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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  March 25, 2016 12:37am-1:37am EDT

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[ cheers and applause ] >> announcer: from 30 rockefeller plaza in new york, it's "late night with seth meyers." tonight -- olivia wilde star of, "peewee's big holiday" paul reubens, music from joywave, featuring the 8g band with fred armisen. [ cheers and applause ] ladies and gentlemen, seth meyers. >> seth: good evening, i'm seth meyers this is, "late night." how is everybody doing tonight? [ cheers and applause ] all right, in that case, let's get to the news. two women were arrested at a
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yesterday for removing their tops and revealing the words, "feel the bern," written on their naked bodies. so even if bernie doesn't beat hillary, he could still end up getting picked to replace zayn. [ laughter ] yeah. people on wall street are worried about the negative effects of a donald trump presidency. also worried, people on every street. [ laughter ] all the streets. [ cheers and applause ] every one of the streets. cul-de-sacs? cul-de-sacs? yes, also cul-de-sacs. [ laughter ] dr. ben carson appeared on "the view" this morning. and when asked afterwards what he thought of, "the view," he said, "blurry." [ laughter ] always blurry. my answer for all things, is "blurry." [ laughter ] a new poll shows that 55% of voters say hillary clinton is more presidential than donald trump. i think in terms of who's most presidential it goes by this --
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john kasich, everybody else in the world, donald trump, and turtle from "entourage." [ laughter and applause ] they flip, every now and those two flip. the latest national poll shows bernie sanders and hillary clinton are in an effective tie for support from democratic voters. not in an effective tie? bernie sanders neck. [ light laughter ] your tepid response does not change that that's my favorite joke of the night. just so you know. [ applause ] he calls it a knot, 'cause it's "knot" touching his neck. [ laughter ] last night, former new york city mayor, rudy giuliani said hillary clinton could be considered a founding member of isis. that's ridiculous, isis doesn't hire women.
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that's like their big thing. the super-pac supporting hillary clinton has already started reserving $70 million in tv ads set to air during the lead up to the general election. of course, if all it took was ad time, this could be our president. [ laughter and applause ] a new study shows that starting the day by bathing in cold water can increase fat loss and male fertility -- said your landlord. [ laughter ] [ weird accent ] "no it's good, cold water is good, this is good for you. trust me, you'd be lucky to have such cold water." [ laughter ] you complain, and complain, and complain." [ laughter ] and that was, i think, all the accents at once. [ laughter ] a formerly single mother in australia has married the sperm donor that contributed to the conception of her child. which means that in a few years that man can sit that kid down and say, "son, i remember the night you were conceived. i was looking at a picture of
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[ light laughter ] [ laughter ] i told our head writer, they weren't gonna like it! [ laughter ] he said, "no, i'm the head writer." i said, "all right, i'm just the host, what do i know, i just tell 'em every night." [ laughter ] a florida gun rights activist may be sentenced to jail time after her 4-year-old accidentally got ahold of her weapon and shot her while driving. and whatever happens, they will be stopping for ice cream next time. [ laughter and applause ] and finally, researchers have studied a fish in thailand and found that it has developed bones on it's pelvis that can allow it to walk -- and sing. [ laughter ] ladies and gentlemen, we have a great show for you tonight! [ cheers and applause ] we have some friends on the show tonight. the star of hbo's, "vinyl."
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show. [ cheers and applause ] and simply put, there's no other way to put it, we have a legend on the show tonight. he is the star of netflix's new movie, "pee-wee's big holiday." paul reubens is on the show tonight. [ cheers and applause ] and we will have music from a great indie-rock band. they've been here before, we're so happy to have them back, joywave will be on the show tonight. [ cheers and applause ] so -- we have a great show. but there was some very-sad news in the world of comedy and the world in general. garry shandling passed away today. garry shandling was a legendary comedian and i never had the chance to get to know him, but i heard he was a great guy. and the thing -- we just want to say a few things about him. he did, "the larry sanders show." which was completely groundbreaking, and changed the way i thought about tv. and i think, a lot of people thought about tv. and it was a show about a fictional character who hosted a talk show. a talk show like this. and growing up, you know, watching carson, letterman, and
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those were all people that made me want to host a talk show. watching, "the larry sanders show" made me think, "oh, i talk show. [ laughter ] i think that looks like a very scary place to work." but i was talking to olivia backstage. when i lived in chicago after college i was sort of, in this improv community. and jason suidekis was there as well, and before we were on snl jason. but one of the things i knew about him in the improv community was he had vhs tapes of the larry sanders show. and that was a big deal back then. [ laughter ] you wanted to be friends with the guy who had the vhs tapes of the larry sanders show. before any of us had -- because none of us could afford hbo, we were lucky to have a vcr. um -- and another thing is, that one of the things on that show i remember, is, his producer artie, sometimes would say, because larry, the character larry was very neurotic. he would ask him how the show was, and he would say, "it's not 'best of larry'." meaning that if there would have been a best of, the show would not have anything that would
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and i cannot tell you -- the times, whenever i walk off, there are shows where you know, maybe it's not the level that you want the show to be. and i will always think to myself, "welp, not 'best of larry.'" [ laughter ] and it makes me feel so much better knowing that people who do jobs like this, or who have done jobs like this, all had felt the same way at any given time. but anyways, i just recommend everybody go back and watch that show. if there's any good that can come out of it, it would be the rediscovery of what really, truly was a classic. and give it up for garry shandling, he will really be missed. [ applause ] >> seth: moving on. you know, i don't know about you guys, i am so happy. because it is finally spring time. you know, the winter is over and let's be honest that is a bit -- i'm sorry? i could be wrong here, but i think i smell smoke. that could mean one thing, it is
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>> seth: woo! welcome to the burn zone, we got a lot of topics to cycle through, not a lot of time. over here is the burner, let's turn on the gas and load 'er up. [ light laughter ] woo! that's hot. first up, binge watching! i get why people binge-watch. but why do they brag about it? [ laughter ] no one comes to work on monday and says "this weekend i ate all the oreos!" [ laughter ] and what ever happened to seeing something you love just once a week? it seems to work fine for divorced dads. [ audience ohs ] [ light laughter ] also netflix, i know you're trying to be helpful, but could you not automatically start the next episode during the credits? you're like a seventh beer showing up at the end of a six pack going, "are you sure you don't want another?" [ laughter ] and every few episodes you ask me if i'm still watching. even you think i might be dead. binge watching? more like, "singed watching," 'cause ya burnt!
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chip-enabled credit cards. i'm sorry, was there something wrong with swiping? now you want me to slide it in, leave it in, and wait for the light? i hear that enough from my wife. [ laughter and applause ] and why is this technological advancement slower than literally everything that came before it? not like the newest iphone has a rotary dial. also, if you think i'm worried about identity theft, then you don't know seth meyers -- n'aaw. [ laughter ] hey chip-enabled credit cards, you've just been declined, and now ya burnt! [ laughter and applause ] button fly pants. you know you suck when you make people miss interlocking teeth being close to their genitals. [ laughter ] these buttons are not easy enough. going to the bathroom should give me more finger callous' than a bass player. [ laughter ] when i'm done in the bathroom i want to get out of there, not finish a puzzle. nobody wants to be the weirdo at the urinal who's trying to do a rubik's cube without looking.
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the only way buttoning up could take longer is if you had to use a chip card. double-burn, chip cards! >> double burn! [ laughter ] >> seth: zip it, button fly pants! ya burnt! [ applause ] oh, and while we're in the bathroom. hey, automatic hand dryers. blow me. [ laughter ] you sound like a cow getting sucked into a vacuum. yet, the best you can do is change my hands from sopping wet to dripping wet. [ laughter ] and why do you only come in two settings? it's either, 'dog breathing on my hands," or "astronauts face during takeoff." [ laughter ] oh, and automatic paper towel dispensers, you're no better. i have been waving my hand in front of you for ten minutes. do you think i'm a ghost? >> they think that you were dead! >> seth: all right. [ laughter ] automatic hand driers, i may not be dry, but you? ya burnt. [ cheers and applause ] hey, the last supper. what's your deal. take a look at this painting. this is jesus' last meal. couldn't it be something better than just rolls? [ laughter ] have you been to a restaurant?
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did nobody order an on entre? and look out the window, it's still light out. it's like 1:30 pm. come on jesus, this is a dinner party, not the early bird special. live a little. of course, after this, you didn't. [ audience ohs ] he came back! [ laughter and applause ] and look, jesus, i know you're the important guy here. but you are taking up like three spaces at the table. quit god-spreading, dude. [ light laughter ] no wonder judas dropped a dime on you. [ audience ohs ] the last supper painting, it's too bad you are made out of oil because ya burnt. [ applause ] although, let's be honest. i think i'm the one that's burnt the most on that last one. [ laughter ] easter sunday, christ came back on a sunday. and that's great, but if he waited one more day, and came back on a monday, we'd all have gotten a day off work. [ laughter ] when a holiday is on a sunday, we lose a day off. to relax? good news! now you get to wear a tie and eat ham with your aunt. [ laughter ]
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[ laughter ] >> seth: easter sunday, that ham must be over-cooked because ya burnt! [ cheers and applause ] next up, easter baskets! [ siren ] uh-oh! oh, no! [ laughter ] ooh! [ laughter ] that sound means that things are really cooking up, which could only mean one thing, it's time for "the blaze!" [ laughter ] and on the blaze we're gonna take crappy easter candy down a peg. first up, cadbury eggs. oh, great. the delicious taste of chocolate, with all the appetizing texture of a raw egg. [ laughter ] salma-no-thanks. ya blazed! [ laughter ] black jelly beans, you're not candy, you're a punishment for not watching what color jelly beans i put in my mouth. ya blazed! [ laughter ] hollow chocolate bunnies. beautiful on the outside. hollow on the inside. what are you, a connecticut housewife? [ laughter ] ya blazed! easter grass! just how i wanted my candy served. on a bed of muppet pubes. [ audience ohs ]
12:50 am
ya blazed! now and laters, how about no and nevers? ya blazed! [ laughter ] hamantashens? this isn't a purim basket, get out of here you fakaktah pastries! ya blazed! [ laughter ] peeps, no thanks. i still have last year's peeps stomach. [ laughter ] oh you know what, on second thought i will take them. i could use some insulation for my house. ya blazed. [ laughter ] up next, the smiles on kids faces. [ buzzer ] uh-oh! of time. looks like i'll have to give you something to cry about next time. [ cheers and applause ] this has been "ya burnt." we'll be right back with olivia wilde.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back to "late night" everybody. please give it up for the 8g band right over there. [ cheers and applause ] also, fred armisen is here tonight. give it up for fred, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] >> fred: thank you. >> seth: and fred, congratulations. the season finale of "portlandia" airs tonight. it would have already aired, i guess. >> fred: yeah. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: congratulations on the season. also, crazy coincidence, tonight, olivia wilde. paul ruebens' both on the show tonight. >> fred: yeah. >> seth: and me, we were all in
12:55 am
isn't that crazy? >> fred: yeah. >> seth: crazy coincidence. >> fred: reunion. >> seth: what? >> fred: i said, "reunion." [ laughter ] >> seth: well, you got to say it clear, buddy, because if i don't hear you, then, this happens. [ laughter ] >> fred: i guess it does. >> seth: also, fred and i, we have another show on ifc with bill hader called, "documentary now." our first season is on netflix, so check that out. [ cheers and applause ] i understand we're giving you a lot of television to watch, which brings me to another point, which fred and i always talk, or i always say, "there's so much great tv on, and my biggest problem is finding out time to watch it all." fred says he does not have that problem because he sees every episode of every television show every day. >> fred: i do. [ laughter ] >> seth: i find that hard to believe. do you really stand by that? >> fred: yes. [ laughter ] >> seth: okay, so then, it's time once again for "fred armisen's extremely accurate tv recap." [ cheers and applause ] all right. so, again, you claim you watch everything. so, i'm gonna name the show, and
12:56 am
it's about, okay? >> fred: okay. >> seth: "happy valley." >> fred: "happy valley"? >> seth: yeah. >> fred: you know "happy valley," right? >> seth: i do not. >> fred: you've never seen it? >> seth: no. >> fred: no episodes? >> seth: not one. >> fred: episode three? >> seth: no. [ laughter ] >> fred: episode one? >> seth: no, i haven't -- >> fred: "happy valley." >> seth: i haven't seen any of the numbered episodes. >> seth: it's great. "happy valley," it's just like -- it's a real -- it's a comfort show. it's like a cooking show. >> seth: okay. [ laughter ] >> seth: it's like a cooking show? >> fred: it is a cooking show. >> seth: it is a cooking show, okay. >> fred: about a cooking show. >> seth: oh. >> fred: and, so it's a show within a show, and they make this great -- these chefs make these great dishes. there's, like, egg flambe with butter sauce -- [ laughter ] and turns it over, he's got it on a baguette. [ laughter ] you know? hot peppers, sweet peppers, sort of roasted, it's like a tini -- [ laughter ] you know, with olive oil. but it's a very simple ingredient, you know, like, a little bit of garlic, a little bit of salt. a very simple, simple food. >> seth: okay.
12:57 am
food. >> seth: what is the show within a show part? >> fred: it's just like -- you just see everything close up. [ laughter ] and, now the rest of it, your mind is just kind of goes, like, "well, how does it happen?" you know. "how does the food get here? how did the pasta get here? how --" they know -- >> seth: did they ask you that or do you, as a viewer, think that? >> fred: see, you're not, like, the fans -- like, that's what we do. [ laughter ] you know what i'm saying? like, we ask these questions. like i was saying, there's, like, a lot of, sort of crepes. [ laughter ] egg dishes. >> seth: yeah. you made it clear there are egg dishes on the show. >> fred: yeah. >> seth: egg flambe. >> fred: yeah. >> seth: they flip over and then it's on a baguette? >> fred: very good memory. >> seth: i have a good memory. well, you know, i have a little bit -- i look pretty good in the kitchen, myself. [ laughter ] according to this, "happy valley" is on netflix. it's a british crime drama filmed in the calder valley. [ laughter ] in west yorkshire, england. >> fred: that's what the british version. >> seth: oh, okay, yeah. [ laughter ] fred armisen, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] he knows his tv. he knows his tv.
12:58 am
actress who you know from her work on the hit show, "house m.d." she's currently starring as a former model and wife of a 1970s record executive on the hbo series, "vinyl." new episodes air sunday nights. let's take a look. >> honestly, i hated that [ bleep ] cat. still, you gotta to go. >> i left you a check this morning. >> this is to chelsea, sweetheart. you're in a room i hold for artists. you got to pay in part with your work. >> i understand. i will. just give me a few days. >> are you sure you even want to be here? i mean, your check says, "greenwich." you could be staying at the plaza. >> seth: please welcome back to the show, olivia wilde. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: how are you? [ cheers ]
12:59 am
>> seth: you look fantastic. >> thank you. i'm so happy to be here for our "portlandia" reunion. >> seth: it's a "portlandia" reunion show. this is so big for you, fred. >> seth: it's funny because we were talking backstage about larry sanders, which of course, hbo as well. >> yes. >> seth: and so, i think one of the things about hbo from a very young age, we start watching it is that is the network with nudity. >> yes! >> seth: you got to do some nudity. >> yes. >> seth: on "vinyl." >> got to do it. >> seth: congrats. [ laughter ] when you go to an hbo show, what is your expectation of it? >> you will be naked, like, 50% of the time. that is the gift that hbo provides to young people who can stay up late enough to see boobs. >> seth: did you do that? [ laughter ] >> yeah. remember, like, real sex? >> seth: yes. >> that was a thing, and you just, like, try so hard to stay awake because you're so curious. >> seth: yeah. >> and now, "vinyl" provides that at, like, 9:00 p.m., so you don't have to stay up so late. [ laughter ]
1:00 am
describe it as we used to sneak down to watch, like, hbo or cinemax, but we didn't want to wake up our parents. we'd be watching, movies with no volume, and you'd see a breast for, like, that long. >> right. >> seth: and we would, celebrate like mission control at nasa. [ laughter ] if you were afraid you were going to wake up your parents, like -- [ laughter ] >> violent high five. >> seth: thank you. that's very nice of you. you can do it sunday at 9:00. because again, kids are growing up very fast today. they do not have time. >> they don't have time to stay up that late. but, i did feel good about it. i was naked on the show last week, but i got to wear a merkin. >> seth: now, for the uninitiated, explain the merkin. >> the merkin is a pubic wig. >> seth: uh-huh. >> and, it's great. it's really -- it makes you feel a little less naked. and the reason for it is because in the '70s, people let it all grow out. >> seth: yeah. >> which i think is now the only way you can that tell you're watching the show taking place, like, in the past. >> seth: uh-huh. >> you just know that, like, other hair styles, we have
1:01 am
>> seth: right. >> it all looks the same. you see the pubic hair, and you're like, "this happened a long time ago." [ laughter ] >> seth: yeah, "this is the past." >> yeah. so, i thought, you know, we had to do it, and it was great because it was, like, a little protected, but it is a thing on the show. and we have a wall. we the merkin wall for all the women on the show. >> seth: wow. >> they each have names. >> seth: well, that's fantastic. >> you design your own. it's like build a bear, it's build a bush. [ laughter ] >> it's so -- [ applause ] you build a bush. pick the color. >> seth: yeah. >> it's great. >> seth: now, when you're on set, i would imagine, they look good enough. are you worried -- >> they are not this big. [ laughter ] i don't know -- >> seth: i was thinking 1972. >> oh, yeah. you're right. >> seth: yeah, '72, all right, one of you guys are a little later. >> '73, right about there. >> seth: but, do you walk on set, and do you worry that people might not know -- >> yeah. >> seth: yeah, okay. >> i was so, like, vocal about it being fake because i was horrified that, like, background
1:02 am
actually my real body hair. >> seth: yeah. >> so i was walking around like, "woah! check this fake merkin out, everyone!" [ laughter ] "it's not real!" [ laughter ] because i was just -- it was shocking. but, you know, it makes it all a little bit easier, i think. >> seth: i have to ask you about one more thing. you presented at the oscars. you had a film. you produced a -- was it a documentary short? >> yeah, we lost. >> seth: yeah, i'm sorry. [ laughter ] honored to be nominated or no? >> yeah, i mean -- >> seth: yeah, okay. [ laughter ] here you are, you're presenting with sacha baron cohen -- >> yeah. >> seth: who comes out as ali g. you did not know this was going to happen? >> no, no, i was so delighted, but i had no idea. and i was backstage waiting for a real long time, and he wasn't showing up. i asked the producer, "is sasha coming?" they're like, "we don't know where he is." >> seth: okay. >> and i was like, "great!" so i'm going out there by myself to do five minutes of the most boring moments of oscar history. >> seth: yeah.
1:03 am
be prepared to do that because we had to introduce the clips for "room," and "brooklyn," and they were, like, very dry. >> seth: comedy goldmine. [ laughter ] >> but it was very, like, "room is a story of perseverance and strength." you know, and i was prepared, but i was like, "i wished i had a buddy." and he showed up last second, and he looked very nervous, and he was going like this. and then, they ushered us to the wing in the dark. and the second the stage manager went away, he sprung into action, and was like, "quick!" pulled out the hat, the glasses, and the gloves. and he was like, "tuck my hair in! tuck m ir in!" so i was like, "oh, my god!" [ laughter ] "this is happening!" i'm a huge sacha baron cohen fan, but a really huge "ali g" fan, and i was so thrilled that he was doing this. amd it was literally, as chris rock was saying our names, this was happening. we walked out on stage, and i couldn't contain my glee. >> seth: it was fantastic. watching it you really could tell, "oh, you love this, but you did not know it was going to happen." >> i did not know! >> seth: you were at a one-person surprise party, and
1:04 am
[ laughter ] >> so happy! so happy! and, you know, he is such a champion, because, like, he's never allowed back. >> seth: no. [ laughter ] that's it. by the way, you were, until you told us all you tucked the hair, you are out, too. [ laughter ] >> ugh! >> seth: you are out, too! olivia wilde, everybody! you're welcome back here. [ cheers and applause ] "vinyl" sunday nights on hbo. we'll be right back with paul reubens. this still isn't working. really? i thought it was. no it's... siri, go back seven seconds. what angle are you guys at here? is that 25 degrees? i don't know, i guess. it's 25. your mouth is open a little bit. is there tongue? is there a little bit of tongue? i don't see tongue. some tongue. hi guys,
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[ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back to "late night," everybody. our next guest, actor and comedian who created the very popular character pee-wee herman. he's back with a new film entitled "pee-wee's big holiday," which is currently streaming on netflix. let's take a look. >> what's on the other side of those railroad tracks? beyond fairville. >> i don't know, i never been there. >> never? >> may i tell you something i've have never told anyone? >> sure, what is it? >> once upon a time, i won a
1:09 am
salt lake city, utah. i never made it to salt lake city. or utah. long story short, i came back with a metal plate in my head. >> that explains why you don't travel. >> seth: please welcome to the show, our friend paul reubens. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: so happy to see you, paul. >> i am very happy to see you. >> seth: a fan of yours forever. and then a very exciting thing happened. which is in 2010, you did a broadway show and my brother was in the cast. >> your brother was so awesome. we've become, as you know, really great friends. he's almost my neighbor. >> seth: yeah. >> we just hung out for four days at the premiere.
1:10 am
>> yeah. >> seth: he's got a part in the movie. he's in your band. some great stuff. >> yes. >> seth: there's handsome josh right there. >> yeah, the renegade. >> seth: and also, as we saw from the clip, joe mangianello, also a friend of yours in real life. >> joe -- i met joe about six years ago at a party and we just became fast friends. >> seth: was he in austin with you at the premiere at south by south west. >> he was, yeah. >> seth: what's it like being out with joe mangianello, because he is handsome. [ light laughter ] >> if you want to be invisible, go out with joe mangianello. [ light laughter ] >> seth: i believe that. >> and that was my initial thing with him. he invited me somewhere. he invited me to a tim burton retrospective at l.a. county museum and i missed the premiere in new york and los angeles. i was a little nervous to go. i didn't want to be cheesy and be like, oh i was standing -- someone would see me standing oogling like the big adventure stuff. >> seth: right. the director of the film you started. that would be weird thing to go to. >> right. so i went with joe and it was like i thought.
1:11 am
to be like, joe. oh, joe. [ light laughter ] now, he's married to sofia. >> seth: yeah. >> it's like, insane. you could be the pope and they'd be pushing you out of the way. [ light laughter ] >> seth: that is the most beautiful couple we got going on in this country right now. >> they are. >> seth: did you go to the wedding? >> i went to the wedding. >> seth: how was that? >> oh my god. well, arnold schwarzenegger, i mean -- tatum channing. everybody. did i just say his name backwards? >> seth: yes, you did. >> oh. [ laughter ] >> seth: i will say -- >> i practiced it, too. >> seth: channing tatum is so good looking you do sometimes just flip it. [ light laughter ] you just lose your mind and say it backwards. >> you know, he's like ugly compared to joe. [ light laughter ] >> seth: he is. >> standing next to joe. >> seth: yeah. [ talking over each other ] >> hey, i can be ugly today. [ light laughter ] the craziest thing that's ever happened in my entire life happened to me happened at joe's wedding. i do everything very last minute and i had exactly enough time to step out of the shower, put on my tux and get downstairs to the wedding. and i opened the closet, pulled
1:12 am
the pants were gone. >> seth: no. [ light laughter ] >> there were no pants. i almost burst into tears, i was so upset. and the first 20 minutes of joe's wedding, i was like hyperventilating. >> seth: what happened? >> they didn't come back from the cleaners where they got pressed and i didn't notice. i didn't know. >> seth: did the cleaners manage to get them to you in time? >> they did. >> seth: oh, thank god. >> very last minute. >> seth: so you didn't have to be the guy wearing jeans to the wedding? >> yeah, exactly. >> seth: that's for the best. >> or shorts. [ light laughter ] >> seth: that'd be worse. 30 years since "pee-wee's big adventure." >> who's counting. >> seth: i know. >> you. >> seth: i'm counting. but that movie -- there was nothing like it before it happened. and you wrote it with the late, great, phil hartman. >> yes. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: you had never -- up to that point, had either of you written a screenplay before? >> i had written a screenplay that was really a novel. >> seth: okay. >> not really a screen play. >> seth: no structure, yeah. >> it was pages of description. we bought the syd field book, a
1:13 am
syd field. that movie, it's a 90-page script. on page 30, my bike gets stolen, on page 60, it's found. we did exactly what they said in that book. and now it's part of screen writing classes because it's so classic, the structure. >> seth: it's so funny, because you don't think of that movie and say, well it's got that conventional structure. but when you -- [ light laughter ] think about it. it does. >> i just ruined it. >> seth: yeah. there you go. i also want to ask you because you -- the pee-wee character got its start, to some degree, on the show back when david letterman hosted it in the early '80s. >> that's true. >> seth: and you would do you would come on that show and do it a lot. >> i did it every two months for two years. >> seth: wow. >> and i did the opposite of what most comedians do. i didn't have an act. i had no act as pee-wee herman, so i would write stuff specifically for david's show. and at the end of that two-year period, i went on tour. i got a lot of inquiries, will you come play clubs?
1:14 am
david's show and that was my act. >> seth: and that's what you started touring pee-wee as. >> yeah. >> seth: that's crazy. >> i love that story. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: there is -- there is a moment in the film, and i have seen you do it on stage, where you make a balloon talk. >> yep. >> seth: i would love to learn how to do this. do you mind giving me a tutorial? >> it's really simple. >> seth: okay, do we have -- want me to give you one of these? okay. >> you can do this at home, if you have a balloon. >> seth: okay. [ light laughter ] >> they are not that hard to get, really. it's just a balloon. so, yeah, it's pretty easy. >> seth: i'll let you know. [ balloon whistles ] >> i mean, i shake it a little bit. [ balloon whistles ] sometimes i -- sometimes, i'll -- [ balloon whistles ] i have never duetted with anybody, never before, ever. [ laughter ]
1:15 am
there's the dirty version. if you push this way, you push in and open it more. [ ballon whistles more ] then you can do it very, very quiet. [ light laughter ] you can do it very quiet. [ light laughter ] we are harmonizing. harmony. let's go dirty. [ cheers and applause ] and now try this. [ balloon whistling fast ] [ light laughter ] it's fun, right? >> seth: it's a lot of fun. >> i wish we had balloons for the whole audience. [ light laughter ] >> seth: oh, well. >> not oprah right? >> seth: paul reubens, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] "pee-wee's big holiday" is currently streaming on netflix. we'll be right back with more "late night. [ cheers and applause ] tonight, i present to you
1:16 am
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[ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back, everybody. i just wanted to take a quick second and welcome someone to the show sitting in tonight with the 8g band is norwegian black metal guitarist, gorbon hausinfrud. [ cheers and applause ] thank you so much for sitting in with us tonight, gorbon. >> praise me for having me in your kingdom, lord meyers. [ light laughter ] >> seth: it's not a kingdom and as i said before, you can just call me seth, all right? [ laughter ] well, thanks for sitting in. anyway, we have some very exciting guests coming up next week. on monday, i'm very excited
1:21 am
[ wind blowing ] [ light laughter ] >> seth. >> seth: gorbon? >> can you hear me, seth? >> seth: yes. >> seth. [ light laughter ] >> seth: are you speaking to me telepathically? >> yes. [ light laughter ] >> seth: that's impossible. how can you do this? >> an ancient tribes of norse witches performed paganistic rituals where my soul transcended my earthly body and entered valhalla where odin himself taught me how to free myself from the shackles of speech and gave me the power of mind to mind communication. >> seth: that's amazing. >> seth. [ light laughter ] i have a question for you and it's very important. >> seth: what is it gorbon? >> seth? [ light laughter ] >> seth: yes? >> are you affected by seasonal allergies? [ light laughter ] >> what? >> the change in the seasons makes my allergies go bonkers.
1:22 am
my doctor put me on claritin, but it's not helping. i think i might ask to switch to a stronger nasal antihistamine spray. [ light laughter ] >> seth: uh-huh. >> it gets even worse when i leave the city. last weekend, i took the twins and my wife rachel to an apple orchard in the country for a hayride. [ light laughter ] and i was having such a terrible allergy attack. i had to stay in the nissan quest and sit there, like a lamb. [ light laughter ] >> seth: that's a bummer. >> yes. i was not able to watch the boys experience the hayride. my little guys are growing up so fast, seth. [ light laughter ] >> seth: uh, yeah. i'm sorry gorbon, but did you telepathically connect with me just to talk about missing a hayride? >> no, seth, i have more to speak to you about. i have a dire warning for you, seth. >> seth: a warning? what is it? >> seth. [ light laughter ] >> seth: what? >> don't forget to dewinterize your home. [ light laughter ] >> seth: i'm sorry, dewinterize? >> yes, everyone remembers to
1:23 am
but preparing your home and plumbing systems for the warmer seasons is equally important. and if you don't know what you are doing, you can do more harm than good. >> seth: oh, man. >> make sure you turn every valve in your home back on. >> seth: valve? >> yes. including hose bibbs, flex line. [ light laughter ] ice maker hoses, water heater drain, sprinkler lines and -- oh, shoot, i'm forgetting something. what was it? dang? >> seth: water softener? >> no! >> seth: just trying to help, man. [ light laughter ] >> i'm sorry, seth. i'm on a new diet where they send me premade meals. it's great. i've lost five pounds, but i'm starving. [ light laughter ] >> seth: that's okay, man. >> oh, i remember what it was. the dishwasher line. >> seth: oh. [ light laughter ]
1:24 am
>> what? >> seth: god bless you. >> oh, thank you. >> seth: okay, man, i have to wrap this up. >> no seth, wait. i have a very important message for you that you must heed. >> seth: okay, what is it? >> seth. [ light laughter ] >> seth: what? >> "zootopia" is fun for kids and parents alike. >> seth: all right. >> seriously, it has some like sophisticated jokes in it. and if i were dreamworks, i would watch out. because disney is back, baby. [ light laughter ] >> seth: you know what? just get out of my head. get out of my head. [ cheers and applause ] i have had more than enough of you. >> seth? seth? who are you talking to? >> seth: i'm talking to gorbon. he was just there. >> gorbon? oh, he had a phone call. >> no, dr. bloomfeld, i want to change to a nasal antihistamine spray. you're not listening to me! >> seth: give it up for gorbon, everybody. [ cheers and applause ]
1:25 am
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[ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back, everybody. you can catch tonight's musical guests playing both weekends at coachella in april. here to perform their current single, "destruction," please welcome back to the show, "joywave."
1:31 am
hey oh my god there's nobody who can set me right i've been sent to torch the palace down in broad daylight i wanna know who you told til they're all laying on the floor frozen to the core i wanna know who you told til it's nobody anymore nobody anymore
1:32 am
oh my god i'm a giant with an appetite pushing people to the ground and running around the halls at night i wanna know who you told til they're all laying on the floor frozen to the core i wanna know who you told 'til it's nobody anymore nobody anymore creeping around i saw a little thing i didn't like
1:33 am
i've been creeping around i saw a little thing i didn't like you tried to hide i wanna know who you told there's nobody any any any any anymore nobody anymore nobody anymore [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: "joywave," everyone! the album, "swish" is available online now. we'll be right back.
1:34 am
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1:36 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> seth: my thanks to olivia wilde, paul reubens, joywave, everybody! [ cheers and applause ] and, of course, the 8g band. stay tuned for "carson daly." we'll see you tomorrow.
1:37 am
>> carson: welcome to "last


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