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tv   WNCN Today at 11AM  CBS  February 22, 2016 11:00am-11:30am EST

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>> it's under the rope it was like they just shot him and like they didn't even care. >> police say one of the bullets hit a toddler in the leg. a
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says she tried to protect the kids. >> she grabbed the kids and she hit the floor with the babies. >> police say the toddler has recovered from the injuries and is out of the hospital of the day care's owner are says she shut her business down indefinitely. >> durham pd says laney is facing a slew of charges. neighbors say it makes them mad someone was so reckless. >> you could tell that it was a young -- it was a young youth, and for them not to have any type of common courtesy or respect for a human life, that's just tragedy, you know, you just pull up to somebody's house and open fire and just pull off like it's nothing. >> now, laney's hearing is currently underway emma wright is in the courtroom. we'll bring you any new developments as they become available. more testimony scheduled today to determine the sentence
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murder. the defense is hoping to get the death independent off the table after smith was convicted of killing huggins-jones in 2013 inside her apartment. the jury heard from smith's half sister who testified that he used to beat and abuse him. >> in any way possible physical leaping on him, punching him. throwing him. >> the prosecution brought in smith's former parole officer and two other jail officers who say smith had multiple run ins with him while he was incarcerated. the michigan man accused of killing six people in a random shooting spree is scheduled to appear in court today. he shot several people outside an dealership. investigators say he choose his victims at random saturday night. officials say
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shooting. he is expected to be later today. >> neighbors remembering one of the victims as a kind neighbor, also killed outside were sister in laws. one was a staff sergeant in the air force and the other was a retired teacher who was working with at risk students. a 17-year old and his father were killed while looking at cars. one was a high school senior where school officials say he always had a smile on his face and was well liked by everyone. today the supreme court will hear cases for the first time since the death of associate justice scalia. the court's now evenly split among its 8 members and although justice kennedy he is often the decided vote president obama plans to nominate a replacement soon.
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university will look at the impact of justice scalia's death on law and politics of. the event is free and open to the public. new this morning a texas health department becomes the first lab in the country to check patients for the zika virus. it's the only lab in the u.s. that can run its own test for the virus and the results back within just 24 hours. everyone has to send their samples to the cdc and wait two to these weeks for the results. leaders in charlotte expected to vote on some controversial changes. it would protect members of the lgbt community. today nearly 150 speakers signed up to talk before the city council including one charlotte business woman who says it's an issue that can't be overlooked.
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civil rights issue of my generation. we have an opportunity here in our own space to use our own little voice to say you know, let's do things that then create a safe place for everyone. well governor pat mccrory exchanged emails with some members of the city council calling the ordinance misguided saying if it does pass state less than late insurance could act immediately and he would support them. it's a bit of a different picture when you compare it to the sunny weekend we just had. deal good morning me start to the day outside. you can see those overcast skies, we started to see some of the clouds actually moving in yesterday and they're going to stick around for the next several days. we've got a few showers starting to pop up on our wncn radar right now. most of the activity is still down to our south but
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had will work their way in this afternoon but mostly this evening and overnight hours. it's 57 degrees outside in raleigh, 55 in durham, about 62 so temperatures fairly mild right now but we will see these temperatures holding pretty steady if not falling a few 1 p.m. we're looking at temperatures around 56, a few 56 at 3 p.m. with more rain likely as we head into the dinner hour 6 p.m. looking at a temperature of 53. heavier rain likely overnight into early on tuesday plus more rain the possibility of strong or severe thunderstorms by wednesday. i'll have your complete forecast coming up in just a few minute. right now a miami woman is in a comma after police say she was attacked by her roommate whom she found off the 23-year old was attacked on valentine's day and
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her roommate is being held on attempted murder charges you'd of beating and cutting here. he claims he acted in self defense after jones came after him with a knife. today bill cosby's wife is settle to give her deposition in a defamation lawsuit against him. a group of women claiming he sexually assaulted them. cosby's attorneys requested a delay but a judge denied that move. her attorneys claim she had no involvement. >> cosby continues to deny all the allegations against him. governor pat mccrory will be back in the state after this weekend. last night president obama hosted his final dinner for the group and as always he got a few laughs during his speech. >> so this is my final governor's dinner, at least my
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i'm just kidding. that's a joke. i wanted to see how mall michelle would react. well, president obama also said his focus during his final year in office is to bridge the divide in the nation's capitol. this woman said she wait all her life to see an african american in the white house so when 106-year old finally did she couldn't contain her excitement. check it out in a video posted sunday night by the white house that is going viral, she busted a little dance move when she met the first lady of she was she white house to celebrate black history month. >> the first lady tolder i want to be like you when i grow up. okay still ahead on wncn there's a war over water in india. coming up who's responsible for causing a water shortage. and with the race really heating up now candidates
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outside this morning we are still cloudy and those clouds sticking around all day eventually some rain will move in and it's not going anywhere
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i'll let you welcome back. a one time luxury hotel and tourist destination is now a refugee camp in iraq. it's taking a some 400 families staying in the hotel while thousands more living in tents surrounding it according to the un refugee agency there are more than
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grounds right now. officials in moscow cleaning up their streets with a major authorities removing all illegally built shops and eateries, many of the buildings were built in the '90s, now, officials removing them to return the city back to its original architecture. people in india's capitol facing water short attention after an attack on a water treatment facility. on sunday protesters damaged equipment that brings water to the area. members demanding more education opportunities and access to government jobs of right now the government has shut down schools because of the water shortage. now, to the race for the white house. presidential hopefuls switches states. clinton and sanders in south carolina where primary voters
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than five thousand people came to a sanders rally. republicans marco rubio and ted cruz battling to emerge as the main alternative to donald trump after he won south carolina's primary. he's in georgia celebrator, senator cruz who came in third headed for nevada meanwhile rubio who finished second embarked on a tennessee and nevada trip. gop presidential candidate marco rubio is now being endorse buddha north carolina politician, tilis is backing rubio for president. tomorrow raleigh's police union will discuss whether to concert. this comes after the singers super bowl conversation where she alluded to the black panther moment.
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president of the officers union believe that was disrespectful. we spoke to locals and many folks standing by the singer. >> surprise booed it, i think it's not going to hurt her in any bit it's probably going to put the spotlight on her more. against the police except for treat everybody fairly. so if the police have a problem with saying treat us fairly is a testament to the police instead of a testament to beyonce. >> the concert is slated for may 3rdrd. police had to evacuate a neighborhood in mariota county. the paper said the stand off began when an officer reported hearing a gunshot from a home and the incident lasted nearly 3 hours. fortunately no one was injured. the pair ways inside the home sleeping the entire time and never knew that the
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the 42-year old is charged with assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill. officers respond today a don't particular dispute yesterday morning. police say price then assaulted one of the officers when put in the patrol car. police say she then banged on the kennel and screamed at the dog. scary moments for passengers on a mega bus. the bus caught on fire sending thick, black it happened sunday in illinois as it was making its way. one passenger says there was a boom and then all the black smoke. riders crediting the driver with getting all 40 passengers off the bus without any injuries. the cause of the fire under investigation. a raging cyclone that ripped through fiji continues today. it killed at least 20 people and put the nation under a state of
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reached over 170 miles an hour. authorities say all schools will be closed this week t for all of that clean up. this is sick loan psych loan winston. >> things looking pretty good. >> not too bad outside right now of temperatures in the 50s. it could be worse. it is still february. you're taking a live look from our airport camera showing gray skies outside. we haven't seen much wet weather falling from the skies yet but we'll see some rain returning as we head into this afternoon and evening. so our current sat right and radar showing mainly overcast skies, a few showers back to our west and down to our celtics west as well and eventually some of the shower activity is going to push its way into our area. then overnight is when we really start seeing some of the showers
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more rain during those night time hours. it's 57 degrees outside right now in raleigh, 55 degrees in durham, 63 in fayetteville, 62 in clinton and 63 in raeford. so much warmer across the sand hills where temperatures have warmed into the low 60s but most of us dealing with temperatures mainly in the 50s. temperatures actually holding steady if not falling a few degrees here he over the next few hours once we start seeing the rain arrive. so by 2 p.m. we're looking at a chance of a passing shower, 57 degrees still but the better chance for that wet weather holds off until and mainly after dinner night but we could still see a few showers popping up. the reason for the wet weather is this cold front you see draped just to our northwest. it's going to push into the area and will lead to some wet weather later in the day today then the front does stall to our south for tomorrow and then we
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pressure that will arrive right along that front brings a chance for showers early tomorrow and again as we head into our day wednesday. by wednesday could be talking about some strong to possibly even severe thunderstorms moving back into the area but for today if we break things down in our future cast here we've got overcast skies outside through the early afternoon then we see our first round of showers moving in from the southwest here and by midnight tonight we still have a few spotty showers around but the heaviest stuff is going to hold off until tomorrow morning and very early tomorrow bit before we see mo rain and thunderstorms possible as we head into wednesday. so the storm prediction center out of oklahoma has placeded the area under a slight risk for severe weather on wednesday the main threats for storms to pop up will be the potential for damaging wind and some hail as well. so this is a very early
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we will keep you updated over the next several days. temperatures holding steady pretty close to where they are right now in the 50s and the low 60s. tonight temperatures fall to about 42 degrees mostly cloudy with rain likely during your overnight hours and your 7-day forecast has temperatures a little cooler behind the cold front come in tonight. 50 degrees tomorrow but we're back up to 64 on wednesday. the best chance for rain this week will be tuesday into wednesday. a little windy on wednesday as well but we dry things out for the end of the week and into your weekend. temperatures still a little bit below average for the time being over the next several days with the temperatures falling into the upper 40s by saturday. >> we were lucky enough to have a gorgeous weekend. >> unfortunately none of that in the forecast for the next few
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>> an emotional reunion after a family of review few geese reunited with their lost pet a family who fled from isis had to level are leave their cat behind and some volunteers found the cat. a social media campaign was launched. the cat was discovered on the internet lead to go that tearful reunion. looking ahead samsung users will have a chance to get this hands on the company's newest galaxy. it releases the galaxy s 7. the gear 360 is a 360-degree camera that can shoot vr images transfer them to a samsung phone. i just upgraded to an iphone. maybe i should have gotten that. hey we want to remind you
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we'll be bringing you more local news. we'll also be your new home for hit cbs programming. must we'll also be your home for march madness and of course the masters. all this starts next monday. you can find much more about the switch on february 29th, wncn will also become cbs north carolina. we're looking forward to making this journey right along with you. (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates
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americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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(vo) want to be happy with your next vehicle purchase? at enterprise, we guarantee it. head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... change your thinking about buying your next one. the count down begins for the u.s. national soccer team. >> they faced canada in the final round of equal fridaying. both teams earned a spot by usa took home the bragging it was a close battle until the u.s.
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half for the win. the first race for the nascar sprint series is in the books. >> hamlin took the flag in the closest finish in the race's history. he edged truex junior at the line for a photo finish of that's almost too close to call. >> the margin of victory was 100th of a second. congratulations to that team. well the hurricanes were looking to extend a four game home winning streak last night against the lightning. >> but tampa bay's goalie has never lost to carolina. he didn't want to do it again. he got the best of bishop early putting the cane s1 to 0. the game stayed close until the final period when tampa bay pulled away for the 4 to 2 win. sort of close you can spin it as
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kristin has . wet weather makes a come back this afternoon ask more showers likely tomorrow and wednesday. we dry out and sunshine makes the come back thursday with temperatures staying pretty cool in the 40 and the 50s right through the end of the weekend. you'll need the umbrella for the first half of the week. >> mike, you said that you saw the sunshine. kristin had it for you right there. >> i'll be working for the weekend. >> all right have a great day
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>> my c it's my carolina today. >> hey everybody, happy monday. monday and we have some big news.
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>> we are moving to 9 a.m.. >> so if you're schedule means you're out the door by that time or you don't have time to watch please set your dvr. >> please. >> like right now. >> i know. do it right now. >> right now and set your dvr to record us at 9 a.m. beginning next monday. >> so we're going to cbs and a lot of big changes happening here and we're excited and we hope that you'll come with us on this journey. >> yeah, please come with us. >> all right last week we gave aways passes to the raleigh home show that included the chance to meet the property brothers. one of the our winners sent us this picture. is that the picture? where's jerry. >> there he is. >> okay. he sent us this picture. she went with her daughter and two grandsons and got to meet drew and scott. you also get to win stuff.


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