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tv   WNCN Today at 530AM  CBS  February 8, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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congratulations for all they accomplished this season. all right. good morning thanks for watching. stefan and alyssa off this morning. let's go to kristin ketchell who's got a look at your forecast. good morning, everyone. i know a lot of people probably off to a late start after the super bowl yesterday. as you head out the door need the jacket. temperatures a little on the chilly side but we're not dealing with any of that wet weather. some of us saw some rain and sleet yesterday. now, we are getting a chance to dry out a little bit. it's 32 degrees in raleigh right now, 31 in durham, it's 34 degrees in fayetteville. some spots though in the upper 20s so kids need the jackets at the bus stop this morning and the umbrellas for this afternoon because we will see some rain arriving after lunchtime today. mostly sunny skies to start the day
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increasing clouds at noon and then scattered showers rolling through this afternoon. we'll dry out as we head into our tuesday ask cool off too, much colder air rolling in. i'll have the details coming up. let's get a check on your morning drive. outside currently traffic moving smoothly on i-40 and nc 55 no, major problems there. i think a lot of people sleeping in today or trying to sleep in at least, and if we switch gears and take a look at your traffic map just one incident to tell you about, we have one accident on i-440 eastbound the right lane is locked at exit 1, so keep that in mind. other than that things looking good. mike. breaking news this morning governor pat mccrory is recovering this morning after a crash in california that happened as he was leaving the super bowl. >> well, mike, the governor has minor injuries after that crash. he was in santa clara, california for the super bowl and here's some video the
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the vehicle that he was ridding in after the game was totalled after being rear-ended by a vehicle around 8 p.m. local time there. the governor issued a statement saying quote we were very fortunate and while i am still proud of the carolina panthers this puts the game in proper perspective. he declined treatment and continued on where he was headed in another vehicle. right now at least 7 broncos fans facing charges after celebrations got a bit out of control in denver. police used what looked like tear gas to disperse some of the crowds. there were no reported injuries and property damage. they hit the streets after their team beat the panthers 24 to 10. jay gray was there and has a look at the game and the half time show. >> keep pounding. >> the whole atmosphere, everybody around, i mean, it's
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>> first the fans went gaga, then the lady did. the broncos opened the game with a long drive and field goal and scored again in the first quarter are. >> the ball is out in the end zone. >> the panthers got on track to start the second cutting the lead to just 3. both teams gave the ball away before half time, a long punt return led to another denver field goal giving the broncos a 13-7 lead at the half. a half time that started with cold play and ended red hot with written knee mars and beyonce joining the show. in a second half the teams traded field goals and late in the fourth quarter with the panthers down by 6 they turned the ball over again, their fourth of the game. the broncos then pushed the ball across the goal line securing the third super bowl win and a second super bowl ring
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and as the celebration continued on the field it became very clear that a driving force for the players in the super bowl win was to make sure their leader, the sheriff had one final championship ride >> it's a blessing from god just for him to go out his 18th year in the league and win the super bowl, and we definitely want to send him out the right way. >> manning says he'll take a little time to enjoy this win and talk with his family before deciding his future. . >> thanks a lot. one thing everyone will be talking about this morning is newton's post game interview or lack of it. >> i mean, we had opportunities, it wasn't nothing special that they did. we dropped balls, turned the ball over, gave up sacks that's it. >> can you put into words the disappointment thaw feel right now? >> we lost. >> yeah, tough night for the
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stage. he had a rough time on the field as well during the game. all right tough loss for panthers fans in super bowl l but true followers say they are staying strong with the team. we spoke to folks at several watch parties who are excited they had such a great season and they're keeping their heads up and sticking with their team >> i was there when they drive to clausen and was screaming my head off. >> fans also say they hope this successful season will silence some critics as they head into next year. >> one of the most popular places to watch the game was fat daddy's. we caught up with the folks as they got ready for the game. they have 45 high definition tellings and of course a variety of drinks. >> one, it's the super bowl, two
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the panthers, you put that in the mix it's going to get really crazy up in here. >> that may equal a sick day as well. most people know them for their chicken wings and there was no shortage for super bowl sunday more than 4,000 wings were on hand last night. right now a handful of local school systems operating on a delay this morning as a result of some winter weather. emma wright is riding around this morning. how the roads looking now? >> we are in edgecombe county right now. one of those school we're actually in the town of pine tops going past an elementary school where we see some buses dark. they haven't started up yet, a three-hour delay because they saw some sleet and ice here yesterday. the roads looking pretty good. we've been all over the place this morning, we were in wilson county, all of the counties on delays this
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weather that they saw yesterday. so if you're headed out and about this morning edgecombe county you are on a three-hour delay, johnston county you are on a two hour delay, wayne county you're also on a two hour delay and wilson county you're on a two hour delay as well. wayne middle and high school closed altogether. we're told the schools had some kind of power issue. the school is without electricity and won't be able to fix it in time for school to start this morning, but if you're driving around the roads looking pretty good. we have seen some wet spots on the road here in edgecombe county probably more than we saw in johnston and wilson counties well but just because it's dry where we are doesn't mean it's dry where you live so you do want to drive with some caution when you're out and about this morning. >> all right thanks so much for that.
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this morning. it's time to thank your child's school bus driver. plus besides the actual super bowl people will be talking about the commercials that aired during the big game. we'll take a look at some of those later. outside we're dry to start the morning. temperatures chilly had in the 20 and the low 30s. we do have some wet weather back in the forecast today.
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the weather not looking too bad, a little chilly, our satellite and radar not showing anything in the way of wet weather so the sleet and rain that some of us experienced yesterday completely out of the picture but we've got more wet weather in the forecast for later today. 32 degrees in raleigh, 41 in fayetteville, many spots slightly above or right around freezing but some of us waking up to temperatures in the upper 20s. it's going to get even colder. our next cold front arrives tonight still sitting back to the west right now but that's going to push into the area later today bringing us a round of a little bit of wet weather. kids you need the umbrella for later, 32 degrees mostly clear, some showers likely this afternoon, high temperatures warming up to about 52 degrees that's about afternoon and we'll see sunshine for the first part of the day before that wet weather aarrives. mike. thanks a lot.
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super bowl for many it's the welcome impact. hearings our top stories, governor pat mccrory is recovering from some minor injuries after getting into a crash after the super bowl. he was in california watching the game. investigators say a driver hit the car that he was riding in from behind and totalled that vehicle. he's expected to be okay. denver broncos your champions. they beat the panthers 24 to 10 in california last night. their victory parade is going to take place tomorrow in denver. all chipotle restaurants will be closed until 3 p.m. today so employees can attend a meeting focussing on food safety changes. new this morning crews in
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what started a late night fire. firefighters responded to a house around 11:20 last night. investigators say it started in the attic. three people did make it out safely. today a man is expected inside a courtroom charged with second degree murder in the death of his wife. deputies say she was found dead in her home. her husband is now charged and is being held at the county jail. also today three teens expected in a courtroom accused of throwing rocks at cars on interstate 95. a 17-year old, and two 18-year olds all facing charges. now, 7 counts of assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill among some of those charges. police say they taught them after several 911 calls reported rocks being
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all right. take a a look at this video firefighters in israel rescued a boy who was left hanging from a bridge support. pretty incredible. an official described the boy as hanging between heaven and earth after this accident. it took two cranes and several people to save him in heavy rain and wind. a film crew blue up a double decker bus on a loaned done bridge as an upcoming stunt but not everyone knew about it in the city. the controlled explosion was scene for the movie the foreigner in which chan appears. the movie is directed by martin campbell. some people only watch the super bowl for the commercials. >> really, you're eating
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do you see what i have to deal with? >> i know. . >> give me that. . >> all right. well, this commercial ultrasound won the final super bowl add competition. it cost just $2,000 to make but the creator won a million dollar prize and a chance to work with the director of the upcoming bat man versus superman movies. it. all right ever heard of death wish coffee company, probably not, it's a start up company but it advertised on the super bowl last night. so how could it afford the price tag. death wish coffee beat out 15,000 other small businesses in a contest that was sponsored by intuit quick books. the owner
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wildest dreams and by the way death wish coffee's specialty is an ultra strong dark roast coffee with double the caffeine. >> i think we need to start drinking especially on this shift of we get here about 3 in the morning. all right so it's on the menu. all right bud light is capitalizing on all this talk by creating its own party. the message unity and that everyone loves beer. >> america has seen the light. >> and there's a bud in front of it. >> the actors also standard in that commercial. >> nfl released its own commercial to remind people of the excitement and love of
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. >> all right the add opens up with a a stat that winning cities see a rise in births nine months after the super bowl. the add then stars a choir made up of entirely super bowl babies. they all sing along to seal's famous song kiss from a rose along with seal himself. they say it was a chance to quote recreate one of the biggest love songs of all time. >> puppy monkey baby. i'm that you mall advertised. i was a littleton disappointed. a lot of them were weird yesterday. outside this morning weather wise looking pretty quiet and calm. right now or satellite and radar not picking up on any wet weather here this morning. we did have some sleet and rainfall in some spots yesterday. the storm that brought us that system sitting well off to the northeast right now.
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quiet we do have our next cold front sitting back to the west. it's 32 degrees outside in raleigh, 31 currently in durham, 32 in clayton and littleton. but some spots in the upper 20s. so it's a cold start to the morning. we'll see a little bit of sunshine today through the morning and into early this afternoon, the clouds really start thickening up around lunchtime. we will see rain arriving after lunchtime. high temperatures warming up to 52. so we will be warmer than yesterday and those temperatures will be right about average for this time of year. so for today expect increasing clouds with showers rolling through this afternoon and evening. along that next cold front pushing in from the west. it clears the area tomorrow. we may have a few flurries behind it tomorrow especially across our virginia border counties. so we'll watch for that but again, just a few
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not a full-blown snow event for us around the area. much colder are temperatures behind that as well. the cold air really starts to settle in wednesday to thursday. we'll see mostly sunny skies but temperatures will struggle to get out of the 30s for highs. overnight lows in the 20s. as far as today goes we've got clouds rolling through later this afternoon into this evening and got that best chance for seeing some of that wet weather, that shower activity pushing through the area but we generally clear out a bit tonight as we head into our day tomorrow though we have a chance of seeing a few flurries moving through the area. looking at a high today of 52 degrees in raleigh, 51 in durham, 54 in fayetteville. tonight temperatures fall to about 32, showers come to an end maybe a few flurries but i think the best chance for that is tomorrow. tomorrow temperatures going to be much cooler than today up to 42 for a high in the afternoon, only 38 degrees on wednesday, even colder for
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of 36. we warm back up into the 40s on friday and we're still dry but this weekend looks really cold 39 degrees on saturday, 37 on sunday with overnight lows in the teens but we're dry through most of this week. let's switch gears and take a look at your morning drive right now. no major issues to tell you about on the roads around the triangle currently. this is a look at i-540 and glenn wood avenue. you can see traffic moving smoothly in both directions. and let's take a look now at your traffic map showing the roads looking all green meaning no issues outside this morning. if you are planning on heading into work though anytime in the next few minutes here traveling on u.s. 1 from i-540 to downtown that drive will take you about 12 minutes and on 70 from i-540 to downtown you're looking at about a 17-minute drive. >> i think we all stayed up past our bedtime watching the super bowl.
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check this out this is masey and lily they're our pets of the morning. we want to feature your friend on our morning newscast email their picture to us. here's what's coming up on the today show. >> the broncos have done it. we are on the field. the game just ended. manning did it this
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win and we wer so make sure that you thank your school bus driver today, appreciation week. all this week wayne county schools have holding special event for the more than 800 drivers that they have, they'll receive breakfast, gift cards and cards and a whole
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more than 75,000 students ride busses every day. we're still waiting to learn the name of the man who died after having chest pains during the run saturday in raleighment he was rushed to the hospital where he later died. organizers are say their deepest sympathies go out to the runners family. the idea of the challenge is to run two and a half miles to the doughnuts. the fundraiser raises money for the north carolina children's hospital. crews removed pieces of that crane that collapsed friday in new york killing one person. the boom was the cut the into 35 pieces and hauled away on a truck. meanwhile an investigation is under way and the cause of the crash has not yet been determined but the mayor says that the crew working on the toppled crane was doing what it was supposed to do, a new policy for sidewalk safety will also be put into effect to protect pedestrians.
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a financial secret from their significant other. a recent study found that 13 million americans have hidden a bank account or credit card account of the study also found 41 percent have spent over 100 bucks without telling their spouse or partner. all right council our coverage of super bowl l continues. >> you know, we played, 17, 18, 19 games before this, and you know, we picked a really bad day to, you know, kind of have a melt down. >> it's kind of hard. it's going to hurt everybody for a while.
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days we'll get over it right now it was a rough night for the carolina panthers
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morning obviously.
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