shower this morning. one key ingredient to see some temperatures.
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46 durham, 46 roxboro raleigh 48. 51 building 10. clinton, 60. once the warmth spreads across the area the next threat will be the storms. they'll start around 10:00 am between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm. showers after 8:00 am, 54, noon 65 and are high 70 degrees. it is february and we don't think we see the storms in this part of the year. we are the biggest threat wind. straight line winds within storms could be as strong as 70 miles per hour. we can see a few stronger tornadoes than what we typically see around central north carolina. you want to the impacts and what time they will arrive for you coming up in the forecast.
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mars has announced a recall and 55 countries. it includes millions of mars snickers and milky way chocolate bars produced the netherlands. chocolate bars with best before date between june and october 2016 should not be eaten. celebration and variety pack it rb recall. consumer alerts picked for
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we'll break down the best our top stories, storm system that had part of the southeast is headed to our area. people dead after tornadoes hit louisiana and mississippi. the threat for severe weather etc. from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. damaging wind gust of 40 miles per hour raleigh police will provide security at the
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they considered a boycott after controversy. the concert takes place, may third at carter finley stadium. consumer reports top 10 picks for best cars of the year is out. the honda earned the top spots for -- the toyota camry earn the best midsize car.. best large car was in a chevy and pollock. subaru forrester tops the list and kia sorrento for best midsize for the lexus rx took best luxury.
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minivan and ford f1 50 tops the list for best pickups. volvo wants to replace car keys with smart phones. according to the automaker bluetooth enabled smartphones can become digital keys eliminating the need for physical key or key file. smartphone will start the phone and unlock the doors and trunk making it easy. the device would be able to handle multiple keys for every volvo in the family. coming up a missouri jury ordered johnson and johnson today $72 million in damages. plaintiff in the case argue that johnson and johnson was aware but neglected the dangers of the talcum powder for the company is with --y from
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your home for march madness. cbs north carolina will be our new name. we are thrilled to be your new home for shows like survivor which is in its 32nd season. the contestants are battling it out on the cambodian island. survivor errors and o'clock p.m. wednesday. after survivor you can catch criminal minds followed by csi cyber and 9 o'clock and 10 o'clock. criminal minds follows as a profile suspects. this is one of the many changes you'll see here on wncn in addition to march madness we will also be your new home for the masters. this'll be the perfect time for you to reset your dvr's if you watch these programs. if you have any questions there is a special section on dedicated to the cbs
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look for the tab on your homepage . will 5 pm newscast, six, 630. and noon. we will have important information to pass along and other immigrant forecast. pay attention as he had throughout the day. 48 degrees, a live picture from oubelt line. those of the cars traveling. we're looking west this morning and not expecting to see a sunrise because we are very cloudy and are releasing showers and storms move through the area. here is our satellite radar, this is a big system. it is responsible for several dams across the southeast yesterday as they saw tornadoes of their own. we have the threat now as we head into the afternoon. here is our satellite radar.
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it is not right now around carey, towards more still light rain towards the airport and across the border of orange and durham county with chatham county seeing heavy rain and some of this moving into chapel hill. this is rounds number two around chapel hill. with the water pounding on the roadways in the area. driving around chapel hill interim take your time. plan for this, visibility very low. half a mile interim -- durham. half a mile in fayetteville. get your destination safely and slow down. plenty of space between you and the cars in front of you. we haven't talking about one key ingredient to see the
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all the starting to move in at 60 in clinton 53 fayetteville 52 billing 10 in the 40s and raleigh but 50 shortly. 46 in durham. let's talk about the changes. a big chance for rain throughout the morning, 54 8:00 am candace six the best -- 10 am to 6 pm the best chance for the storms. 70 is our afternoon high in the storms can bring wind gusts up to 70 miles per hour. this will be a big event for us if it does materialize. we have a warm front to our south in this cold front will come through later today. the warm front -- warm sector ideal for seeing storms develop. this will happen later today as the cold front approaches that is what is giving us the forces we need for the storm to develop.
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morning and best chance for severe weather developing their midday into the afternoon. we'll be watching for the straight line winds. some of them can be strong, tornadoes. skies will clear run and o'clock p.m. in overnight. something he rarely see in central north carolina a moderate risk issued for portions of wake county and i- 95 corridor. a wind advisory that will go into effect and o'clock a.m. through midnight and those are for other things outside of the storms. 70 high. overnight 45 as the rain and skies were clear. tomorrow we turn breezy, 54, 50 on friday and the weekend will start chili the client to 60 by sunday.
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out foggy at nc 147 allow for extra time. a look at drivetime will show
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and 401 it let's talk sports unc and antistate face-off tonight. the tar heels come to raleigh to battle on the hard court. carolina sits alone of the city from the pack is 1300 earlier this season carolina 1 x 12 so the pack will look for payback. at a press conference tuesday
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reports that he plans to retire. coach williams was livid at the reporter that mention that. it should be good work. >> became stuck back on track at pnc arena. 321 victory over the flyers captain in the playoff line. jordan staal scored eight goals and the goalie had 36 days. next up a trip to toronto thursday night. duke baseball was an action and they handled the camels and afford to zero shutout. a three and one season. they had to myrtle beach for tournament. the wolfpack took care of business against morehead state improved 321 on the season with a seven the wolfpack took care of business against morehead state improved 321 on the season with a 7 to 5 win. they host the st. john's at 3:00 pm. here's what is coming up. keep an eye on the roads this morning.
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commute will look li good morning. many schools isn't this morning at north carolina will close early including two in our area weight and edge comp. also keeping a close eye on severe weather. team coverage this morning of the severe weather. emma wright monitoring road conditions. lauren is live in the studio. let's check in with meteorologist alyssa. some the winds can be strong today. >> they can be. outside of the storms we can deal with wind gusts up to 40 system is so strong. a wind advisory go into effect and 9:00 am and continue through midnight. as strong as 40 miles per hour.
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the ground his teeth can topple -- trees can topple. outside this morning showers and thunderstorms but nothing severe yet. showers moving into central portions of orange, term counties -- durham counties. this is just the beginning of it. the severe weather will start around 10:00 am through 6:00 pm. a key ingredient is warmer temperatures and they are climbing. 16 out in clinton, 53 goldsboro, 50 clayton, raleigh 48, 46 durham, 43 roxboro. 8:00 am rain likely, fog around the area, the commute will take you longer. 48, lunchtime can be enacted timeframe, 69 at noon, 70 our high within storms we can deal
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back to 66 by 6:00 pm. more on the forecast coming up. let's look at traffic. very foggy situation setting up on i5 40 it is hard to see the cars clearly this morning -- i- 504. i want to look at the weather and road index. our life dry conditions where you are seeing yellow dealing with foggy conditions. wake county, johnson county, up towards virginia border. breezy green the roads are wet. dealing with water pounding at times round chatham county orange and durham. take your time. we continue our team coverage of the threats of severe weather. emma wright is in our mobile news tracker keep in -- look at
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>>reporter: we were and chatham county a few minutes ago and now we are in wake county where things are looking not crazy yet but are wet. we noticed it started to rain a few minutes ago on newport avenue turning onto the belt line and it doesn't take much rain for things to get stacy on we are seeing so far. we're dealing with fog. we have been out here since 4:30 am and the fog has been back and is getting thicker. 445 and 440 are the worst spots. things are looking pretty tricky. the fog is thick. you can only see a few hundred feet in front of you. visibility is love. take it slow. we haven't seen it rain enough to get any significant ponding
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-- visibility is low. give yourself a few extra minutes and take it slow. we will continue to monitor the road conditions and bring you more updates. today's potential of severe weather still reeling from storms that moved through. piles of debris line the street along ashley ridge drive for the storm brought down trees on their home. it enforces the need for plan to be in place. >> we used our storm shelter for the first time ever. our hall closet. i will make sure there is more room this time. >> duke energy and knowledge that can be power outages across the state. the governor encouraging schools to review severe weather plans including what to do in the event of tornado.
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both the wncn news and weather apps . you can get those as push alerts. look for it in your app store. five people including two children had to find another place to stay after a fire tore through their home. according to the aberdeen times flames tore through the home on t johnson wrote about 1:00 am. firefighters found flames shooting through the roof. t johnson wrote was blocked for more than two hours. no one was at home at the time of the fire pit a investors are looking into a started. new information about a deadly crash and deadly springs
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r 1115 monday night.police say 52-year-old patrick mcdonald was walking on the side of the road when he was hit from behind and killed. police say they will not file charges in the rack. an update for story raleigh police decided to provide security at the upcoming beyonci show. they met last night to consider a boycott. within two weeks is a controversial halftime show. some such as anti-police and pro-violence but after speaking with members the association says the decision was unanimous. >> we listen to all of our members and we came to an agreement that this was the best course of action.>> the show is scheduled for may 3 at nc state family stated. the naacp says they want answers from the unc system. a lawyer for the organization delivered a records request.
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board of governors forced tom ross out of office. replacing him with spellings. she is a former us education secretary. who served under president george w. bush. that talks about accountability but spellings must be held accountable and this is a group that can do it. >> opponents are critical of spellings record. the unc spokesperson said the presidential search followed the policy and state law. spellings takes over as president next tuesday. the battle between apple and the fbi continues. still coming out the tech giant defense. the trial around erin andrews. why she is suing a hotel for $75 million. warmer air moving into central north carolina and this will help fuel storms later toy.
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the 40s in southern pines. welcome back. 6:38 am, starting off a very foggy morning. it is hard to make out the terminals this morning. 48 degrees and we will see the temperatures warm up throughout the next few hours. our radar not showing any storms on area but a few lingering showers and a sense. the storm threat doesn't start to materialize until we get closer to lunchtime. we're doing with heavy downpour across durham and orange counties north of health we're moving into the him a area. over towards granville county
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airport and closer to wake forest light rain. as far as the temperatures concern 48 raleigh, 52 clayton and wellington, 60 and clinton. the temperatures continue to warm and the storm threat opens up at about 10:00 am. close to fix you and lunchtime, 70 our high and watch for wind gusts up to 70 miles per hour. carol out stronger tornadoes as well. big part of the day is the wind and isolated tornadoes i will walk you through this and the timing and the forecast. the president and first lady will honor music legend ray charles in washington dc their hosting a tribute to the singer songwriter and musician as part of what is called the performance. contemporary artists will perform charles is music. the whole thing will be
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house.of 3% to 7:00 pm.
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the numbers are in from last night's nevada caucuses and they were clear winners and losers. stage is set for super tuesday showdown march 1. they can turn the tide for the race for the white house. tracy potts reports from washington dc.>> it will be an amazing two months. >>reporter: donald trump looking ahead to super tuesday after his victory in nevada. people standing in line for hours. entrance polls show trump dominating every key voting block scoring high with voters looking for outsiders and looking for change.
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we really do. >>reporter: second-place is a tossup and so is super tuesday. 12 states including texas, ted cruz. >> you look at the super tuesday states and they like their guns. >> the midwest the first chance to vote on super tuesday and marco rubio is in michigan.>> will campaign to people that are fans of ohio state. everyone. have i gone too far? >>reporter: in michigan polls show john kasich averaging second-place with trump a clear leader. more than 600 republican darrell -- tracy potts nbc news. as republicans watch returns come in democrats have them on the issues of race at
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issue we heard from trump and others a racist effort to try to delegitimize the president of the united states. >> bernie sanders courting the minority votes and also hitting rival content over her paid speeches to wall street to manage to release the transcripts. but it is think she will on one condition. >> sure if everyone does it and that includes the republicans. why is a one standard for me and offer everyone else? >>reporter: voters of south carolina headed to the polls to decide on clinton or sanders this saturday. republicans in congress saying they will not back a plan to close guantanamo bay. the present says closing it can save nearly $2 billion in the next 20 years but republican lawmakers say they will support
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present on the mainland. the presence of putting them in maximum-security prisons can be done safely and stressed that terrorists are already being held here with no incidents. 10 -- taymor says he is looking at legislature can override a position where it allows transgender people to choose bathrooms. the council has gone against all common sense and created a major public safety issue, quote. as republican lawmakers say that the general solution intervene in democrats are weighing in. >> north carolina is a big state and we should welcome all citizens. there is no doubt that there is more pressing issues the governor would want to focus on. but the governor warned that vote to approve the measure would cause state legislative intervention apple will argue that a court order for the fpl -- fbi
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rights. some will support apple's decision not to unlock the cell phone at the fbi's request for the new york times reports that at an attorney for the tech giant will argue that the judge overstepped her boundary and apple is pushing back to the fbi requests came down last week. an important voice in the tech industry is not backing apple's decision. bill gates is apple is bending the truth.>> apple has the ability to let the government see that information. the government said we are only asking for it in this case, nothing we get to keep the tool. it's just like anyone who goes to a phone company. >> apple and microsoft are bitter rivals.
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51% say they should give over the record. severe weather headed to an area but many across the southeast are dealing with the aftermath of the storm. lauren is live in the alert center with the latest. >>reporter: to people in louisiana and one and mississippi are dead after severe weather moved across the gulf coast states on tuesday. the governors in both states have declared state of emergency. several people are injured including in florida where severe storms spawned tornadoes. in all of the state homes are damaged, utility poles are down and cars including an 18 wheeler flipped over. the governor says the damage is breathtaking and the minimal loss of life -- life is incredible. >> we need to be mindful of how serious this incidents can be and take the warnings seriously.
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severe weather here in our area so good reminder to take everything seriously. >> all of the warnings hurt is important to note the difference between a warning and watch a watch means they are possible and warning me to take cover immediately. here is a live picture from our tread water tower cab. looking towards about line. if you look closely you can see headlights and tail lights. it is hard to make it out because it is very foggy. during with light rain proportions of the area, take your time. our satellite radar, starting off with the big picture. it is a big store. lots of moisture moving through southern portions of south carolina. it will move into north carolina shortly but right now not a lot going on. we see showers and thunderstorms but nothing severe this morning.
6:49 am
strengthened until lunchtime. right now your radar tracking and isolated shower now moving out of northern portions of durham county over towards central portions of granville county, oxford you may be dry rain is coming. george johnson county an area the haven't seen rain today were isolated shower it's moving along 95 and the wilson county as we speak. can't stress enough the fog and wet roads will play a factor in the commute. visibility half a mile in raleigh, half-mile in durham and mile in stanford and much less around sandhills. use your low beams. a key ingredient to see the storms will be warmer weather clothing and the we are seeing the warmer conditions. look at clinton. 61 but 53 and fayetteville and lillington we are at 48
6:50 am
quickly throughout the morning, 8 am tracking showers for us and maybe embedded storm but nothing severe. 54 8:00 am and severe threat is here at a possible for us at noon. 69 there, 70 our high and into the mid-60s by 6:00 pm for the good news is the storm should move out by 6:00 pm. regardless setup is a warm front off to ourselves and that will lift across the area this morning opening the window for poor. between the two front is what we call the warm sector. noon starting to see the chance for more storms to develop a line will get organized as we head into the 4:00 pm he can see the line and as it moves across the area that is where we will watch for winds up to 70 miles per hour
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are long-lived from the area and then it moves out for daybreak on thursday and clear skies heard something we rarely see and can't stress it enough moderate risk in effect proportions of wake county, the 90 5/4, strong tornadoes could be a possibility. take every warning very seriously. wind advisory into effect 9:00 am and that is for wind gusts outside the storms and those can be near 40 miles per hour. 70 is our high in raleigh, 69 durham 45 tonight . behind all this tomorrow we will be breezy and 54, cooler for friday and saturday but back in 60 by sunday afternoon. 6:52 am time for our traffic update. a live picture on i 40 a busy stretch threat the morning and you can see it is foggy. take your time. we have an accident i want to pass along their duke's campus
6:52 am
word on what kind of past. erwin road and fulton street. if driving in that direction be alert. the trial is underway for popular sports reporter erin andrews lawsuit against the nashville hotel and she's acting as jury to award her $75 million a dramatically to offer online. attorneys at the hotel willingly granted the request room besides her. the defense argued he was a criminal and they were fooled by his actions. of living a clear skies down south and they will need it. space ask is going to attempt it's launch. the rocketanother telecommunication satellite into orbit. was the satellite is that the stock them -- falcon nine will
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after we had to break -- had to
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quick look at top headlines. a quick look some news you need to know, gop hopeful trump is celebrated a big victory in the nevada caucus. his third straight win. next up is the primary in south carolina for democrats. raleigh police will provide security at the upcoming pionk they consecrate the police protective association met last night to consider a boycott after controversy around her super bowl show. a bit of sad news micah g is leaving as behind. >> a bittersweet moment because i'm headed back to washington state where my kids and family and lots of friends are. i will miss you guys.
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to work with. >> is foggy in cloudy but you are our sunshine in the morning. >> i will miss everyone and the viewers. >> we wish you the best of luck.>> we've got some severe weather today.>> it's a very foggy start the morning as we were talking about is a live picture from shaw university. cannot make out a single building in downtown raleigh. this is something we rarely see, a moderate risk of severe weather. includes wake county portions of the 90 5/4 from 10 am to 6 pm today say on high alert and make sure the alerts are turned on on your cell phones as you will be out and about, strong tornadoes a possibility at high
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only at a sleep number store, all beds on sale right now save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed.
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good morning. three-peat. >> we're winning, winning, winning. >> donald trump cruises to victory in nevada, his third straight win in the republican presidential race. super tuesday is a week away and he's ahead in nearly every state. does he nomination is his to lose? we'll talk to him live. tornado outbreak.
7:00 am
look at that! >> a string of twisters across the south, entire neighborhoods wiped out. the damage stretching from louisiana to florida. at least three people killed, more than 30 others injured. there's more dangerous weather today. new cases, new fear. 14 more women potentially infected with zika by their male partners here in the united states. the growing outbreak to the address at a hearing on capitol hill this morning. too accommodating? the opening day at the trial of erin andrews. why did hotel staff agree to let a man who turned out to be her stalker book the room next to hers? >> this is dangerous. it's a red flag. you don't go, fine. >> why the hotel claims it did nothing wrong. today, wednesday, february 24th, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news,


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