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tv   News 4 New York at 530  NBC  March 31, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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and then shared that on the social media app snapchat. >> reporter: some of the big questions parents want answered, how could this happen and did it happen to anyone else? they were just told yesterday that a security guard is accused of video -- >> i was in there yesterday. i'm looking t at all the activity with the kids and it doesn't seem like there's much structure. >> he was a fun type of guy and stuff. i didn't expect him to do something like that. >> we got some technical difficulties going on here. >> we'll try and get back to michael if we can. meanwhile we're following breaking news out of richmond virginia where a gunman is dead following a shooting at a greyhound bus station.
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man in the bus terminal when he pulled out a gun and shoot that trooper at close ranger. people began running. three others were shot, that includes the gunman. tonight a witness is describing the chaos. >> i had my hand on the door handle when i heard two gunshots go off. i didn't think they were gunshots but then there were like five or maybe ten more after that. i could see the muzzle flash and so i ran out of there. >> the shooter appears to have acted alone. he has not been linked to any sort of terror group. update tonight on a murder case in queens, a man accused of killing his girlfriend and stuffing her body into the trunk of her car has pleaded guilty of manslaughter. he flaed ed and was arrested in virginia. he faces 25 years in prison at his sentencing next month. tonight newark police
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connected to an alleged plot to kill the newark mayor. officers got a call wednesday reporting that two men were wearing camouflage and threatening the mayor's life. police caught the man and charged him on two unrelated warrants. the second man got away. police nabbed two teenagers they were trying to use fake money at stores on long island. these were the phony $100 bills they the girls tried to use. police arrested the 19-year-olds after they hit a parked car and a person trying to get away from the scene. there are lots of websites that sell prop money, including dozens of sellers listing bundles of funny money on amazon
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rereached out to both companies and have not heard back. connecticut governor malloy has joined governor cuomo in banning nonessential travel to north carolina in response to a new law that requires transgender people to use the bathroom that matches their biological sex. governor chris christie says the state has done plenty to help newark in times of need. the mayor says christie never reached out to him over the city's problem with lead in a number of schools. christie admitted he hasn't spoken to the mayor but he says the state has provided resources to help with testing and added that the state has rescued the city in several emergency ies emergencies. >> we have come forward to assist the people of newark, the same way we came forward with over 50 d.o.t. trucks when he
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newark and people couldn't get to school or work because of the incompetence of his city government. he says the mayor should call him and thank him for all the help he has provided. the mta could get an extra $1 billion to help fund the second avenue subway. sources telling news 4 that governor cuomo's administration is budgeting that cash to help pay for the project. that is not expected to be done 2019. the first phase which runs between 63rd and 96th streets is set to open in december. there is a new plan to tackle the growing heroin epidemic on long island. suffolk county officials announcing a 24-hour hotline to report drug activity and use.
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u.s. women's soccer team are fighting for higher pay. they say their male counterparts earn much more. >> some lawmakers sponsored legislation to close the wage gap in new jersey. it is still on the governor's desk. >> reporter: when the u.s. women's soccer team brought home the world cup last year they split $2 million in prize money with the u.s. soccer federation. the men's team made it only to the 16th round and their payout, $9 million, more than four time what is the champions won. >> we've proven our worth over the years, you know, just coming off a world cup win. and the pay disparity between the men and women is too large. >> reporter: they told the today show their goal is simple, to level the playing field when it comes to wages. a gap this young soccer fan says -- >> not cool at all. from what i see, the men's team
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>> reporter: netting that equal pay is no easy task. jonah's grandmother has been fighting to close the wage gap for years. new jersey state senator wouldn't limit the back pay. it's on governor christie's desk. he vetoed it last time. >> this allows people in new jersey access to information so that they can file these kinds of complaints if they're not being paid equally. i think it's important. it's important for women to earn the same amount of money. they are not lesser people. >> reporter: the rutger higher the pay, the bigger the gap. >> i've been doing this for 36 years. i don't see a lot of progress. i see a feeling in corporate
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north minorities should be grateful for what we get. the two bigger fantasy sports sites are pulling the plug on some leagues. the clouds are rolling in, showers and thunderstorms are on the way. behind that, a big drop in temperatures.
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. amtrak is expanding its wifi service on the rails. the agency says that it's working on a multi-year effort to overhaul its wifi service. fantasy sports sites draft kings and fan duel are going to stop taking bets on college sports. the sites decided to voluntarily end all after the ncaa championship game. both sites recently stopped operating in new york all together after being sued br
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d for violating state gambling laws. mosquitos that can transit the zika virus may be moving a little bit farther north than previously thought. the cdc released a map showing the estimated ranger ed d range of mosquitos. it extends as far north as new york and connecticut. so far knob nobody has contracted ed ed zika while here in the united states. two important recalls, one for a children's toy, the other for something that may be in
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. a wave of severe storms sweeping across the kund country injuring at least seven people. forecasters are warning that even more severe weather may be on the way. storm sirens sounded overnight as violent weather ripped across the heartland. multi.
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>> we were huddled right in here. we just all balled up in a ball here and praying. and everything blew in around us, but we were good. none of us even have a scratch on us. >> golf ball sized hail pounded southern kansas leaving bound e ing ing behind damage that stretched for miles. parts of little rock, a big mess. rescue teams worked through the night, saving drivers, some clinging to trees after their cars were swept away in flash floods. an american eagle flight from dallas to memphis was forced to land because of severe turbulence. >> this guy behind me was saying, are we going down? and he goes, i got kids. >> the plane touched down safely at the little rock airport. two flight attendants were taken to the hospital with nigh minor injuries. more storms are expected across
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now those severe storms are part of the same system headed our way. erica grow is here with the break down. >> at least they're not going to be as strong as they move through our area. in fact, some of the tri-state won't even hear a single rumble of thunder. warm and breezy still on friday. so we're going to keep those highs in the 70s for one more day. but then a big weekend chill on the way. right now it's 68 degrees in central park. newark still at 72 degrees at this hour. it's 73 in poughkeepsie. that's the warm spot on the map. 70 in sussex and morristown. look at the temperature rise since yesterday. it's 20 degrees warmer at the park. bridgeport, 11 degrees warmer. same in morristown. we've seen that big temperature surge. tomorrow more of the same. here are the lines of showers approaching on storm tracker. light stuff moving through
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it will get here by about 11:00. another line is developing back behind that. this is where the cold front is, slicing through chicago and indiana right now. suck you can see much heavier rain with this one. that's when we have the potential for thunderstorms, when that piece of energy moves through. your friday morning commute, it's wet throughout the entire tri-state. notice how it breaks up and we start to just get bands of showers moving through. right around lunchtime we could have some lightning in those cells that move through and also some strong gusty winds. 5:00, more of those bands moving through with the potential for heavy rain and gusty winds. on saturday, the bulk of the energy moves out, but another piece will move close to the coast. this could bring another round of showers for us, especially east of the city. looking ahead to this weekend,
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mild side on saturday with a high of 60. rain lingering along the coast, but not a steady rain all day. then on sunday the arctic blast arrives, a big rush of cold air moves in. high temperatures only in the 40s. and there will be some snow showers and flurries to the north of the immediate metro area. this is what your weekend is slooking looking like. breezy on saturday with showers and a high of 60. sunday down right windy, a high temperature of 44. when you factor in the winds, it's going to feel like the 20s at times. overnight tonight, we're only going to drop down to 60 degrees. tomorrow reaching a high of 74 degrees with shattered showers and storms. mostly rain in the morning with the threat for an isolated thunderstorm in the afternoon through the early evening commute. on saturday, a high of 60 degrees, still a little bit above average. but it will feel like a big
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from friday. sunday is a dun ownright blustery cold day. it's going to feel like winter has come back. we don't have any big warmups after tomorrow in the entire seven day forecast. >> so positive, ear rica. thank you. a really important recall to pass along tonight to parents. these busy loop plastic beads can break off and a child can choke on it. customers can return the toy to the store they bought it from for a remund. english muffins are being recalled tonight. one of the ingredients is milk but it is not on the label.
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intolerant could suffer an allergic reaction. it seems like every other week we hear about a different car safety recall. some say, though, it can take way too long to get these problems fixed. wait until you hear what is behind this potentially dangerous waiting game. sibila is here with that look at what's coming up at 6:00 tonight. explosive allegations against the nypd. you're going to hear from several current officer who is say arrest quotas arrest and officers are punished for not meeting the quota. take a look here.
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it's like driving around a ticking time bomb. that is how one man said he feels after receiving a safety notice about potential problems with the air bags. the parts to fix them, not available. better get baquero to get to the bottom of it. here is lynda baquero. >> we've got about 140,000 miles on it. >> every time skip milwaukee gets into his car, he feels anxious. >> that's what we're doing right now is taking our chances.
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notice from toyota sent one year ago. its own wording described the recall as urgent in bold red letters. because of an electronic defect air bags in certain models could inadvertently deploy even without being in a crash or i believe -- impact. but the parts to fix the potential defect, not currently available. and haven't been for a year. >> if i'm selling it to someone else, i would have to in good conscience tell them if you want to buy it it's got a recall that you can't get fixed. >> for the consumer what that means is you've got a defect that could injure or kill you and you've got to continue driving the vehicle until the manufacturer gets the part. it's not a fair system. >> the national highway and traffic administration tells us there's no specific time frame a manufacturer must have parts or
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however the agency says it must be within a reasonable amount of time. it's a challenge issue toyota had regarding the replacement parts for this particular recall and was monitoring it closely. last year enforcement action was taken against chrysler. it's also been working to speed up the recall repairs for the millions of car owners with takata air bags. the agency using a phase-in process as evident in this letter sent by toyota to a local dealer. it shows the dealership will only get one to two parts per week to replace the airbags. >> in the interim we've got consumers driving around in vehicles that have potentially deadly air bags in them. >> as for skip's recall?
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been made available to dealers and affected customers will be notified any day. by the way, skip did get his car fixed. customers can file a complaint against the car manufacturer if they feel it's taking too long to remedy the recall. >> to get in touch with our consumer investigative team, send an e-mail or call the number on your screen. 1-866-24 1-866-244 -- everyone who reaches out will get a response from our new consumer investigative center. live from studio 3c in rockefeller center, this is news 4 new york. explosive allegations about quotas in the nypd. current police officers coming forward claiming they're being told to target certain communities.
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in on the latest testing for lead contamination in newark. and a tale of hope among the soap. how one queens law droe mat s s laundromat owner is helping the homeless. truly explosive allegations in an exclusive interview. coming from police officers being called the nypd 12, 12 cops who filed a class action lawsuit in federal court that claimed the nypd is breaking the law by pressuring officers to meet quotas for arrests and summons summons. several of those officers sat down to talk with investigative reporter sarah wallace. >> chuck and sibila, the police commissioner declined to be interviewed for this story citing the officers' lawsuit. he has repeatedly maintained that numerical quotas do not exist. just like any other organization, there are
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employees are evaluated. on the streets in certain new york city neighborhoods, ask about police quotas for arrests and summons and this is what you often hear. >> there is a quo that system. quota system. >> these nypd officers all currently on the job say it's true. they've all worked the streets, the subways and patrolled housing developments. >> the department says there are no quotas. >> i can tell you. there are quotas in the nypd. >> are they lying? >> absolutely. it's ill paralegal for them to egal for them to admit it. >> they tell you this to your face. black and hispanics between 14 to 21, they must get stopped. >> they're plaintiffs in a federal class action lawsuit


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