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tv   News 4 New York at Noon  NBC  March 22, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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ed sophisticate sophistication. belgium under attack. a series of deadly explosions strike the capital of the european union. dozens killed, hundreds are hurt. some of the injured carried to safety on luggage carts. now, the after shock of the blasts is felt here at home as the nypd and local leaders flood
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today's attack, a stark reminder of how soft targets get hit hard. team coverage of the terror in brussels starts now. >> good afternoon. >> essential lot to get to this afternoon. you've been watching the images with us all morning long. a series of bombs went off in brussels in what appears now to be a coordinated attack at the height of rush hour. >> at least 31 people are dead. more than 100 injured. the associated press reports right now that isis is taking responsibility for this. nbc news has not yet confirmed that information, but we have learned that federal police in belgium are searching a home that they believe was the launch pad for today's attacks. >> those attacks took place at the airport in brussels first. at least two blasts there and then at least another at the underground at the metro station. that entire country now on the
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possible in case this isn't over. >> we have team coverage covering investigation and security here at home. strahan. >> we spent hours gathering details on exactly what happened and who was hurt. three missionaries from utah were amongst the dozens of people injured at the airport. while belgium's prime minister says the country is facing what he called a tragic moment, his counter part in neighboring france said quote, we are at war. a mad dash for passengers running through smoke after the sound of explosions rocked belgium's airport just after 8:00 in the morning there. witnesses report hearing two blasts in departure hall one. one coming from the area where passengers check in overweight luggage, the other near a starbucks. >> felt the shock wave kind of hit me.
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debris comes flying at you. >> all flights have been grounded. passengers hustled onto the tarmac as the damaged complex was evacuated. >> now whisked them away pretty quickly and then put them on the tarmac. >> the carnage continued onto belgium's subway system. emergency crews rush to to the maelbeek station. with the country's security threat raised to level four, the u.s. embassy advised americans to shelter in place and monitor their personal security. i spoke to a man from south jersey who noticed the change right away. >> i notice there are fewer people and fewer cars. i hear ambulances and police going by. >> belgium's federal prosecutor says at least one explosion at the airport was likely caused by
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all three blasts are considered acts of terrorism. they come days after europe's number one mann was captured. president obama vowed the u.s. would help belgium bring those responsible to justice. >> this is another reminder that the world must unite. we must be together regardless of nationality or race or faith in fighting against the scourge of terrorism. >> right now, police believe the explosives used today were the same used in the paris attacks back in november and commonly used by terrorists. u.s. officials broefed on that incident tell nbc news that more attacks in europe were expected afterwards, but today's explosions don't appear to be as coordinated. >> thank you. jonathan has been working the story since before daybreak. joining us now with new information want the investigation. >> what are we learning about
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>> all this has the hallmarks of an isis inspired or isis directed attack. police have obtained a photo that appears to show men believed to be connected to this. they believe one of them, the man in the white sweater may have escaped and there's a man hunt and searches under way throughout brussels for a possible third man. again, this is a photo that a surveillance picture from the airport of possible ties. remember, there's a suicide bomber, also a package bomb, a suitcase bomb believed setoff in that airport. >> and obviously investigators are still piecing together what happened. you had paris back in november, brussels now. we know it's a hot bed of terror activity. is the threat in europe more severe than it is here right now? >> intelligence officials you speak with would say yes. the reason in part because you have so many radicals that have
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syria and iraq. 6,000 people from western europe, france, belgium, britain have traveled to iraq and syria and now returned. and intelligence officials are trying to track them all. compare that to the u.s. where the number is just about 100 to 150. the numbers are disproportionate. that is why intelligence authorities have their hands full. >> we've been learning that brussels has been a haven for radical islam, radical terrorism. what is it about belgium? >> two factors. one of that 6,000 number, a large percentage of the folks who traveled have come from that's problem number one. current and former officials we've been speaking with say they're not just prepared. they don't have the resources committed to following, to tracking this number of people to begin with.
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they are totally outmatched given the threat they are facing. >> that will likely change as this begins to get pieced together. a lot of the things we are wondering here in new york city, are there threats here in new york right now? >> there are always threats here. there are ongoing consistent concerns. are there new specific threats to new york? no. there is precaution. that's why you're seeing the ramp up in the city unless the police department gets all the information they can. >> seeing national guardsmen at the airports and such this morning. please keep us posted with new developments. thank you. just moments ago, a long island congressman peter king called the attacks in brussels barbaric. >> this is hor arrive who are arrive ik. it has to be a wakeup call to anyone who does not realize how
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>> now ramping up security all across the area. airports, train stations, tourist destinations, all of them bolstered by extra officers. our team coverage continuing now live in lower manhattan where we understand that commissioner bratton just talked about efforts to keep new yorkers safe. >> reporter: that's right. in fact, i just left that news conference with commissioner bratton. the mayor, also fbi, members of thi e joint terrorism task force. their primary message there were no credible threats here in new york city. they are very aware of what is happening overseas and responded in force this morning. take a look at those armed units in time square. this is the kind of thing you are likely to see around the city today. particularly at major transit hubs and major city landmarks. and at locations with belgian
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we're told k-9 units have been deployed and specially trained dogs that can detect a suicide bomber. they got the call at 3:31 this morning and started making plans for new york city right away. the decision was made to keep the overnight critical response units through the morning on overtime. the result they say was the ability to significantly increase police presence around the city. >> this isn't something we started thinking about between 3:00 and 4:00 a.m. this is something we think about every minute of every day. >> what the terrorists want is for us to change our ways. the terrorists want to undermine or democracy, they want to undermine our values, they want to see us in panic. we refuse to be afraid. we are going to respond to their efforts to create chaos by showing them order, showing our society functions, our city functioning. >> reporter: and the nypd made a
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increased police presence in the city today was a direct result of federal anti-terror funding which congress is considering cutting by as much as $90 million here in new york city. their argument of course is that they would not be able to protect the city the way they can without that crucial money. reporting live from one police plaza, lower manhattan, news4 new york. >> thank you. >> now to andrew siff on the upper east side. you've already seen a lot of stepped up security at transit stations around town. >> reporter: rob, on the one hand, people are noticing enhanced security. on the other hand, the commute really continued as normal. one of the busiest in manhattan right here and people have been coming and going as though it's just another day here in new york, which to a large degree it is. we want to show you grand
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there were enhanced bag checks, more state troopers, more nypd officers, more mta police. that was something visible that people particularly noticed this morning. we want to show you penn station where a similar increase in national guardsmen, state police, amtrak police, and nypd officers noticeable there and also more bag checks at the subway stations connected. now, we spoke with some long island railroad commuters today including a couple that had just arrived at the airport, took the air train, then long island railroad. they said they were aware of what happened in belgium, but they weren't about to stop using mass transit here. >> well, after seeing it on the plane, i thought there would be a lot more security at kennedy when we got off the plane. but it seemed just like normal. everything was very normal.
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we're still going to travel. we feel relatively safe, but anything can happen any time anywhere. >> reporter: now the extra security is likely to continue for some time to come. this was ordered today by governor cuomo just a few minutes ago at a transportation conference here in midtown. i spoke with the mta chairman who told me what you'll be seeing. >> the governor has asked all the agencies to have a stepped up presence, uniformed presence. that is a deterrent. stepping on and off trains in uniform. some cases, highly armed people deters. >> reporter: adding important context reminding new yorkers there have been mass transit attacks before in spain, in london, that the mta has been on heightened alert for years. you heard from those passengers who had just landed at jfk.
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noticinged to is at airports. what are you seeing out there? >> reporter: it's also what you're hearing. you may hear airport security yelling at drivers telling them to go. they're not happy with people lingering around this area more so than usual. you're seeing intense security out here and in there with even the military making their presence known. port authority police officers ordered drivers to keep moving as they picked up or dropped off passengers at kennedy airport. we received this photo showing national guardsmen patrolling terminal four, international arrivals and departures. >> i just saw more military walking around. something happened in brussels, so you wonder. yoe u know, you look out. >> reporter: this man just arrived from abu dhabi and said security at jfk seemed normal,
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here. >> primary thing that one would expect. when you have unexpected things going on, it does upset or bother you. >> reporter: one flight that left this morning for brussels was diverted to amsterdam. we've been receiving e-mails into the newsroom from airlines. american airlines working vigorously with customers who want to change their travel because it involves trips to and from brussels. these are trips that are two weeks out, some of them asking for refunds already. reporting live, news4 new york. >> thank you. coming up, terror overseas tends to affect the markets here at home. we're going to talk to cnbc for a look at wall street worries. and support coming in now for the victims, especially from one country who knows all too well what the people there are
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that is all when our coverage of the terror in brussels continues. coming up next on "new york live," dancing with the stars kicks off. who shined the brightest? plus, it's the true story of the tin man from oz.
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all right. our coverage continues here. this just in. belgian authorities say these three men are considered suspects in this morning's deadly airport attack in brussels. at least 31 people have been killed in brussels at the
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station in these coordinated attacks. and president obama and national security advisor susan rice are still in havana, cuba, where they were briefed by telephone this morning. how are today's attacks affecting the markets here in the u.s.? >> cnbc joining us now with a look at that. >> good afternoon to you both. stocks in the u.s. slightly lower in the wake of the tragic attacks in brussels. the dow lower by about 28 points or so. s&p 500 a hair lower as well. even gold prices just slightly higher today. it may seem counter intuitive. the s&p 500 is typically unchanged or even slightly higher the day after terrorist attacks three-quarters of the time. there are some groups of stocks however that are under more pressure today, particularly those dealing with travel. airline stocks include
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american, united, those are trading lower. hotel stocks are also trading lower along with travel booking sites price line and ex-paid ya. back to you. >> france is showing it support for neighboring belgium after today's attacks. the avatar was changed to the belgian flag. france of course still healing from coordinated attacks in paris, that was back in november. 130 people died. we'll have a lot more on the terror attacks in brussels throughout the day and on our website, tough transition here, but we do want to talk about the weather. at least that's bright spot in this newscast. >> nice and quiet today. we do have major changes coming our way. very chilly out there this morning. a wintery feel and a wintry scene on the plaza. it's 45 degrees.
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it's a below average day with temperatures in the 40s still. breezy and nice this afternoon, but it does stay on the cool side. much milder tomorrow. we have a significant warmup coming our way. tracking rain by the end of the workweek. for today, back up to 55 by the end of the afternoon. you can see the average high 52 degrees. right now, temperatures in the 40s with that breezy condition, it feels chilly. 5 in poughkeepsie. you can see we have winds gusting around 25 miles per hour throughout the tri-state. high pressure building in is going to slide offshore throughout the day today and tonight. that ushers in a southwesterly flow. it may stick around for a couple days. future tracker shows a quiet commute this evening.
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some clouds filter in by tomorrow morning. a sprinkle or two a possibility, especially north of new york city. you can see that warm front's going to do a number on our temperatures. 70 degrees tomorrow, lots of sunshine. thursday looks to be mild. 68. it could be a little bit cooler, especially by the coast on thursday. then we're cooling down into easter weekend. rain on friday, dry easter sunday. back to you.
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want to get to a bit of local news here. a fire that ripped through a home in queens has killed two people. witnesses say they saw smoke and fire shooting out of the doors. three men were found unresponsive inside. two of the victims were
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no word on what caused that
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arrival window. feels good to be back. come back today. you'll get free installation, tv equipment and epix included. and now get a $300 reward card. call today, and welcome back. before we leave you this afternoon, new details on those deadly terror attacks in brussels. >> the ceo of the airport where two suicide blasts killed at least 11 people admitted that not every person entering that airport is checked despite high security there.
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premises to make sure there are no other ex-ploes sieves. there are three men considered suspects in this morning's bombing. >> their working theory right now is that these were carried out by isis militants and sympathizers.
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hey, everyone. welcome to "new york live." and thanks for joining us after this very difficult morning. our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone in belgium right now. >> nbc is going to keep you updated on everything that's going on throughout the day. what about we give you a bit of a distraction and have a little bit of fun here today. all right. including a behind the scenes look at one of the most popular


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