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tv   News 4 New York at 6  NBC  February 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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bit of a changeover, a little bit of rain even. from the city northward we are seeing all snow. still snowing but that rain-snow line is coming very close to the boroughs now and we'll start to see a bit of changeover to the city in a matter of hours. slippery messy travel out there tonight. a winter storm advisory is in effect until midnight for all counties. we're going to be tracking temperatures. they're going to be warming up over the next 24 hours and we may even have a bit of thunder and lightning in the area tomorrow. the weekend's frigid mperatures may give some pet'osle a false sense of security about the strength of lake ice. kids were out on many lakes and ponds today. but the warming temperatures promise to make many of them hazardous.
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thompson is live. >> reporter: yeah. that's a problem, especially with this winter, with the warm temperatures, the cold, the warm, the cold. they don't know exactly how to predict how this ice will act. and that has a lot of people worried up here. this lake looks safe enough for these kids. we found one checking to make sure the ice was at least four inches deep. . >> i was by the shore and it wasn't as solid. i was running and my foot we want through -- went through and went up to my knee. >> reporter: some shoreline locations without any ice at all. while not so far away you could safely skate and play hockey. >> it's fun. you do a lot of things. ice skating, sledding, biking, skateboarding. >> reporter: but the up and down temperatures of this winter not
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have a hard timekeeping kids keeping kids off the ice. >> the lake didn't freeze until probably a month ago. >> reporter: kids need to take extra care. and tomorrow will you see them out here after school? >> after checking it again to see if it turns to slush or it's softer. >> reporter: so in these conditions, you'd wonder exactly, well, why would there be any concern at all? 's sold, it's snow. i've got the ruler here. we're up now a little over 1.5 inches. but they snow better up here and this lake can be very deceiving indeed. the snow st come is coming down in
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that's where checkey beckford is. >> reporter: right now the roadways -- i don't know if you n rflly tell as well through the camera as we can heresin the real situation, but the roads are really, really bad. weir on i-80. there's a solid accumulation right now of snow. we're getting some precip as janice mentioned. ates this point it doesn't look like it's completely snow. it might be a mixture. with temperatures here reading 21 degrees, when that hits the ground, it won't take long for some of the stuff to start to harden up. >>ca> we have an updat ne now. checkey we can't hear you. an update now on that power outage at gran central d central station. looks like things are still dark
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on when crews will ave that fixed. thone dining con source course and shops roughout the t rminal remaee closes. customers ll be able to buy tickets on board without paying a penalty because the machines are still offline. they believe a burst water pipe led to the outage. zbloob we're continuing to follow breaking news out of the bronx where there's been a police involved shooting. investigates say residents agged down police on patrol to say they saw a man with a gun. responding officers searched and found the suspect waving his weapon in the air. that man was shot once in the shoulder. he is expected to survive. police recovered a gun at the scene. d the yonkers police department is in mourning. they're mourning one of their own today.
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department died when the cardriving collided with a firetruck. >> reporter: and exactly what happened that morning is still under investigation. but yes, it did result in the death of a beloved detective here. and now the entire law enforcement community in this area is in mourning. he was a 15-year veteran of the yonkers police department, an all-around good guy according to coworkers and friends. today they are still trying to come to terms with the sudden death of detective frank fern >>andez. >> we're crushed. he's a big part of our family. this is a tough one. >> reporter: fernandez was killed in a car accident early sunday morning 3:00 a.m. police say he was driving home on palmer avenue when his suv collided with a firetruck responding to a call. firefighters tried to pull him out of the car but he died from his injuries. police are camped outside detective fernandez's home
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to talk. pbt.a president remembers a good ufriend and solid detective with an enormous heart. >> he was intelligent, tough, smart, caring, compassionate, diligent. yoeu know, just perfect. >> reporter: the district attorney's officer is investigating what caused the accident. the fire department says the truck did have its lights and sirens on. police aren't releasing any additional information. detective fernandez was involved in numerous charities. he and his sons shaved their heuads to raise money for children's cancer. >> amazingly dedicated father. he was an avid snowboarder. took his boys snowboarding. just a great father, great husband, great cop, great friend. >> reporter: and funeral arrangements were finalized today. the wake will be held on wednesday and thursday. a funeral mass will be held at
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reporting live from yonkers. it wenttthe hunt is on > for a pair of masked thieves who kidnapped and stabbed a 51co-year-old man in brooklyn. they forced the victim into his minivan seen in the security camera. investigators say they stabbed him several times, stole his money, stone phone, debit cards before letting him go. >> i didn't hear the shooting but i heard the commotion with a lot of cops around and stuff. it's crazy because this area is not like that. it's supposed to be a good neighborhood. >> the victim is recovering. it's not clear if he was targeted. a storm is brewing over new jersey's plans for development along the shore, specifically in areas battered by hurricane sandy. residents and environmental groups are suing the new state
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of homes and restaurants, piers and marinas. the department of environment vier environmental protection protection. news 4 takes a look at what it takes to hack a cell phone. >> i've seen yoe everywhere. >> reporter: they knew each other professionally as shown in this yeutube interview done for blue chip marketing. but did a cell phone hhcker make it appear that the two also had a sexting relationship. >> there are different ways somebody can hack it. it is possible. >> reporter: hackers can take control of your phone in minutes ing an app or via wifi and bluetooth.
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phone number and the phone's id number. >> it should not be that complicated if you have all the technology. >> reporter: nassau police offered no new comment today on their investigation into the county executive's claim that his phone was hacked. a law enforcement source tells me the nassau d.a. could subpoena phone records to verify his claim. k corrine wasn't home but court records show she is in the process of divorcing her hu> sband. the county executive spokesman tells 4 investigates the pr company did receive two county contracts in 2013 and 2014 working for nassau parks for $48,500. the county executive he says played no role in approving
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a new law aimed at making schools safer where there could soon be armed security guards greeting college students. this is charlie. charlie is missing. but charlie is more than a dog. for roman schar lee charlie is a lifeline.
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armed security guards may be coming to a community college near you.
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discussing a bill that would allow officers to carry guns on all 12 community college campuses in the state. right now only one community college in the state is allowed to have an armed public safety officer. at this hour crews are working on repairing a gas main break in new jersey. the pipe of route 17 near ridgewood avenue in paramus broke this morning. pse&g says it is not clear how the main ruptured but they are looking into whether the frigid weather played a role. ae the manhattan democrat called it a reaggressive tax on women and their bodies. lawmakers in everal other states are considehing similar biutlls. coming up, a search for a
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lester holt joins us now. we've got politics, george bush and the campaign trail. there's a lot of talk on the trail about the death of supreme court justice scalia and who replaces him. we'll also have the results on a large new study that found that people who took certain types of heartburn medication regularly had an increased risk of dementia. we'll have more on that at 6:30. this missing maltese charlie has taken on the role of therapy dog, helping the child. charlie is gone. he's vanished. >> reporter: a boy and a dog playing together.
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you. but for lauren it was a miracle. >> it's just him not thinking about it and playing and being like a regular little boy. lauren's five-year-old son just had his 20th surgery. >> he was born with a rare tumor. tumors that grow out of the bone. they're just tumors that run havoc on the system and in really bad places. >> reporter: roman has titanium ribs as well as rods in his back. since birth his physical movement was limited. then charlie came along. and the friendship quickly blossomed and soon roman was doing things right here on the ground that his mom never imagined, all because of charlie. >> rolling over. he's playing with the dog. he's crawling after him. >> reporter: in just months with charlie's help roman has made incredible strides. >> we play. we play. >> reporter: there's now fear
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that charlie is gone. >> he's constantly worried about him. >> reporter: lauren's mom went out for dinner, lefhet the door undlocked. when she came back charlie was gone. they wonder if someone stole the dog. roman just wonders if charlie is doing okay. >> i love him a lot. i hope, i hope he doesn't get stuck in the woods. >> we just want the dog back to make the family complete again. thank you for taking in the dog. th,ank you for keeping after him, but there's also a family that wants him back, especially a little boy. >> please bring charlie back and i love him. >> reporter: in the willowbrook section of staten island. we're learning tonight an outrageously pricey table bought by kean university was bought
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this $200,000 table was already ordered and shipped before the board gave it the green light. th the university insists the conference surface general pace generated money for the school. lawmakers are now hope ing to propose a cap that was removed in last year's state budget. if approved the fee could be capped at $12,500 for settling estates. right now th' fees could top $1 million. that's a huge difference. we're going to see dramatic changes over the next 24 hours. this storm system is very complex. it's got snow, ice, rain. it has heavy rain, thunderstorms. even the possibility of tornados. and temperatures in the 50s. we'll get to all that in a moment as we track everything. a lot of changes coming. we're going to see a 30 degree temperature swing around here tomorrow.
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rockefeller center. 's quiet tonight becauserehe weetather is so nasty out. it's snowing in the city still. hasn't changed over yet, but we're expecting that to happen in a matter of hours. remember the ground is frozen solid now and that glaze of ice is likely to form on roadways and sidewalks in just a matter of time. the temperatures slowly warm up overnight. we're going to see a variety of things happening from snow to ice and then ice to rain and then all rain by tomorrow morndng, what's left of it. a coating to rain quickly alon the the coast. two to four inches north and west of the snow. snow and then ice, then a dplaz glaze on top of that and then rain. we see the pink line creeping up
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raining now from middletown to sfafrd stafford. we're on the cold side of the system but the warm ear air is moving rapidly to the north. this area of severe weather that's moving through the golf coast is coming our way tomorrow. we're not predicting tornados here, but we are predicting some strong thunderstorms and lots of heavy rain. it's starting to ing to ing to warm up along the coast already. at the jersey shore your temperatures are above freezing. by 8:00 this evening you'll be in the 40s. north and west, you're still getting snow. that's where you'll see the heaviest amounts. you can see the snow and ice moving out as the temperatures warm up. by tomorrow we're in the 40s to near 50.
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50s. that's where we see the heaviest rain. 55r degrees tomorrow. todas we were in the mid 20s. remember j t how cold it was yesterday. and then the weather calms down fo ir the rest of this week, 40s and back to the 50s again this weekend with only a slight chance for showers. just a couple of days. the mets first official workout for pitchers and catchers is later this week. spring training, here we come and the big question is will matt harvey be in port st. lucie for many years to come? the player of the year weighs in on that issue. and one game after being blitzed in carolina, the isles
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we're heading ing ing for a warmup but so are the mets. >> yes, indeed. spring is in the air. today at city field the mets had an open house for fans as mr. and mrs. met loaded up the truck to carry the team's gear to port st. lucie. fans were invited inside the stadium for tours of the ubhouse before the 18-wheeler headed south. when it arrived in florida, matt harvey will be there to greet it. harvey now two full seasons removed from tommy john surgery is expected to be even better than he was last season, a year in which he won a career high 13 ball games. the ace right-hander may have
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he'd be open to a contract exintension. >> i think whatever comes up is going to come up. i think i've never shied away from it. i've never said i wouldn't consider it. but i haven't heard anything considering that. >> on the ice, the islanders hosted the red wings at barclay center. the isles looking to rebound from a brutal performance saturday night. the islandeat turned defense into offense as they block and race up ice the other way. brock nelson knocks the puck out of midair and a rebound by jimmy howard for the game's first goal. howard makes the initial save on boychuk. but the rebound falls right to josh bailey in the slot and he's
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4-1 the final. the isle today, there was a rick nash sighting. he stopped by the new york toy fair to help unveil the expanded line of playmobile play sets. when he returns is anyone's guess. >> it's really frustrating. you know, it seems that we tried to come back a bit too early and i just needed a little bit more time to heal. i've got full trust in our doctors and training staff to do the right thing. it's fun to sit back and kind of wa dotch the team and evaruate your own game and what you can do better. i've got to stay in shape and keep my skills up. >> talking hockey playoffs and spring training in the same show, ice and sun. i think the sun is the way to
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>> i think so too. >> you're going that way soon. up next on nbc nightly news, the huge political battle touched off by the death of supreme court justice antonin scoralia. al tonight, supreme war. the death of justice scalia prompting a high-stakes showdown. e president vows to nominate a successor. republicans refuse to even consider it. major issues left hanging in the balance. facing trump's fury. the front-runner again threatening to sue ted cruz and taking aim at george w. bush over 9/11. trump's risky attack as the former president hits the trail. hospital bombing. a new horror in syria. medical facilities and schools are hit. children are killed. a massive storm from louisiana to maine.


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