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tv   WNCN Today at 500AM  CBS  February 8, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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my family and teammates and i'm going to drink a lot of beer tonight. >> after beating the panthers the broncos super bowl l champions from the celebrations to the highlights we have complete coverage throughout the morning but still a great season. good morning, glad that you're with us. let's get a look at your forecast. good morning, everyone. it's super bowl monday i'm sure a lot of you sleeping in getting a late start to your day. outside not looking fool bad for us weather wise. we're mostly clear. the rain and some of the sleet that impacted us yesterday it's out of the picture for now but we have more rain in the forecast for a later this afternoon. it's 32 degrees outside in raleigh, 31 in durham, 34 in fayetteville. some of us in the upper 20s this morning so it's a chilly start to the day. so for the kids at the bus stop definitely need the
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32 at the bus stop and this afternoon we're looking at temperatures in the low 50s. expect some rain showers rolling through this afternoon and this evening. we're dry until they arrive though which will be after lunchtime with temperatures topping out around 52 degrees today. colder air moves in this week. let's get a check on your morning commute because we do have clear conditions for the most part outside. you're taking a look at i-85 at the durham orange county line. can't see much in the traffic camera but things running smoothing on our roads. so the map all green this morning. no major incidents to tell you about, and if you are planning on heading into raleigh on any of your eastbound loops, 440, it will take you about ten minutes. we'll have more updates a little bit later this morning. >> i like how you frame he that super bowl monday people
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well the broncos your super bowl l champions and that means carolina fans obviously disappointed. they won 24 to 10. hundreds of fans took to the streets of downtown denver to celebrate the victory. traffic was backed up for miles and dozens of police officers kept the celebration under control. panthers head coach spoke after the disappointing loss. >> yeah, we did a lot of good things, had some great opportunities, we made a lot of plays but again we're going to have to take a step back, the truth of the matter is we came in second, and you know, be you play to come in first and we'll go back and evaluate our season and start are working towards next year. >> the coach certainly a class act there. broncos victory tomorrow. some breaking news from overnight governor pat mccrory is recovering this morning after
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happened as he left the super bowl. >> the governor has minor injuries after that crash. he was in santa clara california for the super bowl and here's some video the governor's office released prior to his trip. the vehicle that he was riding in after the game was totalled after being rear-ended around 8 p.m. local time. the governor issued a statement saying quote, we were very fortunate and while i am still proud of the panthers this puts the game in proper perspective. the governor declined treatment and continued onto where he was head in another vehicle. >> glad to see he's okay. right now a handful of local school systems operating on a delay this morning. emma wright riding around in our mobile news tracker this morning. how's it looking out there? >> well, wilson county schools one of the schools on that two hour delay this morning. that's where we are right now. things looking pretty good. we've been driving around for the past hour or so.
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spots on the road here. nothing appears to be frozen. earlier we were in johnston county, the roads were looking clear. they had some sleet and freezing rain yesterday. as of right now things looking good. now, wilson county is on a two our delay, johnston county on a two hour delay, wayne county on a two hour delay. you want to keep that in mind when you're heading out this morning. so it basically means that everything starts either two or three hours later but school ends on time. we have another note wayne middle school and wayne high academy closed because of some kind of power issue. the school says they're out of electricity. some things you want to keep in
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so wilson county schools, wayne county schools, johnston morning. >> thanks for being out there. we appreciate that. we have new information in garner. the victim has been a passing driver found her. it was believed she was walking along the road when she was hit >> these type of incidents all too tragic especially someone to hit someone and leave the scene. that's just really tragic and so we're just going to need some help solving this. we obviously got our folks working as hard as we can but we need some help from the public too. >> police tell wncn they're looking for a minivan that should have so some right front end damage.
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recovering after being shot in the leg. no word on any suspects at this time. we'll keep you updated. police continuing their investigation into a deadly shooting. investigators say they responded to reports of a shooting just before 3:00 sunday morning on south john street and found a wayne county man dead. that shooting taking place only a block away from the police department. when police arrived they found the victim, a 27-year old. locals say they don't want crime taking over their neighborhood. >> i see something i'm telling someone. if they come on my block i'm calling. i will not sit by and allow them to destroy the neighborhood that i'm going to call my home. neighbors say they have spoken to their local council man about putting up cameras. officials in taiwan say the
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is at at least 37. more than 100 people still missing at this point. rescuers pulled a 6-month old girl from the rub the debris. today the president welcomes italy's president to the white house. the visit will focus on areas of mutual interest between his country and the united states including efforts to defeat isis and the reports of concluding the partnership. if you're one of the millions of chipotle you may have to settle for burger and fries. also we're now less than
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fine's day, we'll tell you how off to a dry start which is a change from yesterday where we were dealing with some sleet in some spots. we'll see the sunshine for a few hours before clouds increase ahead of a cold front which will bring us some rain later today. it's 32 degrees in raleigh, 311 degrees right now in durham,
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34 degrees is your currently temperature in fayetteville. so our next cold front arrives tonight and ahead of it we will see a chance for a few scattered rain showers later this afternoon but things looking dry for the first half of the day. 32 degrees this morning. this afternoon, kids you need the umbrella, high temperatures warming up into the low 50s. so we're looking at a high of around 52 degrees. the showers hold off until after lunchtime, 34 at 8, 52 our high today with more showers likely at 6 p.m. the showers wrap up and then the cold air arrives starting tomorrow. i'll have your complete forecast coming up. it is now 5:12. there were several adds during sunday's super bowl to remind you of something coming up on sunday. don't forget valentine's day is
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wallet one in three will have a special dinner out and for all of you pet lovers one in five will buy a present for their pet. coming up up before voters head to the policy presidential candidates have one more chance to make their case today. from democrats to the republicans we have a full report ahead of the the primary. plus the panthers kept
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welcome back. here's our top stories this morning. breaking news overnight governor pat mccrory is recovering from minor injuries after of getting into a crash after the super bowl. he was in california to watch the game. he refused treatment at the scene though. champions. they beat the panthers 24 to 10 in california, tomorrow in denver. and new this morning a late night house fire in raleigh is under investigation. firefighters responded to the house around 11:20 last night. investigators say it started in the attic. three people did make it out safely, the red cross is helping them find a place to stay. today is the last full day of campaigning for presidential candidates before voters head to the policy. tomorrow in new hampshire on sunday democratic hopeful
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the republican field is crowded but most policy show that donald trump still has a strong lead, the real race in the gop is for the number 2 position. tracie potts has details. >> through snow, wet alleys, upstairs and literally pounding the pavement, we caught up with hillary clinton's team trying to make up her double digit deficit here. >> people hear -- here they really haven't made up their mind >> the indecision even worst for republicans. >> we have to win this election, we have to, and we will. if you vote for me, we will win this election. >> more than four in ten republicans told the university of massachusetts they could still change their minds. >> people looking for people to make decisions, and they're trying to analyze who is the best person to make those decisions.
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here trump voters. >> i feel like he's really, you know. >> ted cruz now apology third here. back to the democrats, bernie sanders is pointing out differences, clinton voted for the iraq war, he didn't. >> i was right on that issue, hillary clinton was wrong. >> tomorrow the voters decide. >> tracie potts nbc news, new hampshire. >> thank you. if chipotle is your usual go to lunch location, they will close every one of their locations for at least four hours for a safety meeting. about five hundred people got sick including several basketball players at boston college. at the meeting employees will go over an updated food safety program implemented by the chain in january. all restaurants will be closed from 11 to 3 this afternoon.
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the past two weeks now averaging right around $1.82 a gallon and down $0.37 from where they were this time last year. analysts say prices can continue to fall. los angeles clocks in with the highest average at 262 a gallon. all right. let check in with the weather, kind of a chilly start to the day >> a little cold outside this morning. temperatures right around or below freezing for us but a big change from yesterday as we are dry. some of us had a messy day. we had some sleet mixing in with rain and that was mainly just to the east of i-95 yesterday causing some school delays in some spots this morning but most of us dry right now. we are finally seeing that we've got a dry morning on the way today. our next cold front has some precipitation with it, still sitting back to the west but
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in later this afternoon and this evening. it's 32 degrees in raleigh right now, 31 outside in durham, 34 in fayetteville and many of us waking up to temperatures in the upper 20. we are going to be warming up today. we'll see sunshine for the first half of the day with clouds thickening up and after lunchtime is really the best chance for seeing some of that wet weather moving in. highs today topping out around 52, that's about average for this time of year, and it is a little warmer than we actually were yesterday, and again that rain holding off until this afternoon and this evening. so for today we can expect increasing clouds, some showers rolling through later as that cold front pushes in from the west, behind the cold front we're left with maybe a few flurries tomorrow, much colder temperatures. the best chance for seeing a few flurries going to be as we head into tomorrow morning and tomorrow afternoon. eventually though we dry out and cool off even more mostly sunny skies on the way for wednesday and thursday as
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across the area. we're talking high temperatures in the 30s, overnight lows back into the 20 and the some teens. your future cast shows things staying dry with clouds thickening up by lunchtime today. our first round of showers arriving late this afternoon and they move out as we head through tonight. tomorrow should start off dry but still have as chance of seeing a flue you pre or two late tomorrow morning or afternoon. looking at a high of 52 in raleigh today. tonight temperatures fall to 32 degrees. our showers come to an end, maybe a few flurries but i do think tonight is actually going to stay dry, the best chance for some of them going to be during the daytime tomorrow. up to 42 tomorrow afternoon with again, a very small chance of a few isolated flurries 38 degrees on wednesday. we're still cold on thursday with lies not getting out of the mid-30s. 36 on thursday, one more day of highs in the 40s on friday so a brief warm up.
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on the way. saturday and sunday temperatures in the 30s, an extended period of some cold air moving in. traffic this morning no real major incidents to tell you about here. let's taking a look at u.s. 1 and 64 and cross roads boulevard there. you can see traffic moving smoothly. just one incident of note this morning and that is an accident on i-440 eastbound the right lane is blocked at exit 1 so keep that in mind if you're traveling in that direction but other than that things looking good on your major roads around the triangle. here our pets of the morning. meet masey and lily. thanks for sending that picture. we want to feature your friend on our morning newscast all you have to email us their picture. all right. it is now 5:22. the denver broncos your new
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panthers still feeling a little bit blue after that disappointing loss and not able to top off that history making season. we're going to take a look at the highlights from last
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it was a rough night for the carolina panthers in the super bowl last night. just nothing seemed to go right for the team on the biggest stage. >> 18 carries a game. >> the denver defense was just too tough. miller and his teammates do the same to cam newton. miller who was drafted one spot below newton sacks cam, jackson recovers for the score 10-0 broncos. the panthers appear to get right back in the game putting together a 73-yard drive. it's 13 to 7 denver at the break. nothing goes right for carolina in the second half, dropped pass that is could have sparked the team, a missed field goal, ask more turn overs. newton is picked off and then the back breaker, another miller sack be and strip of newton.
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run, 24 to 10, denver denies the after the game newton makes an early exit from his press conference. >> i don't know what you want me to say. they made more plays than us, and that's what it come down to. >> on the other side 39-year old manning and what will most likely be his final game goes out a winner with his second super bowl title and what the victory passes favre has the most wins. the season ends at 17 and 2. >> thanks a lot. yeah, frustrating night for cam, they didn't give him any help at all. you can find links to the post game analysis and more right now on just click the link at the top of our home page. here's what's coming up in our next half an hour.
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hour delay this morning. coming up, what you can expect when you get out on the road this morning. >> plus what does the forecast there's something to be said for exploring the world around you. why should snacking be any different? discover all nine flavors of our creamy cheese and tap into your curiosity. the laughing cow.
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regardless of the score our mentality the whole year is keep pounding. >> panthers incredible season came to an end last night in super bowl l. >> this team has been unselfish, tonight. >> and hundreds of fans hit the streets in downtown denver to celebrate the 24 to 10 win over the panthers, their state capitol building was lit up in my and orange. still a great season for the panthers.
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congratulations for all they
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