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tv   News 4 New York at 6  NBC  February 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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the gunshots. michael robinson's mother and 11-year-old sister were taking bags of groceries from a taxi inside their apartment when shooting began. >> it makes me angry. for my mom it's terrifying. >> reporter: how about for your sister? >> honestly, she was acting like she was normal, but i know she's scared. >> reporter: michael's mom and sister declined to be interviews, fearing retribution. the shooter is not in custody. a spray tray bullet went through the family's front door and grazed his sister's hip. >> my sister came back out and my mom went and grabbed my sister and tried pushing her to the door. that's when she got hit. >> reporter: the bullet wound required stitches but not an overnight hospital stay. she is the first person shot in newburgh this year, a small city where according to crime statistics people are almost
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victim of crime than elsewhere in new york state. >> we have a gun violence problem in america. >> reporter: congressman mall low -- malone -- >> the community's got to get involved to help us catch these individuals and prevent incidents like this in the future. >> reporter: several residents' cars were also hit in the shooting spree. again, the 11-year-old girl is recovering. she's expected to return to midding mid middle school later this week. police have not made any arrests. if you enjoy the warm start to the workweek, don't get too used to it. more wintery weather is heading our way, which could make for a
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>> we're looking at a little bit of everything, some snow and some rain. mainly rain because we're going to see a changeover tomorrow afternoon. regardless, you're going to see a mess of the evening commute tomorrow. the storm system is moving across the southern states tonight with all rain from new orleans to jackson up towards atlanta and raleigh, north carolina. it will eventually make its way into our direction tomorrow afternoon starting out as a mix. some areas get snow, mainly north and east of the city. and the rest see rain. the timeline, beginning at 9:00 tomorrow morning it moves across southern new jersey. by noon it's over the city. we'll see some snow in midtown for a brief period of time. the ground is kind of warm right now. it may stick to grassy areas for a brief time. but the snow will extend northward between noon and 3:00 from poughkeepsie out toward the hamptons. it should be on the light side,
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bit of a mess in most areas. sloppy north and west. an emotional day in a bridgeport courtroom today. family members of some of the victims of the sandy hook elementary school massacre spoke out about the manufacturer of the gun that was used to kill children. >> the question in court today, will the parents of nine of the children tragically killed in that new town massacre be able to move forward with their civil suit against the gun company which they say manufactures and markets military style weapons to civilians. >> we feel that we deserve our day in court. >> mark barden wants the gun companies held accountable for
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weapon that killed his seven-year-old son daniel at the sandy hook elementary school. and in particular, people like gunman adam. >> there were a lot of guns that our shooter could have chosen from his arsenal and his mother's arsenal in order to attack the people at sandy hook school. he chose the ar-15 because he was aware of how many shots it could get out. >> in 2005 congress passed broad immunity from civil claims against gun manufacturers. but there are some exceptions, like if a gun seller negligently entrusts a weapon to a person. in court today plaintiffs argued that marketing what they call a military killing machine to civilians should count as one of those exceptions. >> which is essentially the same
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the fields of battle. >> defense attorneys for remming on the remmingon the argued the case should be dismissed since they did not directly sell the gun to the lanza family. the gun company has maintained for that reason alone this case should be dismissed. the judge today set a hearing for 60 days from now. back to the breaking news, that deadly three vehicle accident on the new jersey turnpike in jersey city. there are now two people confirmed dead. several lanes remain blocks at this hour at exit 14 c. we're told that two vehicles traveling westbound slammed into each other sending one of those cars into eastbound lanes where
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the driver of that car is among two others were injured. the death of a 16 month old boy on staten island has been ruled suspicious. police found him in cardiac arrest at an apartment building yesterday. at this point the babysitter has not been charged. growing concern for a missing teenager from westchester county. she was last seen leaving her home on saturday morning. police say she suffered from depression, she's suicide al al and may need medical attention. we are one step closer to jury selection in the trial of the -- both sides agreed to have one more hearing before injure
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next month. an update now on a story you saw first right here on news 4. tonight a new jersey high school baseball coach accused of bullying will learn his fate. the school board will decide whether to let him return to the field despite numerous complaints that he used inappropriate and abusive language towards his players. the board will also look into the athletic reforms including coach conduct at tonight's meeting. >> and a long island high school baseball coach is still under fire by school administrators. >> students and parents are fighting for him to keep his job, saying he was only trying to help his team. >> reporter: workers are putting the final touches on a new baseball field at babylon high school. the question now is will long time coach shown here in a yearbook photo be there to
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>> i'd just like to know what is going on. >> reporter: parents have been hearing rumors for weeks that he is being removed from the high school baseball program after more than two decades. the reason, say parents, is that he used this go fund me campaign to try and raise money for the team without the school board's authorization. >> because of that he's not going to be allowed to coach the season, which is absurd. >> the school district won't comment on his job status, saying only no appointments have been made for any coaching position. >> he has all of us behind him, backing him, 100% with him. and we just want him as a coach. >> reporter: this fight has specific special significance. >> the college coaches are going to be like how much credibility
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>> reporter: the coach declined our request for an interview. a friend told me he has refunded all $2700 he collected online. in new jersey, a former federal customs and immigration officer has been charged with demanding ing ing bribes and sex in exchange for favors. he accepted 78,000 in cash describes to obtain employment documents for seven immigrants in the country illegally. he's also accused of demanding and receiving sex from two of the women. coming up, tragedy in the middle of central park. how a construction worker was run over by his own van. plus school officials at fairfield university want to know who organized a so-called
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police are investigating a tragic accident in central park where a construction worker has died after being crushed by his own van. this happened early this morning near east drive and 74th street. the 56-year-old man got out of his vehicle to open a gate. that is when the van rolled on top of him, killing him. on long island, nassau
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they say will fight corruption there. they're calling on county executive ed mangano to help pass this. in rockland county, new york governor andrew cuomo tried to build support for his paid family leave program. he told voters to urge lawmakers to pass his proposal as part of the state budget. it would require employers to pay into a fund to pay workers who need to care for a family member. today the long island railroad announced its rail cars achieved their best mechanical reliability since recordkeeping began in 1981.
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the railroad also discussed last month's blizzard which suspended long island railroad service for 12 hours. the railroad's president said while they got things back up and running fairly quickly after the storm, they can do better. new yorkers can live side by side in apartments and rarely speak to their neighbors. but when they do talk, they complain to each other about one certain thing half the time. first here's a look at
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lester holt joins us now with a look at what's ahead. we're on the campaign trail as both parties face growing realities about which candidate is the true front runner. also the remarkable deposition of camille cosby, forced to audiocassette about the -- talk about the allegations
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hours today. in this case, she had been his business manager at one point. fairfield university is investigating allegations that some students held a culturally insensitive party over the weekend. the university learned about the so-called ghetto themed party through social media. >> reporter: these two students heard about the party the same way fairfield university did, on the internet after the party. the university says it will be investigating the matter immediately. but already fairfield is calling the party culturally insensitive. >> i think it probably started out as maybe something a little different and kind of got out of hand and ended upturning towards
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i can see how people would be offended. >> reporter: fairfield asks students, faculty and staff to respect each other. even though the party was off campus in a house near the beach, students were there. >> we all come here. we're supposed to be respectful to one another. and having a ghetto party doesn't make sense. in a city where as paul simon put it, one man's ceiling is another man's floor, we are tightly bound with the people next to us. >> 71% of new yorkers talk to their neighbors. 46% get into arguments over noise. people in manhattan and brooklyn
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other boroughs over noise. staten island the least. 32% fight with their neighbors about parking. >> as long as they don't fight over the weather. >> today was beautiful. no fighting at all. >> no, nothing to argue about all weekend long with 50 and 60 degree temperatures. now things are about to change temperature wise a little bit. it's rain and snow entering the picture. our view from the top of the rock camera is gorgeous. we have some high clouds rolling in ahead of our storm system that will be here tomorrow. ow. this is going to be a mix of
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mainly rain, but there will be some light accumulations of snow north and west of the city. heavy rain on wednesday night, that's storm number two. right now temperatures in the 40s across long island. 41 in islip. mostly in the 40s elsewhere. a few 30s north and west. monticello is at 36. that's the northern edge of the storm system. all of the precipitation stretching across the southern states. that's the beginnings of our storm system. it's not here tonight. it will be here tomorrow, though. tomorrow evening's commute is what we have to be concerned about. let's track the clouds, the temperatures and the rain and snow. here's 6:00 a.m. it's all cloudy around the area. temperatures across the jersey shore in the 40s. rain starts to move up around
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it's over the city around 1:00 and mixing with snow. then it's all know from snow from the catskills and poconos to the hudson valley. the rain will be light, generally less than a half inch. the snow will be light, a coating to about a couple of inches. mainly in the higher elevations north and west, accumulating mainly on grassy areas. then the worst of the rain is wednesday night. that's when we get one and west tomorrow, you're going to see the worst of the icy mix, as well as the worst roads. it's tomorrow evening's commute is a mess. that heavy rain is wednesday night.
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again, not as warm as last weekend, but it's nice. bruce beck is up next live tampa. >> reporter: spring training rolls on, sibila. we go from port st. lucie to tampa. coming new sports, we hit yankees camp and check in with the big fella, cc sabathia. we also discuss the rest of the rotation and if it has a chance
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headlines while the yankees continue to quietly go about their business. still, there's plenty of intrigue surrounding the bombers. coming off one of the worst seasons of his career, cc sabathia is back with the ball club and feeling good. sabathia battled a chronic knee injury last year and left the team before their wild card playoff game to seek help for alcohol abuse. but the big fella says he's in a better place now and looking to recapture some of his old magic. >> this is the healthiest i've come into camp in a long time. i feel good and ready to contribute and help this team. >> reporter: you carried the staff for the last few years and
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how do you get back to being the cc of old? >> i think trying to pitch well and win games. get as deep into the games. obviously with the great bullpen we have, gives you more confidence to go out and let everything happen like that. >> reporter: sabathia will no longer be expected to carry the pitching staff. that burden now falls on the bullpen. hey, let's not sleep on the starters. the talent is certainly there. and while the rotation carries significant injury risk, the upside is immense. do you believe you could have a really good rotation here? >> we have a great rotation, i think, assuming they stay healthy. >> i think it could be really good. i think you have experience. i think you have power. i think you have different types of pitchers. health is always such a concern though. it really is. it's around baseball. it's just not here. >> last year if you look at what we did, going through the
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accomplished a lot. everyone is looking healthy and ready to go. >> reporter: over at mets camp, jacob degrom skipped a bullpen session because of soreness in his left groin. he says he's just being careful. the jets released cornerback crow cromartie. >> i've been playing with a lot of guys, you know, it's an exciting time to be a yankee. when i first got drafted, i really didn't -- it's a surreal moment. words can't describe getting to put on the pinstripes every day. it's an honor and a blessing. >> reporter: he's the number one prospect in the yankees organization, the number 17
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it won't be long until they're saying around here, here comes the judge. >> you bet. formidable looking young man. >> up next a new warning tonight about a new flooring sold by the popular chain lumber liquidators. breaking news. tonight an uber driver is charged with murder, and prosecutors say he admitted he's the gunman who went on a vicious rampage killing people in between picking up frightened passengers. breaking news in the race for president. a major shake-up in the ted cruz campaign. a top aide fired. tonight is donald trump unstoppable? cosby's wife forced to testify as her husband's accusers take him to court. what did she know? cancer risk. from floors in so many homes across the country. the cdc says the toxic


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