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tv   News 4 New York at Noon  NBC  February 23, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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right to storm team 4's dave price. >> this is number one of two storms rolling through over the next 48 hours. here's what's happening right now. snow and rain moving through, that mix blanketing the area at this point. the roads mainly wet. any accumulation is going to be on grassy surfaces. slushy conditions covering the roadways north and west through the rest of the afternoon. changes over to all rain tonight. winter weather advisories in effect this afternoon for much of the viewing area. that's where the best chance of accumulating snow is, to the north and northwest. here's where we're seeing the sloppiest weather. let's zoom in and go neighborhood by neighborhood. if you take a look at areas from i don't thinkers and up through paramus. we see precipitation in the form
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greenberg and white plains over to greenwich. we'll track it and give you accumulations and rain totals in a little bit. back to both of you. >> you can track the weather and get travel alerts with our news4 new york app. just tap the news4 logo and select the weather tab. a woman facing charges after police say she took the wheel of an mta bus after the driver tried to kick her off. it all started at 97th street and third avenue. news4's michael george joining us from the scene with more. michael? >> reporter: that wild ride ended right here. and police say this all started because that woman was angry she wasn't allowed to smoke on the bus, so she decided to take that bus for a joyride. this surveillance video was provided to us by next revolution martial arts. you can see the bus in the back
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a woman was smoking on the bus and the bus driver asked her to put it out. she was furious. the bus driver had to move passengers to another bus because she wouldn't leave. she only m any further. >> basically i just saw a bus pull up, cut the lady off and a few cop cars pulled up. >> reporter: this was all over not smoking on the bus. >> she should have got off or got a transfer. that's ridiculous. i'm a smoker. i can wait a couple minutes. >> reporter: and this woman did apparently say while she was on the bus that she believed people were following her. so police did take her in for a mental health evaluation. fortunately, no one was hurt. news4 new york. >> interesting morning there. michael, thank you.
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wanted for slashing a waiter in the middle of a restaurant has been caught. we are outside the police pre precinct nearby. >> reporter: police tell me it's still unclear whether that teenager will be charged as a juvenile or an adult. he was taken into custody this morning and brought here nearly a week after that slashing. police had released surveillance video of that suspect as well as other teens seen with him last wednesday. he's accused of slashing a 25-year-old busboy leaving that worker in need of 120 stitches. the teen had allegedly been begging customers for money when he was asked to leave. police say he went back in five minutes later and slashed that worker across the face. the manager telling us he's
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>> i'm very happy to hear that. and i hope it's the right guy that they caught and they set an >> reporter: the manager tells recovering. he's waiting to get the okay from his doctor before he can return to work. once again, a teenager here in custody. we'll have more coming up on news4 new york at 5:00. police also made an arrest in a violent rape on staten island. this coming as a major relief to the people who work in the office building where that alleged rape occurred. we have more on the man who police believe was responsible. >> reporter: the wanted poster still hang across the mariner's harbor neighborhood where police say the rape happened. the suspect, though, has been cop. a tip to police led to the
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scott. there's tremendous relief for many who live and work near the office building where police say the suspect raped a 44-year-old woman. scott, the suspect, threatened the victim saying he had a gun and would shoot her. we talked to a co-worker of the victim. she worries about her safety. she told us she and other colleagues have been in tears concerned about their friend. >> i pray for her. i hope she gets better. everybody loves her. she's a good manager. >> reporter: even though the suspected rape ed ed rapist is in police custody, they feel worried about the safety of the area. >> i don't feel safe walking around. >> reporter: news4 new york. in the bronx today, eight families have lost their homes and everything inside. a major fire tore through their apartment building early this morning sending them running for safety.
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in the morris heights section. news4 talked to a number of people who managed to escape those flames. >> reporter: it only took crews a couple of hours to get a handle on things. take a look at the damage left behind. officials say every apartment on that top floor was destroyed by that fire that caught many residents that we spoke with off guard. max maxine left the only home she's known. >> the roof is gone, everything's burnt. >> reporter: she and dozens of others ran down several flights of scares to escape the fire that shot from the top of this complex at andrews and burnside avenues. forcing many to escape in their pajamas. >> actually went down the stairs, i was looking for my little sister. we found her. she ended up being downstairs. honestly, it was a hectic time
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>> reporter: hundreds of fft firefighters manned seven hoses. >> we had fire shooting out the windows, we had a few units on the roof cutting holes in the roof to allow the fire to escape. >> reporter: as crews clean the glass and burnt items that now fill the building, officials say the fire was likely accidental. residents tell us they didn't hear a fire alarm and question why. >> i don't know what happened. i smelled the smoke. >> reporter: all six of those injuries are said to be minor. a resident thinks this fire started in a garbage chute on the top floor. >> a 2-year-old girl tied in a fire early this morning in brooklyn. the police and fire departments both investigating and we are gathering more information on
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we'll have much more tonight at 5:00. a connecticut judge will consider a notorious convicted killer's request for a new trial. you may remember him as one of the brutal cheshire home invaders. his lawyer uncovered police recordings. president obama revealing details of his long awaited plan to close guantanamo pay. it including the transfer of as many as 60 detainees to facilities on u.s. soil. it calls for $475 million to upgrade or build prisons to house those prisoners at 13 possible sites. the white house says those costs will be offset by the huge savings from closing guantanamo. president obama insists keeping the facility open is contrary to u.s. values. >> if many years, it's been
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facility at guantanamo bay does not advance our national security. it undermines it. >> the president's plan faces steep opposition in congress. house speaker paul ryan responded in a statement saying in part, it is against the law and it will stay against the law to transfer terrorist detainees to american soil. we will not jeopardize our national security over a campaign promise. new at noon, governor cuomo making the case for a $15 minimum wage. the governor traveling in a specially designed rv, you can see it right there. first stop in the midtown headquarters of 1199 seiu. they represent hundreds of thousands of health care workers. >> i'm a little confused. they told me we wouldn't get in the recreational vehicle and we're going to drive all around the state. i brought my fishing pole.
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it doesn't sound that way. we're going to go fishing. we're going to go fishing for economic justice all over the state. >> governor cuomo also plans to attend rallies today in the bronx and west bury long island. up next, we are just hours away from the next republican contest. who is leading the polls ahead of tonight's nevada caucus. plus, rallying for apple. supporters hitting the streets today as new criticism emerges battle with the fbi. hey, for all of you women in your 20s, this is your chance to peek into the future and get priceless advice from women of all background and ages, family, career, love, and sex. they've done it all. there's a lot of wisdom you don't want to miss out on this afternoon afternoon. coming up next on "new york live" at 12:30, paul simon comes
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call today, and welcome back. to politics now. new poll numbers with the gop nevada caucus just hours away. donald trump remains on top in our nbc survey monkey weekly tracking poll. he's getting support from 36% of republican voters nationwide. trump rallied last night in las vegas. ted cruz also appealed for support. he's in second place, but marco rubio is gaining ground on him. the nevada gop caucus starts at 5:00 tonight. bernie sanders has been campaigning in the upcoming super tuesday state of massachusetts. our new polls show him trailing hillary clinton by 11 points nationally, 51 to 40%. they will face off saturday in south carolina's presidential primary.
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results from tonight's caucus on our website, activists are planning rallies outside of apple stores in new york and across the country. these events are to protest the fbi's request that apple unlock the iphone of san bernardino terrorist syed farook. there's a new poll that shows 51% of people are actually siding with the fbi, they say apple should unlock the phone. police commissioner bill bratton published an op-ed siding with the fbi. he writes in part, complying with constitutionally legal court orders is not creating a back door. in a democracy, that is a front door. the company's lawyer says the fbi's asking a lot. in today's money report, a lot of people are talking about burger king's new food item. >> that story and check on the markets with bill griffith. hello. >> hi, there. we call this profit taking sometimes.
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happening on wall street right now. you've had more than a week of pretty good gains in the stock market, but not today. the dow down 175 reports. existing home sales grew at the fastest pace last month in six months. we have a whole bunch of earnings coming out today. we're going to get a good cross section of how various industries are doing later today. the whole fast food world is watching burger king as today it unveils its newest menu item, dog. it will be offered at all 7,000 locations nationwide. burger king instantly becomes the biggest restaurant seller of hot dogs in the country. if they're a hit, you can be
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i wonder, can the taco dog be far behind. anybody for a hot dog? >> you know what they're made out of, right? >> i don't want to talk about that. i just don't want to know. >> that would be a good time to go to weather wouldn't it? before we get into -- >> see you, bill. yuck. okay. >> onto more pleasant stuff. >> actually, no, it's not. >> we got a lot of weather to talk about and a very busy day. this is rockefeller plaza at this point, folks. 37 degrees outside right now. we have rain and snow through the area at this point. started about 10:30, 11:00. a sloppy day ahead. in fact, it's not going to be a great 48-hour stretch for us. heavy rain again returns wednesday through the afternoon. looks great. if we're going to take a hit,
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beautiful saturday and sunday. 38 in ramsey. valley stream at 41. up to the north and west. monticello below the freezing mark and just on the edge at 3 degrees. winds blowing strongly in bridgeport. in the teens most everywhere else. this is what we're talking about. this is really the problem area, to the north and northwest of the city in the highest elevations mainly on grassy surfaces. we could see a coating up to about 2 inches of snow. this is what it looks like right overspread the region. this is our second rainmaker, coming our way tomorrow. let's talk about that journey. that gets here during the afternoon tomorrow and it looks like the heaviest stuff will be in the latter half of the day. in the near term, precipitation type for the jersey shore, you're talking about all rain.
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a little bit of a mix. as we head through the day, i think it becomes all rain. outside the city to the north and west, we see that combination of snow and ice and snow and rain. and then all snow as you head to the far suburbs where you could get upwards of 2 inches. the future tracker takes us through 5:00, when the icy stuff stays north of the city. watch it through fairfield county and dab dan bury and sections of new jersey like sussex county. we'll keep an eye on that area. as the evening progresses, that rain moves north, the snow stays to the far north and west. as we get to tomorrow morning, it's all out of the way. another batch rolls in midday and the heaviest stuff we save for the end of the day and into the overnight where we'll see some very heavy rains roll on through. we'll be asleep for most of it. this is what it looks like thursday morning, it all clears
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today, 39 degrees, that snow and mix. as we head through the next seven days, here's what you can expect. we just have to get through tomorrow. although it will be blustery and chilly on friday, it's dry. saturday and sunday look absolutely terrific. we begin next week nice and mild, 55 degrees, that's what we're talking about, right? we'll send it back to both of you. we'll update you through the day. and we'll keep an eye on everything you need to know. "new york live" is next at 1:30. >> hi, guys. paul simon prepares to make history in new york. what the music legend is doing for the first time in 46 years. and what exactly is the 10-4-10 game. ben's getting the funny scoop
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drama on the bachelor right here at 12:30. >> hard to look at them. it's difficult. >> put in a good word with margot for me. still ahead, a royal rumble. why members of the royal family staffer threatening to go on
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there is a royal rumble involving the duke and duchess of cambridge. stuff their staff ready to go on strike over possible pay cut. it could cost them as much as $5,000 a year. the staff involved, reportedly those who look after the public exhibits or show visitors around the grounds. special recognition today for the new york city bus and subway workers who go above and
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ten men and women who put their own lives in danger in order to save others received the transit award. we spoke to sefl of the recipients including a bus depot worker whose quick thinking helped save her fellow employees and a bus driver who helped break up an escalating fight. >> i evacuated the depot. there was a gas leak and we had to evacuate the whole building and reroute the buses. >> i love that. darlene rodriguez, right there. presented some of the awards to the hometown heros. >> forget all that they do in some of the situations they're put into. calm under pressure. still ahead on news4 new york at noon, what was this ape doing in space? we'll have the details coming
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get a load of this. summonky business on the international space station. that is scott kelly inside a gorilla suit climbing out of a floating box. >> kelly even chases a surprised crew mate at one point of the video. how did this monkey suit thing end up in space. he's got a twin brother, as you know. apparently he is the one who sent it in a care package. >> got to find a way to have
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tonight, there is a realistic looking scam that's targeting bank customers. >> and storm team 4 tracking the wet weather that's going to make a mess out of your evening commute. >> for breaking news any time, go to
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hey, everyone. welcome to "new york live." thanks for tuning in on this gloomy tuesday. we're going to brighten it up. coming up from hollywood's sexiest celebrities to the art of a great accent, ben is getting candid with tina fey and margot robbie. >> and she's the newest real housewife in beverly hills. erika girardi.


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