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tv   Today in New York  NBC  February 19, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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what police saying about this. an emotional day. the family of a little girl killed by a teenage driver finally hoping for justice. pope francis surprising comments about -- good morning everybody. 4:30 a.m. on this friday, february 19th. i'm michael gargiulo. i'm kerry barrett in for darlene this morning. chris cimino here with the forecast. hopefully things are good for the weekend. >> not too bad. not bad at all. we're starting out on the cold side. we talked about this in the deep freeze. 25 in the city, 13 in sussex. 7 degrees in monticello. the further north and west you if, the colder it is. not a lot of wind. we do have clouds to get through a little later on today. that's a warm front headed in our direction. the sunshine and clouds taking over going through time. we don't anticipate much.
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low to mid-30s by noontime. the clouds take over. forecasting a high. still below normal the 38 degrees. we'll talk about the weekend in a bit. let's talk commute early on a friday morning. >> good morning, chris. let's talk about the subways. track maintenance. e and f trains running express. in addition to that, we have fastrack maintenance on the 4, 5, and 6. no trains between grand central and atlantic avenue. this should be wrapped up at 5:00 a.m. the 2,n and r are the way to go. more weather and traffic on the 4s. it's going to be an emotional scene in a manhattan courtroom. it's sentencing day for a man who struck and killed a little girl on the upper west side. "today in new york's" tracie strahan is in lower manhattan with that. >> reporter: ariel russo's family members are expected to give an impact statement in a few hours against the man who is accused of killing her in the
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years old at the time she was struck and killed. she have walking with her mother and grandmother when she was hit by an out of control car that jumped the curb in 2013. frank lip reyes had taken a joyride in his father's car and was on the run from police had this went down. when officers tried to pull him over, he took off and struck ariel russo. reyes has pled guilty to charges of manslaughter and assault, as well as charges of unlawful fleeing of a police officer as well as escape. michael, as a result of that plea deal, frank lip reyes is behind bars. back to you. >> tracie, thank you very much. 4:32. one city council member calling for leniency when peter liang is sentenced. that should happen in april sometime. he could get 15 years in prison. he was recently found guilty of
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shooting death of akai gurley. councilmember margaret chin says the nypd failed to properly train him. shake. the u.s. geological sur sway says it was a 1 poip 6 magnitude quake near butler, new jersey. there were more than a thousand calls. >> i was scared. we had this before. i was like, what is this? i thought my upstairs neighbor fem and i was worried. i guess a little anxious about it. >> the second in the area in as many months. this is from january. you can see the 2.0 magnitude quake. a little damage. that was on lynwood. >> you're a northern new jerseyan. >> i didn't feel anything.
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>> you're a deep sleeperju've heard. >> i am incompetent deed. >> there were no fault lines. you don't realize that can happen. >> we're starting out with temperatures in the teens and 20s. teens in the suburbs, 20s close to the city. sunshine to get us going today. doesn't end up that way. clouds take over for the afternoon. not as cold tonight as a warm front approaches us. there could be a little light mixed precipitation north and west. mostly clear right now. 25 in the city. as i said, a lot of the suburbs in the teens. start out chilly. better for the afternoon. 37 by 3:00. forecasting a high today of 38 degrees. a closer look at the systems heading our way over the weekend in a bit. what are we looking at in the commute? >> the maintenance on the 4, 5 and 6. service changes on the e and f that we talked about.
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if you're getting on the buses, six dee urs in tours in the city. alternate side of the street parking rules in effect today. more weather and traffic ahead on the 4s. >> lauren, thank you. 4:34 right now. the nypd investigating a rash of slashings and stabbings. we talked about them a lot. three different crimes in three different part of the city. all of them equal little troubling. katherine creag is on the upper west side where a man walking down the street became a victim, the next victim. >> reporter: absolutely, kerry. residents here are tell us that this makes them feel so uneasy. it feels like an understatement saying because they are so troubled by what's happening, we want to show you this video. detectives and officers converging on this area. we're at west 88th street and columbus avenue. detectives and officers looking for evidence. police tape roped off the section of west 88th street where a map in his 30s was stabbed just while he was
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he was carrying a -- wearing headphones when a man shoved a knife. the suspect took off running with his kindle. residents who witnessed it told us this. >> blood down his shoulder. looked like he was stabbed in the inside shoulder. >> this happened around 8:00 p.m. there was another attack in soho. the victim, a map had walked out of a skateboard store when another man he was arguing with in a long line much customers walked up to him cutting his face according to police. the suspect took off running. that was just hours after what happened in greenwich village. police are still looking for the young man who slashed a waiter at the silver spurs restaurant on laguardia place and west houston place. the victim had to get 120 stitches on his face. needless to say, kerry,
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are up compared to the numbers from a year ago. we'll talk more about that in the next half hour. back to you. >> so awful. kat, thank you. 4:36. mayor de blasio will give new york city council members a 32% raise. it's a hike among several bills that he'll sign today. the legislation reforms the council by giving members full-time jobs and limiting outside income. they'll earn nearly 150,000 sds a year. even the mayor is getting a raise but he will not take the extra 33 grand. >> the polls say that nevada democrats nearly deadlocked heading into the presidential caucuses. we turn to politics. bernie sanders and hillary clinton battled it out last night. their last chance to appeal to voters. they sparred over who is the true democrat. >> senator sanders was a democrat until he decided to run for president.
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here ran against barack obama. it wasn't me. >> there was at least one area of agreement. both sanders and clinton promising swift action on immigration reform donald trump is in a battle now with the vatican with just one day until south carolina's republican primary. so many people talking about this. pope francis talked about trump's desire to build a wall at the mexican border. he says anyone who advocates building walls instead of bridges is not a christian. trump fired back. >> for a religious leader to question a person's faith is disgraceful. i'm proud to be a christian. >> south carolina's gop voters identify themselves as roman catholic. other comments by the pope. his comment on the zika virus drawing attention. he said it is acceptable for women to use contraception in regions where infected
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they've advised them to use ndoms if they've lived in or visited zika infected areas. it's linked to birth defects. on long island, new testing stations for zika virus. at nassau university medical center. a lot of long island residents travel home during this time of year because it is the dry season. 4:39 now. president obama and everyday americans as well with will pay respect to the late justice antonin scalia. his body will lie in repose at the supreme court. there will be a private ceremony, then the public will be incompetent viepted to view his coffin. services will be held for queens native at washington's catholic basilica. a police detective who died in a horrific car crash will be laid to rest. dozens of officers expected to attend the funeral for the detective.
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when his suv slammed into a fire truck. the 45-year-old was off duty at the time. the service takes place at 9 :30 this morning. the saptation worker accused of leading police on a low-speed chase. a helicopter crashes. how tourists immediately went into rescue mode. tracking now a big warmup. our next shot of the storm as well. weather and traffic on the 4s coming up. there's the belt parkway by jfk. you're watching "today in new
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three separate attacks in 24 hours. all the victims slashed or stabbed. the most recent one oun the upper west side. katherine creag is following the investigation. there's an update ahead in 15 minutes. today, the late supreme court justice antonin scalia returns to the supreme court for a final time. his body will lie in repose there. president obama will go later today. the public will also have the opportunity to pay respects. if you bought artificial poinsettias or holiday paper boxes this past holiday season, many are being recalled. michael's sold them. they could contain mold. michaels is offering refunds. the deadline to register with the faa. it cost 5 bucks. registration last three years. registered drone users will be instructed where they can and cannot fly.
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jail time. 4:44:44. the teens in the burbs, 20s in the city. clouds going to build in after the morning sun. a milder weekend ahead. a warm front is going to push on through and bring the milder temps. cop get a little slippery north and west. second. 25 at city island. most of the five boroughs in the showing up. it's colder to the west and northwest. bridge water 16. 7 in monticello. 15 in danbury. in the pine barrens, westhampton at 18 degrees. skies are clear. we can see that big clear sky. longer. here are clouds out to the west. not a lot of snow falling out of the clouds. just a bit of light snow across new york state. that's going to slide to our north later on tonight. the clouds will move on in.
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by noon, notice the high veil of cloud cover. through the afternoon and evening, the cloud cover thickens up. it doesn't produce much in terms of precipitation. everything stays to the north and west of us and eventually northeast of us. maybe a few clouds, breaking out to sunshine in the afternoon. by 1:00, sun and temperatures in the 50s. that's pretty nice. a little disturbance to the north saturday evening. then on sunday, again, kind of a mix of sun and clouds. more clouds late. by sunday night, we'll watch the next system that brings us rain that could change over to wet snow overnight. monday night. depends how quickly it develops off the atlantic coast. we're watching that as it gets closer. sun today, fades behind cloud. could be a sprinkle north of us. a high of 38 in the city. generally in the mid-30s. same thing tonight. temperature in the city tonight doesn't drop off very much. only in the mid-30s. not as cold. mostly cloudy. could be a passing rain shower mainly north and west of the city. not a big deal.
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three shots at systems coming on through. the one tonight, very weak. a spripg no umbrellas tonight. system number two later sunday night into monday. it has a low impact. low to moderate impact as the rain changes over to snow. the bigger system on wednesday much next week still effective rainmaker for us. moderate impact with gusty winds. umbrellas needed. to not shovels, unless that storm changes its mind. storms have done that. 38 today. 55 tomorrow. that's the winner of the weekend. clouds on sunday. watch for the mix sunday night into monday morning. again, more wet weather on wednesday with temperatures in the low 40s. let's get over to lauren scala. commutewise, how are things going? >> it's being kind of nice to us this morning. fridays are usually the worst commute. so far, we have roadwork. cars shut down between the molly pitcher service area. truck lanes instead.
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drive northbound. twro lanes closed out there. you can see going back in the 60s here up to the 70s northbound. it's a little stop and go. buns you're past it, things are moving nicely. the alexander hamilton bridge, things are moving nicely. george washington bridge in good shape. the gowanus, things moving fine across the belt merge. overall, roads in great shape with the exception of the fdr delays. alternate side of the street parking rules in effect today. more weather and traffic on the 4s. in queens, you're looking at video of the man police are searching for on an attack of an mta employees. he's accused of hitting someone in the face in jamaica. this actually happened on valentine's day morning. the suspect smashed the victim's two-way radio before getting away. new york city surgeon is accused of hitting an officer with her car and driving off.
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ticketed dr. rachel well ner's double parked car in hell's kitchen. it was yesterday. she cursed at the officers and got into her car. as she drove off, her car's open door hit an officer in the shin. she was arrested two blocks away. this morning, a city sanitation worker faces more than a half dozen charms after he tried to escape police on a street sweeper. 38-year-old led officers on a low speed chase in brooklyn that apparently started in borough park and they were spotted throwing something at a statue of jesus. he weaved in and out of traffic in that street sweeper before officers caught up with him. a construction site in new jersey under investigation after a crane accident killed two people there. the victims were crushed by a five-ton generator that fell
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the strap on it failed. they're trying to figure out why. it's the future home of the fire company. the victims' names not released yet. a sexting scandal. hackers are to blame he says. he's accused of exchanging lewd texts with corrine care owe. who did public reels work for the county. both deny sending the messages. mangano said the two of them turned over their phone records to nassau police. >> i never had any communication, electronic communication with this person. if somebody is out there getting their jollies taking down a public official. >> the work with the county including two contracts totaling more than $48,000. the contracts did raise questions among the democrats but the republican majority leader says they appear to be proper. the california home connected to the relative of one of the san bernardino shooters. the hours long search took place inside the home owned by syed
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investigators hauled boxes and a computer away. farook and his wife shot 14 people at a holiday party in december at his office. the couple died in a shootout afterwards with police. legal fight. the company gets three extra days to respond to a court order forcing apple to help the fbi hack into one of the shooter's iphones. apple refused, they cite privacy concerns. google, twitter and facebook are -- >> police and prosecutors in new york say pushing back, saying an encryption technology hinders criminal investigations. police commissioner bill bratton and cyrus vance, the d.a. say they have 175 apple devices they cannot open for evidence. they are involved in crimes ranging from identity theft all the way up to murder. 4:50 right now. a 16-year-old boy in critical condition after a helicopter
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waters off hawaii. >> boy, scary stuff. the helicopter going down in pearl harbor near a visitor center at the memorial. with the chopper sinking, good samaritans jumped into the water yesterday, rescued five people on board. they knew something was wrong before this started because the tail of this helicopter was smoking. >> i seep the helicopter started sputtering about 500 feet and the pilot did what i would say would be an amazing job. it was sputtering and coming down. he put it off the shore where everybody was. as soon as people saw what was happening, they started running. >> that's skill getting it down that close to the shore. the federal aviation administration is expect today investigate. imagine though. >> right out of the sky. >> came in and did that. >> ahead at 5:00 a.m., how you could he were your way into the
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don't even need a camera to do this. the next outdoor destination above all the hustle and bustle.
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beautiful view there of the verrazano bridge. they're celebrating the year of the monkey by debuting an adorable. this is a new species of primate. the new male and female of the tiki monkey. >> i didn't want to say that. all the kids that go there read that. they're sharing living quarters at a couple of white faced sockey monkeys. the zoo says why couldn't the
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they intwine their tails. they eat fruit leaves and insects, which is a diet i've been trying. still hasn't worked. >> that was the saki. >> there was the titi is how you pronounce it. >> he's blushing. >> it's not hard to make him blush. >> it's not fit for animal kind. >> he's 12. rolling into our weekend, starting out on the cold side with readings in the teens and 20s. the upper 30s this afternoon. still chilly. sunny start and things increase and thicken up through the day tonight. could be a couple of light rain and/or snow showers. not as cold in town. temperatures in the mid-30s. closer to 30. here's the weekend warmup we were promising. 55 on saturday with a milder breeze in the afternoon. clouds early and then sunday, sun giving way to more clouds. could be rain by sunday night. the daylight hours of sunday
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the pattern gets more active. >> i saw that. >> lauren, what's happening. >> not too much on the roads. >> we have one accident on the jackie robinson parkway shutting down two lanes. watch out for that. the ferry commuters, this is ongoing. bus service in place of ferry service on the haverstraw and newburgh-beacon line. that's because of icing on the hudson. >> thank you. more on that in a moment. the final stretch of the high line on the west side including a italian style for a large piazza. they would like to build the open space. it's a 4500 square foot piazza would be the largest part of this elevated park. pretty cool. construction on the last stretch of the high line expected to begin later this year. the port authority launching a dee
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our partners at the bergen county record report the announcement was made at the port authority meeting last night. the agency's director says the submissions will have to be scaleable and modular and made to fit whatever location and size the agency decides. port authority, though, pushing back with a vote on two key airport projects. the first nearly a $4 billion project much talked about to transform laguardia airport. the other, a multibillion dollar project to revamp newark liberty terminal a there. the board members need more time to look at the details. they rescheduled the vote for the march meeting. 4:57. the path escalators damaged in jersey city are finally being replaced. you may remember this scene at the exchange place stop two months after the storm. panic-stricken commuters hurt when the stairs suddenly reversed direction. turns out there were ongoing
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now $62 million will be spent to install three new escalators over a two-year period. pitchers and catchers officially start working out at spring training for the mets and the yankees. port st. lucie, the mets are looking to get back to the world series. owner fred wilpon was there and terry collins spoke to the reporters. >> i want that swagger for good. we got a good team. we can't be ego maniacs about it. but you got to walk out there with the confidence that we're going to win. >> the rest of the team reporting to spring training next wednesday. in tampa, they're hoping to make the playoffs. only made it to the wildcard game last season. joe girardi says they have one mission, to win the world series. position players will show up next week and the first full squad workout happens on thursday. all righty. a long island man cashing in on
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man comic book. he sold his 1962 edition at auction. it wept for $450,000. the comic features the first experience of spider man. news for your health. a new study suggests americans are not getting enough sleep. researchers at the accept terse for disease control say more than a third of americans need to learn sleep habits. they say their lack of sleep is putting them at risk of obesity, heart disease and other issues. researchers say 65% of americans get what they need. that's more 7 1/2 or more of sleep a night. >> that's a joke. >> that's kerry's review of the study. coming up on 5:00 a.m. >> keep watching "today in new york" by loading the app on your mobile device.
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it is a troubling trend. three different victims slashed or stabbed in different section was the city. >> plus, the family of a little girl killed by a teenage driver could finally receive the justice they've been seeking today. now, it is pope francis versus donald trump. this morning, trump's new comments and response to the holy father's comments. "today in new york" starts now. good morning everybody. 5:00 a.m. on this friday. the 19th of february. i'm michael gargiulo. you don't want the pope as a foe, do you? >> i'm kerry barrett in for darlene. >> i'm michael gargiulo. let's check in with chris cimino with the forecast. a warming trend? possibly? >> it gets under way tomorrow. not so warm today. you're going to step out to temperatures still in the low and mid 20s in the city. you need a full winter wardrobe one more time. temperatures in the teens north and west. down to 13 in sussex. single dimg its in memorial hospital sell owe. cold start. but the cloud take over going through time. cloud here ahead of a push of warmer air.


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