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tv   Saturday Today in New York  NBC  February 27, 2016 7:00am-8:30am EST

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next week or so to deal with. just enjoy tomorrow especially. >> you know what, it's not surprising with the weather we've had. it's not surprising at all. we expect shock and surprise. >> snow. >> 57 and snow? >> raphi thank you. and thank you for joining us for this hour. we're coming on at 8:30. we have to see what he's got. "weekend today" is next. we'll see you and pete and everybody coming up at 8:30. good morning. joined at the hip. shavtiit from the lip. >> marco rubio, your campaign is almost over, buddy. >> chris christie turns attack dob for donald trump. rubio firing back. >> donald probably needs a lifeline after last night. he called in chris christie. >> how this tag team could impact trump o super tuesday. while the democratic side, the
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hillary clinton and bernie sanders taking shots at each other as voters s s go to t e polls in the paltetto state. heroic chief. details about the police c ef le to stop a gunman ending a rampage in kansas. e ex-girlfriend is now under arrest. and breaking her silence. jennifer garner speaking out for the first time since slitting wiu th ben affleck. what she has to say about the nanny and what really broke them up. and moving and grooving. president obama with an impromptu performance during the white house tribute to ray charles. hey ho >> even the first lady looked surprised. today, saturday, februaryl27th, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news,
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1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today" on saturday morning. i'm erica hill. >> i'm jeff rossen along with dylan dreyer and sheinelle jones. >> the first ladyfis looking at hid m and saying what are you doing? >> you said you weren't going to do this. >> the song like that, you just can't not do it. we all started to get in on it. >> and demi lovato and arizona shakes. >> and leon bridges, here featdsured on the "today" show. you can catch that tonight. our top story this morning is the race to replace president g obama. republican frontrunner dald trump's campaign saying he will be back on the trail today with his newest supporter.anew jersey governor chris christie. marco rubio meantime is ramping up'attacpseon the billionaire. hiary clintonlis poised for a big win on the democratic side in south carolina. we have full coverage for you is morning.
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jackson in nashville covering the republicans. hallie, goo morning. >> gooe morning. even though tnt #nevertrump is trending today for those not supporting the republican frontrunner. pr is making headlines who is. chris christie. embracing the billionaire and going on the attack. >> reporter: together today on air trump, they are taking it on tour. chris christie now out of the race, but back in the spotlight as an attack dog for donald trump. >> marco rubio, your campaign is almost over, buddy. showing a lot of desperation. ,rnoorter: the endorsement of the new york billionaire sending shock waves through the republican race. >> i look forwardbto working with him. >> reporte last month, he was calling out carnival barkers. >> showtime is over, everybody. we ar, not.electing an entertainer in chief.
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christie can help him stay ahead of cruz and rubio. >> these are two desperate people. i saw him ack stage with makeup where he is taking it with a trowel and putting it on. he was soaking wet nd he was out here. u know, i only say it because honestly this is not a presidential guy. >> reporter: rubio firing back. >> lookv chris is an articulate guy. donald needs a lifeline after stanight. >> reporter: he's on offense now. at times gleefully. >> the makeup thing applying makeup around the mustache mustache. >> reporter: nbc news supporting the supper ort super pac supporting rubio. rubio hoping his attitude is not coming too late to take trump down.
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about voting for donald trump. friends do not let friends vote for con artists. >> reporter: all of this triggering speculation that chris christie may be angling for a high level positiov in a hatrtmp administration. maybe vice president or attorney general. christie is insisting when he is finished, his term as new jersey governor, go inty o private practice and make a lot of money. >> hallie jackson, thank you. >> i want to turn to the democrats where today is primary pivotal thaceeleaving hillary clineci and bernie sanders with something to prove. nbc's kristen welker covering the democrats for us in south krlaisten, good morning. >> reporter: jeff, good morning. the polls just opened in south carolina. i'm at a polling placeban columbia where folks started to file through. secretary clinton has a double digit lead here. her campaign insists they are
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granted. senator sanders is not giving up. still sharply focused on super tuesday. hillary clinton and bernie sanders trying to catch fire at the oyster roast friday night. making a series of stoorgat voters head to the polls. >> let's have a great turnout in south carolina. >> the south carolina a rimaryal iu personally important to me. >> reporter: and the democratic candidat are sharpening attacks. hi pllary clinton hitngting sanders on guns. >> we need to strip the immunity that the congress voted for, including my opponent, giving gun makers and sellers immunity. >> reporter: and sanders trying to court critical african-american voters here criticized clinton's stance on e death penalty. >> my opponent belieres in the death penalty. i do not. >> reporter: the toughest words
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slapped the term super predators. some saw as a slight. >> where was concern for black boys that re lying dead in the street because somebody chos to call them super predators. >> reporter: this after an apwology for the 1996 comments fearlier in the week. >> do you apologizeteo black people? >> reporter: clinton sn.d she was talking about drug cartel shs. still, clinton tops african-americans by double digits, leaving some to wonder if sanders can stop her. >> can a democratic candidate win the nomination? i don't think so. thechfrican-american coalition is probably one of the most im ortynt to a demaatic candidate. >> and while senator sanders ic hoping to nar wc he gap here, the past week he has been campaigning in super tuesday states.
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in fact, he is not going to be here w a the v trs come in. instead, he will be holding a rally in minnesota. jeff and erica. >> we will watch it. kristen, thank you. harold ford jr. is a tennessee congre member and political b analyst. so is josh barrow. the new york times correspondent. good morning. >> good morning. >> nice to have you with us. this chris christie announcement took so many by surprise when it popped up on our phones yesterday. interesting specifically because some of the terminology he used to describe donald trump in tus past. naive. on february 7th, h told a crowd he is just not the right person to be president of the united states and not the person we want representing our country. what is the impact of not only the flip flo mp from christie, but the endorsement when it comes to voters. do they care?
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ronald reagan chose george w. bush. kennedy chose johnson. we have a long history of this. that wasn't the big surprise the surprise f some was that christie gives him an imprint of an establishment republican with him. i think most important for christie, i'm sorry, trump, christie will be an important surrogate with him in the early states and ones after that. making the case that rubio is not fit to be president. important day for trump. >> josh, are you surprised that marco rubio is getting more aggressive. talking about makeup application with donald trp. now comments about donald trump wetting his pants. is this a smart tactic or is it too late? >> i don't know. i think it is very late. if he was going to do this, he should have done this months ago. he is trying to be donald trump. why did he want t full length rrore it is really undignified.
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for months, one of the cases is donald trump is too undignified. if he nly way to beat him is to act like him? i don't know. we are three days away from per tuesday, it is too late to make the shift. if you are going to beat trump, you have to make im look small and silly. calling him a con artist is a good line. calling out trump university is a good call. you cannot make the argument this quickly. i don't think you can tear it down in three days. >> the question is where was this before? the animation and emotion and pointed attacks. i agree with you. i don't know how this sticks with trump this late in the game. >> is there anything at this point that rubio or cruz can do to make a move? >> i think we will know that by march 15th. the republicans award delegatco proportionately. winner takes all on march 15th.
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the winner take all. if trump wins texas, a lot of this, before we get to the 15th, you see trump being able to make the case that i'm prohibitive frontr is difficult to stop me. you may see more endorsements. >> what about the democratic side? any path for bernie sanders? >> it is challenging. when you look at the states that is have already voted, states that are favorable to sanders. especially iowa and new hampshire. if sanders was going to just beat hillary nationally, he probably needed to win he goha by 20 points. he about tied it. he needed to win new hampshire by 30. in south carolina, he can lose it, but lose it by too much. as the map gets more filled in, he continues to underperform, he will not be the nominee. >> two weeks ago. the story was powerful if sanders pulled off the victory in nevada. i think the chairman from south
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the demographics and the ri an-american population, bernie sanders has issues. know he has one surrogate about the remarks she made 20 years ago. the path seems to have narrowed in the last week or two. >> lots to watch. thank you. >> nbc is the place to be for super tuesday coverage. join lester holt and savannah 10:00. there are new developments kansas. the shooter's ex-girlfriend is in custody this morning accused of giving him tve gun. nbc's blake mccoy isffn kansas this morning. blake, good morning. morning. let's start with the ex-girlfriend. along, the authorities wantedtto get his hands o the guns.
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rap sheet dates back decades. police know this morning who helped him. th the kansas workplace sh hooter dead, attention turns to this woman. sarah hopkins. an ex-girlfriend who is charged with knowingly giving weapons to coinnvicted felon cedric ford. later used the guns in his attack. police recovered an es-style assault rifle like the one on ford's facebook page and glock .22 pistol. the ex-girlfriend arrested is a different woman than the ex who filed a restraining order against ford calling him an alcohol, violent and depressed and someone in nle of desperate psyc logical help. it was the restraining order at police believe caused ford to go on the rampage andu ooting coworkers and injuringo 14 and killing three. >> i never seen it coming.
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on us and coworkers. we worked hand-in-hand with cedric cedric. >> reporter: at the vigil last night, peoene remember renee benjamin. >> she always had a smile. >> reporter: brian sadowsky who loved rock music and josh higbee. engaged to be married. leaves behind a 4-year-old son. >> his son was his world. >> he adored him. >> reporter: high praise this rning for the cop identified as the town'se olreice chief who hailed the gunfire to take the shooter down before backup aru rived. >> saveder lot of lives. >> reporter: some estimates put the number of people inside the building behind me between 200 d d00 at the time of the ooting. the sheriff says if the police chief did not face that gunfire and run in, there would have been more deaths. he says the shooter would not have stopped untng he was out of bullets. erica.
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>> in washington state, five people ama dead after a shooting rampage that led to azeense standoffn the suspected gunman called the sheriff's officer to say he shot his own family. the officer racedctf the home to negotiate with the gunman. after three hours, the suspect walked out and shot himself right in front of the law enforcement agents. a s.w.a.t. team ented the hooume. at survivor, a 12-year-old girl, was taken to the hospital. john lennoncs widow yoko ono is in the hospital. she was rushed from her home among reports of unconscious and suffering a itroed. sean later said his mother was suffering from dehydration. she is expected to be released shortly. now to the oprah effect which may be in trouble thi morning. no one is rushing to hold a bake sale, but her bottom line is smaller.
7:16 am
watchers and main spokesperson. the stock took a plunge on friday costing her tens of llions. we have oliviaesterns with more. >> reporter: good morning, jeff. when oprah joined weight watchers in october, the hope is the magical fix and bring her star power to the brand and rah would make weight watchers trendy again. if this weeks results are a guide, the talk show queen could be losing her touch. >> are you ready? let's do this oprah, weight watchers is a good fit. she struggled for years with her weight. who better to be the face of the tion's largest diet brand. >> every time i tried again, every time i tried again. it has brought me to this. >> reporter: in october, oprah
7:17 am
g $43 million to buy a 10% stake. weight watchers doubled hn more than a month. in january, she put out a tweet. >> i love bread. >> reporter: again, a spike. but on friday, the stock crashed. oprah taking a nearly $30 million hit. >> the company eporting a drop in sales as it lost more subscribers. >> oprah is not a panacea. >> reporter: weight watchers says the partnership is off to a strong start. the opportunity is huge. co3 of american adults are overweight. of course, that means competition. >> look who's back? >> reporter: jenny craig and weig watchers seem out of date. >> you can get free apps and your wearables. you don't have to go to a meeting or have a coach. >> reporter: you know, for many of us, the focus is more on
7:18 am
working out more and not just counting calories. the truth is,echnolt y gives us options to track our diets for free. weight watchers does have their work cut out for them. don't feel bad for oprao. she lost nearly $30 million yesterday, but she bought the stock when it was so cheap, she still made a lot of money on the investment. at the end of the day, she is still eating bread. there is a win-win. >> that's a win. olivia, thank you. dylan dreyer has the check of the forecast on this turday. good morning. >> good morning. >> eating bread? >> i'm always eating bread. we are looking at a really nice warm up through the weekend. we have the big ridge in the jet stream pushing the cold air up in canada. warmer air from the south. temperatures most likely break records. in minneapolis, the old record 53 degrees in 1896.
7:19 am
oklahoma city, 73 degrees. cheyenne, wyoming, 65. same for the carolinas and new yoterk city should be close to 60. we are looking at 55 in milwaukee. as we go into monday, we are still looking at scattered records to be broken. especially back through the midwest with st. louis in the mid-60s. little rock in 70s. leigh at 59 degrees. we don't have a lot going on today, besides the warm op, breezy in the noin thanks, dylan. good morning everyone. lots of sunshine on this saturday morning. high pressure in control for another day. you can see it is less windy out there. but it's still cold. 27 degrees. a cold start to thesweekend. beautiful sunshine through the afternoon. temperatures stay in the 30s to around 40. it's chilly, yes. but again, not as windy as yesterday. tomorrow, major warmup headed our way. into the 50s to near 60 for sunday. make some plans outside.
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and that's your latest forecast. dylan, thanks. >> two michigan lawmakers forced in a sex scandal are facing felony caarges. former represent todd corser is charged with misconduct and lying under oath. he could face 15 years under prison. the other is charged with miscondudt in office punish able byco five year in prison. they were involved in a sexual affair. one tried to cover up by faking a male prostitution scandal. coming together for the south beach food and wine festival festival. al roker and natalie morales
7:21 am
we tagged along for the ride. >> welcome back to miami, al. >> i wake up to you every monjrning. >> we're here in the miami wine and food festival where i get to be a judge. a hard job. i have to eat may way through the burgers. al, apparently, has a killer burger. i can't wait to try it. >> a brisket burger. the grilled cheese. 000 island. slice it up. you're done. how good is that? isn't that the best one? we need your vote. help a brother out. give us your vote. >> you think that burger can beat that burg r?e>> a lot going on.
7:22 am
we made the final cut. >> this is my buddy al. he has been cooking up a storm all ni t. >> we made the top ten. >> you did? i'm not supposed to know your burger. give me a little bite, al. a little nibble. i'm judging. okay. al, i've died and gone to heaven. >>, all of a sudden, i ate 47 burgers. >> that's delicious. >> now for the award for t best burger award. goes to jersey dog. >> lights off, party's over. who did the better job? al or me? i'm in a meat coma.
7:23 am
>> good night, natalie. >> al has a busy weekend. hepa and natalie off to l.a. for the oscars. we will have a recap of all that. >> it will be hard to get into a dress after you hare been challenged with all those hsburgers. >> in that is when you go for the moo-moos. a recap af the week's biggest stories and this caught onov camera moment. when a man's pocket catches on fire. and remember the gexd old dress pebate? we had tnct here in the tthaio? guess what? it is exactly a year after the dress drama and there is still the same question over the jacket. but first this is "today" on nbc.
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, and it is still to come on
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it is 7:26. still holding at 27 degrees on this saturday morning. it's the 27th of february. i'm pat battle. new this morning, investigators in suffolk county trying to figure out what sparked a fire lyat a senior living facility. thenflames shooting out of the roof of that building along june court in bay shore early this morning. fire broke out about 2:00 a.m. one firefighter suffered minor injuries. he was treated at the scene. he is okay. no other injuries were liported. police want to find in man. they say he's stolen $15,000 worth of over the counter medications. he's been sthy,ng the drugs from dudne reed drug stores across midtown. struck at least six times since the beginning of the year. police say he hit the same store twice in one night. raphael miranda is here w h
7:28 am
ing this time up. tstay we're going to like this. we stay up. look at that temperature trend. 40 for a high today. it's chilly throughout the day. not as windy as yesterday. beautiful sunshine. get outside and enjoy it and then get outside again tomorrow with a few less layers. 57 for your high tomorrow. near 60 on monday as well. few showers there. stays mild through wednesday. >> creeping towards springtime. thank you, raphaelment and thank you for joining us. see you back here in 30 minutes. now back to "weekend today"
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what's going on in here? >> nothing! >> who did this? >> she did! >> liar. >> tattletale. >> was this an accident? >> it will never happen again. >> all right. girls, we decided to have mercy.
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a moment a lot of us "full houssu fans wantt'. "fuller house." 20 years after the o ginal went on the air. more on that in popstart. outside on this saturday, february 27th, some chilly fans out there. >> not for long. e it will warm up. >> good. tell them that. >> i will. ci ys, s'stginng to warm up. >> stick around. >> and say it with a smile. >> here is a look at headlines. ail. this time with.his one time rival chris christ eh christie announcing on friday he is endorsing trump for president. on the democratic side, primary day in south carolina. hillary clinton holds as e lead in the polls over bernie sanders there. the ex-girlfriend of the shooter in a horrible rampage in kansas now under arrest this morning.
7:32 am
knowingly gave weapons to the convicted felon that elate he later used. >>er> and information from the irs owing a cyber hack from 2015 is actually much worse than originally thought. the agency now saying hackers accessed more an 700,000 taxpayer accounts. that is more than double than what originally thought. let's begin this alf hour with "the download." einelle is here the with the headlines. >> from donala trump's win to the gorilla in space. here are the sto es that caught ourlattention. >> a hat trick f r donald trump. with his third win in a rowi coming this week. e latest in nevada. >> we have to go all the way. >> trump thrives leading to fireworks with the republica debate ahead of sup i tuesday. >> if he hadn't inn herited $200 mito lion.
7:33 am
>> hillary clinton again pressed about rroeasing transcripts speeches. things, every dy should be on the same playing field. >> and sanders challenged about what he said in 1974. t>> have they done things which they should not have done on behalf of the united states absolutely. >> deadly weather rippi across the natien. heavy snow in the midwest. cracking power lines. >> it i terrible. it will get worse. stay home. >> more than 30 tornadoes across the south. >> flying out the window. i had her by her.ankles. >> what do we snt? >> protests outside fbi headquarters as apple resist thale oreers to access an iphone used by one of the san bernardino terrorists. >> apple is willing to help, but
7:34 am
a kentucky man stopped to buy a snack and his e-cigarette exploded in his pocket. the culprit? the lithium ion battery. a high profile battle shaking up the music industry. kesha and producer dr. luke are fighting each other in and out of the courtroom. >> a judge denied the singer's bid to be released from the recosding contract from dr. luke. e producer she is suing alleging sexual assault. allys rtleying for support. >> dr. luke took to twitter saying i did not rape kesha. now to outer space. did this gorilla stowaway on the international space station?
7:35 am
having fun in a gorilla suit chasing around a crew member. where did he get the suit? >> acme. brother. i > and kate mckinnonydoes a mean hillafy and bieber, but take. >> you're ellen. >> of course i do. i'm ellen and we dance. >> ate mckinnon does a better len than ellen. e>> and the biebs. true. >> dylan, how about another check of the saturday weat r? >> we areoo lngt a eeg have the exceptional drought through most of central and southern california. we will see a chance of rain as
7:36 am
the meantimel it will be really continued to remain dry. 61% of california under extreme drought. 38% is the exceptional drought. we have scattered showers in the pacific northwest from seattle to portland. that is where we will see shower today and tomorrow. we j will stay nice and dry. especially in l.a. for the oscars. it is a good time to stay dry. the next storm system is more of a pacific northwest thing. 1 to 3 inches of rain. gusty winds and mountain snow. especially in the highest elevations. next weekend is when california will see some of the rain.melsewhere across the country, things are quie f we could break record highs from the plains to the midwest. minn th ks, dylan. good morning everyone. ts of sunshine as we startpehe weekend. high pressure in control for today. it is another chilly start out there. we still need the jackets on this saturday. 27 degrees right now.
7:37 am
it i a little bit below avernte. but we have a beautiful blue sky and less windy than yesterray. now it gets better as the weekend goes on. ch milder, in fact, for your sunday. look at that high temperature tomorrow. sunny and temperatures between 55 and 60 degrees. and that's your latest forecast. >> dyr n, thanks. up ahead, introducing the miserable men of instagram. why are these guys so unhappy? >> i want to know if jeff has
7:38 am
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back now on a saturday morning. time for a little "trending." first up, the most bizarre food combinations. huffington post claims these are weirdly delicious. we c have some to try. pping pickles and orange
7:41 am
i'm trying it. not so much. >> whytoould you do that?oo>> pickles first thing in the morning? >> cheese and mayo. >> that is gross. hold on. >> the last one, i can get behind. my dear friend years ago told me if you soak strawberries in balsalmic vinegar it makes it sweet and it is delicious. >> it brings out the sweetness? >> the goat cheese and peanut butter is really good. >> my dad used to take me to work with him. we would stop at the store and get chocolate milk, usually yoohoo and slim jims. >> you don't like this? >> that is more for you.
7:42 am
>> i'll have it. fine thenet you remember the dress last loyearp th9.e white and gold one? the one-year anniversary, ther one is a new debate dividing people on social media. look at the jacket. csome say this is blue and white. others say black and b --n. i0 see black and browev >> i see black and gold. a >> i didn't see it. we wereheraveling this week. asked the same question. you hav peanut butter right there. i have to tell you because i love you. 76 of those responded say it is blue and white. it was in the studio this week. >> what did they say? >> she said it is black and white. >> she can't see. >> i thought the addidas symbol was black and then white. >> i see black and gold.
7:43 am
so here, it is 76% in the poll. t on t, 75e for the other side. finally today, one i'm sure a lot of the men can relate to. the boredom of shopping with >> your spouse. check out the account miserable men. shopping with ladies and husbands getting draggedaalong. these are hysterical. >> they are not just bored, but sleeping. you could take a nap. >> i'd go somewhere else. >> we have kveanye west and daughter north passed out during a recent shopping event. >> where do you shop that it is thatsfancy? >> they don't shop where we sh p. >> that is not a store i'm walking into. >> there is a guest list. >> kesha has a message for fans.
7:44 am
popstart. i'll eat my peanut butter. >> we told you the legal battle kesha is involved in with dr. luke. she filed suit for allegedly drugging and asslting her. chgesare denies. she was denied an injunction to break the recording contract. she has received an outpouring of support from fans and ceilebrities. now she is thanking everyon best music. o e, t o, tlree, four. oh, i d know >> the 28-year-old's lawyer posted this on twitter. next, we have been telling
7:45 am
spinoff for montve. have mercy. "fuller house" is finally here. in case you wonder how they address mary kate and ashleying there. >> what is this? >> michelle sends her love, but she's busy in new york running her fashion empire. >> they had to do something, right? reviews. fans tweeted things like jesse singing forever and all of a m a mess. one question remains. how on earth do danny and jesse and tbe rest look so good? finally, all eyes on chris rock as he hosts the 88th annual
7:46 am
if you are rusty on he best picture, no worries. folks at fandango has you covered. >> what's it all out? >> it's about a big tall person and short person. i think they are different. >> tell me about the martian. >> a guy trapped on mars. no food. no water. no nothing. >> who stars in that? >> john f. kennedy. >> cute. that is something of them. >> it is cute and adorable. >> sheinelle, thanks. >> i'm annoyed by jesse spano looking so good. "on saved by the bell." >> the wrong show. >> jesse kasapotolus. up next, there is something
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7:50 am
and killed after accused of cheating there. i found out they still may be talking about that murder. >> would you show yourself to dylan? definitely did. three sl ong signals in less an hour is real for the ghost hunters. they wand to analyze their evidence. >> no way. >> did you see that stick figure? the device i was holding for hours can pick up energies you cannot see or feel. it picks up stick figures if rt sees an energy. you see how it looks like it is hanging from the geiling. that is where it was rumored ymwhere someone was hung in that building. no joke, jay, the ghost hunter, he felt a noose around his neck.
7:51 am
>> you buy all this? 100%. >> you have to watch it tonight. >> g i can't. i encourage everyone else to tch. i won't sleep. with that, will leo finally win his first oscar and who will take home the coveted best picture award and best ghosn? we have the oscar cheat sheet, but first this is "today" on nbc.
7:52 am
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7:57 am
the time is now 7:56. 27 degrees on this saturday, february 27tt. good morning. ii'm gus rosendale. right now, we have new information wn ghe, hospitalization of yoko ono. a spokesperson denies original reports that ohno suffered a stroke. we're told the activist, artist d widow of john lennon is being tkeated for flu-like symptoms. she was told to go to mt. sinai ro osevelt hospital as a precaution. a surprise visitor for new jersey sto hnts. on the screen there, a deeu ashed through a window acd into north arlington middle school. the faculty was able to trap it in the room until animal control could arrive. itad was tranquilized, wrapped in a blanket and wheeled oyt of the school. the deer taken t sta shelter in teterboro and it ills, ge released into the wild eventually. raphael joining us with a
7:58 am
>> going to stay chilly throughout biheeday today. you need to bundle up. it's going to be eye high of 40: not as blustery. the weekend turns mild. look at that temperature for your sunday, near 60 degrees in spots. tomorrow feels more like spring. we keep that going monday, tuesday and each wednesday. temperatures coast in the 50s. thank t hat you. join pat and me at 8:30. now back to "weekend today."
7:59 am
addiction doesn't discriminate. alcohol smoking weed crack k2, spice acid cocaine crystal meth heroin this is also the face of hope. addiction is a disease. help is available. visit the new york state office of alcoholism and substance abuse services
8:00 am
good morning. joined at the hip. shooting from the lip. donald trump on the campaign trail today. his newest supporter, chris christie by his side. democrats focused on south carolina where it is primary day. hillary clinton hoping to keep r lead over bernie sanders. we are live on the campaign etrail.
8:01 am
jennifer garner opens up since her public split with ben iaffleck. the access telling what led to the couple's byeakaup. and interns to the stars. dylan and sheinelle going to work with country superstars rascal flatts. from organizing tickets to lping out back stage and picking up dinner. >> really? >> we will see how the experience really played out today, saturday, february 27th, 2016. life is a highw i'm want to ride it all night long >> it's our birthdays. she's 8. i'm 60 >> best friends in manhattan. >> mother/daughter weekend in nyc. >> and it's my birthday. life is a highway >> wait a minute. wait a minute. we have "life is a highway."
8:02 am
siranging along. we didn't see dylan dreyer. >> i'm on the cutting room floor. i had a plate. >> it was a routine. >> nowhere to be found. >> you should bring it back. >> there was wind in my hair. i was drying it with a -- >> maybe we will get it trending. >> lots to get to this morning. includin hat. let's head inside to s inelle with the latest on the campaign trail. >> candidates hot on the trail for super tuesday. donald trump is campaigning with a major endorsement. we have hallie jackson joining eus this morning from nashville, tennessee. >> reporter: good morning, sheinelle. the iertrtmp is trending onli , but donald trump is making headlines for those who ar making headlings. chris christie.
8:03 am
e role as attack dog. we saw christie go after marco rubio hard. rubio in turn ripping in to donald trump calling him a con artist. rubio taking this tone ahead of super tuesday hoping it is not too late to slow down trump. che ristie says t he will do whatever he an to try to help dona trump win toe nomination, sheinelle. that is sparking speculation that perhaps christi is angling fo r a high level spot in a trump administration. maybe vice president or attorney general. christie insists when his term as new jersey governor is over, he plans to head into private law practice and as he says, sheinelle. >> it was a talker. for t primary day in south carolina. it could be a good day for nbc's krist welker is in south caknowlihaywith the latest. kristen, foood morning.w >> reporter:. good morning, shnelle. polls have been open for an sour onow.
8:04 am
this is a critical st coe in the dey bocratic nominating contest. secretary clinton has a doubleg diregit lead here. 60 to 32%. her campaign officials are not taking any votes for granted. she has been vigorously campaigning for the past week. particularly courting african-american ters. they are key to winning this state. last night, she and senator sanders attended theosame oyster roast. >> i'll be with you. i will workyo for you. i will stand up and fight for you. if you will give me the chance to s be the democratic nominee. >> i'm here to ask ye to help change the priorities of this country so we have a government that works for all of us. not just the people on top. reporter: senator sanders is hopidg to close the gap here in south carolina, but he has spent much of this past week campaigning in super tuesday
8:05 am
states where the raca is closer and the electorate is less diverse. in fact, tonight, sheinelle, he withll not be here when the votes come in. he will be in minnesota. >> kristen, thank you. in kansas, police say the gunman who went on a shootinw rampage this week got weapons from an ex-girlotriend. cedric ord was fatally shot after a shooting spree that left 14 wounded and three dead. now an ex-girlfriend has been charged with knowingly transferring a firearm to a convicted felon. she gave foad a semiautomatic and a glock. and the update on the zika virus in the united states. th be t c says there have been 147 confirmed cases, including nine pregnant women. thane cdc has been given permission to use a new test to see if a person is infected. an alert is put out for thee olympics in rio.
8:06 am
may want to skip the games. good ns for a favorite visitor to american el dene monarch butterflies are fly.g high again after years of decline. this y ir in mexico, the bright orange asi black insects cover three times the area they took up last year. thdy are threatened in mexico by illegal logging. the canopy that insulates the from the cold. back to you. thank you, sheinelle. t>> dylan has a check of the the weather. >> we will have record breaking temperatures across the counury before the next storm system mobrves in next week. because of the warm air, we will see snow and some rain and scattered showers and thjuderstorms. as of right now, it is not a severe weather outbreak. it is wor.h watching. today, we are looking like a lot of sunshine will effect most of the country.
8:07 am
up in the 70s in the southern plains. 70s in the southeast. we stay in the thanks, dylan. good morning everyone. lots of sunshine. e.her high pressure day. t as windy as yesterday. although it is cold outside nright now. you need to bundle up heading out the door. 28 degrees a cold start to the ekend. it stays brisk throughout the day. temperatures to 30 and 40 degrees. enjoying that sunny sky. morrow feels more like spring. today winter. tomorrow spring. 57 for your high for sunday. it stays mild on monday with a couple of showers. 57 for your high. and who needs sweet 16 when you have sweet 60? i love it. happy birthday. erica and jeff. >> thank you. turning to a revealing interview
8:08 am
she is opening up for the first time since splitting up with ben affleck. >> here is morgan radford with more. >> reporter: she has been called the girl next door. actress jennifer garner speaking out for firdt time since the break up with ben affleck after ten years of marriage. in the interview with "vanity fair" garner says my heart is on the tenht side and is looking forwardhto wtting past the pity stage. >> these two people were in love. they love each other. they still love each othe w there is a great dea of sadness you cannot make it work. >> reporter: the actress says i didn't marry thewaig fat movie star. i married him. i would go back and remake that decision. >> she remlly, truly believes in the institution of marriage. it will take some time and some perspective to figure out how igshe failed. >> reporter: garner makes it ear the couple decided to separate l toong before the alleged
8:09 am
saying she was not part of the equation. bad judgment, yes. it's not great for your kids for lives. affl k denied that alleged fair. for now, the actress is focused t on her career and the couple's three chilo en. >> i do think they are doing their best to make the transition as smooth as possible center. >> reporter: she admits she laughed when host rickey gervais introduced him at the golden globes. garner says no one needs to hate affleck because she doesn't. calling him the love of her life. for "today," morgan radford, nbc ws, los angeles. coming up, we have the full we're e hottest:yoang company around but "i wthwant to keep the soda pop flowing we need esh ideas! >>got it. we slow, we die. >>what about cashing out? no! i'm trying to bu aild something re. >>how about using fedex ground for shipping?
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8:13 am
you need to know before the 88th annual academy awards. we have the managing editor of fandango. very hollywood. >> yes. >> we want to give you a cheat height which erica is calling th is morbong of what to expect at oscars. >> three movies at the top of the list. this is good information if you go to o pay and want to start a conversation. "tl,he revenant" is in the lead. people are predicting to win. the top grossing picture. from is a spoiler, potlight" or "the big short." if "the revenant" does not>> "the revenant" is in the lead for the best director. >> yes. mr. alejandro. if he wins best direct after, he
8:14 am
in 65 years. canrhistoric moment. >> jtse revenant" can clean up. leo dicap o. if he does not win the oscar on sunday night, i think it is one of the biggest oscar shocks in history. >> who would win if leo doesn't? >> maybe eddie redmayne. >> best a ress is not seen as dicaprio. >> i think it is the next biggest lock. brie larsen. she is fanta3tic in "room." i think she will be great. i don't know if jacob lessblay will. he has been yu jing it up.o>> de has been fun to watch. >> what do you make of the
8:15 am
chris rock handl this? >> he has teased it on twitter with the #black. i would expect him to come with something at the top of the show. it is interesting how he finds that balance with keeping it light and series. >> does it go at the top of the show or continue to pop up throughout? >> that's the big question. no matter what he does, this is the biggest conversation starter on monday morning. everybody will talk about it. >> andkthey are changing the acceptance speeches. no more tnasking peof e. a ticker on the bottom. will the sta.s follow that? g>> there is a ticker. it will personalize the speeches more. >> we have ours right there. special thanks to our execu putive oducer. >> it will be cool. will it be too much of a visual straction? >> this is mvent to cut down the speeches so they don't gett ut off. >> so you don't hear producers and executive managers.o i like that. >> they are about to p-ba the
8:16 am
we have to leave it there. this is your biggest night. enjoy. have fun. up next, rasca flatbu new interns dylan and sheinelle.
8:17 am
[car starting] [engine revving] [crashing]
8:18 am
back o a saturday morning with more in our series "up for th.e job." sheinelle and dylan. we were interns for rascal flatts. >> we had thenbest time i therink. we got almost everything done we were told to do. it's a little too loud on the highway i want to pull >> we are hear at the hard rock hotel and camesino. >> we are interning with rascal
8:19 am
i'm dylan. >> i'm sheinelle. >> i'm jan. >> first thing you need to do is printout yourouuest list. here are your ticket " are we iving teets to these people? >> you will w te these names on these envelopes. >> real work? >> yes. >> task complete. >> nice. next. >> this is amazing. >> i'm a great intern. >> hey. >> i'm dylan. thank you for being our interns for the day. >> we're excited. >> in and out burger. a double, double. and animal style tofries. eard of that. >> i have to have a milk shake. >> fries, chocolate shake. >> i'm trying to lose holiday we ht. thank you so much. >> i think we did good. >> i know.
8:20 am
entertainers. >> shoot. really? they don't need to know. >> did you get his burger? >> oh, wait. he didn't want onions. let's turn it around. >> yeah. >> everything you need. >> that was not. >> somebody asked you? >> it wasn't on me. >> dylan. >> we should probably go. >> you guys ready for the show? >> show time! >> i'm sorry. i'm sorry. >> are you ready? >> oh, you're ready. i like the sound of that >> get u dy. p watch out.
8:21 am
>> we're going to cry. thoiow far out there do i go? >> the whole way. >> the whole way? on the stage? i'm so nervous. [ applause ] >> i'm bringing you your guitar. >> do you believe this? >> i don't care if we did a good job or not. ever. >> i think they eve great effort. effort. they are really cute. >> a enthusiasm was great. they were excited. >> they are welcome back anytime they want. they can do anything they want. they can sing. >> th yeah. life is a highway >> they're really cute. >> they can come back anytime. we may go back.
8:22 am
there was wonderful. accommodating and open to letting us play along. thank you. >> we should mention rascal flatts has one week left at the rd rock hotel nd casino until march 95 rch 5th. we are going to see if we can get the outtakes online. >> you looked like a couple of scho girls. >> you were crushing on the even here. >> i need to point out. megan our producer, the onerst time putting together something the road. we had a p nk on isr that w need to add to heoweb. we told her it would ot sappen. it was falling apart.hithsy didn't want to be part of it. >> >> it was such a bonding experience. we'll put it online. and i won $400. >> never a dull moment.
8:23 am
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coming up next on "today in new york" -- an>> a large fire in cliffside park, new jersey, has dozens of firefighters at work early this morning. i'm ray villeda with the latest details in a live report. plus, another twist in , e wild race for the white housefus voters head to the polls down uth. and it's a c bud start to the weekend temperatures in the 20s outside. but there's a hipt of spring coming our way. we'll have a look at your full forecast coming up.s 'm gus rosendale. i'm pat battle. "today in new york," the
8:28 am
noy, havyou heard? heard what? before school starts in september, all kids going nto 7th and 12th grade have to get the meningococcal vaccine. it protects against diseases like meningitis. that can be serious, even deadly. yeblah, that's wnehy they can't start school without it. something to share? (giggling) actually, yes! talk to your halth caei provider. even kids who've had one shot magey still need a booster. now on "today in new york," a police chase in new jersey ends with an evacuation after a suspect's car crashes into a home. plus, new information about
8:29 am
yoko ono in the hospital. voters heading to the polls in south carolina as the country reacts to an unexpected endorsement. welcome back to "today in new york." it's saturday morning. i'm gus rosendale. i'm pat battle. a cold saturday morning it is. it's not going to stay that way for long. changes in the forecast for the better, if you like it warm. raphael miranda is in the weather center with that. >> major temperature jump headed our way over the next 24, 48 hours. you can see on storm tracker, also nice and quiet. no rain and no snow to worry about this weekend. it's cold enough for snow right now in fairfield county. this is what you're waking up to. 22 in shelton. it's 23 in fairfield. we're looking at 21 degrees in westport. the coldest spots outside of the city. we do have some temperatures that were in the teens already warming up into the 20s. 21 monticello and 25 in white plains. here's a look at your day planner. 28 right now. the cold start turns into a chilly afternoon. temperatures stay in the upper
8:30 am
similar to yesterday, but not as windy. so not quite as harsh. maybe lose one or two of those layers and then losing a lot of layers for your sunday. much warmer weather is around the corner. we'll look at that coming up in your full seven-day forecast in a few. pat and gus, over to you. >> raphael, thank you. happening now, firefighters in new jersey on the scene of a fire at a business in bergen county. >> "today in new york's" ray villeda joins us from cliffside park with the latest. ray? >> reporter: gus and pat, dozens of firefighters are here in cliffside park right now. you can see it looks like the fire is under control. they're still dousing out hotspots. incompetent want to show you video from earlier this morning. the fire was so intense, we could see it on the west side highway coming over the bridgc towards new jersey. you could see black smoke. when we got here, you could see how intense that smoke was. firefighters were on top of another building trying to get that fire out to this small deli. it started sometime around 6:00 this morn g.


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