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tv   News 4 New York at Noon  NBC  February 29, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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>> a lot to get to this afternoon. we begin with breaking news out of new jersey. a 7-year-old girl is dead, her mother seriously injured when an suv hit them and kept on going. it happened in west new york. >> we're there now. jen, sad story. what do we know so far? >> reporter: it's just awful. every parent's nightmare, frankly. the 7-year-old girl was walking to school this morning with her mother here in west new york. ps1 where the child attended school is just around the corner, but they never made it there. here at the corner of 61st and van buren avenue, police say that the 7-year-old girl was struck by a car that then fled. her mother was also injured by that car. the mother is at palisades hospital. sadly, the 7-year-old girl has passed away. a makeshift memorial has already gone up here at the corner where all of this happened. we've seen other women from the
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the last 15 minutes to pay their respects. other mothers in the area say they can identify and sympathize with what her mother is going through right now, losing her daughter in this hit-and-run accident. the mother now hospitalized herself. police are looking for the driver. said to be driving a four-door black gms suv. police here in west new york looking for that driver who we are told fled west on 62nd street. that's the latest live, news4 new york. >> keep your eyes peeled for that truck. today's hit-and-run is the latest in a tragic string of crashes in new york city. ambulances were business in almost every borough. since saturday night, we've had at least seven serious pedestrian accidents across manhattan, brooklyn, queens, and the bronx. lori continues our team coverage. >> reporter: residents here in
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revive a petition to make this area here a slow zone under the mayor's vision zero plan. you can see that police have posted an alert asking for the public's help in a deadly hit-and-run. just one of more than a half dozen accidents involving pedestrians in the last two days. the latest deadly accident during this morning's rush hour. a 77-year-old woman hit and criminaled in the cross walk at madison avenue and east 36th street. the driver stayed at the scene but police are investigating a number of hit-and-runs in new york city over the weekend. this video shows a nissan driving away from a deadly hit-and-run in east slope. >> i think that what we're seeing with these deadly hit-and-runs is a new phenomenon. it indicates that drivers are really very irresponsible.
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earlier, jose contreras of the bronx was hit and killed. he was run over by a black suv. in queens, this mangled car belongs to besik shengelia. he was hit and killed friday morning. the deadly accident happened just after another pedestrian was critically injured in south jamaica. in soho, another hit-and-run. the victim there survived and is in serious condition. just before midnight sunday, a 33-year-old man killed near mcgraw avenue. that driver stopped and is being questioned by police. and the mayor's office saying today the nypd is aggressively pursuing perpetrators. they're examining video footage from each area of each crash to identify those responsible to hold them accountable. police are asking anyone who may
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of these accidents to come forward. news4, new york. police have located the driver that they say struck and killed an off duty nypd officer over the weekend. we are awaiting details on a possible arrest and charges. on sunday morning, vincent harrison, officer vincent harrison changed lanes on the new jersey turnpike and hit a car. when he got out to talk to the driver, another car hit him and then drove away. harrison was 25 years old. new here at noon, a push to remove lead paint from thousands of homes in new york that's making kids sick. senator chuck assumer is calling for more funding for the lead control program. it offers a tax credit to cover the cost of removing lead paint from homes. lead paint was banned back in 1978. many homes were built before that.
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windows, if the paint on your windows had lead it in, gets in the hair. when you bang the walls a little bit, the lead in the paint gets in the air. that lead can then go into your child's lungs and cause perm damage. >> a recent study found that nearly 4% of kids in west chester county have some lead poisoning. a new push this morning to get corruption charges against new jersey senator robert menendez thrown out. menendez denies charges that he used his office to help a florida eye doctor earn millions inexchange for payoffs. his lawyers will argue that he's immune prom prosecution because he was acting as a member of congress. prosecutors will say there is no legal protection for a member of
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parents, students, and teachers at success academy charter school are in a pinch right now after the building that houses their school closed after an electrical fire with no reopening date in sight. the building and five other schools lost power after flames erupted in the basement thursday night. faculty say while repairs to the building are under way, their students are missing out. >> school is a huge part of their daily life, and this destruction will take an enormous toll on them both academically and socially. we need to get back in our building meeldly to continue to educate children at the highest level. >> the city's department of education says crews are working around the clock to make repairs. but damage to the building's electrical system is significant. >> meanwhile, new at noon, a milestone for supreme court
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the notoriously silent justice asking questions during a supreme court argument for the first time in ten years today. the questions asked in a case in which the court is looking at placing new limits on a federal law that blocks people convicted of domestic violence from owning guns. next here at noon, the change at the happiest plays on little sad. also chris rock taking on the elephant in the room at the oscars. and while it was raining laughter in l.a., it's just raining right here in new york. but sky's going to clear. we're going to talk about when our next chance for showers is all coming up in just a couple minutes. stay with us. this is going to be an important hour. dr. drew and i conducted a social experiment on bullying. watch what happens when we put these kids in a room with a bully and a victim with hidden
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plus, we've got the dos and don'ts of advocating for your child. today at 3:00. coming up next on "new york live" at 12:30 from lucky leo to a rocking chris. the oscar moments that have everyone talking. plus, who won the red carpet and who stumbled. our panel of experts weigh in. and ben celebrates leap day.
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hollywood's biggest night last night. the academy awards taking place in l.a. and the host chris rock, he didn't mince words when it came to the elephant in the room. the awards and the controversy. >> hollywood is sorority racist. we like you rhonda, but you're not a kappa. >> the night started out with the much talked about host chris rock's monologue.
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like me boycotting rihanna's panties. i wasn't ib invited. >> calling out the academy for its lack of diversity which by most accounts got more buzz this year and the nominees. >> that's who he is. he doesn't fool around. >> as for the awards themselves, it was a mix of expected and surprises. leonardo dicaprio, six-time nominee. >> i thank you all for this amazing award tonight. let us not take this planet for granted. >> i did not take tonight for granted. >> first time winner for best actor for "the revenant." >> i want to start big. the thing i love about movie making is how many people it takes to make it. >> brie larsen took home best actress for "room". >> this gave a voice to survivors. >> and the most prestigious
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>> and the best supporting actor and actress awards, aliciavy candidater for the danish girl. you can check out our we should mention "mad max: fury road" took home six awards. i think one of the big stories of the night was sylvester stallone. that was a huge upset. a lot of people were rooting for him to win best supporting actor for "creed". >> he's a great actor. always great in those rocky movies. watoday, a judge is expected to consider whether former model janice dickinson's defamation lawsuit should be dismissed. she sued cosby last may for denying claims that he raped and drugged her back in 1992. dickinson is one of dozens of women who have accused cosby of sex abuse. in many cases, the statute of
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have passed. an emotional day for sports report erin andrews. the man convicted of stalking the tv personality and posting secretly recorded nude videos of her online will also testify. andrews is suing michael david barrett and the national hotel chain where the videos were taken. all right. in today's money report, if you're planning a disney vacation, you better plan on paying a little bit. >> bill griffin joins us now with that and a check of the markets. >> this is really going to cost now. i'll tell you about it in just a second. prices are generally higher on wall street as well today following two consecutive positive weeks. first time we've had that in a while. it's not a big rally. we'll take it for now.
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it's not just disney prices going up. the aarp is out with a report today confirming what we already know about prescription drug prices. they're also going up, a lot. the average price for a year's supply of a prescription drug has actually doubled in the last year. that works out to about three-quarters of what the average social security makes each year. the report studied more than 600 of the most frequently prescribed drugs most of which increase in price on average about 10% per year, hence the double in seven years. not great news for consumers, especially those on a fixed income who need those drugs so badly. if you are planning this trip to disney this year, you will be paying more for that too. disney is rolling out this whole new pricing strategy this week, it's a lot like how airlines
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you pay more in peak season, less in off peak. this is a new strategy. it's a day pass to the magic king kingdom during peak season will cost you $124 per person, that's a 20% increase from last year. off peak, you'll pay roughly $110. that also is roughly a 20% increase. but what they're trying to do, they are just so crowded during the peak season, trying to spread that out a little bit and get people to go to the off peak times if they can. you pay a little bit less, but it's still very expensive these days. they're doing very well. >> $14 less a ticket is -- i don't know how much incentive that is. >> don't tell your kids exist. if they don't know, they'll never want to go. >> good luck with that. >> for more parenting tips from rob schmitt -- >> thank you, bill.
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out there right now. but we are going to see that begin to push away. we'll see nicer conditions outside. you can see it brightening up right there. who needs disney world. it is gorgeous outside later today. stick around and we'll have a nice afternoon. 47 degrees, the rain is now moving to the east at this hour. let's take a look at the headlines. we talked about the fact that the precip is going to be a thing of the past shortly. a clear night ahead. next chance for rain, though, next tuesday. it's going to be a topsy-turvy week as far as atmospheric conditions. ramsey at 47 degrees. hello to everyone in wayne this afternoon, 46. bridge port, i sould say, you're going to see 50 degrees as well.
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show the rain, moderate rainy guess beginning to push as we head to sections of eastern nassau into suffolk county, pushing through fairfield county and out east into the atlantic. couple of catered showers. we'll zoom in and take a look at areas affected. oyster pay and smith town. it's not as heavy as this picture might suggest. out west in the oranges, elizabeth, back to plain field, you're going to see scattered shower activity. this is where it's beginning to break up. behind it clear conditions. we're going to see winds beginning to calm just a little bit. not doing a lot. conditions calm in white plains right now. but slowly but surely, these clouds will peel away and we'll see a nice evening progressing. next chance of rain we talked about, as we head into late tuesday, early wednesday, we see the rain push in our direction.
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sloppy conditions for the rush hour. by wednesday afternoon, that pushes out of the way as well. but we're not out of the woods with respect to precipitation. at the end of the week, we may get another dose. milder air will come back into the play. as we head to the end of the week, 40s and 30s. then we'll see mixed precip possible as we head to the end of the forecast period for the workweek. 36 degrees on friday. temperatures stay cool into saturday. another dose of rain potentially sunday and monday. rest of the afternoon looks good. folks, we'll send it back to you. "new york live" is next at 12:30. >> here's sara and jacque. >> coming up right here, what were the best and worst looks from last night's red carpet? oscar. >> and how do you celebrate your birthday when you're born on february 29th? ben is helping one local woman
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we'll have more of that at 12:30. >> any day you can wear a bow is a good day. >> seal's ex-wife -- >> heidi klum. >> that dress. >> you didn't like it? >> you should come on our show. >> you will be very honest. >> trust me. >> that was a terrible dress. ladies, thanks so much. the highest honor for combat bravery awarded to a navy s.e.a.l. today. edward byers received the medal of honor just a short time ago. president obama recognized byers courageous actions during a rescue mission four years ago. he held off taliban fighters while freeing an american hostage. byers is the sixth navy s.e.a.l. awarded the medal of honor. to a different kind of hero
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the crime fighting shopper who helped fight a runaway suspect in uae oregon. a man rolled his shopping cart right into the suspect's path, knocked him to the ground. police pounced, took him into custody. and the shopper calmly picks up his cart and keeps on shopping. police posted the video thanking their shopping cart hero. right place, right time. still ahead, this is what is left of a house in north carolina. we'll tell you what caused the explosion that levelled this home.
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new at noon, we've learned a wife was found dead, a husband stabbed inside a home on long island. police are still working to determine exactly what happened
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drive in middle island. it's a bit of a mystery right now. police still on the scene. we'll bring you the latest on a giant explosion leveling a home in north carolina. the husband and the wife who live there died. look at that. police say a truck crashed into the house, hit a propane tank. that tank exploded. while the firefighters were there trying to put it out, another propane tank took fire. debris from that blast landed several houses away. still ahead here on news4, if you love beer, we have a place for you.
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well, a pro golfer wanted to keep clean, so he stripped down to his underwear for a shot on national tv. >> here we go with a youtube moment. >> i personally think he was just trying to get on youtube. that's golfer gary woodland. his tee shot landed right there on the edge of that little creek. he didn't want to get his outfit dirty, so he took off his white plants, shoes and socks for that shot. >> it's like ankle deep. all right. there's a new spa in oregon
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body's aches and pains. they're mixing booze and body treatments. they've only been in business for about a week, but plans are already in the work to expand. bathing in the mixture will help you relax, but they say you will not get drunk. >> don't drink the whole tub. all right. we'll see you later. thanks for watching. many people clean their dentures with toothpaste or plain water. and even though their dentures look clean, in reality they're not. if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists on the denture, and that bacteria multiplies very rapidly. that's why dentists recommend cleaning with polident everyday. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria.
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hey, everyone. happy monday and welcome to "new york live." we are going to have a leap day treat for you in just a little bit. and of course we are covering all things oscars. >> coming up right here, who ruled the red carpet, who stumbled and who caused a split decision. we are grilling our panel of fashion experts on the night's


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