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tv   News 4 New York at Noon  NBC  March 23, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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in fact, there's a memorial in that city right now and in lull in the stream of people stopping by to honor the victims. >> authorities now say these two brothers we're going to show you in a second, were the suicide bombers. >> an update on the numbers now. the death toll standing at 31 this afternoon and at least 270 people are injured. >> the state department says about a dozen u.s. citizens were injured and number of americans do remain unaccounted for at this time. we have live team coverage of today's developments. we're in time square with security measures here. we begin with the i team live in brussels. >> reporter: well, rob, we are here at what has become a gathering ground. as you can see right now, it's
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place where people can express their displeasure with what they're seeing. they're chaptering ing chanting words like "we are not afraid" as people in brussels begin to come to terms with what has become their new reality. this makeshift memorial continues to grow as mourners leave candles and flowers just outside the maalbeek metro station. >> we don't know yet who were the victims. >> reporter: these women fear some of their colleagues died in the deadliest terror attack in belgium's history. this was the aftermath of the train bombing, people desperate desperately trying to help the injured. meanwhile, the search is intensifying for the third suspect. authorities now say they know who setoff suicide bombs. these two mens, brothers. a third man 24-year-old najim
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this morning police raided a building believing that laachraoui was still inside. police cordoned off and blocked roads to assist with the search. >> it's a very strange feeling because we knew that it could happen here. >> reporter: and here is just a closer look at some of the remembrances people have been leaving. first of all, this frame here with a nice poem. it's a play on that famous beatles song. you can see the candles, the flowers, the bears, the words of remembrances that have been left here. really, this has become a place for people to come here and gather, not only to remember those lost, but also to say this is who we want you to be and we want you to know this. live from brussels, news4 new york. >> thank you. >> meanwhile, other news right now about some of the victims.
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brussels has not been seen since the bombing. justin and stephanie schultz had just dropped her mother at the airport. the couple still missing. 66-year-old richard norby was one of three mormon missionaries hurt in that attack. he's been placed in a medically induced coma. the two other missionaries are expected to make full recoveries. our connecticut affiliate tells us another american injured hails from connecticut. little known yet about that victim. well, the pain of the brussels attack still fresh tributes and memorials are being held worldwide. the belgian king and queen were joined by the lawmakers for a one-minute moment of silence.
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audience to ask the faithful to pray for the victims of the attacks and called on everyone to condemn the cruel acts of terror. vice president joe biden visited the belgian embassy to pay his respects. the airport in brussels meanwhile is closed. it will be closed until at least friday. that's because it's still a crime scene. right now, it is full of military members and police searching for clues and evidence. in cities arounded world, transit stations and tourist destinations have highened security as well. right now, police say there is no credible threat in our area, by as always, they're not either. >> reporter: that's very true. police commissioner bratton visited some news organizations this morning saying that they have extra police officers at thousands of different loektss cations across the city.
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here, so many people in a small area, really. when you think of just the blocks, the few blocks around here in times square, even police officers amazed by the amount of people they see here. as police officers led a subway commuter to a table where her bag was checked, commuters told us it's noticeable and significant the extra police officers they've been seeing. >> there's a lot of security here. maybe a little bit more. >> reporter: jessica says it makes her feel better seeing extra police in the wake of the massacre in brussels. >> it's horrific what happened there. very shocking. got to carry on. >> reporter: in time square we saw officers with their long guns and head to toe protective gear. they have increased security at airports, subway stations, bus stops, tunnels, bridges and landmarks.
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several days if not longer. does it make you feel better? >> you never know where they're going to hit. >> reporter: a commuter we talked with says it's part of the way of life. >> i travel a lot. this is just a part of our new reality unfortunately. >> reporter: across the city at high profile spots where on any given day thousands of people can be found, you'll see extra security. grand central terminal, too. and also the slogan, if you see something, say something. mayor de blasio, commissioner bratton talked about it again today saying that it's more than just a message. if you see someone or something suspicious, flag down a police officer. you're bound to see someone over the next several days. and also call 91 if you feel that it's necessary. don't hold back doing that. back to you. >> of course you know you can depend on news4 for the latest on these devastating attacks and the hunt for the suspects.
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day and night. we'll have updates on air and online at we'll also have reports from brussels throughout the day right here on news4 new york. >> president obama is in argentina this afternoon. he arrived just a short time ago at the presidential palace. the president is meeting with the arrest general tine president. they are expected to talk about the environment and technology. of course this visit comes amid heightened security after the attacks in brussels. >> you are taking a live look right now at a joint news conference. the two will also participate in a town hall today. the president will be spending two days in argentina. some other news to get to this afternoon, rallies being held outside f the supreme court
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arguments challenges the affordable care act. one religious nonprofit group argues that even though they cannot doubt, the law still violates their religious freedom. it could mean a 4-had split vote for the court. >> a former republican presidential contender is throwing his support behind senator ted cruz. in a written statement, jeb bush called cruz a consistent principled conservative who has demonstrated the ability to appeal to voters and win primary cop contests. bush also said quote, we must move to overcome the divisiveness and vul investigator donald trump has brought into the political arena. ted cruz picked up a win in the utah caucuses. he's still behind donald trump who won arizona, though. hillary clinton picked up
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clinton leads the delegate count there by about 300. >> up next, a real housewives reality star just left his nunl home. his federal prison sentence and the trouble awaiteding him once he gets out. >> plus, a new scam by some clever thieves. the warning for anyone who gets cast in connecticut. temperatures near 70 in much of the tri-state area today. but will it last into the holiday weekend? that's the big question. we'll have the answer coming up in your full seven-day forecast. up next on "new york live," bridget jones is back and with a baby. we have a sneak peek. plus, three under the radar asian eateries you need to try. and peter krause on his new show.
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he's reporting for a 41-month sentence for bankruptcy fraud. his wife teresa released from a one-year stint in prison in december. new developments here at noon in the murder of an aide to the governor. the nypd just released these new photos. investigators in brooklyn want to talk to these three men and a woman. police believe they were involved in the shootout that killed the cuomo staffer. he was shot in the head by a stray bullet last year. police looking for a driver involved in a deadly hit-and-run in east harlem. they say he was hit and killed at 115th street and madison avenue last night. he was laying in the middle of the road when he was hit by vehicle that kept on going. police are looking for a gray suv. it was last seen heading north on madison avenue. >> three men wanted in connection to robberies at new york city parks.
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man, assaulted and rob add couple earlier this month. they got away with the victims' wallets and their cell phones. they tried to rob another victim on west end avenue and west 73 but a bystander scared them off. new york city leaders plan to celebrate a ground breaking affordable housing plan. mayor de blasio sent out a tweet announcing a rally at 4:00 this afternoon. it will allow denser and taller development in residential neighborhoods. the mayor calling it one of the most progressive policies in the country. heads up if you buy gas in connecticut. police have found these skimming devices at pumps in about a state. this skimmer is actually hidden inside the pump and it may even be able to be operated through bluetooth technology. officials say there's one way you can tell if thieves have
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is to look for a sticker. >> there's a code on each seal specifically for that pump. >> i'm definitely calling the bank when i get home. and also i will be paying with cash. >> it's hard to always stay one step ahead of these guys a. broken seal would help the maintenance worker at a gas station find and remove one of these skimmers. also, it is cherry blossom time in washington, d.c. despite this past weekend's cold snap. the national park service says peak bloom season is expected to begin today. that's just in time for the national cherry blossom festival. they're expected to stay on the trees for just about four to ten days. it's a pretty quick pop. it's well worth it. >> beautiful time of the year. i hope the snow we saw didn't hurt any of our flowers here. >> no. i took a jog around the reservoir and the cherry trees
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looking good. let's take a look outside and enjoy some of this filtered sunshine that we have out there. we're not seeing any bright sun, but we are seeing warmer temperatures. it's 60 degrees right now with a partly sunny sky in central park. a pleasant afternoon on tap. we're going to see highs well above our seasonal average. we could head to 70 degrees in some spots. it's going to be cooler at the coast tomorrow, but still above average throughout the tri-state. rain and thunderstorms arrive on friday and some cooler weather arrives for the weekend. but not today. park. right now, we're already at 60 in central park. 65 in brooklyn. ramsey, new jersey, sitting at 58 right now. monticello. wind. that helps to keep things a
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year when you get that influence off of the water, it tends to cool things down. you can see that westerly flow in the upper atmosphere as well. the clouds and showers are just streaming from west to east. that milder air continuing to butt up against that front. this front is going to try to waiver a little bit over the next day and a half. we could see a cool down tomorrow. what we aren't going to see is any rain until friday. with the temperatures and the radar, it's already going to be in the 60s in some spots during that morning rush on friday. the front starts to approach by lunchtime. you can see this line of red and orange here with yellow all the way up and down the i-95 corridor at 5:00 p.m. friday. so your get away day, if you don't already have off on good friday and you're trying to get home, it's going to be a tough go because of these
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the rain hangs along for the evening rush into dinner time hour. that again is on good friday. not so much of a factor for us for the next couple days. overnight tonight, 50 degrees, a mild evening. and then tomorrow, up to 62 degrees. it will be warmer inland, though. those temperatures are going to remain above average even through the easter weekend. here's a look at that seven-day forecast. the biggest chance for rain and thunderstorms is on good friday of course. a high of 68, though. let me back up here. it's going to be a mild day with that rain and thunderstorm chance moving through and then cooler and drier, at least it's going to be dry for the kids during that easter egg hunt on sunday. back to you. >> thank you. >> in today's money report -- >> you look beautiful. >> getting takeout is about to get easier. >> it is. bill griffith is joining us now with that and of course a look
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yes, we have kind of a quiet day on wall street overall. typical of the east ek week, the spring break week. the dow is down about 43 points right now. and we expect not a lot of action into the afternoon. however, now with the cherry blossoms in bloom, that means it's spring. that means the housing season, the most important part of the housing season is getting under way right now. wall street is watching those numbers very carefully. this morning, the number looked pretty good. new home sales were up 2%. all of those gains were out west where sales were up 38%. here in the northeast, new home sales were down 24%. that was the biggest decline around the country. they were also slightly lower in the midwest and the south. so we're not exactly off to a great start to the home buying season. we'll see as the temperature heats up, maybe the housing market will as well.
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you like takeout, it's going to get a little bit easier. uber this week unveiling its standalone app called uber eats. right now, it lists menus for 100 different restaurants. an uber driver delivers right to your door. is this a great country or what? direct competition for other delivery service like maple and yelps eat 24. i wouldn't know about those. >> i don't know why they put kitchens in the apartments in manhattan. >> they really don't. they're more like closets. >> mike crowwave, stove all in one. it's getting crowded. that's a crowded field now. "new york live" is next at 12:30. >> hey ladies. >> bridget jones is back with a twits. we've got an early look at the long awaited and funny new
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>> and it's the steamy show that has everybody talking. we're getting a sneak peek with peter krause. that and more right here at 12:30. >> she was giving us a sneak peek too. >> see you ladies later. thank you. >> still ahead on news4 new york at noon, one unusual standoff. there's a guy who's refusing to come down from tree. he's been up there now 24
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well, changes are coming to some popular candies. mars has started to label products that contain gmos.
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new law in vermont that will require the labels starting july 1st. in addition to certain types of m&ms it will also appear on skittles, lifesavers and gum. despite hours of negotiation, a tree top standoff in seattle is now past the 24-hour mark. this is in downtown seattle. he is refusing to come down. he's been throwing things at first responders. pine cones, branches, an apple. he has been there since tuesday morning. police have shut down the surround streets. they say he appears to be having some sort of personal crisis. you think?
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returning now to the latest developments in the brussels terror attacks. investigators focusing on two brothers that they believe detonated the bombs at the airport and subway station. >> belgium's chief prosecutor says the death toll may rise from 31. >> and a new york woman is still missing. they were last heard from after they arrived at the airport. this was shortly after the bombings. >> we're staying in brussels looking for new yorkers in the country at the time, she'll have another live report tonight at 5:00. >> also tonight, they've already
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trains, now you may not even be allowed to ride them outside. there's a jersey shore town hoping to keep hover boards off their boardwalk. go to for breaking news and weather any time. >> "new york live" is next. have a great day.
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take a look at the kitchen... get 50 meg internet with unlimited data for $39.99 per month. call now. ask about free installation and access to nearly 500,000 wifi hotspots with select plans. call now. hey, everybody. happy wednesday and welcome to "new york live." thanks for spending a little time with us. we have a fun show on the way for you right here including a visit from sheree whitfield. >> want to find a delicious hidden gem in new york? we're getting a tour of three under the radar asian eateries. >> and is it the steamiest new show of the season.


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